Someone has held Ronald McDonald hostage!

Quick! Call the cops! We need to free Ronald!
Save him! McRewards of McChickens and McFries will be McGiven.

Blog Plug of the Day: Now this is hilarious. Anyone noticed now there’s a bunch of people out there now giving themselves MTV-inspired names like Rihanna Tan? Or Giselle Chong? Ketiak Busuk has the scoop.
I think I’m gonna call myself Kanye Sia.

95 Replies to “McHostage”

  1. There’s something similar in Ipoh; Colonel Sanders smiling down to us from above the KFC opposite The Store 🙂 He seems happy there though, so nobody’s rescued him yet :p

  2. hahahz… its at d building next to tun jugah in kuching if im nt mistaken… wahhh din noe u r so attentive to spot dat… LOL…

  3. LOL!! imagine the McD staffs sending in suicide bombers to help him… eh wait…. they wont have a business premise then…

  4. kenny baby, i can see it coming!
    someone’s gonna crop off that watermark and claim it as their own photo and send it to the papers for a RM 50!

  5. Who do you call? Colonel Sander from across the road at Sarawak Plaza? Or chicken Hartz to cross the road?
    Maybe he need the foot massage because of his swollen feet? What size shoes are he wearing?

  6. Oh..i saw that about a few months ago i think. Wonder why they abandoned him there..poor Ronald, the worst situation a mascot of a world wide francis will have…

  7. lol,i sure it must be in sarawak.for west m’sian,if you come to sarawak see carefully our shops sign’s normally chinese words bigger than english or malay.that’s why,when Tun Dr.Mahathir was in s’wak.he said why sibu(s’wak) looks like Hong Kong!

  8. somehow this reminds me of greys anatomy XD
    ‘But that does not change the fact that she’s got my McDreamy. And my McDog. She’s got my McLife!’ – meredith grey
    =) haha

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