Miss Sarawak Model of the World Hair Show

Beauty pageants are like money. Having some is good. Having more is better. One thing for sure, there’s never enough beauty pageants in this world.

The Miss Sarawak Model of the World 2006 is yet another beauty pageant that just started in Sarawak this year. They held a hair show recently at the Travillion, and I popped in to look at chio bu cuci mata study the situation.
The hair show was held in conjunction with Alan Salon. This being the first hair show I attended, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Mannnn, what an eye opener it was.

The show started off innocently enough when four impossibly slim girls came out to parade in skimpy frocks and hair that rivals Mt Kinabalu in size.

This must be the Haute Couture of hair fashion industry designed to promote the reputation of the salon. Don’t imagine anyone would wear these out on the streets.

This one looks like she has aircond piping going through her head.
I don’t know if these four are contestants for Miss Sarawak or specially-hired dancers for the show – the emcee sorta rattled off a long list of names without exactly introducing who is who.

After a while, we’re introduced to three hair models who will be the guinea pigs for the show. The three made a spectacular entrance, dashing out onto the platform wearing masks from masquerade balls.

This is her “Before” look.
Their stylists followed shortly, led by Alan himself of Alan Salon fame, and began chopping off hair left right centre like nobody’s business.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Because this is essentially a fashion show, the models had to have their hair cut while still posing as sexily as they can. So you have this awkward situation where a man is snip-snip-snipping off her hair, and then she had her hair falling all over the floor doing this.

Or this.

Or even this.

Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a hair stylist too.
Most of the spectators were here to gawk at the contestants for the Miss Sarawak MotW pageant, but strangely they played second fiddle to the hair show models, posing only when the stylists were doing their job.

There’s a few great lookers among the contestants, but I think the crowd favourite that night was the girl in white.

OK lah she’s probably not the crowd favourite, but at least she’s my favourite can?

Something about her hot cowgirl demeanor appeals to me.
Anyway, the whole show lasted for a short 45 minutes, after a one-and-a-half hour delay. I kinda forgotten about the hair show that’s going on halfway thru. In any case, here’s the end result of one of the hair models.

The Miss Sarawak Model of the World will be decided at the Grand Final this 30th March at the Crowne Plaza.

I hope the cowgirl wins the show.

I’ll be in KL over the weekend.
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55 Replies to “Miss Sarawak Model of the World Hair Show”

  1. another “useless” beauty pagent! all da contestants look so UGLY!!..purghhhh…….i love Malaysia’s very own international supermodel, Ling Tan..she’s da best!!

  2. first few pic: just wtf are they doing?! i dont get it!
    if someone just cut my hair lidat on the street, i’ll punch through his face, cut his dick or her clit and throw into tall grass and never been seen again!

  3. No wonder I couldn’t find a decent chick at a few spas in town that night. All hired by Alan to do this stupid show.

  4. I think those few ppl who always said their first in putting comments here is just damn lame.
    How old are you to race to be the first as commenters? Grow up will you?

  5. hey kenny..you’re a gym go-er right? somehow i feel that these girls should work on their abs..do some crunches and woodchoppers then got more shape ma..anyways nice pictures..and hey ..the third picture, the girl looks kinda like erm…ah kuah. haahaha..

  6. sigh…
    tat ‘I’m Number X’ syndrom seems to be spreading…
    anyway, the gals dun seem to be chio one lor. all a bit ermm… cmi…
    and seriously, i dun like their hair style…

  7. does anyone else think that the girl in the 3rd photo has a pained expression on her face?
    as for posing while having someone cut your hair, why not ask gymnasts to do that too? the hairdresser will probably end up with a bloody nose from being kicked while the girls are going through the routine!

  8. so dissapointed with swkians!
    where are all the leng lois???!!!
    howcome the contestents are fuglier than the hair models one?

  9. haha actually the girl in the 3rd pic really look like an ah kua…mayb its the make up n the pained expression la…my best fren went to alan last year to get a hair cut…she came out crying…she looked like a weird prostitute with very bad dye job…kesian…~

  10. OMG look at the 9th picture with the pink bikini girl (red short bob hair)! I noticed her jeans are riding too low and her ass is blurred. Kenny… hahaha… what is this? You blurred it out and never told us?

  11. some of the girls in the first picture look like drag queens.
    the cowboy girl looks cute though. I hope she’ll win since Kenny’s rooting for her. The power of internet!

  12. 35th- if somebody doesn’t post prior to this…..Well,isn’t that special……..Why don.t you do a picture of YOU with a new hairdo, too?

  13. the before and after pics of the masked girl are awesome. i always wanted to know what william hung looked like in drag.

  14. I’m always baffled by the standards of beauty of kennysia.com readers. You lot seems to place an impossibly high level of expectations on what beauty should be.

  15. err.. all so ah lian!!!
    but my roomie (a dude) agrees with you on the errmm.. ah lian.. in white. he thinks she’s hot too. he wants to move to sarawak.. hahahaha.
    seriously?!? even sandra oh looks better.

  16. Gosh, the models in pic9 & pic10 so kindly exhibited more than 1/2 of their ass to those guys sitting/standing behind them !! I wish I was there too. Cheap sale !!

  17. Horrible, a total disgrace to all mankind, never ever do such a event if you don’t feel confident enuf with the looks of the modal, the hair is all metrosexual alan but the GIRLS ain’t !!!! and that is one serious problem.. you don’t expect to grab a country girl and then jam a 6 foot high hair style onto her, good lord pls save my soul. AMEN*

  18. I think the recent final miss sarawak 2006 gala should been better.the given gifts should be more inorder to attract more sarawakian beautiful girls.package should come with beauty n brains since it will lead to next level of competition.Remember sarawakian the chosen 1 will represent uer country.

  19. tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk……!
    look at that purple t shirt guy in action, he is not alan. look at his horny cuming shorts he wear!! all over him! disgusting eh! if i were the model, i will say pulang mari lah pulang, and dont you touch me, yucks! your bodae is not sexy enough to wear this type and fuck those beautiful model’s mind! strip your pant and replace with another one! or else i go!

  20. sarawak girls are ugly… i working in entertaintment lin so many years.. the one sarawak girl who i think she is beautifull which is Gloria Ting…

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