Blue To Red

Over the long weekend, I flew into…

Manchester, England,
On the invitation of our local snack food company called…

Mister Potato
To join their 30 winners who had so luckily won the grand prize in Mister Potato’s contest a few months ago called…

Mister Potato F.C.
These 30 winners from across Malaysia collected and mailed the most number of Mister Potato seals and wrappers over the promo period from May to November 2008, and was rewarded for it. We are also gonna collect 5 authentic autographed jerseys by Cristiano Ronaldo and Fernando Torres for the top 5 winners.
Then this coming Satuday, we will all be escorted to the stadium for a tour and to watch a live Barclay’s Premier League match between one of football’s legendary teams…

Manchester United
Going head to head against another one of footballing’s greats…

Liverpool F.C.
Taking place in arguably England’s most famous football stadium of all time…

The “Theatre of Dreams”, The Old Trafford.
It doesn’t get any bigger than that. This is such a rare opportunity and amazing experience of a lifetime that I dare say some men would even sell their grandmothers at the drop of a hat.
But there is only one tiny bit of problem.
I’m actually more of a fan of…

Chelsea F.C.
Not a hardcore fan, but a fan nonetheless.
But what to do ah? Chelsea was cool for a while, but then they lost almost every single match against the big teams. My friend Eric has been mocking me and urging me to turn red ever since the day Chelsea lost to Manchester United in the most dramatic fashion, 0-3.
Maybe after this Saturday I’ll switch allegiance and don the Red Devil jersey.

Chelsea has been doing so crap, their coach Scolari also lari already.

In the UK, almost every other person drives around in a Porsche. A brand new Porsche Carrera here costs just less than GBP 40,000, or roughly RM 200,000.
What the hell right? In Malaysia, RM 200,000 at best can get you a Honda A-Cock.

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  1. i’m the 1st? cant believe it…
    long time reader.. 1st comment.. and at number 1!:P
    MU is my fav team.. u better love them too. this season is MU’s season dude! Quadruple.. here we come!

  2. haha.. I thought i was first too,suprised to see the “0 comment”. just like eddy, i’m a long time reader and this is my 1st comment to

  3. @%$#^&*&()(*&^%$#@#$%^&*(*^%$#@#$%^&*(
    free trip to UK?!!!! u lucky bastard !!!!
    by the way… u WERE previous employee of Mister Potato if not mistaken … lol .. They not afraid people suspect of anything and still let you win?!!?!

  4. To suggest switching allegiances from a club to another is considered blasphemy by many. To switch from Chelsea to MU is just simply disgraceful.
    Please do us real fans a favour and not call yourself a fan of any football club ever again.

  5. nice man~~you would get anything bigger than that. Champion from the Past, Liverpool up against the Champion of the recent time, Manchester United. I’m sure will be a great atomsphere and a Great match as well.
    Glory, Glory, Man United!!!
    Glory, Glory, Man United!!!

  6. actually, visit to old trafford is my dream since form1.
    i tell myself i need to work hard and went there by 35!
    and ya, hope manchester united can beat inter this wednesday! hoooray

  7. LOL, you were so lucky, regardless which fan you are, just go along with it…
    Other than screaming to the Manchester United and scream “I AM A FAN OF CHELSEA!!!”
    Hmm, wonder what will be their reaction, after they lost though… ‘IF’… (^^)

  8. Wow, kenny you are so lucky!! Throw Chelsea away, go go Man Utd! Ole ole ole! Man Utd > Inter, Man Utd > Liverpool, this week.. XD

  9. maybe i’ll bump into you on the streets or in the stadium =) which stand is your seat in? or is it a box?

  10. Kenny,
    You should know that following the club according to how successful are they at a certain time, that is not considered a football fan.
    They call that glory seekers.
    A true fan is those who stay true to their team through thick and thin, even if they are relegated.
    No hard feelings, and enjoy your match this weekend 😉

  11. Wow, I’m also one of the Chelsea fans.
    Well, MU now owning… What to do?
    Is hate to see Chelsea getting the champ nowadays. >”

  12. Liverpool forever! Hope they’ll knock Madrid out tonight. And 3 points off MU next week (doubt they’ll win the PL, though).

  13. yeah yeah you’re right regarding the Porsche part..
    a smart car here is just £3k.. which is about rm16k.. and mini too..
    but it’s never an easy thing to “feed” a car here.. the insurance the petrol etc.. -_-”

  14. Kenny, while I’ve enjoyed reading your blog you should stop writing anything to do with football as I think it’s safe to say that your past posts for e.g. the Cudicini interview and this one (audaciously titled “Blue to Red”) make football fans lose any respect they have of you.

  15. Hi Kenny,
    I’m quite new to your blog. After browsing through your content, I have no doubt that you are one of the great bloggers in Malaysia. I love the way you write and your photography too. Good luck bro.

  16. Kenny we gotta have faith in the blues.Do not be influenced by those common reds fans.Their team is not worthy of our praise as they only boast about their histories.We on the other hand have Guus Hiddink and wait till the next transfer and we’ll c who comes in to Chelsea FC and the flops like Malouda will be sold away.

  17. You are a typical Malaysian football fan. Jump on whichever successful team’s bandwagon. Arsenal may have had a torrid season, but they’re my team through thick and thin. There weren’t so many Chelsea fans in Malaysia until Roman Abramovich bought over the club. For Mancs, Reds and Gunners, I salute you! For Blue traitors (you know who you are), do football-worthy posts…

  18. wa, you glory seeker! Follow the champion team only. LOL! But you are right about not being a hardcore fan, can switch teams anytime right? Haha!

  19. Oh and have you actually look into how much the insurance going to cost you if you are driving in Britain? Driving experience less than 10 years, has accident background. Well bro, the compulsory insurance cost is almost as much as the price of the car!

  20. Hey Kenny, u in manchester now? Give me a email. Will be more than happy to show a fellow malaysian around. Spent 5 years here already. Used to be a student here, now working. Looking forward to hear from u.

  21. There’s nothing wrong with asking Cudicini in his interview a different question. I’m a hardcore football fan myself, and if you ask me, interviewers are so dull nowadays. They keep asking the same question over and over again! And it seems that the same answers are always programmed into the players minds somehow. It just bores me that football players are sometimes so one-dimensional.
    Besides, if I were to be asked if I’ve taken bribes in an interview, just chuckle and tell the truth la! Even if you had to lie, lie lah and joke about it.

  22. Wow!!! You’re one lucky guy Kenny can watch MU VS Liverpool at this champion deciding time!
    My support goes to Liverpool! Am a fan since I was young. Haha~ XD
    You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!!!!
    P.S:I’ll be jealous till die if Kenny ever gets Torres autographed jersey! X_X

  23. i like watching football match but not rooting on anyt club.. i just enjoy good match… i wish too watch live at old trafford too since i never been there.

  24. Yes…Kenny !!
    We will be supporting the right RED…
    RED Devils this saturday !!
    See u @ Theatre of Dreams !!!

  25. U ARE SO LUCKY! I went to london and manchester during july 2008, but u know what, there were NO FOOTBALL MATCHES at that time!!! ARGH!!!!! I even missed the opportunity to go to Liverpool’s stadium, Anfield (My fav team), due to time contrain!!! DAMN IT!!! I promise myself I want to go there agn!!!
    By the way, after trashing Real Madrid, I believe the Reds can scare away the Red Devils this time! Enjoy urself at the theatre of nightmare! 😛

  26. As a reply to ur “short talk”, yes, cars in england are cheap. But my cousin told me the fuel isnt as cheap as malaysia, so u shouldnt make generalisation like that lah…

  27. ish kenny,you so easy switch allegiance,even if you’re not a harcore fan but does football ethics rings any bells to you?
    that mutiny to your chelski thou i am not a chelski fan!
    total football FC Barcelona

  28. Everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon and support the four most overhyped and so called big teams in an overrated league anyway.

  29. Be a MU fan. Don’t worry, you will feel quite welcomed there. Plenty of fans like you ‘supporting’ them, so have fun in Manchester!
    PS: Manchester is horrible. Weather is shit and people are rude.

  30. Assuredly, Wembley is the national stadium of England, thus all FA Cup and League Cup Finals are played there as is England’s national team matches. WIMBLEDON is the hallmark for tennis at its best, not Wembley……

  31. If you support your team through thick and thin, then you’re exempt from any criticism….. 🙂

  32. Man u sucks man.. sux to the max..
    Q: Did you hear that the British Post Office has just recalled their latest stamps?
    A: Well, they had photos of Manchester United players on them – folk couldn’t figure out which side to spit on
    Q: What’s the difference between a dead dog in the road and a dead Man Utd. fan?
    A: Skid marks in front of the dog.

  33. manu is over rated,all asians like to follow the flow and not only few are true lovers of manu,for me ill always go for the underdogs,that way we have an even supporters for normal goods and inferior goods. =)

  34. Wa Kenny, you are very lucky… I’m a Man U fan since Peter Schmeichel’s dayz.
    It’s really nice to be at the Theatre of Dreams free of charge.
    Enjoy yourself!

  35. Hv u guys bear a thot as to how these 30 fellas win their trip to Manchester? This contest is a no-brainer. You need to buy alot ie incur lots of costs ie out-bid ur other opponents vying for this trip. U will need to buy whatever u cant consume just so that u be the top 30 spenders. SO if u buy 1000 packs and 30 other fellas bought 1001 or more, u r FHUCK!
    Who made the money? Yes, 30 fellas will enjoy their trip but am sure many others have faltered from the start of the contest. Dont be fool to think that u can be a winner by merely being a mister potato regular consumer. U need to out-do urself and then out-do the rest.
    In short, it is GAMBLING! U support gambling?

  36. You do realise switching allegiances is the worst thing a person can do as a fan? Being a fan for a club is for most people, a painful experience. You experience its ups and downs with it. I for one, will get my children to support the team that I support, even if when they are born, the club is in the Championship or even in League 2.
    It’s like having a child, and then binning it because you wanted a better one.
    I hope you were joking when you said that you would switch. Especially between 2 teams that are rivals in the title race, as well as with the north/south divide.
    I do however want to say, I enjoy all your posts and have no right to tell you what you can and cannot post. For your safety though, I would advise you not to tell anyone in Manchester or anywhere else in the UK about this.

  37. omg! I’ve been a fan of yours for agessss…. will it be too cheesy (to you la not me, since i’m the fan kan) to meet you??? will you be here until the weekend??? email me if you think it’s okay. anyway i’ve few other friend who are also your fan 🙂

  38. Anti Man U! Lol
    Better be a good boy and put on a Man U Jersey. Have to cross your fingers and pretend you’re a Man U fan. Make sure Chelsea supporters don’t see you doing it though =x

  39. Well he did mention he’s just a fan, not a die-hard fan of Chelsea. So the change would probably me less agonizing as you would think.
    Besides, it’s his right to choose who to support. I won’t be pissed if he chose to support Liverpoo instead.
    However I do agree that most of the United fans nowadays are jumping the bandwagon and know nothing about the history and the legacy the club has.
    I wonder how many would still be there when Fergie leaves…

  40. why not wear a chelsea jersey with a man utd scarf around you. all the top names in the fashion industry will be fighting to snatch you up.

  41. Kenny, for some people… being football fans is very serious business, not every one can take ur perspective as football for fun 🙂

  42. Manchester U v Inter Milan : 2 – 0
    Chelsea v Juventus : 2 – 2
    I think english football is becoming too powerful nowadays

  43. Yo man, u don switch like that lar. I’ve be die hard MU fan since i know what the heck is EPL and Football, so, come on la. u better stick to chelsea lar….

  44. Kenny!
    I dare you to wear your chelsea jersey while watching the Manchester vs Liverpool game :X
    Perhaps you could blog on your experience from that and get another few thousand hits from it alone on your blog. lol
    One reason why many like visiting your blog is because you write things people wouldn’t normally expect to see on a blog. e.g:fruit flavoured condoms,push-up underwear,etc.
    Wearing a chelsea jersey would raise a few eyebrows there for sure.But since chelsea aren’t playing at that time, i would love to see how it would turn out. Wear a helmet and a bullet proof vest just in case.
    Lol. Just a suggestion 😀
    I’m a Chelsea fan too myself. Loved it since Gianfranco Zola was there at his peak times. There’s been ups and downs in Chelsea, but i’m sticking with them all the way 🙂

  45. aiyo glory seeker siol. kenny how could you! i’d wear my tottenham jersey even if they were friggin losing. lol.

  46. True. Plus you probably wouldn’t understand the scallies with their barely English, Mancunian accent. So they might not sound rude to you after all. :p

  47. Hey Kenny,
    KISS Old Trafford Stadium for me please. Just in case I couldn’t visit it this round. 😛
    Enjoy the atmosphere in OT and yeah… MAN UTD always! 😛

  48. OMG Kenny!
    You are freaking heading to the freaking old trafford, to watch the freaking apparently “title-decider-match”!
    The day i step into this grand place is the day where one of my wildest dreams comes alive. Damn.
    I support MU to the very core (and this is definitely an understatement), and gawd, will i be able to see giggs and co in person (however small they might look if my seat is like, way up there, HAHA!), i think i’ll faint on my ass off due to overexcited-ness.
    Have fun during the match!
    You’re a Chelsea supporter so i’m guessing you want MU to drop points eh.. 🙂
    Well unless you decide to wear the AIG jersey! And if you do, then support MU already, okay?

  49. cibai liverpool…I give credit to them…but if riley had to sent vidic off he should have sent carragher off in the first half for the same type of foul

  50. It is also very rude (and downright insulting) to the fans of the club to hear from a respectable blogger like you stuff like “Chelsea was cool for a while …” and your switching of allegiance on your high traffic blog that’s read by thousands of people.
    On the other hand, I’m no blogger (just like you’re not a true football fan) so I wasn’t aware that telling a blogger not to write something is considered rude. I’ve said my piece and you’ve said yours so no hard feelings k?
    Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed the game 😉

  51. Liverpool 4 Manyooooo 1
    Kenny, am glad you were there to witness the whipping of Manyoooo! 🙂
    You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!

  52. Stick With Chelski Kenny. They are on the rebound with the new coach.
    Y would you wanna support ManYoo?? You just witness a whipping of them by Liverpool after declaring they can field any 11 players and still winl!!! (*Thanks for the hate motivation Wayne “Fatty premature balding” Rooney)
    (Hmmm……..or was it the curse of Kenny Sia supporting them that got them crashing to the ground?? Thanks Kenny xxooxooxxoo)
    You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!!!
    You might wanna check out this funny news bout LIverpool fan duping a ManYoo fan 😀 Interesting read and Video.

  53. Did united declare they can field any 11 and still win? what a “joke” every team has their off day, go and have a look at the premier league table before you start whining…Scousers

  54. glory seeker.
    and if manchester united underperforms you’ll run to back chelsea right? providing they r first in the league. please dont call yourself a fan. kkthnxbai

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