Malaysian Dreamgirl Final Five

Even while I am away, I have been keeping up with my weekly dose of Malaysian Dreamgirl drama (read: catfight) whenever I get an internet connection.

Two girls were voted out last week, leaving Ming, Juanita, Natasha, Dawn and Pinky. With only a few weeks left till MDG is over, tension between the final five is so thick that you could cut it with a knife.

In my capacity as an official online judge though, I am not gonna give my marks based on who’s right or who’s wrong with the ongoing Ming-Juanita-Natasha drama. I’m just gonna judge the girls purely on how well they did in this week’s photoshoot.
This week’s photoshoot is prepared by Shawn Cutler and Wella, so it’s all about the hair, which means less smiles, more high-fashion, more fierce, more oomph.

Say what you like about Juanita. One thing I am certain of, she’s a pro.

That stare on her face is giving me goose bumps. Maybe’cos she’s been practisingit on Natasha. Regardless, this is the kinda photo that would fit perfectly well on a billboard.

There is no reason for Juanita to feel insecure. This Johor girl packs more than enough punch in her fists to take home this competition. She is that damn good and she totally deserves to be in the Top 3.
8 out of 10

I think Shawn Cutler did a great job on Juanita.

But I cannot say the same for their work on Dawn.
I mean, the first thing that came to mind when I saw her photo was this:

It’s none of Dawn’s fault really. It is just way too difficult to give her a high score for something that looks as funny as that.
6 out of 10.

A lot of people, me included, fell in love with Ming for her uniquely Oriental features. It is that different look of hers that sets her apart from the others.

Unfortunately, the make-up crew have taken the whole “Oriental” theme a little bit too far.

They turned Ming into a panda.
Again, it’s none of her fault. She is still one of my favourites in the competition. Truth is, I have seen her pulled off much better photos than that. But for now, I can’t look at that photo without feeling the urge to feed her bamboo.
5 out of 10.

Oh this girl is so fierce when she fights.

But how come the ferocity in her doesn’t translate into the photos? I dunno. Elaine Daly says “give me FIERCE” and Natasha drops to a frown. It is a very average photo, and didn’t blow me away as much as I hope she would.
Hey at least, she performed better than the two fan favourites, Ming and Dawn.
7 out of 10.

So, the cookie-cutter Chinese lala girl broke out from her mould and ventured into high fashion.

And she nailed it.
Before this, I had doubts that with Pinky’s looks, she could do anything more than just handing out brochures during PIKOM PC Fair. But this is such a kickass photo of her that I am now forced to swallow my own words.
This is Pinky’s best work yet.
9 out of 10.

I must admit, I find this season of MDG so much more addictive.

My favourite part of the show is always the phone conversations the girls have with their loved ones. Never since Cindy Tey’s call with her dad has MDG been so entertaining.
Two moments from MDG stuck out for me thus far.
Firstly, Pinky. If Pinky doesn’t win the Chevrolet, at least she can find comfort in receiving’s Award for Most Confusing Girlfriend.

Excerpt from Episode 10-5.
Pinky: Please let me gooooo…
Ah Fai:Stay for another week or something. This week I voted for you also.
Pinky: DON’T LAH! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Don’t vote again.
*The following week in Episode 12-4*
Pinky: Eh you know yesterday I was one of the bottom three!
Ah Fai: Then? Do you feel like going home?
Pinky: Then you stop voting me already ah?
Ah Fai: I don’t know… I don’t know whether I should vote for you or not.
Pinky: You know yesterday I was so sad! When Elaine called my name I was shocked. Then I really thought you stopped voting me already. And then I cry you know!
Ah Fai: Really ah?
Pinky: *cry* I know last week I said I dun want to be here. But now I want to be here already! *sob* *sniff* *WHEEZ*
Ah Fai: ?!?!?
If you think Pinky’s conversation with her boyfriend was weird, wait till you hear Ming’s phone call with her Dad in Episode 9-3. After watching this, I now proclaim myself Number One Fan of Ming’s Dad.

Ming: Hello Mommy! Tomorrow elimination already you know so today have to vote vote vote!
Mom: I know, you talk to Daddy first. I am washing my stove har, you hold on!
Dad: Hi Ming! How are you? Tell you something har. In your blog har… WHOA, OH MY GOD man!
*blabbers on*
Dad: You want to talk to Mommy for a while? I am bathing now.
Mom: Hello Ming!
That is so weird. Somehow, I have this image in my head that inside Ming’s house, the stove is located inside the bathroom.

Either that, or Ming’s dad was taking his bath in the kitchen sink.

I am still in Japan, coming back only in two days. The trip has been awesome thus far. My only regret is the language barrier, which makes it difficult for me to enjoy more of what Japan has to offer off the beaten dori.
After forking out close to 15,000 yen (RM 570) a day for two weeks, I am officially broke.

72 Replies to “Malaysian Dreamgirl Final Five”

  1. This post is hilarious.
    I don’t watch it but reading the summarized version of you it’s good enough to crack me up!
    is there a way to watch it if i’m from australia?

  2. Fire those make up artist/stylist la..
    come on..
    panda girl and that crappy hair ??
    should find Malaysiadreamstylists before MDG la.. tsk

  3. arlo Kenny,you don’t know that in this part of the world ,that is this thing call keyphone ah. let me enlighten u lah .one phone in kitchen one phone in bathroom link to keyphone system . Her mom answer the call in kitchen transfer to her dad’s extension in bathroom then her dad transfer back to her mom’s extension in the kitchen. I wonder, does people in kuching still live on trees.It’s looks bad on you,man Jangan lah kutuk sebulum check,Ooi !

  4. You are darn right about Dawn and Ming’s photos. Dawn’s hairstyle looks like a disaster and Ming…well, I just have to agree with your panda 😛
    I don’t like Juanita’s Wella hairstyle though…too “wooden” to my eyes. But I like the one in the 2nd photo you put of her.
    I simply don’t understand how stylists can get away doing totally ugly hairstyles (no offense) just because they’re famous. Oh well, it’s not my world, I guess.

  5. lols..
    poor Dawn…& Ya, the cat looks way better.
    yep…I agreed.Kinda shocked with Dawn & Ming pictures..
    I am like…is there any better pic of them??? 0.0

  6. pinky and natasha’s photos only show half their faces, can’t even show their full faces and u call that good? oh my. what a judge. I got a sense of biasness when I read your comments on them. tsk tsk.

  7. The hairstyle looks eww….apart from Juanita. But you are right about Ming, sure have got the oriental look based on previous photoshoot.

  8. No matter how much she scores in her photoshoots, i absolutely cannot tahan pinky. hearing her talk alone make me cringe. and they have successfully fucked up all the girls hair except ming. lucky for her. now all of them has got super short hair. how to do styling ah? except cutting shorter and shorter. although i think ming is the prettiest, she scared the hell out of me in this photo. how can such a pretty girl become like that. there’s not enough adjectives in the english language to describe the atrocity of her picture.

  9. kenny, i was right after all, farah is not pretty and now she’s gone, soon natasha will be gone too because thia is a modeling competition, not cat fight competition. the winner is 100% juanita in my opinion. don’t you think some of her photos reminds us of eva longoria?

  10. i just feel pity to Dawn… wat have they done to her?? she looks even uglier than before… gosh….
    ming is my fav too, her face is so oriental and special, able to catch anyone’s eye instantly.
    pinky, js a another lala girl for me, nothing special though.
    Natasha! i dun care can she be a model or not, but for sure her boobs are the nicest pair among them!! i love!! muahahha….

  11. Kenny Ee.. Kuchingites step on your tail is it? Why say us till like that wor? You also should check sebUlum kutuk us ma !!

  12. for Dawn’s.. I think maybe the “Aaahh” pics that Elaine asked her to do might look better.. Haha..

  13. Yeah, check out Dawn’s fake lashes -_- Where’s MDS!
    Bad makeup, bad hair styling, not-so-good taken pics which clearly not showing their best assets. I’m kinda dissapointed.
    I’m surprise Natasha is in the top 5 though, perhaps there’s really something the judges and the voters see in her, but she just annoys me when she bitches. Gawd.
    Anyway, good one Kenny, I was giggling to myself while reading in the office, trying so hard to control my facial expression, wtf.

  14. What is this lah….the MDG website doesn’t work! Kenny, you promote the show but the show is kapot!

  15. 1st Day I FOund Your Blog.
    and It Made Me SMILE 😛
    dont usually kay po other blogs like this so it took a while to find the comments down here.
    Just wanna say:
    1. Ming Looks more like a Female Robin from Batman The Movie than a Panda
    2. The cat looks so much better than Dawn xD

  16. juanita is a BIG hypocrite in the competition. concentrate on the competition! dont go astray by creating more dramas. LOL did u guys see the way she defends herself, its hopeless.

  17. i think they applied too much make-up on ming for almost all the photoshoots except for the mug shot. she looked gorgeous there but her recent photoshoots made her look like a drag queen and i think it’s because of the excessive make up.
    i like ming because she has a unique features the others don’t have. but pinky’s wella ad is superb.

  18. tis is so funny.can’t stop laughing here.U’re so rite kenny..haha..Well,i think juanita , dawn and pinky should be in the top 3 but pinky still need to work harder in order to fulfill the “all in one” package to b’cum the m’sian dreamgirl.As for ming….yea,she seems to have the special look….but..for m’sia dreamgirl…i don’t think she deserves tht:P

  19. That kucing wif Pamelo on its head…so ngang like her hair…wakaka..ROFLMAO!!!
    Can become Kuching Theme/Mascot liao lo!

  20. This MDG season is WAY better than stupid Season 1 with the terrible CindyWin.
    You can actually see the girls improving themselves to be models. And the catfights were actually settled maturely!
    And srsly. This totally makes me NOT want to try out Shawn Cutlet AT ALL.

  21. Dude, i just saw the previous season and let me tell you, Kenny. You were down right the meanest unreasonable perverted baised judge i’ve ever come across. You’re just disgusting and you’re just all about looks. I bet when you’re in Japan, you wish to be around those girls, whereas they dont even know you exist. You’re just that fat kid wanting to get laid that no girl wants.
    And i havent even watched the second season. I started watching first season cause of you, oddly.

  22. Just one thing – Dawn’s fake eyelashes came off in the corner of her right eye. That’s crappy make up job! And nobody noticed? Not even the photography team?

  23. oh dear…
    I live in Australia and was introduced to this show by my Malaysian house mate. We’ve had our fair share of really bad local reality tv (We only have basic cable and we were not going to spend our beer money on 7 million channels) I’ve watched from one painful reality TV show to another (from 900 pound fatties crying for 20 minutes just coz he/she lost a pound, to farmers offering hay to women as marriage dowries). The best part of reality tv has always been those “private” interviews with individual contestant. We are all nosy parkers…and who doesn’t love the bitch who always has something to say about everyone else who’s trying to vote her off the island. But really, MDG takes the cake…I’ve met toddlers with a wider vocabulary base than these girls…one of the interviews really got me laughing…this girl was asked to comment on another contestant’s photos and she probably used the word “soft” one too many times…she’s soft… she’s quite soft…so most of her picture are quite soft…if i really had to choose, i think it’s too soft sometimes…God, we get it she’s like tofu…soft!
    As I understand, this show claims to be the first reality series based on a model search competition to be fully broadcast over the internet. Being a series broad casted over the internet, it is definitely going to receive a wider target audience, not just locally but internationally as well. I really think that the producers of the show should head back to the drawing board and rethink the image that these Malaysian girls are portraying to the rest of the world. It’s one thing to have the world look at you and think that you’ve got a pretty face…but really, the world does not need another Miss South Carolina 07!

  24. The first girl really takes great pictures. I think the second one’s hair totally looks like that cat!
    And the last pic just takes the cake.

  25. feed her bamboo shoots,eh?
    maybe the mother is cleaning the daddy’s stove in the bathroom ley hahahahahahaa
    srly, cldnt be arsed to watch MDG this season coz so not impressed with the first season.
    what happened to cindy now? no news pun

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