Malaysian Health Minister Sex Tape

I thought the government was gonna announce an election early this year. Instead what we saw was an erection.

In case you didn’t get what I was talking about, apparently our Malaysian Health Minister did a Paris Hilton and appeared in a sex video tape. 60-year-old Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek was caught with his pants down having sex with a young girl who wasn’t his wife. The video was leaked and made into a DVD distributed throughout Johor.
Following the release of the sex tape, the Health Minister who is also MCA vice-president subsequently apologised and resigned from all posts.

Now let us just digest that for a minute because that was quite an incredible news to take.
60 years old. Health Minister. Malaysia. Sex tape.


That is just so wrong on so many levels I don’t even know how to begin.
That naughty naughty boy.
I know Malaysia didn’t have a proper sex education program, but I certainly did not expect our ministers to show us how to do it themselves. Don’t have to be THAT generous, y’know?

The minister claimed that the woman he was caught having sex with was “a personal friend”.
I used to think personal friends are those people you go out with from time-to-time to have Starbucks and then disappear all of the sudden when your birthday is coming close. I didn’t know you could actually have sex with personal friends. Wtf I feel so cheated. Dammit all you personal friends of mine I want my money back.

In the end, the minister resigned and it was all over within one day. Morally, he couldn’t have handled it any better.
Knowing what politicians are capable of doing, he could’ve demanded to set up a 3-man panel to investigate the authenticity of the tape. And then Nazri and Najib would come out and protect him. And then they would say there is no need for a royal commission. And then 3 months later they would suddenly turn around set up a royal commission. And then they would convene to recommend who to include in the royal commission. And then they would go to court for 10 months calling all witnesses to come forward. And then they will claim to give these witnesses free plastic surgery to protect them. And then they would say the government is very caring and listened to the people. And then they would give the Health Minister a promotion. And then they would blame the opposition for trying to destroy the peace and stability of this country and lock them up using ISA.
But no, they did not set up a 3-man panel to investigate the authenticity of the video clip.
Or maybe they did, but then they realised it’s impossible to watch a porno video from start to finish.
Why? Because they kept ending up with 3 horny men and a lot of used tissues.

It’s sad Chua Soi Lek had to go ‘cos from what I remember he’s one of the good ones. Like Bill Clinton, Datuk Chua Soi Lek is a good politician who has made poor personal judgments.
It was a set-up and he was “screwed”. Still, I think he “cocked up”. I can understand if he wanted to start 2008 with “a bang”. But if you’re bonking someone who isn’t your wife, it’s gonna be “hard”.
It’s bad enough to see someone involved in a sex tape.
What more a minister. What more a HEALTH minister. What more a 60-year-old Health Minister who is married with kids.
In all fairness, he could’ve argued that he was testing out this new sex drug. But of course he’s better than that. Well, now that he has withdrawn… I mean, resigned, maybe he should endorse something.
After all, the old bugger did last 55 minutes on the bed with a hot young chick. Even I gotta admit that was pretty impressive for a 60-year-old grandpa. What did he take? Some Tongkat Ali Super Pill? Whatever he was having, I’ll have two thankyouverymuch.

I have to admit I have not seen the DVD myself. Now that the police has threatened to act against anyone found to distribute the Health Minister porno, I don’t think we’ll have the chance to watch it ever.
It’s such a pity really, because I have a feeling the DVD cover might look something like this.

I dunno man, who’s interested in watching a 60-year-old Health Minister having sex?

A man said he was willing to pay RM690 for a pair of unwashed panties from an 18-year-old Singaporean girl selling it online, hoping that it’ll change his luck. He claimed his friend won the lottery after wearing such panties on his head.
What the hell? RM690 is so expensive! I sell you mine for RM350 lah. Cheap cheap only. You want or not?

220 Replies to “Malaysian Health Minister Sex Tape”

  1. Haha! A first for Malaysian minister! This will go down in the annals of history. (no pun intended) 🙂
    Luckily he resigned before AAB ‘officially’ fires him!

  2. Sad way to start a new year eh? Blame the ppl making the video too, this is no doubt political career asassination. IMHO, this is inside job coz if it was raised by opposition it would be subjected to setting up a panel to determine its authenticity.

  3. Hahahaha My work place was filled with laughter when we heard about this from the TV.
    Except that time he said that he wont resign.
    From a minister to a porn actor, his name will be known for eternity.

  4. Work and private life are two separate things; I kinda admire his courage to admit it though. Whether it’s wrong or right – I’m not here to judge. It’s personal.
    The fact is: no one is perfect. There’s no such thing as utopia. Wake up, people.

  5. Whichever hotel Dr Chua was at in the video… the hotel will be the next to go down…
    Who’d want to stay there anymore cos you’d never know if you’ll be the next victim… Caught you “picking” your nose? and what else???
    That’s privacy intrusion and someone should be sued.

  6. Oh yeah… I wonder if all the hotel rooms have that kinda camera??? Not save anymore to stay in the hotel… eeeearrriiiiieeee…
    I would suggest the hoteliers to start assuring their guests with a “guarantee no camera” sign board or something…

  7. I feel sorry for the man…
    i mean have to give him credit as he reisgns and didn’t go through all the hoo-haas of denying it bla bla bla…
    give the man a rest…it’s his personal life.

  8. Haha, wtf. The first New Year that I decide to remain in Australia, this ‘berita sensasi’ happens :p
    Oh, and did anyone get the name of that hotel? Cos I sure as well don’t want to be caught with my pants down there. Unless I wanna pull a ‘Paris’ or a ‘Dr. Chua’ to get my name in the news 😛

  9. What a new start for a new year – Malaysia Boleh!? a 60yrs minister, a ‘bang’…LOLz!! 2008 should be a good year for everyone. He was probably doing ‘it’ to change his luck! Good luck for the new year ma!!.. hehe, well that changed his luck.:D

  10. I once read that Dr. Chua asked us to exercise more, lead a healthier lifestyle, no Ribena, no Milo in his house (bad sugar?), maybe that’s his secret of ‘longevity’??
    I’m interested in the DVD actually lol. You can’t believe in anything unless you’ve seen the REAL thing.


  12. Well to be honest I think when you are a politician, every move u make is bound to be monitored and observed by the public.Being a politician is never an easy task. Even your public life will be make public if those people caught you doing something which they think will jeopardise your career but benefit themselves so…
    Well I am not supporting him for what he was doing but I think this is his private matters why not just leave it alone and let him settle it with his family instead. Why it has to be brought up to it publicly in a DVD form to jeoparidse his career.
    Just because he is a politician it doesnt mean that he has to be treated like this. What if he is just a normal 60 year man and not a politician.. do u think anyone will be bothered to taped his sex life and distributed publicly???
    And it’s also true to say that nowadays it will be no longer safe to stay in the hotel.

  13. Common, He has the right to fulfill his ‘id’ wat… Just that his SuperEgo fails to sustained his Ego… So… I think he is just really really Bad Luck!
    Any other people can be caught doing so…

  14. “Other ministers will start to be more alert before they…hehe…”
    ya i agree….all now sure jaga2 d…or stop all da wat wat activities b4 being screwed up like him…

  15. Since his wife chose to Forgive him, who the hell else is entitled to object? Should the minister Appologise for liking women? So long as he did not use his Political Clout to obtain favours, it is strictly a Private matter.
    Maybe he is simply going through his 5 year Zam Cycle and took the opportunity to give his State Issued Condoms a Test Run, and who better than a personal friend for some Nationally Sponsored jiggy-jig without any strings. Beats self inflicted pull-ups Hands-Down.
    My big question would be: Considering his portfolio, did he use a State Issued condom, and did it hold up to his lengthy assault.
    I’d say, someone close has it in for the ex-Minister..

  16. Wow, punniest post I’ve ever read in all my 3 years following your blog. Yea he screwed up, but he admitted and subsequently did what he should, so props to the man la, at least he’s dignified enough.

  17. He made some headlines in NY Times yesterday. He should stop making anymore stupid statement like “My biggest mistake was I stayed in the same hotel and in the same hotel room for convenience….”. What the fuck!? Can you beat that?
    I totally agree with this NYT reader’s response.
    I believe the health minister is wrong when he said that, “At the end of the day, it just tells you that honesty sometimes does not pay.” Hello. Wake up. You were being dishonest on your wife by cheating and have to pay the consequences. Telling the truth about cheating is not an example of “honesty.” It is an example of taking responsibility for what you have done and that involves dealing with the repercussions. No one is forcing you to be health minister. By accepting that job you are accepting public scrutiny and holier-than-thou expectations. Don’t like it? Don’t take the job.

  18. Sarcasm post, making jokes about other people’s misery. Holier than thou, as what Dr. Chua described. He did wrong, he admitted it, what else do we want from him? Castrate him?
    We can laugh and critise all we want, but remember, we are no angels, and when we are caught, are we able to face the public given the high profile of such news?
    Remember, Dr. chua is also a human being like us.

  19. Dirty old bastard!! These shows that Malaysian Politicians are free or what? got nothing better to do?? No wonder the country is getting so chaotic since busy with something else instead of being in the office??!!
    A lesson to all MEN OUT THERE!!! Don’t think you will never be caught in the act when scandaling around. ahhahaha…

  20. I can help but to feel sorry for our Dr Chua. After all, he has done a relatively good job as a health minister. He is actually the most suitable guy for the Health Minister position considering the fact that he was a medical doctor before being actively involved in politics. Being a medical doctor, he knew the many problems that plague the national healthcare system. Unfortunately, his tenure was short to revamp anything for the better of the society.
    To those of us who find what he did was deplorable and disgusting, you are probably very naive or simply hypocritical. There are many politicans out there who have affairs but the only difference is that it was not videotaped or recorded. Does it make any of those politicians less sinful? How about former Menteri Besar of Selangor who fathered a child with a woman who was the nephew of the former Sultan of Selangor? Or even our current DPM who was caught red handed with his pants down in PD many years ago? Should they not be sacked or asked to resign as well?

  21. urm…your blog post nailed it on for its sarcasm.
    We’ve got to admit, even without the video, the choices of words you used has a better effect than our blog post on this issue.
    Add a video like what we did, and i won’t be suprised if you would be making newspaper headlines

  22. aiyoh kesian old fart! stupid of a minister to go to a hotel for sex. damn idiot! no sin having sex (with another chick who isnt ur wife) but just be careful lar! if it had been a malay minister, he would have gotten away……!

  23. If this happen to any British minister, even a rumour, they would have stepped down immediately.. Malaysian ministers r jus great at holding on to their “positions” even if they r caught red-handed wif giving out permits, taking bribes, money laundering, lots of side businesses, etc etc..

  24. OMIGOD, the newscaster needs to step down too if she cant do her job well … even when she had to read from the teleprompter?!?

  25. i do not find this very funny… this is his personal life and he is a very capable and good leader. i feel sad we have lost another good leader in mca.
    come on, our country needs good leader like him, to serve us better.

  26. Haiz.. Disappointed ! But, for a 60 years old guy still can hold on for 55 minutes, thats too strong. I salute him 😀

  27. haha… it is suprise tat a 60 year old guy caught… and also the gov ppl.. but why he have to resign from everything? i mean.. having sex is nth special. haha.. but he is a great man!! many ah pek also find young gals too.. wats the big deal? Dr Chua is the MAN! XD

  28. The thing is he said he cannot recall if the tape was recent or old. So this means that the ‘personal friend’ of his must have had a ‘long’ relationship with him. And for a 60 year old grandpa who already have grandchildren…how embarassing!
    But the good thing is…see, our health minister demonstrated well on being ‘healthy’.

  29. On my opinion dat time they (few big guns) were going together and this Chua so ‘sui siao’ kena tangkap in the cam.
    If he publish the less the story should be more interesting~~ahaa…!!

  30. He is trying to tell us that having sex is good for our health! He is already in his 60s and he still can do it for 55mins!

  31. Hmm…2008 start with a bang ? er ?
    I wonder could this be ” one ” of the political issue.
    As election is coming, we never know how ? and what it would be.
    Therefore, another Good Minister is out. What he does ? nothing wrong, having sex only mah…like kenny say, we all malaysian dun have propper sex education..
    Is not like he burning someone’s car, house, or worst is killing …
    Beside, the wife, forgive him.
    But, one thing rite, can a personal friend really can ” xxx ” with another friend kah ? hehe…

  32. he just want to try this sarawak tradisional product,called ‘GAMBIR SARAWAK’.it’s really powerful.don’t play play!

  33. i havent really followed his career through politics leh
    but nonetheless..
    i didnt see no one complained about him.
    not until now…
    next time i share room with friends
    i’ll make sure to keep my dick in check !
    woo hoo

  34. Luckily that i knew about this news during lunch before i come to kennysia website to read this..If not i will surely ‘mind fu_k’ with this news whole day…
    Is correct that he is human too…so he do mistake and as mentioned by some of the commenters there are many minister out there having affair and he is one of the unlucky one..but….why…what is all this….
    well no doubt he must resigned(he is health minister woh..doing this unhealthy thing)..although some coughcough*DPM* can get away with it without any action…i really no comment and dunno what is the future ruling government will be like. so happy ‘erection’. oh another thing..during n colleague still wondering how can he perform nearly an hour action… we were questioning maybe he is doing other side activities…. but seems from kenny text, he perform one hour!!!!! a healthy guy n strong’durable’ woman….=P so any guys out there will honestly tell how long they can perform O__o very curiuos to know..what is the actual man ability..kekekek

  35. thats what will happen when a CHINESE minister commits a crime… thats just his personal life or whatsoever..but least he did his minister jobs…his crime did not involve spending the peoples $$$$……..if its minister of other race…haha… theyd b protected…

  36. ooi kenny, just be careful u not caught in any sex act with any chicks hor! but in case kena caught in videotape must make sure last more than 55mins ok. tak boleh kalah orang tua ok…hahahaha!

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  38. wat a happy new year greeting!
    especially 4 those of u who say ‘its his personal life…it is no big deal’… pray hard tat u dun get such bad karma of betrayal by ur partner/parents
    money / rules / so-col personal life …
    all above moral & inner values …

  39. “After reading the postings on this subject in this blog, I cannot but feel that most Malaysians are intrinsically naive!!
    Many said what a person did to who in the bedroom is his business.
    RIGHT! But remember, THIS IS A MINISTER!
    Do you know that senior officials can be blackmailed by foreign countries to pass information to them?
    DO YOU?
    I’m not saying that this happened but it can happen.
    Do you also realise that a person in his position is, unlike an ordinary person, be beyond the reach of the OSA or even possibly the ISA? Or even suspicion?
    Do you NOW know the reason why senior government officials must be persons of the highest integrity?
    I think that Malaysians are still wet behind the ears!”
    no wonder being a public figure in bolehland is so easi…zamzam alikazam…kerismudding…NaziTaximinority…MMidunnoEngrish….
    izzit an issue of NAIVE or JAHIL ? >.

  40. Happy New Year =)
    Well he got guts to admit it;…
    but he shouldnt ve if he still want to be a minister;
    I dont really care bout his sex life…
    but we can’t accept his act else what kind of example are we setting up for the young generations

  41. haha funny i was thinking of you when i saw the news on BBC news website. i thought hmm.. this is something that kenny would blog about. i was hoping that you’ll post your opinion about this, and you did. heh heh..

  42. C’mon you ppl, he was just doing his job, checking out the cleanliness, and quality of of the “products” in a hotel. He’s on being a responsible health minister, who personally go do the check up himself. That’s all, right guys?

  43. i love dr chua…so sad he has to leave…he’s one of the ministers that i like the most in mca and the government…sad case….
    “honesty does not always pay”, said dr chua.
    i’m sad sad sad!!

  44. I think Datuk Seri went out gracefully despite all the shame from the leak of the video. It takes a lot of bravery for someone of that status to come out right to admit it as he could’ve twisted the story and as you said, demand for an investigation and aft a few mths, close off the case as a conspiracy of some sort. In reality, there are soo many men out there having affairs, high end GROs, not exactly ‘holy’ overseas travel trips and you’d be surprise to know that these are men with social status with more money than they can spend in their lifetime.

  45. Hi kenny
    I’ve been a fan of your blogs since your early entries. The stuff you wrote were meaningful, honest and downright quirky!
    However i couldn’t help but noticed the recent blogs that you posted have a distinct difference with your earlier blogs, a person perspectives and views changes over time. IMHO your recent blogs (for the past 6 months) seems rather mundane.
    Perhaps nowadays you are catering to other type of people or that you are famous and all that. But this particular blog really is rather distasteful. Its not good to step on people who are down just for the sake of it.
    You probably won’t agree with what i just said but if you were to compare your recent blogs and the old ones you might noticed the difference… A lack of that “something” you once had.

  46. Pity Dr. Chua. He’s a nice man. As a Malaysian with many foreign culture experiences I’d say that the typical Malaysians like what Dr. Chua said “Dare say you are clean.”
    You have gone up so much but with one small trip over a pebble, you fall right to your grave. Sigh. 🙁

  47. it’s too late to apologise aarrr yeahhh….oh wooo…the wife pretend to forgive only.i wonder how their children and grandchildren look up to him now and the people around them.such a shame.

  48. gosh..unbelievable..away for few days and already a scandal in shocked..
    i better update myself on malaysia’s news.this scandal is HUGE!!

  49. eeee…. sensitive issue. You’ll sure ISA will not ringing your door bell for the post. U know laa…cannot trust our “GuO JiA”.

  50. i think he deserve every single bits of it. the amount of embarrasment and betrayel he cause to his family and legal wife can never be erased even though she say she will be there for him. bull. no girl can ever accept this as a matter of fact. and god, his 60!! take a break lah uncle!

  51. Dr. Chua did something wrong, but then he is still one of the most respectable and capable leaders for me. At least, he admitted his fault, apologised to everyone, and resigned. unlike others. I wish him all the best.

  52. Our 1st supprise in Year 2008 & year 08 not a good year for our Health Ministry. The Privatization of Medical Services Act & Pathology Act lauched by him (MOH) is a good start in healthcare industries….

  53. Hey,
    Give this guy a break la….he already admit it. What for you go and tok sumore on ur post? if you really wanna jam the traffic of ur blog…find a better topic la..not this…wait the “mata” come n find u then u know

  54. oh man. it’s really gross to have a 60year old man featuring in a sex video. im really curious about who’s gonna watch it. better not eat anything first. lol.
    i pity his family, imagine the amount of pain and embarrassment they have to go through and give up just because of an irresponsible husband/father.

  55. I don’t know man, Kenny.
    I felt like puking when I learnt about this. Come on, 60-year old bugger and as a MINISTER of HEALTH, I just felt that it is SO SO SO wrong!
    Furthermore his son is working in HKL right now. My goodness, he must be hiding in shame as a doctor too!!! No wonder we can’t see his son lately in HKL especially these days.
    All this shame and embarrassment are caused by the irresponsible act of a father (PUKE!).

  56. it maybe that his wife doesn’t wear “transparent clothing” to seduce him enough.
    that is… according to the logic of another minister NYY.

  57. The news came as a BIG suprise. I wouldn’t believe one could get caught red handed like that. Those who did that recording is no ‘saint’ too. They went all the way to distribute those vcds, destroy one’s life and his family’s, intruding one’s privacy? Which one of us is a ‘saint’ anyway? After all he’s just human. He admitted his doings. How many of us can really live with the consequences of our own doings, given the situation he’s in right now?
    I hope Malaysians as a whole can look at the big picture. Many other politicians did the same. Many old uncles did the same. Some of your fathers did that before too. They all got away. Don’t judge. It’s just unfortunate.

  58. haha….kenny great post. Thats really funny, good job.
    Poor chua soi lek, should have resign when the dvd was first released. Thinking that if you admit your shitdoing, the people will forgive you? haha, funny.
    I dont think abdullah will keep a porn star in his cabinet.

  59. 55 mins? Damn!
    For a middle-aged man – it’s no wonder that yesterday’s papers had the man with a half smile saying “yes, it was ME”.
    Subliminally he’s telling the other old farts “yeah boyyyy!!! I is still a playa with da power to last mofos! Y’all be trying out them adult diapers while I be ballin some hoochie for TWO DVDs worth of action in a hotel yo! Eat THAT!
    Hahaha love the puns dude!

  60. To those who felt pity with the guy, you are just simply too naive.
    Haloo!!!wake up!Politician who are empowered to served the rakyat have power and pay. And with that power and pay,he/she should live up to his standard, even when he/she falls.
    He did a very good job as health minister?Yeah, i saw the news about a list of magnificient things.Is health ministry a one man show?Those achievements are not individual, haloo!!!
    Lastly, obviously there is double standard in handling the same case/situation for different person, for example a person from d government and a person from d opposition.You do the math!

  61. Why only focus on the bad? just because he made a mistake, then all his contributions forgotten? I think just give him a break.

  62. s’pore paper today.Dr.chua said ‘he make mistake because he always used the same hotel and room’.-some tip for you guys,don’t make this mistake when you cheat your wife yeah!

  63. wow…. hes got BIG BALLS to pull a stunt like dat…..RE5PECT
    Picturing a 60yr old grandpa pounding a young girl is rather nauseating……Honestly
    But the video does serve to inspire n motivate us BOYS/MEN
    Size does matter, but age doesn’t..

  64. Oh shit, here come the Chua Defenders Brigade. First things first, he is the Health Minister who is supposed to lead the government’s campaign against AIDS and he has said on record to practice safe sex, abstinence and fidelity. Did he practice safe sex? Nope, condom also didn’t pakai! Did he practice abstinence? Yes, special kind of abstinence with China Doll. Did he practice fidelity? Definitely NOT! So how can he continue as if nothing happened as the Health Minister?
    Next part, today he came out say all men also like that and no one is free from sin. I agree that no one is free from sin but not everyone in Malaysia is a lecherous sex maniac like you. Maybe your mother didn’t teach you morals like loyalty when you were young right? To imply that it is okay then what the hell did you ask young people to practice safe sex and fidelity for? Talk cock only ah?
    And somemore when he so-called apologized, he still talk lan xi lan yong like that, didn’t even show any hint of shame or remorse, tak apa mah say Chua Soi Lek. As long as I honest (after the DVD come out) then everyone in Malaysia must automatic forgive me and then I can continue to be Johor MCA Chief and later MCA President! Talk about muka tebal. For your information Chua Soi Lek, this is a Muslim majority country not France. Lucky you are still not in China, if not terus kena sack or even worse sentenced to death!
    And I also get the feeling most of the people who support him are men who also biasa do this types of things or planning to do so in the future. Let’s turn the tables and see how you feel if your girlfriend/wife go around screwing old apek like Chua Soi Lek? Tak apa mah, men can, women also can!
    And to the people who say don’t kick him when he is down, well that’s the price you pay for being a politican (and an arrogant one at that too). Remember last year namewee issue, this two face snake force his family to apologize and grovel before the government then say issue settle. Next day say issue not settle and namewee have to pay the price. Not enough is it the whole government of Malaysia come crashing down on namewee, without Chua Soi Lek add fuel to the fire? The whole of Muar is rejoicing.
    Learn your lesson Chua Soi Lek and don;t be so arrogant. Arrogance is the cause of your downfall. But looks like you have not yet learned your lesson and insaf yet by the way you talk cock. In that case, kena hentam don’t blame anybody but yourself. You also like to hentam Yoke Shan’s parents, BERSIH, HINDRAF, DAP…you yourself so good meh now say people cannot hentam you. Pergi poo-dah la orang tua.

  65. It is the Infringement on Personal Lives which deters the Nations Brightest from seeking Political Office. Only things for which Politicians should be held accountable is:- Breaking the LAW & COMPETENCE. Anything else goes Above & Beyond the Real Public’s Interest. Fact is: MOST of whom are finger pointing couldn’t live-up to the standards They Impose on Politicians. It’s not that their Pay Scale is so lucrative compared to others with similar Responsibility.
    IF the 55 Mins is Legit, I would suggest Ex Minister Chua stop wasting his time where he is not appreciated and head for HOLLYWOOD.

  66. Damn, I should make myself a sex tape with a hot chick!!
    That would definitely make me a ‘famous’ blogger!!
    ok, just kidding…
    Poor bugger

  67. guess it’s normal for guys to be horny.
    so what makes him so special? haha
    i’m sure bush or even mr. sia here had sex. it’s just that no one tried installing hidden cams in their cribs. so what seems to be the problem?

  68. Knowing what politicians are capable of doing, he could’ve demanded to set up a 3-man panel to investigate the authenticity of the tape. And then Nazri and Najib would come out and protect him. And then they would say there is no need for a royal commission. And then 3 months later they would suddenly turn around set up a royal commission. And then they would convene to recommend who to include in the royal commission. And then they would go to court for 10 months calling all witnesses to come forward. And then they will claim to give these witnesses free plastic surgery to protect them. And then they would say the government is very caring and listened to the people. And then they would give the Health Minister a promotion. And then they would blame the opposition for trying to destroy the peace and stability of this country and lock them up using ISA.
    This is a GOOD ONE! In addition to the media attention that he gets, its a HUGE breakthru in government transparency. REJOICE AND CELEBRATE fellow rakyat Malaysia!

  69. I just want to say. He was screwed up and he was damn unlucky. Please don be naive, how many of the “big ppl” up there don do this? how many of them really behave properly and never have sex around? I really think it’s so little of them, maybe none. Dr Chua was so unlucky that he did the something that everyone else does unwisely. Kesian…
    When jacky chan was involved in sex news last time, he said, he did a big mistake which every guys will do. The fact is, if you want to do it, do it smart… don get caught by ppl especially you are famous or involve in politics…
    Dr Chua said, “Be careful, don repeat the same mistake I did, I went to the same hotel and same room many times.” Remember this.

  70. Chua Soi Lek rules! He is a real man- Tell me who can admit stuff with a straight face- He can, and because of that, he is THE MAN. Also, he is one HOT 60year old with a powerful engine and good taste. That chick he nailed was HOT too.

  71. I think malaysians are just so used to bad politicians that when one politician (so call)admits his mistake, ppl are just amazed and thinks he could be after all, be a good person.
    Well, till he speaks, that is.
    If only politicians nowadays know how to apologize respectfully (without adding stupid comments like “Next time get a different room”) and admit their mistake and step down remorsefully, they might still stand a good chance for the next upcoming election, also they can “jaga air muka” of their family members.
    But noooo..
    He’s got to be still in the media spreading comments and advice to the ppl on how to deal with their extramarital affairs. I’m so surprised the family still stands by him talking such nonsense bout mistresses. I really dunno what to think..
    That guy practically made scandalous politicians the darling of the media (and putting Malaysia in another bad position).
    He make me sick.
    PS : Can we request for moral to be abolished from school cos apparently most of our politicians are not up to par. Why kid ourselves?

  72. Stupid wife forgave him too easily. Wonder what lie he told her to get her to forgive him and thus he will do it again and again and wonder what excuse each time and she will keep forgiving him. She should RUN from him and give his love n loyalty a test first.

  73. I totally agree with Ngy. This whole thing is just disgusting and to think some people defend this act and condoning cheating because it’s done by a man is just as disgusting! LAME

  74. Despite all that, I guess we have to give him the credit for owning up and publicly admitting that he was an ‘active participant’.
    Think about this… If you were in his shoes, what would you do?
    Most people would be in denial, probably book the next air plane and escape.

  75. Hi Mae Sau,
    I’d give him the credit for owning up if only he would shut up after apologizing cos the more he speaks, the more he’s trying to justify for his mistakes.
    As for most ppl in denial, I think u only meant the politicians in this comment, rite? Like wat I said, malaysians are just too used to bad politicians and all their well-versed excuses.
    PS : If I’m in his shoes, I’d have handled it with a lot tact considering my family is watching the news as well.

  76. This poor dude had been set up and didn’t compromise
    with the deal…then other party released the DVD. He is so stupid to resign …immediately Masuk Islam allowing 4 wifes.Resignation because of screwing a lady just not the right way to go..think about Rafidah Aziz just need to take some sick leave
    then “AP corruption incident” automatic settled.
    She is a big time lier. Still, she continue selling
    AP today…

  77. dr chua is one of the best ministers in the cabinet now u know….he’s so responsible in his political career….visited more than 300 hospitals in these 3 yrs….and this is what he gets…why? why?
    see how rafidah, zakariah, taib, samivelu, shud resign instead of him? they use OUR MONEY to cover their own SELFISH act…u tell me does a health minister who worked so hard for the ppl deserves this?

  78. it’s jealousy…definitely it is. no one would ever believe a 60 year old man can pull such a stunt even the politicians. ohhh well.

  79. Hey Dude, Dr. Chua failed to be a responsible health minister and being a good example for not practice safe sex (never seen a BJ on a rubbered up KKC).

  80. Penal Code of Malaysia.(reference)
    Section 377A Carnal intercourse against order of nature.
    Any person who has sexual connection with another person by the introduction of the penis into the anus or mouth of the other person is said to commit carnal intercourse against the order of nature.

  81. How would you justify his kids feelings that also a big fan of your blog? I have no doubt he made mistake. Let him take the consequences. Not his family members & relatives.
    I am neutral in this case, but I don’t think you put his name & picture on it is fair. As a famous blogger, there is still way to make your story fictional.

  82. Make my story fictional? What are you talking about?
    The case has been reported all over the papers. I wouldn’t know if they didn’t publish it.

  83. WTF?
    Chua Soi Lek aka Malaysia’s version of Paris Hilton. I wonder if he will end up in some car crash and go to jail. LOL!

  84. fyi, d tape was recorded 2 yrs ago and not recently..dats wad i heard..he shud hav kept his birdie in d cage. =.=

  85. WOW, Is it true the PM said CSL will not be prosecuted under PC377A. Remember ex-DPM got years. May be we can repealed PC377A then we can all have heads leagal with tails behind our back.:-)


  87. I really feel sorry for him. Like he is to you, Kenny, he used to be one of my favourite politicians, not only he was one of the few who has managed to appear less idiotic than some otehrs on the press, he was also quite a good health minister.
    I agree that like Bill, he’s a good minister who made a bad personal choice. And I personally don’t think him, or bill should’ve been punished careerwise when it’s really a blunder (ok HUGE blunder) in his personal life. He mst already have a hard time with his family now. not that i condone extra-marital affairs or any hanky panky. But i really think work and persoanl life should be regarded separately. And yes, agree with one of the comments- nobody’s perfect, everyone makes mistakes. Guess most Malaysians tend to be hypocritical and “have very high expectations” towards their public figures.

  88. Today, he appeared in the headlines and said that he made a BIG MISTAKE by being too hard working? WTF. He’s a grandpa already, and he is subtlely telling people not to be too hard working? I think he should have his brains checked. How can one caused one’s downfall by being too hardworking? Of coz, even if he had not bonked around with some chick, they would have found some other way to bring him down too coz he was working harder than the rest. But if that happens, then at least you are downed by a reason other than for bonking someone’s else’s daughter who is not his wife. And saying everyone acts like holier than thou is not the way to go, CSL. Already down, and you are showing your own way out by saying such things. Really such a fucked up old fart.

  89. Ever heard of sour grapes CSL? The more you say, the more sickening you look. No matter what good job you did while in post, the way you handled this so called crisis tells a lot abt you as a person.
    First, you commit adultery. I do not know how you can still put up a mask and be the father, father in law, grandpa etc, to those people when you are at the family reunion dinner table.
    Secondly, you accused us Malaysians of asking you to step down is like acting in a holier than thou manner. Your accusations are making me puke.
    Thirdly, you are instigating that we should not work so hard loh, hai mai? Work hard, and your competitors will try all ways and means to bring you down. Yeah, right. But one has to be on guard all the time. Know thy enemy, know thyself. Never read Chinese history before isit? You know that there are a lot of enemies outside, and yet you STILL wanna go around bonking like that. Ai yoh….have some face la, old man.
    I don’t even wanna go on the 4th point. You are one helluva sick jerk.

  90. Wow…can’t believe the minister resigned, because he just admitted the whole incidence!! Think about Bill Clinton what had done when Bill’s sex scandals surfaced.

  91. Wasn’t sure if it was a new or old clip? Means he has been f**king around for God knows how long!!! Poor wife of his. If I were his wife, I’d pack up and leave that old fart to rot alone till he kicks the bucket. Gosh, I mean, how are his children gonna face their friends? And some more this lady member from the party dare to say it was a sheer intrusion of privacy???!!! Hey, lady, you won’t let us bring in maids from China, and now you say we intrude people’s privacy when his misdeeds are exposed? What you tokkin about?

  92. looks like a set up…
    thru the video footage, he juz stands there decently lookin at his ‘personal friend’. he looks like he’s been force 2 fuck the gal. then unnoticedly been video taken as a ransom.

  93. I don’t see what’s wrong..
    All this is nothing more than hyped up media SH*T and you guys are all riding along with it..
    60 years old you’re not suppose to have sex? c’mon…all this attention happened bcoz he holds a position in the government..u think if he’s 75 year’s old Ah Cheong from a kampung in Miri that anyone would give 2 sh*t about him having sex with a younger woman?
    Give the man a break..he wasn’t like doing it in front of the Masjid Negara for crying out a hotel room, his privacy was intruded..he’s a victim more than anything if you ask me..It’s true that it’s morally incorrect to do such things, but there’s nothing against the law..installing hidden cams however, is..

  94. Add on to the above comment..
    I’m not defending him against his actions of being unfaithful to his wife…just that this should be an issue within their family…and it’s no where our business to comment bout his acts..

  95. Unnatural or carnal intercourse under the penal code punishable up two twenty years in JAIL and liable to whipping it is the law. see post by AG.
    Advice: foreplay is legal but penetration is not we are a liberal society :0

  96. I must say, I am one of the lucky ones who’s seen the video clip.
    Just as what others have said, Datuk Chua has a pretty damn big thing.
    And good news for all the men out there who need a little bit of help down there. Get the pill. Tried and tested.
    But putting the sex scandal aside, Datuk Chua was seriously one of the brilliant ones in the cabinet.
    Ugh, perhaps I should join the petition for his comeback in Batu Pahat. C’mon, people, he doesnt have to say sorry to the public what. The ones he should apologize to are the wife and the family. As long as he knows how to do his jobs as a minister, taht’s enough.
    The resignation is a real bull shit.

  97. WOW….that chick is HOT! “kang hu very kuan lol”
    no wonder our Dr. keep on going to see his personal friend.

  98. oh! why he end like that? isn’t he proud or wanted freedom? so sad but that is he personal matter. when think to another side he can’t do like that coz he is a minister… a good example!…… pls to all leaders in politic.

  99. In every “PROGRESSIVE” Nation, what “CONSENTING ADULTS” do behind Closed doors is their business. A Mature perspective is Simply to leave the matter for Dr Chua and his Wife to sort out, if the Lady is okay with what occurred then it is NOT an Indiscretion. There could be issues of which the public is Ignorant and frankly NONE Of YOUR Fricking BUSINESS.
    There will always be Puritans who just have to be stepping on someone so they could feel good about their sorry selves.
    The number of posts who condone “PEEPING
    Through The KEYHOLE Politics” is testimony why Incompetence, Racism & Injustice is the Norm in Malaysia,what intelligent person would want to be subjected to this type of intrusion. Is there a Law about “PEEPING TOMS” or is that part of the national psyche?
    Ponder:- The very nature of being a Cut-above means one will Not be running with the crowd. It is what distinguishes “LEADERS”, NONE of us are PERFECT.
    It’s not as if Malaysia has such a huge surplus of Real Politicians that you can afford to discard your Talented for PRIVATE Personal Sexual Preferences.
    Unless of course, the country is content to Max-out with Info Minister Zam.

  100. I was watching AEC last night. the talk show about Dr.Chua Soi Lek.
    They said something about that, morally, they did something really wrong which is an bad example for all of us especially since he is a health minister. And some people called in to say that they agreed that he step down from those posts since he has conduted adultery behind his wife.
    But here’s another version of it. Some people called in and said he should not let go the posts because he is such a good person and putting up the camera in the hotel bedroom has already gone way beyond his privacy. His wife has already forgive him, should vote for him again on election. They also said something about it is a mistake which every man will do.
    What if he is a Goody goody minister? What if the media has gone beyond his privacy? Does that mean he can conduct adultery behind his wife? If the answer is yes, can all Malaysian follow his foot steps, doing the same stupid mistake? then say, it’s not my fault, i am just human, and i shouldnt let go of my power because I am a good person who helps the society a lot?
    Thank God, CSL is a rational person and i appreciate his sumbangan to our country before. At least he admit his mistakes and let’s just leave him with his last dignity.

  101. I thank all who commented so much I only need to ask this. Have you seen the evidence of the crime. Adultery is not a crime correct me if I am wrong, we do live in a liberal society. May be Kennysia can do a poll here. Did the ex-health minister commit the crime and what is the crime. For the enlightment of all here is the link of the crime as in the evidence.

  102. Don’t you think this post is quite ‘over’?
    I enjoyed reading your blog. But not anymore after reading this distasteful post. I can’t believe you posted this in such way.
    Where is your conscience?

  103. my ex boss. how about that? especially when my friends kept asking for the vcd just because i work in jb.

  104. QUOTE:
    It was a set-up and he was “screwed”. Still, I think he “cocked up”. I can understand if he wanted to start 2008 with “a bang”. But if you’re bonking someone who isn’t your wife, it’s gonna be “hard”.

  105. By committing the adultery, he definitely loses his dignity as a Health Minister even I think a clear line should be drawn between his official and personal affairs.

  106. DefenderOfTheWeak, a wife-cheater is immoral. An immoral person is fit to be in a position of authority in a government? I think not! Nothing to do with personal or non-personal.

  107. Man, i don’t blame him, i mean look at the dude’s wife man, I don’t even know why he married her in the first place. Look at her teeth man damn, her teeth are so far apart it looks like her tongue is in jail man..

  108. Many men in this world are found with adultary. So what if we found out that our ministers are having adultary? They are also human.
    Does it mean that a good minister who has committed adultary is no more a good minister?
    Does it mean that your father is no more a good father if he has committed adultary? The answer is no. What I can say is, pity to the wife lah… Who ask she married to a bad husband.
    It is a lost to Malaysia when Dr Chua resigned. Maybe it is also an over turn. It is time to let the young ones take over.

  109. He is very honest..i respect him. come on often do you see someone admit of doing things like this especially a politician..

  110. I hate to burst the Nation’s bubble of Virtuousity, but detailed Studies on Gender Faithfullness have concluded that though Men are Generally EASIER to Tempt with SEX, Women possess the stronger drive for alternate partners, primarily to ensure preservation of their ancestral Genes.
    Conclusion: Women are by far Pickier, while Men mostly follow wherever their Dunce will lead them.
    Promiscuity has been around since the day after sex was discovered. What’s new is people getting their Jollies from PEEPING-TOMS. Perverted cravings which cross Religious & Cultural boundaries with the ease of undetected lust. My favourite saying devoid of Bias, regardless of Origins “People will be People”.
    I do believe attacking Dr Chua’s Wife in Any Way is an INDECENT display of the SEVEREST LACK-of-CLASS.

  111. why is everyone commenting on old man having sex is disgusting and all. ur young now but imagine when ur old, how would you feel? Till then, women will want their man to make them feel good and young again but cant with this thinking of old and disgusted. because of this, men wont want their wives anymore and leads to many cases where they look for younger girls. therefore, the best and typical decision is for everyone to give up and not have sex at all at that age. Do u want that to happen on u? are you ready for the arguments that eventually will happen? loveless and sexless? wait till ur at that age and remember what u have said.

  112. common…he is afterall human,sex is one of our basic needs.I also take my hat off to him for admitting boldly…..
    i don’t see why the public has to be so harsh on him.Why wasn’t a recent case of a minister with a minor every published widely as this case.

  113. I M from health – team myself. and every1 know tat he is a good minister which made lots of changes to ministry of health malaysia and improve all government hospital services to nations!!! all tat v all seen are JUST his private life !! and seriously i m sure there are much more ministers who did BAD or even WORSE behaviour than him bUT IT WAS ALL COVERED UP !!!!!!! SHOULDNT U BE DOIN SOMETHING MORE BENEFICIAL FOR UR NATION THAN HAVIN SUCH A SHALLOW- THOUGHTS ???? GROW UP KENNY !!

  114. KENNY SIA >>U SUCKS IN TIS POST the most!!! i m a fan of urs since 2 years ago!! even the bangkok-tranz r less irritated!! i m sure v all laf at thess posts but they had violated HUMAN RIGHTS

  115. Such a mean post. You should know better than to put down someone who has done nothing to you but be your health minister for the past years, and to such harsh extent.
    When will malaysians be able to deprioritise moral sanctity as a criteria for choosing calibre leadership and concentrate on key values such as good judgement, wisdom, leadership, dedication etc.

  116. Good post. Whichever dog he come from and whichever bitch she came from, the dog man and dog woman have united and teach people what school has never teach before, REAL SEX. Want to know how long sex really last, they show it. Want to know safe sex or interesting sex life after marriage, they show it too. Health Minister, something PEOPLE had learned! What better way to teach than showing example.
    Respectable? Pity? Look at his face! When you are high up, you have to watch your words and watch your movement. But at home, who is he? Can you see? Now we see! A dog is still a dog no matter what species of dog he is and which country he is imported!! He deserves it. Dog man and dog woman in action, a ‘good example’ for all.

  117. we know you need to attract readers attention, but think about those victims! our health minister, how could you just violate him like that? just because you’re popular?? what comes around goes around.bear this in your mind!! not funny at all your post

  118. Come to think about it, Datuk Zam (amid all his rapping) did tell the world about Malaysia’s every-5-year-erection during his Al-Jazeera interview. I guess he was right….

  119. Instead of resigning, he should have defended himself and sworn that ‘the man in the video looks like me, sounds like me and fuxks like me, but I am not 100% sure it is me!’

  120. Ministers in high office holds the privelidge to represent the people to serve his country.
    If he has to lie and cheat in his marriage, his integrity is compromised. That is the real issue I think. Can you trust someone who lies and cheat in his private life but believe he’s honest and trustworthy in public life?
    In UK politics, you want to have sex with men or numerous women.. thats no problem if you are not married and happily admit you are gay.. But to go into high office under the false pretension that you have a honest character is injustice and lying to the public that elected you. If the public elects a government civil servant on the false premise that he is a decent responsible family man, he has lied to all of us not just his wife and family.

  121. me and my friends are like. sex tape?? health minister?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and we still do that till this very day..hahaha

  122. Hi kenny,
    i disagree with those who says this post is like steppping on a person who already fall…I think you did the right thing..and to post it is totally true la..he made a mistake he surely have to bare all the have to bare shame and critics…it’s his mistake..
    i know we are no angels and all of us have made mistakes before…but if none of us care and critics and just ignore we all be like animals,do gross thing whatever we like because no one care what!!
    this is what life is about..every single step you make you have to be responsible to it..
    to watch the sex scene of Dr.Chua
    here it is:

  123. Malaysia health department has a new wonder drug to keep man tool “hard n up” for 55 minutes, how come nobody heard about it, well, may be it is only available to the “honorable” ministers.
    Unfortunately majority of us can not view his “bang” video of Chinese Paris Hilton.


  125. despite what he did.. i think it’s irrelevant to his post, his job as a Minister.. it’s kinda unfair to him too

  126. da moral of d story is:
    ” Be Faithful 2 Your Spouses ”
    even if your wife looks like your typical ah ma, jz use put a paperbag on her head & bang her!!!

  127. And you know? As porn, this is far far superior to most of that nasty nonsense.
    These people seem to actually like each other. The sex is credible — none of the huffing, puffing phony nonsense. She sounds surprised and delighted, like women do in real life — if you do your part right, which this guy certainly does.
    Best of all none of the stupid ‘money shot’ which is normal for porn and nobody actually does, unless they are trying to mimic porn.

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