CLEO Beh-Chai-Lor

So, the CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor Bash is happening this Friday night at Zouk KL.

My mother is confused. She has been asking me what’s this whole “CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors” thing-a-ma-gettin-jiggy-wit-it is all about.
Well mom, the easiest way for me to explain is that it is exactly like a Miss Malaysia beauty pageant.
But for men.

Yes mom, your youngest son is joining a beauty contest. He will be one of the 50 finalists fighting for the title of Malaysia’s Most Beautiful Man. Not exactly what you picture your fattest son might be doing 10 years ago, but sometimes in life, we need to face some difficult questions.

It’s not like I expect to win anything, of course. I know what I look like. I look in the mirror every morning and I know I ain’t pretty.
But in a way it’s good, because the only chance I have taking part in a CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors is in Malaysia. That’s because our Malaysian CLEO is much tamer and toned-down compared to the other CLEO magazines around the world.
If I were to compete in CLEO Singapore, I know I could never get in anywhere near the Top 50.
That’s because I’m gonna have to pose like this.

If his name is Daren Tan (with one ‘r’), my name is Keny Sia (with one ‘n’).

Or worse, in CLEO Australia, like this.

Holy cow.
Luckily this is CLEO Malaysia, and luckily I can still keep my clothes on. All of it.
Anyway, like I said, I have no chance in hell of winning the title of Malaysia’s Most Beautiful Man this Friday.
This year’s list is full of ACTORS and SINGERS and NEWSCASTERS and MALE MODELS.

#16 Adrian Loh

How is a BLOGGER gonna compete with all these people?

#41 Owen Yap

Those profession by default are already pretty high up on every girl’s sexy list. Compare that with me who lists his profession as an “IT Director/Blogger”.
Go ask any girl if she’d like to date a blogger, and I gerengtee you she’d laugh until her teeth fall off.

#3 Ebi Kornelis

Fine, with competition like that, I’m not gonna win the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor of the Year title. I had high hopes becoming Malaysia’s first fat bachelor, but I know that’s not gonna happen.
The only way I could win is if I talk shit about the other Bachelors, but the thought of 49 Bachelors going after me with their sticka stick this Friday night is pretty scary.
So I tried winning people’s votes over with witty answers during my Q&A, but I don’t think that worked out either.

Since I can’t win the big Miss Malaysia prize, the least I could aim for is some subsidiary title, correct?
There are five categories up for grabs: Bachelor You’d Have Coffee With, Best Groomed Bachelor, Most Adventerous Bachelor, Bachelor You’d Get Hot & Sweaty With and Bachelor With Sexiest Eyes.

#11 Prem. This is what Bruce Willis would look like if he’s an Indian

Out of those five, the only two subsidiary titles that don’t require any physical beauty is “Most Adventurous Bachelor” and “Bachelor You’d Have Coffee With”.
Obviously, knowing my uhhhh… physical shortfall, I thought those are the titles I’d at least have some chance of winning.
Besides, I reckon I’m pretty adventurous with coffee – I once drank hot coffee on the plane that was shaking like crazy. It was very adventerous.
Anyway, online voting is now closed and the results are out.
For the five subsidiary titles of CLEO Bachelor, the winners are:

Bachelor You’d Have Coffee With: Ebi Kornelis.

Best Groomed Bachelor: Ebi Kornelis.

Most Adventurous Bachelor: Ebi Kornelis.
(The most daredevil thing he’s done is parasailing in Sabah because “the wind is very strong”)

Bachelor You’d Get Hot & Sweaty With: Ebi Kornelis.

And Bachelor With Sexiest Eyes: Ebi Kornelis.
Look, I am not bitter about losing, but this is ridiculous.
Not only did Ebi Kornelis win all five subsidiary titles, he won with an amazing high margin of at least 40%. I won’t be surprised if he takes out the CLEO Bachelor of the Year title this Friday.
But seriously, who the heck is this EBI KORNELIS guy?!

His talent is singing, playing guitar and MAKING IKAN BAKAR.
For someone like than to be able to win all these subsidiary titles, his ikan bakar must have tasted really really really good.
I don’t wanna say it, but could there be some *cough*vote-rigging*cough* going on?

I dunno. All I know is that BERSIH should stop campaigning for “clean and fair elections”, and concentrate on more important things like campaigning for “clean and fair CLEO Bachelors”.
If not, then I think this year’s competition is gonna require a new name.

Ikan bakar, anyone?

Karma Point Collection: Science of Life 24/7 is a youth-run organization aimed at teaching life skills to disadvantaged and at-risk youths from poor communities, at home and abroad. I met the co-founder Raj Ridvan Singh when we were speakers at the Youth Enterpreneur Conference earlier this year, and you can’t help but be impressed by his drive and determination.
If you know of youths who may need help getting their life back on track, or if you yourself are willing to contribute, then click here for more info.

340 Replies to “CLEO Beh-Chai-Lor”

  1. Cheer up kenny! u’re in the top 50 of eligible bachelors, something not even i would ever dream of getting in…=”=
    though it’s kinda weird to have that guy win, i’d rather have that bald indian guy win, at least he looks more masculine than that sanjaya-lookalike pretty boy.
    the prettiest girls dun usually win the beauty pageants, so dun be so upset if u didn’t.

  2. i always read ur blog but never leave a comment but today i must. He is so damn ugly i wonder why is he voted! i so prefer u kenny!

  3. Judging from a woman’s viewpoint, based on the photos from you post, I’d have voted for #11 Prem. It just shows that the whole contest is pointless.

  4. That’s the kind of things that will happen in Malaysia I think. haha
    How would it possible for anyone to lose to this octopus..

  5. The Australian and Singaporean Cleo comparison just proved how lame our Malaysian Cleo is.
    It’s not purely about looks and what they do.
    Rather… it’s how they do it.
    Also? Pick up a music instrument. Try accomplishing the goal of mastering 1 instrument. AND girls like guys who can cook la. Ikan bakar is food ok! To make it,that’s what counts! Sincerity oi.
    Alike men food too is the way to a woman’s heart.

  6. Seriously man… I agree with you. I’d NEVER vote for him like that, not so fanatically. I think there were many more eligible bachelors whom I’d rather have coffee with, get hot and sweaty with, etc. I think it’s definitely rigged. He probably paid people to sit in front of the laptop all day and vote for him. I’d form the new Bersih coalition, not just for you but for the other eligible bachelors!

  7. Ebi here shall be a contestant of a season of Akademi Fantasia. It’s no wonder really since AF carries it’s own hype. He has his charm, I have to say but I can’t digress that it’s ridiculous, him topping every subsidiary title.

  8. seriously kenny. take my advice for this. if you think CLEO is cheating and the votings are rigged, by all means QUIT!
    u’r very influencial. do what’s bestfor uand u will hv a huge crowd behind you.

  9. Omg, so ridiculous.
    He’s the winner of ALL those titles!?
    Sure bor. The voters no eyes weyh.
    Good luck to you though.

  10. hey kenny, thats SO NOT FAIR LOR!!! i demand a re-vote. definitely got something fishy going on. u going to Zouk or not? im looking forward to meeting u if ur gonna be there this friday

  11. Best groomed?! Holy cow that’s ridiculous! And why in the world would anyone wanna get hot and sweaty with him?! I’m sorry, but eww!

  12. hot and sweaty with him?? look at his hair..sure stinks lar..i bet his chest is hairy as well…gross~

  13. How can you not know who Ebi Kornelis is? Unless you don’t support the local music industry then you wouldn’t know who he is. But if you don’t know who Ebi is, do you at least know who Mawi is?
    Anyway, I rather date a blogger/IT technician than an actor/model/singer/host. When my computer break-down who do I call? Of course, my IT technician bf! One of my ex-colleagues is competing too and I’m surprised that he actually got a lot of votes.

  14. how can he win 60% for every category??? its gotta be rigged!! there are 49 other men better looking than him!

  15. Malaysia’s first fat bachelor? What’s it going to be? Only open to those with waistline exceeding XX inches? lol
    (come to think of it, that isn’t such a bad idea…will kill some slim=beautiful stereotypes πŸ˜‰ )

  16. Re Malaysian Dreamgirl. Some entries in Ringo’s blog ( may NOT be authentic.
    Friends & fans of Ringo should contact her home telephone number & clarify the matter with her mother.

  17. Re Malaysian Dreamgirl. Some comments made today in the 14th April 2008 entry of Ringo’s blog ( may NOT be authentic.
    Friends & fans of Ringo should contact her home telephone number & clarify the matter with her mother.

  18. Ahaha… too bad “keny”, i also thought that u will b at least entitle 1 of 5 categories…. too bad. lol, ikan bakar.

  19. I am certainly not interested with this IKAN BAKAR!!! YUCKS!!!!!
    Too bad lah….. none of the bachelors attracted me….
    I shall look to the moon….. hihihi just kidding…
    Kenny, gambate….

  20. Honestly his not even Hot or good looking or dresses really well, who the heck is he???
    The most daredevil thing he’s done is parasailing in Sabah because “the wind is very strong” —-LMAO!

  21. Based on the results, it is obviously rigged. The rule of average and the mathematical ‘bell shape’ rule appears to have been skewered. ‘Someone’ must have used a simple brute force software to launch an ‘attack’ on the website. This bot software will ‘vote’ and then change the ‘IPs’ and ‘cookies’. The IPs and cookies are obviously spooks. How do I know for sure it is obviously fake, the results are so obvious:
    All the results of the winner of the subsidiary titles hovers at the same percentage 68-69%
    Check the results of other contestants – mixed and of varied percentage.
    Whoever launch the bot is obviously like the guy very much.
    That is just my opinionlah…I cold be wrong πŸ™‚

  22. you’re such a sport Kenny…
    Dont worry, they’ll somehow “open” up a new category for u in the competition.
    You’re the trendsetter man!

  23. i have never liked ikan bakar throughout my life, hahahahaha, and nope, hav no friggin idea who ebi is.. not gonna vote for kenny though, in fact i’ve never voted for anyone in any competitions at all… hehehe πŸ˜€

  24. “keny”, jangan la merajukk..
    you are still adorable wad.. =)
    ebi kinda has the looks but compared to the others, he’s not what i would choose though.

  25. Damn, looks like vote-rigging man, every category also about 69%. This is like a stupid voting. Kenny if u won also no value la. Forget about it la. Blogger is more suit for u if compare to Mr. Bachalor, inside pretty is most important nia.

  26. Alaa Kenny….u win or not, u still a winner in my heart.
    That Ebi guy looks like ikan bakar…so fugly. Speak english oso dunno.

  27. my god -______-
    wth is this…kind of waste of money to buy april edition Cleo. i voted 2 titles for kenny sia, 2 for Afshin & 1 for owen yap cause i dunno who this fella is, he just like a punk =.=
    yor, so not fair one. they ought to have some sort of control for

  28. hey, although im not local and cannot vote for u…
    but u know what?
    i used my bf’s name and vote for u already…
    hmmm… i support u to the fullest…
    ebi? who is ebi by the way? he looked like Reshmonu.. hahha…

  29. Haha, This is Malaysia=) Really weird la Kenny u got nominated but that’s not bad. Your still top50! N btw i kept seeing a mop on tat ebi’s head…Dont worry your a winner to your readers=)

  30. if this is vote-rigging then what about MDG? isn’t it the same? i’m pretty sure the 2 famous bloggers in MDG get the more votes than the rest..
    Life ISN’T fair.. live with it.. u can’t win them all the time

  31. just go and google on ebi. apparently he had spat on his ex-gf. definitely not bachelor material. blearghhh
    btw kenny…u’re so funny. my kind of guy πŸ™‚

  32. groomed?!
    i wonder how often does this Ebi-ikan-bakar guy wash his hair..
    kenny, u’re not so bad after all actually..who cares bout guys with sexy bods n stuff..guys with brains are more attractive u know..

  33. Kenny, are you dissapointed with yourself? Don’t be… you’re handsome as you are… I don’t mind a cup of coffee with you though… hiaks

  34. Ikan bakar?LOL..It’s really would be great to have a cup of coffee with u πŸ˜€ I think he could not blog as great as you are..well if it’s about ikan bakar i guess u cannot beat him
    -_-‘ j/k..

  35. *LOLz*
    How can you say you’re not bitter about it?? Hell you are!!! but then…i can surely understand.. (and totally agree with you)!! *cough cough* Owen is hot…

  36. “I had high hopes becoming Malaysia’s first fat bachelor, but I know that’s not gonna happen.”
    Technically last fat bachelor i suppose.

  37. Eh, out of all the 50 bachelors, I don’t even want to care about the 49. Almost all of the 49 bachelors are looking like sissies. Or it’s just me who like cute cute guys…
    … like Kenny Sia. Thankfully, I bought that Cleo magazine for only that ONE bachelor whose name is Kenny Sia. I will rip out and keep that particular section while the rest of the 49 isn’t in my votes, AT ALL.
    Kenny Sia is so damn cute that he could have inspired me. Never mind if you are chubby, or you have not put your braces. It’s you that makes you you. Cute-factor: 96%. πŸ™‚

  38. Agh I wish to have a cup of coffee with you!
    …but there’s all my college tests piling up!
    Anywayz, don’t worry about the Cleo results. I think it’s pretty not accurate anyway. Guess that we have to set up a Kenny Sia fan club. Muahahahah!:)

  39. ebi whatever k his name is doesnt deserve anything at all. grrr must be his fans from that reality show of akademi WHAT again..yeah akademi fantasia.
    ebi’s muka – out
    hair-like got maggot…far out
    face-not groomed
    baju all like never terika
    argh even my grandpa can dress better than him.
    i wud rather drink coffee alone then.
    grah i never relli like condemning but this guy…ewius i just cant help it

  40. are being jealous. Actually I did vote for Ebi..sorry that’s my choice, who cares abt other choices..hehehe

  41. Sarawak kia.chai! chai! nia,everybody have they own special,DON’T WORRY!!!
    P.Ramlee said “BELUM CUBA BELUM TAU”

  42. so unfair!! how come this happen? it’s definitely vote rigging! me having to join beauty pageants before, even with those ‘dirty tricks’, no way can a contestant grab ALL the subsidiary titles, some more in a high margin!
    he’s really not that good looking or even charming.
    if he wins cleo most eligible bachelor, i swear i will write in to cleo and may even start to boycott the magazine. this is too unfair!

  43. doesn’t matter kenny, i think you look more macho and have a much more pretty face compared to ebi kornelis (i’m no ghey)
    well that’s just my opinion though. haha cheers dude~

  44. Kenny.. with your reader base, you can easilly ask each reader to cast a vote for you
    Definately overthrow them

  45. haha..dont worry Kenny.Online voting isn’t that much reliable.Just like those Miss Phillipines always get the Miss Photogenic title(through online voting),yet most of them look like aunties.
    Anyways,we have faith in you Kenny.Just be yourself.

  46. Smear campaign, crude but worthwhile if you get to win Malaysia’s eligible bachelor’s crown. Tell me kenny, is there a chance for beautiful mere mortals like me, who is not in the limelight to compete against you guys??

  47. Kenny, please don’t be sad…it’s just a competition. Don’t worry too much about this matter…so what if you win or not in this freakin’ competition? I bet you have much better things to concentrate on. Since i am currently living far far away from Malaysia, i can’t vote for you. If i could, i would definitely vote for you…you have my words!! Think on the positive side…you have more achievements than this Ebi guy. You have travelled around the world, people invite you to all sorts of grand functions, your blog is the most visited blog in Malaysia, you have fans supporting you (i.e. ME), you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study in Aussie, you speak fantastic english, you are one of the judges in the awesome Malaysian Dreamgirl reality show and many many others. What about this Ebi guy? I bet he must be super jealous of you right now…because he doesn’t have the achievements which you possessed. So, instead of being jealous or putting on a sourgrape face, try thinking on the bright side…and always remember that things happen for a reason if you don’t win this competition. Go ahead and enjoy the party this Friday night and show this Ebi guy that you don’t have to win this competition to be a winner because…YOU ARE ALREADY A WINNER!!

  48. awww tat vote is like “toot”…. guess wat CLEO Mag is getting worse since 2005. i’ve been reading cleo since 1999. Colleting Cleo Mags is my favourtite… i love seeing all the colours of cleo in my room…
    but now… don’t even feel like buying them… its getting sucks… those bachelors are not yummy at all…. especially ikan bilis… i think those voters are blind…or maybe been blind by Cleo since 2005… all i can say is cleo are for noobs.. the fashion sucks big time..

  49. I voted. and truth to be told, the ebi is not even close to any category in my list. haha!!
    Sure would wanna share some coffee time with u, I’m pretty confident it’ll turn out fun.. haha!!
    Good luck mate!!

  50. Obviously.. lol.. Kenny’s got no chance. The way the finalists are drafted out. not to mention the people that got into the categories. Or maybe there just wasnt enough people joining up. ol
    I wanna try his ikan bakar. lol

  51. Votes are rigged I tell ya.
    Those BERSIH guys better do what they’re paid for πŸ˜€
    I swear I voted you were the sexiest in the toilet category πŸ˜›

  52. Seriously, how can that guy win so many titles when he is not attractive, not someone that looks fun to have a coffee with, not adventurous looking except for his hair (which actually is just boring), groomed of what? and what sexiest eyes? I think those voted him for that need to have their eyes check.
    Anyway, gave up long time with these voting for results thing, it is just so disappointing when those so undeserving wins the thing. Just like this one.

  53. how come ebi win for every sub??????
    kenny u don’t play2…
    u r making this up ar??
    anyway goodluck to u… (^__^)

  54. I just wondering why would anyone would like to have coffee with the ikan bakar man? They like the fishy smell of him? Or the sambal smell on him? I mean I would prefer to have a good cup of coffee with whoever knows how to enjoy a good cup of coffee. ^.^

  55. eyerr… when i saw this fella .. i know sure some girls would like one .. but for him to win all the 5 votes?? sounds highly suspicious ..
    like others said.. there’s 49 other hotter bachelors to go for .. it’s impossible people would want to keep voting for this .. guy

  56. hi kenny.. congrats for making into top 50… if the online poll will indicates the final result, damn that not-so-handsome-and-unknown-artist will sure win…and i agree with Elementalist, cleo getting sucker each year..*off to goggle ebi guy*

  57. Hi Kenny, i think that ikan bakar guy must be very busy for voting he self every hour and everyday. Really so weird. Only loser will do this kind of thing

  58. r u sure these so called hot guy dun have bf??
    they should b ban from this contest!
    kenny, u hv better secure job, touch a tranny boobs, wickedly cool funny blog n travel around d world.
    u represent all those ordinanry blokes (not artiste)here in msia!

  59. Funniest shit i’ve read this week. “Making ikan bakar!” – is the tipping point! And summore related to Bersih. Hahaha, i vote for you Kenny, wait no SMS votes meh?

  60. oh noooo πŸ™ was rooting for you (and few of my other friends). geez. how lar like that. it’s quite obvious he got people voting him nonstop 24/7. that’s how sms votes-based talent contests work, u know right? sad but true. i can totally relate to your plight man. never mind, just make the most outta your experience and expand your ever-growing network. At least let ppl remember you instead of the winner and let ppl see you emerging as a more successful person following this contest…

  61. what the!!! his most adventurous is parasailing???!?! I could do that with my eyes close, man! Does that make me more deserving of the most adventurous bachelor? But i sure can’t swallow an alive snake heart like kennysia.. that’s super disgusting! haha!
    most groomed is even worse.. even ronaldo’s 2002 world cup hairstyle looks better..

  62. by the way, kenny.. beware of suicide bombers in zouk.. coz it’ll be cool if all the good looking ones are bombed.. give chance to others not so good looking guys to shine… hahaha!!!

  63. Dude, we don’t care about Mr.CLEO or whatever’s the name lar. We here only care about, which is Mr. Kenny Sia, and Mr. Kenny Sia alone.

  64. Everyone in this world is unique and biased. Which is why it is hard to judge who is prettier. Anyway, they’ve selected you for the wrong event. Sorry Kenny. I’ll vote for you for the “50 top comedians in Malaysia”. As for eligible bachelor, no way!

  65. “…but could there be some *cough*vote-rigging*cough* going on?…”
    This situation is similar to MDG. *cough* Undeserved people stay in the competition whereas talented people were voted out.

  66. ebi is a former singer in akademi fantasia 5, whereas he is among the top finalist. that’s why he can won all the titles since he is quite popular among youngster. check it out at youtube, then u will know him.

  67. Akademi fantasia is for people who fantasize alot and only will live in fantasy forever. In reality, they will never make it big! I dont even know who the heck this Ebi guy is. Anyway, he’s ugly. For God sake, fellow Malaysian, improve your taste.

  68. Ebi is such a turn off!!He looks a bit ‘Himbotic’!
    N Kenny! u r way to cool to be in dis kinda competition!!!!
    p/s: Have coffee with me??? πŸ™‚

  69. ermmm…I was surprise with the results…Probably these peoples’ eyes are blinded…the results are very dissapointing although I did vote…yeah..I did vote for you…anyway,all the best!

  70. man, that’s so unfair! I couldn’t blif Ebi took all the titles!!! I did vote 2 titles for u Kenny, sorry u didn’t get any of it. Well, can’t help it. U deserve the Most Adventurous Bachelor. Tis is so unfair. Anyway, cheer up n just hav fun wif it.

  71. The best thing I’ve done for myself is…..spending the last moments of my father’s life by his side…..that’s really nice.

  72. Cleo cheats! This Ebi Kornelis guy sucks big time, Owen Yap should have won. Kenny, don’t be sad. Even Owen couldn’t beat this Ebi cheat, you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself.

  73. hey
    this is my first comment ever to u
    i think u are way better than tat ikan bakar fella
    those gals are juz blind kay. they duno how to judge guys
    btw, u are hawttt…..droolssss

  74. Ebi is a former Akademi Fantasia participant. He is a singer, model and athlete(State Level). Quite a talented guy. However, he is currently embroiled in a controversy with Akademi Fantasia winner Mila with accusations and counter accusations filling up the Malay tabloids.

  75. “outer beauty” department, i go for owen yap.
    (he looks cool, and well-poised, i must admit)
    “inner beauty” department, i opt for kenny sia.
    (hilarious is one thing, i like what u elaborate on your father thingy. sweet and touchy, indeed.)

  76. Getting into the 50 top eligible bachelors is a great achievement by itself…
    Maybe if you posed like the “Cleo Australia” dude you’d get more votes… X)

  77. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog and have long admired your style but your latest post has left me so disappointed.Let it go man!you’re making yourself sound too much like a sour grape.
    Yes,maybe there’s something wrong with the voting process.I too, thought something was amiss when this guy was at the top for all the categories but that is beside the point.
    The point I’m trying to make is that you’re making yourself sound like a moron by picking on this Ebi guy.
    Let me quote the disparaging remarks you made against Ebi which I feel are unbecoming of you.
    “But seriously, who the heck is this EBI KORNELIS guy?”
    “His talent is singing, playing guitar and MAKING IKAN BAKAR…For someone like than to be able to win all these subsidiary titles, his ikan bakar must have tasted really really really good.”
    “(The most daredevil thing he’s done is parasailing in Sabah because “the wind is very strong”)”
    Don’t go there man!I’m sure you are much better than that.
    Why picked on Ebi?Is it his (Ebi’s),cleo’s or the voters fault that he got nominated or voted top in all categories?
    One thing I admire about this guy (Ebi)though is that at least he’s humble and honest enough to admit that he used to ‘make ikan bakar’ before.He may not be fortunate enough to go to school overseas but at least he has made something good for himself,coming from a humble beginning.A good role model for those who are less fortunate and for all the youths in general.
    In this present superficial world, where for many, fame,wealth,appearance, etc etc are held with utmost importance,it’s heartening to know that we still have someone like Ebi who is not afraid to admit where he came from.
    Kenny,I’m sorry you didn’t win but to me you’ve won long time ago by just being yourself.I just hope with all the attentions that you have been getting have not gotten into your head.
    Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t know who this Ebi guy was until all this cleo thingy was turned into quiet a ‘fiasco.And I did not vote.
    My comments and remarks may not go down well with you and your legion of fans but I’m not going to apologise.The only thing I’m sorry about is that I may be ‘losing’ the old Kenny Sia.
    I’m still looking forward to your future postings but if the old Kenny Sia is in a hiatus somewhere, please bring him back pronto!

  78. Not so Eligible Bachelor, chill man. Looking at the overall tone of this entry, realise that all jabs are meant to be taken light-heartedly and all in good fun.
    Remember I’m still gonna meet the guy this Friday. Not gonna put my foot in my mouth am I?

  79. Kenny,good for you.Dude!I’m so chilled that I’m getting a frostbite here.Have fun this Friday and whatever the outcome may be you’ll always be a winner.Break a leg.:)

  80. I just dun get it… wat on earth did ladies or man likewise(if they do any voting) saw in dat man..keeps me wonder.. Ok..ok.. some says he came from a humble beginning.. but is dat all we looking 4???
    So wat is soo damn adventurous thing abt parasailing..I’ve done dat b4..Didn’t impress me dat much..
    Something very d fishy abt d voting outcome.. only few names came out…wat happen 2 the rest contestant..i’m sure d rest oso hv their own voters..

  81. “What is the sweetest thing a girl has done for you?”
    Ebi:”I used to be an office boy and sell ikan bakar in Kota Kinabalu and dated the sweetest girl ever.”
    Err.. did I miss out anything? So, what’s the sweetest thing a girl has ever done for him?

  82. I won’t laugh. I prefer intellectual guys and I actually prefer a blogger to a musician or whatsoever.

  83. OMFG?! r u kidding me? all titles?! EW EW EW EW EW EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!~
    has malaysia gone mad or something?!

  84. are-you-freaking-serious? i thought malaysians had better taste. this ebi dude looks exactly like the ikan bakar man. who is he? how come no one knows him, how come i’ve never heard of him. jesus! how come he’s even in this competition?

  85. Well, Ebi is the winner…he has lotsa fans, admirer and support than you. Besides it is people choice. For those commented above, did you vote? If not, why judge

  86. This has got nothing to do with jealousy. Being the most eligible bachelors is not only about the look but also about the brains.
    I went for the priemiere @ The Curve, this ikan bakar man was asked to sing a Maroon 5’s song and I tell you if Maroon 5 was there, they woulda have hung themself on a taugeh tree!!
    His English is so BAD and he can’t sing for peanuts!! He couldn’t even understand the question that thrown at him in English!!

  87. eh…4 u 2 b in the 50 is oredy like winning big prize la…y da bitching ah
    ebi is not pretty/marcho even 2 da slightest…juz normal nia
    i’ll definately vote u as the 1 2 have coffee wif…bcoz as compare to other boring-to-death(fake) asnwers of most competitor…urs da most candid n humourous…
    so ponteng tat lousy taste friday 9 lar wei

  88. the standard in Malaysian Dream Girl is already that low, so won’t expect too much on this Malaysian Eligible Bachelor contest either…

  89. kenny,
    you’re malaysia’s most famous blogger,
    just this fact, u can kick other 49 bachelor ass liao:P
    good luck mission impossible!

  90. parasailing in sabah? if parachuting, then he gets my respect…parasailing even a kid can do it! I’ve done it myself, no big deal, nothing to shout about being “adventurous”, it’s like proclaiming u’ve ride a bicycle down a slope!

  91. OHGOSH! bluek =.= i’d never ever even think of dating a guy like that guy who won. whats his name again? =) i’d hav coffee with you any time!

  92. hey kenny… hope u win this wei… this will bring average looking ppl like you and me to a whooooole new level.. GOOD LUCK !!!

  93. I still find it funny how people reacted towards a simple post..oh well.. anyway if his frm AF tat made some sense…teenagers might love him till they drool all over d place. Gudluck Kenny… btw isnt ebi sum kind of food in japan?

  94. kenny, considered yourself lucky to be in there. top 50. i mean, come on, it is funny how he won 5 title… but it is funny too how they put in the the top 50. maybe, malaysia is short of guys or should i say elgible bachelor.

  95. hey kenny..haha
    i was LMAO reading the last part especially the bersih thingy..
    yea.. i agree with can he win all the titles?
    aiyoo..i think *some* malaysians are quite blind, huh ?

  96. Kenny, please cheer up. Dont feel so bad for not winning any subsidiary title. I think if you participate in the overseas Cleo competition especially the Australia Cleo you will stand a good chance of winning. You have to take off your clothes for the photo shoot and I am sure you have more to show than the rest of the contestants!! Ok, dont cry lah and cheer up for not winning. So long in my eyes you are the most eligible, ok lor!!!

  97. LOL, I must admit, after holidaying in Spore and M’asia at the start of the year and experiencing the culture, Australia in comparison is very open =P
    I went to see ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ last week and it only had a MA(15+) rating in Australia, vs America, which put a R18+ rating on it. Is that film on general release in Malaysia?
    Anyway, I’m digressing. Best of lucky Kenny! … Many new age girls will tell you that they’ll take brain over brawns any day

  98. I couldn’t be bothered about the whole thing until I saw the margin on the votes there. Pretty fishy to be honest.

  99. ..maybe only 5 people were voting …chup, sorry for being kuno, but how is the voting process like? text? Maybe his mother spent all her days voting for him..hence the big margin =p

  100. When you’re not busy being affable and stupidly enslaving yourself to all kinds of idiocy to earn an ounce of likableness,you’re actually kind of funny.
    Anyhu,it’s F-in Cleo.They could say anything,it wouldn’t matter.

  101. Bersih! Bersih! BErsih!!
    i think 2 moro if ebi wins every titled, we the PEOPLE should start chanting BERSIH! BERSIH!
    anyways…ive got hot gossip… i doubt the ebi is straight because i know he is really close to a certain Mr Bakri from D’catwalk collection kk…
    dib dib dib,,dub dub dub….


  103. tak malu ke? so very berlagak . no humble at all
    ebi konerlis very humble , hemsem and good voice
    u no good u jealous? look uself first

  104. “WhatÒ€ℒs one thing youÒ€ℒre glad youÒ€ℒve outgrown?
    Shyness, I used to be very quiet in my high school which always got me bullied.”
    how’d you get rid of that?

  105. i wont go for this whoever obi kwan kenobi is…but kenny, i would vote you the Bext Groomed Bachelor…cuz all the time i saw you in office suit wandering near yr office area! dont sour! everybody has their best.

  106. Feh! I don’t care about Ebi. (wahaha, Ebi = shrimp /prawn/lobster in Japanese) I don’t care if he wins! That whole contest might be rigged. Oh, the Type I error!
    As I have mentioned before, that magazine on this time is a total disappointment. – 49 men inside there are either just being too girly, or sissy, or both, or maybe too metrosexual for my very own taste. Makes me think that all the 49 men are totally obsolete in my very own senses too! Lucky me, there’s Kenny Sia for me to vote!
    Why, oh why not the Kenny they are choosing? πŸ™‚
    Kenny Sia, you are the man. You deserve all my votes. You are better than the 49 all togther. I don’t think even all the 49 combined will be the better man than you are. You are much more entertaining and charming than all of these guys!
    As for the fans of this cute guy, I’m formin’ a fan club here, who’s with me? πŸ™‚

  107. ebi kornelis winning the best groomed category?
    looks like came out of jakunland only..

  108. i think it’s quite easy to be the 50 most eligible bachelors.. coz u just need to nominate someone and they would instantly call for an interview..
    heck! even i nominated my hubby before we got married and he got a call for the interview and to take his pics.. next thing i knew, he got a call for a photo shoot.. how hard can it be??
    vote-rigging? it happens to MDG, AF, cleo, Malaysian Idol, 1 in a million and etc..
    “Most Eligible Bachelor is a generic term for a published listing of bachelors considered to be desirable MARRIAGE candidates.” taken from wikipedia..
    so how does one know who is the most eligible bachelor? by looks? by popularity? by the way they sweet talk during interview? hmmmm…

  109. Ikan bilis?
    I dunno who he is…Anyway, surely you prefer to have a fan base here than just Cleo readers, no?
    All the best man…it will be alot of fun, just work it.
    One of them are already on their way to be a father in a couple of mth’s time. Not quite a bachelor…

  110. du du du du~ i never will like voting based contest.. its rubbish.. and wat de hell are judges for? commenters?
    this post is simply kennysia.. keep it up dude!

  111. Ebi is an Akademi Fantasia 5 alum. He won the 2nd place. He performed every week from the start till the very end of the season. He’s got the looks that can charm primary school girls’ heart. However his talent is zero or less than that(-3.88 mebbe??).
    What made him the Most Eligible Bachelor? It is simply because he once spat at his ex-gf during an argument,who,coincidently the winner of AF5. Wow, how adorable! I want a bf like that too!!!
    Believe it or not, this is Malaysia. We vote for no-brainers all the time. It’s a habit. So, vote for Ebi….if not…I’ll spit at you!

  112. i’m not quite sure, but i think whoever behind this ebi guy might be using autotyper and autoclicker to generate votes. it’s automated entry, hence you can do it over and over and over again, kinda like sex =P
    sorry, i didn’t check the site before voting closed, so i’m not quite sure, this is my two cents worth.
    but i will certainly have coffee with you =)

  113. u poor thing,..
    on the other hand… the “Ebi Kornelis” guy isnt a bachelor i wanna hang out with…
    I dun wan to end up him asking me RM8000 and being spit on my face XD.

  114. here’s one of ebi’s answers in the CLEO mag – the full version>>>
    What is the sweetest thing a girl has done for you?
    I used to be an office boy and sell ikan bakar in Kota Kinabalu and dated the sweetest girl ever. She could’ve dated so many other guys better but she just accepted me for who I am.
    ooopss here’s another one>>>
    My life mission is to….
    Give my family and the next generation a better life.

  115. shame on you..what did this poor boy ever do to you?!!
    consider yourself lucky enough to be in the top 50..your post here shows lack of class*barf*

  116. kenny, chill dude..maybe u can learn a thing or two from the other 49 bachelors..that win or lose, this is supposed to be a fun just go on out there n enjoy urself..good luck!
    let this be a lesson that next time, we actually move our stubby fingers and vote..rather than bitch around..peace!

  117. Win or no win never mind, don’t try to compare so much, you do have a very own personality that everybody likes…always enjoy the process and get the actual experience behind the cover.

  118. alaahhh kenny. let him win la.
    he had no other contest/award to win wat…
    got no talent oso. contest based on looks onli he can win one.poor him la!

  119. Serious? This Ebi guy doesnt understand English much? OMG, clown! Ugly + Poor English + Bad Hairdo + etc etc of shits = Eligible Bachelor? My uncle Ah Fatt have a better chance than him then.

  120. I don’t know why people got so hyped up with this cleo contest….it’s just for FUN….note> FUN. Whoever wins, wins lah…..main title and all the subsidiary titles. Just go and enjoy yourself at Zouk, get to know Ebi more if you feel like it.

  121. To Justme,
    Hyped Up and Fun. What’s the difference? Hyped up means fun. Fun things are never low profile. You are contradicting yourself there, silly rabbit.

  122. Hei Kenny.. you know what.. you are just jealoussss dude… Ikan bakar.. ikan bakar..
    That’s it buddy… life go on!!

  123. Just by looking at the stats, its way tooooo obvious there is some phantom voting on this Ebi guy. All his stats on the 5 categories are over 60%. Coincidence? I think not..

  124. Thanks for the eye candy today! The Singaporean was hot enough… then when I scrolled down… OMFG droooolssss.. the Malaysian bachelors on the other hand.. BO-RING! I couldn’t even find one that I like- Except Kenny la but I can’t drool over THAT picture :/ Ebi’s quite down-to-earth in his interview which might appeal but he doesn’t seem very educated to be sexy.

  125. dpegasus..nope, no such thing as phantom voting..
    no ‘canggih’ software to hack the voting’s just votes from loyal supporters who love this guy to pieces..
    u guys should have done the same for kenny..

  126. ya i thought so too! when i saw the results i was like wth… but anyways i voted for u for the having coffee category πŸ™‚

  127. Ebi is just only generic-looking suave bachelor. I re-looked the magazine again. He’s just too generic. Nothing too special about him except his “ikan bakar” thing which is not REALLY that intriguing to me.
    Oh please, the only hottest guy in that 50 bachelors is Kenny. I can’t think of the rest there. πŸ™‚

  128. WALAO the edited picture with kenny’s face on a woman’s body reminds me of those edited pictures of George W. Bush. The comment for the Indian Bruce Willis is HILARIOUS XD

  129. Haha dun be disappointed u might not know wat gonna happen besides u did very well in getting top 50 when there are so many people around in Malaysia…:) As for Ebi-congrats on winning but then dun try to act as cool as spitting at someone

  130. gg…….that ebi won all 5 categorys…-.- is that even possible? gian si… la…look at his shirt..looks like womens shirt ehh…like got boobs…except is flat 1…

  131. I dun mind dating a blogger.haha.the votings were kinda stupid.kinda obvious that something is wrong sumwher. =) oh well life must go on.keep up the good work kenny.

  132. oh man.. he’s so ‘fugly’.
    what to do, this is Malaysia.
    kenny, ur look far more better than him and i would like to have coffee with you. xD

  133. Er, who the heck is Ebi? I certainly would NOT vote for him for any of the titles proposed. It’s certainly faked votes.

  134. ok lah, tuh….
    kenny, dont get so emo lah bro… after all even if ebi is not the girls choice… i dont think u get the chance pun….
    young ladies crazy at him, wht can you do????
    to some he might not eligble, but majority thinks he is….
    aiya… cincai lah… tonite just go enjoy yrself maa…
    i.m looking forwrd your photo with Ebi Kornelis in next CLEO issue….. relax bro….
    go lah and get to know him 1st… later you can comment abt him in yr blog, k…..

  135. It’s obviously rigged.
    And Ebi is so not hot (from a female’s point of view). His hair looks like a freakish resemblance to a mop.

  136. I;ve been a great fan of your blog.Good Luck for the competition but hey one thing for sure is you’re the FAMOUS BLOGGER that we all know!!

  137. honestly I think its rigged…..why?
    Girls would wanna have a coffee date with Kennysia just so that kennysia can blog about them on his blog and so they can get famous =)think about it!!! wats the point having coffee with the ikan bakar guy , just let you eat ikan bilis only

  138. Apparently that Edi Kornelis dude is from Akademi Fantasia, well that’s what my friend said.
    It’s totally unfair that he won all subsidiary titles!

  139. Everything in nowaday’s reality shows are rigged. I don’t think that is so pure anymore. Talent are being commercialized. No more fun-factor anymore.
    So, Kenny, we will still support you no matter what is all the shit that happen nowadays. Keep the blog going anyway, Mr. Cute guy! πŸ™‚

  140. Hi Kenny,
    Where is The Daily Grind in bangsar located? I’ve never seen it. I would appreciate a reply. Thanks!

  141. i dunno what is goin on wf u kenny?y r u so jelousy?i mean like if u dun like him,u dun have to tell around the world of his weakness..?yeah,he is not deserve to get that title,but u dun have to do this..juz let it be..simpan dalam it..?i cant believe that kenny is that bad.sigh…god bless u.

  142. yeah right,confius.kenny,u talk bout ikan bakar,and all…u really look down at people hah..?yalah u rich,talented,blogger..not like him..yalah,yalah u win la..susah-susah

  143. D: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. That Ebi Tempura guy does not look hot at all. And he DEFINITELY does not have the sexiest eyes out of the 50 men. -gags- And no offense but that looks like a woman’s shirt he’s wearing.

  144. im pretty sure that the vote is not rigged. its rather logical. some of the factors that enabled ebi to swept all the titles cleanly are:
    i)hes from Sabah. Its the 2nd largest state in Malaysia, which means it has quite a huge population . What can you expect with that? Of course a huge number of Sabahans would vote for their own people.
    ii)hes a former AF contestant and as you know, that retarded reality show is amazingly very popular among Malaysians. So why AF freaks wont wanna vote for the product of their favorite reality tv show?
    iii)obviously because he can cook. yea not all of us fancy ikan bakar that much and that includes me.but i am quite sure that hes not lying about that because he actually came from a poor family who sells ikan bakar for living. like some people said “the way to women’s heart is through their stomach”.
    btw reality tv show is the 2nd worst disaster after 9/11 the world has ever experienced.farkin retarded.

  145. you sound so sour, kenny… kenny the sourgrapes… it doesn’t matter who won the contest.. u’re who u are.


  147. OH gosh!!! How come the Cindy can be in the top 8!!
    SHIT!!! she is zjust like a bitch!!!
    SHe talked like a bitch ,bad personality !!!
    BAD attitude!! CHEAP BITCH >>though she is so pretty like that ……BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!
    and she always wear like a “chicken”…
    especially the 1st audition ,she want to be eye catching ..But just make her look like a “chicken”
    in chow kit …RM50 1 night ….BITCH!! Totally bitch…if she won the contest,it is becoz of the voted…her father voted for her so much..sure call alot of people help her to vote!!!! UNFair!!
    VOted can’t decided anything!!!! CINDY IS A BITCH!

  148. Admit it kenny, you are *cough*sore about the results*cough* lol
    but you automatically win the subsidary title of: Bachelor whose blog you are most likely to read πŸ˜›
    How does that sound? πŸ™‚

  149. I’m pretty sure it’s just a contest. And he’s just joking on the results, in a light hearted way, so no offense. πŸ™‚
    Still, can’t think of the other 49 bachelors, not really that intriguing to me. My eyes are all still at Kenny. Hehe. πŸ™‚

  150. sore loser!haha…anyways, id go out with a blogger anytime…makes for more good conversation, who wants to talk about ikan bakar anyway?haha…and yeah i can’t get over ebi either tho, how did he win o????hmmm….so ugly,so not ‘what women want’ material…
    it shouldve been you!kenny! really.

  151. As I see it, the whole Cleo bachelor thingy is just to make a few guys a lil’ more famous. Kenny, you’re already THE most famous blogger in Msia, I’m sure it doesn’t really make a difference whether you win or not. =)
    Actually your entering this Bachelor contest is kinda not really your….thing, I guess. Like asking , oh I don’t know, Aung San Suu Kyi to take part in Miss Universe?……..
    Ok that was a bit extreme but you get the idea! =P

  152. get over it kenny boy.and u do make it sound as if u r bitter, even if u said u arent. grow a pair of balls and suck it up

  153. mann….i think you should have won the title for Bachelor You’d Get Hot & Sweaty With…since you look DAMN HOT in that bikini!!!

  154. Yes! You are the best blogger in M’sia, whatever for you need the idea of the best Bachelor contest! Ah, Kenny, you are good looking, and you will never fail all of us!!

  155. just drop by as i’m googling for this Cleo MEB2008..even i’m NOT a fan of Ebi (and i’m also not voting for any of the CLeo MEB) but i think ur comments r too..ermm maybe “harsh” is the right word? whoever the hell is the other person is..or even he’s truly worst as u’s better not to downgrade people like that..hey, we just live in the same world,tho!

  156. Yay! Bachelor No. 8, Brian Lau won! I am so happy for him and his girlfriend, Cynthia. He’s very handsome, got a well tone body and a well mannered guy, which is soooo unlike this fat Sia guy who dissed fellow contestant in his blog.
    The fact that you are fat alone should have slapped you on the stomach that you don’t even deserved to be in the top 50 honey! Hahaha…

  157. … and my, what the hell is happening to all this people who suck up to you?
    I mean, I love sucking but won’t ever do one on a fat guy like you. Because fat guys have small dicks, which is exhibited by all your writings about this Ebi Cornelis guy. Seriously!

  158. Congrats to Brian Lau for winning the main title – Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2008
    Also congrats to the bachelors that won the subsidiary titles – Ramzan, Ebi and the rest

  159. Dude, don’t be such a loser la. Have some reality check that you’re just not as famous as you think beyond the digital world. Wake up hor!

  160. Hi Kenny!
    Bumped into you and your friend outside Low Yat Plaza KL. It’s great to finally meet you in person, since I have been reading your blog weekly for some time now. All the best man, and keep on blogging!
    Best regards,
    SL Chong

  161. why on earth did tat guy win all the category??
    sry to say this… but he aint hawt cute or wtsoeva… of cos, he aint ugly either… but… wat on earth is wrong wif malaysians??? hahahxxx

  162. A lot of people here is clueless about this Cleo voting system. The case where one guy dominated in all online subsidiary votes is happening every year. For the 2007’s search, Kaer Azami of Akademi Fantasia too topped up all the subsidiary categories with huge %, but on the Gala night, he didn’t won one. Visit the offial Cleo Bachelor 2008’s website in a few weeks time to see the full result.
    They have a panel of judges to select the winner for each categories, which consist of the title’s sponsor and Cleo’s officials. This online votes count, but it consists of only a certain % from the total ‘marks’.
    Ebi Cornelis is NOT winning ALL the subsidiary titles. In fact, no one ever in Cleo’s history! He just won one of it. So stop posting stupid remarks saying unpleasant things about any of the guys. Check your fact first.
    This blog is like the present government’s set up. Full of ‘yes men/women’ who suck up to this fat Sia guy, who unfortunately think he is so special.
    I hope you’ll post a special reply in this blog to apologise to this Ebi Cornelis guy, together with some coverage of the Bachelor Bash party, because from other blogs that I’ve read so far, all your images look utterly terrible.

  163. i dont think kenny is behsong ebi or jealous or anything…-.- for 1 thing, kenny didnt even expect to win in any of the categorys…jz that he hoped he might at least get into the coffee category. why would someone who doesnt expect to win be jealous of the winner…-.- and his post is just a “wtf” kind of post about someone doing something ridiculous like winning all 5 categorys and jz sharing wif us lar…and anyways im thinking the same as kennys thinking. who the hell is this ebi guy anyway??? wtf even MAWI looks better than him -.-

  164. hahaha, ebi kornelis, the famous dude in akademi fantasia. LOL. his history in AF is basically getting on top of the voting chart also. So, my theory, those who voted for him in AF, stalked him all the way here(CLEO Bachelor). since the fans already have all the time in the world to actually vote~

  165. It’s the same thing happen to Malaysian Dreamgirl. The show similar to American’s next top model but 100% based on voting, which is basically a MUST for almost all the contest in Malaysia. The voting based contest definitely unfair to those not so wealthy family. There are true supporters who watching the show, but how much you will spend vote for ur favorite girl?RM5, RM10?or RM50? IF your supportive family spend RM10k or more to vote you definitely you will get into top 3 for the reason of spending most on voting, not being outstanding.So for those who don’t have enough fund to spend on voting , better join contest that is 100% judging based.That’s why the Astro Talent Quest quality is so much better than Super Star

  166. yeing at 27: i agree with u.. i love ANTM coz those girls get eliminated coz the judges think they’re not qualified.. so what are the judges doing in MDG? just to pick the girls for the 1st round only?
    sms voting is NEVER fair.. it’s a sad sad case to see how much these ppl are willing to pay just to keep that ‘certain’ girl in MDG.. not becoz she deserve it or qualified, just becoz her family & friends got the money to splurge on those sms-es..
    so what about the other girls who got no rich family members or friends in m’sia? they’d lose BIG time even tho they’re qualified and have the potential..
    all contests are the same.. cleo, AF, Malaysian Idol, one in a million, MDG, American Idol and etc.. EVEN with the Miss World.. that’s why i boycott all those.. i’m proud to say i’ve NEVER spent a dime on sms voting.. EVER.. just wasting my time and money..

  167. *off topic*
    i remember kenny wrote that he could see that ‘certain’ girl wants to be in MDG, she and her family traveled all the way from johor to kl for audition.. i mean, =.= johor to kl isn’t THAT far, okay? plus i got to know from a source that she always travel back and forth (jb-kl-jb).. so no big deal..
    but now i really could see she REALLY wants to win this MDG so badly that no matter how much it cost (for those sms-es).. and it’s so silly of her to say something which means ‘IF u spend rm15k for the sms-es and u won the contest, the car is already like rm70k.. still u untung wat..’ boy, she really did her calculations well..

  168. Taira Beng: Im sure if ur a guy ul hav smaller dick than Kenny’s if ur a woman u hav no boobs. Not nice to call anyone fat sia guy. This is my SPECIAL reply for you and YES ur an idiot…NO im not apologizing. Please do check ur FACTS that u might be fatter and rounder than a ball

  169. “All reality shows have to use votings / SMS to make profit, and some of most don’t really care about the welfare of the finalists or even winner after the show. At the end of the day, it’s how they make money.” – a quote from a past reality show contestant herself, me.

  170. Taira:
    1.) We are not ‘yes’ men and women. We are just a casual supporting team here. We are being very reasonable.
    2.) It is not nice to come down on him. We like him the way he is. πŸ™‚
    3.) And the images are not terrible. Some people couldn’t take a joke apparently. Hehe. πŸ™‚

  171. OMG dude! You sound serious. Oh yeah you are. this who-the-heck guy was a finalist in Akademi Fantasia. You know how he won all the subsidiary titles?? AF n CLEO are teen-related stuff.. he’s famous in TV, you’re not (well, that’s the fact, isn’t it?), so lo and behold, here comes EBI KORNELIS.
    Teens may not know “who the heck are you” in blogosphere. Sorry to say that, but that’s the fact, ehhh?

  172. One thing for sure, as I read this. Ya, its a joke and nothing serious. Most just go out and start say YES this IKAN BAKAR guy, bla…bla…bla… My hunch is that Ebi guy won’t feel it I doubt he’s even reading or took notice of any blogs.
    I was from those rural backwaters of Sabah so I know the mentality. I confessed that I only knew computer and internet while in University. We all must understand the feelings of people from the Long House, Estates, ‘HULU’, living in caves and jungles. I suggest you tell that EBI guy you made a joke out of him or he’ll get all out emotional.

  173. hey,kenny i got sth funny that i would like to share with you..which laugh myself off the chair when i read this from “the star online”.
    “Sparks flew when the new Parliament session opened yesterday with MPs shouting, bickering and calling each other names live on television with the Speaker having a tough time controlling the House. Things got so bad that the Government is now mulling over whether to discontinue the live telecast of proceedings. Most people, however, want the broadcasts to continue.”
    dare to be on top/big news somemore..hahaha
    it’s on 2/5/08 news.
    i think this time the m’sia politic will be in full of comedy

  174. can u not noe ebi??my god..oh n do u wana noe y he got so many votes??probably becoz he’s a real gentleman..n most muslim ladies lyk him coz he’s reli alim..if u noe wad i mean..kenny..i dono if ur just joking or reli insulting ebi..either way..just wish u didnt do so..

  175. Dear Kenny Sia :
    I’m surprised that you, a popular blogger, didn’t do your homework before bashing Ebi Kornelis on your blog to millions of viewers.
    There are 10 reasons why Ebi Kornelis received so many votes :
    (1) He was not only an ex-state athlete but also an ex-national athlete in tracks and field. He represented Malaysia in several international track meets, including in Thailand and the Philippines.
    (2) He was the 1st runner up in state-level Manhunt International.
    (3) He became a part time model to support his studies.
    (4) He singledhandedly brought sex appeal and fashion sense into Akademi Fantasia. An image consultant is now part of the academic staff, thanks to Ebi.
    Note : There was a public uproar about the lack of grooming in the Akademi after Ebi’s Manhunt pics (especially the infamous topless one) were spread all over the internet, blogs and tabloids while he was still in the Akademi. ( See pics : )
    (5) The “ikan bakar” thing refers to the time when he sells “ikan bakar” to get income for his family. It is a well known fact that he lives in a “setinggan” area and his dad is a labourer.
    (6) He actually does speak English besides other ethic languages in Sabah.
    (7) He has the exotic Indonesia-Dutch-Sarawakian heritage.
    (8) He works out constantly in gym and jogs everyday.
    (9) He has a popular website
    (10)He doesn’t bitch about his fellow CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelors contenders like you.

  176. Oh, about that ‘ugly’ dreadlocks? It was all hair extensions. He was shooting a film “Sayang U Can Dance” with Sharifah Amani when he was nominated for CLEO. His character, 1 of the 3 main characters in the film, has dreadlocks.

  177. Oh, by the way, I saw your Ebi-bashing blog through – the Sabahan bloggers blogring. A lot of Sabahan bloggers are very angry at your Ebi-bashing posting. And angry Sabahans usually put their revenge in votes. See how they toppled the former Sabah Chief Minister Tan Sri Bernard Dompok in the elections.

  178. As for your retarded fans who insulted both Ebi and Sabahans’ “backwardness”, you people are a bunch of stupid, snobbish retards who can’t even speak proper BM baku.
    Kim Ong also should keep her blabbermouth shut. No one wants to vote for her after they saw her stupidity for not wearing proper safety gear in her infamous “tricycle tragedy” youtube video. (see video : )

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