Let’s do a little social experiment shall we?

This is the front page of Singapore’s Straits Times this past weekend. On it are two photographs of two people involved in two separate criminal cases.

One is a perpetrator of a crime.

The other is a victim of a crime.

Which is which?




The answer.


The top was a mugshot of an Indian national who was unfortunately murdered in Singapore. On the right was a photo of a Swiss national who foolishly broke into MRT’s depot and vandalized a train.

With a mugshot like this, who would’ve thought he’s responsible for such a childish act?

Heck, it’s not even an ugly mugshot. It’s a glamour portrait photography suitable for publishing in CLEO magazine.

The question begs: how the heck did Singapore Straits Times managed to get hold of such a pretty boy photo of him?

The answer becomes clear as soon as I saw the caption.

The Straits Times actually dug through his Facebook profile to find that pic!

How resourceful!

At least I know next time if I were to be arrested in Singapore for whatsoever reason, my mugshot in the newspaper ain’t gonna turn up too bad.

Hope they also photoshop off my pimple!

48 Replies to “Mugshots”

  1. no i clearly expected that the indian guy was the victim and the pretty boy to be a criminal.
    or else you wouldn’t be asking that question. 😀
    my friends and i used to have this conversation long time ago. “there’s this person called kenny i used to know, guess what gender is kenny?” (name changed!)
    “a girl. or else you wouldn’t be asking”

  2. Editors of this newspaper should’ve been sensitive before they’ve published the photos. Instead of mug shots why not picture the damage done?
    And yes, this is a lesson for us to be more cautious when uploading photos in facebook and in other public sites. It seems people are now ‘googable’…

  3. haha. Sad but true. blame it on hollywood movies, pretty faces always associated with heroism, ugly with criminalism. LOL!

  4. wow you are just too free to be able to notice such a small fine print haha what happen to busy kenny ? lol .

  5. how the hell did u get so famous?ur jus a lowlife nerd talking damn lotta bullshit!! go n get a JOB!!

  6. Hehe, somehow I just knew that the better-looking photo would be of the criminal. You’re getting predictable, mister! 😛

  7. haha. i thought that you will say the victim has a coloured photo while the criminal has a black and white.

  8. wow, are you really ‘that’ poor. It took less than RM 50 to take a bus from KL to SG. Airplane ticket is getting ever cheaper as well. Its really nothing to show off about to be able to come to SG from Malaysia.

  9. Read through it the other day & I thought I was the only one noticing it! By Straits Time some more. Amazing innit.

  10. hahahaha although you are not updating ur blog as often n so busy with ur business n life, u still can come up such funny post! u r legend kenny..legend hahaha

  11. the “criminal is hot! This crime is gonna get him girls instead of repelling them.. I find the act kind of funny, although it’s scary how security is so weak.

  12. hey..really…. u havent read the news… some sarawakians r making troubles there…. innocent person got murdered..!

  13. the indian has a victim face, does not look like a bad guy at all. It’s so obvious. the swiss guy looks a lot more “stupid-criminal”, a criminal who only does useless things.

  14. Good one! Lol
    Oh hey, i remember u writing a post about Australia’s Dick Smith… its logo makes u think of Dick-head Smith. In some places they’ve changed their logo already (u probably already know…)

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