Chicago 7

Recently there’s been a lot of new places popping up all over Kuching.

Chicago 7 is one of those new fast food restaurants that has only recently started business here.
The franchise outlet offers all the standard American-style fast food like burgers, hot dogs, fries and “broasted” chickens. I like it. They are pretty much like your regular KFC or McDonald’s, except the quality of food here is a lot better and cleaner.

The only problem is that Chicago 7 is new. Very new.
They are so new that half the stuff on their menu isn’t even available yet.

When I was there last night, the hot dogs are sold out, the chickens are not here, and the only thing they have left are the burgers. But even then the burgers at Chicago 7 are not the same as the ones I’m used to.
For instance, I’m used to burgers being called either “chicken burgers” or “beef burgers”. Over at Chicago 7, they don’t call it Bar-B-Q Beef Burger. They call it Bar-B-Q Cow.

So if you wanna order a beef burger, you tell them you wanna order a cow.
And I couldn’t resist pulling some lame jokes on the poor cashier.

Cashier: What would you like to order?
Kenny: I’ll have a Bar-B-Q Cow.
Cashier: Bar-B-Q Cow? Or meal?
Kenny: Just the cow.
Cashier: Just the cow?
Kenny: Yeah. Do I have to feed the cow grass or… what?
Cashier: -_-
Kenny: Does it come with milk?
Cashier: No!
Kenny: So how am I gonna fit it in the car?
Cashier: -_____-
Kenny: So if I want milk shake, I just take the cow and shake it a bit, is it?
Cashier: -___________-
The cashier was so put off by my lame jokes, her expression was exactly like this.

I think she was very annoyed lah. Because in the end, she did not even deliver my order!

I just attended the Pack The Floor For 24 dance marathon organised by HELP University students together with Magician David Lai, Christien & Lavin, Belinda Chee, Juwita Suwito, Liang and Hannah Tan. Those kids are gonna dance for 24 hours in an effort to raise fund for the AIDS Society.
I have attended many college events in the past, but that was one of the most fun and well-organised charity events I have attended in a long time.

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  1. i dont think they are franchise but look more like local created fastfood chain. this reminds me of our local SugarBun. tried a few days ago but quality of burger and the fish n chips wasnt there.

  2. Kenny, I won’t want to knock giants like KFC or McDonald on quality or cleanliness. You can get sue for being over popular… ??? … never mind.

  3. Damn, the burgers cost cheaper compared to the ones in Canada. Too bad the meal itself doesn’t include a drink… XD

  4. Bar-B-Q Cow ?
    Are they trying to make it hard for the customer or they’re trying to make it funny ?
    If you complain McD or KFC on cleanness, they won’t sue you. They just make it cleaner.

  5. I always wonder why chicken meat is called chicken and cow meat is called beef. And why beef burger and not cow burger as in chicken burger.. is just chicken burger? (start to talk nonsense already) Finally….a place that can agree with me calling it cow instead… hahaha

  6. Are you off your head??? “The quality of food here is a lot better” – the food is disastrous, to say the least, man! The chicken used in the burgers is processed, not real chicken, the fries are VERY soggy. It’s all pretty inedible, have to say.
    The street stalls are WAY better for burgers than Chicago 7, sorry people who own it, but it’s the truth. There’s no quality to the food at all. They could have opened a cool burger joint with awesome, fresh food and creative burger toppings . What a disappointment.
    Up side? If people are honest enough to tell them the food sucks, they have time to change and do better. Being honest is the best way to help Chicago 7 keep it “stayin’ alive”.

  7. hmmm.. did i heard she say COW or 9… BBQ 9.. i thought only available in Cambodia or somewhere like tat… or even soup rocket… they have it as fast food ar… not bad

  8. greetings from ca,usa!
    u don’t know me personally but i like ur blog
    very funny& entertaining
    hmm, we never have a chicago 7 in america though..

  9. U so naughty!! Lol!! If i was the waitress i think i will keep laughing there. Maybe she doesnt has the humour sense. ops!! =X That’s y she -________-

  10. This is what I know…Why C7 resembles SB? Coz C7 is owned by an ex-SB. Why didn’t they serve full menu? Coz some products are still being imported from USA and they’re rushing for opening due to ridiculously high rental which can easily bankrupt you and which it only benefits the landlord who doesn’t give a shit about your predicament.
    Kenny, i hope you can do another review when they serve the full menu. I sincerely wish the boss will make it and turn it into another home grown franchise. We need to support local businesses but of course they need to serve decent and value for money food lah.

  11. Kenny you shouldn’t make fun at fast food outlets, you might get special sauce one day, “cream of some young guy” 🙂

  12. how can i not love you.. u are so damn funny.. no matter how tired i am for the whole day.. never did i missed readin ur blog.. it freshens me just like magic *ting* .. please do keep on the good job… cus i am sure there are lots more people who loves u like i do.. ! ganbatteh neh!

  13. That’s probably worse than the ads u see at Macdonalds for the big mac. They actually just take a stand-alone picture of the burger and the words “moo…” right above it…

  14. Hey Kenny, I love your voice! I love your teeth too, omg i have something for vampire teeth. I think u’re kinda cute. HAHA. I replayed the video on the “Cow” for 10 times already i think, just to listen to your voice =)
    Oh man oh man, KENNYY.. hahaha. Hope I’m not scaring you.

  15. Met folks from Malaysia in North America a couple years ago, and they were afraid to Eat at KFC because of “Bad Food” experience back home. We were amazed that the concept of “RETURNING” Bad Tasting or Ill Prepared food was not even part of their consciousness. I’ve even returned Food because Gravy spilt and Fries were Cold & Soggy when I got home. Besides running afoul of Ministry of Consumer Affairs & Dept of Health, it is simply GOOD BUSINESS to cultivate the REPEAT Customer.
    Reason “Fast Food” have the Junk Food label is because they serve OVERLY Nutricious Food, CHEAPER than you could Prepare it at home most times. Macdonalds even have a FREE Drink Re-Fill Policy most places and you can take it with you.
    TIP:- For home cooked Burgers, Nothing beats Presidents’ Choice “Thick & Juicy” for Flavour,Quality & Price. No need for Garnish just some Veg on top.MMMMM!

  16. pfftttt..
    Retarded lah you. so random.
    but i think it makes working happier for her:D
    Shes half giggling and half -_- to me

  17. Hey, I think the same cashier entertained u is the same one who entertained me before. haha.. i asked her the exact same thing when i first went into Chicago 7. And guess wat, she never delivered my order. hahahah

  18. ..this place ain’t for me..
    Going once…but going twice? Na-uh!
    the fries so ‘teng teng’ (bloody hard one..makes my gigi kantoi dy)..and the service..haiz! lauya..
    Well if u dun have tat bloody milkshake js say so…and u dun plan to refund back my money unless i ask? WTF
    Dun mean to ‘suan siao’..but really get a new set of employees to run that place

  19. I am a regular customer I was in Chicago 7 last Friday with my Son I had my useual Double but the beef pattie was not cooked and made me sickmy stomac upset for 2 days this is not good also the dressing is so runny I have complaind about this they keep saying that they will change but never do.
    Bob Wilkinson

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