Black Is The New Black

What do Paris Hilton,

Ashlee Simpson,

and Britney Spears have in common?

I like how they have Britney Spears posing nude on their front cover, and the caption immediately next to it reads “Nothing to wear? 487 best new ideas inside!”

That’s right, they’ve all ditched their famously blonde head to go black.
You know the world’s gone mad when we have us Asians dying our hair blonde to look like angmohs, while these angmohs are dying their hair black to look like Asians.

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  1. hahaha…
    why is black hair so ‘in’ recently???
    but asians dun need to waste $$ on hairdyes liao.

  2. yeah… haha…
    I love my black hair … lol
    Thinking of dying my hair to green color…
    Wakaka… 😛

  3. YAY~~~ =) black hair!! ^^
    lol… nice nice nice…. and tat britney is pregnent kah? in the pic? she looks like she is..
    or iziit? fat? =/
    anywayy// kenny rocks!! hahahaha ^^
    so shuang u won the adidas~
    someone..from brunei!!! hahaha kenny. u kneo here kah?? do visit hoh..~ and.. hrmm..
    im ur fan from bruneeei~~
    wheeeeeeeeeeee~~~ ^^

  4. Tracy, you’re spamming.
    Anyway, I don’t get why black is ‘in’ nowadays.. I prefer brown hair.. Heh gonna highlight my hair after graduating from sec sch.. =D

  5. we follow angmoh culture of dying hair blonde,brunette & red hair. Plus highlighting. Now, it’s our ‘black’ asian hair to have its glory. Many of my friends didn’t dye black but they dyed dark blue colour close to black nowadays.
    Paris Hilton & Ashlee Simpson look sexy in black, but Britney Spears?? Tell me again 100th times that it’s her, i also won’t recognize. Just say, some people better just be blonde.

  6. Actually, Ashlee Simpson’s blonde now. She’s been blonde for a couple of months already if I’m not mistaken.

  7. Wahahaah. good post, Kenny.
    Did ashlee take plastic surgery? just asking.
    and Britney Spears has gone brunette????? huhuhuh
    I like britney spears 🙂 she’s my fav pop star..
    “You know the world’s gone mad when we have us Asians dying our hair blonde to look like angmohs, while these angmohs are dying their hair black to look like Asians.” – kennysia
    – the grass is always greener on the other side, huh? 😉

  8. Ashlee Simpson is blonde now. and she just had her nose done to look like her sister jessica simpson. tsk.
    Britney is pregnant with a second baby. ah. the irony.
    Paris hilton looks scary in black. Stick with blonde and brunette man…

  9. We also have Asians putting on whitening lotion to be more “fair” (pale) and Caucasians sleeping in the sun to be more “tanned” (dark).
    The world went crazy a long time ago.

  10. It just shows that no one is ever satisfied with what they already have. I mean, not only do Asians want to have blond(e) hair while caucasions want to be raven, but asians are always searching for the white perfect skin. And the westerners? They’re all rushing to tanning salons to get that nice, fake, lobster-y complexion.

  11. =O Aiye this creature on earth is Funny ain’t them??? One trying to imitate the other…when they are NOT…
    I got my hair dye burnnete, blonde and NOW redye it to BLACK…my ori color..(>o

  12. Wanna talk bad bout kenny sia then post your name there lar. no need to fake urself as mahathir. arent u reading his entries too? dat makes u a dog fucking motherfucker too? wow. way to go.

  13. I noticed the similarities between the three people you mentioned, as UNobvious as they were, but I also noticed your rather glaring grammatical error. Come on, subject-verb agreement was the first thing we learnt in English class. Are you making errors on purpose to appear cool?

  14. I go for natural hair color. Weird… Asians color their hair like angmoh, then angmoh color their hair like Asian.
    I guess humans will never be satisfied with their own looks.

  15. so i should be glad i turned down the hair shoot?
    ACtually after seeing the britney pic right, the caption i read was “Nothing to wear? 487 breast new ideas inside!” =p

  16. senior in CHMS1…
    i din even dry my hair before *paiseh*
    cos i like my long black hair 😉

  17. Once a blonde always a blonde… Can’t escape from that famous ‘dumb blonde’ line…
    Asian women must be so smart that they need to feel a lil stupid once in a while. I don’t blame them, guys don’t dig smart girls who climb all over them.

  18. when i was in japan for 4 months in 2000-2001, i observed that 99% of japanese women dye their hair, and that 50% of japananese men do the same. for sure it’s something to do with fashion, and now with these fashion torchbearers doing the OPPOSITE (with that exception of that leader of the WAGS), i wonder…
    btw, maradona will be cyring again tonite…deja vu july 1990…

  19. i’m just back from japan some weeks ago and most of the kawaii teenagers there are with black hair.
    it has to do with fashion i guess?
    and even the taiwanese pop star jolin tsai had her hair dye back to black also. anyone notice?

  20. oops she did it again…
    black is indeed the color in fashion now. it started from japan, few months back. and of coz, the taiwanese followed the trend.

  21. Its like modifying your Proton Satria to look like a real Mitsubishi Colt while the real Mitsubishi COlt owners are trying to modify it to look different

  22. In my opinion?
    Angmohs look better in black hair than do Asians look good in blonde hair.
    and in the end, it all boils down to your face, too. Just think: does Steven Seagal look cool with black hair? He just looks… strange.

  23. pffft. Dyed hair. the only people who should dye their hair black are the ones with white hair. lol

  24. anyway i stil prefer brown compare to black…y they change colour blonde was pretty cool la…all this fashion sometime sucks la!!

  25. Um … lots of Angmoh’s have naturally black hair. So I doubt they’d be dying it to look asian … they just all want to look like Jessica Alba from Dark Angel! 😉

  26. haven been having black hair since last august ba. haha.. red n brown r my preferred colour. u guys noticed anot, if u have black hair n u walk under the sun, the hair is freaking hot, but nt for brown and red. hehe.. to conclude black hair sucks

  27. I almost didn’t recognise Britney.I kept looking back to check.
    By the way Kotek,I think you’re right.

  28. coz their ahngmoh skin looks great with black hair wert…and im sure they are tired of being blondies…
    p/s: that’s paris hilton? i couldnt recognize her leh..

  29. Dark, sultry looks are the best. Hardly any blondes ever win Miss World/Universe.
    Hehe I like your lil note about the Harper’s Bazaar cover. Most of us don’t even notice these things because we’re so used to fashion mags having those typical headlines.

  30. Yup, the world has indeed gone mad when everyone wants to be someone else, and it’s all cyclical too.
    Caucasians dress up like homies in the hood, with as much bling and as many “Yo’s” as they can rustle up.
    African-American rappers invariably include Asian females in their MTV dancer lineup, rap about getting it on with Lucy Liu and have Asian motifs plastered all over their sets (think Sisqo’s Thong Song MTV).
    And Asians? They want to have hair of every hue but black and eyes of blue, green and violet etc etc.
    Go figure.

  31. Now’s the time for the “Pandang ke Timur” speech by PM.
    The world is coming to an end.

  32. For the uninitiated, [dyed] black hair does *not* always equates being “gothic”. Being “gothic” encompasses more than just black hair, dark makeup, or black clothes. It’s more of a lifestyle and an appreciation for the beautiful dark side in life. For instance, dressing all black but loving Hello Kitty stuff is NOT gothic.
    Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson and Britney Spears are definitely not anywhere close to be “goth” in their appearances or lifestyles!
    Since I’m on the topic, Marilyn Manson is *not* gothic. He’s just a shock rocker and a poser. So-called Satan worshippers are also *not* goths, they’re deviants. Real goths has nothing to do with black metal, either.
    I’ve got more to say about the black = goth thingee, but I’ll shut up now.

  33. don’t you know that black is the IN thing already ?
    go go go for asian black hair ???
    as for britney on the cover?
    She looks cute lah, bigger boobs…more plump around the a** area . . .but look nice . .
    A girl not afraid to be a naked woman !

  34. I have 2 things 2 say 1 Paris looks like blind person wif black hair and black dark sunglasses.2. i pity da IT ppl 4 britney spear’s pics they must of put in lots of OT in this and must of fried a few com in da process shit.

  35. I have to say this… out of the 3 pictures, Britney’s the best. Not because she’s naked but because of … ok it’s because she’s naked.

  36. i have black hair but its annoying i want a blonde fringe but i dont think theres anyway of turning black into blonde.
    why didnt i dye it blonde first 🙁

  37. luckily i don’t have black hair. dull…dull…dull… some caucasian not look good in dark ‘do, like britney and paris. they just look like a punk or goth or corpse…i don’t know…! it’s just some kinda creepy bout ’em. talking bout con=vering the stupidity amongst the blondes. they’re dumb, they have more fun!

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