Turns Three

I wouldn’t even know about this if Cheesie didn’t tell me.

For some strange reasons, (“Malaysia’s entertainment and lifestyle portal!”) has named me one of the Seven Coolest Malaysians of 2007.
I don’t even know how I managed to get on that list.
Yalah, I was a bit suspicious when some guys kidnapped me and stuck a thermometer up my ass to measure how “cool” I was. But me as one of the coolest Malaysians?

I shit funny. From Bukit Bintang Automated Toilet Review

My first thought was that they must’ve made some sorta technical error and mixed up “Kenny Sia” with “Kanye West”. But still, to be mentioned alongside other justifiably more famous Malaysians like Nicol David, Maya Karin and space tourist Sheikh Muszaphar is, well, cool. ๐Ÿ™‚
I am so cool I shall finish blogging the rest of this entry looking like this.

That was a nice gift on a special occasion for me.
Yesterday, the 4th of January, was officially‘s 3rd anniversary. And usually around this time of the year I like to take the walk down memory lane and reflect on the highlights of this blog.

When the nation was celebrating 50 years of nationhood, was celebrating something else

It’s quite amazing to think that has been continuously running for three years, especially considering my workload at the office had increased multiple-folds and also repeated protests from within my family to shut down this blog.
My family obviously thinks that my commitment in the office is more important. Of course I see my job and my blog as of equal importance. I don’t think one necessarily needs to be sacrificed at the expense of another, so I try to strike a balance and make some compromises. Though I must admit, lately it has become more and more difficult for me to juggle between the commitments of my job and my blog, hence the sometimes lack of content.

A huge part of this past year was devoted to Travel Logs. That’s hardly surprising considering I’ve been travelling every month of 2007. I didn’t even manage to stay in Kuching for a full stretch of 30 days.
To be honest, I’m not sure how well-received my travel logs are. (Please say you like my travel logs.) In any case, I sure hope people enjoyed reading my travel logs as much as I enjoy writing them, because I bloody well enjoy writing them. Just looking through the photos and putting my experience into words is enough to make me re-live the good times once again.

2007 was Visit Malaysia Year.
Although personally I think VMY2007 was a scam by the tourism industry to jack up hotel prices to record high (know any Malaysian who managed to get a cheap travel package in Malaysia?), there are some places in this country that I thoroughly enjoyed going to and blogging about.

By far, climbing Mt Kinabalu in Sabah was the best travel experience I had, made even better with the company of a new friend in Su Ann.
Coming in second, was my Ipoh trip which ended up unexpectedly interesting and memorable. I also did a guide on my Penang food hunting trip which I’m sure is gonna make a lot of people very hungry.

Outside of Malaysia, my Hanoi travel logs (specifically Sapa) are my favourite.
I also enjoyed travelling Jakarta like a local and visiting Bangkok’s Chatuchak market.

In my third year of blogging, I begin to see signs of bloggers being taken as seriously as journalists from the mainstream media especially during press events. That is something I really appreciate.
It all started with me e-mailing the organisers of the Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival for a press pass and actually getting it. I have never received a press pass for anything before, and I was excited.

After that, I didn’t think it could get any better, but it did.
In August, I was flown to Macau to blog about the grand opening of the mindbloggingly luxurious Venetian Macao Resort Casino. I watched their grand opening concert where David Tao and Diana Ross performed, dined at their gala dinner and stayed at their RM2,000-a-night room way before anyone else from the public did.

Two months later, I was again flown to Bangkok to blog about Suki and Faizal’s interview with The Black Eyed Peas. As if getting the absolute front row spots during their live concert wasn’t good enough, I was even invited backstage to chat and shake hands with the stars.
All these just for being a BLOGGER! Can you imagine? I used to have to sneak into events to blog about them!
Now could you fault me for not following my mother’s advice and shut down this blog?

Hamsters are not halal = Controversy

Of course, life isn’t always a bed of roses for me. One thing consistently plaguing me is that I seem to attract controversy, even when I do not mean to.
There are generally two types of readers on
There’s one that prefers the old-fashioned, unapologetic, uncensored version of Kenny Sia who do not hold himself back by pandering to the public. Then there’s another one that thinks because a lot of people read, that I should censor myself and not blog about things that would make people angry, because y’know, with great power comes great responsibilities and shit.
Seems to me that the concept of blogs as an open personal diary is still difficult for some quarters to grasp.

When I blogged about a fatal car accident I witnessed way back in May, some people think I shouldn’t do it because I was being insensitive. Yet, I think I reserve the right to blog it because it was something extraordinary that happened in my life.
The ensuing debate ballooned to a dramatic 1,043 comments, until support for me came from the most unlikely of sources – William Liew, the husband and father of the victims.

Then there was this time I swallowed a beating heart of a cobra. A lot of animal lovers threatened to cut out my heart and swallow my blood in revenge eventhough I maintained that it was a once-off experience, and that I don’t normally feast on live seafood or animals.

And who could’ve forget that transvestite-boobie-baring incident?
After seeing so many people insulted me and accused me for disrespecting the transvestite, I finally believe that Malaysians have more respect for transvestite prostitutes than for bloggers.
Anyway, controversies are inevitable and haters are always gonna be there, but what I enjoy doing best is still making people laugh.

Remember the time when everyone was crazy about the movie Transformers?

How about when we found out that Dumbledore was gay?
But if I had to pick my absolute favourite blog entry out of all those, I’d pick the time when I beat the scammers at their own game in The Hong Kong Lucky Draw Scam.

That particular blog entry was passed around so much, it ended up saving a lot of people from heartache and losing their hard-earned money. And I’m glad it did.
So that was‘s third year in review. I don’t know what 2008 holds for this blog, but with the General Elections, the Olympics and the Eurocup all in this year, I doubt there’s gonna be a shortage of subjects to poke fun at. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Man, I just wish I had more free time to blog.

Happy 3 years old, my blog.

Create polls and vote for free.

A special shoutout to chatterbox regulars naeboo, jane, jane, fritz, zomgwtfbbq, Kelly , Kate, Charmayne, munak, Michael, Calvin, Alvin and the rest for making my CB one of the most kickass and liveliest around. Thanks to you, other people can no longer leave me flattering “I love Kenny” messages on my chatbox.

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  1. This blog is the funniest and most entertaining ever! continue writing and looking forward for more coconut years ahead =)

  2. Happy Blogiversary to! Read your blog regularly but have not commented before. But because it’s your blogiversary, I just wanted to say thank you for all the smiles! And sometimes LoLs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. yupp… we love you kenny!!
    i love your travel logs… i always refer back to your entries when i wanna visit a particular place that u have written about… Its really useful!!
    Love u always!! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Hey Dude, great job, keep it real, keep the punch line, keep the creativity. we, the grownups know it’s all for fun.

  5. Happy 3rd Birthday to ๐Ÿ™‚
    and yes… I love your travel logs.. At least I know where to go for fun next time if I were to travel to those places.
    Thanks for sharing so many things throughout 2007. Especially climbing Mt Kinabalu. I’ve always wanted to climb but I guess I’m physically not ready after reading what happened to you and your partner during the trip up and down there.
    I shall put this in 3 words:
    I love ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Happy Anniversary..
    Been your loyal reader since last year.. and i took 1 month to finished up all your entries.. love them very much.. and this is my 1st comment in your blog..
    You really did a great job.. give us a lot of funny moments.. and inspiration as well..
    Keep it up.. do what you think is best for you.. this is your blog..
    Keep up the good work.. hope that you will have more anniversary in future…

  7. Happy three year old to the blog!
    With regard to disagreements to the contents, I guess difference in opinions is just a fact of life, and there’s no ultimate truth or righteousness in any single person’s ethical framework. Your blog is great in that it brings so much cheers to most of your readers despite inviting criticism and holier-than-thou comments in the process.
    I guess the bottomline here is to measure the good and bad impact of each of your post, and in the end as long as you don’t violate the law, you are still free to do whatever you want. Thousands will laugh and thousands will frown, but if you don’t care, then nobody can stop you what.
    By the way the way you wrote the sentence “pandering” to the public for censorship is interesting. While you can say that to censor your blog is pandering to self-righteous people; people can also say that your posts are pandering to the vile tastes of vulgar persons. It depends on how we look at things, really.
    Regardless, I shall not indulge in useless “moral” stuff – just like to wish your blog a success in the coming years.

  8. heh heh.. as for now, a whooping 94% wants uncensored… including me!!! your blog, your rules! those who don’t like can just click the ‘close’ button and move elsewhere. i know there are lots of haters, kenny, but there are more lovers who support you all the way.
    happy birthday congratulations, kenny!

  9. happy birthday, This blog has been a great entertainment as well as a great place for me to learn and find out new things. Thumbs up Kenny!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. whoa~ 3 years already! congrats!… ha, now the vote for not-sensor come up to 95% already, although i dont agree with u every time, but to see different point of view from all around the world is a brain storming session.
    yeah, i like your travel logs, informative enough for me to plan for my own, keep it going!

  11. Happy Birthday!
    … and Congrats for being one of the coolest Malaysians :p
    I got to say that I’ve been enjoying myself reading your blog. It is always a good start in the morning before I start working :p
    I especially enjoy reading your travel log (yes! I love it!) It helps with my preparation for my trips (esp to places you’ve blogged about). I got to say that it’s not easy to write about the trips. I do write about my travelling experience as well and everytime I do that, I have so much to write about.. so much to remember that you have to take notes of the whole trip – eg. my recent trip to Bali, it took me a while to finish writing about the 4-day trip :p I really enjoy writing about my trips as well. Like every now and then, you read it again and it’ll bring back memories of the trip.
    I got my Nikon D40 cuz’ of you also :p I’m on a ‘shooting spree’ now.
    .. but the boobies, while I don’t mind that but.. as you said, there’re kids reading your blog. So….
    Hope it’ll be another great year for Kenny Sia and (and the readers too) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I love u blog..
    Can u imagine I spend my year end holidays reading u past entries right back frm 05. And u style of writing have grown so much..
    It is u own blog, u write what u wish..
    If u follow what the other ppl wants, ohh man I can assure u , u will not be as fun reading as u r today..
    Cheers man…
    U blog brings a smile to sometimes our mundane life
    Happy Birthday Kenny’s Blog !!

  13. i read ur blog everyday (if there’s anything new of course). a fren introduced me to ‘you’ n u r now in my favourites. good job kenny!! dun care la to those who say bad things about wat u write. its your goddamn blog. it belongs to you!! we are just readers so whoever finds it offensive or watever…. screw them!!! oh yeah.. bcoz of u, im climbing mt Kinabalu in May.. yay!! if kennysia can do it, so can i….you are cool. no doubt. all the best for 2008

  14. Happy Birthday!!! Yuo are the best, man. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a new reader, recently managed to finish reading ALL your entries. Crack me up many, many times, thanks!!
    Thank you for letting us have an ‘intimate’ look inside your day to day life.
    Thank you for your countless hours spent on this blog, just so that we, your readers, have something new to chew on.
    Thank you for not giving in or giving up in the face of all the dirt being thrown at you by so many idiots.
    You are doing a good job. Keep it up please!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Congratulations on being voted one of the 7 coolest Malaysian. I am sure your coconuts had turned into durians by now!! Well done!
    Btw, is there any hidden camera DVDs of your ‘experience’ in our brand new ‘Super Toilet’ on sale at the local pasar malam? ;p

  15. Happy Birthday,!
    Your blog has been the most enjoyable blog to me. Ever since I’ve discovered your blog, it’s been a habitual for me to check it on a daily basis.
    Your travel log rocks! Anyone that doesn’t like it, I don’t know, whether their eyes are glow in green or maybe we should just some senses into their mind (wanted to say ask them to come here and let me knock their head but better not, I don’t want to get chase down the road :P). I love it and take your travel log as a guide for my future travel trips, as for now, I can only save more money and learn how to plan budget trips like yours.
    I like your gutsy posts, how many people would dare to make a fool out of themselves and laugh about it or even make jokes about our politicians and etc etc. Though at times, I might find it controversial too but hey, if you didn’t write about it (e.g. datukship, night life and etc), I wouldn’t know that is how things were in our country and others. It maybe blunt, straight to our face kinda education, if some cannot take it, well then that’s just too bad because the truth is things are like that, whether they like it or not.
    And your funny posts are absolutely original, creative and me and my friends, sometime my family members too always get a laugh at it and we will just laugh together which is, always fun.
    All the best wishes to and many many good, great returns~!

  16. happy birthday from canada:D love your blog and blogging style and since it IS your diary, write on about whatever you want, whenever you want…complete support from me

  17. Are you getting 3 coconuts these time around? Haha! Congrates and I admire your perseverance! I love choc indulgence from secret recipe too!

  18. Happy Birthday =)
    When I first discovered your page last year, I spent hours reading your posts.. Your blog has always cheered my day.. XD

  19. Happy Birthday, !! I am a big fan of yours, keep up your good works without anything censored ๐Ÿ˜‰ We support you.
    Your blogs kickstart my days, bravo ..

  20. Happy Birthday Congrat Kenny on your baby’s 3rd anniversary. I voted for uncensored..
    alittle disappointted as you have left out my name in your recent short talk, you have kate, zom, jane, naeboo, charm, alvin but you forgot me?? sob sob. =(
    nah, just kidding, i am cool with it. make sure you do a bigger feature for me next time.
    take care and keep writing good stuff for us

  21. hey dude! whatever you write is YOUR choice. choose to write your own style and enjoy the way it is.
    happy 3 years anniversary to =)

  22. Well done, Kenny! I have been a fan after a visit to KL in Nov 2005 when a Malaysian friend of mine told me to visit your blog. Your travel stories, personal stories, satires, etc never fail to make me laugh and brighten up the most miserable of days in England.
    Keep it up, and Happy Anniversay! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. hahaahha! i love that recording of the hk scam. first time to hear it.. man they’re dumb.
    happy birthday! i started reading only a year ago.. and that’s cos my whole family (cousins) read your blog. keep blogging!

  24. happy b’day kenny, dont stop writing ur travel logs coz its great reading bout it and its also a great guide for ppl going there

  25. WHOA! a freaking 97% of readers voted for to be uncensored! bring back the old school wise crack kenny sia man! we dont want some mass media censored shit here!
    if those readers dont like it, DONT COME HERE!

  26. hey kenny, don’t just blog for the sake of your readers. i used to do that.. “making people laugh”, in your own words..and i kind of lost myself after a while – about what i could write, and what i couldn ‘t. remain true to yourself k; i do think that it’s important. i’ll vote for the uncensored versh of ur blog.
    as for your travel logs, they’re lovely. I’ve been reading your blog for about a yr now since someone introduced it to me – and i enjoy your travel logs a lot. haha i marvel at how u manage to summarize things so nicely; it took me ages to cover a 6 day bangkok trip (perhaps because i’m detailed, but whatever)!
    lastly, happy bday to

  27. I love reading your blogs… makes me feel how enjoying your life everywhere you go.. steps by steps.. your post show us.. and I always believe.. what you did when you got started is what you get today.. & we can clearly see that 97% of your readers love reading your blogs.. putting everything in with out censoring.. so don start to unCensoring it.. be the same forever..

  28. Hello, I’ve been reading your blog for the past months but this is the first time I leave a comment.
    I enjoyed your blog very much, and I have voted for uncensored. I still want to enjoy reading your blog just as it is!
    Anyway, happy birthday!
    All the best and keep it going!

  29. Keep up the good work kenny!!
    Support uncensored kenny…it’s bad enough we have ‘lousy’ censors for local media…i’d hate to have a censored kenny sia…brings the fun out of life!!
    Great travel logs!! Happy that u’ve enjoyed ur trip to Ipoh…though im in australia now…i miss hometown ipoh food more than ever…
    Happy 3rd annversary…*hugs

  30. Happy B’day Kenny!
    I’ve been a fan of your blog and I must say that i enjoy reading every of your posts!
    The “HK Scam” post is fantastic!=)
    So keep up the good work..and happy new year!

  31. Don’t hold back. I may not agree with you all the time but you are entitled to blog anything you want. Transvestite boobies? So what?

  32. admirers or haters…… has created a good mix of both…..fortunately for me, i am on the side.
    happy anniversary
    you have inspired many, keep on inspiring. i thank you for that.

  33. Hey Kenny,
    First thing first, CONGRATULATTIONS on a job well done!
    Yes, I do enjoy reading your travel logs. Your passion for blogging is pretty obvious to most readers and I think that is why we keep coming back for more. Keep up the good work. I am not suprise at all to learn about the nomination,
    I am also very happy to see that your hard work to keep the blog running pays off and that you are aware that people do learn something here and there from your blog.
    Happy 3rd Anniversary.

  34. Good to know that you’re blogging with your style. I definitely love it the way is it, uncensored, it’s the blogger that makes the blog. Readers will add on the effect!

  35. If I wanted censored stuff, I would read the newspapers. Please keep KennySia uncensored and real.
    good job and keep on blogging!

  36. keep up the good job, you’re still my most favourite msian blooger!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR and HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY to the blog that has brought an abundance of entertainment and enlightenment to its readers ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. I had recently visiting your blog and all i could say is your blog is very interesting and the way you post your blog is great. You have the guts to post anything you think is good. You seems to be have a lot of readers compare to mine only a few. Good luck to everyone.

  38. Kenny,
    The comments entry evidently made known that ppl do like you and your blog, just stingy with compliment.
    I am a silent reader. followed the blog for the past 2 yrs. Yes, you style grew up alot… ๐Ÿ™‚ Everybody do change, so does the world around us. So, dear, keep blogging… you may change part of the world.
    Wish you all the best for another WOW year!

  39. Kennysia!!!!
    You made me spit my drink in front of the laptop when I saw the picture of ‘Visit 2007 – Celebrating 50 milimetres of Manhood!’
    Thank God I only didn’t drink in a big gulp, if not, there goes my laptop, Kenny.
    Gosh!!! You really have a good sense of humour dude!
    Keep up the good work in blogging. Many bloggers love to read your blog, you know?
    Give us more to read this year, ok?

  40. Poor Mr William Liew..
    Happy Birthday!
    Still love yr blog n always will..
    take care n all d bez to u kenny. ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. To be honest, I do not know who’s this joker Kenny Sia, until a few months ago. I was talking to a friend, and she recommend me
    After spending sometime reading your blog, finally I know who Kenny Sia is and why readers just love his blog. Day to day, readers most hunt for any breaking news or celebrities news, but Kenny Sia manage to attract readers to read his life in a very humourous manner. Anyway Kenny, your blog is very entertaining and I hope you can keep on blogging for many years to come. Since retirement age is 56, your blog is got another 53 years to go, right? :0)

  42. wow, thanks for the entertainment for the whole three years and many years to come!
    if u restrict yourself too much, then it’s not fun to watch anymore. but of course, your true fans would understand that you didn’t have bad intention in first place.
    anyway, i know u’ll know how to keep the balance. keep on blogging!

  43. You are the coolest blogger ! Ever !
    That wicked sense of humour! How can anyone not like you.
    Seriously, I could not understand why that Xiaxue calls herself the best blogger in Asia or something like that.
    She can’t be compared to you at all ! YOU ARE THE BEST BLOGGER IN ASIA AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE!!
    You rock ! You rock !

  44. Of course uncensored onela….. That’s where the juicy part is….
    Great job over this three years… and happy birthday to…
    First time realized your blog was when i was looking for food guide in Kuching… and now…. i’m not anymore in Kuching…. i look forward to read your travel log… as i dun have money to go around.. and i jus see the world through your words… tat’s all i can afford as the network here is also free….
    Feel free to contact me when u drop by in Ipoh… bring u makan crap… woooppss… crab porridge….

  45. happy 3rd bday for
    what’s the joy of reading when everything is censored?
    haha.. keep it up.. ur coconut logo damn creative..

  46. I work for media prima and we needed someone average yet controversial enough to fill the list. that’s all.

  47. Continue with your entertaining style of blogging. just as long as u don’t cross the line till u get ur site banned. and then i’ll end up being very bored!! hehe! keep up the good work!

  48. Happy birthday!
    I don’t believe in censorship. The readers themself should have their own self-censorself.
    Foe example, if they dislike that ‘swallow cobra heart video’ or ‘violent car accident photos’, they can just skip it.
    Since they dislike it, why do they still read and make nonsense comments?

  49. Kenny, you totally deserve to be on that list.
    I’d so marry you if I lived in Malaysia. ๐Ÿ™ Stupid U.S
    Your biggest fan.

  50. Happy birthday!
    And yes, i do like your travel logs! They are awesome!
    Being a HUGE animal lover myself (you can ask my family and friends, when it comes to animal welfare and animal conservation, nobody can “win” me – i even get top marks for doing animal conservation for my assignment =P), i too feel its a bit cruel the fact that it is slaughtered alive and all those stuffs… HOWEVER, i don’t find it a problem that you did it, and also blogging about it.
    Its your Blog, you have every liberty to blog WHATEVER you want.
    I don’t understand why those “so-called” animal lovers even dare to threaten to cut out your heart and all, because honestly, if i have no problems with it, nobody else should, unless they can “beat” me in terms of consideration for animal conservation.
    Honestly saying, i think its cruel, but heck, one thing is aren’t the cobra’s bred to be eaten? If so, i have nothing against it (so why should others be?)… unless if i can actually stop this trade by hurling abuses at you, but if hurling abuses at you can’t stop it, so why bother? Moreover to you its a “one-off-thing”.
    If that is cruel, what do you say about poultry, beef and such?
    If its because cobra is a wild-life, protected or endangered all those reasons, then what about SHARKS? Aren’t they more endangered than cobras yet people everywhere are enjoying Shark’s fin soup?
    I really would like to see what those so-called “animal lovers” had did to have the rights to insult you and such.
    Ignore those people, cause seriously, the only person who deserves to hurl abuses of “animal cruelty” are those who don’t take Shark’s fin nor any other animal-products, is purely vegetarian (no dairy products, eggs etc), and don’t even take wheat (gandum-products; because apparently when those farmers use the tractors to harvest the gandums, they kill loads of mices and rabbits leaving in the field – imagine being sucked into the tractor – now thats cruel).
    Those people who had “insulted” you had better not be taking any Shark’s fin soup, cause then we’ll know who is more cruel, honestly.
    Comparing an animal who is bred to be eaten, and died quickly (sorta), as compared to another animal who is in the wild, captured and cruelly finned and then thrown back into the ocean and left to die… who is cruel now?
    I won’t deny that it is cruel, but i’m leaving it as so, so should everybody unless they had did better to deem themselves worthy to stand up for the animals.

  51. Happy Birthday to!
    I love your travel logs, most of us don’t have the chance to visit places, so seeing it thru you is good as well. And I voted for uncencored, LOLed hard when I saw the 3% who wanted censor.
    As of my writing, 97% wants uncensored, but don’t let the polls help you make decisions; you decide, its your blog, and we enjoy reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. if is NOT going to be blogged by kenny
    then no one else can do it
    i love you for your sense of humour
    your opinions of things in life
    and how you potray it
    it makes me think
    it makes me laugh
    looking forward to more of your articles
    from your biggest “kipas-susah-mati”
    benjamin lee

  53. happy birthday!! hehe
    this is a kick-ass blog which absolutely rocks!! hehehe keep up the uncensored stuff pls pls…really makes my day whenever i read yr blog!
    pls dun stop writing!! ;p

  54. please think of the children? the CHILDREN??? my dear, in the immortal words of George Carlin, FUCK the children. ๐Ÿ˜€

  55. Don’t stop blogging Kenny, I like reading your blog. Yeah and you write good travel logs, I enjoy reading em’ a lot. Stay cool dude ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. Love you for who you are! Thanks for the mention too! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Happy Birthday!
    oh and thanks to you a bunch of wonderful people met up for dinner at cafe cafe in KL. You so should have come!

  57. This probably wouldnt make a difference from the other hundreds of comments but :
    YOU HAVE GREAT TALENT, and your using every bit of it.
    your blog has brighten up my gloomy days ๐Ÿ™‚ It really means alot that you can make me and many others smile . All the best !

  58. why hello, Kenny.
    I’m not sure if you actually read the comments one by one, but in any case,
    just dropping by to say a great hello and merry 3rd year to
    I’ve been reading your blog for couple of months now, and it’s become a daily routine to check out your site.
    I love your life (or at least, your blogger life) and it lightens up my day, amazingly.
    you keep up the goodness and hot stuff you’ve got there, aight?
    love from Singapore! ๐Ÿ˜€

  59. happy anniversary !I think its quite interesting and its great that you do what you want, and not wat people want you to do. If u censore the blog, i doubt there would be anything left for you to blog about. lol. Besides, i doubt kids read this blog anyway. Pardon me if i’m wrong. haha.

  60. I was ROFLMAOing in my seat when i saw the poll results for censorship or uncensorship.
    Looks like only 3% of the readers are old school “I don’t want to listen to the truth” retards

  61. Only till after this post of yours Kenny, I realised that I had been reading your blog for almost three years now. 0.0
    Good blogging Kenny Sia, it’s an inspiration to all of us. ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes I voted the latter.

  62. Yeah kenny you really Rock With Your Blog.
    I have been reading and re-reading your blogs all over again and i can sincerely say you have done a great job!
    Keep up the good work and happy anniversary to all the Production and Marketing Staff of

  63. Hey happy 3rd Anniversay to
    And the poll is a brilliant way to show the minority self-centered ppl how insignificant and tiny they are. Pawn those self-righteous bitches yeah.

  64. Happy 3rd birthday!!!!!
    It’s like nurturing a little baby from his first day to until now, his three! 3 years!! With happiness and excitements..of course, added with a little bit of angerness and bitterness, plus some *cough*nudity*Cough cough*..It’s great!
    Even though i have been reading your blog for a year, i still think it is great!!! I like your travel log! And once, i saw your travelling goal: Travelling to at least 2 overseas country every year. I was setting one like that for myself too..And i achived my goal!! Oh yeah!

  65. hi, how’s the chocolate indulgence cake from secret recipe? yummy?!?! keep up your good work

  66. You should keep your blog uncensored, blog whatever you like. You are not obliged to blog just to please your readers, it’s not like they are paying for your hosting or whatsoever

  67. Happy Birthday! You’ve gotta rock on or I’ll be bored to death.
    Then you’ve got to go to jail for murdering me indirectly.

  68. Omg! That cake is CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE from Secret Recipe! I’d recognize it anywhere! Temptation!!! Grrr you Kenny Sia Tze Foo for tempting me. ๐Ÿ˜›

  69. My birthday falls on jan 4th too! Happy birthday to and happy birthday to me~ I’m 21 this year. =)

  70. Happy birthday
    looking forward to indulge in more of your posts this year.
    and in response to your question about your travel logs, hell yeah it was really great.
    keep it up

  71. as much as i love your posts, i still do think (not for the sake for young kids- they shouldn’t be surfing the net-esp w/o parents’ that the post for the transvestite, is a little tad erm.. insensitive. i guess those who find it that way, felt for the transvestite’s feelings, doesn’t matter whether he-she looks happy in the picture or not. other than that, it was a good laugh, no doubt. hmm?
    ah, you know what’s special in 2007, i met you.. erm.. at the battle of the bands, when you serenaded ms hannah tan with the hokkien love song.. haha.. LOL.. that was hilarious, although i really expected a better, “serious” performance from you, i told all my friends that you had a nice voice- from the tele convo with the scammer you posted? they gave me the death stare! :p hahah…
    anyways, happy birthday to… ๐Ÿ˜€ You’ve gave bloggers hope… Erm.. could mean alot of things, but let’s just leave it that way… cheers to the year 2008! ๐Ÿ˜€

  72. as much as i love your posts, i still do think (not for the sake for young kids- they shouldn’t be surfing the net-esp w/o parents’ that the post for the transvestite, is a little tad erm.. insensitive. i guess those who find it that way, felt for the transvestite’s feelings, doesn’t matter whether he-she looks happy in the picture or not. other than that, it was a good laugh, no doubt. hmm?
    ah, you know what’s special in 2007, i met you.. erm.. at the battle of the bands, when you serenaded ms hannah tan with the hokkien love song.. haha.. LOL.. that was hilarious, although i really expected a better, “serious” performance from you, i told all my friends that you had a nice voice- from the tele convo with the scammer you posted? they gave me the death stare! :p hahah…
    anyways, happy birthday to… ๐Ÿ˜€ You’ve gave bloggers hope… Erm.. could mean alot of things, but let’s just leave it that way… cheers to the year 2008! ๐Ÿ˜€

  73. ever since i heard about your blog, i’ve put off reading it. just another blog, i thought. but now that i’ve catched up with your previous entries i really need to give you kudos to your hard work. not to mention your ingrown talent at humour. i really love that.
    certain things might be controversial, like the car accident thing, i’ve been through a friend’s death and it wasn’t that great but still i respect your personal blogging space so why fuss about it? just breeze through it if you’re not happy, to those who aren’t happy about some of the topics here.
    please keep up the good work, i will continually support all your efforts! didn’t know your parents objected your blog leh, now only i know. thank God you have the guts to keep it moving and keeping it balanced with real life. that’s wonderful. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy Birthday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. sorry for my upside down engrand, lol. sleepy at this hour. hope you get what i mean, in short, i love this blog very much and the person behind it rocks. keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜€

  75. Ermm, just put up a link with the confirmation that you over 18 before watching the pic rather than posting it straight into the blog. Well it’s not hard, right? Everyone happy by this i think.

  76. Hi Kenny,
    You have a great blog and did a wonderful job posting everything under the sun.
    On the question whether your blog should have censored or uncensored contents. Why leave that to the readers to determine by a survey?
    The question is rather what you feel trully like blogging ? Why? Because if you don’t get to enjoy your blogging and just to write something readers like to read then what is the point of blogging?
    Just put clear warning of disturbing contents and let the reader decide whether to read or not. They are reading at their risk and have been warned. Better yet make sure they agree to your terms before reading your blog, like the ‘I agree’ stuff when installing a software.
    Or better yet create another sub blog that has disturbing content with strict terms … ha ha ha.
    Just my 2 cents. Happy New Year to you!
    DK boy

  77. Happy birthday I love the travel logs. Of all the travel logs I like the Vietnam little girl who brought you to her small house. Really touching and widen my insights. Thanks.

  78. Wish you happy 3rd Ann and 2008 New Year.
    What I like most about your site;
    1 Candid and Self depreciating humour
    2 Travel Logs
    3 Controversial subjects
    Keep it up, will continue to visit and support your truthful and honest observation in life blog.

  79. Censorship sucks. Censorship insults our intelligence. Censorship should be banned!!
    Hepi buttdae oh.. hmmm dun sound right.. ala..

  80. Hi Kenny.
    What a ride. It’s been interesting following where this blog has taken you. Can’t believe it’s been 3 years already. I’ve had different opinions to some of your posts but overall, well done buddy. It comes from a good place.

  81. happy birthday to
    err..and agree with u that the best entry would be the hongkong lucky draw scam
    and dont stop blogging ok !!

  82. happy birthday! i love your blog.. i’ll read it where ever i go. whenever there’s internet connection i’ll never fail to visit your blog! eheehe.. your travel logs are really interesting and i love it! keep it up! muackksss!

  83. Happy Birthday ! =)
    I think your mom may be concerned that with all the fame, she may not get a decent daughter-in-law. ๐Ÿ˜›
    you know, fame and marriage don’t go well together.

  84. you know the internet browser has a little feature that block site. block it to protect ur kids then, don blame da internet for ur failure of parenting. its easy to finger, isnt it…loser

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