MDG: The Final 3

Finally, our Malaysian Dreamgirl journey is coming to an end.

Adeline, Cindy, Hanis – The MDG Top 3

When we first started filming this show, these three ordinary Malaysian girls have nothing more than basic knowledge in modelling and fashion. After ten weeks of intensive modelling bootcamp, workshops, marathon photoshoot sessions, look at where they are now.


Adeline, Cindy and Hanis have all blossomed into professional models in different ways and in the process, defeated nine other hopefuls to become the first Top 3 of Malaysia’s online reality model search.


Damn. I’m gonna miss the drama so much when the show is over.
At the same time, I am very pleased with how much they have all improved. Their photos speak for themselves.


In the end, it is up to the public.
Judging from the comments online, Hanis seems to be the favourite at the moment, although Cindy’s vicious family support seems to put her in a lead ahead of the rest.
Regardless, it is important to SMS your votes on who YOU would like to win Malaysian Dreamgirl.

To vote for CINDY, SMS DREAM 03 to 33001.

To vote for ADELINE, SMS DREAM 01 to 33001.

To vote for HANIS, SMS DREAM 06 to 33001.
SMS costs RM1 each and voting closes 11:59pm this Monday, so THERE IS STILL AMPLE TIME TO VOTE! Each vote you send also automatically enters you into a draw to win a RM10,000 preloaded AmBank NexG Prepaid Mastercard.
Who shall win the title of the first ever Malaysian Dreamgirl?

Will it be CINDY?

Will it be ADELINE?

Or will it be HANIS?

All will be revealed 6:30pm this Tuesday night at the Malaysian Dreamgirl Grand Finale at 1Utama.
I don’t know who will win, but one thing for sure – I wanna get an autograph from Cindy’s Dad at the Grand Finale.

I am so impressed that there’s actually an organization here in Malaysia called, literally, the “Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers”.
Somehow I couldn’t help but to imagine that it’s like the local version of the Wives And Girlfriends of Footballers (WAGs) in the UK. Except the role of Posh Spice is played by Jeanne Abdullah.
And Pak Lah plays David Beckham.

364 Replies to “MDG: The Final 3”

  1. First! Hah! Anyway, I think in black allure, adeline’s pic was much better than hanis’s! Gotta give her credit for the massive improvement as compared to hanis…as for cindy, i used to like and kinda pity her…but the black allure pic is really a turn off. She looks bloated.

  2. Hmmm, personally, I find the pictures of the Batik shoot to be completely MEDIOCRE and totally over rated for what they are. I mean, my niece could photoshop those pictures better and she’s not even qualified as a graphic designer.
    Not only does the shoot look cheap, but it totally downgrades the models potential, I mean, how can anyone look gorgeous in a photo shoot like that? Seriously?
    The lighting is ghostly, and the dresses are terribly aunty.
    I loved all the other photoshoots, but this one was REALLY disappointing.
    In NO way do they make the models look attractive. Seriously.
    Sorry to all of the followers, but this shoot was damn disappointing…
    I mean, it looks like some retard myspace addict girl from Singapore has gone online looking for members of S.H.E band and then taken some crap google images of cheap plastic flowers scaped and enlarged on photoshop, and then, finally, trashed the whole picture with this sort of fireworks E program splatters. I’m trying to be in the middle here. Ma’n I sound like a bitch for a guy ha ha, but damn seriously? Is this a top of the range modeling comp with experienced, tasteful designers and photographers or some sort of Banglampu transvestite pageant queen contest in Bangkok?
    Lastly, my lame Thai-Chinese friends take better pictures in piece of shit photo booths and karaoke photo clubs.
    So amateur, and so disappointing.
    Anyway, enough venting, the bitch in me has said enough.
    *takes in a deep breath*

  3. Lastly, Cindy looks like she’s 55 going on 57 in that picture of her with the black backrgound.
    And adeline, like what the fricking hell????
    HALLOWEEN WAS MONTHS AGO BITCH. Ha ha, seriously, sexy adeline looks like a rotting corpse in this picture.
    Hanis looks the hottest in this shoot, with the angle of her face shaped nicely.

  4. why cindy’s dad? coz he spent tons of money to keep his precious lil daughter IN MDG.. whatever it takes and no matter how much it takes.. JUST to make his angel happy..

  5. HANISSS you go girl..
    Cindy’s votes bet daddy taken care of it since the start.
    Adeline, she’s more to acting industry. Bet either she wins or not, people will look for her for acting.
    *cheering for HANIS*

  6. lanchau la cindy.. her dad is fucking low class people ! look at cindy’s dick face. lol. hanis all the way. im voting 500 times for hanis. go hanis.

  7. LOL the MDG finals and the photos still look like this? hahaha the digustingly low standard amuses me. and kenny, dont try so hard to ‘save’ MDG lah.

  8. “some retard myspace addict girl from Singapore”
    who the hell are you malaysians to insult us like that. seriously.

  9. Where is Kenny placed? Not in the top 3? What a shame. I was dying to send my sms vote for Kenny. What!! this is the Dream Girl and NOT Dream Guy competition?

  10. omfg this is hilarious. Especially the end of it, Adeline before and during photoshoot, ROFLMAO!!
    Anywayz, i hope Hanis will win. Bout Cindy, i have seriously no comment. His dad so rich later will sue me for what im writing here lol

  11. ROFL Excellent, love the poses! 😀
    Ya, Cindy’s father seems very committed to his daughter anyway. Don’t think I’d like to get in his way :/

  12. I vote for Cindy.
    Although she sometimes looks like bitch. But she looks more professional compared to that kampung look of hanis.

  13. for this round i think all of the pics got their pros and cons so i cant say wic 1 is better…but adelines facial is a bit….weird. but maybe its good for proffesionals (im not 1) but the batik 1 sure adeline pic got ‘motion’ 1…when i look at it it reli looks like shes ‘moving’..cindy…well at least her arms look like theyre ‘sweeping’ but i duno if thats due to the photoshop. hanis looks good but i dun feel any motion inside 1~ which is what the batik pic is all about rite? motion? (duno im not proffesional dont scold me)
    aiyaaa…tuesday final…GG… who will win? i think cindy~~~ errr….OKLAH….at least shes not unpretty (i made up this word)…aside from her typical chinese-girl-attitude that nearly all other chinese girls have that u ppl dont flame but onli flame her about…(which pisses me off too anyways) and her ‘fake accent’ which to me doesnt sound anythingn like a fake accent cuz its not even an accent…its onli english that still sucks even after living in australia for a few years (even nadias english better). well the onli down thing i see is that she behaves like every other pimped and rich chinese daughter with bad chinese larrrrr…seriously why ppl make such a big deal out of that i duno lahhhh….shes TYPICAL. theres nothing strange about her. its perfectly normal. thats how rich chinese pretty daughters are chinese i know, DUH…-.- and even tho she seems a bit unlikable to some ppl but i think that her dads not a bad guy…from what he says to her during their convos on the phone i can see hes a decent, smart rich dad who onli wants the best for her daughter-but-cant-do-anything-from-stopping-her-waste-his-credit-cards thing kind of dad. heck, his advice even sounds like what MY DAD would tell me!! of coz he will support his daughter ma…what kind of sick dad wont fully support his daughter? i mean, DUH he MUST know his daughter sounds and looks and SEEMS bitchy…hes oways giving her advice like “winning is not everything, most important is getting along well wif ppl” during the “drama period” rememberrr???? so i think cindys not a bad girl lahhhh..jz…shes got a few ‘quirks’ that most ppl dont like but in a whole shes a harmless peacock with no wings and beak..-.- i mean like…wah after hearing about the “ringo issue” wah..i din know she was so low….(im not talking about the having a good time with ‘famous blogger’ part) but like all the things she would do to garner votes…and sidelining her fans and mom and everything….i mean like… least cindy doesnt do THAT kind of stuff, did she? (im not sure but i hope not otherwise i would sound like an idiot).
    if cindy wins then oklor… its not like her photos are reli bad..-.- and like shes not pretty..-.-
    but i think adeline is pretty good for modeling too. she got nice chinese and sharp features jz that her expression a bit -.- and hanis ahh…lolz..i think she wants to be angelina jolie…she wants puffy lips…but its good. models need to have something special or sth. either way i think these 3 all have the potential to be good MDG bahhhzz…but its tough now since all malay prolly vote for hanis and chinese will vote for adeline. and cindys family will vote for cindy. soooooooooooooooooooooo…WHAT A SHOWDOWN!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  14. Hanis doesn’t speak good english and she doesn’t look photogenic at all. Do you think good attitude or manja can make it to a model industry? Excuseee mua!

  15. I just wanna know one thing!
    Is da finale gonna be aired on da MDG website at all..?
    cos i soo wanna see da finale!! but im how would i be able to watch it?
    someone tell me please! =)

  16. Hahaha…Made me laugh so loud!!!
    Cool imitation!
    Well, I’ve been following the show till this stage and had never voted for anybody. But I think I know I will one for one person this time for the final.

  17. roflmao kenny!! it’s been such a long time since you post super hilarious editted photos. the one on hanis ‘macam macam’ almost made me choked on my maggi mee. 😀
    i want hanis to win. only because Jay is out and adelin has a hamburger face whilst cindy has no model appeal at all.

  18. Kekekeke…. Is so nice to see the usual kenny sia’s comment over MDG…… that’s so bloody true…. btw, if u have a choice to choose, who do u want as your top three????

  19. adeline is the worst, chao lala.. go work in club la… her pics are the worst of them all…. dont vote for adeline…. !!!

  20. Cindy is so a typical chinese girl, and she got her own style…Anyway, i oso hope can get her dad’s signature!!!! And just imagine Kenny sia talking to Cindy’s dad, would be very funny wei…


  22. hahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahaahha

  23. “I don’t know who will win, but one thing for sure – I wanna get an autograph from Cindy’s Dad at the Grand Finale.”
    I think Hanis deserves to win ;D

  24. i have burnt my credit limit voting for hanis ald on sat.
    but since it’s my bday, im getting 50% more from digi. am gonna use the 50% to vote more. muahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahaha

  25. btw, i stopped watching since being stuck at epi9 3wks ago. i think i wont need to watch until i have the time to even know who to vote la. see pics enuf what

  26. Rooting for Hanis – she’s Malaysia’s favourite and can represent the mass, here… as she does not look too typical Malay. Even if she doesn’t win, she’ll still be the most popular one, constantly going for castings and etc.
    Coming in next would be Cindy and then Adeline, as Cindy’s looks are more versatile than Adeline’s.
    See ya.

  27. Adeline should win. Hanis has been consistent. However, she has won all challenges in the last 3 challenges! altho one of the 3 challenges has got 3 winners and she’s one of them. Her black allure photo is the best among all! She’s really getting better and better, well, IT’S NOT TOO LATE! ADELINE!
    Dunno y cindy can talk so much rubbish about adeline winning the acting challenge! Seriously, a contemporary arts degree holder lost in an acting challenge and keeps going on and on about how lousy is the winner!!! Her acting is really bad la… so fiearce for what, somemore say she has done it b4. memang bitch!

  28. I agree on the photoshop thing. When I looked at the picture from the video, it was like…Okay… Seems nice.But when I went to the gallery… Fuh… It was terrible photoshop.I mean come on, the lighting was poor. Touch up on that. look at Cindy’s photo, there was the background clearly not cleaned up properly around the head area.
    Hanis photo.. Look at that pixels around her arms.
    It was terrible photo editing and I think they chose a poor choice of photographer and also the students who did the editing, brush up on your “ketelitian”. Details matter ok. If you are a designer, it is very important. After all, this is a model photoshoot… apparently la.
    Anyway, love Hanis although she could be a lil too manja. Adeline… She’s okla…But photoshoot kan… The face very blank lor. Cindy ah… Dunnoe lah.
    Wow, I can bitch. Ohohoho!

  29. gg, i agreed with your rant! seriously… i think it’s just typical and don’t really understand why so much hate is channeled to her. the way she says ma lai poh and yin du poh… isn’t that typically how malaysians refer to other ppl
    like how malays also refer to chinese as itu apek cina, or itu ah moi cina…
    (whether is a good way or bad, is another matter)
    anyway, now that lingo is gone back to her own bbq-tt drama, i think whoever wins now, i won’t be pissed. (don’t really care)

  30. Okay, I know this may sound like I’m whining over small matters, but why do you have to put the sequence of the three contestants in such a way.
    Adeline (DREAM 01) should have came first, followed by Cindy (DREAM 03) and lastly Hanis (DREAM 06).
    But you went for the contestant who made you go “woooooowww!” in the audition, to come first.
    And this coming from one of the judges of the competition, who are supposed to be fair and neutral on all contestants.
    P/S: I am supporting Hanis by the way.

  31. Among the 3 girls, i would prefer Cindy to take the title. She make be kinda bitchy and all (din like her in the beginning), but up till now, she has toned down quite a bit. She speaks good english and if she was to be ambassadors for anything at all, she can do it.

  32. Among the 3 girls, i would prefer Cindy to take the title. She make be kinda bitchy and all (din like her in the beginning), but up till now, she has toned down quite a bit. She speaks good english and if she was to be ambassadors for anything at all, she can do it.
    Hanis, she is very Malaysian…with the malay accent, and the “lah” & “macam”. I mean how can someone like that be a Model?? She is sweet and attractive, but she needs to brush up on her language.
    Adeline, she’s ok but then again, it the language. I know I’ve been saying this, but if you are gonna be in this industry, u need to have good language skills. Adeline can make it in chinese industry no doubt bout that… she stand a chance as well.
    So conclusion, I’ll vote Cindy *tho i wished is was Jay that i was voting for*

  33. Hanis has the class of its own!
    She has the x-factor which the other 2 tak ada-lah!
    But again, u need to have good proficiency of languages in the modelling industry.
    Good luck to all 3 of them.
    Btw, I was “LOL” at your short talk!

  34. cindy shouldnt even be in this competition…if anyone from another country sees cindy representing malaysia as a top model it will be the biggest joke in history and an embarassment for our country…this show can definately not be considered as modeling competition..the best is hanis by any chance as she has made a drastic improvement

  35. Hanis is sweet and look good in pictures. However, when she speaks, we all knew that she’s just equivalent with some other school leaver. So, she just gotta buck up with the way she speaks and think. Being a model its not easy, Hanis! Way to go for you, maybe see you next year after you’re more mature.

  36. seriously, this online reality show shouldn’t be titled as Malaysian DreamGirl. It should be ‘Malaysian Miss Popularity Show’. Clearly, all the top 3 totally got into the top 3 based on SMS, not on talent.
    Sigh, yet another failure produced by the Malaysian Media Industry and it got into the Guiness Book of Record? *GASP*.
    Seriously, the ‘best’ among all the top 3 would be Hanis because her other competitors didn’t improve since day 1! I bet whoever becomes the Malaysian Dreamgirl would not go very far as they do not even have the talent to start with!
    As for Cindy and Adeline? they just want to win this competition for EXPERIENCE and FAME. If either of them wins, i am embarrassed to admit that this show ever existed. 🙁
    So let’s have a good laugh on the grand finale!

  37. GG and Death Note:-
    agree with both of you, dunno what’s the big deal and hatred over cindy’s behavior as made by many. it is as if ever since the mdg episode where she’s made the scapegoat, ppl are just magnifying and bashing every single thing/word she does/says versus that of other girls. to her credit, at least she did toned down after that.
    to me, she’s just harmless drama queen. like many girls out there, cindy’s a typical rich kid who’s a daddy’s girl and who also tends to be emotional, dramatic, tactless, a bit selfish, and yeah, and of course very much spoiled by her dad, who like all dads out there clearly loves his daughter very much and wants the very best for her. also, i dont see anything wrong coming from her dad, in fact, her dad’s words were wise and very much expected from a parent: advise on how important it is to get along well with ppl, stay strong, be confident, stop being too dramatic/emotional and moral support like “i will continue voting for you”. heck, i can even imagine my own dad saying similar things to me. and at least cindy’s appreciative of her dad’s efforts (the way they speak are comical and down-to-earth, yes, but one can also see how close the father-daughter are), unlike some ppl we know who deny the existence of her *cough* blog *cough* supporters then the next thing we know, she’s on a phone call with a person who’s clearly NOT HER MOM checking out her blog support status. pretentious. sheesh.
    cindy may say many things before thinking through her brain, but she’s right on several points from episode 16:
    1) (provocative) camwhoring pictures on blog is PREVALENT among female bloggers out there, not just her – so stop making such a fuss out of it and bombard her blog with nastiness
    2) the non-top3 dreamgirls (purported dreamgirls, as cindy says) are indeed irresponsible in leaving their dishes unwashed and kitchen in a mess just because they have been eliminated (and thus no longer care)
    3) the girls in the house are a tad childish for ostracizing a girl (first cindy, then nadia) and boycotting her just because she’s a nuisance. it sounds like highschool all over again to me considering most of these girls are already in their 20s.
    funny how no one mention the above but just keep harping on everything else that she says, huh?
    i am not pro-cindy or whatever nor really care who wins from the current top3, but all in all, i just think she’s a harmless drama queen who has been victimized way more than she deserved.


  39. Ur must be blind or what? Cindy’s acting is too much and you still can say that it’s normal?
    Also the camwhoring part, yes girls love to do it but they don’t ask their brother to take such photos for them. Mainly she’s still in the competition is because of the dad and not any supporter out here.
    While Hanis is mainly because of the audience, who say chinese vote for Adeline? I vote for Hanis, the one who has the X factor and deserve the most among the 3, even a professional, Andrew said so, what more is there to argue who should win this title?
    If Cindy win I’m sure the crowd in 1u is gonna walk away and the claps are limited to 10% .. she just can’t stop bitching, she’s just another spoiled brat that does not do housework and only know how to complain.
    She makes other hate her, and not the audience who wants it that way just cannot tahan her attitude.

  40. Fact is, cindy keeps digging a grave for herself.
    if someone consistently needs to defend his/herself on almost all occasions, it obviously shows that the problem does not lie within the others,SHE IS the problem.
    no doubt, MDG wouldn’t be as popular without her,
    but such “normal” drama queens as you say, only stay as good entertainment, not as worthy winners. Look at ANTM, which nasty-girl ever wins?
    bah~ every girl has her pros and cons.
    let their fanbase decide

    so , HANIS should win.
    CINDY accent PISSES me off to the max man…if we want someone to represent Malaysia…DO U seriously want Cindy to go international and say “YOU KNEOOOWWW,WHATEEEVRRRR…”
    And Adeline’s English is not adequate.
    So Hanis should win, she has moderate english and that’s good enough.
    If Cindy’s dad wasn’t as rich, Do u seriously think she’ll get this far??I bet Jay would be in and Cindy out in top 3.
    Cindy just screams SPOILT BRAT.
    man, talking about Cindy makes me feel angry..*anger anger*

  42. Never really watch this(only watched the auditions).
    I think Hanis looks good in the photos.She deserves this.:)

  43. Vote for HANIS!
    What’s wrong with a model who spoke not so fluent English? Model’s job is basically to deliver good pictures and a good show on catwalk, and not mainly on talking.
    Does anyone here heard of AMBER CHIA speak in English before? She also can be a top model, why not HANIS?
    Cindy spoke very well, so? She bitched too much which is very unprofessional for a model.
    Quite dissapointed with the results of the Top 3 MDG. It’s not very fair if just based on the votes. The results should include some opinions from the professional judges. It seems like Cindy’s family are going out fullforce to vote for her. 15k to her is not a big deal, provided she wins the Latio la. If not, she’s making her dad blindly lost 15k. Sigh….if she wins, that’s too bad cause she is not the material type of Malaysian Dreamgirl.

  44. jayne: dun talk non-sense! what!? u are gonna vote based on english now??! please think before u comment next time ok! u are as brainless as cindy!hiyOOo.

  45. oi, kenny! are you biased towards cindy? her number is 3/her name is placed after adeline’s, why did you place her pictures first?
    other than that, funny post and spot on observations. :p

  46. Yes… indeed all 3 of them have improved meticulously… They should man up till this point…
    Hanis is a sweet girl n nice girl… If she is not into the modelling competition, but in some friendly congeniality competition she will win for sure… But she just really dont have the super model look… When i see her on stage in MIFA… She totally dont have the killer model looks cause she looks soooo sweet…
    As for Adeline… She is tall, sexy n has the look… but her attitude is not aggresive enough to be in this modelling world… To be in the modelling world, a person has to stand up n out; n be aggressive enough to survive the pain in the arse bitching modelling world… cause other models r definately gonna make ur life hell miserable if u r not aggrresive… (this is wat i have learnt from my little past modelling experience)
    All in all… i think Cindy is the best candidate to win the MDG… Cause she has the look + the killer look, the height and her aggressiveness… I hate to admit, i actually dont like her the most among all the top 6 finalist… I always imagine, if i were to be in that house as one of the finalist, i think i would be close to cindy… (cause we both has the bitching quality… LOL… and i dont like her cause she reminds me of myself….) But she really does have all the qualities that a real super model need… If she is wat she claims to be (that she is willing to learn from mistakes, willing to accept criticism and change from there), she can go very far man…
    So yeah, if i were to vote, i’d go for Cindy…. Yes she maybe a bitch.. but which women doesnt bitch around??? Cindy can survive in the modelling world… Good luck to u top 3 finalist!

  47. i think Hanis will win…coz she is the only Malay (i’m not being racist or anything)..n she is quite lovable too…plus, her modeling skill is better than the other 2 finalists =]

  48. i tink hanis rox!!
    I love your representation of each of them. The macam macam Hanis, the malaipoh, yindupoh CIndy, but well, i duno bout Adeline. LOL..
    Cindy is a real KPKB finalist le.. DO scan and show us Cindy’s dad’s Autograph!! hahaa.. her dad super KPKB classic king, no nid DNA test, confirm his daughter!!

  49. Hanis is smart for not showing her braces in photos by finding other poses without smiling but still looking good. But the way she talks is so kampung! looks like a kampung girl also la.
    Adeline’s strength lies in her poise. She stands out easily. But her weakness is in her face. What exactly are her prominent features if she were characterized and seen as a model? I can’t relate.
    Cindy’s expression didn’t appeal in the previous photo shoot. My deja vu tells me she’s going to win. Don’t know why. Maybe her outlook’s stability gives a lot of assurance that if you vote for her, you wouldn’t regret.

  50. Quality Vs Quantity?
    Popularity Vs Talent?
    MDG = OIAM?
    Ada wang = boleh sms = menang
    takda wang = lose
    ada talent = pun lose cause takda wang

    what the hell! The cindy look like a cheap bitch,she is not model material,just look like a slut who work in night club ! And she is damn cheap! She talked like a bitch! and her father does not look like a mature and high class people,it is cheap,what his dad done was cheap,waste so much money to vote ,and want her daughter win ,so childish ,even she won the contest,it is also unfair ..coz she win by his father voted..damn stupid la wei…CINDY= CHEAP BITCH … she got a really BAD attitude!!
    Cheap Cindy,thought she is what !! just look like a CHEAP Chicken!!!!!

  52. As a fashion designer,i really think dat Hanis has potential and should win this competition
    dun worry about her very-malay-accent,you thought those top malaysian models speak good english??some of them even speak lousier than hanis!!
    go and speak with them then u will know,even Amber started to speak better english after she has won de guess competition
    Apart of that,a good attitute is very important for a model,We,fashion designer DO NOT LIKE to work out/hired bad attitute models no matter how potential they are,we just wan models which is helpful and less problem.
    honestly,Cindy doesnt has any potential to be a model,she just look too normal.I really thought that she manage to get in top 3 it’s just because of her VERY-RICH-DAD.I really wonder why there’re ppl thought that she has potential,mayb they are just simply like her or warever??hav u guys ever seens such face in model industry??if she can be a model,that’s mean every gals on the shopping malls can be model as well.I would suggest her to undero plastic surgery.
    she has very bitchy attitute,she gonna been blacklisted after this show,most of my designers’ frens is watching this show and all of them just hate Cindy,we’re not gonna use her.
    hopefully she has better future in Advertising or Acting.
    Hanis definitely is our all time favor~~
    vote for Hanis!!!1

  53. BWAHAHAHHAAHAH…This is so funny!!! OMG, Cindy is super bitchy…But i like her black allure picture though. I have a feeling that Cindy’s dad gotta make sure she wins this competition. Unless…they manipulate the votes and let the best girl win

  54. ok, watching this MDG from the start, i can only see one or two as the grand finale winners, which are supposedly to be JEAN or EYNA or ERNA…oR mayb FIQA but its all based on popularity, and its a miss that JEAN retreat from the competition even before any kick out happens, she’s got the face, the body, the language and the hype…sigh~~~ well, ALL the BesT FOr ADELINE IN FINALS!!!!

  55. That’s so “farnie”!
    Now you’re just missing a haircut from Shawn Cutler (which I think he’ll gladly sponsor)

  56. Gosh this is damn funny..hey get me his autograph too!! hehe..i hope he won’t in turn become a more popular person than the 3 girls! LOL

  57. ah…i dun care who wins…all of them have some potential (note : SOME) which is better than none.
    anyways i noted that some say cindy has the look u can find anywhere in the mall… thats interesting cuz i think i can also find hanis’ look anywhere in a kampung….or mall..or anywhere for that matter in peninsular malaysia…the onli thing that stands out is her thick lips onli. id say as far as this goes adeline has the more special look on photos..cuz her short hair and her face structure… and shes innocent and sweet and nice. and speaks cantonese. so she can make it to hong kong and china and everything. ha~~~ jz my 2 cents for the day~

  58. I didn’t watch at all… dunno wat is going on.
    Just read a lot about them in other ppl’s blogs commenting wat u made in pictorial form.. lol

  59. For Cindy to be in the final 3 based on her family’s votes, then this show is seriously flawed. Her face is hardly model material and her character sucks. Can somebody intervene to make sure she doesn’t win?

  60. Jay should have been one of the top 3. But I guess it’s expected to see the crowd’s favourites – Adeline, Cindy & Hanis – taking the top spots. Seriously, Adeline and Cindy look a little too stereotypical to make it BIG. I can definitely see Hanis making it (at least at the Malaysian level) in the not too distant future. She needs hardwork though… Good luck girls!

  61. wow, anyone else think cindy’s comments about the whole ‘cleaning kitchen’ issue is super hypocritical? So, she won’t wash dishes because she doesn’t get publicity for it? So yeah Cindy says a dreamgirl should have washed the dishes prior to leaving lah and all that.. and yet she is in the running to be one but doesn’t want to wash the dishes herself….
    ‘Who is being fake now?’ – words of the one who couldn’t be more fake. Hell she studied acting so I’m not surprised she’s so good at it.
    If anyone deserves to win MDG, it’s Hanis. If Cindy wins, this show should just change its name to MRG – Malaysian Rich Girl.

  62. it’s U..Y-O-U..who let cindy through! haha
    ok i’d better be careful…cindy’s dad might sue me..i wan autograph too! he’s such an idol..”donated” god knows how many SMS worth of RM1s to MDG! HAHA i bet HE’s the one sponsoring the Nissan Latio! woOhoOo!
    and i agree with cindhypocrite..cindy wouldn’t do the dishes because she won’t get publicity for that..what a looser! why can’t u do the dishes without getting publicity? damn spoilt brat!

  63. No one should win
    just label this as a April Fool’s joke …
    Looks like no one supporting Adeline
    So GO GO Adeline 😀

  64. Cindy father spend over RM20-40k on SMS (I estimated).
    Is a good return of investment. Imagine you can change RM20k to RM90k (Nissan Latio), and some other goodies that worth over RM10k, right? And whoever who voted the most also win something like another RM10k, right? Not so sure though
    Anyway, the conclusion is… by spending over rm20k – rm40k, you might get a ROI of 50% or more.

  65. Cindy has a horse face lah.. small eyes, long nose and face. I really don’t find her stunning, her looks are too normal. She has the height, that’s all. Both her and Adeline ALWAYS look like shit in pictures – and they’re not improving at all.
    I’m Chinese but I’d rather if Hanis won. Language wise, she can always learn. It’s not like she speaks bad grammar or something, it’s just a very Malay accent. I’m sure that when she gains more exposure to situations that require her to speak in the modelling industry, she’ll improve.

  66. Dont think 3 of them have what it takes to be a supermodel, maybe in acting career suit them better (especially Cindy)….
    Cant really chose 1 of my fav out of them because in my mind, the picture of “supermodel” is someone as outstanding as Amber. 3 of them are just too common
    and the bitchiness in Cindy is a big turn off!!
    But if i were to vote for 1, my choice would be Hanis…. She does have more potential then the others and she is only 18! More time and space for her to grow.

  67. Hanis has the most potential among the three… hope she wins… but i think Cindy’s dad’s money is going to win it…
    Conclusion: the top three are all there coz of money… at least one of them half deserves to be there…

  68. The part 7 of episode 16 revealed that on phone conversation, Adeline’s close family are scared and not confident at all about the last elimination against Ringo because Ringo has a huge fan base. And yet Ringo was voted out which was a big shock. Even with the huge fan base, Ringo can simply be a champion. That means voting system could be screwed up by MDG crews who prefer Adeline to stay back instead of Ringo? Seeing that Ringo was voted out, there is possibility that Adeline could be champion. Anyway, I might be wrong.
    Adeline! Go! Go! Try your best!

  69. hanis is waaay hotter than those two =D. their puffy faces doesn’t exactly compliment their ‘professional photoshoots’.

  70. you are too good in stepping them ……….
    such a nice picture that you been act about their true face in the show………
    can’t believe you are this kind of judge that keep back stab them

  71. jizzy…kenny jz making a parody of the 3…nothing reli personal or ‘backstabbing’ them..lolz. if everyone can see it as a little lighthearted joke and laugh a little and get on wif it, theres no reason why u cant…lolz~

  72. Ala… look at our top models in malaysia like amber chia and tengku azura. you think they speak good english ar? aiyoooo… they speak worse than hanis la oi!
    So vote for Hanis!
    She deserves the title!

  73. Don’t care lah, tomorrow, if anyone of you really worry Cindy get the top spot, go bring some eggs and tomatoes and throw at her lah.
    Really cannot tahan her.

  74. What? They blossomed into professional models and defeated 9 other models?
    Haloooo? Cindy has his father as back up, Hanis is a Datin? Adeline have so many supporters in Sg Wang?
    This is called defeat? This is not even a fair competition to begin with…
    Judges has no say at all even if they believe that another contestant, eg Jay can do better than Cindy and Adeline…
    Yah yah everyone please vote coz Kenny and all the other ppl involved in producing this show definitely needs the extra PROFIT

  75. Quality Vs Quantity?
    Popularity Vs Talent?
    MDG = OIAM?
    Ada wang = boleh sms = menang
    takda wang = lose
    ada talent = pun lose cause takda wang
    I came across this! Damn, you’re right. This is exactly what I’m talking about. I sure hopes HANIS win. Vote for her!!

  76. Don’t care lah, tomorrow, if anyone of you really worry Cindy get the top spot, go bring some eggs and tomatoes and throw at her lah.
    Really cannot tahan her.
    //This is another funny one.. Yea, right.. Throw eggs at her, and rick being sue for her daddy? Muahahaha.. Like it’s gonna happen, lol..

  77. cindy is really getting bitchier and bitchier omg!! how could anyone stand her?? and now she has turned against adeline, who has supported her when all the others turned against her last time. i really can’t believe her (cindy). i hope hanis wins. adeline doesnt has what it takes.

    Dear Kenny,
    That is not discrimination.
    That shows how much your supports are inclined toward some contestants.
    It is not about their names in alphabetical order, but each of the contestants has their contestant number.
    You should have just went accroding to that order, and not otherwise :\
    Blah, this is just a minor matter and I don’t see it having any bearing towards the result.
    P/S: I have nothing against you, and I still frequent your blog almost every other day. Hope you take this as a constructive critisism/comment (whichever way you will take it) from an unknown someone.

  79. dear kenny,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! AS ONE OF THE JUDGES, JUDGE AT THE FINALS CAN? if you are not going to judge at the finals, why even bother calling yourself a judge?
    walao! judges, JUST JUDGE IT can?!!!!
    and i think hanis is the best among the three. somehow, despite her macam-ness and manja-ness, she has a better personality as compared to cindy, and she has a better look as compared to adeline.
    sorry to all the supporters of cindy and adeline la. that’s just my opinion. peace.

  80. No comment, as none of them are my favourite. But will try to go and support at 1U. I very dulan Kenny Sia and want to ush him on the spot, becoz he took pics with a lot of nice chicks.

  81. just-in : FYI i was just pointing out that English is not everything because of the previous comments that criticized Hanis’ English over Cindy’s. And i was commenting on their comments. Pfft!

  82. i’m agreeing with lol. can the judges judge on the grand finale? if it’s based on votes, omg, we clearly would know who will be the winner. Obviously would be Cindy as her family has been her ONLY major contribution to her SMS votes.
    It’s proven. First few weeks, she was in the bottom 3, continuously. Why things change all of a sudden? Because she clearly FORCED her parents that she wants to be in Top 6. Please don’t tell me everyone suddenly started to feel she has got what it takes and vote for her. Utterly ridiculous!
    Anyway, the judges should judge in the grand finale. If not why do we have them in the first place? Make a change for the better KENNY! You won’t want the first Malaysian Dreamgirl to be a disgrace!

  83. i’m agreeing with lol. can the judges judge on the grand finale? if it’s based on votes, omg, we clearly would know who will be the winner. Obviously would be Cindy as her family has been her ONLY major contribution to her SMS votes.
    It’s proven. First few weeks, she was in the bottom 3, continuously. Why things change all of a sudden? Because she clearly FORCED her parents that she wants to be in Top 6. Please don’t tell me everyone suddenly started to feel she has got what it takes and vote for her. Utterly ridiculous!
    Anyway, the judges should judge in the grand finale. If not why do we have them in the first place? Make a change for the better KENNY! You won’t want the first Malaysian Dreamgirl to be a disgrace!

  84. adeline is sexy? O.O which part of her is sexy?! puuhhhleeeaaazeee lar. her features are so forgettable and her speech is a major turn-off.
    adeline and cindy are both very, very, common looking girls. i’m so not WOWed by them.
    the only memorable thing about cindy is her being annoyingly LOUD. like a mosquito with its constant buzzing and all you want to do is give it a big whack. :S
    hanis’s english is considerably good compared to many malay friends i have and i agree with andrew regarding the x-factor. a tad bit annoying with her manja-ness but when she’s doing the catwalk/shoots, a totally different side of her emerges.

  85. different ppl have different opinions. i am currently voting for Cindy because i think she has the potential and actually all 3 of them do. but i will have to pick cindy over hanis. i have totally no idea why.

  86. im a good friend of hanis. FYI, she does speak english FLUENTLY. so maybe you people think she’s not photogenic but she does have the height and really thin. so that’s criteria to be a model 🙂
    yes she’s abit manja but at leaaast she does not whine about even tiny things unlike cindy who is much older than her behaving in that way. and she doesn’t fake her attitude in the show. cindy tries really hard to speak english with ‘slang’ in it(yes we know, she just came back from oversea and all) sorry, so fake lah.
    adeline got potential too, but she needs to brush up her english that’s all.
    and duhh of course ill vote for hanis zalikha 🙂

  87. MDG, they don’t have The One to hold that title.
    Hanis has the looks, but not quite the attitude and the speech (definitely) to be MDG.
    Adeline, has the looks and high potential in modelling industry, but gota brush up on certain parts and her language. She can emerge to be the best of those 3.
    Cindy, she’s only mediocre. Not very photogenic, not suitable for the modelling field. Complains too much.
    Among the 3, I’d say Hanis will win the title, if she has enough votes.
    But overall, I’d say THERE’S NO TRUE WINNER.

  88. To Cindy (Sin-die)’s supporters….
    How much is her dad paying you to make her look good ??

  89. By looking at all of the pictures(including the old ones), my fav is actually Nadia, but she got voted out. =( And the 2nd one is Ringo who also got voted out. =(
    As for the top 3… I’m afraid I’ll have to say that none of them is my favourite. Too bad.

  90. after watching the final episode of MDG, you know with all the drama going on, blaming each n everyone.. somehow i can’t help but feel that the ones tat are actually making things worst are the ppl tat are interviewing each girls every week. i’m sure they went like oh who n who said something about you, so what do you have to say in return. those kinda stuff actually sort of like makes things worst, is like making a big thing out of nothing at all. blown out of proportion.

  91. i like manja gals 🙂
    but…hanis is too skinny. she does not have the figure at all. not suitable for certain clothings. whereas adeline has it all 😀

  92. Cindy is so fake, theres nothing genuine about her except the fact that shes genuinely annoying! if she wins its ONLY because of her family…then this show should be renamed “Cindy’s Families DReamGIRL” coz she definately doesnt represent a Malaysian Dream Girl. We dont need some fake wannabe like her taking the title. Adeline and Hanis are both nice..they have nice personalities. Although…this time round my vote is for HANIS!

  93. The dresscode is : Dressing hotter than Cindy
    P.S: Here’s a way to hit back on Cindy, bring lots of toomaaaytooooessss and throw it at her.
    she lurves em tommaaatoesss.

  94. i think its VERY low of you all to be bashing Cindy’s family (dont get too personal – dont do unto others as you wouldnt have others do unto you) — wont your family do the same? — if not, TOO BAD!! You just might be the BLACK SHEEP of the fam…just might be…
    it just goes on to show how poorly EDUCATED and narrow minded you lot are…talking out of your arse!…hahaha…no offence!

  95. she said she’s holding a degree in performing arts or media or what not but when the acting challenge came about, she totally lost it! and not only that,she’s quite a soar loser! when u lost, accept it and improve on it. NO, she went and comment on hw undeserving adeline won.
    we know la, adeline cannot speak as fluent english as you, which actually all she has is the added slang. Aih, i wonder where did she study man in overseas? she totally wasted her money and gave back all her knowledge to her lecturer! pitiful!
    And it’s already towards the final and she;s acting as though she’s already not popular enough for her bytchiness, she kept on bad-mouthing on other girls! i wonder is she even have any girl friends?
    about her seductive pictures at her blog. one word. EWWWW. such a disgrace to post such photos on your own blog. WORST still, her brother is her photographer. i wonder if the bro ever reacts. if he does it’ll be incest! LIKE OMFG.
    I can’t imagine our next Malaysian Dreamgirl to be like this. Eh but maybe she can take good lingerie pic yea? provided if u stop her from talking and cut her face out since her facial expression is BLANK.

  96. If Cindy wins the dream girl title, the judges should do a Seppuku to apologise to the Malaysians
    Model? Dream girl? u can ask Cindy to stop day dreaming, she’s the type of girl who bring nightmares to guys when she opens her mouth!

  97. Whoever wins, congrats to all participants for putting themselves up for public scrutiny. Exposure will yield results for some who didn’t fit the criteria for judges,It’s more about Popularity than Talent. My biggest take from this competition is the high percentage of Viciously PETTY subscribers.
    Those looking for “THIN” in models must be blind not to realise it is Not representative of The Average Woman(Biggest consumers of Fashion).
    Insistance for BEAUTY & THIN by mostly “HUGLY” designers,is to present their work as if on a mannequin. Tyra Banks refused starving herself to present an UNREALISTIC Image just to satisfy some designers’ EGO.

  98. hey today is the grand there any way to watch the vid live from the internet? im not in msia see~~ xD

  99. sorry
    but i really hate cindy
    no way she is winning the title
    better be HANIS
    at least she has the PASSION
    thats the most important thing
    adeline n cindy , no way man
    its total bull shit if they won
    vote for HANIS

  100. these are our dreamgirls? wont be getting wet for sure. ONly Hanis is presentable. The other 2 pls go home la.

  101. Hanis has the most potential to win the FIRST MDG title. period.
    p/s: should create a voting system online as well so that malaysians in foreign countries can support their favorite dreamgirl.
    all in all, HANIS should win!!!

  102. actually to be honest.. i dun see any of them will become model lo… compare to like america’s next top model – I noe kenot compare la..but even the crappy girls in ANTM has better pictures lo. And more different facial expressions too.. it’s kind of funny to say they are the top three yet their facial expressions in all photos are almost the same, except for the summer one where they have to be smiling. Other than that, they put on the same face, thinking it’s the model face. Like harlo – they cannot be serious right? And to think they will eventually become models, ROFL – please la, amber chia is big in malaysia and yet don’t appear in couture shows (correct me if i’m wrong). And all this while people are talking about being catwalk models etc etc – I think they are lucky to be even considered for commercials.

  103. Hanis – macam queen.
    It’s a no doubt that Hanis has the better features and the skinny-o. but i think she lacks personality for this competition, unless u call a “macam macam” conversation charming? more to go.
    Cindy – complain queen.
    I have no comments bout Cindy, as she’s obviously in the Top 3 because of her scarily-supporting family. In a long run, how far can Cindy go, if she still wanna depend on her dad like this?
    Adeline – i-don’t-smile queen.
    She seems to be playing the lie-low character in the contest. but it’s a no-doubt that she did improved, isn’t it? other than her usual i-don’t-smile photoshoots, i think she has more than what we see. nevertheless, her no-no-smile seems to suit her photo-personality perfectly.

  104. Hanisss! She should win the title. Adeline’s look is the same in every picture! Facial expression is dull. Cindy talks too much

  105. i dont think hanis is suitable for this title
    if u vote for malaysia suci dreamgirl.
    she is the one u such vote for!

  106. Hanis should win although she can’t speak proper English. After all, there’s always room for improvement 🙂 And about Cindy, I dislike her the most. C’mon, she just know how to rant and bitch. Cindy, Malaysian Dream girl? Oh please!
    Vote for Hanis ya all!!!

  107. Vote for HANIS!!!
    Vote for HANIS!!!
    Vote for HANIS!!!
    I wouldn’t say she is the best…but she’s definitely 1000000000x better than Cindy. She’s so fake! NO potential at all. Some more criticized on Adeline’s acting was too soft and can’t hear the words! Adeline WON the challenge anyway, so what? Cindy should mirror herself before criticizing/complaining others.
    Let’s us team up and vote for HANIS. I believe with our unity, our votes can beat her family’s votes.

  108. this is turning out to be one big DRAMA….
    Whoever win this competition, please do not let it be Cindy. I really don’t like her since the starting of the competition.
    Although the youngest in the competition, I think Hanis is the most is kinda mature in handling the situation by NOT being involved in Adeline vs. Cindy.
    I really hope Hanis to win…

  109. I think this MDG is a total crap especially the top 3 consist of these 3 girls that none of them looks like a model AT ALL…
    Look at Adelaine… my god, an Ah Lian for MDG? NO WAY!!!! She looks as if she got no idea what’s going on and I don’t understand why she is here for too…
    The rest of the two…oh god!!! Do they have the quality??? I don’t think so… I think this is a totaly crap

  110. Cindy : I voted for Cindy and i really want her to win. She isnt as bad as we think she is, she’s just misunderstood.She might not have the model quality BUT she’ll do a good job in hosting. I bet i’ll see her hosting soon enough on TV. She’s always introducing the things they’re doing and explained in details. And she speaks well too, i do notice that when someone speak good english, they tend to talk with a lil accent. Besides, she studied in aust and u have to talk with an accent to the aussie. so totally understable. Hope she wins!
    Hanis : miss innocent-goody-two-shoes, she may seem all innocent n goody but she’s bitchy more than we know it “got this from internal source”. And the way she talks !!! omgosh!!! horrible. Why she doesnt talk bad about others or bitch about them?? because she cant even speak a proper sentence at all. If this show is not in english but in BM, i’ll think u’ll see her bitching about other girls alot. There are a few times i noticed she wanted to bitch about them….but halfway thru talking in english, she cant seem to think of the word in enligsh then she’ll just cut it short and make silly noises *which ppl think is so manja-ish* true fact, she cant explain well in english. she doesnt seem intelligent either. Some of u think she’s matured enough to not get invovled in Cindy & Adeline misunderstanding…its not she did not get her involved but because she doesnt know how to express herself in english. danm dumb lor. She cant win !! she’ll memalukan malaysia with her english!
    Adeline : we cant let ah lian rule us !! altho i enjoy listening to her talk. damn funny !!! i laughed at every sentence.

  111. eh please lah. cindy’s english is not good ok. just because she studied in australia and came back with some pseudo-australian accent doesn’t make her english good. she makes so many grammatical errors all the time. she can speak more fluently than hanis and adeline but seriously, her english isn’t good at all. and it’s amazing how much crap can come out of her mouth. 80% of what she says is nonsense.

  112. she can’t pronounce ‘translucent’ properly either. she thinks she’s good at so many things but she’s not.
    on a side note, i’m glad ringo the unscrupulous liar is out.

  113. When kennysays certain ppl hv improved alot he is right but that doesnt mean they shld be crowned dreamgirl. Come on la, when one starts as a shiat, she has more upward potential. How low can she go anyway when she is at the bottom. When one is already at the top, say Kate Moss, what sort of improvement do u want to dig out of her?
    I hv yet to see ONE single episode of this crap show but only looking at the pics KS posted here and I can tell u that these girls are no where near modelling material. Of cos some agency will lap them up like stars. I mean even the judges hv to talk thru their nose and lying tongues to say that they r good. What a load of rubbish.
    The whole show was concocted to become the FIRST online reality show (yahoo got into Msia Book of Cheap Records alongside those longest roti canai parades) and at the same time to sucker money from these model wannabes’ parents. Seriosuly, who wud gv a shiat if hanis, adeline or cindy wins? Why dont i just save my sms money for better causes like treating myself to jln alor and look at ah gua? Ah gua better looking rite? Not that i fancy such occasions.
    It has been a hype all along and nothing but a cheap show. The tiel says Dreamgirl but end of the day it turned out to be a model search show. What la. Doont we hv other shows already? If u r talking abt dreamgirl, it means a girl whom a guy can take out to socialise and back home and parents would be proud of. Not when u hv girls bitching and cursing. Is this a dreamgirl your parents hoping their kids to find?

  114. cindy u suck!!
    your family suck!!
    use money to buy vote!!
    nothing good about you!!
    you damn suck!!
    if u win.. you cant ast long in this model industrial!
    you might be better be porn star model!

  115. cindy u suck!!
    your family suck!!
    use money to buy vote!!
    nothing good about you!!
    you damn suck!!
    if u win.. you cant last long in this model industrial!
    you might be better be porn star model!

  116. results are out!
    1st: cindy
    2nd: adeline
    3rd: hanis
    aiyayah, honestly, even if this is not a model-search dreamgirl competition but a REAL dreamgirl contest (the kind of girl as ur sweetheart/gf and who has inner and outer beauty and who u want to date and can bring home to parents type), i also cannot think of a single one in top 6 who can perfectly fit the criteria except possibly hanis, who come close to it:
    cindy: too loud, cakap a lot before she thinks
    adeline: too skittish, typical chinese-ed kid with no backbone
    hanis: cant think of any major faults except her dig-road (hokkien) tendency
    nadia: too fierce and pushy and conceited.
    jay: diplomatic throughout the show, but see what happen once she got eliminated — refuse to do dishes before leaving dreamhome and mock cindy’s behavior at post-elimination interview
    ringo: shameless, downright hypocrite, faker, dumb liar to boot, yucks!
    i dont want to comment on their outer beauty, but the conclusion — all the girls have somewhat defect inner beauty.
    dreamgirls kononnya, provide me nightmares and drama got la.

  117. Winner goes to Cindy, followed by Adeline, and Hanis is the third…
    Unpredicatable result..
    But I am glad that Adeline got the second

  118. was there any kind of protest or outroar when cindy won? please tell me there was. this is such an injustice!

  119. totally unfair!!! bet that cindy’s dad pays all the voters and spent thousands of ringgit for voting…DAMN NOT FAIR!!!

  120. well this show has just lost its credibility. Certainly not going to watch the next MDG if there’s goin to be one.
    Out of the top 3, Hanis should’ve won if this show was ever a model search. She shows the most potential compared to Cindy and Adeline both on the runway and in photoshoots, though all 3 of them were meagre and ‘normal’ at best.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hanis ends up doing better in the modelling industry compared to Cindy (if they both went into it). This’d be just like that American Idol season 5 where Taylor Hicks won but Chris Daughtry who got voted off, ended up being much more successful than Taylor Hicks.
    and yeah, if MDG was Malaysian Dad’s Girl, then Cindy should win no contest.

  121. i couldnt believe Hanis lost =(
    but anyway, we cant really blame cindy’s dad, can we? he loves his daughter..fair enough

  122. true true. we can’t blame her dad. If you are a millionaire, definitely you wil support your own daugther right?

  123. i am officially not watching the next Malaysian Dreamgirl anymore.
    Worst, i’m not even admitting that this show has ever existed.
    Such an embarrassment.
    One disastrous Malaysian Dreamgirl is enough to deteriorate Malaysian’s position in the modelling industry.
    Enough is enough.

  124. i cant fucking believe that tart won….she looks like any normal chinese girl walking down petaling street..she walks like a fucking cow as well…what a ultimate waste of time spent watching this show…please make sure u dont even think of having a second season next year

  125. wtf! its not even a joke ok! not funny at all! CINDY WON WTFFTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mdg i really hope i can point tht middle finger. i cant believe they dare to let her win.
    next mdg = die
    *angry disappointed* i can bitch well and my dad has money probably i should join next year create alot of drama, appear as sex bomb, tomayytoes, rite rite rite, call ppl ma lai puo and in du puo, “sue ta men” and all
    WTF!!!!! unbelievable!

  126. cant believe it man…. she won that title
    totalyly not deserving
    sad case for MDG
    no more ppl gonna watch it
    lousy show
    i thought the show was looking for models
    ended up let the public vote. wtf man….

  127. omg cindy won? thank God i didn’t bother wasting my time going to ou.
    So now, our Malaysian Dreamgirl show has officially become the worst joke of the year.
    I don’t even know to feel humiliated to be a Malaysian or what.You know what? The quality of our Malaysian Dreamgirl, Cindy perfectly suits the quality of Malaysia (third world country).
    Yeah, her ‘Dream’ to be the Malaysian Dreamgirl has come true. Why? because daddy’s lil girl got all her votes from daddy~ That explains why Malaysia is flooded with corruption. Selfish or rich people start bribing to get what they want. True enough..
    And also, someone commented on her pictures on her blog? i’m so agreeing with you! Will she be taking pornographic pictures as a start? AIH, even if she does, she doesn’t even have the body to look good..
    So will she be giving horrible pictures and GOSSIP all day long in the future? Is she portraying the Malaysian Dreamgirl? If she does, she’s not my and i’m sure everyone’s beautiful dream. She’ll be our worst nightmare! ahhhhhhh!
    To be honest, her face is as flat as a pancake. But she doesn’t even want to try to make herself look good in pictures. How la like that? i know! MDG must have gained a rather huge profit. To redeem the image, you should be sponsoring her plastic surgery!
    I’m not being mean, it’s just she doesn’t want to improve herself. When someone is so stubborn and spoilt, the only way to change her is totally change what she already has. Sorry to say this but cindy, you’re a humiliation to Malaysia.

    Thanks to her lovely Daddday~~
    So rich still need a Latio and RM10k???
    She looked so lan ci during the finale.
    Oh is unfair =)

  129. did someone say cindy is good at hosting?
    for fuck’s sake, everytime she speaks i feel like slapping her damn face. her voice is sooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying in that fucking retarded accent. Well, she just projected all her eww-factor to the whole of msia, sg and god knows what.
    gosh. cindy-fking-bitch.
    msia dreamgirl totally lost it. to think ive been following it for so long.

  130. To all cindy’s critics
    Cindy i love you!!!

  131. congrat to 1st ever Malaysia Dream-bitchy Girl,finally we hav this kind of slutty bitchy face in model industry.
    May her bitch-ness bring her brilliant future in modeling.
    god bless.
    ps:her dad must be so damn happy

  132. Yes I saw her dad’s face when they announced Adeline as runner up (which means Cindy wins)..he was so so so so so happy and gay (happy)
    Well , he has to be…all that money wasted on sms…bwahaahahahhahahaha

  133. Hey Kenny,can’t believe your picture sequence of the top 3 actually says their position in the finale results!

  134. You know, seriously I don’t even know why they made it a voting system. Why can’t the judges just choose themselves? I’m sure Elaine Daly alone would have done a good job.

  135. With so many votes from her daddy, it’s a hollow victory for Cindy. She may think that she has become Cinderella but she’s wearing the shoes bought by her daddy & she’s no better than one of those Cinderella’s bitchy step-sisters!

  136. I wonder if Cindy can actually do well at all after winning this. Designers won’t want to work with her cos she’s difficult, cannot take good photos, and absolutely cannot catwalk. She can’t do commercials cos so many people hate her and wouldn’t buy anything she endorses. Her acting is too over the top so she cannot make it in acting either. Her English is not good so i don’t think she can host English programs. So i guess she’s only left with hosting Chinese shows, but she pronounces ‘ren'(person) as ‘len’. So it doesn’t seem like she can do anything in this industry, actually. She totally blew her chances. No point winning anyway.
    I understand that a father would do everything he could to help his daughter, but can he and his relatives really be proud of her winning a competition not because of her own ability, but because of his money?
    MDG was really planned badly. The judges hardly did any judging at all, the voting system was a great flaw, etc. If it’s possible to air shows on TV on time, how difficult can it be to do the same online? And Kenny Sia, must you insult some of these girls so cruelly? You’re trying to be funny at other people’s expense – and it’s not funny.

  137. I think I repeat this many times:
    most people complained and whine that Cindy is a B*tch, b*tching about her .. but…personally, aren’t they reacting as Cindy too? – complaining whining yada yada blah blah… they are becoming Cindy themselves…
    Don’t teach a crab to walk when they cannot walk properly themselves….
    And please la, don’t even call it Malaysian Daddy Girl or Malaysian Buyer Dreamgirl… because she does have supporters who votes for her ok? Her votes are not solely from her families. I know because my friends voted for her.

  138. Supporters? More like the staff working for her father’s company. They were asked to vote for her, and her father will bear all the sms expenses. They dare not defy because her father will definitely know how many times each staff voted based on the phone bill.
    In this contest, money is everything

  139. MDG is a waste of time and MONEY!!! wasting money into voting for some useless winner. cindy is so bithcy can die. i wonder what her voters see in her? i won’t watch any show having her as the host. *pukes*

  140. CINDY WON !!! WOOHOO ~ at least my vote is not put to waste. U guys are just jealous of her, seriously, she is just misunderstood. she isnt as bad as u think she is, the camera and people in the house is simply jealous of her because she’s better off and educated. while the rest are…simply setakat spm level. Enough with her accent pls, at least she speak with good english unlike FIQA. Fiqa critizes Cindy with her accent, but do u realized Fiqa speaks with a fake accent too? but her’s is worst cos she cant speak well but nak “berspeaking” english pula. and why she keep on stressing that she’s half chinese? isnt she supposed to be porud to be a malay? hmmm

  141. When you watch american idol…you see those with the most supporters win the competition. And you will not be surprised majority of the ppl love the winner.
    Malaysian dream girl on the other hand…look at the comments here!!! I think more than 80% hates the winner, i.e cindy. And you wonder who votes for her when so many ppl hates her!!!???
    Malaysia Boleh!!!

  142. First time putting down my comments here. No doubt Cindy has a lot of weaknesses, but at least she is always trying to improve herself and she handles critics well prior to all the dramas she had got. And this is something good about her. There are people who couldn’t stand her behavior or character but I know her personally and she is not as bad as what people thought to be. No doubts, impression do counts, but with sheer determination to improve and succeed, people will gradually see her in a different way in future. And I have confident in her that she will improve on herself.
    People make mistakes, but there are always chances to improve and learn. Give her a chance despite all the cricticsm she had been through, she is actually willing to listen and willing to learn, if you talk to her properly. 🙂

  143. omg give her a break..Cindy deserved the tittle, I’d say..
    I’m currently in Aussie for studies now and almost everyone here esp the locals thinks Cindy has what it takes to be the MDG. Looks, attitude and the bitchiness every model has. that fcked face is wat u need. tis nt a beauty pageant okay. face it!
    Hanis the goody goody type is so NOT top model material..look at Kate Moss or Tyra Banks!!
    Everyone is accusing that only her dad voted for’s unfair cos many of my frens voted for Cindy too!

  144. I always admire confident girls packaged with brain plus beauty and a good fashion sense which explained my pick, Cindy!!
    Jst that the typical Asian culture condemn girls like that. They go for cute, innocent, friendly girl next door like Rainie HANIS is the public favourite… #$$%$@*
    I wouldn’t want a Dream Girl that can’t speak proper English and carries herself like a 10 year old.

  145. haha Cindy won and now everyone has turned into sour grapes. I kind of didn’t care who won when Jay and Eyna got kicked out so I’m kinda whatever with the results.
    A few things MGD should take note of for 2nd season.
    I dunno who the photographers are because the site has never credited any of them, but most of the shots and lighting prepared are really horrible. seriously the guy has no composition sense whatsoever. ex Savannah Too photoshoot, Jay’s photo. Nice dress, nice model nice chandeliers, but what the hell you can see the pipes on the walls. Cropping it or darkening the background would be good.
    Cameraman, please please stop shaking the bloody camera and make sure the models are actually in frame!!!!
    Editing crew, please to be using Adobe After Effects and actually use the sharpen/color balance tools. I know Malaysian cameras are shitty but editing does wonders you know. Plus the flow of parts in an episode is not really smooth.
    heh I wonder what kind of people will audition for the next MGD. I hope more people like Cindy come in. The internet is much more itneresting with people like her around.

  146. Most likely those who voted for Cindy are whiners like her. Birds of the same feathers flock together!

  147. I noticed that all the supporting comments for ‘Cindy the Bitch’ were actually posted by da same person a.k.a grace. cos she posted da same thing in other blogs too.
    Btw grace, do u actually hav brains? how can someone like that represent Msia? she’s da worst among de other 11 contestants. im still wondering how she got through in that auntie face.
    Anyway, i went for da Grand Finale. even her DAD was ashamed to admit that he’s Cindy’s daddy when Elaine Daly kept on asking where he was. HahA! N if u went last night, i guess u wud hav seen very clearly how terrible is her catwalk n poses compared to da rest.
    Oh my goodness. u call her confident? did u actually listen to what Sazzy said during da elimination part? she said Cindy was actually NOT confident enough. oh my goodness. u call that brain + beauty?? is she actually beautiful?? i think she looks younger in long hair but still fugly… now she look just like an auntie/old ugly cunt.. n if she’s got brain, she wouldnt lose da acting part to a newbie Adeline. she has a degree for acting for goodness sake. no doubt her daddy buys her da degree too. plus she still hav face to criticise da winner for bad acting. she can’t even win da person who she thought was acting poorly? that really gave me a gud laugh.. N lastly, u think she has fashion sense? this actually surprised me. just look at her photos n compare to any contestants. enuf said..
    Anyway, someone said.. “come on la. dont hate cindy because she’s rich….” she actually rich? just bcos of that ‘Pink Atos’ she has? or her ‘chamber’? Real rich ppl dont buy Atos ok.. n her ‘chamber’ look very simple. n look at what she bought when she show off in her blogs about shopping before joining mdg. just normal brands or no-brands stuff rite. i bet everyone in msia r afford to buy what she bought. cmon guys… there r many ppl out there who r richer than her but doesnt show off like what she did.. she’s just a wannabe! not every rich kids are spoilt ok? pls dont brand da rich kids spoilt cos sometimes da normal class kids also spoilt a.k.a Cindy! it’s just that her daddy is willing to fetch out some money for a risky investment for greater sum in return.. i bet every msians hav that amount of money but not willing to waste it on this stupid show.. remember what her dad said when Jay was safe from elimination? Haha..
    U said.. “Jst that the typical Asian culture condemn girls like that. They go for cute, innocent, friendly girl next door like Rainie Yang” what are u? just because u voted for a Bitch doesnt mean that u’re greater than anyone else. please dont insult da whole Asian for that Bitch. she’s not worth it. in case u didnt notice, not many ppl are actually supporting Ringo either who’s also “cute, innocent, frenly gal next door”. so how can u justify that? 🙂
    Thus if everybody is complaining about her, this obviously shows that she da one having problem. cos if she doesnt, i guess many wud defend her too. n not You Alone.
    I guess ur ‘frens’ u mentioned who voted for Cindy is just ‘you’ alone.. i ‘salute’ u that u can stand that kind of attitude n still supporting her despite all da criticisms by majority n defending her by using a number of different nicks in every blogs u cud find.
    P/s : u said u’re in Aussie now rite? Im wondering how u guys vote for her since only accept msian votes r accepted… 🙂
    To Cindy : u’re such a disgrace to represent JB.. or worse, Msia! Pray hard that nobody would throw tomayytoess at u since u love it so muchie!

  148. hey guys, i think if they change title of the event, then everyone would not be as angry. I suggest: Malaysian nightmare girl, Malaysian most sms sent, First Malaysian purchased car thru sms, Cheapest brand new car. If you wanna keep the title, that’s fine, but you have to mute Cindy and reverse the winning order.
    Also, MDG people have naming or english problem? the content of the show consist mostly modeling, why call it dreamgirl? are you (MDG crew) stupid?

  149. What’s so great about a modelling show like MDG? A woman is just a combination of muscle, fat, bone, skin, hair, nail, saliva, bile, mucous, uri** & sh**!

  150. MDG not stupid, they are like BN, want to give the show a glamour name, so that they can con ppl like Cindy’s father to vote as much as he can…
    IF not how the crew can profit from the show?
    They are not charity organisation you know?
    Their main reason is to earn profit. And i tink they succeed in doing so thanks to Cindy and her family …kekek

  151. shiat face also can win. I like it!
    That’s sms voting to you. Main aim is to make money not find real talent or whatever shiat.
    May this be a lesson learnt for u guys who aim to support such gimmicks shows next time around.

  152. Grace said that aussie locals prefer Cindy, like memanglah they prefer her coz they don’t understand Hanis and Adeline when they are talking. Duh. But we are not choosing Aussie’s Dreamgirl’s Malaysian Dreamgirl..and Cindy absolutely spoilt the who can’t catwalk and take goodshots won the title, absolutely ridiculous.

  153. I pity for those of you kept on bitching about those girls. I am sure that all of them did their best but the results depends on the sms votes and if this is the way how people want to find talent in malaysia, i think it’s ashamed cuz real talent does not come from sms voting. Real talents come from real judges. Look at America’s Next Top Model…they did serious judging and u can see the real outcome from the models. I never agreed with voting competitions.
    Anyway, it is so called a reality show. Reality shows arent that real. Believe me i know cuz i’ve been in one. All the want is the drama and usually the directors and editors work together to bring the drama out without focusing on the models real talent and growth in the show. Speaking of editing, this show has bad editing. The sound changes at times and rough cuts in between scenes.
    As for the person who kept on bitching about cindy or whoever… i think it’s low for u to do so. Cuz u don’t now what exatly happened behind the scenes..Don’t be so quick to judge and get influenced by what other models might say.
    I seriously think that all of them did very best and so whatt if cindy wins and so what if her dad suppoted her and spending all those money to vote for her…did it ever accured to you that maybe she won the title by her fan’s votes?
    To all the models… keep on learning and grab every opporunity you’ve got..losing this game does not mean its the end.
    They are not professionals yet.. They are still ametuers trying to break in to the industry. Give the winner a chance.
    Kudos to Sazzy and Elaine for being a good role models to those girls. THats the real Malaysian Dreamgirl!

  154. Cindy won…swt wtf…
    I haven’t seen much of MDG, just enough to decide who was more qualified to win MDG…NONE
    Seriously i can’t find any of them attractive or dream-like at all. Ok la if u say it’s to find models then that’s another thing. But seriously, this show is seriously overrated. Really disspointed with the show and it’s outcome.
    I’m not bias but i don’t see champion material in her. She walks like she’s going to walk into a wall and knock it down and then go through another and again and again. Please la, catwalk bukan marching la…i dun think NS was available duting her years, wonder how she learnt that.
    I’m going to just shut up in disgust. As they say, u don’t have to win to be MDG, Chris Daughtry of American Idol proved that.

  155. cindy face do look like an ape from planet of the apes. can someone pls google a good planet of teh apes pic and post it here?

  156. Haha.. so funny. Everyone hates the first Malaysian “Dreamgirl”… what a huge flop. Dunno how is she able to endorse anything if nobody likes her…

  157. “lol cindy won? haha … worst joke of the year xD”
    You better believe it, and it’s only (almost) May! 😀

  158. onli ppl with no seemingly particular life to live for will hate a girl thats onli seen in online videos in a lame show who might or might not be the kind of person u complain about… and its jz amazing how ppl can do it, every, single, day….GOSH some ppl are jz so free…..and lame.

  159. actually kenny, that suggestion of yours to boycott them blog-wise if they don’t change the voting system, is great!
    it won’t change the outcome of this season, but it will make a huge difference for the next 😀

  160. I have been following MDG, it is a very amusing show…..
    When I found out this girl won from kim ong’s blog (I am overseas) I had to read some comments to prove that I have not gone blind/ bonkers. Haha. I then informed a friend who is not a follower of MDG of the winner. And I requested him to just watch 1 episode (final episode) and see how she speaks/ complains. To him it was like Malaysia’s Nightmare girl lol. To those who are blinded by her homebaked so-called aus accent and claimed that she speaks good english. The fact is her english is quite atrocious.
    I totally dig malaysia’s reality shows. This brings back fond memories of Malaysia’s Most beautiful. The winner was a girl that ran away from home. The 1st runner up was a ditz.

  161. i wish Hanis could at least start a blog for me to read…
    letting me know that she is still better off without the price, with lots of modelling job..
    tell her..
    tell her..

  162. alison has been offered a job at redfm. heard her spoke on radio for awhile and i must say i m impressed with her voice and intonation. we shall see.

  163. Hey PEOPLE.
    I don’t usually write a comment or give out my own opinion, but now I’m gonna do it!
    1, Malaysian Dream Girl is one of the worst show I ever seen/heard in my entire life.
    2, The judges are not a pro from the fashion industry. You need an expert in fashion/runway in order to be a judge. (I’m not pointing at anybody, Im just saying in general, but I think Kenny and others did their job good enough)
    3, A Malaysian DreamGirl? If the winner of MDG aren’t the one that most people would like in general, how come the Dream Girl title would exist?
    4, Let’s say, we are playing a fair game here. All the family members of anybody that were a part of the show? Yes. I am pointing at Cindy’s dad. her daughter are not supposed be allowed in it. (So, it just proved that, that wasn’t a fair game from the begining)
    5, Their English are not good at all, but since English is not the primary language in Malaysia. Okay. I accept it. But what I’m saying here is, let’s say, someone went to college in a English spoken country, how come the person would spoke such a lame English? Yes. I am pointing at Cindy too.
    6, Malaysia would never success in a reality show such as Malaysian Dream Girl, why I say so? We all have seen it. If you ask me, what is consider a good reality show? -> American Next Top Model by Tyra Banks. If you watched it, you know what I’m saying.
    (Maybe you think I’m out of my mind to write these, but I’m telling ya, I’m just giving out my own opinion, that’s it.)
    WHo Am I? I am one of the blogger that often show up in KSCB.

  164. KennySia, if you gonna blog about MDG next season? I’m gonna BOYCUTT your blog wit other bloggers from UK. Seriously.
    MDG – lagi busuk than babi tahi

  165. M’sia entertainment sector will never work out at all. All are just in for the $$$.
    As for the winner of MDG, i had seen better from kindergarten kids.

  166. It would be a disgrace for the girls of Msia to be represented by ‘this’ girl. Was a biatch in Aussie and still a biatch in Msia. Lesson never learnt.

  167. if Cindy’s reading this…….’the guy’ was smart to reject u and not fall for your ‘lousy acting’….

  168. “I would have preferred Hanis to win,” said Elaine Daly, former beauty queen and judge/coach for Dreamgirl (The Star 1/5/08).
    Comments on Cindy’s blog are still restricted to team members. She’s afraid that more bad comments will be posted.

  169. Sorry! The above comment is not posted by “I’m a Chicken With No Name” but by me.

  170. Dear I’m a chicken with no name.
    I’m from Malaysia la.. grew up in KL for 23 years. Don’t doubt how many friends I have in KL and I’m very sure there’s more than a handful of them voted for the winner you claimed to be that bitch. c’mon wat has she done to you? Just because you watched some clips from a reality show you hate a person so much. heck it’s so ironic.
    and don’t be too emotional kay… U can hate her, I can too support her..wat’s so wrong with you?
    another thing is I never posted in any other blogs. If I do, I’ll surely inform you!

  171. Hello Grace.. Pls stop pretending! Or u’re turning into her! Ohmy.. Facebook, Shadowfox’s blog, Cindy’s blog, etc… sounds familiar? LOL.. U made a mistake when u posted something with ur real nick n posted da same thing when u were pretending to be another person by using another nick.. Haih.. anyway, i really ‘salute’ u for rooting up for her despite of her bitchiness.. i thought she’d never be able to find herself any galfrens.. no gals wud want frens like dat! just look at her blog.. we can see clearly that she hardly had any galfriens.. im wondering if u’re actually a guy in disguise?
    Oh, i dont care where u’re from.. I was just curious cos u said u’re in Aussie NOW for studies.. Im wondering how da hell did u vote for her?? Ahhh.. pls stop lying n pretending anymore! no wonder u’re her fren! both having da same attitude! it’s getting really irritating!
    she was da one who portrays herself as a Bitch! Do u think ‘some clips’ cud really manipulate how people think? Mayb a lil, but regardless of what others hav said, if she herself doesnt portrays herself that way, nobody wud believe what others had to say about her! It’s her own attitude that makes everybody hates her like hell! Urgh..
    N she didnt do anything to me.. but she just did something far more worse.. which is by bringing disgrace to Msia! A winner with ZERO talent whos not pretty, dumb, cant walk, pose, take gud pic, n act like a bitch.. no wonder everybody’s complaining! Pls dont just stood BLINDly beside ur fren! Pity all da other contestants who’s worth da title much more than that bitch… >.

  172. To Grace :
    ohya.. i forgot to mention..
    pls stop denying da fact that her dad is da main reason she had won! everybody already knows about it.. so there’s no need to tell everyone about ur so-called ‘friends’ who voted for her which i doubt existed since u’re da only 1 buat bising everywhere around d blogophere..
    anyway, u’re really a gud fren.. but pls dont just side ur fren blindly ok? sometimes criticism makes perfect.. if she’s got da quality, nobody will make a noise.. but by looking at her performance, i doubt she wud go far.. deny it as u can but it’s da truth!

  173. I think as a model search contest (and not a ‘dreamgirl’ search), MDG doesn’t need an SMS voting system nor a ‘layman’ judge. The girls should be judged and accordingly eliminated by three professional judges involved in the modelling industry.
    On the latest episode: It was very annoying when they kept changing angles when showing the guy dancing. And if the episodes can’t come out on time by Thursday and Saturday, they should just change it to Friday and Sunday!!!

  174. you just make a fool out of yourself. you shouldn’t be the judge. i just dont understand how you could be so different in terms of writing and speaking. you write excellently but you just talk like an ah beng though you spend years in australia. damn just couldn’t stand the way you talk, both accent and crapping.

  175. I’m a chicken with no name certainly pay(ing) TONNES of attention on Cindy blog/life/attitude/everything bout Cindy. Heck it’s just a competition mate. If you are so dissatisfied with the results, let’s all sign a petition and turn the game over! Report to the papers, medias whatever Don’t go wasting time complaining like a chicken in blogs. I don’t even wan to defend her now. It’s exhausting rofl
    Again, she’s not my friend. I don’t know her in real life.That’s about it.

  176. I seriously couldn’t be bothered by this Malaysian Dreamgirls. To kick things off, they don’t even look anywhere NEAR gorgeous. Just so-so only, sadly to say. I think the Thailand transvestites can even put them to shame if you really wanna know what gorgeous really looks like. Hmmmmm…..can the Malaysian producers come up with something more up to standard soon ? I seriously doubt so. 🙁

  177. Wow i realised that Jay and Hanis looks gorgeous in the Final episode. Fiqa is not bad too.
    As for the others…they don’t really have what it takes to be a model.
    Ringo looks like a midget in those dresses. Cindy walks like a duck. lol

  178. Hi guys, if any of you is watching the finals, please take note that MDG has actually cut-off the catwalk of Cindy. haha
    It’s true!!! It must be very horrible until MDG has to remove her catwalks on the runway..kaka

  179. it was such a disappointment, jay did a fantastic job in her catwalk and so did hanis.. it’s just unfair for the ones with real potential. Guess our v first MDG must work extremely hard to prove herself worth the title.

  180. cindy practically bought the title and da car AND everything…she has totally no potential to be a model la cmon…all thankz to her dad .even elain daly doesn seem to be happy wit da result.she repeatedly said she and kenny and others are not responsible for it lol…shes totally a spoilt bitch..
    i think jay and fiqa hav da most potential.while others…simply dont live up to da standard yet.. dissapointed..lolz..MDG shud limit da voting to one vote per american idol

  181. Very disappointing ending.
    I must admit I didn’t like Hanis at the start of the competition but she is the one who has blossomed the most in MDG. Adeline made a late comeback as well. But Cindy? Win MDG? She’s not even model material; she looks like the average girl out there in the streets. MDG has lost its credibility, seriously.
    Hanis should be winner, followed by Adeline then Cindy.
    Or, among the 12 finalists, Nadia 1st, Edna 2nd, Hanis 3rd. This is a model contest, and it should stay that way – not a popularity contest! The voting system is flawed.

  182. Very disappointing ending.
    I must admit I didn’t like Hanis at the start of the competition but she is the one who has blossomed the most in MDG. Adeline made a late comeback as well. But Cindy? Win MDG? She’s not even model material; she looks like the average girl out there in the streets. MDG has lost its credibility, seriously.
    Hanis should be winner, followed by Adeline then Cindy.
    Or, among the 12 finalists, Nadia 1st, Edna 2nd, Fiqa 3rd. This is a model contest, and it should stay that way – not a popularity contest! The voting system is flawed.

  183. Very disappointing ending.
    I must admit I didn’t like Hanis at the start of the competition but she is the one who has blossomed the most in MDG. Adeline made a late comeback as well. But Cindy? Win MDG? She’s not even model material; she looks like the average girl out there in the streets. MDG has lost its credibility, seriously.
    Hanis should be winner, followed by Adeline then Cindy.
    Or, among the 12 finalists, Nadia 1st, Edna 2nd, Fiqa 3rd. This is a model contest, and it should stay that way – not a popularity contest! The voting system is flawed.

  184. balik kampung cindy..
    kampung english you r speaking..
    KL not suitable place for you!
    Kampung Model will better for u there!

  185. Allison is not the diplomatic type I thought she was. She was grinning all the time when asking Cindy about the results. If she wants any answer at all, don’t mock the other. If Allison is not content with the outcome, go to Mr. Solomon directly and ask him to change the rules. No one else has any say. If the judges judged correctly, Allison is among the 12 dreamgirls who shouldn’t have been allowed to join the top 12 with a face like that. Watch the videos, they let her in but with doubt.
    Natasha has a pretty face. Nadia looks good too but her garang face is still stubbornly stuck there. Fiqa looked like she put on more weight but she has a pretty face. Hanis face is too puffy for a model but give her 4 years the fat should dissapear.

  186. I don’t usually comment on blogs…BUT..i have been following MDG…and i want to ask is this blog about trashing contestants or about giving your opinion in a constructive mannor?!(this obviously does not refer to everyone who has written here)
    anyways, i just want to say after viewing the latest uploads on the MDG site, that i found it rather appauling how Elaine Daly clearly showed her biasness towards Cindy. it is fine if she had a preference, but as a professional and a judge of the show, i beleive she could’ve strived to conduct herself in a better seemed that she was almost condecending in her manner and tone when asking Cindy to take her ‘walk’.With everything going on,rumours,drama etc with the show, should it not be a judge(s) setting an example or higher standing for the girls who are clearly amateurs being introduced to the industry?and not create a ground for animosity.
    Like Elaine Daly didn’t fail to mention and repeat, this is who Malaysia voted for. Nothing can be done done about it now, and if something can be, no one wants to do it. If Hanis was to win like everyone wanted her to, then it could’ve happened,but guess there were more people talking about how much they wanted her to win than actually doing what they had to. and so now they still continue to talk.
    as for Cindy’s dad being the cause for her win, i think that is somewhat unfair to say, cos clearly there was no restriction in the rules on how many votes could be permitted by one number.and so he merely just supported his daughter as much as he can. that shouldnt be something to be looked down upon and/or is petty and just looks like everyone is grabbing at straws to just keep talking about it.
    if there are any grudges, should not all the animosity be directed to the creators of the show?!’Cos that is the root and the only place anything can be corrected if majority is at displease.
    I just feel that everyone really needs to stop and look at things in a larger sense before they point fingers at the easiest target, and for right now, this has been the winner, Cindy.
    (If i have offended anyone i apologise,it wasn’t intentional. but just like anyone else i was only speaking my peice.)

  187. LOL!!!!
    i forgot to read kennysia’s post earlier. instead went to see that tigershaolin’s blog. ehehe. BUT HANIS macam macam PICTURE made me burst out laughing alone in front my laptop. LOL. really wanted her to win! and i think fiqa looked flawless on the catwalk during finale. 🙂

  188. Come on…please give Cindy a break..I have heard so much about Cindy’s dad as if he is the only person voting for her. I’m so disappointed to hear Elaine’s comment about her dad in the grand finale. In MDG episode 18 everyone is like cursing Cindy while she sat there helplessly protecting herself. I mean come on people the show is already over if Alisson is so good why she was eliminated in the 2nd week ?? Reason is that she doesn’t have fans in malaysia due to she is from oversea ? WTF..such a lame excuse…i bet she could have primary & secondary school mate , aunties uncles and friends right ? The show is all about sms voting and the show welcome as much as sms’es as possible. Is there any harm that Cindy’s daddy, mummy and grandma be a fan for her ? If Hanis has pure public voters then why she thanks her aunty and all that ? I believe Hanis’s family was not as hardworking as Cindy’s dad..I’m sure the rest of 10 girls are now regretted for not following the same strategy.
    If MDG is all about girls who should knows how to do the washing and houseworks then the rest of them can go home and wait for their men to marry them. Why enter MDG in first place ?
    I’m not supporting anybody in MDG but from episode 18 I realise that the real bitch is Alisson and not Cindy.
    Alisson asked Cindy whether she deserve to be there. OMG..excuse me..hello…how can she even deserve to ask Cindy this question when she was eliminated in the 2nd week ? Everyone praised her for her fluent english and all that but I dont see her as a model. She looks more like aunty in the runway show.
    When I watched episode 17/18 where all the girls were together, I realised that only Jay, Hanis, Cindy and Adeline deserve to be there.
    Jay : Awesome catwalk and able to carry herself well.
    Hanis : Sweet and fresh look
    Adeline : Nice figure and nice look for commercial and fashion magazine
    Cindy : At least confident and believe in herself can help her to stay longer in this industry
    Why the girls below not deserve to be in top 3 at all and also don’t even have the right to complain about the winners (bored..whine..whine..whine..) Please look at themselve before commenting about the winners
    Alisson : Bitchy comments in episode 18 and doesn’t have model look at all. Fluent english go be a teacher lah
    Ringo aka Cheesie : I like her as she has the personality but too small for a model (I always read her blogs :-))
    Nadia : Too fierce and fake. I don’t feel like buying the clothes that she wore
    Fiqa : Pretty and nice girl but not suitable being a model
    Valerie : Can’t understand her sometimes and too petite without model look
    Eyna : Nice photoshoot but no personality in front of camera
    Natasha : I dont remember her at all. Looks old for her age
    So please watch MDG episode 17 & 18 and judge by yourself 😛

  189. I really can’t understand all the hostility towards Cindi and her family. MDG cannot afford to limit the sms to 1 per number presumably because it nets large chunk of cash to pay you Elaine! so yea…we know you are not the one choosing the winner, but until your boss can afford to do so, it’s not very professional to ‘pick’ on Cindi the way you did!
    While MDG happily pocketing (cindi’s and other’s) family sms money, what makes you think cindi deserves all the shit?
    And don’t get me started on Alison! Good job darling for showing your true colour. Fluency in English doesn’t equate intelligence and class eh ;)!

  190. i agree with minnie.Alisson was so cruel to attack Cindy in ep18.She was the 2nd to be eliminated yet she commented as if she knew cindy well. although cindy might have bad attitude, but i am proud of her as she is strong enough to face all the criticism. Is not easy for one to face the public when everyone is calling her a “bitch”.What cindy said was right, the show has been unfair to her. they put too much of interviews of the other girls criticising about her in the show..Hello. this is a talent show, not gossiping show la, just be fair to every girls..all of them deserve to be treated equally.And dont be deceived by those “sweet” girls.they r usually da “evil” ones.. haha.. anyway, althou cindy might not be everyone’s choice of dreamgirl.. but i hope all the best for her in the future.. hope that she wil hv da courage and strength to face all the criticism.i know she can do it! she has done her best in the show facing all the critics, especially in ep18.. PROUD of u Cindy!!

  191. Looking at her bedroom shots, Cindy is a Paris Hilton wannabe & she might make it big in x-rated movies.

  192. i was wondering why ppl wanna hate this show?? From the beginning, the judges is all of u, MALAYSIAN, not the 3 judges…so,why u all still wanna said “BAN”, “BOYCUTT”, “NOT GOING TO WATCH 2nd SEASONAL”?? HANIS can’t won the 1st prize is she have not enough FANS as CINDY have…why still wanted to said those bad words to CINDY??
    HANIS still young, she just completed her SPM, she should go further her study…modeling industry is too early for her…i belive in the future, she can become a model after she graduate her College or University…If she won’t this competition, did u think that she will stop for modeling industry after few months?? or u wanted to destroy her future?? As a artise or model, their background must be very good, high education, professional, and etc…i ‘m not saying that i’m not supporting HANIS, she looks really pretty and like a model,but she enter this industry is too early for her….
    Well, Adeline….in the show, i can’t concerntrate on Adeline, so i have nothing to said about her, and she don’t have and bad or good comment for her, so, i won’t talk about her….but anyway, you all are right, she more suitable in the Acting industry, coz when she is infront of the camera, she have the look….
    Lastly, Cindy….why all of u wanted said she is bitch?? is she look alike?? did u know how to use “BITCH” to one person? is it your dream girl not won this competition so u wanted said the 1st prize person is a BITCH?? If Hanis or Adeline won this competition, CINDY’s fan will call them as BITCH, as HANIS and ADELINE’s fans, what is your feeling?? But, i think, this is also a good challenge and experiance for CINDY, as i know in this industry, there a lot of bad news around for the artise and modeling….i belive every artise and model had pass this experiance before, so, this is a good experiance for her too…ok, back to the sentence….can i ask one question, did u do anything that u never ever do before with perfectly?? for example, u never try to sing before, but when u sing, u can sing very perfectly….the judges can said “ok u no need go for competition, no need to practise, i can promote u a album..” have u try this before?? even the Taiwan famous competition “XING GUANG DA DAO” ‘s “Xiao Jing Teng” and “Yang Zhong Wei” have a nice vocal, sometimes the judges also wil gave them the bad comment too….but, they go back practise more and more and more until they been recognize by all the judegs and the public….same as CINDY, she not good enough in catwalk, not good enough in photoshoot and etc, but, she can improve….for the fashion designer….are u pick those model that u like? your favourite model?? then i can said, u all is not professional anymore….i thought u all design all the cloths and pick the model is with your 6 sence and the spirit…..but….quite dissapointed with you all…i’m sorry to said that…but, please re-think again, what is the real meaning of “Professional Designer” please don’t use your private mind and your job combine together, this is unfair with other model….please give them a try…
    For all the public, i think the topic should stop immediately…the winner oledi out, please give her a try, may be in this following months, she will give u a surprise…For HANIS’s FANS….please don’t destroy HANIS future, let her study, in the future, i belive she will come out to this industry again….
    If i have said any wrong words to all of u, i would like to apologize to you all, but, please think this their future, should we give them a chance? Thank You.

  193. To Yuki: Please understand that Cindy won due solely to SMS voting especially by her daddy & not because she has the natural talent & looks to become a top model. Most likely the judges would have preferred another girl to win the MDG title. In fact, Elaine Daly preferred Hanis.(However, the judges were not fully involved in the final judging after the selection of the 12 finalists).

  194. “Alisson asked Cindy whether she deserve to be there. OMG..excuse me..hello…how can she even deserve to ask Cindy this question when she was eliminated in the 2nd week ?”
    true true!
    Cindy looks so helpless in the final episode..poor thing…I can see she has already tame down quite alot in her yak yak yak….I think I like Fiqa more now after ep 18. she’s alot sweeter than b4 and less skeptical towards the fight in the house..I luv her voice too 🙂

  195. ive watched ep 18 and ive realised something. last time they did the interview behind closed door. fiqa was brave enough to bitch about cindy like hell. she even called back the crew and cameraman so that she can bitch more about cindy when the interview was almost over. but in ep 18 when they did the interview together, look at fiqa, how immature of she to pretend that she and cindy has been getting along well. she looks like shes seriously scared of cindy. she has no principle at all. shes not going to go far with that attitude and such a weak character. less skeptical? fiqa is so fake. no wonder she got eliminated ealier. and she has gained weight too. alot of weight. haha.

  196. really disappointed in the way elaine daly handled herself as a judge, what gives her the right to pick on cindy, i felt so awful seeing how ppl has been picking on her.. ‘can cindy’s dad pls raise up his hand’ wtf elaine! althuugh hanis indeed perform better but tat doesn’t mean tat the other girls don’t deserve a chance to win, 12 girls out of 500 who audition, in my opinion they are all winners n did u watch ep18? i admired cindy for being able to stay cool n calm despite all the criticism being thrown at her.. indeed MDG IS BIAS n UNFAIR! i don’t think so the last episode was needed at all, seeing that is sole purpose is to only put cindy down. but u go girl! i know u can make it well in the future.. as for hanis, 5As? wat so smart about tat? its just 5 come on. n well i don’t think alisson has the right to ask cindy whether she deserve to win seeing tat she got eliminated in just week 2. besides take off the scarf on ur neck alisson it looks awful

  197. yes..indeed i start to like cindy n do not think that she is a bitch afterall..because in ep18,alisson was actually the bitch!! imagine if she was not eliminated earlier,she would be the BITCH!she must be glad she was kicked out earlier! N CINDY, U ROX to the MAX girl.U r my dream girl now thou i m not very fond of u in the beginning.U were really cool when u handled the BITCH!!

  198. i m very happy some of u said a good things to CINDY….in the competition, everyone wanted to perform the best image and create a 1st impression to the public….after all of them elimated and came back to one room have a meeting, they started to come out their real image….what i can said is….CINDY from the beginning is doing her real attitude….this is her attitude and her personality….she never act or fake even she is study in Acting school…

  199. yuki, a designer’s job is to design clothes n choose the rite model to carry his clothes so tat it can sell in the market.
    a designer’s job is not to choose a model to “give her a try” as you said. if she is good enuf she will be selected. if she’s not good enuf (like CINDY!) she can go back n practice like hell before coming back into the industry n waste people’s time. cos in the real world, time is money. which i’m sure cindy’s daddy has a lot of and can buy her a top spot in the designers’ book.

  200. “seriously, this online reality show shouldn’t be titled as Malaysian DreamGirl. It should be ‘Malaysian Miss Popularity Show’. Clearly, all the top 3 totally got into the top 3 based on SMS, not on talent.”
    i agree with you, disappointed. it’s really disappointing. i wouldnt even waste my phone credit on this show. as for cindy, she’s miss popularity in her family only.

  201. my take –
    alison: overall, good speaker. and i disagree with many of the above as i dont see anything wrong with her inquiring cindy on her mdg title, and she did it courteously. because if you think you deserve to win the title, you would have a multitude of reasons to counter back – but cindy does not, except for the fact that she said her dad didnt break the rule (yes, fair enough reason, but cindy does not have any merit-based reasons to backup her argument and couldnt say anything to claim that she’s the best among all 12 girls). in fact, IMHO, i think every other girl in the room except for alison is too chicken to question cindy. so kudos to alison (can totally see that she has overseas exposure), she has the guts to be forthright — can you say the same about other typical scaredy-cat-malaysians girls in the room? i was really sad that she got eliminated so early, becos i think she has the personality. and i m all for her being the host of next mdg, if given the chance.
    ringo: one perfect example of the aforementioned chicken – someone who doesnt dare utter a single word lest she offend anyone, and everybody remembered her faux pas blogpost. makes me wonder why sazzy even suggested she go be a host. jeez. she cant even freakin articulate her words nor talk spontaneously in front of a camera. and now what is it abt her whole defensive, nonsense speech of not being aware of her surprise online birthday party wishes until out of dreamhouse? that’s another bloody lie, cos mr bbq did pass her thanks from her to her blog fans in one of his last posts in early april even though she cant view it from the internet herself at that time. and now she wrote another criticizing post claiming part of her speech is edited off and thus unfair – i guess the cameraman/video editing person is now having fungus in his contact lens, infected from the judges. all i can say is once a liar, always a liar. saying more and more lies to cover up, but digging her grave deeper. confirmed bloody hypocrite and faker and chicken. an internet addict who’s hiding her true self behind a computer screen. get out to the real world, girl.
    eyna: another silent no words girl. jeez. seriously she needs to SPEAK UP. TURN UP THE VOLUME PLEASE. really, she is not portraying any personality at all if all she plan to do is to walk around like a mute doll. i know being a model is not the same as joining an elocution contest, but for heaven’s sake, one needs to attempt to speak and sound remotely interesting too.
    cindy: for all her nonstop complaints and bitchings, i hv to say that at least when her flaws are pointed out, she did try to tone down her behavior. and i admit yes, she does bring part of the public backlash upon herself due to her lack of prudence in speech and selfishness and spoiled brat attitude, however, i had a feeling that she’s someone who if reprimanded nicely (and not in a gang-up way), will attempt to change and reflect upon herself. she definitely has way lot to improve upon herself and prove to ppl out there that she deserves the title becos clearly, on a merit level, she is not the best among the 11 girls.
    hanis: very thorough in her acknowledgment speech. diplomatic abt her loss of the deserving title too. that’s what we call someone with tact and gratitude.
    fiqa: quiet than usual. but still can speak well in front of camera. spontanous, chic.
    valerie: bubbly, down to earth. totally can be a media person.
    adeline: another person who i feel like strangling whenever she speaks. her voice sounds like she’s perpetually living in the morgue. never excited abt anything. she needs to pick up some speaking skills from alison.
    natasha: no comment, so insignificant.
    where’s jay, nadia? i guess they couldnt be bother to come to this “end-of-thoughts” session

  202. so long liao i don visit ur blog…… no thanks to my lousy internet…
    LOL… funny lah~~~~~~ ur description of cindy fits her really well.. =D

  203. I’m so happy that people start to see the other side of a coin rather than just look at one bad side of Cindy.
    In real world, if someone like Alison just speak what she wants to say without filtering will definately not bring any benefit for her own. I don’t say anyone should portrays as a coward but I think we should know that this contest main objective is to search for model look from beginning (I agreed that the title is misleading) but we all know that this contest is not looking for host or speaker. Alison can articulate well but does not mean that she has the right model look. Jay can articulate well too but she always politically correct in whatever she said which I think this type of girl can go far in the industry. If Jay ask the same question then I don’t have anything to say as she also one of the girl whom I think deserve to win.
    I think bloggers maybe good in blogging and expressing themselves thru internet but does not mean that they could articulate well in front of camera too or be a host for a talk show automatically. You have few days or can take your own sweet time to submit a post but in front of camera you have to be very spontaneous. Therefore I don’t think it is the right comparison at all. Take Kenny Sia for example he is really good in blogging but in front of camera I feel that he still a bit shy and not able to express himself that well compare to blogging. (no offences Kenny ~ I think you did really great job already and still has a lot of opportunity to brush up your skill :-P)
    I agree with the comments that Elaine really did not portrayed herself well as a professional host because as a host he/she could not be too biased in front of the audience. I bet if she watches back the episode then she will realizes and she really needs to brush up her professionalism too.
    See, nobody is perfect in this world 🙂

  204. CINDY you go girl… all these people are either vain, lame, racist, or just pathetic so ignore them, you have achieved something in your life and so have all the other girls who took part in this show…well done to all of you and remember, all these people that criticize are never really any good at anything so to compensate they trash talk anyone and anything, just take it as a positive along with all these negatives…Cindy come to Sri Lanka if the Malaysians can not appreciate you or your family…

  205. ” alison: overall, good speaker. and i disagree with many of the above as i dont see anything wrong with her inquiring cindy on her mdg title, and she did it courteously.”
    I would agree with you if she had keep it concise. Letting Cindi and the world know what she thinks is fine, great indeed. But going on and on and on and on and ooooonnnnnnnnn…. about how undeserving Cindi is yada yada yada, is not. I am sure Cindi is left with no doubt now that the majority thinks Hanis is a better model. But what’s with hogging the whole session for it? We have lots of outspoken people like Alison here in the UK. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t chunk out rubbish!!!
    I would be happy to hear about Alison’s aspirations and future plan in modelling etc (if any!), or interesting experience since she left, anything at all la, other than going on about how unfair the world is.

  206. To episode 18: In which manner did Allison ask Cindy “courteously” wheter she deserves to win. Grinning throughout her interrogation is mocking the other and that was certainly not done out of courtesy. Allison is not only insulting Cindy’s intelligence but the viewers’ too. What kind of stupid question is that? I quote a comentator, “If there are any grudges, should not all the animosity be directed to the creators of the show?!’Cos that is the root and the only place anything can be corrected if majority is at displease. Everyone really needs to stop and look at things in a larger sense before they point fingers at the easiest target, and for right now, this has been the winner, Cindy.” How could an mass-attacked, unarticulate, shaken Malaysian answer that in the heat of the moment. Allison just has to stir things up, we clearly saw her pestering the other girls to joined force and pick all over on Cindy once again. As if speaking for herself is not enough, she needed back-up from the other contestants. The girls who weren’t eliminated early on, learnt their lesson: let bygones be bygones.

  207. Allison’s chameleon jawline, racoon eyes, parrot nose, teabag sagging boobies are not midly ugly, they just resemble the looks of a mutant. She says she is smart and has the looks to match…. To match a mutant’s. *Cringe*

  208. “In Malaysia, silence does not necessarily mean agreement, while in UK, dispute or argument does not necessarily mean disagreement. In Malaysia, criticism is rare especially in public, but in UK, criticism is not normally intended to be personal. In Malaysia, open disagreement is taken as a sign of disloyalty, while in the UK, open statements, facts and views are expected, even required! In Malaysia, communication, particularly of bad news, tends to be indirect, while in UK, communication often direct” …abstract from MABECS…
    Learn to be open-minded, people.
    At least Alison doesn’t whine n whine n whine like Cindy the b**** who tries sooo hard to be an Australian in that fake accent but sadly, she never seem to get any nearer. At least Alison’s being natural and honest.
    Alison, luv it when u voiced out public’s thoughts.. you rox!

  209. To settle any doubts as to whether Cindy is good model material, she can participate in the Estee Lauder Model Search contest (registration at Metrojaya Mid Valley, KL May 12 – 18/ Jusco Tebrau City, Johor Baru June 5 – 8 )& see whether she can reach the finals or not. This is a challenge thrown at her & it’s hoped that her supporters will urge her to take it up to prove that, without her daddy’s votes, she’s really up to it.

  210. this show sucks!!! If the winner ever represented into international, I will definitely refuse to say I’m Malaysian. SERIOUSLY how stupid this model search can be? Using 100% solely on people’s vote will just prove Malaysian can go far but WITHIN it’s TEMPURUNG.

  211. I didn’t think Cindi is the best model, but she is not extermely bad either. Lots of work to do for her catwalk, but she looks great in real person. and have to give it to her (from reading her first post-MDG blog post),I think she takes it all pretty well.

  212. Not sure whether Cindy’s first post-MDG blog entry is truly sincere or not ‘coz comment moderation has been enabled at the moment. Most likely she’s afraid of more sincere comments from readers. Also it seems that she feels deep inside that she didn’t really deserve to win or else how come she went overboard by plastering the blog entry with so many thank-yous even to those outside Malaysia who weren’t able to vote for her???

  213. ok lets see.. ow please people..
    i would say that the photoshoots were terrible.. what i see in the show, they are like given so few shots. more shots should be given. more shots= more nicer photos.. each person should be given at least be 50 shots..
    the contestants should be treated more strict during photoshoots. is like they only pose a few types of posers.. BORING. they should be given more posing lessons.. teaching them different possers and expressions.. like how to pose catologue, comersials, and couture..the posers were like totally boring with all same facial expressions.. more faial.. perky, elegance, seductive.. eyes.. where the eyes.. i don’t see the eye connection to the camera.. havent they seen real modelling reality shows before..
    next.. CLOTHS.. some were horible.. some were like meant to be worn by aunties.. the batik shot was bad.. its too colourful.dress totally overshine the face.. thats bad.. the other 1 oso.. the dress shot.. the week before batik.. horible..
    what i think is not bad.. i would say is the catwalks.. that is good.. just that the contestants should be taught different types of catwalks.. in couture.. which is like slower and more serious..
    or like those sundress type of fashion show..models should be more perky.. or swimsuits and bras.. sexy.. VICTORIA SECRET.. have u seen that show.. teach them.. remember the last catwalk.. which the models wore different kinds of cloths from different designers.. all the catwalks were the same.. so it makes the show boring.. too unprofessional..
    ow ya.. more critics plz from judges.. not jus sazi falak.. wadeva the spelling is.. more harsh critic..
    take my advice.. seriously.. watch more reality modelling search shown in overseas.. not asking to copy them.. just improvise it.. good luck people..

  214. richard, if others are allowed to post comments as annonymous – and 99% of the nasty stupid ones hide behind annon, why can’t cindi be wary and choose to do whatever she likes?
    I will happily weed them out!

  215. Cindy was too bitchy in MDG show but is too nice in her first post-MDG blog post. So which is her real personality considering that she’s got a degree in acting?

  216. Furthermore, some of the good comments (congrats, etc)in her 1st post-MDG post might have been posted by Cindy herself (???)

  217. this is fckin hilarious!! i cant stop laughin XD
    they shud post this in the MDG website for laughs…

  218. Ceh! It’s all comes down to who poses the best in front of cameras. No rocket science here. Even my dogs are great posers.

  219. amber chia did not speak english that well before, so whats the fuss about hanis not speaking good english? Its not like its something you cannot polish.

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