It’s A New Chapter

Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year, from all of us at the staff and production crew at

The entire staff and production crew at

My mom, staunch Buddhist, was trying to get my brother to do the new year countdown at the temple of all places.
Bro: Who goes to a Buddhist temple for countdown anyway?
Kenny: Yeah, it’s gonna be like “THREE! TWO! ONE!… Nahhhhh mohhhhh ohhh niiii

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    i love ur post vy much kenny!!
    keep posting more !!!
    more..i want more…asking for more…

  2. kenny, happy new year. here’s wishing you all the best in life. continue your good work in making malaysia a better place to live in, by blogging…

  3. Happy ny 2008 everyone, all the way from Sri Lanka.. just now it was like war out there when approaching 12am here.. fire crackers everywhere.. kinda annoying.. durr~~ kacau me sleep nia..

  4. Happy New Year to You, funny man.
    Keep up the bloggings; be it funny or controversial. Your style…..:p
    And to the rest of the readers, Have a Great Year Ahead.
    Regards, Fido Dido(lover of coke..wait a min..)

  5. Yeah saw u in Hilton’s Senso last nite, and also at the Bing on christmas night too. So what’s the Kylie’s night in the ballroom about?
    anyway Happy New Year to all of you !

  6. To the entire staff and production crew at and readers,
    Happy New Year and may all be blessed with happiness, wealth and health.

  7. kylie wannabe party. i was tthere man! hahhahahahahah. saw u wif ur gurl. dance dance! on e dance floor. but the kylie looks freakin old. hahahaaaa

  8. i don’t intent to make any comment, but since i read ur short talk….ok, I did went to a Thai Buddhist Temple at Jubakar, Pengkalan Kubur, Kelantan for d countdown. Outside they have live band singging from Thailand.. was great as the youngster were happily..singging Loso’s song. And inside the temple, the monk chanting until 12 midnight, then they hit the big chime/bell for afew times followed by fire crackers and fireworks..

  9. Haha…thought your blog hired some crew oredi.. Anyway, wish you a happy 2008 new year.. and hope this coming year will see the more exciting next level kind of kenny sia…CHEERS!!

  10. kenny! happy 2008! hope ur new year’s gonna be filled with lovely memories and lots of kennysia-style-experiences (read: all the crazy things u do…haha)…take care man, sending u warm greetings from icy cold england =P

  11. i wonder if it’s funny or sad that people visit at 2am on new year’s day =)
    happy new year guys

  12. Happy New Year to you Kenny! May God continue to shower you & your family with many blessings of health and wealth in abundance! Let the Year 2008 be a year of prosperity for you too!

  13. happy new year! i made a resolution last year to post a comment on EVERY entry of I didnt achieve it but i’m near! very very near!
    Happy New Year!

  14. Happy new year kenny! i thought u expand your ‘business’ until u got supporting staff already! hiak hiak! thanks for another year of great blogs.

  15. Kenny Happy New Year 2008 and Hope there will be many many happy returns.
    PS: U look very cute in the pic 🙂

  16. Happy New Year to you Kenny! i’ve been following ur blog and lovin it! I’ve always admire someone who can write and entertain so well… keep it up! *this is my first time commenting ;P*

  17. Happy New Year Kenny, and Happy Birthday
    Hey Kenny, u r a genius to think of how to get back on those scammers,(KANINA CHEE BYE), is either they don’t understand hokkien or they r too anxious to con ur money and did not take the time to read ur name…hahahah… i hope they find em in utube… fucking slack ass scammers…

  18. I think AnonNimos is trying to sell his Ben Dan Sa Gua via ur blog…. Block him Kenny… wat a cheapskate…

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