Michael Learns To Rock Concert CANCELLED

SHAH ALAM: Authorities have confirmed today that the Michael Learns To Rock concert originally scheduled for next month has been cancelled due to ongoing protests from PAS Youth leaders.

Michael Learns to Rock

PAS Youth has insisted that it is disrespectful for the sentimental rock band to hold a concert during the holy month. They were never taken seriously.

But due to the events of recent days, it is understood that authorities have decided to play it safe and bow down to the youth group’s demand. It is believed that this is to prevent anyone else from chopping off the heads of people named ‘Michael’ then carrying it around as a form of protest.


“With this decision today, we wish to assure all Michaels in Malaysia that it is finally safe to come out to play.” informed Information Minister/Hip Hop Star, Rais Rais Yatim.

However, it is understood that those who had already purchased tickets to the concert will not be refunded. Instead, ticketholders will be treated to a similar, but more sensitive local rock band, called PAS Youth Learns To Talk.

Michael Learns to Rock-2

According to PAS Youth Learns To Talk lead singer Michael Ahmad, the group will be opening the concert with their hit single, That’s Why (We Make) You Go Away, followed by their number one hit in Shah Alam Top 40 Charts last week, Twenty-Five Protests Too Late.

When asked if the group is trying to rip off songs from Michael Learns To Rock, guitarist Michael Yusuf clarified, “No lah. All we’re trying to do here is make the song more acceptable. Why listen to songs like Take Me To Your Heart lah? So emo! We wanna make our concert more happy! More spiritually positive! That’s why we wrote our number one hit song, Take Me To The Ramadhan Buffet.


The press conference ended with a gotong-royong and a live performance of their hit song, Paint My Mosque.

(Just kidding. The concert is not cancelled. And PAS Youth is just a lobby group, not a religion.)

Last weekend, I was in the top half of the globe. This long weekend, I’m spending it in Down Under.

When I landed at the airport earlier today, the immigration officer saw my Australian PR and said, “Welcome back.” I almost teared. Melbourne may not be Perth, but coming back to Australia, a place I lived for so long, is such a bittersweet experience. Everything here still seems so familiar, so nostalgic.

For now, I still call Malaysia home. Happy Merdeka!

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  1. ok this may be lame but omg omg omg 1st to cmment hahahahah XD but wth .. they ban ppl for wearing too skimpy.. accepted.. they ban michael learns to rock because…? he’s still learning to rock?

  2. what kind of damn stupid reason they ban this ? what rule ?? they learn to talk ? pls la , learn to eat shit …

  3. wth..!! stupid pas youth think they’re boss?? wat kind of reason is tat?? if tat is true then good friday whole week can not hav any activity at all… or the wesak day no one shud eat meat lo… why they oways put their rules to all the malaysian?? 1 malaysia concept.. bull shit… i think they wanna mean 1 malaysia pas youth concept..!

  4. Too raunchy for Malaysia? Maybe should change “THE ACTOR” lyrics to “I’m not an XXX Actor, I’m not a porn star….and I don’t even have my own car…”

  5. sigh… wrong time, wrong place.
    but this is a very creatively entertaining post ๐Ÿ˜€
    MLTR Fans…there’ll be a better time – next time
    Happy Merdeka to all!

  6. wow PAS youth learns to rock. 25 protests too late. SUPER INTELLECTUAL wei!!!!! So creative of them eh?
    CONGRATULATIONS, you have done it again! once again you just proved yourselves that you have brains the size of a pea. WTF. might as well set up a law and ban every fucking international group/artists from entering malaysia for good god damnit.
    Malaysia memang boleh lah!

  7. lol, Paint My Mosque, what an extremist.
    I bet PAS Youth Learns To Talk will be a huge international success, soon they will join the grammy award too, but no cleavage or mini skirt is allowed, girls must wear like scuba diving with full coverage, guys must wear a white songkok.

  8. Excuse me, I am a Muslim. Please don’t put the rest of us in the same category as those PAS assholes.
    Most of us don’t really care who has a concert here in Malaysia. Or who wears what. I’ll have you know, it sucks to have your life dictated by a bunch of extremists (not that I follow anything they say, haha). At least you have an excuse – you’re non-Muslim.

  9. u just get ur self in trouble…
    To all – pls respect and think before you act/write sometin here…
    this is a multi racial country…so pls respect each other…
    be grateful… Malaysia is an islamic country! pls be a bit sensitive.
    pls google up..why people didn eat pork!

  10. MLTR nyanyi lagu slow je bkn rock. Black Eyes Pes(slh eja) nyanyi lg unsur lucah blh pulak buat konsert time puase!!! silap protes btl!!!

  11. alah mereka tu mesti nampak perkataan “learns to rock” saje terus buat bising, mana ada masa dengar lagu mereka dan kaji apa yang mereka nyanyi? Macam Black Eyes Peas, nama kumpulan macam takde apa-apa jadi mereka pun bagi buat konsert lar lol

  12. Kenny, you did it again!! This post seriously made me ROFL 99 man hahaha
    They deserved to be mocked this way. They just never learn to be intelligent, sensible and think before making any noise.

  13. Kenny, Iโ€™ve lost my respect to u!
    Yes, there is a freedom for blogger, but you should be more sensitive when it comes about other people religion.
    To all,
    Please do your homework before commenting.
    How would you feel if people talk bad about your religion?
    So Immature!and please watch your language.
    Think before you talk! Always, one people mistake/perception/suggestion but you all were condemning the whole country/race/religion. Where is the relevance?
    The worst ever post Kenny.
    Let think together! Touch base! Respect!

  14. why they didnt cancel to previous concerts the band had in this country?
    inconsistent assholes.
    do something more beneficial in puasa monthlah.

  15. Thank God for you, Ms Sun. Halleluyah.
    This post is categorized as a parody. “Do your homework before commenting.”

  16. Before you ask ppl to respect your religion, why not ask your religion to respect us first?
    Why is Michael Learns to Rock holding a concert here got anything to do with your Ramadan? You want fast, then fast all you want la. You have your right to fast. ANd I have my right to watch my concert.

  17. Check out stand-up comedians like Kumar from Singapore and Russell Peters from Canada.. who made fun of race and culture and the audience is laughing.. Russell has been to S’pore a couple of times but REFUSED to come over to Malaysia. Why? Malaysians are not ‘open-minded’ for such jokes yet. We get all hoo-haa over lil’ issue. Be sensitive over racial issue? Come on, grow up!

  18. So, its okay for you to make fun about other people religion?
    Not everybody would love it and not everybody will hate it!

  19. aiyo please la. they already obviously brought down indians and chinese name in Malaysia already. Who are we now? We are civilized people, we tend to keep quiet. But when things goes over the limit, even the most patient man have to voice.
    So YOU think before YOU talk. And maybe, just maybe, we won’t have betrayers to our own religion.

  20. Come on Kenny. It okay to be emotional BUT disrespectful. Its not too late to correct the mistake.
    Good call (by the authority) despite being little reactive. Hope for more upfront guidelines to avoid such misunderstanding.

  21. Oh my..oh my…what have Malaysia turn into. If they are so paranoid that MLTR is going to poison the Malay youths of Malaysia, might as well just banned them from going to the concert. I’m sure there are a lot of non-Malays who are more capable and more sane to fill the concert hall. I know the Danes drew a lot of anger a few years back with the cartoon…but why can’t they learn to forgive and forget. Anyway once again Malaysia have become the butt of the joke. The good thing is in the spirit of 1Malaysia, all Malaysian becomes a laughing stock. Way to go PAS…you are my zero!!!

  22. i know PAS is very narrow minded.
    but please dont condemn the whole religion.
    and to somebody that talk bout russel peter on the comment.he make jokes bout culture n race but NOT religion.
    if ur TOO OPEN MINDED,if brain will fall off..

  23. is 1 MALAY(sia)….
    Najib don dare put a ‘n’ in 1 Malaysia’N’… bcoz it will twist the meaning. So 1 Malaysia concept is true, juz we interpret wrong nia~ T.T

  24. if MLTR sing smthg tat critic/dirty song, mayb we can accept tat it should not be played in our multi-racial Malaysia.
    but so far now, i don think so MLTR is sing tat way. ALL they sing is love song, emo emo 1…
    now, ask urself. izzit u been sensitive or me?

  25. idiotic move…but nonetheless…i don blame ‘them’…it just proves that their mind are symphathetic…a bunch of morons…
    I pity them…cuz they are living their own fantasy world…~~~~~
    Damn blardy stupid…~~~~~

  26. i also lost my respect towards u, kenny. i’d always love to read ur blog bcoz u’re damn hilarious, and entertaining. but not anymore after reading this entry.
    it’s ok to voice out your opinion, dissatisfaction and etc but remember, there’s always a limitation for that….especially when it comes to religion’s issues.
    just be careful for what u’ve write here. god bless.

  27. aiyoo, did you learn history?
    What is an islamic country?
    What is a multi racial country?
    Please google it!
    Sharing is caring. not enough?
    There always a ways, stop giving excuses.

  28. classic, always remember one mistake and often forget the goods!
    Civilised = respect everyone + act like a civilised person. Not thrash talks + complaining!
    Each of us has the right to follow your own religion, have the opportunity to study & get rich.
    Sharing is caring. not enough?

  29. They banned PCD,i understand.
    They banned linkin park, still can understand.
    Banned Rihanna, blur.
    Banned Avril, starting to get ridiculous
    Banned Beyonce, Weird
    Mariah carey, you kidding me?
    Now MLTR, one of the funniest joke ever.
    Wonder how they still can accept MTV world stage rock band jumping up and down.

  30. you guys are idiots
    Kenny is obviously being an ass and just poking fun at things albeit bordering on insensitivity
    concert is not canceled! take that stick out of your bums and cross check news la!!
    ada google tak tau guna buat apa?
    Why are most of you incapable of sarcasm damnit?

  31. haha..pls check your fact.
    Pls get some knowledge about the history of our country name? Why? When? How? Who?
    Stop blaming,and read more! our history and our country vision.

  32. Rihanna, postponed due to Chris Brown attack.
    MLTR is not banned..
    Linkin Park is on what?
    Beyonce, over expossed.
    Hope this help ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. hey people, look at the address bar.. this is http://www.kennysia.com, not http://www.aim-to-please-everyone-in-the-world.com. let kenny post watever the f*** he wants to in his OWN blog.. if u dont like it, then shove off and stop reading his posts. he can do without people like you. he owes u jackasses nothing.. he has his loyal fans who support him.. and dont give me that crap about how he is a public figure and needs to watch out coz he might influence the minds of others, coz he is just a blogger, sorry to say but whatever was posted on kennysia.com will not be on the news at 8pm.. but what PAS Youth do and say at press conferences or protests will be on the news.. who will be in a better position to influence the young?
    and can u read the post carefully ah? nowhere in the post does he condemn islam. he is kutuk-ing PAS youth. yes, the same idiots who carried around a cow’s head to protest about the building of a hindu temple. please dont ask kenny (or anyone else for that matter) to respect them since PAS Youth DOES NOT RESPECT OTHERS’ RELIGION.
    so yeah, read carefully, and take everything with a pinch of salt.. coz life is too short to be going around with a stick up ur a**

  34. Wad the fcuk!!! PAS nth do go eat SHIT !!! dun so many bunga bunga…. Idiots learns to talk !!… U in malaysia only… go other country ppl drown you with saliva!!! Such a Shame… !!

  35. agreed! THE MOST AWESOME POST IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! if you dont like this post, why bother commenting or even reading it? haha, no offence. its a free country.

  36. much much respect given to you! you’re one of the most awesome muslims i’ve seen in my life. no honestly. i think most of them are just too extreme and they really do go way overboard sometimes. like this time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. 1malaysia is an impossible task if none will sit down and talk this racial problem over. Since when do readers have the rights to request for a blog post to be removed? The concert is canceled and Kenny Sia rant about it. There is no such thing as perfect ending. Wanna stop Kenny from ranting about it then let the concert proceed..YOUR CALL, people…
    P/S: Since they protest over such a minor concert, I can imagine kennysia.com being protested all over the country led by PAS Youth

  38. kenny.. better be careful.. soon your head might be chopped off and carried around as a sign of protest coz of this post!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  39. come on! what did kenny do? he didnt insult any religions okay! he’s already said for sooo many times that he just dislikes the PAS and not a religion! if you dont like this blog post, just dont read it! we all have a right to say what we want you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. the whole article my friend…
    can you be more sensitive?
    indirectly…you spark a fire, and destroy the joy of Merdeka!
    Moral of the story : thereโ€™s always a limitation, respect and be more sensitive when writing. Avoid religious related issue.
    You have a lot of Muslim readers. Respect them , and they will respect you.

  41. well if some idiots think that PAS Youth is a RELIGION.. then y cant kenny also be a religion.. haiz.. some ppl are too stupid for their own good..

  42. indirectly u do kenny. maybe u dun mean it but it hits us muslim, especially the part ‘paint the mosque’. I have subscribed and read ur blog regularly, making fun or being sarcastic in anyway u want is ok but dun u think its a lil over the board this time?

  43. Try to understand what, when, or which issue/thing that you can or canโ€™t write or make fun with.
    Especially when dealing with religion. Yes, we are open minded and civilised.
    But, pls be more sensitive about other feeling.
    Happy Merdeka!

  44. you probably should do more research before you comment.
    And you know whats the best thing next in 10 years to come?
    They probably gonna tell us not to eat P*RK on Friday so to respect their religion.

  45. seriously couldn’t understand why people get offended by this…this is just another post for a good laugh, and if you don’t like it just don’t read it..The internet is a free space man, we have been condemned in the real world already, why can’t we just talk the way we want in the virtual world? sheesshhh, always asking us to be sensitive and stuff..ask yourself beforehand, who are the ones spewing racist stuff everyday?

  46. paint my mosque! good one kenny! hahahaha. your creativity never fails to awe me. well, don’t tear too much in down under lest it covers your eyes. have fun in oz!

  47. why so many hatred you guys?
    but really kenny, this post is really lame.
    you don’t write stuff like this, and excuse yourself by saying that it’s a joke, or parody, whatever. it’s very immature.
    peace no war.

  48. the thing is, we are NOT DEALING WITH RELIGION!!! the post is kutuking PAS YOUTH!! NOT ISLAM!!! arrghh.. understand?????????

  49. “Take Me To The Ramadhan Buffet”
    “Paint My Mosque”
    Coming from a learned person, this is plain idiot and uncalled for. No need to drag ramadhan and mosque into this.
    You are just as stupid (if not stupider) than those idealist PAS youths — and those extremists carrying cow’s head. You mock Islam, and making fun of other’s religion. Do you ever consider to think that (actually) there are many Malaysian muslims out there who are tolerant, moderate and really know how to respect others?
    May be you should go back and live in Australia, so you can enjoy the freedom of speech to the maximum.

  50. You claimed you knew the difference between PAS and Islam? Laughable.
    Please REREAD your post. You are not only mocking PAS. You deliberately mock Islam.

  51. ahaha.. no offence here.. but u guys who misunderstand the whole ideas of the article that written by kenny should go and improve your english..
    seriously u guys hv terribly lousy understanding… bsides, update urself with more general knowlegde…
    why you people keep slaping your face and putting shit on your face and laugh at some1 else that.. ??
    kenny, nxt time.. u should leave a big notification to let them know that only allowed english educated people to enjoy your blog. this can avoid trouble happen.. *

  52. “Please REREAD your post. You are not only mocking PAS. You deliberately mock Islam.”
    where? where did he mock islam? what did he say? copy and paste the sentence lor if got one?

  53. Sometimes people can be insensitive on issues before calling off for a ban. *Sigh* For those who need a clear up on MLTR, head over to my link. This is one of the most ridiculous call ever. Just to show that they exist. -.-”

  54. OMG!! for a moment i thought you were serious there… but the name of songs and the name of the band from this malaysian group are so damn funny. who would have ever thought of that…

  55. Dear Kenny,
    I believe you have said that everybody is entitle to their opinion, so does the PAS youth. So why make a mockery of the PAS youth who simply express their disagreement to the concert? Has the PAS youth make a mockery for those who support the concert?
    Please don’t hide your mockery of Muslim behind the name of PAS youth. They may be PAS youth, but what they spoke out is in the interest of the vast majority of Muslim. I as a Muslim feels humiliated by your mockery of my Muslim brothers who simply speaks the mind of many Muslim in this country.
    You have not seen a single Muslim come in to your blog to criticize your lifestyle, no matter how absurd it is to our value of life. That is because we respect you as a non-Muslim to practice what ever way of life you think best for yourself, as long as it does not cause harm to others. So please learn to respect others.

  56. see ?
    some ppl jus nvr learns, dey do not understand the terms between religion and another parti bodo !
    when one condemn pas youth they are not talking bad about religion ? why cant most ppl understand it ?
    i m not a fan of kenny or whosoever but seeing all the comments kenny is NOT talking bad about muslims la god damnit dun nd to b so sensitive la ! tht is y most minorities could not stand in dis country from my point of 2 cents view .
    oh and kenny say bad about pas youth cannot ? some politician say chinese n indians are IMIGRANS can la right ? fu.ck man din even go in isa cbkia RPK help minorites voice out somthing kena isa pulak … see ? THIS IS UNFAIRNESS AND CRITICISING OTHER RACE and dis post is only a small matter about criticise pas youth is ntg to do with religion …
    read it . understand it .
    dun understand about it den stop commenting

  57. take it easy la guys… it’s just a joke… some people find it funny, if you don’t like it, don’t read it… reading it will only make u angrier. it’s such a small thing to get worked up over…

  58. see ?
    some ppl jus nvr learns, dey do not understand the terms between religion and another parti bodo !
    when one condemn pas youth they are not talking bad about religion ? why cant most ppl understand it ?
    i m not a fan of kenny or whosoever but seeing all the comments kenny is NOT talking bad about muslims la god damnit dun nd to b so sensitive la ! tht is y most minorities could not stand in dis country from my point of 2 cents view .
    oh and kenny say bad about pas youth cannot ? some fu.cking malay politician say chinese n indians are IMIGRANS can la right ? fu.ck man din even go in isa cbkia RPK help minorites voice out somthing kena isa pulak … see ? THIS IS UNFAIRNESS AND CRITICISING OTHER RACE and dis post is only a small matter about criticise pas youth is ntg to do with religion …
    read it . understand it .
    dun understand about it den stop commenting

  59. I sympathise Kenny for having to eat the blame just because of this post.
    Take it easy people.
    SUPPORT U KENNYSIA!!! No matter what ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. I’m a muslim and honestly I dont get offended by u. I get your joke and it’s quite funny actually. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But the comments here are very offending. Especially “people who dont eat pork are stupid”. wtf?!

  61. So this is how malaysians are. Kenny, great post there! You are not being insensitive to others, you are just a truly 1Malaysian. These bunch of insulters are being over-sensitive, which is the very reason why malaysia is still a third world mentality…
    And i am predicting many insults will come to me, and that will be a proof to what i said…that these people are bunch of over-sensitive idiots.

  62. weii la, geez why all these b*tches here whining about some joke ok? GEEZ GROW UP!!!!! in America people make jokes and parodies of the President and all those kind of people on NATIONAL TELEVISION, and people take them as HUMOUR. get a life, haters. you people have no sense of humour at all, even if u use the excuse of ‘mocking religion’, thats a very cheap and lame excuse. This is Kenny Sia we’re talking about, if you guys said u enjoyed his other humour posts directed at other things, then you would know that him poking some fun at PAS isnt even really MOCKING religion in any way, and the THING IS, HES NOT EVEN MOCKING RELIGION. HE SAID THERE HES TALKING ABOUT PAS. AND THAT PAS IS NOT A RELIGION. geez some people are just SO dumb.

  63. Don’t bother to reply those idiots outside there kenny. This is your blog, u can write whatever you want. Interesting entry, keep it up!

  64. Hi Kenny,
    I know you’re entitled to your own opinion and the rest of it BUT I do feel that this time you kinda toed the line big time. You do know (and realise) that people mentally relate PAS Youth to a religion thus but mocking them you are indirectly mocking the religion they are representing.
    It’s hard isn’t it?
    p/s: I myself don’t believe in total democracy and free speech. Why? Because I know I’d take it hard if somebody who don’t like me announce for the whole world to hear why they don’t (like me) and if I’m only fooling myself if I think everybody around me (who knows me) like me (as a person) because there are some people around me whom I don’t really like.

  65. Kenny, I guess the Muslims are pretty upset not becoz of the PAS thingy, but coz u changed the MLTR songs title which relate to Islam as a whole. It might not portray the humour or meaning that you want, that’s why they felt disrespected. Care to consider back your post.

  66. I like this post. Kenny got me rolling on the carpet laughing and i openly share it with everyone here that i don’t like the Pas Youth either. They’re an utter embarassment to most of the Muslims after the silly protest they did last Friday. i’m so malu infront of my Hindu frens ok! ๐Ÿ™ They’re so inconsistent and much too busy being concerned of things that needed least of their attention. nvrmind abt snatch theft, rape, bribery, murder issue theyre too busy making a big fuss abt cancelling concerts n stuffs, best call them the fun buster/ the party pooper whatever,
    So does kenny indirectly insulting the religion cuz some political lobby group uses d religion as a tool to exercise their ‘power’ against ppl ? do these useless idiots really deserve any support from any of u simply because they’re religious muslims? are they? really? are you sure? did u follow them to the mosque? do u live in their house and see what they do in their daily lives? do u think theyre so pure n they dnt watch porn? theyre youth right? not married? do they pray five times a day n then go make rounds in the park to catch ppl khalwat? or do u give ur faith blindly to these freaks to make things right for u in life?
    guess it depends on how you look at it, from my point of view this post made me laugh. haha.

  67. im sorry but i dnt see the relevance of Islam being equal to PAS youth, or the least represented by them
    just because all trees are tall, doesnt mean all tall are trees.

  68. Kenny..”Paint my mosque”??? that is too much kenny. why do you need to relate this PAS entry to one of the most significant resemblance of Islam? A mosque is not somethng that you can make jokes about… do you like it if people make fun of your guan yin and buddha or jesus??,Let me put it in another way, DO you like if other religion make fun of your realigion? Malaysia is going to be 52 years old in 4 hours. This piece of entry you make just give another excuse for the muslim and malays to hate you and sorry to say your people. Please respect other religion if you want others to respect yours.
    I hope you can consider taking out this entry as it does not say anything about 1MALAYSIA. and please do remember The mosque is a significant figure in Islam, and you Islam is not only consits of Malays. So please, respect the religion.

  69. Since when that is a religious issue, if you read blogs regularly, perhaps you should consider reading the post again, he never touched any religious issue.
    Aside from that, I think it’s only better if you get more exposure to the outside world, PAS Youth is not even close to being a religion.

  70. Hi Kenny, this is the problem we have in Malaysia, Malaysian cannot think correctly. Religion is corrupting us. No one know what is religion and what is non religion already.
    Maybe u want to take up PR in Australia and settle there. At least the audience is more mature than malaysian.

  71. Hey Kenny, I bet you might be kicking yourself right now for posting this, but I’m totally with you man. I know you’re not trying to disrespect Islam and the Muslims, but I guess some people are overly-sensitive. This is your blog and you can post whatever you want bro, and I, even thought never met you in person, know that you’re a good guy and would never try to disrespect any religion. So I support you man, don’t take those hurtful comment to heart, you still got your loyal fans (me) to back you up in case your neck is in danger. ๐Ÿ˜€ Peace y’ll!!

  72. I think “Michael Learns To Rock ” should change their name to
    “Michael Learns From Me”.
    And i love one of their song called
    “Paint My S”

  73. Well i actually get the point of view of rem and kenny and well almost everyone else. But the thing is some ppl are easily offended now because they have been down graded by the world for their extremist declaring jihat and other nonsense killing in the name of religion. No man kills for god cause there is no sense in that. Every religion teaches good. So like i said some ppl are easily offended though they will kill you before they admit it.
    Kenny, you can blog about whatever you want freedom of speech.
    Take the words of a 14 year old boy.

  74. Hey, wat’s wrong wif a little jokes here? y everytime need to mae a big fuss of something as simple as a joke. have some sense of humour la.
    kenny, u reli got me laughing now, thinking of those stupid PAS youth morons! haha!

  75. Kenny….
    Every readers that bothers to write a comment,shows their concern for you.They’re not criticising you.
    They loves you and cares about you.
    Any thing PAS,relates to Religion.
    So,as I comment earlier,close this chapter.

  76. hi kennysia, we all know u r a good writer with good humor. i enjoyed ur writings especially those with a lot of emo that can make people feel you. and i think you should continue to write articles like that. Keep up ur great work!
    come to this article, dont you think it is not appropriate to use the words ramadan and mosque for jokes? i knew u had no intention to provoke anger of other religion. but why take the risk for something not worthy for you? maybe i am wrong. but some readers just dont accept it.
    maybe you can take out this article for your own good. its ur choice after all. a wise man once said, “it takes 20 years to build a reputation but only 5 minutes to ruin it”.
    think about it.
    btw, happy merdeka!!!

  77. Gosh~! I really thought they were canceling the concert. *pengsan!
    Anyways, yea. No comment. I just think everyone has their own state of mind..

  78. Hello? PAS Youth threatened to do “something” to stop the concert if the authority does not stop it. I guess they must have got into the addiction of protest.

  79. its related and reflect the religion indirectly !!!…
    y are you so …. to understand…
    pls…it is against the law if you rant/mocking about other people religion.
    google it pls!
    its under human rights!

  80. apparently nothing has changed from the Hanukah Tree/Holiday Tree incident.stupid idiotic airheads are still out there.just the mere mention of the word mosque or ramadhan and they get riled up.are most of them MALAYS? one can only assume.so it is insulting to ‘take me to your ramadhan buffet’… or to ‘paint my mosque’? as a christian,and knowing many other at-least-average-intelligence ppl out thr, i KNOW for certain, should kennysia instead sub the mosque with church and ramadhan buffet with thanksgiving dinner,we’d feel not the least bit offended.please, get educated.it won’t be easy,but at least try, ok?

  81. btw, MERDEKA! 1MALAYSIA?? Look at the ‘open-mindedness’ we’re already practising.oh yes…i can soooo see it materialising.

  82. y r u so stupid to understand, people have feelings.
    Kenny post indirectly insult MUSLIMS!
    Which is not good at all!
    Imagine if other people mocking about you religon? (direct/indirect) How do you feel?
    Funny, i bet NOT!

  83. This is far from a racist or anti-religion post. Nothing about Islam, only mockery about PAS youth which in his own rights is able to do since this is HIS blog. I don’t think u people live in a country and tell the government what to do. most to most u do a vote and the government decide, so kenny can do what he deem fit. Kenny is a season blogger who has been around for so many donkey years, he knows what he can do, say and write without getting into trouble, or else he wouldnt be here for such a long time. u wana talk about racism and religion hate? dont we generalize chinese all as cheenas and malays all as mats or indians as kay ling and the westerners as ang moh ? if u guys are so respectful to al races and religion, kill those guys instead and stop posting unness comments here. Good Job Kenny, Love your humour. never fail to amuse me.

  84. The entire entry is about mocking what the PAS Youth had done. It is a satire, which basically “making fun” of others. I’m asking you — do you really think it’s appropriate to use ‘ramadhan’ and ‘mosque’ (which are considered sacred entities in Islam) in your mockery attempt?
    Ramadhan and Mosque have nothing to do with PAS. These are generic sacred entities belong to the Muslim community. Not a political party. Obviously you don’t know (even though you pretend you do) what are the significance of these entities to the muslims. It’s not for laughing stock, ok!
    Yes, the PAS Youth may have abused those entities for their own agenda. But I expect you to be more sensible. You shouldn’t do the same here to support your own agenda i.e. cheap humor.

  85. Merdeka? 1Malaysia!
    We are not Merdeka if we find mocking other religon is funny. (either directly or indirectly)
    Respect other people feelin!
    Be greatful! At least you have a country!
    Remember, what goes around comes around!

  86. I seriously think this post to be deleted.
    it offended me and muslims out there (who still have their sensibility..)
    i beg for respect.
    i do love your post before but this.

  87. maybe u shud add indirectly hurting those supporting PAS Youth. DUH.
    that’s not religion my friend, its already political(indirectly without any of u knowing it)
    why wud u get upset for PAS, knwing full well that they exercise religion as a tool for their attention seeking, power hungry activities
    PAS Youth does not reflect Islam, or the Muslim people in general. Period.
    Why r u upset about it if these guys themselves actually tarnish d muslim’s image in msia by acting like a bunch of hooligans with d cow head?

  88. MUSLIMS never stop whatever you want to eat!
    It seems u are over reacting.
    It would b interesting to see how you will react if other people make fun of your religon. Either directly or indirectly or even as a humor.
    Pls be greatful. We share everything.
    Dont u feel lucky that you live in MALAYSIA?

  89. Agu,
    Don’t pretend to be stupid. You must look at the context. In this case, look at the whole entry — what is it for? To make people laugh, right? Because this is satire. Parody. Or,(bad) humor.
    Get it?
    Doesn’t matter whether it is Church or Thanksgiving or any other religious ritual/ceremony — it is just the same. Christians will also get offended if those ‘entities’ are used PURELY to make people laugh. Especially if they are put in the same context with extremists.

  90. PAS is the one that you must get the PASS to organize something issit?
    The Puasa is only adhered by the Muslims, so Muslims should not be allowed to go to such events instead of banning the entire event. Don’t drag other races down as well.
    If PAS wanna go down the drain, go down alone la, pull others for what?

  91. as much as i enjoy to read your sarcasm and jokes in your blog for the past 3 years now, this is one joke i don’t find it funny and i’m not even religious to start with.
    i thought you’ll be more sensitive in writing this kenny, even if it is just a blog.
    i guess it’s true what messi said “it takes 20 years to build a reputation but only 5 minutes to ruin it”. But who am i to say, because at the end of the day, you won’t care(same as others)

  92. You cannot legislate Morality, Ethics or Faith.
    Intelligent people will naturally choose whats best for them within the bounds of DECENCY from the Free-Will bestowed by the Highest-Creator.
    All attempts at Banning and Force-Feeding Religion has to do with CONTROL, and is an advertisement of INSECURITY.

  93. “just the mere mention of the word mosque or ramadhan and they get riled up. are most of them MALAYS?”
    A “mere” mention? Are you brainless? Don’t look just at the surface. Think and do (even the lowest form of) analysis. Then, you’ll see that in this case — it is NOT a MERE mention.
    The context is very specific. The main purpose is clear. The masjid and ramadhan songs are supposed to be sung by the PAS Youth extremists. That is what Kennysia was implying in this entry. And the whole thing meant to be funny — to make people laugh.
    Ramadhan and mosque are GENERIC religiously sacred entities belong to the muslim comunity, as a whole. Not owned by PAS Youth. Or PAS. You people proudly claimed you do know the differences between Islam, PAS Youth and PAS. Really meh?
    And, some of you here even brought up the language issue. We misunderstand it because our English is not good? Pathetic and lame escapism.
    Mungkin sebab korang ini mostly tak reti berkomunikasi baik dalam BM, maka korang tak banyak bergaul dengan orang Islam (who happens to be mainly Malay/Bumi). Akibatnya korang tak faham apa nilai signifikan dan sensitiviti entiti-entiti seperti ramadhan dan masjid kepada penganut Islam. May be this is the root of the problem. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can I put it that way? Since some of you here are so obsessed with lingustic issue…

  94. Hey Kenny. ^_^
    You may want to make the last line a whole lot bigger, preferably in bold and underlined. There may be quite a few people who actually will either try to refund their tickets or not buy them because they actually believe the concert is cancelled.
    Secondly, while I agree that the whole protesting MLTR is stupid, I don’t think you should bring in the cow head protest, as it wasn’t organised by PAS, and if I read correctly, PAS has stated they thought it was the wrong thing to do.
    Finally, the usage of mosque and Ramadhan in a sentence are offensive to some. No idea why, as I’d have no problem with a song titled “Paint my temple”, but it’s a fact. I wouldn’t advise you to take off those words, as I found the lines hilarious, but I really think the cow protest should be removed as it’s unfairly linking PAS Youth to it. [And let’s face it, there really aren’t many things like that that they *don’t* have a hand in, so when they actually *do* manage not to be ridiculous, we should give them credit.

  95. What’s wrong to do with “paint my mosque” and “Take Me To The Ramadhan Buffet” ??!! Im a chinese,when building paint looks bad of coz u hav to repaint it again rite.When u’re hungry,don’t you prefer Buffet rather than KFC??!! I believe most ppl won’t care about other ppl mocking the stupid MCA or DAP with ” paint my temple” or “Take Me to The Dim Sum Buffet”…
    The press conference ended with a gotong-royong and a live performance of their hit song, Paint My Mosque.
    The “paint my mosque” indirectly brings the meaning of “please take a good care of my mosque”!!! Don’t you like people always take a good care of ur mosque?

  96. for every negative comment here, there are 10 unwritten positive ones, keep up the good work Kenny, a funny article for those who can appreciate the less serious side of life!

  97. Most of Kenny’s post have some jokes in it..The cow head protest was so uncalled for that most people refer it as stupid act by extremists…And this is a blog, it can be offensive and it can be not..Read it or leave it

  98. when i first saw the title my mind went WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????
    but it was a joke! geez.. -.-
    honestly, it could be funny for some, and not funny for some.. but i’m gonna stay neutral.. all the best =)

  99. It is only an insult when you think it is, you dumb whore!
    Why you need to worry about how others perceive your religion if you have faith with it in the first place?

  100. I am your father… pooof pooof…
    sad case to all extremist and retards who post retarded comments…
    seriously, the early post of ms.sun is probably the most retarded comment i’ve ever read.

  101. Yeah! Whats wrong with paint my mosque?
    Muslim are welcome to our TUA PEK KONG Temple and paint our temple if they want to.

  102. You are thinking the way we are thinking we’re not.
    Too bad you think its a religious issue. But we do not. So its your problem so FUCK OFF

  103. sorry guys! I didn’t mean to overreact at all this at all! seriously. I admit I was mad at first but now I’m feeling all better. Thanks for PAS youth for hooking me up with some hot dude!

  104. i believe kenny is a good man.
    but your writing should stop until….Twenty-Five Protests Too Late.and no other muslim would get offended.
    i assure you that many muslim will not happy to read the last paragraph.that’s the fact
    and your fans who try to defend you, even make thing worst.

  105. hahaha… kenny… dude… u nailed it……………. lol….. to ppl who cant take tiz, get another blog 2 read k…… maybe pasyouth.blogspot.com….. it will suits u more….. maybe u will get the thrill when they mock bout other religions…… den we all can have a good laugh tiz merdeka… we all should share de happiness 2gtr….. 1 malaysia concept……. hahaha….
    Happy Independence day….
    * hope we get an independent mindset free from influence of race, religion n culture…. a joke is a joke……..

  106. d main point of wt kenny’s tryin2say is Pas Youth bannin d concert.. nt malays.. if u aren’t Pas Youth y gt so angry readin this post cz he is insultin Pas Youth, nt his reader or fans or viewer.. gt a life, sensetive ppl..

  107. “why you people keep slapping and putting shit on your own face…”
    especially when kenny’s not slapping or putting shit on your faces.. or did he?

  108. PAS youth is always laughing stock themselves la, making fools of themselves and think they are very devoted some more… they wont protest michael learns to rock if the band members wear songkok, sarong, substitute guitar with kompang, and sing “i wont forget… the way, you’re praying, feeling so strong,and lasted for so long…

  109. welcome to malaysian politic!
    one small insignificant sparkle BURNS the whole jungle. its all malaysian classic politic-KING.
    this is malaysia, malaysia boleh..apa-apa pun boleh! boleh-land!
    “you tak suka!! you keluar dari malaysia!!”
    still remember the MP who shouts this phrase in parliament?

  110. hey, kenny
    to start off, im a muslim
    and im not offended
    i agree those stupid extremist bastards are the least to be related to islam
    our religion never taught us to behave that way
    i dont think the post was meant to hurt or displease anyone and to me, it doesnt. just the usual jokes that kennysia.com offers in every update. but for some reason, the comments seem so extreme here. “be grateful at least you have a country”?? since when does muslim own this country? “ppl who done eat pork are stupid”?? that is not cool, we dont eat pork because its our teachings.not because we’re stupid.
    come on man.
    the only offensive ppl here are you guys, not kenny

  111. Kenny,
    Its hard when there are so many people telling you what you should do and what you cannot do but remember that what you think matters the most. Other people might help influence your thoughts and actions but at the end of the day, it is your decision and they have to respect that no matter what it is.
    So have confidence, hold your head high and know that there are still a lot of other people out there who still love you =)

  112. Even if they don’t get offended, what is your right to force the same ideals to others? Every religion has its own approaches to spiritual belief. Just respect the difference, please.
    Put it this way, just because you don’t mind your wife being shared and fucked by anyone — doesn’t mean you can go around and screw anyone’s wife. Don’t take it out of context. This is just an analogy.
    Kennysia: IF YOU TRULY believe in freedom of speech (read: the total right to insult anyone) — why you have to banned all my comments? ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. All these people and their moral highgrounds. “Ahhh, don’t insult meee…” Learn to grow some nuts cause life is full of shit. If only you could think sensibly and not take everything personally.

  114. This post has nothing related to racism at all.
    And this is also not something sensitive towards race. The only one who is sensitive towards such events are PAS. God knows what are they gonna do when the day do come if they take over the government.
    Sg looks nice to get a PR, though i prefer Aus =)

  115. U really got me there Kenny. I did believe it was cancelled cos this is not the 1st time though.
    Pls dun bother with all the ppl who hate u but still read ur blog. Just watch out for the assasins from PAS youth, or any extremist sucide bomber. I dun wan to read bout you in the news during Raya – Popular blogger assasinated due to sensitive blog entry. Ahaha.

  116. Hi, kenny, you keep saying that you are not mocking Islam, you are mocking PAS Youth.
    I honestly don’t always agree with PAS Youth, either. In this instance, PAS Youth is doing it for the sake of Islam. It is our holy month of Ramadan. It’s not just about fasting. It’s a month of reflection and spirituality for practising Muslims, the month where our Holy Book the Quran was first, revealed and many more. What PAS Youth want is respect for the Muslims, respect for our holy month of spirituality. And you mock them for their efforts, thus, showing disrespect to Islam’s holy month, thus, showing disrespect to Islam for having a holy month and denying you to watch a rock concert during a holy month. While 1Malaysia may want to serve your rights to good entertainment and music, is it wrong to serve the rights of the Muslims who request that their holy month of spirituality be respected by those from the other faiths?
    I couldn’t care less if you wanna watch it on some other months – but Ramadan… your article crossed the line.
    I agree with those who suggest for those who don’t understand why Ramadan is an important month for us Muslims to do a little googling. If you think it’s all juz about fasting, then, you don’t know anything and shouldn’t be making comments AT ALL.
    This American website may help you to start –
    (And based on the common tone of the thread, I can just hear some of you using bad words to say that I shouldn’t be making comments either. Congratulations to your supporters, kenny, for the mature comments that they’ve been dishing out above. Peace, man.)

  117. Why dun people get the humor =.=
    Ok. So we non-muslims have no right to watch the concert in a enclosed space as suggested in the law then?
    Well. I believe if it is such an insult to pas youth to have the concert here during the fasting month, you guys can refrain urself from going to watch la.
    Not like its bothering anyone also.
    And I AM 100% sure you wont see MLTR showing boobs in their concert lo. =.=

  118. so?? i dont give a crap.. no one FORCED pas youh to go watch the concert.. just let the non muslims go la.. y cannot? coz ppl all around malaysia can ACTUALLY HEAR the music from genting and then their pahala all will hilang is it? nonsense..
    one thing u all should remember.. holding a concert in the month of ramadhan is NOT wrong.. muslims ATTENDING the concert during the month of ramadhan is wrong.. so its up to u.. u think that the concert is EVIL so dont go la!! i’m sure malaysians are smart enough to be able to think wats good for themselves.. if they want to respect ramadhan then they wont go for the concert.. if they couldnt care less for ramadan then they’ll go.. its their dosa.. let them pay for it kat akhirat..
    u think mltr is SOOO free that they will come to malaysia SPECIFICALLY for that one concert ah? no way man..
    besides.. if we muslims give up something we love, isnt that pahala too?
    so pas youth quit complaining about having the concert and go berzikir..

  119. After reading so many comments here, i can safely say Malaysia will never be as advanced a country as our neighbour we like to ridicule as the small dot, not in the near future. So much in fighting among ourselves others are laughing at us.
    What a way to start Merdeka

  120. You ppl can never get it. Why is the concert has anything to do with your Spirit of Ramadan? Just go ahead with your fasting la, nobody is stopping you. You have your right to fast, and we have our right to watch the concert.
    And you probably should do more research before you dish out a thesis of comment. Since when a Michael Learns to Rock concert is a rock concert?

  121. @Neutral
    Exactly. You just contradicted yourself, didn’t you? i LOL at your comment seriously!
    and @? , well said.
    You fast your crap off, and we watch our stuffs. Enough said.

  122. c’mon…why Muslim get so agitated so damn easily?? I am reading the post here, having my fun and wasting my own time…so Kenny can do whatever he likelah. Can u check that Kenny also write something about temple in Ipoh? He also joked about some statue…just kidding only. For those can’t take it, then just shut up & leave this website alone.

  123. i just saw the protest using cow head in Shah Alam. Those Muslim that are involved are idiot. They step on their own food, they disrespect their own food, they spit on their own food. May the holy one don’t give them any food anymore. Hopeless!!

  124. “I couldn’t care less if you wanna watch it on some other months – but Ramadan…”
    Who gave you the right to care or not care, US wanting to watch a concert which isn’t rock at all? And even if IT IS rock, SO GODDAMM WHAT?
    no babe, no. we aint fools and stop putting the blame on kenny nor other people that we are so called not “respecting” the holy month.
    we have been living in this country to see the bad and the goods, the truth and the lies, and we are not blind to see what type of people you are, to start judging. so maybe you would wanna, pack your stuff and get out of KENNYSIA.COM for the rest of your life if it irritates you to read some truth.

  125. another one of kenny’s brilliant parody pieces that deserves my praise…
    way to go kenny. educated and civilized readers will know you are mocking PAS youth for their cave-man mentality, and not Islam.
    as a civilized human being that i am, i respect Islam as a religion, but some overzealous followers are just pathetic.

  126. just because you don’t mind your wife being shared and fucked by anyone — doesn’t mean you can go around and screw anyone’s wife.
    rem.you hit the nail on the head
    kenny and the ignorant peoples,open your eyes!!

  127. take it easy ms sun.
    i, for certain, did not find any offense in this post, other than it poking fun at the absurdity of the youth wing’s action.
    but what if people like me think that the youth wing is insulting our intelligence and love for good music? what is your stand on that?

  128. I am a Muslim and I agree that the MLTR concert has nothing to do with the Ramadhan month. Why should other religions be bogged down by this? It’s just farcical how some people think.
    It is really surreal how extreme some of them get. Islam definitely does not teach us to act this way.
    Kenny, don’t be bothered by these harsh comments. I’ve been an ardent reader and will continue to support you! But I do agree with bold-ing the last statement. Some people just can’t handle a joke.
    Sigh. What a way to start Merdeka. 1Malaysia, my foot.

  129. u mean tat kenny should appreciate u(remember) give him a country???
    sobz. Malaysia are built by multi-racial, not u this stupid fellow give us the nationality. ? nah!!!
    if ppl insult ur religion, juz let them be. Coz they dunno what is it all about. just take them as fool, what for u scream here f*ck here.

  130. u fool. PAS is based on Islam but it doesnt mean it act like an Islam.
    ARE u sure no one ahli PAS din receive any bribe?? can u confirm? Najib oso a Muslim, but can u CONFIRM he act as like Nabi ??
    if u reli don like this blog, just took it never exist la. GonG!

  131. dear upset, if you want to establish your argument based on that, then kenny is punishable to death lor. but then kenny is chinese, so all chinese are punishable to death also? but again, chinese is malaysian also…then should all malaysian be punished to death?
    my point is, you cant simply simply link different issues into the same category like that. it becomes an invalid argument, and it’s just silly.
    Islam is religion. we dun mess around with religion. i dun see kenny’s post messing with Islam. he is just messing around with the youth wing’s action.

  132. how stupid ur comment are!
    dont u dare to talk about ISLAM if you dont know anything about it.
    Better shut up dude…
    U comment is not relevance, full of crap and useless.

  133. I don’t understand what PAS Youth is all about or their agenda but anything that is base on religion is bound to have some extremism factors into it.The only one thing i dislike about those narrow minded so call religious groups or leaders is how they subjugate and enforce their morals unto others when we all know that as humans we are deeply flawed and bound to commit wrong doings. It seems like in this country,these groups are like the moral police,but who died and appointed them at the first place?Do they dare to claim that they aren’t flawed and perfect a 100%?So that makes them kinda like hypocrites and this is what pisses me off the most.Religion is not at fault..the problem here is the PEOPLE and their fascist rule with their hypocrite minds.They may say out loud in front of the mass media that MLTR is the devil and any other form of foreign entertainment is evil as well..but maybe behind close walls..they might like to listen to a little bit of a Black Eye Peas as well?No one is pure and holy to the point they can resist temptations and fun at some point.Everyone’s got their own poison but stop the policing and the fascist rule and most importantly,stop being a dick.You don’t force your values unto the rest of us and expects us to respect your values.

  134. PAS = Islam???
    This literally means PAS represents Islam as a whole.
    Anyone can say they represent something, but you think they really do? You are only judging a book by its cover for all i know.

  135. Kenny, I believe you are not mocking any religion in this post, and you have all the right to publish any joke as long as it doesnt hit any sensitive part DIRECTLY (compare it with the cow head case).
    We Malaysians are now so confused what is religion and what is politics. But nvm. I also understand that the youth-wing of the political party represents the youths whose main idealogy is the religion. For that matter, there will always be “not-so-open-minded” people who see things that others see differently. This will cause more confusion especially when people cannot differentiate faith and emotions. All we can do is to accept views from each other and let the matter rest as it is by having some clarifications and disclaimers.

  136. haih.. what to do to people like you? Can’t even understand a mere sarcarsm(do you understand what this word means? Probably you should check the definition) It’s obvious people like you is very Shallow Minded. Kenny is talking about PAS Youth, their extremist thinking, nothing to do with Islam, why can’t you analyze such simple fact?

  137. lol…
    Paint my mosque
    You should paint my mosque
    It’s the picture of a thousand sunsets
    It’s the freedom of a thousand doves
    Baby you should paint my mosque

  138. This is ridiculous. What else are they gonna ban? What idiots. How can we still see Malaysia as a conservative country when these maggot bastards still around. Just because MLTR have larger dicks and PAS Youth have dicks that look like Gary Coleman doesnt mean they should ban them.

  139. PAS youth, never respectful to others.
    And of course never to females!!
    Well, Of course they will show their respect to females once every 5 years on election day. (As well as erection day)

  140. Poor Kenny. All he did was try to make you all laugh with his latest post. And some of you just have to take it seriously and spoil the fun. Party-poopers.
    (At least I find it funny.)
    It’s parody. Movies and TV Shows do it all the time. Try watching Scary Movie 1, 2, 3, and 4. It’s purpose: to make you laugh. So sorry if you can’t take a little humour and find it offensive. May I remind you that it is Kenny who paid for the domain and doing all the posting here. It’s entirely up to him to say whatever he wants. He didn’t even step over any boundaries — this is a very harmless post. He even said he was joking at the end of the post. Go reread and understand that.
    Funny post btw. I laughed my heart out.

  141. How I miss those days when Kenny wrote what he wanted and could poke fun anyhow he wanted without having to be “careful” to the readers.
    All these “critics” are just trying to feel significant when they are just a random name in cyberspace.
    I guess the beginning of everything is always better.
    Keep up the good work!

  142. Isn’t it pretty ironic that the more we claim to be united, the more sensitive people get at the mere mention of a race/religion?

  143. One of M’sia greatest bottle-neck is
    Over sensitive + close minded.
    Who are you to judge Kenny is mockering islam? To what extend of action is use to measure mockering of islam? Because Kenny have mentioned about mosque and ramadhan, everyone make a big fuss about it. Omg
    Neway, this post is great and it LMAO.
    Keep it up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  144. duhhh…ur comment is the most retarded darth vader…the REAL darth vader doesnt go pooof pooof…he goes haaaaaaarhhh haaaaaarhh…u should really go do ur research..or at least do what i did…i made the actual sound with my mouth and tried to put it into words…it does work…
    as for kenny, being a malay and a muslim, i am not offended…i was already under the impression that PAS youth wanted to ban the concert just for the sake of making some noise..owh..and maybe i am very unlearned or whatever but i dont find it offensive that u use the word mosque and ramadhan to mock their songs..or should i be offended??i am not sure..
    i was however intrigued at one comment that said all who dont eat pork are stupid..arggg!!really?is it true?is it a scientific fact that eating pork gives you more intelligence??there has to be some research paper on it or something right??
    malays and muslims, dont hate someone for their own opinion..we cant keep getting offended at EVERY little thing..if kenny posts something that mocks our prophet or something like that then thats a different story..but if we keep getting offended at every little thing then how are we going to move forward as a country??
    sorry for writing such a long comment but i am disappointed after reading the other comments above..i apologise if i offended anyone with this comment..

  145. “Yes, you should not force yourself on anyone’s wife.
    As no one is forcing you to read this blog…”
    But in this case, you’re actually the one that is forcing into someone’s wife — because you think that is ok. Since you yourself wouldn’t mind if your wife gets fucked by someone else.
    Just in case you’re naturally idiot, that is actually the real context of the analody — that you seem to miss. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Even if I don’t read this blog, this entry is still OFFENSIVE. This is not about me. This is about the bigger society we are all living in. It still can potentially lead to racial/religious tension (doesn’t matter how low the degree is) — based on the magnitude of readers (following this blog — yes, I myself have been following this blog since 2006!).
    My worry here is not ME being offended. My worry is.. its potential to spark more ‘racial tension’ in this already problematic country (as far as racial harmony goes).

  146. You are mocking the Youth PAS? But at the same time you are linking them with Islam — by dragging ramadhan and mosque into the parody songs.
    Why can’t you just mock the Youth PAS by making them singing anything — that’s TOTALLY disassociated from Islam? Tell me why? Because, deep in your heart, you actually still believe that PAS = Islam; and Islam = PAS. Right? That’s the only logical explanation for the insensitive chosen song titles.

  147. Are you really that doltish? WHERE IN THIS POST HAD KENNY WRITTEN IN OBJECTION TO PAS YOUTHS’ RIGHT TO VOICE THEIR OPINIONS? He’s just mocking their opinions, not trying to stop them from publicly voicing their opinions. GO IMPROVE YOUR COMPREHENSION OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Fag.

  148. If there’s any proven history that could genetically link my great-great grandfather with people in Pakistan — then I wouldn’t mind going there. It is always good to have the opportunity to return to your origin, don’t you think so? ๐Ÿ™‚

  149. No, I’m not chasing anyone out of the country. I’m just trying to help. If you really can’t control yourself from saying sensitive (and potentially harmful) issues — then you should go to the best place for it. Australia is much open in that sense — because in Australia, they don’t really mind if people are killing each other due to race/religion — as long as everyone has the ultimate right to say anything and everything. Freedom first, everything else is second. ๐Ÿ™‚
    So, I’m actually trying to help Kennysia to make a better decision to suit his ideals. And why not Australia? He, after all, has a PR status with Australia… ๐Ÿ™‚

  150. ROFL !!! Kenny u made my day with this post. we have your back btw ๐Ÿ™‚
    Well, i dont see how Kenny is being disrespectful at all. its not fair for the PAS Youth to cancel a concert just because their religion can’t accept it. Why not let them come and ban their ppl from attending such concert? and let “we” go for it since its fine for us. If that does happen, then we can proudly say “1 Malaysia” haha. Fair for u and for me. right people?

  151. Seriously I wonder why Muslims are so sensitive, they think everyone is attacking them. Do they have a guilty conscience or what? Not being racist here but Kenny really didnt mean anything racist, so everyone do not delve too much into this.

  152. Maybe I’m really desensitized but here is what I regard as insulting and not, I’m a Christian by the way:
    Paint My Church – NOT insulting
    Burn the jedi temple – insulting
    Take me to thanksgiving buffet – NOT insulting
    Take me to jedi orgy fest – insulting
    Oh my sleeping Jesus -Not insulting
    Oh my farting Yoda – insulting
    I guess the affiliation with the extremist is actually insulting. Then in this case blame the extremist (PAS Youth) themselve, not Kenny Sia.

  153. Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi, in a press statement yesterday, said his party would not hesitate in mobilising its members to prevent the concert from happening if the performance was not stopped.(Click)
    Janganlah macam ni bang… orang mau enjoy sikit je, MLTR punya song bagus tau ?? Saya big fan for 10 years already tau ?? Bagi aku sikit chance untuk ambil MLTR autograph boleh tak, bang !??? T_T
    Take me to your heart.(Click)
    Jom, kita gi concert sama sama ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  154. =.=” what a retard who don’t understand simple english.
    btw, its so fun reading all the comments here, it’s even more entertaining then the post itself!

  155. =.=” another retard who don’t understand simple english.
    btw, its really fun reading all the comments here, it’s even more entertaining then the post itself!

  156. it’s kennysia’s blog, u don’t like, u don’t read.
    u have no rights to ask kenny to delete his post.
    it’s the same way like if u don’t like someone’s house, then u leave la, but not asking the owner to tare down the his/her house.

  157. it’s kennysia’s blog, u don’t like, u don’t read.
    u have no rights to ask kenny to delete his post.
    it’s the same way like if u don’t like someone’s house, then u leave la, but not asking the owner to tare down the his/her house.

  158. it’s kennysia’s blog, u don’t like, u don’t read.
    u have no rights to ask kenny to delete his post.
    it’s the same way like if u don’t like someone’s house, then u leave la, but not asking the owner to tare down the his/her house.
    btw, i think you really enjoy this psot since you keep on checking it out. as much as i do.

  159. Finally habis baca all the comments…
    btw, i find its really fun reading all the comments here, it’s even more entertaining then the post itself!
    if anyone thinks this post is bad, some of the comments here are worse.
    to all haters & those who feel offended, it’s kennysia’s blog u know, u don’t like, u don’t read la, simple aje. dont spoil everyone’s fun here.
    u have no rights to ask kenny to delete his post.
    it’s the same way like if u don’t like someone’s house, then u leave la, but not asking the owner to tare down the his/her house.just an example.
    Anyway, it’s “offensive” if u think it is ; it’s not if u think it’s not.
    Just do whatever you want lah Kenny, it’s your blog, your property. Sokong you habis-habis.

  160. And,
    I think the PAS youth are a bit too free, nothing better to do lah.
    What a joke.
    it’s “offensive” if u think it is ; it’s not if u think it’s not.
    Happy Merdeka.

  161. kenny y u dn approve my comment?u r nt offendin em & u dn hv2fear postin my voice2those hu acted like a baby, whinin over sum silly jokes..

  162. Everyone wants a piece of action.
    Those posting negative reviews about this entry could either be PAS supporters, having extremism thinking or have a poor understanding of English (most probably supported the abolishment of Science and Maths in English) to misinterpret or misunderstood the meaning or this entry.
    I never noticed anything that relates this entry to any religious issues. If you do, do please tell me so i can correct your sorry and pitiful English understandings.

  163. Dear Ms Sun,
    Oerhaps you really need to make a research on what are you trying to say, there’s no harm at all in this post, it is only a simple way Kenny Express his own opinions, I think this Post can intro to Green Packet, make it as a short video and be additional version of 15Malaysia.

  164. being able to un-Malaysianize myself..Man,I just cant wait for that moment to come. and surround myself with more SMART PEOPLE. Even if corruption happens every n anywhere, corrupted leaders, at least, appear to be smarter than THOSE in Malaysia.WTF

  165. its good to know that we little malaysians have a little something to celebrate during the holy months
    a little R&R and sweet relaxing music is what all of us need during these tought times.
    but nonetheless semalat berbuka puasa
    and HAPPY NATional day

  166. Kenny Sia, lately I feel that you are trying to provoke your readers. Look at the comments they have posted… Most of them are heated comments which are VICIOUS and INSENSITIVE….You as the owner of the blog need to bring HARMONY and PEACE! Do something will you?

  167. i just dont understand why people just try to look for a catalyst to make their shallow argument on religions/sensitivities. Friends,arguing about ur right, ur superiority..ppls have to kowtow to you, this is your land,this is our land..haiyaaa, damn stupid la ok!we are not an aparthied nations..live with it!ask people to learn this country histories..what, u r historian issit?if i believe 100% what was written in our history text book, i believe the island of borneo exist after Rajah Brooke and Peninsular exist after Parameswara..come on la peeps..just enjoy ur life and try to make do with what we have in our countries. no countries is perfect..i bet u didnt know that dont ya..hehe

  168. How do we know that you’re really a Muslim? Your post is one of the stupidest ways of reasoning the issue here.
    Even if you’re a Muslim, you can’t simply assume that the Muslim world does revovle around you. Everything is measured by how you personally look at things. If you say ok, then ok lah.
    Like that meh? Super idiot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  169. Yes, Kennysia obviously chooses not to see that! That is why he keeps go around the bush about the PAS Youth.
    The problem is — the song titles CLEARLY are clearly linked with Islam as a whole. Which implies that the PAS YOUTH’s action is strongly linked with Islam. I’m a Muslim. And seriously, I don’t want any part of that action. And I don’t want my sacred religion to be part of it.
    Take this for example.
    If I want ‘to humorise’ this entry, I could retitle it as Kennysia Learns To Write. And the song ‘Paint My Love’ can be translated into parody in many ways:
    Choice 1: Paint My Arse
    Choice 2: Paint My Chinese Arse
    Can you see the difference between 1 and 2? Choice 1 — I’m only mocking Kennysia. Choice 2 — I’m mocking his race by deliberately associationg his idiot action with his race.
    Don’t take those examples out of context. I’m only ilustrating my point. Obviously I won’t go for Choice 2. Not in a million years.

  170. ISA: “The “paint my mosque” indirectly brings the meaning of “please take a good care of my mosque”!!! Don’t you like people always take a good care of ur mosque?”
    STUPID argument. VERY VERY stupid, indeed. You obviously don’t have the ability to read between the lines. Due to natural stupidity, perhaps? ๐Ÿ™‚
    This ENTRY is parody. You need to see the sarcasm context of it. Don’t just take it literally — like you do in your extremely stupid argument.
    “Paint My Mosque” — this ‘humorised’ version of MLTR’s song is supposed to mock the action of PAS Youth. So, this song DIRECTLY brings the meaning that PAS Youth is equal to Islam. That is why — in mocking them, you have to use entities that represent them.
    And according to Kennysia — “ramadhan” and “mosque” are some of the entities representing the PAS Youth.

  171. Why do Kenny need to bring harmony & peace? Part of his job description? BLOG is about individualism not about peace making. If u looking for that, then u came to wrong blog….sori

  172. For me, this post is funny. Don’t take this post seriously. Kenny doesn’t insult any religions here. To Muslim, don’t be offended. Just take this post easily, ok. Don’t be too sensitive. Just take this post as an individual opinion. By the way, we can see that Muslims also always insulted other people religions, either directly or indirectly. But, most of us just keep quiet and take your actions as your own opinion. Don’t tell me that Muslims never offended other people religions because we can see it by ourselves. So, just chill out and take this easily, ok.

  173. Sorry Upset baby, but PAS is EXPLOITING Islam for their own purposes, and any Self-Respecting Muslim should be taking issue with PAS for bringing their Religion into Disrepute over a Concert or Funny Blog.
    My primary peeve with Islam is that Muslims feel some form of misguided betrayal for ever criticising their own.
    As a Christian I am proud that Christians will take each other on to Defend a wronged Muslim even if they don’t like him or her, simply because it is the “Christian” thing to do.
    Denial of Free-Will is an insult to GOD who bestowed it.

  174. I’m a muslim and I don’t like what PAS Youth is tying to do. Like there is no freedom in our country. I know, it’s Ramadhan month. I’m fasting too, I even go to the Masjid for prayers, but I’m 100% in for the MLTR concert. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. If any muslims want to go, it’s their choice. And the judgement is between them and God. People cannot judge those who choose to go. It’s all in the person’s way of thinking la. I’m very open, liberal. I think PAS youth simply cannot think with their brain, they are just not thinking. What they should do is to advice muslims not to go due to Ramadhan month and for muslims themselves to respect the Holy month, NOT banning the concert. Don’t they know that the rest of the Malaysians wants to watch the concert? Like I said, they don’t think for others. Plain stupid!

  175. What?! Don’t you understand at all….
    Bringing peace and hormony may not be in his or any person’s JD but it is an unspoken rule that each person brings peace and hormony no matter what are the circumstances.
    As a blogger and the owner of the blog, it is ethical for him (or any blogger) to step in and do something about it rather than let the comments be blown out of propotions.
    We live in a community and even though a blog is about individualism but we need to respect each other despite of our difference.

  176. This is absolutely ridiculous. The post is merely a joke. The concert is NOT BANNED (people, please read sampai habis boleh tak?) and I personally do not find the post offensive. Can’t understand how people can post mean comments. 1Malaysia wtf n stuff, n people who don’t eat pork are stupid? Gosh. How can we ever achieve it if this is how everybody reacts? Muslims or non-muslims. Semua sama je. Ade baik ade jahat ade open-minded ade narrow-minded. Its as easy as that.Sad to see how religion can cause all this fight. Sigh.

  177. PAS Youth is defintely not a religion…we respect for what we have and what we dont have…religion has always been a sensitive issue…thats why kenny knows what he writes more than anyone else…god bless back you…open ur eyes widely…
    Pardon me for any usage of slight vulgar or the writing..just pointing out the fact..

  178. Cut off the crap will all of you…this is just a blog post and not an issue about religion or races…Everyone has their own opinion to speak out if it doesn’t cross the sensitive line…knock it off, will’ya?

  179. Stupid punya argument.
    So, if I think you’re idiot, then you’re idiot lar? If I think you’re bastard, then you’re bastrad lar?
    May be that’s true if it concerns nobody else, but only ourselves. They call it the ‘state of your mind’. But when the issues touch the domain of wider society — we need more than just “think it that way, then it will be that way”. We must have a better way of reasonaning.

  180. 1Malaysia: โ€œPAS Youth is just a lobby group, not a religionโ€
    Spot on! Finally someone manages to get back his/her long lost sane mind.
    YES, PAS Youth is just a lobby group. Not a religion. EXACTLY, that my point is!
    So, why this Lobby Group needs to be associated with ‘ramadhan’ and ‘mosque’? Do you know what these two symbolism signify to the Muslim community?
    I don’t know about other religions. But in Islam, we don’t ‘humorise’ our sacred entities for laughing stock. And we definitely don’t want any sacred symbolism in our religion — to be OPENLY ASSOCIATED with extremists!
    If you want to mock PAS Youth, mock them all you want to. But donโ€™t ever dare to drag in any entities that belong to Islam. You can paint all the mosques in Malaysia, or even in the world. You can take the entire population of the universe to any Ramadhan buffets of your choice. We, the Muslims, wonโ€™t get insulted.
    Don’t ever try to twist things. We don’t get insulted by the phrases. It is the ENTIRE CONTEXT of this entry that is insulting. Get it?
    Donโ€™t you ever dare to simplistically put the extremist PAS Youth, ramadhan and mosque โ€“ into one context. You miss to see this point โ€“ because the sensitivity doesnโ€™t hit you. It hits someone else.

  181. Whoa KennySia! You pushed it too far this time huh? Well, congratulations for the worse post ever… and for loosing the respect of many of your Muslim readers. I used to love reading your posts when it was about your traveling experiences, meeting people, your exciting activities… and your hectic but very interesting life. You have achieved a great deal in life at a very young age and I used to look up to you for your positive attitude and thoughts of not giving up and always moving forward. But since when did you start going into racism? Surely youโ€™re not a man of prejudiceโ€ฆ are you? Well, looks like youโ€™re out of ideas on what to write huh??
    Come on Kenny… Iโ€™m sure you’re way better then that? Maybe you did not have any intention of harming anyoneโ€™s feeling but unfortunatelyโ€ฆ you have lah. Sengaja ke?
    Just a note… I agree with Rem 100%.
    Kennyโ€ฆ Though you might have thought this post is NOT offensive, you really hit the note when you joked about “painting mosque” and Islamโ€™s holy month of Ramadan. The mosque serves as a place where Muslims can come together for prayers as well as a center for information, education, and dispute settlement. The Mosque is a sacred place for Muslims and we do not appreciate people mocking and making fun of it. Different people have different views of their own religion and you as an educated adult, should know far better to think wisely before you give such views. And all this just because of MLTR concert?? Shame on you. You might think its ok to make fun and to joke about oneโ€™s believe, custom, tradition and religion, some people donโ€™t find it amusing.


  183. Honestly, some of the comments here are completely irrelevant.
    For those of you who keep arguing that this is Kenny’s blog and that he could write whatever he wants, please do not forget that since he left us a comments section as well, we are also free to write whatever we want. If he didn’t want the public to read it and react to it, he would not have posted this article in the first place. Hence, stop defending his right; everybody else, including the haters has the exact same right to diss it.
    For those of you who think that this is a parody and people are just too sensitive, get off your high horse. Just because YOU do not find it offensive does not mean others don’t. Something is only offensive if people are offended by it. And in this case, as there are many people who are, this article is offensive. It being a parody does not make it any less offensive. I liked Scary Movie, but haven’t you read that some people were offended by it as well?
    Personally, I find this article amusing. However, I do believe that if people are really offended by it, Kenny should man up and explain to them the intention he had for writing this post. If he is just using this as an excuse to gain ratings, knowing that it had already offended some parties, that would just be tasteless.

  184. This post is asking for trouble and incites racism from non-Muslims against Malays/Muslims (and vice-versa). Sure maybe what PAS is lobbying for can irritate a lot of people especially non-Muslims.
    But I believe that they do not represent the views of the majority of Muslims in Malaysia. Even if they did, I believe that you should not have used important Muslim entities such as mosque or Ramadhan and presented them as words in a song – in your case, using such words to parodize (if there is such a word) MLTR’s songs.
    From the tone of this blog post and the usage of certain Malay words in it, you come across as being very racist towards Malay Muslims in your country. And I’m not even Malay or Muslim.

  185. some of you are just too sensitive. there is nothing wrong in saying painting a mosque at least not the opposite. it’s a good thing anyway. and if you believe in God, god will punish those ppl who sinned and we are not mature enough like God to judge ppl. Not only ramadhan is holy, everyday is a holy day for a devoutee. you don’t act sober or differently in front of god only during certain time BUT everytime. that particular group has been insensitive to kfirs. please respect each others freedom. freedom to fast, freedom to watch a concert, freedom to drink beer, freedom to marry 4 wives. after all, we are all God’s children. there might not be real prophets (they will be called schizophrenic nowadays) but surely there is a Creator and who or what created the the Creator is infinite. So, let us move on with out lives with happiness and good health. the world is very sick now and if you still want to fuss of these little things, your life will be shortened here on earth, oh, those religious ppl will say you’d been called up by God earlier cause he loves you (to comfort your family members). Live life free!

  186. Bagus, post ini memang shock. Kenny, aku sokong kamu. Ramadhan? What the fuck? We cannot watch concert because of ramadhan? Hey, dont buat kecoh here, go to paint ur mosque!!! Go GO GO

  187. I’m a Chinese, but I would just like to say that even though some of you non-Muslims might think that the idea of this post is funny (which I believe is what Kenny really is trying to potray), please remember that you are NOT Muslims, so you can’t understand how they feel.
    Take example of the cartoon drawings of the prophet Mohammad. It’s suppose to be ‘funny’ and to mock Islamic extremist, but in the end, Muslims all over the world are angered.
    So, my advice to you Kenny is just to remove the post. What if this post becomes another “Negarakuku incident”?

  188. Aiyo, it’s just a joke in the end of the day, why take things so serious?
    Again, reading replying comments here are so much fun!
    btw, saw a lot of similar comments at http://www.15malaysia.com as well. and all yeah, paultan.org too, especially when it comes to the P1 & P2 topic.
    Haiyoh, since when we all got so ‘hot-blood’ over issues like this…

  189. it is not cancelled people!
    please read properly!
    haih this is all because of kenny!
    do joke then start a fight.
    your blog comers will be lesser next month.
    i will assure that.

  190. Religion is not the problem. People are the problem… they make religions into diseases to take power and corrupt the mind of others!
    Just as PAS using Islam to enforce their opinion unto others ‘in the name of religion’.
    I would agree with OreoLord… I myself am afraid the Muslims make this a big issue, and Kenny will be forced to leave the country!
    Some Muslims can tolerate the joke and be open-minded, but unfortunately not all can.
    However, the comments in this post turns into MADNESS.
    Is this madness?
    No, this is not madness!

  191. Bravo Kenny for the post!!
    It just doesnt make sense! The world’s gettin more globalised and liberal now! We dont hv to be evangelical for modernity – its going to happen that as we get more civilised and informative by the day, all religions with their relic scriptures will be given a one way rocket ticket to be blasted off this planet – and its going to happen sooner than you think. The religious authourities know this, and they are running around like headless chicken right now with no aim – but be careful of their claws – it may still hurt while they are still alive.

  192. actually the world paint my mosque and take me to the ramadhan buffet is not offensive, but it is become offensive when we read the previous context.
    MLTR and PAS youth is not the issue that make muslim angry
    so please understand

  193. kenny and his follower tought that they are the most smart ass malaysian…
    but damn..they are just too stupid who dunno how to make a joke..f*ck u stupid chinese boys..

  194. Salam,
    There are different types of muslims as there are different types of Christians , Hindus and Buddhist, some are fanatics some are not. Its more of an individual believe and stand that one carries with him or her. I am a Muslim myself and for me Islam is simple and Beautiful because the true Islam is very tolerant, Peaceful and leads a true muslim to bring peace and help to all living beings on earth. Any Muslim that does not comply to this is answerable to god and thats it. Simple we are all answerable to god. Who has commited a sin or not who are we to judge.
    Salam to all.

  195. LolololoZZZZ
    When Kenny joked about Buddhist’s stuffs, we Buddhist never take offence at all. But when Kenny joked about “XXXXX” religion, so many emo ppl came out.
    This means only one thing. Some (not all) XXXXX religious ppl are not open minded at all.
    Just think, why countries dominated by other religion could be so advance while those by the particular XXXXX are all third world or poor country? The mindset of these ppl tells us everything =)
    No offence, but this is the TRUTH and the world we live is the living PROOF =)

  196. i am muslim,first when i read this article i feel offended, not because of mocking PAS youth for anti MLTR concert. but because kenny dragging harmless word like paint my mosque and ramadhan unwisely.
    spend again time to read what rem said. that’s represent majority of muslim voice.
    but, if you follow kenny blog long enough, i think you will know that kenny is sensible man, he is a good man. and i am sure this is pure accident.
    we muslim has said enough and i think kenny understand already what we said.
    for my fellow moslem lets back to ramadhan and practice our restrain
    and for those who want to go for MLTR concert “please enjoy the show” don’t bother about PAS youth
    and for kenny… i love you man..you are fantastic
    salamat merdeka

  197. Lioas: “No offence, but this is the TRUTH and the world we live is the living PROOF =)”
    What proof? If anything, your argument is just a proof of how stupid and idiot you are. Your reading materials seem to be very limited — and your cognitive skill is anyting but reliable. You truly disgrace the human civilization.
    The POOREST countries in the world are not Muslim countries. Go to sub-saharan Africa and eastern Europe — then you will know!
    And the most advanced countries in the world have no religion to begin with: USA, UK — which have totally diassociate religion from their eco-political systems.
    And have a closer look at our own region: which country is the poorest and most unstable in SEA region? (Hint: to the eastern part of Borneo). What is their religion? Which is the safest (the lowest crime rate, etc) and the richest (economically) country in the SEA region? The tiny Brunei darul-sallam.
    Don’t get me wrong here. I’m trying to point out that certain religion is much superior than others here. NO. What I’m trying to point out is: maju atau tidak sesebuah negara — it has nothing to do with religion. Every race, every religion — has the same equal opportunity to progress.

  198. Rem, it seems that you are the one who is being racist by sparking this issue up more. If you dont like the post, then dont read it. Click on the BIG RED X up there on the top right.
    Kenny’s move might be wrong, but then again, you dont have to post comments to PUT A FIRE to all this to make things worst. Same goes to all of you out there.
    And, I saw your post on your blog. Us racist? think again about everything you have said AND everything that we(other races) have been through throughout the years.

  199. oh my gosh. i didnt realize it was a joke until now -.- holy cow it was a joke? i was so pissed at first when i read this, now that its a joke, it’s all cool then i guess.. ;D
    ahaha, man kenny you sure got me there!
    to all haters: please just go get a life! its just a joke. take it easy, or take a chill pill ๐Ÿ˜‰ dont take it seriously, take it with a smiley ๐Ÿ˜€

  200. How can I spark fire on this BIG BURNING fire? Kennysia himself has set enough fire here. He doesn’t need my help. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t know what “your race” has been through all the years. And, I don’t care to know which race you are — because each race in Malaysia has its own struggle.
    You really want to talk about race? Let me tell you this: my race is one of the most underprivileged groups in Malaysia. It doesn’t help that historically we have been here in Malaysia for the last 10000 years. Still, the Malay, Chinese and Indian — who have only started to migrate to Malaysia less than 600 years ago — have better position in almost everything. Ada sekolah aliran Melayu, Cina dan India. Ada papantanda bertulis Melayu, Cina dan India. Where’s our schools and signboards? Dalam borang ada nama bangsa untuk Melayu, Cina dan India. What do I get for mine? Lain-Lain.
    That said — we never be a bitter race. We don’t use this excuse to beg for more and more. Or to create some unnecessary demand. What we have here in Malaysia now — is far far better than what exists in many other multi-racial countries.
    With that in mind — my race learn how to live in peace and harmony with all the other races. We accept the “formula” that seems to have worked fine with Malaysia all the years. There is no use to fight for a cause (in the name of minority) that could destabilise what we have enjoyed for so long.
    So, please don’t bring the race issue here — because I know EXACTLY what the struggle is. What ever your race is — don’t you EVER think you are the most marginalised and unfortunate in this country. Please lah! Come to Sabah and have a look at all these indigenous people. But nobody hates us — because we don’t like to whine-and-whine-and-whine, and we NEVER advertise to the world that we are the only unlucky people in Malaysia!
    But come on, this issue in this entry is about RELIGION. Not RACE. Just because you feel like you have been deprived all these while by “other races” (what ever that means) — doesn’t mean you can take out your anger and bitterness to other innocent people. Doesn’t mean you can do anything — because other people don’t care about you. Get it mister?

  201. Oooo,Kenny Kenny,this time your really went alil bit far with this post.
    I support you ,but this post might incite anger and hatred towards you from
    YOUKNOWWHO,and they might even ISA you.
    So be careful yeah,anyway,yeah..alot of idiots here not reading the full post..

  202. “Its great entertainment”
    That is where it goes wrong. Because it is great entertainment.
    This entry is wrong because people find it funny. Because it is hilarious. Because it make people laugh.
    In Islam, we don’t abuse “ramadhan” and “mosque” to mock other people/groups. We don’t use those religious symbols for entertainment. We don’t use them for laughing stock.
    And, I if “what is ok and what is not” in your religion is different from Islam — then keep it for yourself, within your own belief system. Every religion is different. Just acknowledge and repect the differences. ๐Ÿ™‚

  203. Well, I have said all I wanted to say. I insist that PAS Youth has abused the religion more so than what I did. I know deep in my heart that I meant no harm to your religion. But I also know that nothing you say will change my opinion and nothing I say will change your opinion.
    As much as I disagree with your stance this, your comments as sensible and constructive. As long as commenters are not abusive, everyone can post their comments here.

  204. some r sensitive , some are insensitive.
    some are ignorant some are naive.
    this arguement is going to be endless.
    the thing is, dont like what you are reading, dont read. blah. simple.

  205. “But I also know that nothing you say will change my opinion and nothing I say will change your opinion.”
    Fine Mr. Kenny. If that is what you say.
    I really do hope that, after reading your latest comment above, nobody will try to change your opinion by non-opinion means. I mean, we never know.
    Good luck. I REST MY CASE.

  206. come on guys, it’s just a plain joke.
    our society really needs to be more open minded la.
    look at USA and Taiwan e.g., they can openly critise their government and don’t get arrested.
    it feel sad that our society is just too narrowminded to accept critism. if you don’t like it, then ignore it la..everyone should have the brain to judge themself what is right and what is wrong, what is a joke and what is serious accusation.
    no one is perfect and one should be open to critism, it’s sort of like a hard way to learn a lesson.
    anyway, i support u kenny~

  207. I really disappointed of what you’ve posted. Each time you are trying to make fun with others is ok for me but over sensitive for me is a No-No just like this. I know you have big influence in blogosphere especially those stupid readers who always think you’re their god konon-nye. anyways, b wise. don over wise.

  208. Chill la guys… be open minded abit la..
    Kenny Sia.. after reading the comments…i 100% sure Malaysian really serious la.. cannot have joke one.. By the way, ISA still on la.. write something bout that maybe…

  209. “come on guys, it’s just a plain joke. our society really needs to be more open minded la.”
    The issue is: Muslims don’t mess up their religion with joke.
    I donโ€™t know how true it is, BUT I heard here that other religions (Christian, Buddha, Hindu) are perfectly ok being the object of mockery. So, why don’t you just stick to these options?
    Being open minded doesn’t exclusively mean you must (or should) be open to accept everything. It also means — you must be “open” enough to put yourself in other shoes. Being emphatic.
    And just in case your parents fail to educate you with generic values in self conduct: there is a CLEAR line that differentiates “criticism” from “insult”.
    Thank you. Peace. ๐Ÿ™‚

  210. Hi all,
    Kenny didnt put the tag “(Just kidding. The concert is not cancelled. And PAS Youth is just a lobby group, not a religion.)” until recently..
    Which means that previously all his readers are thinking this is not a joke.. he is trying to cover up by just adding another tag at the end of the post..
    Now you all know why all the comments above at the front are sensitive about this…

  211. again he’s not mocking the religion, but the PAS youths.
    Now think about this, religions are great, they teach only the good, not the bad. It is the people who misinterprets and put their religion to shame.
    I believe this is what kenny is indicating in his post.

  212. I LOVE YOUR POST! (:
    I just want what the people wants. And the PEOPLE WANTS MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. there is a difference between mocking religion and their followers. If kenny mocks osama bin laden (who carries out his work because of his religious beliefs), does it equal mocking Islam? Of course not!
    It’s the same scenario here! The dumbasses who use religion to justify their stupid actions are the ones that are mocking the religion

  214. Please be careful with your comment my friends. If PAS & Umno people decided to combine their members to create another 13th May, trust me even the army & police can’t stop them.

  215. As everyone has pointed i muz agree wif 1 point , Some People are jus a tad bit shallow minded or unable to understand a bit or sarcacsm,
    But yet whats frustating is the people who actually force themselvs to change what a person thinks , yes a person might find it offensive yet someone else might not for example kenny doesnt yet some other people might…
    hes usage of words for this phrase doesnt show his lack of insensitivity *imo* but it shows how he doesnt think it will affect or offend the community where it actually has to CERTAIN group of ppl ..
    so b4 u start saying BE COOL BE OPEN minded alwiz remember u cant alwiz change what others believe..
    N Lastly i still stand on what i said at first to people who cant see the sarcacsm or humour in it stop bitching bout how others should be offended like u are n vice versa
    Cheerio ~

  216. suddenly i feel ISA is a good thing to have. it’s needed to keep those people who lead to disharmony and unrest in the country. you are certainly one of them. love peace, dude. that includes making us love and be nice to each other. irrespective of race and religion. stop stirring people up. it does you and your ardent readers no good.

  217. Many have tried to influence Kenny on how to write his blog. He may be influential due to his popularity in the blogosphere but is it his intention to mislead or influence us? We read his blog for simple entertainment and relax. And we know what’s fact and what’s not unless you are an imbecile. There are so many media materials out there in the web or newspapers that are trying to incite hatred and anger and still we want to find fault in Kenny blog which mostly meant for entertainment. Is he trying to influence us to hate Islam or create unrest just because he has mocked PAS Youth action to ban the concert?
    Or was he trying to mock Islam just because he has used the words ‘mosque’ and ‘Ramadhan’? As far in this post, there is not a single word that is in the same sentence with both sacred words respectively that tainted the words’ holiness. He din’t say Ramadhan is this or that neither the mosque this or that. If he really want to be insensitive, he would might have say all Muslims in this country are evil and want to ban the concert. But no, he was only touching on what the Pas Youth have done.
    Some have say PAS is representative of Islam religion. PAS may be upholding Islam in various ways but for what? PAS upholds Islam in its political struggle. Political party must never be representative of Religion. Religious institutions, leaders and followers should be the mirror of what a religion is preaching. Criticizing or mocking PAS does not amount to tainting the image of Islam, but PAS actions may only cause prejudices of other races towards Islam. Islam is holy and sacred because of its teachings and the omnipresent of the Creator. Though humans are made in the image of its Creator, yet humans always shame the religion especially PAS.
    Lastly, it is PAS move to threaten to cancel the party that irks the community in Malaysia and not the religion it is upholding. Kenny has one a good job in making sure we understand PAS Youth is a bit over the board to make such threats. Kudos, Kenny. Moreover, what is his motive to create unrest in this country?

  218. Even we as chinese (some) are not too happy with this post. Its not the matter of being Malay, Chinese or Indians. Its about being educated. So to those typical Chinese who are defending this post, ask yourself if you are educated enough to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. I bet you can’t coz you guys only mix with non other than your own race.

  219. One question Kim, are you a Muslim? I need a proof if you are. And upon proving that you are a Muslim — I have another question: do you practice its teaching?
    However: if you’re not, please don’t misrepresent how the real good Muslims feel about this entry. PLEASE DON’T!
    Sane people don’t interfere with other religions. They don’t make themselves sounding dumb, ignorant and ‘lebih-sudu-dari-kuah’ by offering a perspective on something he/she (himself/herself) doesn’t even have faith. Don’t you think it is a bit stupid to offer an interpretation of something you don’t even believe in?
    For instance (example only arr!), if you don’t believe in masturbation and you never did it — you have no authority to preach others what is the best/worst techniques. Or how it can be satisfying or disatisfying.
    And the thing is, religion’s matters are something far more complicated than my simple example above (But at least my example above ilustrates the basic point I’m trying to highlight here).
    How religion is being more complicated? You can’t simply approach religion merely by logical thinking. There is “something” more in it — which you can only feel and ‘reach’ by believing in the religion, and practising its teaching. Bukan hanya menerusi pendapat atau perasaan semata-mata.
    And this is the very reason — why, as another poster here pointed out, majority of the good Muslims would easily find this entry offensive. And on contrary, some people see nothing else in this entry — other than just a plain ordinary post. Only for a laughing stock, at its best. No element of insults.
    Peace to everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  220. Kim: “Moreover, what is his motive to create unrest in this country?”
    Kennysia himself has made it clear — it is not his intention to insult anyone. This post is intended to be harmless, just like his hundreds previous posts.
    HONESTLY, I do believe him. It is neither his motive, nor his intention.
    We don’t and never question his motive or intention. But people (yes, everyone of us here) — no matter how good or noble we have always been — are still prone to mistakes. That is why — we need ‘other eyes’ to see what our own eyes can’t (or in this case, REFUSE) to see.
    I myself have done such things many times (being offensive to other races/religions — without deliberately intending to mean it that way). And, when someone actually pointed out what I had been missing (to see): I would humbly take things back. And, I would apologise without any reservation. Have the humility to eat your own words (when you need to) doesn’t hurt. It makes you a better person. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But well, I guess everyone is different. Not everyone has the same upbringing and moral education. And probably it’s more difficult to be humble and admit his/her mistakes — when you have thousands of followers all over the country. Fame can easily blind people.
    Remember, it only takes one email or phone call to the religious authority — to take a huge personal ego into another level (of circumstances/karma). But perhaps, someone is expecting and hoping for that. Which can boost his already-huge ego and popularity to be even bigger.
    Well, don’t (and NEVER) undermine such potential circumstances, and ‘the-could-be-karma’. Sometimes it could turn out to be evil. VERY VERY evil. *wink, wink*

  221. Yes, we can see that mister!
    But Kennysia is mocking Islam by dragging ‘ramadhan’ and ‘mosque’ into his ‘parodized’ songs. I’m asking you: what ramadhan and mosque have anything to do with PAS Youth? Tell me?
    These sacred symbolisms of Islam belong to the Muslim community. Not a political party.
    So what if PAS Youth is mocking their religion? Does it give everyone the license to do the same?
    Osama Bin Laden has murdered thousands of people in the name of (abusing) Islam. Does it mean you can kill me too (only one person) – which is far lesser in terms of degree – compared to what Osama Bin Laden had done? According to your logic, yes you could. Because you are saying this or that group abuses religion far worse. So, why can’t I abuse the same religion “a little bit”?
    The different is: they are extremist. We all ARE NOT. Unless you want to be part of them. Do you? ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way, you are not a Muslim. That’s why you don’t see what we see in this entry.

  222. so easy to understand, he jz don’t like pas youth which are perhaps abusing other people’s religion, this post is just merely a revenge imitating same issue but in a different media.

  223. Ok my comment is unrelated to the PAS thingy but about the short post above.
    Kenny do you still hold Malaysian citizenship? If yes do note that Malaysia law states that you cannot hold 2 citizenship at the same time.
    Juz giving u an early tip.

  224. DHeepan who care bout the msian citizenship!if any other country such as singapore or australia or nz offered me a PR i would jus throw my msian passport away!now get tat..

  225. all i have to say is, kenny… keep on doing what you do.
    apparently here everybody believes that they might have a point. hahaha.
    PAS youth & all the other opposition groups is comprised of thug groups & sometimes they use taliban rules but no matter… this is how it gets when people think they should vote for the opposition. i saw my dear friends voting too & it was the beginning of bad times because even with thier right to vote, they were too weak minded to foresee the opposition’s true direction. they just wanted to win but they’re just fucking useless in leading so they disrupt the people again.
    your article was very pleasurable to read unfortunately some of your readers do not have much frontal lobe capacity & are saying some nasty things to you.
    they’re even saying nasty things about 1Malaysia. i am a malay & i’d call you a brother if you consented… because man, you are a funny guy & that’s cool.

  226. danboy/kenny,
    because of people like you…the umno people want to chase you out from this country. I can see you really hate your own country. If you really don’t like it then just leave. Why don’t you start applying or maybe you knew nobody wants to accept you.

  227. Malaysia must have the biggest population of men suffering PMS. Haven’t heard so much crapola since pre-school.
    Everyones’ claiming Tolerance while Blaming others.
    Canada has a very successful TV show called “Little Mosque on the Prairie”, Many Muslims find it FUNNY.
    The whole Malaysia attitude stems from “Preferred” wanting to Dominate all others.
    UNFAIRNESS is holding the country down.

  228. oi..be sensitive la..dun insult other ppl’s belief. what PAS youth was doing is their own business.but why other reades resorted to ‘ppl don eat pork are stupid’ la this la, that la…
    just be respectful to others. we live in peaceful country. one stupid and immature comment can destablise the country if someone were to manipulate this.
    this is a month of ramadhan and please respect each others. thank you.

  229. uhm sorry, should have written Short Talk, not Short Post.
    and i am not giving clue/warning to Kenny or anything, i am just informing him of something important. peace

  230. why do u say “peace” here, but then on yr own blog u ask ppl to do “..So, next time you meet this guy in person, teach him the unforgetable lesson. Let him realise what is the price of “borderless speech freedom”. You can check his blog to find out “where and when” his whereabout..”
    brother, u r not walking the talk..

  231. PAS always, ALWAYS create issue when foreign celebrities want to make concerts in Malaysia, For example Beyonce, Gwen and all.. PAS has been protesting because afraid that they will destroy youth’s moral or because they wear sexy clothes. LIKE HELLO! LOOK AT OUR OWN MALAYSIAN ARTISTES! They wear sexy clothes too, boleh pulak???? like WTF right!
    Destorying youth’s moral, MY ARSE!

  232. Please just STFU Rem. You’re an embarrassment to all tolerant Muslims.
    You preach about all these things with your slew of long, equally bad grammar comments and then you post such hateful things about Kenny in your own blog.
    The consensus is, you’re a humongous hypocrite.

  233. Hey decoy..btw im not in msia right now and i don even miss the country except for the food and nice people back home.im in one of the country i mension above.wth!!im not like u stuck in msia.when the political system change then i might have diff perception on msia ok.

  234. Iman, are you really “Iman”? Seriously?
    How tolerant is tolerant? We have to tolerate others while they make fun of Ramadan and our mosques?
    Who’s the hypocrite of ISLAM here?
    The comments under this reply are sad and pathetic. There IS a link between PAS YOUTH and Islam at this point as they are trying to keep the Muslim’s holy month sacred. You know, Muslims? Those who practise Islam?
    I see how much readers here respect the need to respect others under 1Malaysia.
    Respect? There’s no need for respect. We just tolerate all kinds of insults and mockery. It’s all in the name of good fun, what? Right?

  235. okay lah boys and girls. enough la wei. i am malaysian. that is what important. kenny maybe right or wrong depending on one interpretation. so does you guy. one thing for sure is….” people who didnt eat pork are idiot”…that is wrong, inexcussable and racist. so kenny, with all due respect do what you have to do….i live in kch where in ramadhan chinese people also do their parade thing with gongs etc. toleration is the key word here. just my 2 cts worth of opinion!

  236. i dun see why this arguement should go on , u have made ur point y cant u juz move on .. ive seen all the post u have stated how insensitive kenny can be is there still a need for ur long informative post ..
    what u continue to post will be in vain because the main reason is the man u have been trying to reach through ur tough n long words does not agree wif u . i understand u felt offended by his post but issit not enuf to leave it juz like tat. What do u expect by continuing to press on and comment about what u think he has done wrong?
    So What if people dun understand how sacred or holy the word of ur religion is shud they be pinalised for writing bout sumthing they felt will not offend u?
    A lot of people use phrases that will in a way indirectly insult a religion or believe. its juz how they are cause they do not see the importance in it as u do.
    People have diffrent ways of looking at things its either u accept that or u continue bashing something that u kno will bring no results ..

  237. I don’t my comments to be misconstrued or to be used against Kenny.
    To Dan,
    Unlike you, i know how to DIFFERENTIATE between the country and the government that runs the country.
    I may not like the government of the day but i still LOVE my country, Malaysia. You have the full liberty to migrate to any other country you want, it’s your choice. Me staying in my country, a country i love is my choice. Peace.

  238. Booooooooooo…!!
    Get a life Rem, go back to your own blog and whine there.
    Gosh! Really can’t believe he is still grumbling from the starting till now.

  239. Kenny, this is one funny and brave entry and it looks like u’ve just put your foot a little deeper into hot soup again.
    Some individuals or parties may offend your religion, cultures or even our way of life whether it’s with or without realizing it but we shouldn’t resolve to such “hidden” or unintentional mockings just because it’s funny. I’m aware you do not have that intention but it wouldn’t hurt to put yourself in other ppl’s shoe first before uploading your blog rite…? Free thinking and speech also has a limit you know.
    Some of your big young fans (that includes me) obviously has strong grudges against the current Malay-dominated government and PAS. But, guess what… you’ve just successfully fanned more anger on both parties through this blog. Now that the damage has been done, i’m totally damn sure that there are some idiotic political individuals who wants to capitalize on this issue just to be a “hero” among his supporters.
    I’m sure you will also get annoyed if you find a blog making fun of what you’ve been preaching or living for all these years. One good example would be your “Sandakan Trip” blog back few months when it sparked lots of sandakan angered fans to comment in your blog. That blog is damn funny but the truth is it doesn’t appeal to all readers. Same goes to this blog when you make statements like “Painting My Mosque” or “Take me to the “Ramadhan Buffet” doesn’t make us any different from those muslims who paraded in front of indian temples with cow heads. Because it triggers anger.
    Yes, Pas youth is an a**hole when comes to entertainment – needless to say of the party itself. ( I want to vote PR so badly but had to think twice if PAS is contesting…). So, if you want to make fun of Pas, then let PAS be the only focus of your funny blog rather than involving the whole muslim population here. Because there are also many open minded muslim friends reading your blog here.
    I know all of us loves our country a lot ( will love more… if the current government is not corrupted and dictating). But, let’s not turn it into another May 13th yeah… Maybe we can channel our anger now on Warcraft or CS for the moment…? Die die… you die…!
    cheers !

  240. I didn’t even know that MLTR will be coming to Malaysia. Was a bit shocked to read that it has been cancelled due to whatever reasons were given.. but hey.. I felt so cheated after reading the whole entry so seriously and in the end.. it’s just a joke..
    kek tiok *LOL*
    Good one btw.. though I can see so many people are unhappy about this entry !!

  241. I agree with billyboy, I myself is a Chinese, and I totally respect Nik Aziz, he is a very wise person, I don’t agree with some of his actions, but I respect him. I get to read about his interview, he is intelligent and humble and he knows what he is doing.
    PAS Youth tu tak tau lah…ban this ban that. It is because of actions like these (and some other) that made me feel uncomfortable and intimidated with Islam. I know Islam is a beautiful religion, but some of the Muslims…are frightening…dont ask me why, I don’t feel that way when I am with a Buddhist, Hindu, or Christians. When I’m with them, I don’t realise the presense of ‘religion’. When I am with some Muslims (I repeat, some), I felt that I have to be very careful, it forms a barrier.

  242. the bottom line of this post:
    if you don’t like this post or kennysia.com or find this post offends you and your personal belief , please leave.
    kennysia.com has lots of fans to be entertained.

  243. I was reading Kennysia’s entry and comments and was impressed by your eloquent, rational arguments. So I came over to your blog but when I saw your entry I felt a chill down my spine…
    “So, next time you meet this guy (Kennysia) in person, teach him the unforgetable lesson. Let him realise what is the price of “borderless speech freedom”. You can check his blog to find out “where and when” his whereabout.”
    What are you suggesting? that because he said something you deemed offensive to your religion, he deserved to be taught an unforgettable lesson? What lesson? Have him beaten up? Or worse?
    A civilized person when confronted with offense would rebuke, reason and argue, not incite violence.
    Who’s the extremist here?

  244. ok la guys!!enough!don turn this blog into a MAY 13 1969.PEACE!btw i love my country jus not the ones who is in the govt!corruption.

  245. I’m sure u are born stupid too, those people who brought the cow’s head is not PAS members..Those are people from Section 23, not from any political party..idiota..

  246. I don’t think this is one of kenny’s best posts, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, and obviously from the comments, a lot of people enjoyed it, and a lot of people didn’t.
    Now the wonders of the internet are as such:
    If you enjoy it, bookmark it, if you don’t, press the X on the top right of your screen or press Alt F4.
    As for REM, rather than camping rather pathetically on someone else’s blog trolling for comments, why not you start your own blog, voice your own opinions so that people who really WANT to read your stuff can surf there and make you some real money on Adsense or Nuffnang ads.

  247. 2 yrs ago, kenny wrote about Khoo Kongsi’s rock sign parody…
    today, kenny wrote about parody that got the word ‘mosque’ in it, in which is nothing abusive/humiliating..
    damn! these people really narrow-hearted la..

  248. This REM guy is just too damn free la.
    And i think he enjoy this blog very much as well since he always come back and comment. =)
    Btw, he has blog, click on his name.

  249. it seems dissent and hatred does run deep.
    After all the years we have celebrated our freedom, i guess we’re not that free after all. who is to blame for all this?
    our leaders;past and present; and their narrow idealogies? our school teachers for not teaching us the value of racial harmony? we blame each other for the things that happen. every day the racial divide is getting wider. Am i alone in feeling this sadness? I live in a kampung with a mix of all the races. I remember a time when everybody knows everybody in the village. We smile and greet each other with warmth and genuine care. I miss those times.
    who is to blame actually.. i think all of you know. sometimes we follow our so called leaders words too blindly. Wake up. free yourselves from the shackles of your self imposed ignorance. i hope to see a day when i can step out of my house and feel the warmth of racial harmony again or am i just a naive dreamer? till then.. my heart is heavy…

  250. I don’t think this post touches anything about religion, it just opens up people’s mind to see how narrow-minded pas youth people are. No wonder out country cant develop fast, its because of people with the similar attitudes. Instead of trying to ban concerts, why cant Pas youth do more to curb Mat Rempits and drug addicts? Even if the concert was banned, anyone can just watch that band perform in other places from the internet. Banning it totally destroys Pas youth’s ultimate motive, even which i think is ridiculous and never made sense. I wish some of the Pas youth members will read this blog and realise this.
    Oh wait, those backward bums cant read ENGLISH….my bad. Maybe they should consider banning english too =D

  251. Iman: “Please just STFU Rem. You’re an embarrassment to all tolerant Muslims.”
    Speak for yourself. And speaking of embarrassment, I can see how perfect your English is here! ROFL.
    Iman: “You preach about all these things with your slew of long, equally bad grammar comments”
    So, now it’s about grammar hor? When people have no substances, they are reduced to divert the argument into cosmetic things. So childish! LOL. I’m not apologetic with my decent-but-not-perfect English. Not even a tiny meeny bit! English is only my 3rd language. And, may be I speaks more languages than you do. But well.. let’s just leave it there. ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way, linguistic skill is not all about grammar. Especially when it comes to argument. Perfect grammar won’t help you to establish and defend your ground. You need the ability to play with semantics (and of course, loads of readings!) — which obviously you VERY MUCH lack of.
    Iman: “..and then you post such hateful things about Kenny in your own blog.”
    What hateful things? Kennysia, Iman, Kim, et. al. — you guys collectively establish here that one of our basic rights in this free country is: THE RIGHT TO OFFEND OTHER PEOPLE. You guys make it very clear that offending other people is fine as long as you yourself don’t think it’s offensive. If you can exercise this right, why can’t I? Double standard? ๐Ÿ™‚
    Iman: “The consensus is, you’re a humongous hypocrite.”
    And, what exactly that means? Who are your fellow corrupted minds — in that so-called consensus? Kennysia is one of them?
    You believe this entry is not offensive, therefore it is not. I believe I’m not a hypocrite, therefore I am not. A conclusion made — based on Kennysia’s deductive logic. ๐Ÿ™‚

  252. “Oh wait, those backward bums cant read ENGLISH….my bad. Maybe they should consider banning english too =D”
    Yes, I can see how ‘PERFECT’ your English is. But credible arguments need substances. English is just a mere tool. Regardless of how good you THINK (not neccessarily true!) your tool is — without substances — your opinion are nothing. Just another “Iman”, at the best.
    “I don’t think this post touches anything about religion, it just opens up people’s mind to see how narrow-minded pas youth people are.”
    Do you know that ‘ramadhan’ and ‘mosque’ have NO DIRECT or INDIRECT links with PAS Youth? Ramadhan and mosque are religious entities. PAS Youth is political entity. But stupidly, Kennysia put ‘ramadhan’, ‘mosque’ and ‘PAS Youth’ in one context. In a mocking manner, no less.
    You really think this entry has nothing to do with religion?
    It is totally useless even if your English is as “PERFECT” as our dear friend Iman — if you don’t have the ability to read between the lines — you’ll remain idiot for the rest of your life. When you read, don’t just observe the grammar (like Iman does, LOL!) — but most importantly, you must try to understand the context.
    Well, I’m just trying to help here. Don’t hate me, ok. ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. It is 3am in the morning. Still sleepy and getting ready for my sahur. Yes Kenny, please take me to the best sahur buffet in Kuching, will you? And, later on.. may be we can go for ramadhan buffet too? You can also make a drama series for TV3/RTM/ASTRO Ria with the title “My Little Painted Mosque in Kuching” if you want to. It is not the mere use of those words that deems offensive. It is the CONTEXT, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚
    BTW, Dear Ms. Perfect English Iman,
    Under these circumstances (3 in the morning!) — obviously you will find a lot of grammatical errors in those two posts above. Sorry, I didn’t have the time to proof-read them. But if you really care to help, please email me for a more private (or shall I use ‘intimate’, instead?) lesson. ๐Ÿ™‚

  254. Neutral,
    Nama yang dia pilih pun “Iman”. How suspicious, kan? I was like.. wanting to roll all over the place. And LOL. Why not just go for a normal name: Peah, Imah, Siti, Budi? Wow, I.M.A.N. LOL.
    “Iman”, who you really want to convince? Yourself? Yang konon-kononnya awak ini seorang Islam? When you’re not genuine, you tend to go for desperate measure. Trying too hard to fake it that eventually exposes your own fakeness. ๐Ÿ™‚

  255. if you don’t like this post or kennysia.com or find this post offends you and your personal belief , please leave.
    this kind of comment is so naive.
    simply type “blogger sued” in google and you will find that a lot of blogger around the globe put behind bar for what they posted and even for their comments.
    ask the bomoh why?
    but here in Mars we can write whatever we want including insult other religion (if any)as long as we done it in personal blog.
    what a good planet,wanna join me mate?

  256. this kind of issue has been debated for along time.remember the prophet Muhammad cartoon controversy.
    muslim said It is the satirical intent of the cartoonists and the association of the Prophet with terrorism, that is so offensive to the vast majority of Muslims.
    Western mind said They treated Islam the same way they treat Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions but why islam demand a special position, insisting on special consideration of their own religious feelings which is incompatible with contemporary democracy and freedom of speech, where one must be ready to put up with insults, mockery and ridicule.
    how’s this issue end up?
    muslim around the world join protests, more than hundred peoples death, muslim boycott danish good,danish embassy set on fire in several countries.
    on the other side western world displays of support by “buy danish” campaign, re-publish the cartoon to support the right of free speech
    at the end it’s seem like no body really learn anything.
    why don’t they just accept reality that muslim tradition and western tradition is different.and give a try to understand each other.rather than insist that “nothing you say will change my opinion and nothing I say will change your opinion”
    but who am i to say
    i am not the citizen of this planet
    have a nice day
    vaa vaa voom

  257. wit all due respect danboy, do generalized people who work with gov. im working wit gov and did NOT take any bribery/misconduct/corrupt etc. i choose to work with gov and work in sarawak for the sake of my state. there are so much thing to be done here. im not saying that if u work in private sector, u cant contribute for development in sarawak. its all about choices we have in life. my point is that dont generalized ppl who work in gov!

  258. reading through the comments, I tend to agree with what’s put across by rem. can’t we just accept that islam is held sacred by it’s believers, and that it’s wrong to take it lightly to the point of making fun and so forth regardless of motive?
    if we can learn not to laugh at the funeral of a stranger, can’t we do this too?
    hypocrisy abounds.

  259. Admit it Kenny you are just bloody too insensitive on many many of your post. You poke fun at everything. Even religion, even more Islam, cause you think it’s unjust to your partying ways. But face the facts that this is Malaysia AND the official religion is Islam and you must at least respect that.
    lastly i think you’re just a prick Kenny. FUCK YOU! and i sincerely hope one day you end up getting BASHED UP BADLY by the very people you make fun of.
    Then lets see you joke about that too. If you’re still around…

  260. I write this on the context of ‘Freedom of Speech and Freedom to make fun of everything under the sun, as the ideals subscribe by ‘Funnyman’ Kenny Sia.
    So don’t be angry aa…
    Kenny Sia is the son of a bloody pig. Thus he has no religion. Just as most of his followers on his fucking blog. This non-human is to be spat upon by those he made fun of. Life is like that, one day you’re on top of the world, everybody cheering you on. Then one day you just fall and be forgotten.
    To me he is just a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to be a Malaysian.
    DAMN! I really hope somebody will teach this fat pig a lesson. That’ll make my day. Definitely!
    Again, don’t angry aaa… it’s all good fun. Yeeha!

  261. hi all. i personally think no need to quarrel. its kenny’s blog. his own space. he has the right to write whatever he feels. if u like it u may read, u dont like just ignore and dont read. as simple. ur not at any loss by not reading his posts. and u dont gain anything by protesting.

  262. seriously, if only some parties can listen and so call “tolerate”, there will be NO war, no terrorist in this world, please google, look around, read up, research…. what is the similarity from all the nations at war….?

  263. rem.. u got problem with this post right? then just stop reading kennysia.. no need to stress out.. just click the lil x button on the top right of this page.. and never come to this site again..

  264. stop it lah boys and girls. raya just around the corner lah. no fuss. just enjoy open house with satay, kari, rendang and etc. during CNY, i can enjoy firework. enough lah.

  265. seriously…if malaysia dun wan him..he still can go australia..
    well..is a norm that this country losing all the talents to singapore, aussie, UK anywhere but malaysia…
    damn..till now havent visit the pasar ramadhan and can’t wait for mooncakes!!

  266. Current Famous Inter-nation Conflict
    Nort Korea-South Korea
    Current Famous Civil Conflict
    Sri Lanka
    Past Famous Inter-Nation Conflict
    Past Famous Civil Conflict
    USA (Northern vs Southern)
    (Former) Yugoslavia
    Tell me what are the similarities you can see? I can’t see any SIGNIFICANT pattern. As far as I see it, all parts of the world — do/did at one point — experience wars/conflicts.

  267. And the Bush clan (Bush snr and jnr, who had murdered thousands of innocent childs all over the world) share one characteristic in common — everyone else is terrorist. They are the only one NOT.
    Are you one of the clan members?

  268. lol~
    this rem is really like “xiu keong” like that.. =____=”
    btw~ ONE QUESTION to rem..
    who do u think yourself are to represent the WHOLE MUSLIM community?
    and so far only your comment is never stop complain how terrible u felt, how badly u felt insulted! LOL~
    I am a chinese!!

  269. Yeah yeah yeah,
    If you think you’re so smart, move your ass from Malaysia. Go to Australia or where ever and start demanding this and that. Chinese school, equality or what ever damn thing. You will suffer esp in perth with anti-cina sentiment. Fuck you never appreciate peace in Malaysia. Kennysia babi celebrate MERDEKA with his BABI folks in Melbourne. All BABI FACE drinking like fat rhino and scream like shit. And then having sex like a hoar..

  270. I don’t mean to be rude or sarcastic — but what exactly the talent Kennysia has — that we are going to lose? Seriously, tell me.
    Do you know that Singapore is also losing out so many talents to Malaysia? For example, the great multi-talented M.Nasir, who has embraced Malaysian nationality long years ago. Same thing goes to Anita Sarawak (the first ever Asian singer to get a contract performing in Las Vegas). And remember our greatest swimmer of all times: Nurul Huda Abdullah? She also refused to serve her native country, Singapore.
    Hmmmm, I wonder why. Can someone please tell me why? Please.

  271. Trolly Dolly,
    I never claimed or thought I represent the whole Muslim community. Do you have problem in reading? ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just voice out what I feel. My personal opinion. And it happens that a significant number of Muslim readers (of this blog) share the same sentiment as I do. Ya, pengeculian istimewa hanya diberi kepada Cik Iman yang sangat beriman. LOL.

  272. COngratulations! you sir are a total insensitive bastard , please sit down n join ur other fellow members who happen to be having a great time ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheers~
    All in the COntext of Freedom of Speech ~

  273. May u please explain wat are babi folks?
    The onli meaning i can think of its people who consume pork which u point out as babi people , u lowly scum! u talk as if kenny has juz created havoc on himself n all the chinese in the world are supporting him , grow up man every person has a decision wether to judge another individual actions as ethical or unethical if u fail to see tat ,then im sorry seeing that u live in such a modern age, u have an intellgience of a caveman .go on trolling n saying words which makes no sense *all babi face drinking like fat rhino and scream like shit* cause u sir juz disgraced watever u believed in..
    my advice? get some english lessons cos u desperately need them , n learn how to actually live in a multi racial country aite?

  274. Hi, im a chinese and i read your comments. I understand what you feel. But can’t you just let it go? I know what happen in this world and i get it your english is good. Your knowledges are very good, im sure you read a lot and take extra step of reading or researching.
    I have Muslim friends and i understand what is call sensitive issue. I think its good that you haven’t lose out your temper by telling ‘CINA BABI’ like some dumbass did. You voice out your opinion – evreyone do have the right to do it!
    However, in my personal opinion, (my mum always tought me this) whenever you think that the person do something wrong, when you trying to tell them, and they still stick to their opinions, i think it’s time to let go. Everyone is an adult, we know what is righ and what is wrong. Want to accept what we say or not, up to them! Their opinion, choice and judgement by people – their know deep inside their core heart.
    That’s all. I hope you get it what im trying to tell you. Selamat berpuasa by the way.

  275. Oh all you can say is babi cina right?? is that all only you can type?? get a life, dude. nobody will say you are CACAT if you didnt type it. Bloody fool.

  276. OK, your mum was right. Nobody (or nothing, rather) can beat a maternal wisdom.
    With that, I promise to just let it go. Starting from today.
    Peace, to everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  277. PAS and their Religious-zealot backers need to remember that Malays are the Latest Ethnic group to IMMIGRATE to Sarawak, and as such, should display some semblance of Appreciation if not DECENCY towards their Hosts turned Victim.
    All they’ve done since arriving is swamp the country and “HOG” everything in sight. I could be insulting the Pig here.
    Malaysian Law is so preferrencial towards Islam as to be described as RACIST by EU & US.

  278. Dear natty,
    when did u get that fact? pls enclosed here! read before you write! do dome research. no the culprit is you! insulting me and the rest of malay in sarawak. when ang cheng ho arrived here, he found malay and other indigenous group of sarawak. same goes to 1st white rajah. raja pangeran hashim was send by brunei sultunate to kuching (known as sarawak that time) to deal with local rebellion including malay! before islam, malay in sarawak and malay archipelago (incl. java, sumatera philiphine, west msia etc) embrace hindu as their religion. china during that time was stil in chotic era due to civil war agaings barbaric north army..to be precise…mongolian…the khan etc. read lah wei. it just as simple as 1…2…3…. u can wrote here in this blog…know what? u can also do some research using google.

  279. What is religion? To guide you.
    Does religion needs protection? No. Religion is made to protect you, not get protected.
    Everybody wants their religion to be respected, but they forgot to respect it themselves. Before hollering at people to respect your religion, or otherwise your hidden pride to make yourself feel so almighty, why not review yourself a little to see if you have been practicing your religion well.
    No matter what religion, if you have practice it well, you will not be angered nor call people names.

  280. LOOK, kenny poked fun at PAS YOUTH and their overzealousness in promoting their cause as an Islamic cause and not the Islam religion.
    Paint my mosque is definitely creative, and if you look at it the other way around, a gotong royong to paint a seriously dilapidated masjid in dire need of sedekah and amal jariah is definitely in order. What’s more if it is fully sponsored by the very same people who keep sending hate comments.
    I don’t see the problem. And I am a sabahan muslim and yes I have lots of christian cousins and no I don’t treat them indifferently or call them babi or such. It is just plain disrespectful. We have an unspoken understanding.
    PAS YOUTH is a political party not the ISLAM religion. It is a sacrilege if you say that they are in fact the religion itself.

  281. Don’t need that “Re-Written History for Convenience”.
    Have it “First-Hand” from people who were there.
    When Indonisia started Gorilla Warfare to Invade Sarawak, TOKEN Malaysian soldiers played a strictly “Supporting” role to British, Australian, New Zealand and Gurkha Troops because they didn’t want to fight their fellow Muslims.
    Up to 1966 there were just a few Hundred Malays including children, living in a Kampong across the river from Kuching.
    UK “sold-out” Sarawak to Malaysia who promised to uphold Democracy.
    Their promise is what you have today:- Flood the place with Malays through Preferrencial, UNJUST Laws, everything from UNFAIR Taxation to Lower-entrance-grades for university, and still you folks cannot close the Intellectual gap. WHY?
    Because you’ve become addicted to FREE-RIDES and Stagnation has become Normal.
    I’m yet to hear a single murmer from a solitary Malay about “Levelling the playing Field”. Competing Fairly sounds too much like Hard-Work.
    Sarawak is no less “OCCUPIED” by Malays, than Iraq is by US, Palestine by Israel, or East Timor was by Indonisia.
    I am governed strictly by Right & Wrong.
    Ponder this disk79:- Despite Malays best efforts to Oppress other Ethnic Groups, not only do they Survive but THRIVE, you’re being soundly beaten at your own game.
    Oppression does make people STRONGER.
    I’ll leave you with this quote by Haile Selassie:
    “We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations and rituals created by humans, which were supposed to help people to grow spiritually. Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive, and a tool for power struggle. Spirituality is not theology or ideology, it is simply a way of life , pure and original as was given by the Most High of Creation. Spirituality is a network linking us to the Most High, the universe and each other. As the essence of our existence, it embodies our culture, true identity, nationhood, and destiny.”

  282. beyonce over expose??? perhaps people should walk out of their house & take a look at the people around us…. then you tell me how is beyonce over expose

  283. Hi Rem,
    Just think about this.
    If a mere insignificant blog entry by Kennysia that happens to mention the word ‘mosque’ could get you so fired up and offended, then what about the cow head incident that happened just not long ago?
    How do you think they would have felt?
    Before you jump into conlusion, I’m not a supporter nor a fan of Kennysia, and yes, when I read his entry I did feel his entry was carelessly written.
    But lets just move on and don’t get so fired up here.
    Just take it as a lesson for all regardless of religion and creed.
    Sometimes we get hurt by others, intentional or not.
    It toughens us up, and makes us think twice before doing the same to others.

  284. 1.the cow head incident is wrong
    2.PAS youth banning this and that is wrong
    two wrongs doesn’t make kenny right
    three of them should be sent to Mars for better education (punishment)

  285. I am still waiting for rem to write a piece abt the cow head incident. If he is so concern about defending his religion, the cow head incident is a blatant case of racism disguised as religious issue.

  286. such an lame post..its funny but kinda rude..u say tht u can differ between PAS youth, PAS and Islam..come on..who r u…mr know it all?…u r just an “empty-can-when-it-come-to-talk-about-others-religion”
    an empty can if we ketuk2 it will make sounds…yeah there are lotsa empty can here and they made lotsa “sounds” over here
    haiyya…bising laaa
    our Malaysian dont have a good syllabus at school when it comes to other race and other belief….so to all mr/mrs Can Head…stop ketuk your head..just duduk diam when it comes something like this..
    when one ketuk his head, yang lain jeles so they keep ketuk thier head, to show whose head have larger space, and they make unpleasant sound to the other..
    grow up malaysian…dont be so damn deep to the bottom stupid la..may Malay,Chinese and Indian and others can live peacefully, I love Malaysia and what its carry

  287. no point to debate about the wrong facts. statistics show otherwise. year of event??? i wonder why UN even recognised this area…form sumatera to fiji…thailand to timor island as Malay Archipelago. malay come from where? from this area? malay and the other ethnics do shares same culture n etc. btw…malas to explain to people who have misleading facts.

  288. What about Jesus smoking and having a beer?
    The only English NewsPaper was closed down Permanently for simply Reporting about a similar shoe on a foreign foot.
    FAITH is supposed to be Rock-Solid, able to withstand ANYTHING.
    I do not approve of people disrespecting my Faith, but I won’t crease my balls over it, afterall it’s their LOSS.
    I really have a problem trying to fathom the Muslim ATTITUDE towards others, considering their Customs very, very closely resemble Early Israelite Customs, and they claim ancestry to Abraham EXACTLY as Jews and Christians.
    Jews believe the Messiah is yet to come, and Christians believe Jesus was/is the Messiah. Should we start victimising each other over this difference, or more fittingly compliment each other for Believing in the same GOD?
    These predictable juvenile Gyrations are a display of Insecurity more than anything else.

  289. ..”i was however intrigued at one comment that said all who dont eat pork are stupid..arggg!!really?is it true?is it a scientific fact that eating pork gives you more intelligence??there has to be some research paper on it or something right??” by ur comment is retarded
    yeah, you are absolutely right..I got angry when i read the comment of one of this blog’s reader..ppl who don’t eat pork are stupid????…I think this was the worst comment..gosh!!
    well, we all know that we don’t really have the rights to voice out what’s in our mind in this country..and some are offended with this post..some feel it’s the most hilarious..i noticed everyone is condemning and offending each other nwadays…there’s so many issues going on in our country and most of them are left unresolved…i do feel ashamed Muslim terrorists are killing others in the name of Islam, then the cow-head protest, and i know the list goes on..because of such people, other Muslims out there are not respected…Islam did not even teach us to do all this…but don’t you realize some of us Muslims are victims too..so it’s like we are not getting enough of this…we tend to take revenge on others and vice versa..i guess this racial thing will never end for sure. it’ll just be going around..and Kenny,I will never stop reading your blog!:)

  290. guys, this concert got nothing to do with our Holy Month…I am Muslim and I don’t think the concert should be banned just because it’s Ramadan..How do you accept the non-Muslims to respect us by canceling the concert..this is not the way…if they are so worried that there’ll be Muslims attending the concert, so make it like the ones for the BEP concert..ONLY FOR NON-MUSLIMS..
    and some one mentioned over here ppl who don’t eat pork are stupid..what does eating pork got to do with intelligence?..such an immature and stupid comment..excuse me, there’s a reason why we Muslims are not allowed to eat pork..just like how the Hindus don’t eat beef..

  291. It caught to my attention that it has been a long time since I last saw a MLTR pic. Been listening to their songs which now is considered evergreen.
    It is normal to find people mocking other people in the internet. But it is always better to tell the person directly if they are not in agreement with something than posting to make shame in a blog. It shocks me that the post would lead to all kinds of arguments in the comments which involves religious as well.
    Which kinda makes me sad to see that some of us are just trying to live a life of peace and harmony without quarrels and discriminations here in Malaysia. It is up for every person to have Faith in what they believe and fight for it. But we are not at war and just imagine of what is happening in the Iraq/Israel War if it were to happen here.
    Please understand that humans are fragile and imperfect. At birth, everybody knows nothing. Thru life we learn about the truth. Yet truth itself is subjective as it maybe told our self-learnt. History teaches us that even the mightiest cilivization or empire can fall due to internal war. Let us not discuss about religious or politics unprofessionally such as in this blog. Everybody can throw words and condemn others but once said its hardly to be taken back. Hatred will then lead to war. So lets’ not start that here where every word is noted for everybody to read and get influenced. Everybody should have learn about our country’s dark history of May 13th,1969 which just scares me if I was there at that time.
    As a note, my best of friends is not of the same race. We enjoy our times together and had been long friends which understood that nobody is perfect and we should not cling to differences but similarities. Lastly, please be grateful that we are now not at war and we are not starving like the thousands of children starving in Africa. I hope this thread ends here but that is not for me to decide.
    Apologies in advance if any of my facts are found wrong or disrespecful in any ways.

  292. Why the heck do people have to invoke May 13th to get me to not talk about racial issues in Malaysia?
    It doesn’t work. Sure it was a very horrible event, but that should not make today’s generation of Malaysians avoid facing up to the challenge and making the country a more conducive environment for ALL.

  293. a very disrespectful post kenny
    u might think that ‘paint my mosque” is funny. but the sentence itself is disrespectful
    what would u say if i were to say “paint my church” instead?

  294. intentional or not, you’ve offended many people.
    commenters alike have added fuel to the fire.
    adding on disclaimer after ppl have read the post doesn’t really help. might have just made things worse.
    while you’re indeed entitled to your own opinions, doesn’t mean you have to stoop so low to make a ‘joke’. or if you think that they’re absolutely stupid and closeminded to lobby against popular culture, why stoop to their level to vent off your displeasure for such incidents in such form of mockery? i trust you are way better than that, kenny.
    many mention religion and race and history in their comments but fail to see that it’s not about that at all. first of all, you’re all taking his post and the comments too seriously. why such deep and heated debate over a ‘mockery’?
    i’m just taken aback and slightly disappointed by the maturity, feedback and reactions of others to this post.

  295. no matter what they say , we have become a part of malaysia. malaysia wouldnt have today if not the illegal immigrants in the past centuries had migrated here. like it or not, he still has to accept us.

  296. who cares may 13th or june 13th or beyond that. if all of us can tolerate with jealousy , this thing wouldn’t have happened long time ago and we wouldn’t be reading this over and over again. it’s getting boring by telling us may 13th may 13th may 13th all the times ya know? rather tell us about last year’s financial meltdown would be more interesting.

  297. Given what you claim to be true.
    WTF Happened archipelago, don’t tell me you folks kept falling off your tricycle for a few Centuries till you discovered Prejudice & Unfair Competition?
    The Illusionary National status you claim from your Govt’s Revisionary History is proven totally UNTRUE, by the Fact that in 1966 there was exactly ONE small Mosque in Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo.

  298. PAS haters? man, i bet u r a chinese. also, i dont eat pork and u have insulted me and other muslims. u r the reason why malays in malaysia refuses to accept chinese as their equal counterparts. everytime there is someone who wants equal opportunities for all, those malay ultra remind them of the likes of you.

  299. Of course dap rules, but the fact that you side with pas haters, people like you allow malay ultra to use racial sentiments in this beloved country of ours.

  300. you know what, it’s annoying to read all these comments. this post is just for laughs because seriously- why ban MLTR??? they don’t wear sexy clothes or sing obscene songs so what is the point? this post is just stating the absurdity of wanting to ban MLTR. if it was any other race doing this i bet we’ll poke fun of it as well but it just does not happen to be.

  301. Long live Nik Aziz! He didn’t impose their regulations to the Kelantanese Chinese, eg. allowable to wear skirt, sleeveless, need not wear tudung, alcoholic drinks are available to the Chinese pubs etc. Despite Kelantan being a Muslim state under PAS for over 20 years, it’s even more harmonious in some ways…

  302. If anyone thinks PAS Youth is a religion, i suppose Malaysia states would now be governed mostly by PAS and not BN d lor.. since Malay population is larger than the rest.

  303. Repeat that again, PAS Youth: “No matter how absurd it is to the value of our lives, we shall not protest banning of concerts in this holy mth”. We have another races in this country.

  304. Coz he’s saying PAS Youth/PAS = Muslim/Islam. Read his lips again “its related and reflect the religion indirectly !!!…”

  305. You got ur point cleared out, Rem. ๐Ÿ™‚ But this little joke here is really not that harmful as compared to the politicians crapping on the Malaysia news everyday. Heavily insulting the rest of races and they gotta swallow. Or do they have to? Some may just choose to ignore though..

  306. seriously the longest comment role ever.
    kenny did not intend 2 offend wif the mosque and ramadhan comment.It was wif happy conatations that he made wif mosque and ramadhan.paint the mosque he state gotong royong wic is good, and take me 2 a ramadhan buffet tos place always have great food.

  307. fucking awesome!! sorry kenny, not referring to your post but the number of comments you’ve attracted, well proven here that sensitivity is still well in tact among us Malaysians, not in the good way though.. LOL.. Anyway, cheers to all, despite all the hatred and stuff, we’re all still here, so hell yeah!! Cheers BABEHS

  308. Is it just me or Malaysians are getting over-sensitive?
    What’s so insulting about Paint My Mosque or Take Me To The Ramadhan Buffet? Painting mosque is good what, communal activity some more…what so insulting bout that? Got pahala some more. I actually find it a good parody. Haiihhh…
    Inilah orang Malaysia, asyik nak menghukum saja, bukan nak mendidik. We’re turning into paranoid religious zealots.

  309. Shut up spammers. If u want to continue this never-ending criticism, go type in your notepad rather create a new Name and post nonsense comment here.

  310. Strange. What about PAS Youth deliberately disrespecting/mocking Hindus? Something tells me that you’ll somehow be cool with that.

  311. you guys just need a life. PAS youth is never a religion and don’t farce about either. Get a life and go do your work! If you hate that someone then BAN / BLOCK the site, as simple as that, why come back? huh? – just because u care what people thought of your responses.

  312. actually, people who leave stupid comments are stupid.
    Have you ever even read why muslims dont eat pork? you bigot.

  313. yeah, leave dude. dont forget to leave your citizenship on the way out. happy finding someplace else in the world you can be safe and call home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  314. apa la. apa salahnye dengan paint my mosque. bukan kenny cakap burn my mosque ke apa.
    rilek beb. You can see kenny didnt want to kutuk or ridicule islam with the song titles.
    if he does so in the little corner of his heart. mmg tak tido malam la lu kenny…..

  315. same here. i think people are too lazy to think and rather generalize everything.. and that makes them sound racist..
    for me, i believe i am a statisticist. so far i ‘dislike’ 3 out of 10 chinese people I’ve met/seen.
    ๐Ÿ˜› hehehehe
    other races dono yet. still tabulating. LOL.

  316. hey hello. my religion has nothing to do with you not being able to watch lame MLTR.
    pas youth says its not nice to dishonour the month. I dono what the hell is dishonouring. I would simply say that muslims should be discouraged and visit the mosque rather than watch the concert.
    plus, unlike you, i had other non-muslim friends going ‘how come organizers dont respect the muslim month’
    It makes me feel awesome that i have non muslim friends who care about my religion and in turn makes me respect their believes even more.

  317. your so called ‘freedom of speech’ if imposes the freedom of others is already ‘abusive’. its a free country alright but you have to remember to respect others as well.
    you’ll still get a tight slap if you say something wrong in the world man.

  318. what in the world is so wrong about the post?
    simple logic. MLTR want to make concert. Pas youth object. Kenny make fun of Pas youth by making them into a band.
    it shows kenny understands OUR religion. he knows we pray in mosque, wouldnt mind a new coat of paint (or two), knows about ramadhan (dey, some ppl dono ok. they think muslims crazy not eating one month) and poke fun about them protesting into a song title.
    kamon la people. YOU are the one losing your marbles. he did not mock islam at all. other iditos leaving comments are mocking us.
    maybe this is why we should’ve stuck to english as medium for school teachings.
    fail comprehension.

  319. what a load of crap.
    he wont come here because there’s no stand up circuit la. or even $$$$$$$.
    who the hell watches standup in msia? you can baling batu in a crowd and hit no one.
    pretty much who talks about stand up comedy would know each other, like you and me. Do you see how many replied to your comment? NONE right?
    I watch stand up ๐Ÿ˜€
    apa la. dont go overboard. like beyonce. hell, what she care if she cancelled malaysia. most probably there was another lucrative venue so she can SKIP malaysia and blame it on SECURITY.
    thank god All american rejects, gwen stefani, jamiroquai (thanks F1) did their shows here. So it isnt bad at all.

  320. u all are fuckers of shit holes.. DAP,PAS so fker not like me my own team..’Cool’ hahhaaha fuck u ALL! sstupid DAP and same too PAS always fight cannot together? as a MSIAN.. DUMBs

  321. Ugh…My eyes!! They burn.
    I just have to say…. those 3 PAS Youth members are really fugly. Especially the right one. Hahaha…. his shoulders are so ‘cacat’! Sum more posing at the camera like monkeys. Fugly Malays dudes.
    Kenny, can please censor their faces next time?

  322. Sigh… going through some of the comments, when would people learn that “economic migrants” to ANY place/country would never get equal treatment like the “natives” themselves, unless these “migrants” and their descendents learn to integrate properly? (Please note that I’m using the term “migrant” & “native” very loosely here, for lack of better choice of words.)
    Logically speaking, how would you feel like if someone comes to your house, procreates by the dozens, insists on forcing their own believes, practices etc. onto you and then ALSO expects to get equal rights as the house owner (you)?
    For the record, I happen to be a descendant of “economic migrants”. And I realized that just like my forefathers who left their birthplace in search of a better life, I, too, have a choice. I don’t have to sit here complaining and demanding the impossible.
    And I find it puzzling that I seem to be the only one here who understands things this way.
    Oh and by the way Kenny, awesome post lmao… keep it going *thumbs up*

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