A Showcase of kennysia.com Readers’ Creativity

So I was working on trying to password protect my more personal entries since 12 midnight but I was too stupid to figure it out so I gave up I needed a little bit more time.
In the meantime, I have to censor myself when I write about my personal life. So here goes.
Nicole left yesterday. It’ll be a very long time before I get to see her again. Before she left, she suggested that we *censored*, so I bring her to *censored* and we *censored*. In the car, we *censored*. I gave her a *censored* and she gave me a *censored*. She was very happy. When we reached the airport, she *censored* me so I *censored* her back. It has been exhausting but I’m glad that she came (‘came’ as in ‘came to Kuching’. Not that other ‘came’). I can’t wait to see her again so we can *censored*.
Gee, censoring it kinda made it so much dirtier. I swear its more innocent than it looked!
Anyway, if you remember a few days ago I made use of my rusty programming skills and came up with a buggy lip-reading game THAT CANNOT ACCEPT QUOTATION MARKS. I’m sure I’m not the only person crazy enough to come up with silly ideas like that, so I handballed the job of filling in the captions to my readers, curious to see what whacky ideas they come up with.

gillianne’s Whisper period pads must be ultra absorbent.

Let’s just say I had some stomach-ache-incuding laughs along the way. 🙂 Heh. I asked you guys to cheer me up, and you sure did! Honestly I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of silly humour displayed by you all. This could mean one of two things: (A) kennysia.com readers must be too damn boh-liao, or (B) kennysia.com readers are smart people with very important things to do, but reading kennysia.com miraculously transformed them into very boh-liao people.

N-KyoKun enjoys staring at the Queen’s bosoms

A special plug must go to blogger/photographer/songwriter Jasemaine Gan. Jase didn’t send me her contribution to this silly project.. 😉 She more high class so instead, she e-mailed me a song she composed! *gasp* Thank you so much Jase, your song definitely made me feel better and I’m very flattered.

Kher Ying is worried Prince Charles might not be able to ‘perform’ that fateful night

Jase’s piano piece was so amazingly well played I actually seeked out her other songs on her music site. Give her songs a try, you might like it.
Looking through the reader submission, I see that there’s no shortage of people making fun of Camilla’s hair.

Mr Brown thinks Camilla’s hairstylist ought to learn from a tip or two from Alan Salon

Then there were those who thinks Prince Charles might have married the wrong partner…

JiaYuan reckons Prince Charles is one bad mofo

… Or, while we’re in the midst of Star Wars festivity, that the Queen of England might be related to Princess Amidala of Planet Nabeh or something.

taste couldn’t wait for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Shit

Here’s a showcase of kennysia.com readers’ amazing lip-reading abilities. Eat your heart out News of the World!

David Teoh can’t decide who is scarier.

wongpk thinks the Prince damn boh ka si.

BiLiS calls it The Revenge of The Queen.

Relaksman guesses that the Queen and Prince speak like Nelly and 50 cents.

Lee Chun Siong said all the right things about Camilla.

Michael Chew wants to be munched by Camilla.

Mun Kit is afraid of kutu (head lice).

xY thinks bird shit is good luck.

Kimmik’s cuckoo bird conspiracy.

Sinner’s Ark reckons the royal family knows that we’re lipreading them.

lotise suspects there might be other uses for the Queen’s gloves

GAMBs is never gonna get married after this.

neurotica can’t wait for lickylicky.

Justina secretly works for Head and Shoulders

BingBing finds more uses for superglue

karsoon continues the fart jokes

taste thinks dirty

taste has a fetish for the Queen

weichung theorises that the royal family must be from Malaysia

Sashi knows pimping ain’t easy

e knows what underwear the Queen was wearing.

Think you can do better? Try it here.

23 Replies to “A Showcase of kennysia.com Readers’ Creativity”

  1. hahahaha Your censored post is funny and so far the “dirtiest ” of the lot hehehe.. Those kaypohs gonna have fun .

  2. Make your own Prince Charles wedding comic

    Did you know that UK tabloid News of the World actually employed so-called professional lip readers to decode the Queen and Prince Charles conversation at his and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ wedding? I learned this important piece of information from Malays…

  3. Kenny, you sure it’s much more innocent that what you said/censored?
    I do agree it’s much more dirtier with you censoring the words ^_^

  4. I’ve got an idea! Why don’t you let all us Singa-bloody-poreans in on the private posts since we aren’t going to be telling anyone… 😀

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