Back From A World Tour Of Sorts

Got this in my email sometime ago which made me smile so much to no end.
I’m not sure if I should feel flattered that The West End Dance Academy in Perth went through all that trouble to do that for me, or embarrassed because I know myself the stuff I write aren’t always appropriate for err… fragile minds.
Regardless, I was tickled by their efforts. Stuff like that never fails to lift my spirits no matter how stressed out I am.
I am back in the office and back home in Kuching now.
The past four weeks have been absolutely insane for me in terms of travelling. I was on a world tour of sorts, stopping by the UK, Ireland, Sandakan and Japan within a short span of time.
Each of those destinations has been interesting, unique and enriching in its own way. Along my journey, I met so many amazingly warm and helpful people and learnt so much.
I’ll write about my experience once I find time in my schedule to gather my thoughts. For now, I’m probably gonna put off flying for a while (unless I win the MAS Great Escapade contest lah) and focus on work.
In the meantime,
please be careful of your head.

AD: Just checked out Malaysia Airlines’ announcement today over its Stimulus Package. Wah, they’re not kidding when they say they’ve got something for everyone with 9 fare deals.
They’re also launching The Great Escapade competition on Facebook where you and I stand to win business and economy tickets flying Malaysia Airlines. All this by doing the one thing I enjoy – blogging!

45 Replies to “Back From A World Tour Of Sorts”

  1. Wahlau, you also go to Sandakan ahh?
    Hmm, it is sure nice to know that someone is actually supporting your site even though they still young and very very far away from kuching… :3

  2. I guess it’s better to be able to travel right now since we’re able to right? Looking forward for you Jap excursion…

  3. Btw Kenny, what with all the traveling (world tour) going on? curious though. Well see can meet u up anywhere in Kuching or somewhere BDC there or not. Currently have fall in love with ‘sidewalk’. Nice place to hang out with dudes and babes.

  4. finally u update edi, i killed my time while waitn 4 u 2 update by readin dawn wayang blog, n i like it! haha

  5. hahahaha….
    you’ll pollute them in a good way lol….
    after all they ask parents what is knnccb… they dunno wan…
    keep up wif ur good work…

  6. Nimble, maybe, but not nubile. Not yet anyway. Kenny, why don’t you reciprocate by donning a ballerino outfit with a sign “The West End Dance Academy in Perth rocks”? ;-D Or, “Kennysia Dot Com Reeks”!

  7. WTF you went Ireland too? You’re… awesome!! Going so many places in such a short period of time! I wonder how many undies you have sold by now 😛

  8. hey kenny!
    i saw you twice at the sandakan airport. you were with two friends of yours right? i thought i saw you when i first arrive (caught you wearing specs!)but i wasn’t sure it was you until i saw you again when i was going back.
    Yeah, you rock. keep it up kenny! =D

  9. hey kenny….ur blog always rock one….keep it going.
    btw, will join the MAS Stimulus package since after I RESIGNED from IBM and Maxis … now very free and hoping to go for an holiday

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