Another Fight Video Discovered On The Internet

This is horrible. What has the world come to?
Hot on the heels of the Miri Schoolgirl Fight, I’ve found YET ANOTHER fight video recorded on handphone and uploaded on to the Internet. This one 100 times more brutal and violent than the last one.
As far as I know, no one has this video yet. Remember, you’ve seen it first on

Seriously, there is no hope for these children.
OMG! This gotta be a Malaysia’s first. This clip has made it to the Top #13 Top #11Most Viewed Video on Youtube!
Alas, a lot of people don’t “get it” since they don’t get the context in which the video is based upon.
And they called us “japanese” and “mexicans”.

Who’s flying to Kuching this weekend for the Rainforest World Music Festival? Don’t be shy to drop me a mail. I’ll be happy to show you around.

320 Replies to “Another Fight Video Discovered On The Internet”

  1. Lol…
    My sis and I had plenty a laugh watching that, Kenny!
    At one point your friends cracked, I could hear the laughter in their voice!
    Good one!

  2. ni you mei you blog! ni you mei you blog!! *take keyboard whack kenny*
    Wahlao eh.. sometimse I think you have too much time on your hands lar.. *hands and hats off to you*
    *claps* great piece of work xD

  3. wahahhaa… tat was hilarious!!!
    especially the dolphin, the bread & the peace sign…
    hahah… =D

  4. too bad, its in mandarian, won’t it be better if there is english transalation right below the video clip for bananas – aka people who don’t know mandarian

  5. Aww, poor Kenny. I’ll kick the shins of that one guy and two girls for you the next time I see them.
    Especially the girl with the cute bangs.

  6. Kenny Kenny Kenny. Haha, you actually got whacked with someone’s (Free) Willy. And a durian. And sunflowers. What could’ve possibly sparked such a violent outburst?

  7. haha omfg gawd
    kenny can we have a zoom in on ur face
    u look so fake… miserable hahahahha
    cute la ^_^

  8. LoL! Dude, you’re back ^^… I’ve been waiting for this for a long long time. Welcome back Kenny’s creativity!!! Love the clip ^^

  9. i like the bra part and the part where the third guy “massaged” you. What the hell was the miri girls forcing the poor girl to admit anyway?

  10. LOL!!!! my sis couldnt stop laughing watching it and of course im not allowed En En to watch it XD Nice video! im willing to become your actress LOL. so cute one.

  11. cheebuy, ni yao settle si bu si?? Em, can’t understand why some people will let themself to be bullied by other person, don’t know what to pity them or laugh at them because of their stupidity. Even if they can’t retaliate, run, leave the place or do whatever to save your sorry ass, not just stand there. And those guys rally, bunch of pondans..

  12. LOLS!!
    I’ve been watching and rewatching the clip, and I still can’t stop laughing! 😀 I was so fooled by the introduction! Lol, I was a little traumatized by the real vid of the girl fight when i watched it last night, i didn’t dare to watch another “more disgusting and violent” vid. My bro insisted on watching so I let him and I just shut my eyes and close my ears. Then he was laughing loudly. I was curious, so I watch the vid.
    Now, I can’t stop laughing!
    Great vid, Kenny! 😉

  13. Wah lau, u sibeh boh liao can… I seriously think u r in need of some divine inspiration…ur blog ain’t as funny as it used to be. gotta resort to cheap toilet humour huh? sad sad…

  14. Now this is the kind of video you want to be circulating around on the net. Videos which openly criticise unwanted incidents in a very constructive manner.
    Might I say Mr Sia, that you are really the ownage.

  15. lol…. chio ga ai see!! lol… almost 2 am in canberra already and you just made me laugh like hell. i am guna get killed by housemates liao lol

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! tis is freakin’ funnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur frens r funnieee too!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha~ ur fren who showin’ d ‘jeng peace’ reli funny lar!!!!

  17. Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah…this is all i can do after see it. Now that’s a ‘real’ ‘play’ for the school comedy. rofl

  18. gosh, it funny sia~
    after i watchedthe miri, singapore and kota tinggi one. this one is more gentle one.
    you all shld take more longer, and cruel like the miri school one. haha! nice anyway! =D

  19. Hey, man…. Great Production… it might juz reach Star Cineplex Today…. RM5 for every one on MoVie days~!!! LOL…

  20. If you think this clip was by any means a serious fight, u ought to be kidding ureself. I’ve seen incidents far more severe than the clip u posted. Most incidents which are of extreme violence don’t even get reported in the newspapers.
    Honestly, I think tat clip is a joke. A bunch of kids just trying to gain some glory by reenacting what has been reported in the papers.

  21. Astaga……………………
    ni you mei you jiang?
    ni you mei you jiang?
    *hammer toy*
    ni you mei you jiang?
    *soft toys*
    where is the coconut? or where is your coconut?

    WTF, it’s damn fucking funny!!!!
    ni you mei you jiang??
    ni you mei you jiang??
    even my indonesian friends laughed their heads off!
    love you kennysia!

  23. Seriously dude , you’re so full of shit it amuses me xD Hahaha . Too bad I dont understand mandarin but it was still funny as hell . I could only imagine the looks on your faces if a cop thought that was real and took actions hahaha

  24. 有讲就认吧!!!打地好惨喔!!哈哈哈哈哈哈

  25. Wow, i didnt know you have so many ka kia to help you make this clip. So what do they get out of this? Making a fool of themself?

  26. u film it on monday rite?
    saw u walking so fast at jln song that nite wearing the same shirt…
    u scared the girl from miri stop u halfway hia?

  27. VERY… GOOD !!!! Such inhuman torture! I loved the part where one vicious tormentor even took a bite from the hard bread (baguette?) Could we have English subtitles next time for your non-Malay readers? Your best ever !

  28. wah … South Park Live …
    Err… so what’s your next movie gonna be? Hopefully no parents complaint or Govt dun ban lorr.. wait they take it seriouse and you all can go make the squat in the cell…

  29. I could guess it’s gonna be you reacting the scene.. but the bra, toy hammer, “massage”, sunflowers, bread, toy sward, dolphin soft toy, peace sign, keyboard, chair, durian just makes me laugh out loud.. 🙂

  30. hahaha…. kenny kenny.. u’ve brighten up my day man!! big thanks to u hahahahha i love the way the weapon shown before hit – oh u r so cute

  31. ‘If you think this clip was by any means a serious fight, u ought to be kidding ureself. I’ve seen incidents far more severe than the clip u posted. Most incidents which are of extreme violence don’t even get reported in the newspapers.
    Honestly, I think tat clip is a joke. A bunch of kids just trying to gain some glory by reenacting what has been reported in the papers.’
    Posted by: zeph at 05 July 2006 1:22 AM
    Someone give this guy a dose of ‘DUH!!!’. It’s a freaking joke man. You gotta be seriously retarded for not being able to see through that. And ‘kids’??? They’re bunch of grown men!! You gotta be one of the most naive and gullible people out there. Yes, it’s sad that you’re not alone. Go rot away with your pathetic crowd.

  32. to zeph and anonymous:
    u guys totally missed the point.
    the video was created for fun..
    kenny’s the victim in the movie.

  33. funnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..i tink i had watched fer more than 10 times edi…kakakkkakaka

  34. with that last ”peace” pose, i can’t help but to laugh.
    great clip. great effort.
    don waste the roti.

  35. NI YOU MEI YOU JIANG ??!! YOU MEI YOU ?!?!!!
    ROFLMAO, knnccb similan la..
    laughing like mad !!
    I like your work 😀

  36. I must say… ur certainly d best Malaysian blogger. The ideas r so original… ‘peace’ man & I hope you weren’t ‘injured’. 😉

  37. hahahaha…tat is so cool~ u rawk man!de guy wit de lala pose make me laugh like hell..hahahaha!

  38. hehe… if i am not mistaken the person in white is a guy, right? i saw him taking out a white bra from underneath his shirt.

  39. ‘to zeph and anonymous:
    u guys totally missed the point.
    the video was created for fun..
    kenny’s the victim in the movie.’
    Posted by: nik at 05 July 2006 11:18 AM
    Go and rot away with zeph for misperceiving my words.

  40. Best part was definitely the toy hammer. And the keyboard + chair whack looked like it wasn’t part of the plan.. 😛

  41. oh god…please make sure you are not drinking or eating when watching this video
    i split cola on my galfren’s face just now XD

  42. hahahahahahaha…uweeeek
    u fucking make me puked my kolo mee
    ure damn funny Kenny!!!
    Take care dude!!!

  43. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa
    I couldn’t stop laughing…hahahhaa
    replay n replay n replay n replay……hahahahaa
    jiang…….ni yo meh yo jiang……..

  44. man, tis truly funny n tottally laughed my head off even when i’m writing tis comment… imagine if police were on duty tat time, matai lo kenny n all his hilarious frens…. haha…
    btw, i hope tat i can download tis clip rather than watchin it online everytime… cheers…

  45. Now that’s called pure voilent video. I’m sure the bullies in Miri would feel awful and embarassed when they watch this. Way to go, KennySia!

  46. HOLY SHIT… the first time i watch it…i saw the bra…but I didn’t see her pulling it out from inside of her blouse!!
    OMG…this is a real classic.. ahahhahaha…
    that’s the best part of the shot man…

  47. HOLY SHIT… the first time i watch it…i saw the bra…but I didn’t see her pulling it out from inside of her blouse!!
    OMG…this is a real classic.. ahahhahaha…
    that’s the best part of the shot man…

  48. hei, is tat a real durian or a fake one? wou, ur fren must hav great thick skin to resist the pain of that thorny thingy…. but, it’s cool, totally cool… n hei, how come there r ppl selling durians now?

  49. Kenny,
    10/10, just because there was a durian and a keyboard man! that just killed me.
    Oh and in broad daylight too! lol!
    Nice one. haha

  50. HAHAHAHAHAHHA, that wuz freakin’ funny!!!
    props to your friends for usin’ outrageous tools to whack you – eating the bread and doing the japanese camwhoring pose at the end wuz absolutely hilarious!!!
    GOOD ONE, mr jiat-pa-siong-eng kenny

  51. First time posting comments……very funny…especially the peace sign and the durian! hahahaha….will we have part 2

  52. HAHAHA!!! my favourite part is when the guy holds up the peace sign and goes “gou la, gou la” then proceeds to hit kenny with it. lol!!! 😀

  53. i got to compliment kenny sia for this “violent” video… it was hilarious!!! luckily i didn’t watch it in the office just now, or else i’ll be able to watch the video forever at home. To Anonymous: speak only if u can think of making such a video, if u can’t then shut up!!! anyway, 2 thumbs up for kenny!!!

  54. the keyboard and then the dude showin the peace sign at the end really cracked me up. LOL!
    good job and keep it up!

  55. That was impressive!
    I really got to say. That is one good skit and it teaches us about bullying is not a funny matter.
    You know,like having scary movie 4 to make people not afraid of horror movies.
    same concept.Intelligent idea!

  56. hahahaha! that was real funny good work… the peace sign really made me roll on the floor… haha… and that guy smiling for the camera at the end.. haha

  57. gosh. my stomach still hurts from laughing lah.
    now i’d probably have that video as a nightmare tonight. wont be surprised if my sisters complained i was laughing through the whole night.

  58. Laugh me die!!!
    You’ve enlightened my life 😀
    By the way, the scene is somewhere near Jubilee Hall/MBKS?

  59. kenny i noe tat’s u…haha the clip look so fake…especially when the person holding the durian 1…haha nice 1 though

  60. it seemed that u are afraid of the keyboard eh?
    u screamed when the bullies hit u with it… (compared to when they hit u with the durian.. haha)
    don la…
    u still need to blog more of your crazy stories
    we need the laughter we can get
    i choked early in the morning when i watch this vid… u totally woke me up from my just-out-from-the-bed-and-still-blur mode and burst out laughing… u made my day..ekeke
    do wish i can download it instead la….
    do a full length movie la… i would pay to watch it X-D haha
    u rock!

  61. omg wat’s inside ur brain…how could u think of such a hilarious idea LOL…weldone.
    ni you mei you jiang will be the hottest sentence on net now.

  62. *gasps for air* Can’t… breathe…. my sides hurt like hell lar~! It totally made my day. Too bad I don’t understand what they’re saying XD Seriously, dude, that was drop dead hilarious.
    Your blog so funny and fun to read~!!
    Great job!! *huggles*

  63. Dude those bullies are littering the place…never mind the guy who goit beaten up…those bullies have no respect for the environment… Gee man!

  64. Did the girl pull a bra out to beat kenny? OMG…That’s when i started to crack!
    A greeting from East Coast of Canada.

  65. Now we are talking some serious violence here… quick someone call them copppers. 🙂
    Seriously Kenny, you got a good site here (yes I am a new reader) keep at it.
    Mattz from Melb (OZ)

  66. Wow, Kenny.. you are really superb.. u got me hooked to your site because of your sense of humour..
    really great BLOGGING talents u have!
    Creativity is your essential element! Keep it up!

  67. kenny..everyone would very much enjoy seeing u kena whack…that’s why the ratings rocket into “most viewed” lists…*(^.^)*

  68. I am actually pregnant and i had refrained from watching all these recent violent bully clips from the net (makes me feel sick, literally). But when i saw this post is categorised under “Parody”, i knew u hav some gud stuff up ur sleeve! 🙂

  69. Kenny looks fitter now… Kenak whack til kurus ka?
    So kesian… lolz
    R u involved in d SMK Running Horse bully case as well? Front page today man! hehehe

  70. This video is damn violent. I dont think you should air it anymore. It is so explicit. It is worse than the last one. I hope the guy is not seriously injured.

  71. Kenny!! Your funniest piece of work to date! You looked like you were enjoying it *hahaha*. Kudos to you and your pals for coming up with the video!

  72. hehe… the girl with the double peace sign in the end… cute scene, sweet ending. And yeah, you enjoyed it didn’t ya…

  73. Nice masterpiece, Kenny…
    i was laughing all de way to de end of de show..
    i guess i should nominate u for de best director in OSCAR award…
    U rules… man… =D

  74. haha….wtf boy or girl hit him wor
    is so “gao wet”
    funny movie leh
    if the man who hit by them got many action then will be more fun^^

  75. Hillarious!
    Btw, my first comment on your site since i was reccomended to you last month and i must say that the effort and great lengths you go to to please and tickle your readers is truely admirable.
    Keep up the enthusiasm!

  76. Trying very, very hard to avoid laughing, eh?
    BTW – any comments about the case of Mr. Brown, Bhavani and the Today suspension?

  77. some americans are dumb. they simply said that you’re jap, mexican.
    pfft. lazy ass. they would have done us good to have ATLEAST get your nationality or race right.

  78. lol!!!!!!!! funnieeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    kenny, you’re realy funny in videos.. like the one u did about the gurls.. the ‘hahaha’ video… lol!!!
    how many takes did u do to finally get this video done?? ahhaa you guys must have rolled on the floor laughing your guts out after you’re done… lol!!!!!!!
    kewl man!!!!

  79. This being the 256th commentor would like to say, that you have failed to parody one part where it’s more agregious, where they strip the top from the girl.
    How come you never strip. haha.

  80. LOL… classic. 🙂 There have always been school fight videos circulating North America and they’ve already had their days in the limelight :p
    Keep it up, hehe…

  81. the part where Kenny got hit by the Peace sign reminds me of WWE man. hahhaa.. i even put the vid in my friendster

  82. LoL!!!
    i remember those days when i was in primary school; we had the school bully, he was always beating up someone. it was either this guy or another guy.
    we all hated the bum – he was a product of a drunk and jobless dad and a broken family – the guy was big and he was strong and he just loved taking it out on us.
    10 years later – we grew big; he remained stunted; can’t bully the guys anymore because we are bigger than him. Hahaha
    30 years later – he’s a christian now. No shit, still a bully but a respectable one.

  83. after watching the miri girl fight i was totally not expecting a funny clip! burst out laughing when i saw the hammer squeeking. and the durian! hahahah. excellent weapon of choice.

  84. Kenny, you’re really humorous. Whenever my work turns out stress or tired, during lunch hour, i would visit your page & it will either brighten up my day or laugh my ass off stupidly!!
    very funny video man?! i even showed it to my mother! LoL..Cheers!!

  85. Hey, Kenny Sia(o)…
    remake de singapore 1 as well la..
    i bet it would b much more funnier than tis…

  86. dude… that update comment sure attention whore sial!
    u so sure meh? im sure the naked jail squatting vid tops urs lar.

  87. funny lar …. got evenstarr’s elad guitarist to beat u up too huh? …. hehehe … nyways, if some bloggers think this ain’t tight or right …. well, they have the right to say so BUT IT DON’T MEAN THEY’RE RIGHT …. hahahahha

  88. KNNCCB..!!
    WTF man..!!
    What an idiot..
    make me watch over and over again!! hahaha
    Sould use undies also..
    They should cover your face with Durex..!! and whack u nicely Kenny!!
    Can we do a replay kenny?
    With al your readers whacking you? ahaha

  89. FUNNY.
    how much did you pay ur frens to do tt video with you?
    hahas..and can i have a piece of tt french loaf too?

  90. i just a latest video involving my cousings classmates in perling, johor bahru…
    It wasnt that shocking at first since i have fought before but there were any bruises lah . . !
    more tears only lah !
    (ps: i’m not girly)

  91. Okay I have to admit. When the fella whacked you with the peace sign i was silently laughing (am at the office wert) so hard I had tears in my eyes. you bastard!

  92. At Taman Sahabat rite?? And who’s that faggot with bras on!! haha it’s hilarous man! and sarcastic!
    Good work!

  93. At Taman Sahabat rite?? And who’s that faggot with bras on!! haha it’s hilarous man! and sarcastic!
    Good work!

  94. here goes..
    1 at first.. dos ‘girls’ look like molesting u..
    2 after a few seconds.. d ‘violence’ started.. or rather d funny part..
    3 hey!!! u were lafing n smileling.. n 1 of d ‘girls’ were like half saying “YOU JIANG MAH>?” n half lafing..
    4 d peace sign thing.. was a rili good thing to laf at… hahahahahah
    keep it up!!! ;))

  95. this is a great movie, i think u all can get the Oscar award. Hope to see more funny videos from u all.

  96. this is a great movie, i think u all can get the OSCAR award. Hope to see more funny shows from u all

  97. Damn shit….really key siao.wat a funny & silly video clip is that.where got such ppl beat ppl using silly things,the most make me laugh is i saw like an ah gua using bra to beat,huh….long bread,keyboard also can..really siao.

  98. is it this vedio is follow the miri fight club??
    almost same lee….not bad ya…
    2.hammer toy
    3.soft fish toy
    5.toy sword
    6.vase with flowers
    9.the white white thing duno call wat..
    10.plastic chair
    11.the colourful paper ?

  99. wahahaah i DAM like it man …FUNNY LIKE HEELL
    but muz ppl that got watch be4 the real stjoe fight vid onli will laugh stomachache..haha you mei you chiang ~~~kou liao wei kou liao wei~~~

  100. Uncanny similiar to MB ganna beaten up by MIW like Mrs B, LBY and LSL himself. Wah Lau, very brutal….can’t watch.

  101. Damn freaking hilarious!
    The funniest part was when the guy was saying “Enough, enough” holding up a Peace sign and proceeded to whack Kenny hard on the face.

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