Twenty Four

Twenty four things I did when I was twenty four.

1. Learnt to scuba-dive.

2. Learnt to play chess.
Some nine months later, I scored my first checkmate, against my mentor. 🙂

3. Saw the magnificent Great Pyramids of Giza.

4. Stayed at the ultra-luxurious Venetian Macao Resort during their grand opening.

5. Swallowed the beating heart of a king cobra, and washed it down with a dose of snake blood in Vietnam.

6. Met and shook hands with The Black Eyed Peas in Thailand, then got a media pass to watch their concert live.

7. Witnessed a fatal car accident for the first time.
William Liew, who lost his wife and two kids in that accident overnight e-mailed me again recently. As much as he is finding it difficult to get over his sadness and pain, he has decided to move on and begin a new chapter of his life in China. In memory for his family who perished, he has started a blog at

8. Sponsored a World Vision child.

9. Made my first reality TV show appearance in Nescafe Kickstart. Dance instructor Joo Nee Oh engaged my support, and she ended up winning the contest and RM250,000 richer.

10. Signed up for a 12-month exclusive deal with Nuffnang, signalling the beginning of the most significant revolution in Malaysian blog-based advertising.

11. Went on Deal or No Deal. Won the most pathetic amount possible.

12. Watched WWE wrestlers beat the crap out of each other live in Singapore.

13. Spoke to JJ and Rudy from Morning Crew and helped them out with their Johor Flood Relief campaign.

14. Became an uncle to my sister’s third child, baby girl Lecia.

15. Gained a sister-in-law.

16. Was invited to give a presentation on blogging on several occasions. My most memorable ones are at DiGi headquarters, SEGi College and Swinburne University Kuching.
I was especially surprised to see the level of enthusiasm and excitement on these students when it comes to the topic of blogging. For the first time in my life, I was amused that students are actually wanting to attend a lecture instead of running away from it.

17. Met many new friends whom I’ve grown very close to.
Nicole, Timothy, pinkpau, Icy Queen Goddess – can you believe it’s only been less than a year that we’ve known each other? Time flies when you’re having fun.

18. Became a hamster pet owner.
Bought two. One ran away.
Got two more to replace the one that ran away.

19. Fell in love.

20. Lost 5kg. Gained back 7kg.

21. Began to set aside some money for my future.
I’m investing in Pacific Mutual unit trusts and it’s doing fantastic for me. And no, I’m not saying that just because I became a certified unit trust and insurance agent this year. 😉

22. Climbed Malaysia’s highest mountain.

23. Ran Malaysia’s longest bridge in a 42km marathon.

24. Had a simple birthday celebration on a quiet suite by the seaside, enjoying the company of my few loved ones.

Yeah, life has been hectic and I have been busier than ever. But I lived my twenty forth year in existence knowing that I did not waste a single day of my life.
Today, I turn a quarter of a century old.

This coming Sunday (2 Dec), I will be in Singapore to take part in the 2007 Singapore Writers Festival. Joining me are Nuffnang co-founder Ming and blogger/author/playwright Mr Miyagi. The two sessions we’ll be involved in are:
2pm to 3pmLife Online: How To Make Money Without Really Trying
4pm to 5pmLife Online: Minding Your Ps & Qs – Blogging Etiquette
Any Singaporeans reading this, come say hi to us at The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane this Sunday!

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  1. O yea by the way, not celebrating in Kuching this year? :p i heard bout the open party for readers which im not quite sure, too bad i missed it.haha, Happy 24th birthday, u look more “mature” than 24 you know XD

  2. happy birthday! I bet no one’s life is far more interesting than yours this year. appreciate it mate! all the best!

  3. hey, pretty cool. seems like you’ve done a lot of things, making use if your life.
    (but come on, some things you ‘did’ didn’t require any effort, like becoming an uncle, sister-in-law.. falling in love ;P)
    i admire the amount of things u’ve done tho. hopefully i’ll make use of this post-SPM break i have now for the best too.

  4. “But I lived my twenty forth year in existence knowing that I did not waste a single day of my life. ”
    i wish i could say that on my birthday:)
    but nope im far from it haha.
    happy birthday nonetheless.

  5. Wow! That’s an impressive list of things you have achieved. Happy birthday. It’s a coincidence but you have the same birthday as my sister.

  6. Happy B-day! I’m surprised to find that you’re only a year older than me. This really has been a big year for you.

  7. Hey, I’ll drop in at the writer’s festival. I enjoy inane things like that anyway. Hope I’ll get to meet you. =D
    Wow you’re old! You’re more than a decade older than me. Tsk.

  8. Re: 19. Is it Nicole? If not, given the number of trips you two take together, you must have the most understanding girlfriend ever. Either way, Happy Birthday and thank you for inspiring the rest of us to live life to the fullest.

  9. happy birthday kenny:)
    ur blog rocks~ keep it up even till u become ah pek!
    it’s good that you know you’ve lived your life to the fullest possible as you wanted it to be. all the best in your future undertakings!

  10. Happy birthday Kenny!! you’ve accomplished so much in a year!!! i should be thinking of what i have accomplished in this year too…my birthday is on wednesday!!! TIME FLIES!!! take care!

  11. great summary kenny. i used to do the same but for this year, i failed to do anything with it. was just fell out of love that time, and had no mood to write. anyway, glad seeing u are doing well, most of the time. all the best!

  12. happy birthday! may all your wishes come true this year, and hope we hear more about your love in your blog soon 🙂

  13. Happy birthday to the boy who makes the most of his life! That’s the way to go about it – live life to the max!
    Yeah, very interested to know about 19. Fell in love…! Oooohhh…! 🙂

  14. Hi Kenny
    Happy Birthday!!!
    At only 24, you’ve done so much! (wonder what was I doing at 24?! :p) Keep it up!
    The only thing I’ve done from all your 24 things you’ve done = hamsters.. I’ve had dozens of them before, currently sponsoring a child (a cute little girl from India) through Worldvision as well… oh.. and also gaining weight :p

  15. Happy Birthday!!! 🙂
    No 19 :p lol really wanna know who, hmm but haha better dont tell us , since ur now a ‘star’ , next time may be go ‘doggie troops’ from HK following u, checking ur garbage …

  16. Happy Birthday… have fun being 25!
    Oh and… saw quite a few nice comment on No.19… well, all the best with you n your girl!
    and enjoy every single day of the years to come…

  17. Hey…u fell in love with who ah..? 😛
    Happy Birthday Kenny Sia, been following your blog for 2 years though.
    Well, you should opt for a fan club. keke

  18. happy birthday baby.
    u r one of the rare people i know who will wake up and do something for the first time everyday.
    cheers to the sagi spirit!
    post bday celebration when u r over here!

  19. Carpe diem indeed! Good to see that you are living your life to the fullest and at the same time sharing them with all of us… well… at least most of it. Hiaks!

  20. Simply Awesome Kenny. Live hard, live free. 🙂
    Love the Kinabalu picture.
    Maybe one day, I might bump into you while diving.
    Happy Birthday.

  21. ooiiii 25 years old only…. walauuuu…. do so many things oledi…. can retire la…. kah kah kah kah….
    happi birthday kenni….. dat no. 19…. so mysteriously numbered…. dat way kah?
    a year older, a year wiser, a year kennieeeerrrrrrrrrrrr….. don’t retire from blogging… ur a fun read..

  22. i’ve been reading ur blog since ages and never drop a msg b4. teehee. since it’s ur birthday, den i shall say something. lols
    =) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! life is awesome, live it to its fullest. i know you are, you did like soooooo many awesome-ful things. XD
    god bless

  23. think kenny meant he lived 24 years, so that makes him 25 since he havent lived the 25th year yet. lol.
    and #19 caught my eye immediately. I suspect it is nicole…
    happy 25th birthday anyway!

  24. Happy 25th Birthday, Kenny! We have something in common. My brother has the same name and age as you and my younger brother has the same birthday as you. What a coincidence.

  25. Hey Kenny. been a regular reader of yr blog for the past 12 months.. Anyway, i hope that you have a really REALLY HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY. and yeah, congratulations on yr achievements so far.. i mean, those things you did.. wow!!

  26. Happy Birthday, Kenny ~~
    I used to have a pair of hamsters. Witnesses them grow up, multiply, grown old and died….
    What’s next? 25th things to be accomplish before your next birthday?

  27. I’m sponsoring a World Vision Child too! She is from Hubei. It’s great to make a child’s life better. Everyone should do it 🙂
    Happy Birthday Kenny. Am a November baby too ^^

  28. Selamat Hari Jadi! Great to hear that you’ve achieved much at age of 24.
    For myself, the greatest achievement when I was 24: Found a long-term rice ticket. 😀

  29. Happy Belated Birthday. Looking back what you had accomplished is really incredible.
    Hope you will a nice year ahead ~!

  30. Dear kenny,
    happy birthday! at the mean time, thanks for the great blog all along these years, u’ve reached far beyond those have live many more years, i’ve regarding u as a friend n a brother even u dont know me n I will always wish u all the best for u deserve it.
    thanks for the inspiring moment, exciting moment, touching moment, dispute moment, heart-warming moment, u have brought many to many n i am sure your dad will be so proud of u up there.
    live your life to the fullest and enjoy your new found love! *hugz*

  31. Happy Birthday!!!
    Noticed that you fell in love on your 24th year..
    Care to share who the lucky one is?? :p
    Once again Happy B’day!!

  32. Happy Birthday, Kenny.
    Being 25 means you have learned a lot in life.. and it is still a learning process as you grow older each day!!
    Curious about #19 … Fell in Love….. hoping you would elaborate more, but wth, it’s ur personal life.
    Blessed birthday, Kenny.

  33. Yeah, Nicole is right, you have known her for more than a year la.
    About the quaintly Su Ann, yeah, you’re right. Got so close within a period so short huh. Guess the Mt. Kinabalu hike helps.

  34. Hello Kenny, a very happy 25th birthday to you! Your 24th year has been awesome and I think your 25th is going to be even better! You have a very blessed and fantastic life. Hope you continue to be thankful for it and appreciate it 🙂 Happy for you!

  35. happy birthday!!!! keep up the good work of ur blog… maybe i’ll be able to wish u happy 50th bday 25 yrs later? haha…

  36. Haha… i think most of the people will ask this question… “Fell in love”???????? me also ask that.. hahah.

  37. Do your Math, A quarter century is 25 years! You haven’t lived a quarter of a century until your next birthday! 生日快乐! I’m almost your age excpet you have to rearrange the “four” and the “two”! Ha, ha!

  38. Happy Birthday Kenny ! Hope you’ll have more than 24 on ur next birthday. Anyway, you are only almost half of me. Keep on cathching up..another 10 years more experience for you, is another 10 years more experience for me.. haha.. Life is enjoy it !

  39. Happy Bthday Kenny
    seems like #19 gets the most attention
    Hehe i know who is the GIRL…too bad u seldom blog about HER until ppl misunderstood that ur gf is Nicole? Hope Nicole is MINE…hihi
    Readers…want to know who is that girl that Kenny fell in Lap with? buzz me….(sorry no URL add…)
    if rajin aku balas…if im lazy…just wait the answer frm Kenny himself.
    Peace as P. . . . . .??

  40. happy birthday Kenny, i love this blog entry, it’s very, very meaningful~ good work! 🙂
    i need to rediscover myself too, your post makes me wanna reconsider my life a bit~

  41. you are 25 years old??? you certainly dun look like it….
    I mean you have achieved so much, i thought that you could be in your thirties!!! No offence dude.
    You are great! Love your blog

  42. Hppy Bday Kenny…
    Reading this entry is like flash back of all your previous blog…and even though it’s not my life, you are as if part of us now….
    Continue to live your life to the fullest.. and keep up the good work!!! Ganbate!

  43. I know what you’re trying to say about your last phrase.. Happy belated birthday. You’ve writen this in the most creative way.. Lol..
    And I like to hear about the NO 19… “Fell in love.”… haha…

  44. Hey dude, happy birthday. Was “running a full marathon under 4 hrs” one of your birthday wish? Keep it going, no matter how busy you are, keeping a regular exercise program will keep your heart , soul and physique for many years to come.

  45. Happy Burpday!
    Boy, have you done a lot of things! I suddenly feel like my life is very insignificant compared to yours. It’s like you’re living and experiencing everything like there’s no tomorrow. Great way to live life, btw!

  46. 祝啃泥虾,
    I suppose you need to do more things in a year to follow this post’s style in the coming birthdays.
    Anyway, may all your wishes come true.

  47. Happy Birthday Kenny!
    Thanks for your 2-day guide in visiting Kuching, my family and me spent it very well, and we love to visit there again for more.
    Stay fit, and love forgivingly.

  48. happy birthday kenny 🙂
    have been reading your blog for almost 2 years now. oh how time flies!
    it’s awesome that you seem to have had a great year … may your 25th be even more awesome!

  49. Happy Birthday!
    I hope you have another great list of ’25 things you did when you are 25′ next year. 🙂
    I look forward to more interesting posts from you..

  50. Just look at the amount of well-wishes you received… Think, for the past 24 years, u never have thought you will/have become so famous and well-liked by so many people 🙂
    On your special day, wishing you all the best and may all your wishes come true!
    Happy Birthday!
    and mind you – you got lots of clarification on that sentence: “Fell in love”. Hahahaha~…

  51. so who did you fell in love with? who did you fell in love with? who did you fell in love with? who did you fell in love with? who did you fell in love with? who did you fell in love with?
    omg i m so 38… happy birthday =p

  52. happy 25th bday 🙂
    i might be a lot younger than you but i find your blog so relatable. by doing so many things within a year, you’re an inspiration to many.

  53. 生日快乐, happy birthday, 誕生日おめでとう

  54. i’m almost twice your age and more successful and richer but you had more FUN, man! like the chinese saying, u die now also can go very contented. go out and have fun on your birthday man…yam seng!

  55. Hehehe.. 啃泥虾.. chew-mud-prawn 😉 Happy 25th Birthday! Continue living life to the fullest!

  56. It’s so nice to get so many wishes for a Birthday greeting. I think it should be a few hundreds by now. Don’t you ever think about giving some wishes to the unfortunate ? I suggest you share some with those at the old folks home or the ophanage. They need some too. Make it the first thing you do while you are still at your early 25. Birthday is not all about receiving, it’s about giving too. I guarantee you, you’ll feel nice. Life is great to share, my friend.

  57. hey u!!!
    happy birthday..
    sorry was so busy i totally forgot bout it!
    sorry sorry sorry…
    happy birthday all the same..
    hope u had a memorable one 🙂

  58. Happy Birthday, Mr Kenny… I am inspired by your writings everyday, and also i get a few tummy aches because of that too…
    Good job well done…
    Shen Re Kuai Le

  59. wishing u a blessed birthday!!
    btw u’re a great blessing to ppl ard u..i’m glad tat i actually found ur blog n it has inspired me a lot since..thank u!!


  61. You’re ONLY 24???!!!!! Sheesh! Our hamster ran away too..and died in my husband’s shoe. We found it 2 months later…yeeech.

  62. Happy Birthday! (belated)
    Thank you for all your blogging stories .. this one is an inspiration to us lazy ones who stay at home and watch telly 24/7 when we could be out living life as it should be. Hope this year is just as great as the last (and more!)!!!

  63. happy belated bd from me too…Life is too short. Just do the things you wanna do and don’t worry too much. In the end, a life well lived is better.

  64. Hey Kenny!
    I really enjoyed ur blog all these while it had been fantastic although the timing was relatively so short but gosh u made every entry a blast for all of ur readers out there.
    Congratulations, and a very happy belated 24th birthday. May you be blessed joyfully every single day. GBU.
    Yeah you had inspired me to start a new blog to bring issues out to talk on at least for a start. I did that during college for photography but since I had stopped.
    Out of curiousity and learning, I would like to know which camera are u using’?
    THanks very much, kindly appreciate it if u do reply!!
    @ nicole @

  65. i was just thinking how i haven’t been doing much with my life, and i come across your post. u’re like my idol now!
    congratulations! & happy belated birthday 🙂

  66. Sorry but..i cant resist not to tease u here…. after for almost half year… i finally know who is the number 19 ..thanks to icyqueengoddess blog which mention about mrscoconut.
    ermm..u pretty like photo’s taken by alvin n half naked =P got a hot GF there…with those cute hamster..n of u baking cookies..
    errmmm i still prefer Nicole… ( nicolekiss…not nicole perth) hahha. No offend ok..=)

  67. Isn’t this suppose to be your 25th b’day? I backtracked your posts and realized you have TW0 24 year-old birthdays. haha. Cheers mate.

  68. I have read a lot of stories, tips, quotes about life and living it to the fullest and this one stands out. Others say that one of the hardest questions in life is about “life” itself and how to have it to the full but if we think of it deeply it will only come down to one thing “choice”. Living life to the fullest is a choice. We live the way we want it if we chose to. Some of us are just complicating life. Great post. More power to you.

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