Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger

(Warning: lengthy post. Don’t read if you don’t wanna.)
Remember my plane ride from hell?
When the plane I was on was circling Sibu airspace for 2 hours, I found a copy of Malaysian Business magazine to entertain myself. I was flipping through the pages when I saw this.
Jeff Ooi in magazine

Jeff Ooi, a well-known Malaysian blogger, writes for Malaysian Business magazine.

WAHHH!!! Damn yao-yeng! I thought it was Andy Lau until I read the words ‘Jeff Ooi’. Makes me wonder why he used that black-and-white picture on his site instead.
Jeff Ooi comparison

Jeff Ooi and Andy Lau, twins separated from birth. Now reunited thanks to

I tried to look for a picture of myself on the magazine, but the closest thing I found that resembled me was this.
Kenny in magazine

I don’t have a nose like that, but I do have another body part that looks something like that.

I’m ashamed to admit this, but a long long time ago (before I started blogging) I was actually NOT a big fan of Jeff Ooi and his blog.
I can’t remember exactly why I didn’t like Jeff Ooi. Perhaps it all started when I read that he’s Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger and I wondered where he got that title from. I’m always skeptical when someone or something was described with a superlative. It reminded me of some kopitiam claiming that they have “Malaysia’s Best Laksa”, “World’s Best Satay” , etc.
Remember when Andrea Fonseka won the title of Miss Malaysia – “Malaysia’s Most Beautiful Woman” last year?

Judge for yourself.

My sentiments exactly. If Andrea Fonseka is Malaysia’s Most Beautiful Woman, I reckon I can be CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor.
I mean, the whole thing is kinda subjective isn’t it? Who granted Jeff Ooi that title? Was there some Influential Blog Measurement Committee? It seems like started calling him that, others blindly followed the lead, and before you know it everyone is calling him “Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger”. (Henceforth abbreviated as “Malaysia’s M.I.B.”)
There’s once I logged onto and to read some of his entries. I was expecting him talking about his life stories and shit like that, but what I got was boring newspaper-like articles. I used to think to myself – does anyone actually read his entries from start to finish without actually falling asleep? I had better fun reading my VCR’s manual. How about “Malaysia’s Most Boring Blogger” instead? Oh wait, that’s me.
Me as Jeff Ooi

Speaking of boring newspaper articles, just let me digress a bit…
See I have this thing against the local news media, right – and Jeff Ooi does that as well. Whenever they report something about what some big-shot minister said, they always insist on putting the position, the title AND the full name of that person.
For example, everytime The Star writes something about our prime minister, they would refer to him as The Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. In full, without abbreviation, without failure.
I don’t know if I’m the only one here, but my mind automatically switches off after three syllables and everything after that turns into gibberish. So whenever the newsreader says Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, my mind would process it as Datuk Seri Aduh-I-wanna-go-wee-wee.
Given the fact that these Datuks seem to make it onto the news all the time, everyone’s name just sounded the same. I can’t differentiate between them. And that’s what makes the local newspapers and Jeff Ooi’s blog so difficult to read.
End digression.


M.I.B stands for Most Influential Blogger.

Anyway I didn’t like people referring to him as Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger because that’s subjective and debatable. I thought people call him that because he helped influence them to go to sleep. If it were up to me I’d call Uninhibited Online’s Shweet Young Thing Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger – since she never fails to influence an erection on me.
I didn’t know when exactly that I start to change my opinion about Jeff Ooi. But I’d point out two recent events that made me actually read his blog in depth and not just skimmed through it like I normally did.
The first was the March 28th Asian Earthquake. When the earthquake occured, I had just finished typing my entry and updated the bloggers’ portal when I noticed the link to my entry “’s Bandwidth Has Exploded” felt kinda out of place swamped by dozens of other entries titled “EARTHQUAKE!!!!” I rushed to the telly. TV1 shows soccer, TV3 shows basketball… something wasn’t right. I went back to my computer and my first reflex was to check out By 2am, he had already reported on the tremors and aggregated several other blogger’s account of the situation.
More recently its the StreamyX fuck-up (for lack of a harsher word). Almost everyone with a broadband connection in Malaysia experienced the slowdown and almost everyone was screaming profanities at TMNut and its boh-chap attitude making light of such a grave situation. Whilst many of us are content putting up with TMnet’s incompetance, Jeff Ooi took the proactive approach questioning the ISP’s handling of the situation and pushing them for better services, just so that we can all download porn faster… enjoy faster internet service.
See, we’re brought up in a country where the newspapers are controlled by the government and sedition laws silenced voices of the opposition. We’re brought up in a place where it is considered wrong to question the authorities, where we are expected to open up our mouth and swallow whether they feed us meat or shit.
To question the authorities or to push them for explanation is considered disrespectful, or worse, unpatriotic. People swallow their dissatisfactions instead of voicing them out, fearing their name will enter the ever-so-MYTHICAL so-called “black list”. (I’m sorry but there’s no such thing as a black list.) Eventually, the-powers-that-be realised that they can get away with stupid things like spending money researching how to bring teh-tarik into space, and continue to feed us so much shit that we think its meat.
Jeff Ooi comparison

Ministers at some oh-so-important event on the front page of newspapers is a common sight in Malaysia. (The headlines are photoshopped one lah)

The sad fact is that newspapers in Malaysia are no longer a credible source of unbiased stories, unless you are more interested in ministers hitting gongs and cutting cakes. In times like this, we need ombudsmen like Jeff Ooi, Mack Zul, and others. Detractors who view them as whiny bitches seriously need to ask themselves, “Am I 100% perfectly happy with my country? Is there REALLY NOTHING the authorities can do to improve?”
This entry is written in support of Jeff Ooi in The Freedom Blog Awards. (A real award, not some crappy underdog ones)
I apologise for the lengthy entry. But hey, its the weekend. 🙂
Thanks for reading this far,
aka “Blogger with the Biggest Balls in Malaysia”

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  1. Kenny, Kenny, kenny – this was a VERY funny, and extremely thoughtful entry. I think it resembles a lot of the thoughts that other people carry out as well. Great one, keep it up!

  2. Hahahah…this has got to be a funny post dude. Love the monkey picture by the way.
    Oh…as for the influencial blogger thing. It makes sense the way you put it…that is between the bouts of laughter I was having…:)

  3. I think the star should consider rolling out blog service as another source of news/information since we bloggers update faster than CNN. Yeah, CNN reported the tremor at 12:50AM whil bloggers reported them as early as 12:17AM. 😀 You know, although I don’t read Jeff Ooi’s, but whenever there’s something big to happen, the first website that came accross of course is Jeff Ooi’s. I was wondering whether on 911 day itself, who are faster in reporting the news. 😛
    Jeff Ooi is influential because of like what you said, the freedom of speech. He got his ass burnt by the authorities, yet he still stand strong on his stand. This made me really respect and salute him.
    Oh well, influential or not, it depends on people. But, undeniable, Jeff Ooi’s word does have certain “ummmpphhh” in it. 😀
    Even serious topic you also can make it hilarious, you are the man, Kenny!

  4. Kenny, if there is ever any voting going on, I am gonna vote you for the best, funniest, big balls award. Yeah, big balls indeed. Care to show a pic of them?

  5. Forget to mention. Jeff Ooi does not look anything like Andy Lau, you are just trying to polish shoes, issit? Pssst….Samo Hung. And he looks more handsome with spectacles. (hope Jeff did not read this or I am history)

  6. Haha, I’ve seen Jeff Ooi’s blog before, and I have to confess I thought he was kind of boring myself. After this post, though, I’ll give him another look.
    Unfortunately, though, I’m going to have to spring for the home team and go with Singabloodypore for the freedom blog awards. Maybe next time, Jeff!

  7. heyyyyy…how come the coloured picture and the black&white picture don’t even look alike???
    and Andrea Fonseka is just naturally big size..don’t need to make fun of her ah…

  8. This has to be the FUNNIEST post that I’ve read in a while. At first I thought that it was an Ooi-bashing session, but reading on til the end the post was a much more thoughtful one than just that, ^_^
    Kudos to the man with the colossal balls, I SALUTE YOU!

  9. > Anyway I didn’t like people referring to him as Malaysia’s Most Influential Blogger because that’s subjective and debatable.
    Tell it like it is, brother!

  10. Thankies.. this ignorant Singaporean thought her country’s the only oppressive one until today. No lah… just kidding.
    But yeah, it’s really silly on using taxpayer’s money for research on bringing Teh Tarik to space!

  11. Jeff who, never heard of him considered I am the “Most read person in the world”. Pouring cold water aside, there are only two in this space: Jeff and Mack, so it is reasonable to expect him up there somewhere, if not the pioneer. BTW, I don’t know him personally nor have seen his web. Comparing his look with Andy Lau (he needs some singing and acting lessons, a lot of them badly. Have you seen The House of Flying Daggers? I actually threw up, making the four coconut swinging princess look like real stars.) is kind of low-ball, don’t you think? I like the fact he is bold much like the fact that your ball is huge, and I think it is healthy confidence, thick skin is good dose for our generation. The Japanese has a saying: “The protruding nail get hammered down first”, and look what happen to the Japanese society today and haven’t they all withdrawn into their shell?
    The truth is that we need the alternate to provide the truth, the fair and balanced, and Jeff is the very few who is doing it. Everyone knows the prints in M’sia and S’pore have none of those, shall we say willful partners of the machineries. Please, can someone out there explain how Taib manages to amass billions whereas our GDP is merely billion a year.
    Greate piece.

  12. hmm i think that andrea sis is studyin in curtin. quite hot too. dun make fun of her lah. u’ll be curse in dating big size girls next time then u know =)

  13. Andreas + Sashiweb, praise from veteran bloggers! Man, I’m honoured. Thanks!
    Edrei, it was meant to be a serious post, but… ah never mind! 🙂
    Jason, even if TheStar rolls out a blog service, i’m sture they still are going to regulate it, every entry and every comment from the readers. It effectively defeats the purpose of having a blog in the first place. Apprently, The New Paper in Singapore already has a blog section in its online edition. Its a start, but I can’t see it getting too successful.
    5xMom, you horny auntie! Actually I thought you might fancy him in that coloured pic. 😉 And no lah, not trying to brown-nose Jeff’s backside or whatever, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing him being so boring. heh.
    Mr Quah + Mossism, thanks!
    Schnorng, we Malaysians have the sense of humour of a piece of wood. I reckon we have a lot to learn from the throngs of great Singaporean bloggers out there. Maybe we should drink more NEWater which may contain hidden substances to “humour-ise” ourselves.
    (jk about the NEWater thing, ‘cos I drink R.O. water myself.)
    Reta + Chrissie, its alright I’m naturally big-size myself. I’m just making fun of my own kind. Heh. Anyway there’s been TONS of discussion about Andrea Fonseka, but my opinion of her stands. A beauty contest is a beauty contest is a beauty contest. Sure she has inside-beauty, the brains, and the guts (HAHA guts! No pun intended. *cough*). But so does William Hung. Tell me if you’re listening to his CDs.
    Xaph, I’m not always a meanie.
    Lionel, ‘brother’? You sounded like Hulk Hogan speaking.
    JiaYuan, Singapore and Malaysia has a lot in common. Right down to the kind of stupid people running this country.
    KLJS, hahha… thick face!
    Pope, what we need is a Jeff Ooi-type watchdog for the Sarawakian media….. maybe not. Unless we want to kill the local sleeping pills industry.
    e, are you sure you’re thinking about sinking something into her belly button
    only ?
    minishorts, my photoshop skills compensate for my lack in engrish raitink skils.

  14. lol to tell ya the truth this is the first time i waste time on someone’s blog and really read every single word….when i read to Datuk Seri Aduh-I-wanna-go-wee-wee….i cant stop laughing!! haha…nice blog

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  17. Malaysian ( blog ) Idols

    Star Two features blogtal and four popular bloggers today, namely: Peter Tan, Claire ‘Minishorts’ Khoo, Tew Hui Suan and Kenny Sia. This is a secret recipe to stardom, from Kenny: Sia started the blog in January this year as…

  18. fuck jeff ooi,, last year miss malaysia looks like she sucked cats dicks for 2rm and 10 sens.. how abou we all wear condoms and fuck malaysia.. we dnt want our dick 2 be pulloted by thm fuck faces.. P.S ( if ms malaysia was this ugly,, i wonder how ugly wuld the other fucks wuld b )
    FUCK U

  19. kenny, you dog face….your blog is the one that is damn freakin boring until make me wanna sleep. If people cannot sleep or got insomnia, pls dont go doctor, go kennysia blog….sure sleep. At least jeff ooi’s blog is informative and relevant to society. Pls lah you kenny “dog” sia….when jeff ooi started blogging you were still sucking on your mama’s tits and wearing pampers. U still do infact.

  20. this sure is a lenghty blog….
    i didnt know that you had so much respek for the dude man !
    have you become a follow for de man ???
    hmmm. . .

  21. The Following Malaysian Government Statistics were released by:
    China Daily BBS
    A List of Racial Discriminations in Malaysia
    The following is a list of ‘Racial Discriminations’ in
    Malaysia, practiced by the Government of Malaysia
    as well as various government agencies. This list is
    an open secret. Best verified by government itself
    because it has the statistics. This list is not in the
    order of importance. That means the first one on
    the list is not the most important and the last one
    on the list does not mean least important.
    This list is a common knowledge to a lot of Malaysians, especially those
    Non-Malays (Tamils, Chinese, Ibans, Kadazans, Orang Asli, Christians,
    Eurasians, etc.) who are being racially discriminated against.
    Figures in this list are estimates only and please take
    it as a guide only. The Government of Malaysia has the
    most correct figures. Is Government of Malaysia too
    ashamed to publish their racist acts by publishing true
    racial statistics?
    This list covers a period of about 47 years since
    Malaysia’s Independence from Britain in 1957.
    Specific List of Racial Discriminations, Quotas,
    and Practices by Malaysia (The Muslim Dominated Malaysian Government):
    50 road names (at least) had been change from
    Chinese names to other names, specifically Malay.
    In all 10 public universities the vice chancellors are
    99% of 2000 Petronas gasoline stations are owned
    by Malays.
    99% of Petronas directors are Malays.
    The rural development budget was distributed as
    2% to Chinese New Villages, and 98% to Malay
    Kampongs (villages).
    Chinese parents with RM1000 salary (monthly)
    cannot get school-text-book-loans, but Malay
    parents with RM2000 salary are eligible.
    Only 5% of all new intake for government jobs
    for nurses, police, and army is Non-Malays.
    2.5% is the Malaysian Government budget was
    for Chinese primary schools. Tamil schools got
    only 1%. But Malay schools got 96.5%.
    There is a mandatory 15% Discount for a Malay
    buying a house, regardless of whether the Malay
    is rich or poor.
    Only 5% of the government university lecturers
    are Non-Malay origins. This has been reduced
    from about 70% in 1965 to only 5% in 2004.
    Non-Malays make up a mere 2% in government
    servant positions in Putrajaya (the new government administrative capital).
    But Malays make up 98%.
    In 2004 the Chinese make up only 7% of government
    servants in the entire government nationwide in every
    capacity, this is a down from 30% in 1960.
    The Chinese make up only 2% of the present staff
    in the RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force), a drop from
    40% in 1960.
    Zero (0) of the government TV stations (TV1, TV2, TV3)
    are directors of Non-Malays origin.
    2 million Malaysian Chinese had emigrated overseas
    in the last 40 years. During the same period of time
    0.5 million Tamil Malaysians emigrated overseas.
    3 million Indonesians (Muslims) have migrated into
    Malaysia and became Malaysian citizens with Bumiputra
    status in the last 15 years.
    Zero (0) Non-BUMI are allowed to get shop lots in
    the new Muar bus station (stats as of Nov 2004).
    1 out of all the 5 major banks, is multi-racial, the
    rest are controlled solely by Malays.
    An allocation of 10% placement for Non-BUMI students
    for MARA science schools beginning from year 2003,
    but only 7% were filled. Before that it was 100% Malays
    1 Catholic Church in Shah Alam took 20 years to apply
    to be constructed. It was but told by the Malay authority
    that it must look like a factory and not look like a church.
    Still not yet approved in as of 2004.
    Since 1969 ten times, Malays (especially UMNO) have threatened to massacre the
    Chinese Malaysians using May 13th as a cornerstone date.
    There were 50 cases of Chinese and Indian Malaysians
    being beaten up in the Khidmat Negara (National Service) program in 2003.
    8000 B is the total amount (RM 8000 Billion Ringgit)
    the Government channeled to various Muslim Malay
    pockets through ASN, ASB, Tabung Haji, MARA, and Privatization of Government
    Agencies through NEP over the last 34 year period.
    25% of the population in 2004 was Chinese, a drop
    from 45% in 1957.
    There were 20 reported cases whereby Malay
    ambulance attendance treated Chinese patients
    inhumanely and Malay Government hospital staffs
    purposely delay attending to Chinese patients during
    2003. Unreported cases are believed to be 200 or
    Over the last 40 years 600,000 Tamil and Chinese
    Malaysians have held a red IC and have repeatedly
    been rejected when applying for citizenship. Perhaps
    60% of them had already passed away due to old age.
    This shows racism of how easily Indonesians get their citizenship compared
    with the Chinese and Indians.
    95% of all Malaysian Government Contracts are given
    to Malays.
    Only 3 out of 12 ‘Human Rights’ items have been
    ratified by the Malaysian Government since 1960.
    0 Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination
    (UN Human Rights) is not ratified by Malaysia
    Government started since 1960s.
    Only 5% of scholarships is given to Non-Malays by
    the government over the last 40 years.
    There were NO Chinese or Tamils were sent to Japan
    and Korea under “Look East Policy.”
    100% of all crucial business licensees are controlled
    by Malay government e.g. Taxi permits, AP permits,
    etc. Two private Chinese taxi drivers were barred
    from driving in JB Larkin bus station.
    80% of the Chinese rice millers in Kedah had to be
    sold to Malay controlled Bernas in the 1980’s.
    Otherwise, life is made so difficult by the government
    the Chinese rice millers can’t survive.
    At least 10 Chinese owned bus companies
    (throughout Malaysia, Over the last 40 years)
    had to be sold to MARA or other Malay transport
    companies due to rejection by the Malay authority
    to Chinese applications for bus routes, and rejection
    for their application to buy or add new buses.
    1 Dewan Gan Boon Leong (in Malacca) was altered
    to another name (e.g. Dewan Serbaguna or sort)
    when it was being officially used for a few days.
    The Malaysian Government makes every effort to
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    100% of all contractors working under Petronas
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    Recent years 100 big companies set up, managed,
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    100 constituencies (states and parliaments) have
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    Zero (0) Temples or Churches were built for any
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    No temples or churches are required to be built for
    There were 2637 Malay Muslim new primary schools
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    48 Chinese primary schools were closed down between
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    128 STPM Chinese top students could not get into the
    course that they aspired like Medicine just in the year
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    The publishing of any Bible in Iban language has been
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    There are at least 20 cases every year whereby
    Chinese drivers who accidentally knocked down
    Malays were seriously assaulted or killed by Muslims.
    There are a minimum of 50 cases each year whereby
    Chinese, especially Chinese youths are beaten up by
    Malay youths in public places. The police took the
    reports, did nothing, and later no record of any
    report could be found.
    Currently the Indians make up about 7% of the present,
    as of 2004, Malaysian population, a drop from 12% in
    There are NO Non-Malay staff quotas legally required
    in Malay companies. But there must be 30 % Malays
    staffs in all Chinese or foreign companies.
    12% interest rate is what ASN / ASB got per annum
    while all other bank fixed deposit rates were only
    about 3.5% per annum.
    There are hundreds more racial discriminations we
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    It is hoped that the victims of racism will write in to
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    Civilized nations, unlike the evil Nazi Empire, must
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    races. This is what Malaysia must Publish! We are asking
    for the publication of the statistics showing how “implementation of special rights of BUMI Muslim
    Malays” has inflicted colossal racial discrimination
    onto Non-Malays and Non-Muslim Religions.
    Some Personal Notes:
    (1) The article is written pretty much as sent to me.
    It was translated from Chinese to English so I just
    cleaned up the spelling and sentence structure, and
    converted British English to American English spelling.
    (2) Tamil are ethnic Indians from places such as India
    and Sri Lanka.
    (3) The Orang Asli are the real original inhabitants
    of Malaysia. They were the indigenous tribes. Nearly
    wiped out by the Malays under former Sultan
    (Royal family entities). These Sultans and their
    people called Bumiputra (BUMI Malays) are not
    even from Malaysia they are from Sumatra Indonesia,
    and are invading conquerors.
    (4) Putrajaya is a government complex built to house
    the country’s government at a separate location from
    its original location in the Capital City of Kuala Lumpur
    (KL). It is also how the concept of a Multi Media Super
    Corridor would be built linking all aspects of technology.
    One of the biggest land scam deals perpetrated by
    any government on its own people and foreign
    investors. It is a real friggin joke, a disaster in
    mega dollar happening. Bill Gates warned everyone
    of this and NO one listended.
    (5) RM = Ringgit is the country currency of Malaysia.
    No longer traded on the free world market. The
    exchange rate is approximately 3.75 to One U.S.
    (6) Petronas is the country’s national oil and gas
    company. Petronas is deeply embedded with Shell
    Oil, BP Oil, and Exxon (Esso) Oil. Almost all the Oil
    and Gas comes from East Malaysia, part of the
    Borneo Island. The BUMI Muslim Malays do not
    return the wealth to that island keeping the people
    poor and dependent. They would like to have
    independence but todate no super power has
    stepped up to help them. Where is China, Japan,
    Korea, Australia, Canada, Britain, Russia, India,
    or the United States?

  22. Your post about the racial discrimination is very biassed to the Chinese although you tried to cover it by putting Indians to the statistics. I am a Kadazan- Dusun, Christian bumi, and for your information, the bumiputra’s of Sabah Sarawak is not discriminated infact we are the ones who doesnt want especially Peninsular M’sian Chinese to set up their bussiness here because they are well known to cheat people and also selfish most of them. This is a fact also like you put up those facts on your blog. I believe you should be thankful instead to be Malayisan rather than putting on racial discrimination laws that I found most is not true. The purpose of putting this on itself is Chinese oriented and biassed. If you said you are being discriminated how about the saloons and other bussines owned by Chinese cheating price and etc and also only employ Chinese even though they are non degree or even diploma holders and can’t even speak proper english which is the least requirement to pass a professinal job interview but in the end they get the job because they are Chinese and they speak Mandarin. I felt discriminated back then because the company doesnt even have bussiness with companies from China.I can state more but I’d rather not because I don’t want to cause havoc among Malaysians. So please be thankful instead and stop feeling as if you’re being discriminated.Please don’t involve the bumiputras in your dissatisfactions or should I call it jealousness towards the Malays as we doesnt feel discriminated and happy with the way we are.To the Chinese, life is not all about money or being selfish.It is how you treat and be good to other people.

  23. It is interesting. I could have appreciated his blog, if only I liked discussing serious Malaysian issues.
    Btw, the above comment is soooo lengthy… =.=’

  24. dear all,
    i think is no point of arguing the term bumi and non-bumi, or malay to non-malay precisely. the fact is tat the politician are making this to isolate we as united malaysia,.. so when there is discomfort arise, then ppl tend to close and vote to those who seems more beneficial to them.
    the one to making a lot of dog barking e.g. ah khairi, mutu hisamudin in talking crap in public should now keep their mouth shut up. wat the heck about malay being isolated?? who is being isoldated?? and yet making noise here again.???
    i were sufferred in a very massive traffic jammed on the big traffic light at jalan ampang near klcc.. it was puasa day. like most ppl who stuck in the jammed… i were screaming crazy within my car and bcome emotional unstable.. then, i saw traffic police officers are trying their very best in controllin the traffic.. and ppl oredy lost patient and ignored all these police officers which concluded tat these policeman are clueness, disappointed and frustrated as well.. they are malays… then taking a look on those who stuck n cant move.. majority of them are malays.. and me and the rest of others.. we are non-malays, some are even ma-sa-leh.. so, we are screwed here, stuck in traffic jammed.. and clueless.. so do for those malay policeman who trying their best (at least they have no time to think about ‘duit kopi’).. GUYS! COME THINK WHO SCREWED US HERE??? if the infrastructure has been setup nicely, if the urban planning being done effectively, if the one who manage our country are capable, we will not suffered in this… why infra is not being setup nicely.. well.. i can think of as i)they are not capable.. donno how to manage.. ii)they can fix it but dont want to, so all malaysian (malay+chinese+indian+real bumi+…) will have to sort out their way to work, which is to buy cars.. then to buy cars, proton can get a share of bixness..
    to all malaysian, be it malay, non-malay and watever, come on, wat are we facing now is the understanding our real problem here.. is not race thingy anymore.. is the fuckin politician who stolen money from us.. and making each everyone of us still fighting ourselve each other.. and yet they are in the mid in counting those money stolen from our pocket…
    for malays, hope u see the picture here wat the prob we facing right now, and really get urself be more competative.. and think more broader… let’s get more wealth from outside.. out of malaysia.. and then build a better country with those non-malays… and forget about the NEP thingy which i personally think in subjectively tat will not forced malay to really work out something.. caused majority of ppl will ONLY work out something from nothing (despite the fact, there are some exceptional cases).. u saw non-malay are so money oriented and self-productive caused non-malay are really being cheated many times especially in educational line… hence they dont simply trust..!!
    for non-malay, some facts are really facts which i understood we are suffered and some how dont just blame our malay folks… but, plx be patient and understand malays are also being physo by the politician… and explain things more subjectively.. and think… i have few malay friends.. and malays are oso really good once u know them and live wif them…
    so, all folks belows are my conclusions , thought and suggestion things can get better and improvement:
    1. do u ever notice tat we have the common platform to see and learnt things e.g. news.. we have different favor and streams of newspaper.. bcos of tat, sometimes, we cant see some news tat is pro to us and con to other races…
    2. screw those politician whoever make any fuckin stupid noise of who is being isolated and etc… these are the first batch of ppl should be wagged..
    3. institutionalize whoever arround u tat we should now think globally.. think we are malaysian.. and be sincered and brave to face wat we are facing now.. and accept the facts u are going to see..
    come, guys, lets pray, alah, amen, nam mo oli tou fuo…

  25. no need triggering the racial issues buddy !!!!!
    coz it returning the stupid conflicts…!!!
    dun try to be a another lee kuan yew…!!! did u know his behavior ??? haaaa????
    …and i dun like wat been p Posted by:
    justice4all at 23 August 2006 2:32 PM

  26. Lucky enough, ur heads are not chooped like you did to your pigs. We agreed to let u stayed here because we want to f@@@k your women. Ok Chinese

  27. SAO,
    clearly you’re one of the reasons why Malaysia’s such a discrimatory country. ever so narrow minded, and yet pretend to know it all and react emotionally. for once i hope in your pity life, understand the word THINK. if your mind’s ever so emotionally controlled then i do suggest you to ask Ustaz, teacher anyone who have a sane and mature mind to explain it to you. unless if you think that you’re the boss of this world.
    with regard to racial discrimination, i think that it is important for all of us to get our paradigm right. dwelling on thoughts like ‘chinese are better in business’ and ‘malays think by using their butts’ wont do any good. instead of pondering at the problems, it is best that we start off by looking into the solutions. there is absolutely no point in saying how much you love the country and ended up migrating overseas.
    and for those typical minded malays who always think that they deserved all the priveledges while other races deserve nothing at all because their ancestors are not borned here, please drop your selfish attitute. just for once, put yourself in our shoes. will it be fair if your choices are limited just because your ancestors are not borned here?
    allowing the past to dictate our future and clinging strongly into this belief is the same as sticking to the principle that ‘men are better than women’. if we can say that, ‘Yes, women should be treated equally like men, and that the people in the past were wrong to ignore womens rights’ then why cant we come to the agreement that other races should be treated equally as the bumis?
    Please dont hold on into principles and beliefs which are taught down the generations blindly, instead judge objectively and ask why did our parents or forefathers think so? and is it justified for me to hold on to such belief too?
    or allow me to put it into a simpler term. USE YOUR FREAKING BRAINS!
    Happy belated Merdeka Day Malaysia

  28. by “another body part that looks like this”, do you mean that you’re as hairy as an ….
    now..don’t blame me.. cos you’re the one who started this *winks*

  29. Yawn… politics bore me stiff.
    People will always have racial tensions till a meteor happily heads for earth. Then they will all hug together and sing “I am your brother” a la American Idol’s reject Renaldo Lapuz.

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