ADV: The Secret To Pouring A Perfect Glass Of Beer

Wonder if everyone has watched this video floating around on the Internet.

I love that ad so much.
Because that was my EXACT reaction when Heineken invited me to their brewery Tavern at Sungei Way.

Many have heard of The Tavern, but few people have been allowed to step inside. Unless special prior arrangements were made, the freshest free flow of beer in Malaysia are usually off limits to all but the invited guests of the factory.
Heineken is one of the main sponsors the UEFA Champions League and has been planning a lot of activities for football fans to watch the Champions League grand final either live in Rome, or on a big screen in a private island together with fans from around the world.
For a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to watch the Champions League final live in Rome, they’re asking guests to RSVP themselves at to one of Heineken’s A Night In Paris Rome parties happening in Ipoh, Johor, Miri and KL.
It’s worth a shot, but invitations to the parties are limited and only three winners will be selected to go to Rome.
Most people would probably have a better chance winning the trip to watch the Champions League final on a private beach in Thailand instead.
Bikini model not included.
What is included is the tickets to Thailand, free flow of Heineken beer, and an all-round great time together football fans around the world.
True to Heineken’s penchant for online games, the only way to win those tickets to Thailand is by putting your football knowledge to a test at
Fullscreen capture 24032009 112140 AM.jpg
It’s an online game with a twist. The more questions you answer correctly, the smarter you are in multiplayer strategy, the quicker your raft will move towards Destination Thailand.
While mingling over beer at the Tavern, the couple of us decided to take part in an impromptu Heineken Beer-Pouring Competition.

The master bartender was on hand to demonstrate what it takes to make a good pour.
Believe it or not, eventhough the beer may come from the same tap, different bartenders will produce beer that tastes differently.
A good pour will give a beer that has a foamy head of approximately two fingers’ height.

If the head is too thick, then the first sip will end up being all foam. If the head is too thin, the beer is gonna taste flat and metallic.
Trust me, it’s a lot more difficult than it seems!
Each of us had a go at it and for some reason all the girls did very well despite none having any experience whatsoever behind the bar.

The guys, to put it bluntly, sucked. Try as we may, all the guys had trouble putting a decent head on the beer. The only guy who did well (I think) was Robb.
One thing I learnt at the Tavern is that being a good beer drinker does not necessarily mean you are good beer pourer. Because there was absolutely no questions as to who was the WORST beer pourer in the Tavern that night.
Yes mom, it was me.
Behold, my beer-pouring masterpiece.
EPIC FAIL. It was not just two fingers tall. It’s the whole freaking hand and a HALF.
Confirm lah I cannot make it as a bartender. 🙁
I don’t know what the heck I did wrong. Why can’t I pour a beer with a good head?
And how on earth I could possibly lose to all the girls and a gay dude in Heineken pouring contest?
So unfair. It’s like they knew some kinda SECRET to beer-pouring that I don’t. Luckily, it was only much later that I was let in on THE SECRET.

Apparently, the SECRET to giving a good head, is to pull back at the right moment.

In Japan, “steamboat” is called “nabeh”.
I was so confused when the waitress asked, “would you like some nabeh?”

65 Replies to “ADV: The Secret To Pouring A Perfect Glass Of Beer”

  1. I am surprise how you get to do all these neat stuffs…and the fact that you can visit so many places…so envious…wish i could… =(

  2. The true secret of pouring beer is not just pulling back at the right moment. Try to tilt the glass more, maybe at 45 degrees, and slowly bring it to straight as the beer level reach the brim. That way, u have more surface area for bubbles to be released, and faster than if you pour the beer into a glass standing straight.
    Then again, why do we need to learn them? Were here for the beer girls!!!! 😛

  3. fuck me, but isnt the bloody bartender wearing a guiness tshirt? wtf?? its like wearing a pepsi tshirt at a coke factory omg!!

  4. “the SECRET to ‘giving a good head’, is to pull back at the right moment.”
    dude.. no wonder the girls and the gay did so well.. *wink*

  5. this reminds me of the days in Rakuzen man… i was working there as a waiter and i have to do that like, everyday because the japanese customers were hardcore drinker!!!! I bet i win in this contest man~~~

  6. Perfect Tavern….recap me the days in London.
    Anyway, I heard that the employees work in Carlsberg always can enjoy free flow of beer in their Carlberg Tavern right at the working place!!!
    Jealous la..

  7. i have been invited to visited there before… that traven is located at PJ GAB…
    near sunway pyramid.
    i agree that it is quite hard to pour a beer, and that bar man can even draw shape on the foam… interesting!

  8. Kenny Sia! You’re so hamsap! Can even talk dirty during your commercial break. Watch out, girls may not want to go out with you now that it’s official – Kenny Sia is not good at ‘giving head’! LOL….

  9. Munak-
    Your comment shows how ignorant you are.
    Sg Way brewery, GAB Guiness Anchor Berhad also brew Guiness, Anchor, Tiger, Heineken, (not sure if Kilkenny), Shandy, and Malta.
    These are brand name under GAB.
    That’s why, the bartender wears Guiness, cause the tab is just beside Heineken.

  10. from the same tap, yet different taste?
    now this is new …
    what if you’re pouring ur own beer from the bottle? do you have to give good head as well? LOL.

  11. the SECRET to giving a good head, is to pull back at the right moment..
    that sounded very….
    I guess that you have a hidden meaning behind that sentence…

  12. Just kindda feel the losing to a gay dude comment might be offensive in the way that you’re saying gay dudes must be worse off than you are.

  13. hey i didnt know that you came to tavern in my company. Hope that you’ll come again. We drink every Friday.

  14. That is one good commercial , it actually gave me an idea for my new house . I always drink my beer without the form and thought that was perfect …

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