Menu At Luxury Cafe, Kuching

Fancy putting a generous Australian in your mouth?

It cums with the chef’s “special sauce”, you know?

It’s the Wesak Day long weekend, and I’m going diving with JoyceTheFairy and friends. Three days in Tioman Island, and none of us had anything planned!

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  1. Or maybe… it could be the generous Australian who is serving (served) with the chef’s special sauce… means he will come over to your table to personally pour the special sauce? kenny dont have to think dirty to talk funny… hehe.

  2. Haha..Good one. Although it does sound yummy =P An Australian that “cums” with the chef’s “special sauce”..

  3. OMG….
    I am thinking bad here….
    it cums with the chef’s “special sauce”
    U never know, it is the chef’s specialty after all.
    Finger licking good perhaps??

  4. Kenny Sia reminds me of me… He’s such a perv. I bet he watches porn every other day like me.. he’s exactly like me its fanTESTICLES.. the onli difference between us is that I don’t write blogs and I don’t know how to conceal my perversion like kenny does
    God bless the dirty minded people like us.

  5. lol, they are serving an Australian which cum’s with the chefs special sauce -__-u, I bet lots of peps are gonna order this dish out of curiousity, although it sounded soooo wrong………lol……

  6. Oh man!!! They are forcing cannibalism!!! And what a disgusted disgrace to Aussie bruces and sheilas!!! Hahahahaha…
    Kenny, thank God you came back from Australia!

  7. Kuching is notorious for Aussie tourists to go missing. Australian government has recent travel warning for this area of Malaysia because of the number of people which have gone missing there. Terrorist they say?.. but the truth is Malaysians are eating Australians! Strewth! Fair dinkum I tells ya mate they gone troppo!

  8. i want u in my mouth. ‘kenny sia, enak di makan begitu sahaja!’… sing it in Gardenia’s tunes.

  9. A friend of mine works there. He will be please that he gets free advertisement here. I am sure many of your readers will visit this new cafe. This cafe is just right in front of Boulevard.

  10. whoa. then they really need lots of chefs. who knows the demand is high. i doubt one chef can come out with soooooooo many sauce in a day..hahaha

  11. hahah i think someone up there meant blokes instead or bruces.. this post is funny as, although the post about aussies not bathing is very untrue, we take at least a shower or day but many take 2. Ahh how I miss the engrish found in malaysia

  12. Perhaps you could request for female Australian and perferable raw; i dont think i want her half-done specially cum with the sauce !!!

  13. It must be salty then.. haha!
    Posted by: The Horny Bitch at 15 May 2008 9:34 AM | Link to comment
    gg….someone tasted the sauce before..or swallowed it before. must have had it wif a hot dog or banana. or steak.
    it wouldnt have been dirty if u didnt use the word ‘cum’ u know… lolz. but i bet the dish is very popular wif girl diners. i wonder horr…how he can produce so much sauce hor? can meh? i duno wor haha i never ‘serve’ sauce before…let alone many times lols!!

  14. i bet kenny will order this one since only rm18 for an aussie and also got cum; kenny will love it, cum and cum again…. oops, i mean go and go there again

  15. i reckon it’s going to smell bad…aussie don’t bathe often.
    Posted by: VinCOol at 15 May 2008 6:38 AM | Link to comment
    Aussie’s don’t smell thank you very much. Australia is much cleaner than Malaysia!

  16. Well if you go to a Kim Gary restaurant, they ask you if you would like
    ‘white’ or ‘red’ sauce
    to go with some of the meals. In your case, if given the choice, red all the way!!!

  17. Kenny,
    Have you try the “special sauce” cumming from the generous Australian chef yourself?
    How’s the taste? Tasty or not? Maybe can order the “special sauce” from the chef to be put to your favorite kolo mee instead of the normal black sauce.
    What do you think, Kenny?

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  19. quite lame la. when connoisseurs mention food, they don’t always go “australian beef” or “american beef” etc. in conversation, sometimes i just say things like “Oh, the american (one) please.”

  20. I can see a pretty common, habitual assumption here:- the chef is a man. What does the chef cum if she’s a woman? Apple juice?

  21. Not just Australians on the menu! If you look at the menu item above that, you can also get a crispy fresh green Roman. (the lettuce name is spelled romaine lah…)

  22. Great stuff from Kenny to put it up, highlighting the mistakes. There are a few mistakes on the menu in fact.
    As for the chef – it’s a man.
    You can tell that the menu was done last minute which explained such mistakes. A costly one indeed.
    I certainly don’t expect to have an “AUSTRALIAN” served in “Chef’s SPECIAL SAUCE”!!!!! But this one really takes the icing out of the cake!!!!

  23. it shud be “A generous Australian cuisine served with chef’s special sauce”. That is commonsense since referring bout the luxury steak.. hahaha Guess wad?? the Luxury cafe has refined a lot in terms of menu and now with WiFi available too.. I have juz been there few days ago

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