Mat Rempits Wanted To Transport Voters To Polling Booths

There’s this news from a while back that kinda went under the radar because everyone was so pre-occupied with watching “Paris” Chua Soi Lek’s video.

Apparently, some clown over at Putera UMNO thought it was a good idea to pay Mat Rempits cold-hard cash to help send voters to the polling booths on election day.

This comes in the wake of rebranding these hooligans as Mat Cemerlangs, signing them up as Rakan Cops, and sending them on an all-expense-paid trip to the North Pole for a sky-diving expedition.
Getting Mat Rempits to send voters to the polling booths. What a stupid, STUPID idea.
AS IF it wasn’t bad enough already that these noisy pests on motorbikes are terrorising our streets riding like this.

Can you imagine what’s gonna happen if they REALLY let those Rempits take the Aunties out on election day?
Where is the Auntie gonna sit?

Somebody is gonna get a heart attack I tell you.

Ok, I may be a bit biased for saying this because I sat between actor Christien New and director Mark Tan during the screening, but I watched Jarum Halus yesterday and here’s what I think.
The movie is a bit slow, long and artsy-fartsy, so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But great acting, solid storytelling and a FANTASTIC soundtrack made it one of the better local productions I have watched. 4 out of 5 stars.

193 Replies to “Mat Rempits Wanted To Transport Voters To Polling Booths”

  1. amazing… the first time i write a comment, and i’m the first…lol
    well well… this is a sad situation indeed.. the next thing you know, they’re making these mats a big thing, say tourism thingy.. and it will be an attraction to other hooligans

  2. haha.. this is kinda showing us how ‘creative’ and ‘resourceful’ our government is.. ah… what’s next? rempit of the year awards?

  3. I’ll bet they’re gonna drag as many people as they can to the booths so that they can earn more…we’ll see not just one auntie…but maybe a few aunties and uncles all tiered up like a circus show…
    Could Kenny make a picture of that?? That would be hillarious…
    Anyway, Mat Rempits are nothing but a menace towards the society…ISA should lock them up instead…they’re a threat to national security…

  4. Since the mat rempit are paid by uknowho, they will surely coerce/brainwash the passenger to vote uknowho lah..

  5. omg.. its COOL.. the granny look poor T_T”
    for real, the old citizen will get heart attack by the way the ride the bike..
    instead of fetching the old citizen to the vote place, they fetch to hospital. =.=

  6. the clown who made the crap statement probably got elected by the same method … Duh! He got fetched by those nuisance society rubbish everywhere during election time … this will explains why he suggested that!

  7. haha… you mis-spelled “tea” as “yea”
    lol… imagine they zoom in and out just to pick up the voters… i think they’ll lose more votes tht way…

  8. hahahah.. Before I scrolled down to see the picture with the grandma at the back of the motor I was picturing the grandma sitting like a prawn in front of the Mat Rempit hiding her head in basket. Your grandma is more bergaya. =P

  9. It’s a good idea, really. Those aunties havent touch young boys for 20 or 30 years. Now they finally get a chance to hug them. Awesome. Abdul Azeez boleh! LOL

  10. Frankly, they dont need voters la. They already owned SPR and they can rig the results. Dead ppl can vote. Small children can vote. EVen illegal iimigrants can vote. WHO NEEDS MALAYSIANS TO VOTE?

  11. Kenny,
    I think Putera UMNO chairman Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim is a Mat Rempit himself, most probably holding the post of Chairman of Mat Rempit. Of course, the title of Raja Mat Rempit goes to UMNO Youth Deputy Khairy Jamaluddin.
    So you will see and know how these politicians suggesting the absurd and supporting the criminals.

  12. aiya cant blame umno lah , they are losers already. since the umno 5th president is in power , i have lost 3 pairs of shoes(perhaps still counting) , but never before that.

  13. If we umNAhhhhh cant get you guys to vote for us we will get the criminals. We will elevate their status to Mat Cemerlang or Mat whatever shit so as long we get to stay in power and milk the country dry.

  14. They should be dispersing rempit gathering with tear gas and water cannons as well. It doesn’t make sense to support bumiputera criminals and take down others. :p

  15. Hahaha. Whats next? Government using this mat rempits as tourist guides? The things our government can come up with.
    Abso-freking-lutely creative.
    Nice one Kenny. ^^

  16. Sigh, Let’s vote em out. Senseless betul. This is what you get with 90% of seats controlled by the ruling party, they make unfair rules, unfair policies, and in the end propagate stupid ideas. Malaysia deserves better.

    This is hilarious. This happens only in Malaysia. Dunno whether to laugh wtih the world. or cry for Malaysia.
    UMNO has geniuses working for them. I’m not suprised that they r going to win again.
    Malaysians r generally too stupid ……………

  18. Totally agree with u Kenny, they really are stupid. Paying them money,?, WTF, its like supporting them to make more crimes later.

  19. Hahaha…. nice photoshop~!! where u find that A Ma pic ar? haha. This is our country~ Malaysia BOOOOOOLEHHHHHHHHHH~!!

  20. BTW the untie look like pointing 2 something laaa…or maybe she wanna buy some stuff at Pasar Malam then the fucking Mat Rempit come take her to UMNO election booth???izit??

  21. The picture with the auntie is so funny I can’t stop laughing! ๐Ÿ˜€
    On a more serious note, the Putera UMNOs never cease to amaze me with their “brilliant” ideas…

  22. ….I cant stop laughing at the photo of the ah-poh riding the bike too…hahahaha! Its freaggin hilarious! *now i feel so idiotic laughin on my own in the room*

  23. HAhahahahhahahah…….LOLZ. Love the last picture with the old auntie sitting at the back.It IS a STUPID idea. Might as well as 7 year old kids to drive them there………

  24. Rempits are akin murderers/hooligans/thieves. Why is Puteri Umno idolizing them??
    Were they drunk when they made this statement?
    I just wish we had the legal right to bang every Mat rempit down,we’d be doing the society a good deed.

  25. it will bring more forseeable problems. The work should require a bit of patient. Auntie dare herself or not to travel with this kind of strangers. They might(will) make nasty offer to you. How can you trust them. Later when the election come the BN don’t blame the citizen for their fear to free ride and as a result fewer votes. Besides, Auntie and Uncle are not that stupid to get a free ride from this kind of strangers…
    What kind of idea is it? How is it going to help the election? is it because the citizen (Johor) would support the Government for their concern over the mat rempit issue..I don’t think
    oh please, it would not happen they are only trying to get as much response from the public as possible because they are running out of idea. lol

  26. funny shitz !!
    well, brainless puteras need brainless helpers to run their stuffs anyhow…
    All of the same brainless species..sad case !!

  27. That again shows how important education is.
    Instead of telling them being a Mat rempit is wrong.. they encourage those kids to be mat rempit.. and rebrand them as Mat Cemerlang.. I bet they scored A for Marketing paper back in college.
    Excellent, great minds, keep up the good work Malaysia!

  28. wahahaha, What incentives to vote;; free rides and free gropes LOL.
    Very soon the Opposition will pay you to pull off this post.. dont warn them lar, let them ride and kill their own voters.

  29. This is the most ridiculous and funniest double standard speech that has ever been said!!
    What kind of mentality does they harbour? -_-“”
    Lie to yourself, lie to other ppl!! How foolish they can be, like a crab teaching his children how to walk properly =D

  30. “They” have tried so many ways to revamp the whole perception (and opinion, if I might add) on the whole “Mat Rempit” affair.
    Re-branding? More like diversion hehe.

  31. this is damn hilarious…. i wonder the government action is to remove mat rempit culture or trying to encourage them to be part of it?
    1st is the north-pole trip, now is this one… nex time i bet they gonna send the mat rempit to angkasa!!!

  32. I remember someone commenting on the Star a few days ago that they should be called Mat Bodoh, and I thought what a good idea! If everyone calls them Mat Bodoh, then they won’t think they’re so cool anymore. And then, you say they are rebranded as Mat Cemerlangs??!!! WTF?!! Really NO BRAIN one this UMNO. Why acknowledge and glorify these cockroaches on the road??? The only reason I can think of is that UMNO wants the Mat Rempit’s support come election day. Grrrrrr…

  33. That’s hilarious. I totally laughed out loud when I saw your photoshopped pix … ROFLMAO.
    If it was my grand-aunt, she would be holding on to the bloke’s armpits, prompting him to say “Auntie, Mat Rempit … not Armpit lah!”

  34. this is totally hillarious. our government always come up with a brilliant idea – to ask senior citizen to sit at the back of motorbike. do they hv grandma n grandpa at home? i bet they dun hv. senior citizens are prone to bone fractures. plus do they have energy to hold mat rempit at the back? think about it.. btw, nice photo.

  35. Goshhhhhhhhhhhh………………stupid idea!i think their brain(gorvenment)full with straw!But kenny,u gonna applause for ur creativity!keep it up!Dude!

  36. i have a feeling that these mak rempits will indirectly threaten these senior citizens to vote. you think in the minds of aunties and uncles, they are good and friendly ppl ah? impossible! =_=
    sigh.. what has the world come to.

  37. Love the MAK REMPIT kenny … haha
    Killer granny on the loose during elections ๐Ÿ˜›
    How I love Malaysia ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. their idea is to get as many malay voters as they can so that bn would win. fucked up fuckers. you think rempits would pick up smart people? or even a chinese? the chinese hate them. even the indians also hate them.

  39. hey, dun u all see such a biz opportunity??? we all sign up and take turn to be a mat rempit that day. then we ferry each other. then we all got money!!!
    who cares where does the vote go to. nonetheless, preferrably non-BN.

  40. i’m just getting more and more frustrated at our fellow malaysian politics… they are really making a fool out of themselves.

  41. First of all, hahahahaha..I couldnt help on LOL on your article..But this is Malaysia and UMNO ..double stadard ma..Malaysian Style..Kinda ridiculous to hired this hooligans to do this deeds. Putera UMNO is full of craps cuz this helping their PEOPLE..sorry being racists..but this crap man..The next thing u know, MAT REMPIT X Games maybe? just my 2 cents…

  42. Rempits are akin murderers/hooligans/thieves. Why is Puteri Umno idolizing them??
    Were they drunk when they made this statement?
    I just wish we had the legal right to bang every Mat rempit down,we’d be doing the society a good deed.

  43. omg, the government is so dumb, they would probably take our sarcastic remarks of how “brilliant” their idea was, and take it seriously. Then they will proceed to give themselves a pat on the back.
    what a ridiculously stupid idea.

  44. They just need to rempits vote lah…..anyway, no one will dare to sit on rempits ride…..its suicide……..

  45. Haha.. love that picture with that granny on the bike.
    Well, perhaps these Mat Rempits will have to go for rehab first before being qualified to take voters to polling booths on their bikes. Give them a second chance.

  46. you all must realise that mat rempits are important to the government coz if they lose the coming election, these people will be used as the tool to create another 513 incident. it is a tested and proven formula.
    try reading this
    personally mat rempits are only good for organ donations, but it is hard to find a clean blood mat rempit nowadays

  47. Excellent. Many praises to our government for putting those rascals to good use *overwhelming sarcasm*. But personally, I’d prefer the Municipal Councils to organize an event where you hunt for Mat Rempits in the dead of night instead of poor stray dogs. =)

  48. I saw a group of over 300 Mat Rempits at 2.30am outside Tesco Penang last Saturday.. sometimes they circle your vehicle jus to freak u out.. n now our Government is giving them more money to modify their Honda EX5? MALAYSIA APA PUN BOLEH!

  49. The Putera UMNO are complete Bozo. They are giving money to the Mat Rempit to upgrade their motorbike and to gamble by organizing Lumba Haram.
    I don’t know where the brains of these Putera UMNO’s. It is really a waste of money & time.
    They hate ’em but adore these sickening Mat Rempit.

  50. only in malaysia and only the dumb fucks like umno putera can come up with such mind boggling and balls shivering idea. balik kampung tanam jagong lah!

  51. why are some malaysians just SO STUPID!!??? can someone please tell me!!?? WHY ARE THEY SO DUMB?
    goodness… the nation is going down under i tell you as the apparent leaders of tomorrow come up with yet another useless, stupid idea.

  52. There are some idiots here who don’t realize that this post was meant to be a JOKE.
    There are an estimated 200,000 mat rempits in Malaysia, nothing wrong to utilize the transporting ability of 200,000 motorcycles. The government is giving a chance for these motorcycle fanatics to help out the country in elections…… I say we give them a little SUPPORT instead of ridiculing them.
    Regardless of your past experiences with mat rempits, this is a GOOD THING they are doing.
    Elections mean the future of our country, and anything that helps, HELPS.
    Then again I don’t live in your country and has never experienced the wrath of mat rempits so I’ll shut the fuck up now. ๐Ÿ™

  53. RE: Christopher’s comment.
    From your comment it is quite clear you do not live in Malaysia. It is also quite clear that you are unaware of the political climate in this country.
    “Elections mean the future of our country” – If by “our country” you meant the country you are living in right now, then that is a perfectly legitimate statement. If by “our country” you mean “Malaysia” then you might as well go sit in an empty room and talk to the wall.

  54. ya right Christopher sir,
    with tat numbers, y not hire them as ‘public transporter’ ya…to eliminate the traffic jam…
    well well…’taxi nazi’ had got a big hoo haa oredy …Y not divert da lolly tap to ‘motor azi’
    damn wat a brilliant policy

  55. Obviously there r ppl who don’t know the kind of nuisance mat rempits r.. robbing, illegal racing, threatening, beating ppl up, crashing car wind screen, vroom vroom in the middle of the night to wake u up when u r in dreamland, circling ur car to force u to a certain km/h, vandalism.. n hey! nv thought that they can be used as public transport for election! Who knows? We can use gangsters for protection as well! Oh wait, that has been done…

  56. Who ever comes up wit such a stupid idea…definitely NO BRAIN! Mat Rempits do not care about police. when they are in big gang… they are afraid of no one. they can do wat ever they want. and the police will stay away from streets tat have mat rempits. So they are the Local King. This idea isnt gonna work. it will cause alot of trouble. n who ever come up wit this idea… DAMN U!

  57. OMG……….. wtf??!!?? if they come up with any moron ideas can they just keep it to themselves? kenot tahan…

  58. Well, I’m not a racist person but my comment might seems liek I am.
    Obviously, these Malays are very proud of their Made In Malaysia ‘local productions’ as not many countries produce Mat Rempits and made it to the newspaper front page reapeatedly you know.
    Malaysia memang ‘BOLEH’!

  59. Will you please check up on your Wikepedia entry, badly written, so many mistakes and one line actually gives the impression you are a girl! Who on earth composed it??

  60. malaysia boleh!
    apa-apa pun boleh!
    pity those motorbike owners, like namawee said, mau jadi mat rempit oso no k’ching, nanti they jadi mangsa kecurian motorbike lol

  61. you know how we will do good to the society?
    (d*mn fustrated cos i stay near where mat rempits roam around and police couldnt do much about it.)

  62. OMG!!!If that is actually implemented..This would be the next headlines:

  63. Sigh, i guess the government just doesn’t want to have to deal with them. Too much paperwork. So instead, they try to turn it into a positive thing (so they think). Can you imagine the rempits taking the elderly to these, ‘inaccessible’ roads and robbing them? Or having races to see who sends the most voters. Tsk tsk. This will just encourage their behaviour. Doesn’t it make you wonder sometimes how some idiot can be a politician? Aiyo…

  64. The Malaysian government is in a hopeless and pathetic state under the UMNO people.They live in a state of denial and think that all is well is Malaysia.In fact they don’t realize that they are a sick bunch of people with no abilities.Just look at how they show the smart people out of the country and give scholarships to those idiots!

  65. Haha.. really nice work the ah ma pic in it, damn funny. XD
    But serious, dunno y that stupid clown can comment n give such idea, or maybe he got his son to bcome a Mat Rempit?

  66. Malaysians deserve the Government they have they are so stupid when it comes to voting
    Kick the lot out of power nothing but corruption from top to bottom
    The Chinese are so busy licking Malays arses to cling to what (little)power they are given
    And the Indians have Sammy Velu if he had a brain he would be very dangerous

  67. may i use the picture of mat rempit and nenek so that i can post it on my facebook? i will put the link back to

  68. Do you know that those mat rempits will be send to
    australia and other countries to fill job vacancies. They are always given a second chance..

  69. was updating myself with your earlier post as i haven’t been reading your blog for abit. I laughed myself stiff when i read about the Mat Rempits. The picture TOTALLY killed me…. Then my office mates were all staring at me. f*ck

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