Blasphemous Action Figures

Someone is going to hell for this.

Coming up next, limited edition Buddha Action Figure™!
With lasers shooting out of it’s freaking eyes!

So many things to update, so little time. Patience, young jedi.

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  1. Blasphemous, only in Malaysia (and other Islamic countries) I guess?… my Catholic friend had an entire set of models depicting the scene where Jesus was born in the manor displayed in her living room. But I guess so long as its not made available to the general public HERE (and hence not offensive/proselytising to the Muslims), it should be alright, no?

  2. hmmm jesus with laser eyes… i thought he practise forgiveness? (I only know about his letting the person who slapped his right face to slap his left story) – there’s no reason for him to have laser eyes right?

  3. how come i dont see christians rioting in the streets over this? oh wait, they are not barbarians. and megago, you dont even want to go there.

  4. kenny i did not know that there was so rude in putting the jesus toys for sell
    were are there otak kenny
    well sad the people who make it have no brain

  5. Actually not that bad.
    Tell me which one is worse ? A fictional power ranger action figures that teaches kids to punch and kick their way around or a Jesus figurine that preaches world peace and love ?
    Although purists or fundamentalists may argue that this is wrong but if helps to expose children to a beautiful religion, I think Jesus himself would endorse it.

  6. of course this is sick, bcoz nobody knows wat jesus looks like, and he sure doesnt look handsome like this !! the bible says he looks a lot older than his age and u can c the burden bearing the sins of all human kind on his face…he’s not an idol….but he’s a savior..

  7. wats wrong wif a jesus action figure? n to say dat sumone shud go to hell for dat is too much… come on maan..? r u a free-thinker Kenny?

  8. 2 lousy posts!!! You probably have a cool malaysia model post ready but you can’t post it yet right?
    I hope so…cos the last 2 are to cheap and short!

  9. Kenny, u know this Jesus wan meh?
    If you know, you won’t be spending time layaning your worldly desires.
    Wake up dude. You and your blog and your coconuts will pass away. But the Word of God remains forever.
    Hope to see you in heaven lah.

  10. to david,
    Don’t proselytise or over-preach.
    to Kenny Sia,
    Way cool. Where’d you find that action figure of my Dad?

  11. noobian,
    It is our duty, btw. In addition, that is all that matters in this world. Its all about going against the tide man. But what to do, people are blinded these days. Over-preach or not, He’ll have the last laugh at the end of the day. You still have your free will. So, don’t say people never tell you when questioned at the judgment seat in due time.

  12. Blasphemous action figure not for underage as they tend to break it apart or smash it to bits, but then again isn’t that what action figures are for? Anyways, someone is gonna burn in hell for that.

  13. I wan a ACHMED the DEAD TERRORIST action figure…it’s so cool…but this is also not bad as a gift to christian / chatolic / anglican friends…

    now with miracle performing action.
    turns water to wine in a JIFF!
    the lame can walk and the blind can see!
    rises from the dead 3 days later!
    contains moving parts – suitable for ages 3 and up
    LOVE the doll kenny 🙂

  15. this figure set can join my collection of barbies dolls…. finally a doll without the handsome blonde, darlie (toothpaste ad) teeth, prince-alike looking male figure =)

  16. To the Religious zealot named David,
    Hi , my name is Legion and we are many!!! Ha hahahaha…..I want your soul, david, and you know it is mine already, because I know where you live and I know your phone number. You think we in Hell can’t track you down? Anytime now, boy, the gates of Hell are open and they are welcoming you. You can run but you cannot hide. Coz I will find you david. Pray all you want, coz tonight is I’m taking your soul.

  17. Jesus is a hero and a savior! The cool thing about Him is that He’s not fictional. That applies when you believe in Him of course. I have no comment on the action figure though, it doesn’t look insulting to me. But if you were to make one of Muhammad then I think it’s insulting. But if you were to make one of Buddha, it does not make any sense at all. Because Buddha is more of a teacher. He doesn’t save lives.

  18. David,
    Then what are you doing layaning your temporal pleasure by reading blogs so much, and laughing a laugh or two at Kenny’s postings. Quick, go do the work of your god, waste not a minute on these flippant things. If God meant for you to have a sense of humor, you’ll be a femes and entertaining blogger like Kenny instead of a patronizing commenter. Go man, go. The clock is ticking. Shut down this browser now. Otherwise your place in heaven will be taken up by someone who gives up blogs and spreads the Word.

  19. Dear Kenny,
    Recently i have rather dissappointed with your blog posts. I find them uninteresting and as an avid fan of your blog, i really hope you can upkeep the quality of this blog. Several readers have expressed to me how they no longer follow your blog this past few months due to the fact that you no longer update this blog consistently with funny and interesting material. No offense to you kenny, but as a fan of your blog for 3 years, i feel that i should let you know how certain readers are feeling and hopefully you can try to improve.
    Thanks For Listening.

  20. kenny,
    Why do you have to put up the word “Coming up next limited edition Buddha action figure”?
    Are u intending to stir up your readers’ emotion/feeling one by one by showing Jesus,etc,What’s next?Please donot get these sensitive things out of hand…just to get cheap respond.
    Please show some compassion!Do you personally meant that the figure is your CHristian’s Jesus SON OF THE LORD?

  21. Personally i still feel that showing/making fun of a holy figure(cos of the WORD ” JESUS” or any similarity-intended or unintended) is not that RIGHT.Correct me if i’m wrong.If the manufacturer were to be found guilty of producing it then you are also held responsible of certain negligence.
    I would advice you NOT to show the Muslim prophet figure…to save guard youself.

  22. innocuous figures are fine with religions used to them. however, Islam prohibits any form of depiction of Muhammad n Allah because 1)it humanizes Allah, 2)it encroaches on Muhammad’s prophethood, 3)it promotes idol-worshipping (which is prohibited in islam). so, out of respect for muslims, y should anyone make their figures, rite? unless of course, you’re looking for trouble in the first place. dead terrorist action figures are cool, i guess.
    besides, by taking the example of Jesus figures: sooner or later, people WILL go blasphemic by drawing different versions of Jesus e.g. black Jesus, muscular Jesus, gay Jesus, etc (don’t believe me? juz google their images). or starts to makes fun of His miracles like allison at 22 February 2008 12:30 AM.
    this downplays the concept of divinity. oh, unless Bauddha did shoot lasers from His eyes, then the Buddha laser eyes are blasphemic.

  23. Jesus action figure =.=
    What will they think of next.
    Oh btw, this is the first time I’ve been here. I’m impressed. Kenny Sia! How’d you get so “famous”? XD

  24. i have the same one..and the jesus is black 🙂 which i think would have been most likely his colour considering the sun and geographics

  25. David,
    As Christians, we do not scare people into following our religion. Rather, we present our religion to people – highlighting our main doctrines and beliefs – and leave the choice to others. We do not persuade, we do not scare, we do not threaten.
    When it comes to thorny issues like one’s lifestyle and hobbies, one should not say:
    “Don’t do this! You’ll go to Hell!”
    “Don’t do that! You’re just wasting you time!”
    “Don’t do the other thing! Once you die you won’t be able to take it to Heaven with you anyway!”
    This is extremely negative criticism which is not constructive, offensive, talks down to people in a condescending manner and implies that the other person is ‘stupid’ for following such a lifestyle.
    Please, David. Watch your words, because you may misrepresent Christianity through a careless word or two.
    I myself am not writing this message for your ears alone, but for the ears of the other people on this board: “Anyone who attempts to scare you, threaten you, shame you or otherwise coerce you into Christianity is not a true Christian – tell that to his face!”
    With utmost sincerity,

  26. There is hell loads of angry Christians here.
    HAHA, being slightly atheist; I do not find figurines of Jesus is blasphemous at all. What is the big deal anyway. It’s just a plastic action figure. -_-.
    AND if there’s really laser beaming Buddha figure I would defenitely buy it. Is’nt it buying action figures is a form of worshipping too? 🙂
    So to all angry-for-no-reason Christians, start buying Jesus action figures, perhaps get Jesus a friend as well maybe Slyvestor Stallone as Rambo! 😉

  27. btw, i guess this post shud be tken with a pinch of salt.
    if kenny doesnt post this, who would inform us readers of such things happening.. just tke it like, some form of information? :/
    no offence to all.

  28. “btw, i guess this post shud be tken with a pinch of salt.
    if kenny doesnt post this, who would inform us readers of such things happening.. just tke it like, some form of information? :/
    no offence to all.” by Nat
    Dear Nat,
    I don’t see anyone is blaming the blog owner for posting this, but the maker of the figurine, the distributors, and the sellers.
    Why don’t they make toys replicating “Muhamad” and try see what happened next? Because Christians are
    submisive and aren’t violent at all, physically speaking?
    I can’t help myself bet to say this “Kan Ni Neh, Chaw Chee Bai” to these bastards who made, distributes and sells them.
    Any lawyers here?
    *I don’t frequent this kind of a blog until I was being notified by a friend of something/someone( not the blog owner) insulting other’s religion, or in this case-The Son Of GOD, according to Christian beliefs.
    Don’t get me wrong Nat, if u r directing at me.

  29. cant u guys read? “out of ordinary” means this post is something u cant find in daily life. the blog owner came across this and post it as he feels its intesting, so wat? bible is a representation of Jesus or God (correct if i’m wrong) in form of words, then y cant they present Him in action figure set? ppl paint His physical appearance in kids bible study books, y cant they make Him into figure set?? then y ppl buy cross with the tiny jesus hanging on the cross? tats HIM too…. don be pathetic and grow up……

  30. As a Christian I am offended when people Insult my FAITH, but I am not about to Rampage over someone else’s lack of Ethics or Morals.
    The Jesus who was Crucified “That we be Forgiven” is fully capable of taking care of himself.”We’ll all be judged according to Our deeds”.Who else but our Creator could have thought that one up thousands of years ago? No finger pointing Our Very Own Sins will accuse us.
    FYI:-IDOL Worship is The Most Offensive because it replaces the Living GOD with a pretty piece of Wood,Stone or Metal that is incapable of even keeping itself clean.First handed down by God to Israelites through Moses, then to Christians through Jesus Christ and to Islam through Prophet Mohammed. Anyone interested in FACT could ascertain that Christianity was born through Jesus’ Crucifixion and Ascension into Heaven, and Islam so closely resembles the original Israelite’s customs as to be an offshoot (Respectfully). Simply by reading Accurate Translations of each Religions’ Testaments.
    Point being:- Those bent on killing each other have More in Common than Differences.
    Atheists?:-In the absence of a HIGHER POWER you are no more than a side-effect of two people doing the Big Nasty.
    Sex produces the Body, but Spirit & Soul that completes the Three parts of a Human Life are not of Human Origin.
    LOGICAL to anyone in search of Enlightenment.

  31. Weirdly, I don’t think there’s anyone here getting pissed at Kenny Sia for posting this…the reactions are more like “Damn, this world ain’t fair…if that was Mohammed 2000 people would have died today from a pile of suicide bombs…and the toy company executives would have been murdered quietly in their beds….”
    Sad, but true.

  32. Kenny Sia,
    I hope you read this.
    I don’t have to read further comments since my last post, but anyone profiteering from this Jesus replica including advertising it (meaning, being paid to sensationalize and attracts buying), incite especially the non Christians to mock Christianity is evil as your action(s) constitute to serious blasphemy and propagation of Chritianity.
    This blog(as I was told) has millions of readership. I sincerely hope that you can recall this postings especially the photos.

  33. Atheists?:-In the absence of a HIGHER POWER you are no more than a side-effect of two people doing the Big Nasty.
    Sex produces the Body, but Spirit & Soul that completes the Three parts of a Human Life are not of Human Origin.
    LOGICAL to anyone in search of Enlightenment.
    >> preachy, preachy aren’t we?
    Mr arrogant smarty pants seem-to-know-it-all!

  34. How is this action figure blasphemous? It is not irreverent in any way. I don’t see any nuances of mockery or insult to a certain religion on the packaging.
    Neither the use of blasphemous comments nor the word Christ can be seen from the picture. Don’t get worked up so much about an action figure named Jesus.

  35. Dear Arrogantidiot (your choice),
    Idea was strictly to inform, while I believe in GOD through Christian Doctrine, I also believe we are all free to Go To Hell In Our Very Own Handbasket. I am merely Sharing what I’ve learnt. Still Learning I am not qualified to Preach.
    So often proclaimed Atheists or Agnostics start Pleading for GOD when in dire straits or Blaming him for Mans Inhumanity to Man. Incidently,there are also GNOSTIC Testaments in Jesus’ Doctrine which ascribe that WISDOM is the path to God, practiced by COPTICS who were recently FREED by Egypt from Forceable conversion to Islam to practice their Chosen FAITH.Agnostic is a claim to deficiency in WISDOM.
    Heres a personal tidbit to ponder: ‘Arrogance’ is the most mentioned Human Flaw in the Scriptures with Hypocrisy second, moreso than MURDER, RAPE & a host of others. WHY Is That?
    Kenny’s blog is doing exactly what it is supposed to do: Stimulate debate on everyday matters Overlooked by mainstream media. KUDOS!

  36. i cant wait to see my nephews kick this toy, make it fight with dinosaurs, bite its head off, throw it under bed when they are done with it or in the garbage when they dont need them anymore.

  37. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a religious person or otherwise. When you say anything positive about any religious matter, people will always counter it negatively in myriads of ways – via comments, physical brutality etc. People just hate religion or anything pertaining to faith. Then again, there are religious people who justify the killing of other religious people (from other faiths) just because they’re different. The former also kill people who wish to be ‘unreligious’ just because they’re unreligious. They’re ‘dirty’, ‘filthy’ people they claim.

  38. Dear All, I am Christian.
    Argue not among yourselves.
    1) Blasphemy=willful and intentional act of saying that a miracles is done by evil spirit when it was actually done in the Name of JESUS and The Holy Spirit. – a type of sin GOD will not forgive.
    2) Mocking GOD/JESUS – I do not remember if The Bible mention GOD will not forgive such a sin, but it mention many times how those people that mocked JESUS/GOD died or was punished.
    This Action Figure is NOT Blasphemous or Mocking in itself, but if it is, let it be judged on The Day of The LORD.
    4) Many has insulted and rejected or persecuted JESUS, Most assuredly I believe that JESUS has forgiven them,
    2008 years ago JESUS did not came to pay the death-penalty of certain people only, but for ALL.
    HE came and paid for ALL, including those who nail HIM on the cross,
    Included Paul who was a Christian-persecutor and later chosen by JESUS Himself to be a Disciple of JESUS.
    Me too, I did not believe in JESUS, I insulted Christians, but 20 years ago, JESUS touched me.
    5A) to Christians in this forum = is good you try to stand up for our LORD.
    5B) Others – Christianity is not a religion, it is a 1-to-1 relation with JESUS, and thru JESUS with GOD.
    Maybe our Christian here was not trying to say that making and selling action figure depicting JESUS is a sin or wrong,
    Just in case anyone went too far and accidentally mocked GOD, therefore I suggest everyone to cease arguing.
    The figure is made, let those who see it is toys, take it as toys, symbol, as symbol.
    5C) Christian book shops did sell book mark, comics, and posters, cartoons or figure depicting Bible character or story,
    It depends how one see it.
    But I want to suggest the manufacturer NOT to make figures depicting anyone in any other religion if you know that it is considered disrespect or insult.
    But I suggest you to go thru all the cartoon characters (thundercats, totally spies, etc)
    and start making 5 inch standard figurines.
    I can post you named-colored-picture of cartoons character for your sculpting and prototyping.
    6) JESUS has all the authority and power to zap everyone to love HIM and believe in HIM, but HE didn’t
    HE does not want us to be like robots (no choice but programmed), and we are not NBE.
    HE wants us to CHOOSE. That is why we were created with the ability to choose,
    Accept HIM or reject HIM, is call FREEWILL.
    Those who accepted = you are not holy, you continue to learn to be like JESUS, sanctification, See Romans 8:29
    Those who rejected = you are not bad, take your time, (hey Chrstians, those who accepted lets pray for them. They need more info to make choice.) –
    Christians – remember, for we do not choose GOD, HE chose us and granted us faith in JESUS. By our own strength or head knowledge, I don’t think we will accept JESUS, but by GOD Grace we have been saved thru the faith that GOD put in our heart.
    Let us pray that GOD also, in HIS timing grant our buddies in this forum the same Saving Faith. Amen.

  39. I recently found this blog and have been reading along quietly. I thought I might leave my opening comment. Im not sure what to write but that Ive enjoyed reading it. Cool blog. I will keep coming back to this website frequently. I have also got the RSS feed for any updates.

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