Malaysian Dreamgirl Auditions

Last weekend was an interesting one for me.

As previously mentioned, I was one of the judges for Malaysian Dreamgirl, an new model search reality show that’s soon to be aired exclusively over the Internet.
It was an interesting experience for me for a couple of reasons.

Having always been a fan of such talent contests as Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, I was curious to see how I might fare as a contestant.
Knowing myself though, I doubt I’d go far. Even I gotta admit that my singing and dancing abilities are so crap, I make William Hung look like a dance instructor.

Which is why to find myself on this partciular show, sitting on this side of the judging panel, is quite surreal.
I don’t know anything about modelling. Yet, never in my life would I imagine a small time Kuching boy like me could become a judge of a modelling contest. Let alone working alongside someone like Elaine Daly, who herself is an accomplished local celebrity I previously only read about in magazines.

With so much honour given to me, you’d think I’d handle my job damn seriously, right?
Sadly, no.
I screwed up. Of all days, I had to pick our first day of shooting to screw up. Talk about giving a bad first impression.
Long story short, my flight from Auckland-Sydney-Singapore-KL had a bit of boo-boo. I arrived KL late, my luggage turned up late, and by the time I made my glorious entrance to the set, I was already 2 hours late.
That’s 2 hours that all the cast and crew and contestants had to wait for Kenny Sia to get his diva ass ready.

Ok, so we didn’t get off on a good start, and it’s entirely my fault. Lucky for us though, things only went uphill from there.
My fellow judges Elaine and Jimmy knew each other and had worked together before in the modelling industry before, but it was the first time I sat together with them, so I wasn’t sure how well we would connect.
Surprisingly, we were fantastic together.

The first girl who got through to the second round auditions, Adeline

The first few girls came into audition room and we unanimously turned them away. But when they left, they all said the judges were being too nice.
That was like an ultimate insult to me. As an onscreen talent, I don’t wanna be remembered as a “Mr Nice Guy” who only agrees with what the other two judges was saying.
Fortunately, as more and more girls auditions, the differences between the judges began to naturally emerge.

Veteran stylist Lim Jimmy was hands down the nicest of us all.
He was the “Paula Abdul” of the judges. Jimmy may be relatively unknown before Malaysian Dreamgirl. After this show, I say he’s definitely gonna be remembered as the Mother Theresa of the Dreamgirl judges.
Jimmy sees good in every single girl who auditioned. Even if their model qualities are not immediately obvious, Jimmy would scrutinize them from head-to-toe and give them suggestions on how to improve.

Next is our unofficial Dreamgirl “chief judge” Elaine Daly.
I feel that Elaine has extremely strict qualities when it comes determining which girl has what it takes to become a model. That’s understandable, I guess. Elaine has been modelling since she was 14 and throughout her career, she has met and worked with many beautiful people, including well-known international supermodels.
Obviously, with that as a benchmark, it is difficult for a lot of girls out there to live up to her expectations.

And then there was me, the “common man” of the Dreamgirl judges.
As I’ve mentioned, I was never part of the modelling industry. My yardstick does not extend beyond what I see in men’s magazines and because of that, my standards are very differently from Jimmy and Elaine.
I may not be able to tell from the girls who’ve auditioned, who will “make it” in the industry and who will not. But as soon as the girl walked through the door, I can tell which one is gonna be popular with the audience and which one will face intense criticism from the unforgiving public.

This one seriously cannot make it

Out of the three judges, I think I come across as the harshest and most straightforward of them all.
It wasn’t intentional and I didn’t mean to be harsh. My job is to the voice out what the typical internet commentors think about these girls who auditioned, and I tell ya, these internet commentors aren’t gonna be nice. If the girls are gonna participate in a popularity contest like this one, they are gonna have to deal with a lot of the negative comments posted online.

“I demand TWO REASONS why I did not make it past the auditions!”

So I sent a couple of girls crying out of the audition rooms.
On last count, my score was 4.
Elaine – nil.
Jimmy – nil.

Elaine and I are often locking horns with each other, mainly because we have very different standards when it comes to judging the girls.
One of things we could not agree on is the contestants’ height.
You will win points from Elaine Daly if you are tall and slender.
For me, I think height is not the most important quality a model should have. I reckon as long as you have a sweet and presentable face, you’re good to be a model already.

Danii, 155cm and full of spunk

A lot of girls who auditioned are very pretty eventhough they are small and petite. I had to campaign very hard to put these girls through, much to the dismay of Elaine Daly.
The former Miss Malaysia said, “This is not choose-a-girl-for-Kenny. This is Malaysian Dreamgirl. You can have a show called Kenny’s Dreamgirl where all girls are cute and short and girl-next-door. But this is Malaysian Dreamgirl.”

Elaine and I, right before she tore my head off

Even by my reduced standards, 7 out of 10 girls who came to audition are completely clueless about what it takes to be a model. At the very least, I would expect them to come dressed in their best and blow us away. But no.
A lot of girls auditioned came wearing what they would wear when they go out shopping with their friends on a Saturday afternoon. And to me, that just ain’t good enough.

“They said my dress looks like it’s made from a roadside mamak stall’s table cloth.”

Anyway, it was a very interesting first few days of auditions.
The Malaysian Dreamgirl auditions was also my first taste of how things work in the entertainment circles, and I must say I enjoyed it immensely.
The chemistry between the three of us judges was fantastic considering it was the first time we worked together. We complement each other very well, and in the end we picked an extremely well-varied group of finalists across all different races, age groups and experience levels.

Natasha, Priscilla, Adeline, Jean and Jay

12 finalists will enter the Dreamgirl House this weekend and be placed into lockdown for 2 months.
I cannot tell you who those 12 finalists are, so you have to check that out yourself. Sure, some contentious decisions were made and some of the more popular girls (like Cheesie) were eliminated, but when the time comes I’ll explain why they did not make the cut.

The first episode of Malaysian Dreamgirl will go to air Thursday next week on the 6th March on, so be sure to bookmark your browsers.
I’m proud of the 12 girls we picked. Looking at them, this show is guaranteed be a rollercoaster ride of drama, emotions, jealousy and joy.

As for me, I’m just glad to take a break from the intense travelling between KL and Kuching for a while and put my focus back into
I miss updating regularly.

Apparently, a bunch of Kuching bloggers have gone around saying that I’m a stuck-up because I refuse to help them promote their project on
I would’ve helped them, but these are same bunch of people wrote snarky remarks about me before many times. And now they have the audacity to ask me promote their project?
Are you kidding me?

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  1. welcome back…!!
    i was waiting for kenny’s comment on Edison/Gillian scandal. any chance of that? 😉
    also, i sent you an email with attachment, is that allowed?

  2. I like the model Jay, she’s dark, she has structure and an attractive facial structure. I think she has more “wow” for modeling photos… Like “princess of the jungle” look, wild and sexy appear.
    The other finalists are so-so… Adeline is pretty too though.
    But Natasha is so “aunty” looking… nothing WOW!
    So far, I have to say… Jay wins my heart.
    If I was the judge… I think I’d be a bit nasty and cold ha ha… But still, I say, Jay wins all.

  3. 2: Also, jays body has substance… it’s got shape and voom to it… Where as the other bodies on the other girls for modeling is kinda, er… so so… nothing that VUA VUA!. . .

  4. Which of the girls above are the 12 finalists?? Was trying to search from pinkpau, nick cchan & shaolin tiger (not yet apparently) for the photos but also no update yet…(not quick enough to be official blogger for the event~~ no offense ~~)

  5. OOpsss.. maybe i miss ur sentence here sorry about that….
    “I cannot tell you who those 12 finalists are, so you have to check that out yourself. Sure, some contentious decisions were made and some of the more popular girls (like Cheesie) were eliminated, but when the time comes I’ll explain why they did not make the cut.”
    Dont think can watch it online..hope u will post up their photo soon..kekkeke

  6. i thought one of the requirements is that the girls have not done modeling professionally?
    so..if they came dressed not “up-to-standard”, isn’t that forgivable?
    just wondering =)

  7. Put on some weight have we? Nice to see you wearing looser clothing, don’t want your flabs to appear on air again like last time.

  8. Hi Kenny
    Jerad’s other half here. Saw you at the auditions…you surprised me with your ‘brutally’ honest thoughts. Good on you for standing your own with the other two judges. Cheers!

  9. Nice nice.. so you WERE at KL that day. I saw you at Lowyat on Saturday, left you alone coz i thought you needed time off with ‘someone’
    Cant wait to see the show tho 🙂

  10. I thought the purpose of this event is to find girls with no modelling experience and mould them into your so-called MODELS.
    I remember reading ‘No prior modelling experience is required, and only those who have never been professional models or TV/movie artistes are eligible’
    Isn’t this very contradicting?

  11. I love Elaine Daly’s purple top in the audition! Really salute you on how you balance time between office work and blogging related activities (media work).

  12. uh…Malaysian Dreamgirl?
    Not even one that suits the title.Maybe a couple tbh?
    and btw,Jay looks so spooky.Please don’t try so hard,dear.

  13. i guess the competition’s not widespread enough…lack of contestants…I believe the quality of the participants are not up to expectations
    anyway we miss ur posts…the 2 previous 1 picture posts are too brief and boring at times

  14. First of all,I’m Malaysian and I know for a fact that there are wayyyy better looking girls than that! Are you serious? These girls are gonna represent the girls of Malaysia? I’m not trying to be harsh or mean…but SERIOUSLY.

  15. Kenny,
    Elaine Daly is absolutely right when she said “This is not choose-a-girl-for-Kenny. This is Malaysian Dreamgirl. You can have a show called Kenny’s Dreamgirl where all girls are cute and short and girl-next-door. But this is Malaysian Dreamgirl.”
    I vote for tall and slender girl!

  16. So cool!
    I like this entry!
    I agree with you that girls don’t have to be tall and slender to be a model.
    If so, isn’t that stereotyping?
    I have seen models who are a little plump before too.

  17. haha, there is something u must bear in mind. generally, gals see other tall and slender gals as gorgeous. whereas, guys, on the other hand, likes cute and short gals! dun u know that, kenny?
    saying that.
    i am a gal, yet i like short gals too!! haha!
    no, i am not short. i m of average height.
    i am very different from other gals lol

  18. Hey Kenny! Did you watch Cornetto Love Perhaps Season 2? I think the way Ace talks is a bit like you. The tone of your voices sound really similar in my opinion. Tell me what you think! 😉

  19. hi kenny,
    i have also noticed some unkind comments on your previous posts, and the author of those comments did not leave any URL behind, guess they must be the same person who accused you of being stucked-up… honestly though, this is definitely a better post than the previous 2 hehe 😀

  20. Dreamgirl? They surely wont gv me wet dreams but maybe nightmares and i piss in my sleep.
    Puhlease la! FOr the sake of making money u guys came up with this terrible show? And u can only attract lame talents? I cant even get a high man and i just cek awhile ago my lil bro was working fine!
    No wonder I didnt see kenny drooling. A rather disappointed figure i guess. I hope he didnt accept the job free of caj jus becos he thot he can oogle at girls.
    And Jay looks like a he. Is she for real? Some got body but no looks. I will definitely watch this stupid show and see with my eyes what bad taste those judges have. If I can, i would hv cancelled the show if I cant find any real Dreamgirls! It is a mockery to the other pretty ladies out there!

  21. Can’t wait to see the show!!!!
    It takes a lot of GUT to do what ur doing- voicing out the general public’s opinions about the girls (representing people like us who know jackshit about what matters beauty competitions apart from a pretty face), in spite of knowing that some will be hurt/offended by ur remarks. But oh well.. u can never win em all =)

  22. Kenny, haha, you’re a judge on Malaysia Dreamgirl! Cool.. wish I could watch it on tv.. sounds interesting.. with a bit of luck, this too will boost your own publicity, moving you closer towards celebrityhood! Not bad! 😉

  23. The whole thing is more like a crossover between American Idol and America’s Next Top Model but from the look at the 12 so-called finalist, I personally think they are not even qualify to participate! They look like the standard M’sian girl you found on the street and if ever a signboard fell down, it can actually hit hundreds of them! Ya, their looks are that common! And the way they dress! No fashion sense at all! I don’t know that M’sian guys have such a low standard????

  24. Kenny wanna talk abt election or erection? If erection i m good la. We hv erection every 5 years.
    And pls tell the young voters to vote for the oppositiion. Barisan Numbskull is really CRAP!

  25. Be a good judge and dont give levy to the girls who give themselves to you in order to win. In short, follow your heart and dont follow your dirty mind. Kidding. 😀

  26. “I demand TWO REASONS why I did not make it past the auditions!”
    She thinks her “assets” can bring her through … if she opens more she might though 🙂

  27. affinity: actually. in the first place i did not even say that. all i was telling was the crew why didnt get in whcih consisted of me havng a tattoo and apparently not wearing make up to the audition even if there was nothing wrong wth my complexion it was just a suppose neccesity.
    secondly the only reason i joined this thing was because a good friend of mine who was media kept pushing me to try so i did. so it didnt really matter if i got in or not but better not than yes because i cant afford to spend 2 months in their dream girl house.
    thrdly my dress was not meant to attract them. i just like this dress a lot because of the colours. it’s girly yet flrty at the same time and it’s comfortable too =)

  28. all of them look so average.
    these girls may have the height but their looks are really so average.All have the typical long hair looks

  29. What the hell. I hope that group photo near the end of the post are not some of the finalists. They look like crap. Can find 20 better ones just by hanging out at a KL club (and not in the dark or under influence of alcohol!)

  30. Check out the others who blogged about Malaysian Dreamgirl (in which Kenny mentioned in his previous short talk on Feb 19).. I jus dunno y Kenny chose to put up the pics of well.. those who r less pretty than the others mentioned by Nick Chhan, Shaolin Tiger and Su Ann..

  31. told u kuching ppl suck ald lor. never listen hahahahaha
    this girl really said that ah?
    i can give her 5 reasons why not actually 😛
    elaine daly can say straight off how she doesnt see someone can be a model coz she’s an ex miss malaysia and a seasoned model in msia. but seriously, the miss malaysia judges also didnt see straight off how she shld be a miss malaysia until her 4th-5th time participating rite?
    maybe some of the girls shld have done some research and told her that 😛
    and eh, the last pic, u look thinner. yay!

  32. Trust Me. In the 2nd pic, the 2nd girl from the left leaves a lasting impression compared to the pontianak next to her (1st girl fm the left) and of cos dont forget She-man Jay. The rest can go home la. And some of these ppl are throwing away 2 mths of the working life for this pc of crappy show? Even if u do win, it is still queen amongst the barbarians effort. Nothing to be proud of. Just like Msia winning sea games football only.

  33. Ummmm everyone please calm down.
    Being a model takes more than outer beauty…. for example take Tyra Banks, there were plenty of other girls who were much more beautiful than her, but SHE MADE IT. Her inner quality, her daringness and confidence in modeling brought out some really awesome photo shots.
    No matter how much you wanna sugarcoat it with personality and shit and act professional, BEAUTY IS STILL THE MOST DEFINING POINT OF ANY MODEL.
    All I’m asking is to hold another round of auditions. It can be done. It can be done if we, the viewers want it enough. It’s just began it’s not too late. GIVE THE POOR GIRLS ANOTHER CHANCE TO BE A MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL !!!!! GIVE CHEESIE A CHANCE !! Please ? 🙁

  34. Kenny, I am really dissapointed in your judgement… U didnt even represent the general views of guys here.. short girls and cute??!!
    I do agree, tall, slim and sharp looking is the criteria for modelling.. they have to have the right ingredient, and the rest will depends on their inner beauty for the perfect outcome..

  35. Some notes for future improvement:
    1. its “Malaysian dreamgirl” and not “Malaysia’s next top model”. (Malaysian dreamgirl sound to me more like a Malaysian Sweetheart, someone that would represent Malaysia….probably someone you will bring home to see mom…)
    2. “Model” is too wide a definition, there are so many types of models….Top model? runway model? commercial model? plus size model?? which one are you actually looking for??
    3. If height IS AN ISSUE…..then please put minimum height requirement.
    4. You can try to watch America’s Next Top Model so that you’d know what sells…
    okie doks…thats all

  36. hmmm…kuching bloggers going around saying stuff abt you? i’ve a feeling i might know what that project is abt. :p anyways, if it’s what i think it is, those ppl are memang snobbish in their own rights also lah. only if they’re the same group of people.

  37. Kenny, you are not qualified to be a judge…seriously!!! You should return to your roots and continue blogging (that’s what you do best) instead of judging girls. We miss your daily updates…quit being a judge and let someone more professional do the job so that you can concentrate on blogging. Peace…;);)

  38. Kenny OH Kenny,
    I heard you’ve become a mean judge in this show, didn’t you? So u’re trying to be like Simon Cowell or the ever mean Paul Moss?
    Nevertheless, don’t forget your blogging as we are missing your regular entries!!!!

  39. I hv seen cheesie’s pic. So what’s the big deal? I wont be dreaming of her la. In fact i am dreaming of my neighbour downstairs who is hot and smart.

  40. something wrong with the judges…one with big head and nose…one is fat and very short…and the other one just doesn’t suit with the later two

  41. The only thing i found attractive on these girls are their long thick hair covering their faces.Take their hair away and i can see a bunch of monkey faces.

  42. I so agree that you don’t choose a girl according to their height. Petite girls can be models too as long as they are capable for it. So why not? It’s discrimination if they don’t get chosen just because of their height.

  43. i cannot agree more wit that mr dakota guy. that jay girl is stunning.
    e rest of e girls look like random people you find on the street and then some.
    and natasha…you desperately need to pluck your eyebrows!

  44. There is no fair competition. Elaine Daly, as a ex miss msia doesn’t really guarantee she will be a fair and good judge. Please forgive her, she is simply using her “own qualities” to justify who should be Msian Dreamgals, just like the way how most of us strongly disagreed that she should be chosen as “Miss Msia” (probably she is very lucky enough to find that there is not much competition during her time)

  45. Yo man
    For starters, it was already very bad of you being late…
    For main course, you made some of those beautiful gals cry…(how could you???)
    For desserts, it was a good post, i must say…
    PS – have been reading your post since the first post you have blogged. Nice one, funny, weird, but at times can be entertaining…

  46. nope modelling may not be only pretty
    but must at least find them presentable and attractive right
    and the chicks up there
    i dunno what to say la
    shorties ok
    but they reli have no sex appeal (i meant not good looking at all)
    pls la there r lots of hot girls out there can?

  47. i’m actually quite excited to watch the show! I hope u guys managed to pick quality girls!! Sometimes contestants for ms.malaysia si beh ugly

  48. “Malaysian Top Model,” Yes Elaine Daly is qualified to judge.
    “Malaysian Dreamgirl??” Whats she doing in there? Unless she’s a rug-muncher, and dreams of all these girls all the time!
    In fact should be judges should be made up of desperados and pervs.. lol…

  49. kenny, elaine, jimmy & these gurls are selected for a reason & they are selected simply because they have what it takes, up to their standards & fitted the criteria of being a malaysian dreamgirl & as judges. Stop discriminating, critisizing & being unfair to them when u dont even know them, when the show havent even started, when they didnt even have the chance to shine & prove themselves yet. Im sure being a m’sian dreamgirl isnt just about the outter looks. Stop pretending that u know them well & ur a better judge. If u guys are so good, why didnt u guys have the guts to join? why arent u guys selected? Why arent u in kenny’s place instead?

  50. Firstly, I think Elaine’s dress on her first day looks like the leftover “kain buruk” taken from a traditional tailor shop.
    Oh and Kenny ar, I donno why you are even judging on this show? o_O You sounded very stupid with your comments and i think your remarks can’t represent what majority Malaysian ordinary people want in a dream girl.
    The sound system sucks too. Donno how to use sponge to absorb echo ar? Can’t hear your freakin voice dude!

  51. kenny,
    the look on your face when each contestant walks out is priceless. you don’t even have to say it, your expression says it all ! I had such a good laugh when your face literally puked as the odd looking dressed ones walked in as compared to the steaming hot ones. excellent choice to choose you as the judge. we need an honest opinion from a normal horny guy ! 😛
    keep up the good work. will be looking forward to see the upcoming episodes.

  52. hahahahhaha kenny!!!! so mean man u commenting on the girl in pink wahahhahahahaha!! “..ur face is very oily.. did u wash ur face before u come in here?” PRICELESS!!!!

  53. Elaine is a jealous bitch. She seemed hostile when some of the prettier girls walked in. What is her problem? If she doesn’t like being threatened by other good-looking people then she shouldn’t be judging a fucking modelling show. God.
    Kenny, some of your comments were lame and I really had trouble hearing what the judges were saying cause of the echo. But overall it was okay. I like the stylist guy, he’s kinda nice.
    But Elaine should get that stick out of her ass.

  54. hey disrespect for the effort that it took the judges to say “i don’t think you have what it takes for this”..
    it’s very upsetting to see the outcome of what i highly anticipated.i knew that this would be a competition of looks but i didn’t know that it was a model search.
    honestly,is a model malaysia’s dreamgirl?SEDIH SIAL.judges seem sure about what they were looking for and that clothes and make-up were so’s sad that the advertisement failed to mention critireas like height,costume,make-up,experience and hot bods.
    honestly,this is so so so so so so so so so so so so disapointing.and kenny,i thought u were supposed to be the voice of the common public.i hope u realise that this show would attract more girls that it does guys.the voice of the common public would say that u should stop thinking with ur dick.
    it takes more guts to ready urself to be scrutinised and critised and have ur pride hurt.has anyone told u that they could open a beer bottle with ur teeth.”did u wash ur face before u came here?”.fuck kenny have u heard of braces?
    what’s with elain’s the nose stuck to the ceiling?she’s old,lost her prime,doesn’t want to give advice and annoying sial.yes she is beautiful,yes she is experienced,but how does it help the show if she so bluntly says no without giving does she think she’s contributing to malaysia?
    this is no search for a malaysian dreamgirl.this is down right a beauty contest,where everything deeper than skin and anything that makes a human counts for shit.please which lifetime in which universe do the words dreamgirl carry equalivant meaning to model.
    jimmy was nice in the sense that he was honest.he was perfectly kenny,u and elain were of course trying to be honest,or being honest,but there was no grace and no elloquence.just like u were trying to say “right dress for right place”,try on urself “right way to say right things”.dude,say something to them that would make a difference.ur just another guy with his brain in his dick.
    this show will be ruined by its judges.there’s just so so so so so many things wring.

  55. oooh…aly!! u took the words right out of my mouth!!!! horny-kenny needs braces like a fish need gills to breath under water! period!! plus..i remember him saying to one girl that she’s just like any other girl in a mall that he wouldn’t even bother looking twice at..oh! come on dude?! are u serious??! like any chick would even LOOK at you??!! downright ugly pervert!! i bet he’s one of those guys in a club trying to hump girls from behind but ends up being pushed aside in a curb..sad case!
    by d way i like that’s a judge..he knows fashion and is perfect for this show..unlike some horny-trying-so-hard-to-be-funny person..hmm..

  56. i think it should be stated that none of those girls actually fit the criteria of a model. granted, a few of them who made the cut were thin and tall but when it comes to facial features, i think none of them fitted the bill. the more successful asian models like du juan, emma pei are not pretty by the layperson’s standards but their faces are like blank canvases and their body proportions, close to perfect. also, natural beauty has to be emphasized– hair extensions, coloured hair, false eyelashes are okay for a night out but doesn’t come across impressive for a modelling contest. also, those girls should not be judged based on their personal style i.e. agyness deyn isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea but is still voted the best dressed brit model.

  57. hi kenny, who’s the ryan seacrest/interviewer at the door on malaysian dreamgirl? His voice is very american and sexy. I thought I’d at least find his name on the Showinfo tab.

  58. Kenny,
    Well, none of the top 12girls are pretty. Malaysian Dreamgirl konon! Btw,dreamgirl= model??
    U and elaine are not professional at ALL!! Do u think by criticizing ppl will make u popular? “the oil on ur face can fry an egg”? I would say KENNY, ur fats can even fry KFC!!
    Wondering why did they let u to be the judge at the 1st place. Last but not least, KENNY DA BIG FAT GATAI MAN! U looked so old..

  59. dont mean to be rude but some of the girls chosen look life indonesian maids…its rather shocking

  60. hey kenny, how come there is no mention of that kindergarden teacher? Giselle? I know she went through the first audition but was not even showed during the 2nd audition. I wanna know what the judges think of her that she did not make it through. Thanks!

  61. i am rather disappointed that cheesie wasnt picked!! tho i know she got called back to the show later on. but it’s unfair that she wasnt picked the first round. she is model material, she’s confident and she is fluent in english unlike other people like adeline… adeline looks like model material but once she starts to talk, really turns me off… i ‘d hav picked cheesie over so many other girls. it’s obvious that elaine is v bias, why did she complement cheesie about her confidence yet not choose her? elaine is the least professional of all 3 judges.
    Kenny on the other hand, is trying way too hard. if i am one of the girls who got criticise by u, i ‘d only say one word … MIRROR! get it? no? look at yourself before u say such mean things. are u trying to be simon cowell? try harder cuz u aint there yet.
    jimmy!! u are the best. u are v professional. the words u use … tho at times hurtful, but it’s your honest opinion. u choose your words well! you focus on the weakness of the girls, u dont criticise for the sake of attention… like kenny!
    of course, elaine is still the most disappointing. can’t believe she said chessie is over confident! prolly elaine felt intimidated by cheesie’s beauty and confidence~ it’s obvious that elaine is jealous when kenny drools over other girls… pls, kenny stop doing that ham sap look ! it’s fugly and annoying! u wanna be some ham sap uncle isit???

  62. you’re harsh with your criticism on their dressing. did you realise you were wearing a vest? hello, a vest!
    don’t think you’re particularly qualified to shoot people down like that. not like you’ve got any sense of style yourself.

  63. i would have to say you a rather unprofessional judge. what with all the “i wanna be a kindergarten kid again” and all the trash talk that doesn’t really contribute to the judging. besides, critising the contestants with pretty rude remarks doesn’t really make you look very cool. elaine daly was obviously very pissed working with you.

  64. In episode 2, Ringo was out of the top 12. Yet at the top 12 page, she is in? How come? Is she in or out?
    IMHO, the title of the show does not fit the contest itself. Dreamgirl != Model

  65. eyna, hanis, natasha–> why are they even in top 12?
    hello! facial features are as important as height and slimness!!
    damn. seriously, judges, please open your eyes big big before deciding can or not?
    walao eh. choose properly leh!!!

  66. Come on la… is this for real.. Malaysia DREAMGIRL???? How can this be!!! Is Malaysia standard that low?? impossible!!! no way!!! I’ve seen girls selling ketupat, cucur udang, cekodok, goreng pisang n nasi lemak tak berlemak (mmmnnnn..sedapnya!) in the kampung at the road side are prettier..Yea maybe those kampung girl didn’t know about this malaysia dreamgirl thing.. I really wish there’s no foreigner watching this thing.. It’ll definitely ruin our country economy coz they will sure think that “Is this the prettiest girl in malaysia” those average girls must be monster.. to prevent being eaten up by monsters we should stay away from malaysia..
    my friends think my comment is too chronic but I can only speak the truth and nothing but the truth ,this is how i feel bout the program……….
    R = Ridiculous
    U = Ugly
    B = BullShit
    B = Bodoh
    I = Insane
    S = Sickening
    H = Horrifying
    Sums up to a ‘RUBBISH’ reality show.
    Oh by the way, where is your fashion sense? Why are the girls in the ugly swimsuit cum aerobic outfit that is no where near complimentary to the girls. Kenny Sia probably can be forgiven but judges like Elaine & Jimmy are in fashion industry for ages, what are you guys thinking when you make them walk out like that in front of camera. You ought to know better!
    cheers and have fun 😉

  67. kenny. seriously…u suck. watching malaysian dreamgirl is such a pain with u in it… ure unnecessarily blunt.. sounded like a perverted dumb fuck..u shuld look back n be ashamed of how u turned some gals away while being turned on by others..

  68. Hey Kenny,
    I normally like what you right and I don’t slag you for your comments, your looks etc. In fact, I like reading your blog a lot and I had a lot of respect for you. HAD. After viewing a couple of Malaysian Dream Girls and your comments – I have this to say. Maybe you do deserve all the slags thrown at you for your looks. You don’t have to be a Simon Cowell wannabe; you don’t have to be cruel to be remembered. People already know who you are. You are such a disappointment.

  69. Fuck this, who cares who those dreamgirls are, they are just bunch of girls trying to strike lottery in modelling industry.
    It’s none of my business who win or lose, I am just having fun watching these girls trying to impress, muahahhahaha, and Kenny’s comments, yeah, they might not be professional nor honest, but fuck it, who cares, I have had a good laugh.
    “Ipoh White Coffe lor…” Damn it, this is damn fucking hilarious.

  70. I can see modeling agencies in New York/Paris/London laughing at this show already. Seriously, is Malaysia’s standard that low? Some of the girls are definitely interesting, but why was Ringo pulled in again after being rejected twice? It’s just a disgrace, she has no model qualities and was sent away twice yet here she is again? If this is some kind of marketing ploy it has failed to amuse.

  71. Ola! Haha. First time dropping by. Interesting post about Malaysian Dreamgirl. And yes, I do agree about the height! I don’t think it’s that important!=)

  72. Kenny, i think, u are a fucking pervert,
    why dont you open a brothel,
    then u can sleep, eat, dream, touch, lick,
    girls that wear mini skirts, and ask them to lift it up for you..
    Good luck!

  73. oh geez, these girls that i see are really dang common!! i’m seeing these type of standard on the streets everywhere!! and discos, pubs…u know. there’s a ton of them there.

  74. actually when is start ‘Malaysian Dream Girl’?
    i just know this contest today..
    if i know earlier i should ask my twin sister to join the contest..
    too late..maybe ask her to try next time..haaha

  75. I thought you are good. but, the way you speaks to those girl. you are worst of all. You cant and dont how to put the word out from your mouth. & you look 3rd class during the audition.

  76. Kenny! U seem to have a thing for cindy? Everytime u see her, u will say.. look at her… look at her. in a very pervert way. Why cindy? cindy is not attractive. she has some kind of ah lian feel on her! she doesnt have the package. she’s not fit, she doesnt have a unique look.and it’s really annoying to see her cry and manja around. and she’s trying too hard to win. in the latest episode, she cried coz she thinks she didnt do well in her photoshoot. well, this shows how stupid is she. since the photographer already guide her yet she cant do it. how can she be malaysian dream girl when she cant even listen to instructions ?

  77. u are a potential ‘R’! u look like wolf! n have u ever heard of a ‘dentist’?? im afraid NOT! get a brick or something and smash ur teeth to bits..

  78. I’ve watched a few episodes of Malaysian’s Dream Girl for now and I found that Kenny, you’re not gifted in passing comments as a judge. Your comments were based only on outward appearances and also the length of the skirt/shirt. The skimpier they are, the more you love it. And the comments you passed, is not only unprofessional but also rude. You should really reflect on what you said and the words you use, even though you think they are not suitable for the contest. Choice of words are very important. It can either portray you as a professional or just a plain crude dude.
    We don’t need a Simon Cowell wannabe. I hope none of the international standards are watching this. Cos this will seem like we’re such wannabes.

  79. i thought kenny’s there to present the average joes?
    if yes.. u’re doing more than enough la dude.. im starting to think my hormones are messed up having stomach cramps from pms .. but wait.. its just that i laughed too hard ha ha!
    to be honest im a bit disappointed lah with the finalists..i bet there’s so many other girls that’s more beautiful than them in malaysia.. but maybe they lack the info bout this thingie.. cannot blame oso .. i dont think they[management of malaysiandreamgirl] did a good job for advertisements.. or is it lack of funds? and limited time and place for auditions? should do auditions in the east oso la wei.. can u tell the management this for me? hehehe~

  80. Lessons for Malaysian ah lians girls who are thinking to apply for a modeling err future dreamgirls contests,
    If you look good, cute, attractive, bla, in ypour pictures that always taken from top, right/left angle, DOESN’T mean you’ll be qualified for a modelling contest. Let alone to win one.
    Start taking pictures from different angle lar.
    Oh and sexy doesn’t have to be cheap,
    sexy = c.o.n.f.i.d.e.n.c.e
    no confidence = act shy cute = boring
    Class dismissed.

  81. Hahahaha…what a sad and funny show… i read all comments: Negative comments=100% true. Positive comments=Nothing! Just stare at the pics, u DEFINITELY won’t agree with “MalaysianDreamGirl” title. I don’t even want to dream that ‘dream’. Scary… Pity producer! don’t know how to do business.

  82. How come the malaysian-dream-girl show keep asking the contestants to do modeling stuff? Malaysians only want girls to look like model? If it’s about modeling, Fiqa or Jay will win it. Fiqa, take a breath, if you like modeling, you will make it! You are sweet, smart, and you have natural beauty, You have the charisma! By the way, I have a feeling that I think Cindy will win in the end, she seems like she is gonna ask all her friends, relatives, and town people to pay a few bucks to vote for her. I don’t think she is that great, but she never got down to lowest vote. that’s a bit strange.

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