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MATTA is an association for Tour and Travel Agents in Malaysia, and the MATTA Fair is a twice-a-year expo where travel agents get to sell air tickets and tour packages at some ridiculously low price. Theoretically anyway.

I popped by the Matta Fair earlier yesterday to book my tickets to Perth. A return air ticket to Perth costs me RM1500 (tax inclusive), which wasn’t as cheap as I hoped its gonna be. They were going out for less than RM1000 last year.
Most European and American destinations are about RM3,000 after tax which means I can pretty much forget about my European backpacking dream. There are some extremely good deals at the fair though. Phuket is RM608, and Hong Kong is just disgustingly cheap at RM708 return.

I almost laid down the deposit to fly my ass to Hong Kong next January, but I realised I won’t be able to afford accomodation over there. Cheapest I could find is a 3-star hotel that costs almost RM250 a night in Kowloon. Bloody expensive ok?
Anyone have any suggestions on accomodation in HK that does not involve a cardboard and the sidewalk?

Tourism Malaysia had a nice booth, but it was the Singapore Tourism Board who showed up at the fair in full force, along with their flat plasma screens and the works. Too bad the only thing they seem to be promoting is everyone’s favourite budget hotel chain.

Man, I can’t wait for my two dreadful projects to finish. I got two getaways penned down in October: a trip to Shanghai early October to visit Furong Jiejie for business (let’s hope they don’t ban in China), and then onto Perth on the 13th October to visit friends and family. So tired from overworking right now I’d prostitute myself to get me out of the office.

Nothing beats a well-deserved holiday after 3 continuous days of slaving yourself 16 hours straight at work.

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  1. I wnat to go as well!! But nevermind, i will have my share when i get to go back to KCH in November!! YEAH!!! Kenny,you go see your darling ya.. πŸ™‚ you have a good time and take care where ever you go ya πŸ˜‰

  2. heehee kenny, best is u find a nice HongKong girl… then u get free accomodation!
    okok seriously, did u try they are pretty good at finding cheap accomodation

  3. HK.. Cheap.. I like!! I think i’d get myself a ticket and go to HK end of the year.
    Kenny, ur famous even in university of melbourne lar ok. Those pcs tat i used in the libraries and computer labs, everytime i type kenny… the history ‘d show πŸ™‚

  4. for your hongkong trip, my singaporean cousin goes there rather often. she gets this package where it costs bout S$900/person for return tickets, accomodation for 4 or 5 nights, airport transfers and taxes.
    maybe you could google for singaporean travel agencies and find out more.

  5. couldn’t help but notice the first destination on your 3rd photo, the one with places and prices.
    PONTIANAK? Now, who the hell would want to go to a place with a name like that?

  6. Hey Kenny,
    I’m studying in Perth atm. Just out of pure curiosity, how much is the price for a MAS ticket from Perth to Msia and back to Perth at the Matta fair?

  7. To mercur|al: Pontianak is a city name in Indonesia, precisely, it’s on the land of Borneo, a capital city of West Kalimantan.
    The ‘Pontianak’ in Malay is called ‘Kuntilanak’ in Indonesian. Don’t worry. That place is not scary. ^^;

  8. huhuhu…you better be careful once you enter China.
    ‘She’ may be waiting for your arrival at the airport!
    Wear a mask!

  9. you can go for a backpack hunt for hotels / motels in Mong Kok. There are plenty of cheap hotels there and its easily accesible by public transportation. Also they haven’t banned in China yet if u’re still curious. good luck dude.

  10. Hey Kenny, Wesley Hotel in HongKong island is a good cheap choice. Plus it’s a tram ride (like tram, not train) to Central and CWbay.
    The hotel has a website. You can email me if you need other cheaper options!

  11. Hi Kenny,
    (swallow saliva, put my gut) any chance you will come back to Curtin Uni or having a “meet up with Kenny Sia” fan-fair in Perth? I put my name on the list. =)

  12. ptssss.. anyone who wants a good photo of kenny while in perth leave a msg here… I can get the photos and all the dirt along with it.. like where has he been, “OMG kenny in strip club with 2 coconuts!” moments, why he bought 10 DD cup lacey bras.. and etc.. πŸ˜‰
    anyway kenny, have a good trip give us a call when you are here.. πŸ™‚

  13. hey man, great post, i hope you have a great well deserved time in Perth – enjoy πŸ™‚
    boy RM1500 is expensive! usually to Perth it’s cheaper than Sydney or Melbourne…
    the Singapore Tourism Board, has a great office here in India too πŸ™‚

  14. Aiyo, out of so many hotels. Why!!! Why HOTEL 81? I was hoping to see the big players in the industry like the Ritz or the Raffles group of Singapore.
    To think back again, people going for fairs are usually looking for a good tour package.
    Sigh… Who would wanna pay a few thousand Singapore dollars for a few nights stay in Singapore.
    I was in Hong Kong beginning of this month. A 4 days 3 nights cost me SGD 500. Inclusive of a good accomedation in Tsim Sha Tsui. I would consider that a good “BUY”.
    Hope that helps.
    Kenny, don’t go for Seaview hotel or those hotels in Kowloon. Go with Kimberly Hotel (5 mins walk to Tsim Sha Tsiu MTR), it would be good.

  15. Hi Kenny,
    Check out this place:
    Itis not exactly a hotel… more like a lodging.. but i had stayed there when i went to HK 2 yrs ago.
    It you are just looking for a place to rest, nothing fanciful and MOST IMPORTANTLY — CHEAP.. This wld be the place…Plus its operated under salvation army so the name speaks for itself…
    And the plus point is it is near to Yau Ma Tei MTR. Pretty convenient.. If u travel up –u can go to Tim Sha Tusi.. Down — u can go to Star Ferry etc.. And there are 2 night markets nearby — The jade market and Ladies clothing market…
    But becoz they seldom advertise, thus not a lot of pple know of this place… But be pre-empted though.. The rooms are quite small…

  16. U so rich still complain about RM250 hotels. Just as bad in Singapore! Small seedy hotel already $100 SIN. That’s a SIN true and true – some people live on that one whole month! Imagine what it’s like for the less fortunate lot like me…; no need to think of vacations overseas! Anyway, have a nice time! Don’t put on weight!

  17. hi kenny, my mum bought the ticket direct from MAS office. Flights on the 13 oct , mid night flight around RM1300 return. i think the promotional price still on .should have bought from them direct….

  18. kenny, in hongkong, go to my fren’s place ” Warney Hotel” is about 2 stars and you can expect weird noises , but heck, is cheap, about RM 70 per night..or stay in macau

  19. Wonder if we should organise a ‘Meet Femes Kenny’ night in Perth when he gets here?
    (Seems as more than just me from Perth reads Kenny).
    Anyone have any suggestions?
    Kenny, you think is good idea, or we should just forget about it?

  20. Hey kenny… I am a poly student now in Shanghai Attachment…Gonig back Singapore in a week’s time…Ur site’s not blocked here… haha rember when u come here, go to Ji Jiang Zi Xin hotel. Not to some other KUKU hotel. For me this buget hotel’s the best. THe rest sux. trust me.

  21. hostels really aren’t that bad in hk if you can live without hotel facilities.
    check out or any of the other hostels in mirador mansion.
    For the equivalent of RM30, I shared with one other person, but pretty much had a private shower, airconditioning and the location was tops (for me) – walking distance to the markets, star ferry to hk island and right next to the mtr station.

  22. Hi Kenny,
    Luv your website. I live in Melb. Do you think you can alert me via email when you see one of those special price airfares coming.

  23. Hi Kenny,
    Luv your website. I live in Melb. Do you think you can alert me via email when you see one of those special price airfares coming.

  24. Hi Kenny,
    Luv your website. I live in Melb. Do you think you can alert me via email when you see one of those special price airfares coming.

  25. may i know what should I aware when buying a ticket to NZ?please advise and how much I can get for the lowest air fare for NZ ?

  26. hi, i wanna buy ticket to sydney end of oct and return on nov. is it available?? and how about the price?? any one can pls let me know?? wanna know the budjet. can we bargain for the price?? thanks! 012-6462636

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