Egyptian Magician

The function I attended in KL this past weekend had an Egyptian theme to it.

The event organizers did a great job recreating the Egyptian atmosphere at the Sime Darby Convention Centre, decorating the entire ballroom with (styrofoam) hieroglyphic walls and even shipped over some entertainers from Egypt to entertain us in the lobby before the show.
The “Egyptians” spoke suspiciously in a Indian accent. I asked one of them from which ancient city they hail from and he said Subang Jaya, Egypt.

Dessert came a bit late, so he started first.

It always freaks me out everytime I watch people play with fire like that. What amused me though was his warning message to us during his performance.
“Please don’t try this at home har. You want to try, you can try here. Not at home har!”

Also on hand was an Egyptian fortune teller, who apparently has the uncanny ability to read into a person’s future with the aid of magnifying glass and a plasma ball.

Here’s what the Grande O’ Ball-Reading Psychic had to say about Kenny Sia.
– “Long life. That means above the age of 80.”
– “Very good next 5 years. You can get money suddenly.”
– “Very good lady you can get. Very soon. Within 5 years you can get marriage.”
– “Very intelligent. Particularly you are very courageous.”
– “Following 6 year period. You can expect much more money from sudden change.”
– “From 2006 to 2010 – 4 years will be your fortunate period. You will get much more money and within this period you will enjoy your good life.”

The Fire-Eating Egyptian requests the Ball-Reading Egyptian to read his ass.

WAH! So nice. But that’s like the same as 30 other people’s future he read before me.
I thanked the Grande O’ Ball-Reading Psychic profusely. Then I put his finger on my left nut while I read into his future.
“One… two… three…. four… five… You will have a very good life, Mr Psychic. You will make a lot of money within 5 years. And according to my reliable Hairy Coconut Ball-O’-Mystery, you are also a graduate of the University of Lick Balls And Bullcrapping. Correct?”

The most entertaining person of the night was perhaps the charismatic Egyptian Magician himself. You may have heard of David Copperfield. You may have seen David Blaine. But have you met David Hassan?
Click the play button to watch the Egyptian Magician in action.

Now, how the hell did he do that?!

“Any can’t-miss parties in KL that I should attend?” Among the messages I received after I put up the online free SMS tool on
anwar imbrahim – “kenny sia, meet me at PUTRA JAYA for some steamy hot action!”
I am very disturbed.

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  1. HI, just wanna let you know that i think u lost weight. your face and whole body looked slimmer! 🙂 have u been weighing urself recently? grats!

  2. I’ve heard one too many indian accents in my lifetime that i assume that those guys at the exhibition show are indians ( at least the fortune teller and magician)

  3. They should put in some egyptian dances XD…btw the equipments he used to perform his tricks can be bought from any magic shops around..tho i must say his sleight of hand is pretty good

  4. You think that posing with muscular guys will make you look the same? You’re a fat lump of shit, ugly, pudgy and definitely not muscular.

  5. cheh.. no pics of your Hairy Coconut Ball-O’-Mystery meh?… know where i can get one of those? 😉

  6. Hey, what’s the purpose of this post? I just started reading it with my breakfast and then it was over. I need more!

  7. wow, the lady in white dress who was rubbing the lighter during the magic show has very large breasts.

  8. pardon me, but when i first saw the last photo (above the video), i thought it was kenny trying on the egyptian suit. 😀

  9. “I asked one of them from which ancient city they hail from and he said Subang Jaya, Egypt.”
    I don’t supose he lives in that Pyramid with cat statues in Sunway.

  10. man, that’s nothing. once, an eqyptian made my wallet, camera, mobile disappear, and he wasn’t even a magician!

  11. maybe you wanna learn the trick for seeing through things so you can find out what colour underwear people are wearing. 😀

  12. kinda have this strong feelin the fortune teller cant count above 6… 😛 watz wif d 1..2..3..4..5… and repeat 1..2..3..4..5… and repeat… ??

  13. aiya…..stupid la the magician….
    cheat people only…..
    i oso can do that la…..
    watch the lighter part again….u’ll notice the guy actually turn the lighter the other way round.

  14. How come you spend so much money on those professional saloons, and your hair always ends up looking the same one? Heehee.

  15. I know that comic book! Notices how he flips the pages at different spots? There are some strategically-placed tabs on the top, middle and bottom. I have a similar one. =D

  16. Eh Kenny, I think you lost weight ler, look slimmer than when I last saw u. Wah… the marathon must have taken it’s toll….

  17. While the ladies were confused yet amazed with the Indian *ahem* I mean Egyptian magician’s mini guillotine trick…
    Lady A: pian ren de! na li ke yi?
    (boh koleng!! how can like this one?)
    Lady B: da li yi dian!
    (harder! use your force!)
    Lady A: hui tong de oh!
    (you siao! it’s painful you know?)
    Lady C: Hmmm… I wonder what colour the guy
    who’s shooting the clip’s underwear is…

  18. wow u r reli good in photoshop. i saw u there and u look reli fat. but u somehow made urself look not fat in 1st pic. u must like it a lot. lucky shot? kekeke

  19. the most popular guy on earth is FAT.
    The jolly fella gets more fanmail a year than 50cents + P.Diddy, has a gang of men serving him, and you aint getting nothing if you are naughty, so be nice.
    Cause Santa’s watching.

  20. Hi kenny:
    long time no see yu — say HI! KenORknot?
    Why do some of your leaders behave like toads one?
    You did not feed them COCO-nuts isit. At least like Mankeys at RUMAHSAKITsikitParliamen also not so-bad! Check my post today — small tribute to your HUMONGIOUS balls — I don’t know why, I always associate this BIG word Humongous with OZ reyurnees … here we use simple words like big, large, OK Gigantic, mayhaps. Humourous…

  21. been reading your blog for a while, but perhaps this is the first time i’m posting a comment.
    I believe the fortuneteller said something else which, for obvious reasons (?), you did not record. The full sentence should’ve been: “Very intelligent. Particularly you are very courageous. And simultaneously you are a coward.”

  22. That magician got all the props off the shelf. Lol. I’ve seen that finger cutting thingmajig, the metal thingy with the coins, the blank-turned comic-turned coloured comic book, the red sponge balls. & I saw them all performed by a guy who owns a magic shop here…

  23. Im not sure if they’re all egyption..cause the guy playing with the fire looks pretty familiar. I think he perfomed this same exact act during a Maurice Lacroix function a few months back. Hahaha. Funny though

  24. fake or not, egyptian or not…i’m sure everyone enjoyed the performance no?
    whatever happened to a round of applause?

  25. hannoh.
    every bitty bit is like a giant dinner plate for criticism.
    anywyas thanks Kenny for the camera! I’m having a ball with it!

  26. hey, those are some neat magic tricks.
    though kenny, i think u should’ve just let him check out what colour underwear you were wearing.

  27. malaysian egyptians. LMAO!!!
    they should have done it in sunway lagoon or sun pyramid or something… got more feeling to it.

  28. My, my aren’t we the skeptic, with a nasty , nasty cynical commentary of the Grand o Ball Psychic………..
    I LIKE IT!!
    I know how they do that guillotine thing. (I had a “magic” kit at a younger age.) But , I do say the rest of it was uh ..pretty good.

  29. Darn, that magic guy is lamoe-haesow.
    I’m a magician myself from IBM and now working with a producer for a premiere on TV, can’t leak what TV channel though, will tell you soon, but then, that guy is still amateur, getting there mate!
    Read your blog for quite sometime, dang, no wonder people actually say you are good, cause you ARE good!
    Two Thumbs up!!

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