Miri Also Have Fight Club

What’s with the recent spate of schoolyard bullying videos surfacing on the Internet?

It seems as if handphone-recorded fight videos are the new porn.
First it was primary school kids toilet fight, then the Singapore HDB staircase girl fight, followed by the Johor schoolboy chair fight, and most recently, closer to home, the Miri schoolgirl fight.
“Ni you mei you jiang! NI YOU MEI YOU JIANG!” – bully #1 to victim.
Out of the four video clips, I reckon the Miri schoolgirl fight is the most violent (and most entertaining) of them all. So vicious, it made Tyson vs Holyfield look like two Playboy bunnies hitting each other with fluffy pillows.

“What are we supposed to be doing again?”

Don’t get me wrong. I hate to see violence happening in our schools and I hope justice is served. Just that it’s one of those things that you know is wrong, yet you can’t help but to look at it.
I’m not gonna post the video clip up. Those girls are still minors, ya know. Besides, I’m scared they might corner me one day and scream “Ni you mei you blog! NI YOU MEI YOU BLOG!” *whacks head*
All is not lost. For those who missed out on the clips that have since disappeared from the Internet, fret not. It’s only a matter of time before one of our enterprising businessmen from Petaling Street releases them on DVD.

Confirm clear, if not can come back and return.
I changed my mind. For the benefit of those who haven’t seen it, I’ve decided to post the heavily-censored version of the actual schoolgirl fight video.

Download the video clip right here
I’ll delete any comments that link to the original video where the underaged girls can still be identified. Be nice yea?

How is it possible that the almighty Brazil lose to France? Blardy hell.
When you want France to perform, they can’t perform. When you don’t want them to perform, they beat Togo, Spain and Brazil. Ridiculous.

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  1. 2nd!!!! can’t believe brazil lost…but i’m for deutschland!! hehe….
    and wat is becoming of our younger generations leh? damn embarassing….

  2. I’m a student from Miri and those galz are from a sch near my sch. It’s really awful after watching the clip.. Heard that a few of men from the Education Department from KL are coming over to investigate. =/

  3. Chao belacan! When i watched those videos i felt like breaking into my Super Saiyan form and giving them a KA~ME~HA~ME~HAAA!! Bloody kids think they’re so tough with their mob mentality… The Rock is gonna check your monkey ass into the Smackdown Hotel!
    Btw Zidane is awesome

  4. Fret not!!! my blog still got the bideoh!!!
    gerentik clear wan!!! come come!! faitit!!!
    eh kenny pinjam sikit psace gimme whore abit can ar?
    Faitits!!! faster kam!!! befoh the bitches slap 9 me!!
    [KS: Sorry dude. You can whore your site hor, but no direct link. Those kids are underaged lah. :P]

  5. To all actress and audience in the clip,
    few hours only travel from miri to kuching…come here study…i’ll be your teacher… 🙂

  6. What the Miri girl bullies clip intrigue me most is… What the foot..? Why aren’t the guys stopping them! Those girls so young again.. Sigh..
    Btw, Kenny, you got go see the “Minutes to fame, Malaysia (Kuching)”? I wish I can see you blogging bout that tho.

  7. the kid got hit because he is fat. Fat kids should be beaten. It’s a way to fight obesity, just hit the fat kid.

  8. The world is filled with so much violence these days. I humbly suggest that the Ministry of Education should include a 30-min clip of Barney and Friends into the daily curriculum, so that everyone will revert to the peace-loving kampung days.
    I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family 🙂

  9. its a bit fake tho…
    cuz after watching the video..
    theres one part which goes like this..
    Girl A and B standing infront of the victim
    GirlA : “*talking talking talking to GirlB*”
    GirlB : “what??” (she seems can’t get wat girl A said) [she even smiled ..]
    GirlA :”… erh… she(victim) said i beat her” ….
    then all the GANG.. went on like..
    keep on repearting the same thing.. and by then. beating, hitting and pulling her hair starts.. there one even funnier~ one girl pose to the video agen with “peace” pose lagi…. fake?
    but im shocked when.. one of the gang use something like.. belt or watever it is to hit the girl.. @_@.. tat hurts man..
    i think its a bit.. fake. or maybe real la.. i think the GIRL’S PROBLEMs is real.. but when they see there are guy(s) to video “the fight”. they make it more serious and cool? lol
    haha.. if u are the girl who in the fight. do tell us the truth hoh… =)
    hope those angry girls aren’t kennysia’s fans

  10. hello, i completely agree with your comment about the brazil loss pls. it breaks my heart to see a great team crash out of the world cup like that.

  11. i laughed too loud
    my sister was watching her damm bloody jay chou on tv
    and she said,
    “shut up la! i cannnot hear jay chou singing!”
    but still this is funny.

  12. A : ni you mei you jiang? ni you mei you jiang!!!
    B : ta pa jiang liao wo men hui da ta!
    jiang ye bei da, bu jiang ye bei da. hai bu shi yi yang?

  13. were u from the same school as those girls kenny? tsk tsk…miri ppl quite d uncivilised rite?

  14. ” Wei … you dun cin cai lai ohh .. i ask my gf to fight you then you know ohhh .. scare lehhh …” .. Kenny Sia.

  15. i saw u using your germany shirt at the computer fair. btw italy gonna kick some germany ass in the semis

  16. Actually violence in school happened century ago… Now with the information technologies, everyone also can publish it on the net and make it as big issue. Our government only take some action after every isues published on media. What a sad case!

  17. Lols!
    I am laughing out loud at your “ni you mei you blog” comment like an idiot, alone in front of my computer! 😀

  18. “Ni you mei you blog! NI YOU MEI YOU BLOG!” *whacks head*

  19. A friend of mine thought that, maybe, the guys only stepped in later because, well, they may have felt that the victim was in the wrong, so they’d let their girlfriends blow some steam off first. Of course, being 16 or 17, they probably weren’t the best judges of when they ought to have stepped in, so it went on a bit too long. Just a guy thinking.. speculating..

  20. dumb kids, only bad in school…if come out all like puppies…they shud be teach by the real gangsters….say european gangsters from ukraine or russian mobs…..slit and cut their throat off….dont be gangster like me, it will ruin ur life kids….come out yamcha also hafto ask alot of ppl to protect me, cant go anywhere alone and no freedom at all , sigh sigh

  21. Mystic Beach – Mystic River 2 “Settle here” Teaser
    Like any good sequal should be – greater action, more drama and lots of babes! Will the truth set her free this time?

  22. i feel really upset watching this…
    on the other hand… these gers should wrk for a certain gov who talks the same way. so ‘tur kwa’ can…
    ‘did u say it, u said it rite? if u din say it i let u hit me back! u never hit me back means u said it!’

  23. whoa dude… u have tht in english?… or at least subbed?…. kinda screwed chinese back in pri 1…

  24. I don’t know why we should want to stand for all these sort of abuse anymore. That should sometimes rightfully explain why kids in america arm themselves with weapons and kill those that bully them. When you look back and question if these kids were ever rational, I sometimes can’t help but feel for the abused ones and understand how they feel too. This is tiring.

  25. I think racism is worse than this. That’s the root of everything, think about it. It will then lead to a gang sort of thing and other issues will be addressed using the same excuse. “Dia cakap Cina bodo!”, “Dia marah saya Huana!”, “Apa ini lakia”.
    Italy will win tho 🙂

  26. i think it’s pretty sad that this is actually happening in our schools… those students in the video certainly dont look like they go to school to study… and given the fact that there were so many people there but no one stopped the 2 girls from hitting that poor girl earlier… it makes me sick to my stomach to see this happening…
    and it’s pretty ironic that they were both hitting her and saying ” YOU MEI YOU JIANG WO TAN NI?!!!” at the same time…
    sick… in my opinion although they are minors but they should be caught and trialed as an adult…coz they don’t think it’s wrong to hit one girl but they even take it as an entertainment and film it down… how sick and stupid!

  27. hey… i found the video rather disturbing. just wondering if anyone could, like, translate it for me cuz i have no clue what they’re saying. ta.

  28. Parents dunno wad are their kids activities beside school.. the kids nowadays really bo ka si, must put them in lockup and do naked squat lah!!

  29. gosh, the video has been removed. i thought i could see some actions here. but thanks anyway. but on the serious note, i really wonder what’s into the kids these days… i mean though they are still naive but they are acting as if they know their stuff (eg. fighting, drugs, materialism, sex, manipulation, and God knows what else they do with their tender brains…). honestly, what has happened around here??? i remembered my childhood was never even close to this immorality ( in fact i’m not even from the previous centuries..)
    i can only imagine how my kids would grow up in such society who is supposedly be the future leaders. woe…woe…woe…

  30. Couldn’t connect to the video, anyone have the clip? I really want to have a look. I think school violence happened many years ago but recently getting worst.

  31. i thot fighting is common in primary or secondary schools.. had fight with a guy in primary school over some cleaning issues.. not a group bully though ->one on one

  32. great men think alike…
    i also blog abt this and relate to WWE in a post last week, check it out…
    maybe we can sell the video together, u in petaling street, me in bugis street!

  33. Hey this is just like the Jerry Springer show! It’s like looking at a train wreck but you just cant look away!

  34. i’m in seccondary school and yes,fighting is a common matter,a few week before we have a fight involving 30+ person.the results is a trash car and a police report

  35. Hi kEnny,
    pls send me the video, i didnt know it was so popular until they deleted video from everyone site ! !
    This is educational footage mah ! should share iwth the masses ! ! !

  36. donno why girls nowdays make themselve so ugly
    no matter how their faces were born by their mom,girls in violence looks as ugly as ugly can be

  37. i wanna give them a clothesline from hell..!! and ask them to bow in the knee of the Wrestling GOD!!!

  38. THIS VIDEO MAKES ME SICk. I want to grab her head and give her a good punch and smash into the wall !! how can anyone hit someone like that!?!?!!??! man….

  39. those girl should be expelled and humiliated infront of the school EG strip them to let all the boys see their body

  40. u ppl can watch the video clip??…how come i cannot….its say the video is no longer available….any idea or anyway i can view it?

  41. hey guys…..i found the movie in youtube…for those who miss it….can just go,
    [KS: Link removed.]
    need to log in to watch the full 6:20 minutes clip…

  42. haha sad to say those bullies were from my old school. tsk tskkk last time discipline was so strict that we would all pee in our pants if we forgotten to bring out name tags

  43. Wakakaka… this phrase is darn funneh XD
    ‘Besides, I’m scared they might corner me one day and scream “Ni you mei you blog! NI YOU MEI YOU BLOG!” *whacks head*’
    Tak sangka the BIG Kenny Sia is afraid of sum secondary skool gals… wakakaka

  44. i just have to comment.

    it’s so stupid. typical ahlians. for all the videos, whats the use in recording if one week later, they will still get caught. see, they dont use their brains. plain stupidity. especially the guys who stood there watching, they are just pure losers.

    i cant stand guys who fight in my school. they just want to seek attetion, thats it. and become the headlines in school.

  45. So disturbing. So disturbing.
    And I thought I had bad childhood memories for being the fat kid and the one girls found comfort in or feeling better about themselves by bringing up my weight issues and always comparing themselves to my size.

  46. hey there, i’m not meaning to be mean or anything, but is it really that nice to see minors being bullied like that, and people just commenting and laughing over it like it’s some cool action movie? i’m sorry, but i can’t appreciate such humour at all. it’s a tad rude, and unfair to those victims. yes, humour’s good and all that, but such things that will definetly HURT the other parties (not that they haven’t been hurt enough) should be kept taboo, just for respect. i’m sorry if i’ve just angered any hardcore kenny fans, but this is just how i feel. feel free to blast at me right now, i just hope you guys put yourself in the shoes of those victims. shame the assaulters, not the victims.

  47. CCB those school bullies. For what fuck they whack the poor boy? Itchy lan ar? Better chop off those lans, pound ’em with lastic chairs till fine then feed to the chicken. Make the world a better place.
    Btw, Portugal won!

  48. Heard that the gurlz were suspended from school.
    Parents of attacker : Ah gurl gurl suspended ?? Siao ehhh the “jeng hu”. Ah gurl is such a good gurl and always stay at home !!! Ah gurl in the video so pretty and can act in TVB. Now the “mata” want to suspend her ???? Siao ehhh !!!
    PArents of attacker 2 : ( sobbing frantically ) My ah gurl always help me in kitchen( wielding knives aa ). She has no enemy( no frens, how to have enemies ? ). Ah gurl always like to help people ( in beating ppl up ? ) She is very quiet at home one ( of course, would you tell your parents that you have been acting in porns ?? )
    Asking the relevant ppl to investigate ?
    In certain corner of the investigators’ office
    Just imagine laaa, a group of guys gawking at some school chics fighting.
    A : Eh, cantik betoi budak pompuan tu !!!
    B : Bendera aku dah naik laa !!!
    C : Syok nya !!! Kalau aku kat dlm sana tu, dah lama aku peluk diorang satu satu !!! Pas tu, suruh diorang masuk lokap, buat kutuk ketambi !! Telanjangkan mereka !!
    All together : Ahahahhahahahahahh !!! Syok nya !!!

  49. poor girl, handicap match.
    btw those guys damn kayu lah, standing there and making noise. for fuck sake there are few guys of u!!
    lucky those few girls are not into thai kick boxing

  50. Btw, Portugal and France deserves theri win.
    Brazil and England’s players are a bunch of over-hyped, over-weight and over-paid bunch of bitchy bratty arseholes.
    Imagine Rooney, ROnaldinho, Ronaldo, Becky Beckham, Crouch all of them doing advertisements for I-Gallop.

  51. This is absolutely disgusting. This is only the first time I’ve seen the video, and I’ve got to say this is way out of line.
    Are those guys poofters? Don’t step in and prevent a fight? All this could’ve been avoided. Nooo bloody ass poofers, not helping to girl till the end and letting this get caught on camera.
    And who the hell was the girl who smiled at the camera when all the violence was going on? WTF is she thinking? God this is sad, and as for the parents, YOU FAILED. That’s right you can’t teach your kids to sort problems out and instead resort to violence. INCOMPETENT MORONS. Yes to the parents of the suspended girls, YOU GUYS ARE MORONS. If you read this did I mention that you guys are MORONS.
    Enough ranting.
    Thanks for this comment space kenny.

  52. This bullies are such total bitches! If i was there seeing this bunch of bitches bullying that girl, I’ll so go over there and wallop each of them hard, coz they all look so short and immature. Crazy girls! disturbing video but I guess things like that happen out of boredom in the ulu town of Miri. Btw I’m from Brunei. But a not-so-proud malaysian just seeing how barbaric those chinese eds students can be. URGH! *utterly barbaric/disgusted*

  53. these kids are really disturbed! what is wrong with them… it’s happening everywhere huh..spore..msia..etc.
    happy slapping? sadistic.. they need to be taught a lesson.

  54. y dun those gals strip het clothes off te innocent gals rather then slapping her face?it will be more interesting..:D

  55. Shd catch all the bullies gals and let us all have a few rounds with them. We’ll show them what’s loveeeeeeee is all about.

  56. Well, biatches will be biatches
    The parents will be proud of them. The guys in the flick ? They are either faggot or modern style eunuchs.
    Donno while in the melee, the guys got like take advantage of the bullies while stopping them from kicking the victim…I’m sure sense prevailed and one of them will profit from the melee…..a quick instant “grab-the-hoot”…just like the schoolgirl who was molested by her classmates in Kedah

  57. one day after few yrs,those bullies wil be extremely regret with wat they did when they are in secondary school.i believe.let them learn from mistake.okay.

  58. how come my school got no such fight…damn….btw the guys are not useless la..it has nothing to do with them also..for what they wanna go stop the fight…put ureself in their shoes…if u see someone fighting or someone else gets bullied would u help or just stand there and watch?..think about it…seesh….what the guys did was right. let the girls settle their own problems and then came in to stop after several minutes..fair to everyone..

  59. to the previous poster kewter.. yeah put yourself in the shoes of the person that gets beat up. you might think people should step in and help you out after. You think it’s fair to just stand there, laugh and watch a person to get beat up? Geez.. what a bastard.
    Seriously, cowardly shits like you allow bullies to continue their work since people like you think it’s a-ok!

  60. Wah lau, so typical Malaysian. IF you see accidents or anybody in distress, you just stand and look ?? No wonder MAlaysia is ranked third rudest and I may add, selfish and ruthless country. I mean, of course assess the situation laaa. The guy who shield the victim is like so huge; could have taken down the two girls with one hand. And plus, there were more than 2 guys there. They should be able to handle the situation when the biatches start to have free for all. I mean, if you have friends who start fighting, you would intervene and asked those overgrown child to stop. Supposing you cannot overpower the biatches, get help. What, they are on a dessert island is it? But I suppose no use laaa, cos the outside people will most probably choose to enjoy the melee rather than stopping it. Malaysian maaaa.
    IF all else fail, the guys should just grope the bullies’ boobies and run away. The bullies will be bewildered and by the time they realise what happen, the guys will be laughing away, savouring their fruit of labour..muahahahha

  61. YEa, it’s ppl like u why the world is in chaos.
    Remeber the case of a teacher who was slashed in a resindential area in KL ? Happened recently.
    HE asked for a glass of water form a resident before he died. I suppose if by Kewter’s logic, we should just ignore him and look at him while crossing your arms, just like a typical bystander watching some accidents or some incidents. Maybe add some comments by whispering, just like a typical aunty.

  62. I think the singapore staircase bully is much more violent. They even try to strip her. Sigh…

  63. This video cannot be accepted in front of parents (grumbling) and the camera man/girl is really pathetic to leave this video uploaded. If they want to fight, up close and personal and to what extend recording down the activities (maily to show off and threatening others)? For reasons, students nowadays fight for several reasons…
    (1) Money / World Cup
    (2) My Boyfriend / Girlfriend
    (3) Foul words / crude
    (4) Betrayal
    (5) Sex (for other nations, rarely happen in M’sia)
    (6) Whining ne Another
    (7) Jealousy
    (8) “The Eye Combat”
    tons of it. Until one day, when they are old enough like our age (22-25), they may feel innocent and flash back of what they had done. It’s a life cycle but indeed, they will pay for the price.

  64. This video makes me feel sick. I’m appalled by the girls’ behaviour, and those useless bystanders!

  65. omg.. after watching the video i felt so horrified.. i’ve never seen such violent girls before.. i think the guys were good to step in.. especially the jumper one.. but i think they waited too long! why after five long horrifying minutes only to make the move? lol.

  66. Those guys sure they stepped in… like after the girl got whacked at least 10 times. OMG they could’ve prevented it all but noooo they didn’t.
    Do those bullies feel proud that they can gang up 5 to 1? God pathetic cowards.
    It really is a surprise. Has gangsterism reached our schools in S.E Asia? Back when I was a high school student in (2004?) I was never bullied or witnessed anything to that extent. Sure they may be a few cat fights and exchange of words but hey it wasn’t as bad as this…

  67. If they were really acting (according to Sibeh Sian’s analysis) yet their punching were right on spot, I suppose the “victim” was paid quite an attractive sum of money to take the blows.
    You never know if the next thing they did were having a feast in the nearest kopitiam.
    But whatever their motives, they are just a bunch of immature, insecure little superficialities.
    Education does not necessarily make you wiser.

  68. you know, the fat girl with the green hairtie and stupid rebonded hair is obviously trying to act big. (of course in vain). if i were the girl, i would have bashed the girl back. D:

  69. i believe dey r d same age wif me (or at least born d same century). im totally embarassed wif deir stupidity (excuse my language). 4 d sake of their future… plz grow up from zaman batu or at least d zaman wen gladiators rein d coleseum. dey sound so barbaric n uncivilsed. dey could use a little more sophistication in deir life (it wouldnt hurt. trust me) by d way… i cant seem 2 find anything cool nor hot bout beating other pplz up. n oh, d guys r acting so ‘gentleman’ by asking d ‘ladies’ 2 stop beating dat poor gal while dey juz stand dere n watch d drama. *sigh* typical ah lian (n ah beng)….

  70. Those girls were pissed off that the victim said that they hit her.
    But they were hitting her while they were saying “Ni you mei you jiang wo da ni??”, the irony.
    What were the guys there doing anyway when they could have helped the victim?
    Taking videos. Just telling the two girls to lay off quite casually and not actually doing anything *rolls eyes*
    Whoever finds this video funny must be pretty sick. *sighs*

  71. When i watched this video that you post, i feel so damn revolted and angry with these people in video as they are reminder of my scars. What make them have to right to abuse them? To think that there are trends to record the violence, and there are people who actually enjoy and make fun of these video is totally DIGUSTING AND SICKO. i appreciate your act to only post heavily censored version. However, your latter post seem to encourage such trend and make fun of such serious issue. Oh well, but i read it with light heart.

  72. bunni, *strokes bunni ears lovingly*
    Anonymous at 8:27pm, I’m from Kuching, those girls are from Miri.
    kolokmee, Germany is gonna draw, then kick those spaghetti ass!
    Anonymous at 3:32am, basically the bullies were asking the victim if she told anyone they hit her. She denied and so they beat her up.
    e, Miri news in LA! Way to go!
    chrissie, have you ever fought in school? 😛
    naeboo, eh don’t corrupt our kids’ mind!
    bibi_j, I’m not a serious blogger wat…

  73. hey.. the st.jo fight is like in a movie.. but if i was the 1 hu got beaten i’ll jus kill tht st.jo girls.. cuz they dun hav any brain!!!!!!!!!!! and by the way their boyfriends r like useless.. they dun du anythin.. they jus wondering them where their heads gone too?? stupid boys.. if i had a boyfren i’ll pick the 1 tht r useful not the 1 tht r useless..

  74. I pity the girl who got bullied by those few kids. omg.. I feel like crying while watching it.
    Poor girl..
    Why wasn’t anyone there to stop the fight? omg.

  75. Recent comments are pretty much to why the guys didn’t stop the fight. Now if you check out the comment by a certain annonymous, this is what he has to say :
    how come my school got no such fight…damn….btw the guys are not useless la..it has nothing to do with them also..for what they wanna go stop the fight…put ureself in their shoes…if u see someone fighting or someone else gets bullied would u help or just stand there and watch?..think about it…seesh….what the guys did was right. let the girls settle their own problems and then came in to stop after several minutes..fair to everyone..
    Posted by: Anonymous at 04 July 2006 2:44 PM
    Now, you understand why the guys didn’t help ?

  76. “how come my school got no such fight…damn….btw the guys are not useless la..it has nothing to do with them also..for what they wanna go stop the fight…put ureself in their shoes…if u see someone fighting or someone else gets bullied would u help or just stand there and watch?..think about it…seesh….what the guys did was right. let the girls settle their own problems and then came in to stop after several minutes..fair to everyone..
    Posted by: Anonymous at 04 July 2006 2:44 PM”

    If everyone in the world thinks that way, we’re all finished.
    If that certain anonymous was in the victim’s shoes, let’s see whether he’ll still think that way.

  77. If Anonymous is the victim, then we shd follow his logic. Stand and watch anonymous kena whack until his / her family cannot recognise him…..One hour later, we intervene.

  78. Wah liao…
    Miri power! haha.. so sad to see such things actually happen in reality… “Ni You Mei You Chiang”… geeez… they need a life yo!

  79. poor gal. she will always remember that incident! worse still, she’ll be in terror always~~ she might be afraid even if she is with some1 she knows.. she’ll never feel safe again… poor poor dear… this is even worse than maid abuse la!!!
    oh yea.. n the video u made is hillarious.. i watched it twice..kinda silly tho!! of all the things use something that looks like “bra” to hit u!! as if it’ll hurt… jkjk!!

  80. love it man!! girls fight leh!! but not veri exciting sia. btw i think the guys oso ham la nvr stop from the start.

  81. Those girls probably got abused at home…that’s why so violent…violent family produces violent kids lah…very normal….shame on their parents and themselves……..few years later they might feel very disgrace about their deeds…THE boys…should act earlier if they’ve seen it…why wait so long……they hesitated…cos of peer pressure….normal lah…after this incident……we know many kids having mental problems now…..so…hopefully the government will do a psychological test for all students and evaluate them……..thank you…

  82. stupid bitches in miri…i from miri and this is the most stupid one i can see….bah….she din answer she got whacked..she answer also got whacked…and some sissy guys there acting cool like they good or something….Tat sucks…


  84. the students in miri was not use!!!
    those guys was too cheap…
    fuck them all!!!!
    and fuck the girls too

  85. Girls nowadays are like that lar… with dirty tongues, bad tempered, more gullable and susceptible, they are more FUCKABLE~ 😀

  86. useless student n parents! how their parent teach them?i wish those girls wont have their future!hopeless bitches!

  87. even if da fault is on her side.. da other gals din do anything right..
    this kinda suggest dat da gal dat got da hit was really wrong in some sense, mayb did sumthin really bad.. somethin unforgivable??..
    wut da other gals did in return.. it looks too bitchy.. 4 u 2 react like dat, shows how ugly u r in da inside.. at such a young age.. those gals r mentally not healthy.. such a evil act.. u c.. ther r few kinds attackers.. ranging frm knock downs to torturess.. knock downs r based on solid anger, with validity.. torturess once r self fulfilments of anger n hatred, disregarding if da anger is valid or not.. n looks like these gals r.. well… sick
    n those guys in da vdo.. seriously.. u’ve gotta look down to see if u hav certain genitial parts intact.. u could hav avoid it.. u culd hav stop it.. u culd hav controlled it earlier.. u culd hav been a bit of a man.. i wuld hav scared da crap out of those gals n ask every1 2 go back.. n if u dare 2 speak against me (those gals or guys(boys), a different kinda vdo mite hav been famous..
    n u know y i typed al these.. cause i know im right.. n nxt time, if u hav balls (4 those men in dat kinda scene).. do wut i said i wuld do.. dun b such a wuss

  88. well… if i were the gal’s (dat was hit) brother or family members… i really feel sorry for the other gals that hit her and those guys dat stand there and didnt do anything.
    they are sure to get their hands or leg broken..

  89. Sure would like to get my hands on their boobies and have my way with them…….those assailants deserved my manhood treatment !!! Buahahahahah…I’m sure they dun mind cos they r sluts anyway

  90. gosh..i really hope those gurls can view this too..especially the “demo” part from kenny.damn zha dou..i wanna see how their face will loox like after watching the “demo”…be careful ah kenny..later they will really come to u and “ni you mei you blog!!!”…”ni you mei you blog!!!!” u..lol..and i hv to say..those guys in the school tht watch the fight..stupid one hor?by yelling “gou liao!!gou liao!!”whats the different with the other gurls tht keep saying “you mei you da ni??!” 0_o?! they should hv helped but not h=just shout “gou liao!!gou liao!!” we all know its “gou liao” lah….damn za dou..

  91. Just wondering…u ppl know abt the James Bulger case ? The 2 year old kid which was kidnapped by 2 10 year old kids and left on the Liverpool’s rail track’s rail track and the train ran over the small kid ? The 2 kids enjoying life with different identity now.
    The disease is now spread to Malaysia. Bloody bitches. I love to see you cry when I plug my manhood into you !!!!

  92. We malaysians fail at football, hockey, badminton and ping pong… I guess it is about time for us to use our expertise in fights like these for the benefit of the country.
    Just imagine kids like these already know how to fight like chuck norris!!! We should enter the World Wrestling Championships (WWW or WWE) fergoodness sake!!!
    I think these gurls can really kick Hulk Hogan’s ass!!! Wah liou!! We are natural born fighters laa dey!! hehe

  93. haiya u ppl.. im frm stjoe le.. i know wt hppn le.. those guys ah.. not the girls bfs lar.. dont sebarang say wan.. those girls.. bitches la.. fight lidat.. plus, the fight is real.. those bithces already suspended.. the boys le.. some kenak gantung la.. so kelian hor.. and those guys.. altho kinda stupid.. didnt help.. my frnd was thr la.. but he arrive late.. if he try help oso le.. no point.. c d guy in grey jacket wan help .. knot rite.. coz d bitches so damn violent.. fuck la.. wan fight lidat use baseball bat la.. so stupid again.. go record put in youtube.com.. they ask the guy to put in again that.. mcb.. so fuckin stupid.. they shud go die.. and dont go blame those guys ah.. theyre actuali kind ah.. stupid..

  94. gers nowadays are beyond cure, horrible. i make sure i will hunt them down 1 by 1 and say “WO YOU JIANG! SO?” nabei cheebye

  95. its shocking to see girls fight. i was from a girl school but have never seen such a fight. the most i’ve ever seen was just spitting at ones face. i tot that was bad enough but after watching the video, my god… and the guys didnt even help her. i dont deny that the girl may have done something wrong but there is such thing as negotiation. and i guess it doesnt exist in those girls dictionary.

    how come my school got no such fight…damn….btw the guys are not useless la..it has nothing to do with them also..for what they wanna go stop the fight…put ureself in their shoes…if u see someone fighting or someone else gets bullied would u help or just stand there and watch?..think about it…seesh….what the guys did was right. let the girls settle their own problems and then came in to stop after several minutes..fair to everyone..
    Posted by: Anonymous at 04 July 2006 2:44 PM

  97. I would presume the victim went to gossip some stupid remarks of her frens that got her in hot soup.
    Two side of the coin, its also well deserving of her to simply say the wrong thing but its real pity that those bullies took the wrong way to address the issues.
    AS for the assholic guys without any fucking balls just standing there and watch. They should be wearing those skirts too

  98. what the hell -_-
    err bitchy much? those girls are so psycho =p
    even the guys got a bit sick of them cos they just repeated the same sentence.

  99. woohoo.. malaysia boleh spirit, who say school girls in malaysia cannot fight? hahaha.. u think only singapore has their version, we have it too.. 6++ minutes some more!

  100. The GIRLS who commit such bullying are insults to the HUMAN RACE.I’m embarassed to admit how those girls , have such childish mentalities , resolving to destruction. Even IF the victim did provoke them ,( EVEN IF ) , c’mon they could have just TALKED to her. And for the cowardly-people who did nothing to prevent the bullying , you are BIGGER INSULTS to HUMANITY…RIGHT ON!…

  101. oh gosh…nice blog ah
    beh tahan aaa….@@ see the whole daughters of bitch slap n kick tat little gal!!!!
    gosh~~they think who they r especially tat wear green jacket 1, she think she live in ice age izzit?? then the guys in tat place leh,they ‘dickhead’ hv been cut liao lo…

  102. wow, why dun the little girl runaway? are the boys egging them on? i don’t understand chinese. looks like someone there could break it up but soooo sadistic!

  103. pathetic, i will drug those girls and ask mangalis to rape them while the mangali saying “shuang bu shuang? shuang bu shuang?”

  104. It doesn’t matter what the victim did or said that provoked the bullies. Whatever she did wrong, things could’ve been settled in a more civilised way. I used to be a school prefect, fights like these most of the time, if not always, happens for ONE reason- and that is misunderstanding.
    These girls think they are so tough, hitting on a single girl like dat. But are they really all that tough? It is a few girls agains ONE girl. And becos of that, I personally think that they are cowards. Bullies are only bullies when they bark in groups. When they stand alone they probably can only let out a whimper. I mean, this was obviously a matter between the victim and the girl in the green sweater, but instead of settling the problem on her own, the latter brought her “gang” to settle it for her. Classic.
    And someone above said that the guys wouldnt be able to do anything even if they tried, cos the girls are so violent. PUH-LEESE! There are more than one guy there, and they could stop the fight if they really want to. Plus, THEY ARE GUYS! Aren’t guys supposed to be stronger than girls? Well, most guys anyways. Not saying that they shud whack those bullies, but they could’ve just held them back. If they really can’t, then go get a teacher or ANYBODY. Those “spectators” could’ve made a difference, but they chose not to, or they dare not to.
    Nobody deserves to be beaten up like dat, no matter who is right or who is wrong. Suspend the girls, good move. True that it will be useless to expell them, cos these are the kinds that need to be educated. But send them for a juvenile program or something might be good too.

  105. the bullies bully also cannot beat properly. fight like catfight. anyhow flail arms. i’ve seen girls kick harder. but the girls must possess some nerve that the guys darent stop them more forcefully.

  106. man that’s too much haha damn funny but the idea of bullying around is just sad, is just what’s wrong with the young ppl this days~ they just left their brain home? for fucking lost it?

  107. Jesus..so fun to watch:) But if that victim is my sister or my gf they’ll be raped and their vaginas stiched!

  108. aiya..get bullied normal what. Last time we oso get bullied in school. No complaint at all. It’s a growing pains :p. Kids nowdays.. being pampered too much.. sigh!

  109. ehem…if u look carefully on the video, the victim stood there and get beat by those bitches. personally, i think those guys (or monkey i assume) should go and give the girl a help. Why? because she was not fighting back. if this keep continue, that girl might suffer trauma. I dont know what the fuck those monkeys are thinking, but if im were there, i swear im going to hunt those bastard down for not helping the girl.. and beat those bitch one by one so that they can taste the helpless feeling of being slap and beaten by people.

  110. just back from teaching some kids.. these days.. kids think that they are the ruler.. does whatever they want. dunno how to respect.. think violence can solve problem.. more bloodshed.. who to blame? huh? who to blame?

  111. Shites. I can’t imagine just sitting there and taking it…and the staircase one…wow, fuck. One nice kick and the person’s flying down the stairs. That’ll teach ’em to kick you.
    If a kid can’t trust their parents enough to tell them they’re in trouble, I don’t think the kids are the only problem.
    And if it’s a fake video, I dunno if it’s brilliant or dumb. It’s certainly getting some crack-down action going, so that’s good. *sigh*

  112. wow … it seems like the catfight trend has invades into Malaysia. In the United States, catfighting is a hot things that loved by the nation there. There are even catfight clubs over there which release DVD with catfight scenes. Well, as a catfight fans, is that possible to form a catfight fans club at here. I think it will be fun and it will be something new. As what Michael Jackson sing …. “It’s doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong, you have to show them how funky is your fight … So … BEAT IT ~!~!~ ”
    ~Randy Orton~

  113. HAHA!No wonder la..girls from Kuching..Of course fight like kuching la !Aihz,but i really hate the BULLLY!!!!

  114. it’s kinda sad and disappointed that now youngsters are engaged in such activities. although it’s common, like gangsterism, but wearing school uniforms and using handphones, violence and a whole gang of people bully a girl; it’s so heartless. I can’t believe these youngsters are so ruthless and heartless. probably too much television programmes and too sensitive to be disturb.

  115. i iz a gangsta i is 14 yrs old i can take them all out i am a a wrestler il do the chokeslam on them i can take them all on haha then i samsh in the kdis as well then get my ak 47 bang bang!

  116. fuck that girl!!!wana fight is it?not enuff ar?dun let me see her face,if i can see sure call ppl rape her liao.dunno shame ar??u think beat ppl can sattle problem?stupid girl gip ppl fuck la!!!keep saying u samething n find reason to beat ppl,u period got problem is it?miri girl bad !!
    malaysia school is like that?that goverment no attend at all???all teacher n school master die liao ar?malaysia nvr take any action to sattle this problem.keep like that just drop malaysia name !
    that girl !!pull shit!!u sure get back what u do!!!
    ni qu si!

  117. Those girls in the video, well, i can only say they are whores. Want to go 5 on 1 at a time, it’ll be a pleasure for me to see some five-some action. i’ll teach you the meaning of pain, but with a little help of the ‘BED’. That fat bitch, she thinks she’s some Paris Hilton or something to go ‘Ni you mei you jian’. She thinks she’s HOT. Oh man, look in the mirror, you’re like a FREAK OF NATURE. The guys, well, we can derive them as a bunch of retards. Standing there, wow, as if their balls was weighing in at over 2 tonnes. SPECTACULAR ! Man, you need some ‘BALLS FOR DUMMIES’ book, you can ask any dude who posted here in this web. They’ll tell you why you’re such a retard. Saying ‘Gou Liao ( Enough )’, then why dont you say that to the terrorist who beheads people. Gao Liao ! Gao Liao !, damn, those dudes are so retarded ……

  118. those girls are so immature.keep repeating the same old lines & dont even noe how to fight properly though it muz be really fun 2watch it live!! ??slapping n hitting?? ( wat happen to PUNCHING??? KICKING??? “real angry mob style” ). i don’t feel its violent at all. muz have more action.
    i’m sure thres more to the video rite? n y do u heavily censored it? at least we get to enjoy the not so blur version. thanks kenny!!!!

  119. Now that, was lame. Are you sure its even real? Even a 3 year old toddler can do better than that.

  120. whether is real or fake.. just wanna say those bitches are really bitches.. thier parents really din teach them… especially the fat gurl.. really bo ka si lar… miri students are sucks lar…

  121. i read 1 of d comments dat say d victim must hav done sumthing rili worng, so its kinda her fault too.. but den again it might hav been becoz d bullies pissed her off earlier.. n she rili couldn’t stand it anymore. den maybe she tot dat if she annoyed d bullies a little, it might teach them a lesson.. but as we all noe, those bullies r d very pai kia-ish type, they get angry rili rili fast over d smallest tiniest things.. n.. finally.. d fight.. its rili a sad thing… n btw, not ALL girls are like dat.. or at least im not.. n for those guys standing there watching n doing nth but lafing, its rili sad dey din go n ‘rescue’ her earlier..
    d pai kias in d video prolly videod d video bcoz dey wanted to show pple juz how ‘cool’, ‘pai kia-ish’ or ‘brave’ they r.. which infact isn true… u noe how basically everyone wants to show how ‘cool’ they are.. or at least d troubled ones.. 1 rili sad thing is dat it happened rite here in Msia… n as if not bad enuf.. in Sarawak.. so sad… dis pple r rili emotionally abused… i think.. prolly not rnuf love… or perhaps too MUCH love… i pity their parents.. especaily their parents.. but then again it all started wif bad parenting…
    hey.. i did laf at d video… not bcoz i enjoyed it.. but bcoz i found d stupidity of dos bullies rili rili stupid… n,, PLZ PLZ PLZ dun try to act like those girls.. it is just disgrace to our country state family n wadeva… it wun turn up pretty..

  122. Man what fucking morons! What piece of shits. Think they’re better than everyone. Frustrate the hell out of me. Hope they will be punished in all ways possible. Fat ass ugly motherfucking girls.

  123. The scene is very disturbing. Doesn’t matter who started it or how it was initiated. Things should be able to be resolved without such violence. Temper like that must be controlled.

  124. Actually very sad looking at those kids these day. Really don’t know what is in their head. Maybe need to send them to lab and check. They like gone back in time to uncivilized stone age! Sad…sob sob.

  125. Sigh, this is not fake! After all the actress and actors inside the movie was being suspended from school. All started with an exam…Doing a fraud and gave arise of resentful among all the whole class. Furthermore, i’ve heard that before this incident that being slapped girl was giving a lot of tips and supported by a malay teacher. This may also a factor that given to the arise of discontented among those girls.
    Personally, i pity that being slapped girl.. What the heck of those boys over there! Dont even have demeanour! Where the gentlemen manner gone? No wonder Malaysis has been rating as one of the rudest country among the whole world. Everybody, guys and girls think of urself, evr thought to behave like them? Stupid bitch! After seen it rose my anger. If i were there, i am going to tear them into pieces.

  126. KBKB, bully one gurl…. come sg lah. One gurl on all canlar!!! Really feel sry for the gurl! hope you are alright!

  127. what can i say bout the video??? stupid students with stupid attitude..although that girl was brutally beaten but she sure learn a leason that WORDS CAN KILL as nothing will happen if something unappropriate come from her mouth. anymore fighting clips of Malaysia or even from SEA? LOL

  128. Woo.. Where you guys viewed the staircase bully and the johor schoolboy bully vid? I searched the net but found nothing. I wanna see ={

  129. Fuck to all schoolo bully!!! just know to bully then nothing ,if she dare to ONE on ONE why still asking friends to hit that poor girl?
    i will send the clip to all people to watch the crime that the school bully made!!

  130. wow!!!
    this its been 2 years since some1 last commented on this post.. i shall break the ice/ dust the DUST away!!!

  131. wtf,
    those farking girls.. who the hell they think they are to bully others??? wtf, slap here, slap there.. pull her hair n everything.. if i ever see those bullies faces, that will be the last time u will ever recognize their farking faces.. wth… i just feel like beating the shit out of their faces!!!!
    really, i just hope, that justice is served… send them off to prison; regardless of wat the victim has done, she does not deserve to get beaten up lidat..

  132. I’m same school with those bitches before… After this case, the school became even worst… the principle is very coward to facing the press and consults those students… After those kl people reached our school, that gang of people tried to use fire crackers to burn their cars… The girls didn’t get kicked out by the principle… After this case, st joe miri is now became the worst school in Miri… they still have loads of fighting video that haven’t post in youtube… those girls and guys are really jerk… especially a guy called Wong Ko Liang… he’s the d*ckhead of the gang… Luckily it is my final year that time…

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