How SUPP and DAP Attempt To Appeal To Young Voters, But Failed

Disclaimer: is politically neutral and does not endorse any political party.

When you see a certain white-haired fella on the front page of The Borneo Post so many days in a row, you know election fever in Malaysia has well and truly heat up.

One of the things I observed this General Elections is how both sides of the political spectrum are trying very hard to woo the votes of young Malaysians. In fact, I think they are trying a little too hard.
That is understandable. After all, young ones like us make up a large percentage of swinging voters. This is especially true in the urban seats. Votes from the diehard fans of both parties will cancel each other out, and it is the decision of the swinging voters that will ultimately decide who will win this election.
In short, young voters are very important to the political parties. But when I see what the SUPP and the DAP are doing to appeal to young voters, I LOL-ed. (That stands for “Laugh Out Loud”, you old fogies.)

First, it was Barisan Nasional’s SUPP that released, of all things, a rap song to launch the attack on DAP.
I kid you not, it’s a political election rap song. And a far better one than the one I did for my friend Jeff Ooi a few months back. Still, don’t expect to hear the song anytime soon on Hitz Top 30 alongside Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent.

Here’s the lyrics of the Chinese rap song, roughly translated into English.

WHO SAYS vote rocket will bring development?
WHO SAYS vote rocket will bring in the funds?
WHO SAYS vote rocket will bring down fuel prices?
WHO SAYS vote rocket will change people’s lives?
WHO SAYS SUPP can’t change everything?

Now if you think that rap song sounded familiar, that’s because there’s a good chance you might have heard it from a certain telco prepaid advertisement.

Talk about originality. I wonder how that is gonna attract young voters.
Now, before everyone start laughing at the SUPP and accusing them of piracy. Let’s just say the DAP isn’t any more creative.
DAP’s tagline for the 2008 General Election is “Just Change It”.

Dunno why when I look at this banner I suddenly feel like exercising leh.
But then DAP decided to go one step further. They decided that it’s not good enough to just attract young voters. They must also appeal to little children who have are not yet old enough to vote.
Which is why for this General Elections, in order to appeal to young children, the DAP has released a limited edition soft toy of their official mascot for kids.
They called “The Rocket Kid”.

As a toy for little kids, this mascot is just so… wrong.
I’m sorry, but that just reminded me of one very happily smiling red-coloured penis.
Suddenly, DAP’s election campaign becomes an erection campaign. Some more they had to make the “rocket” go through a blue hole. Maybe that’s just their subliminal way of saying “Oi! Screw you, blue-coloured party!”

Very suggestive to hold it like that woi.

One thing for sure, I hope that “thing” doesn’t vibrate. reaches out to a lot of younger voters, but many them have yet to decide who to vote for in this coming Elections. These young voters don’t know who their candidates are and what they represent. So here I am playing my part.
I am now in the midst of securing face-to-face interviews with the two parliamentary candidates for Bandar Kuching, Chong Chieng Jen of DAP and Alan Sim Yaw Yen of BN-SUPP. If any reader has any questions they wanna ask, please post your questions in the comments section and I’ll raise these questions when I meet with them.
Ask now or forever hold your piss.

240 Replies to “How SUPP and DAP Attempt To Appeal To Young Voters, But Failed”

  1. Someone just bought a brand new blue colour F430, so please vote wisely, if not our tax payers’ money will be funded for “his” new toy again.

  2. from the video, we can clearly see, that the “blue party” gets supports only from the mainstream news, WHICH is controlled by the gomen, WHICH obviously support the “blue party”.
    we don’t want crap, we don’t want to read news being CONTROLLED and supporting only certain parties

  3. In response to the song “who say”… the RAKYAT say!!! BN can go to hell. where are the development??? All are meant to channel money into cronies pocket..chee bye

  4. LOL! And I thought I’ve seen the last of it when I saw the DAP Vote for Change election campaign song on YouTube… NOT! xD
    I believe that DAP deserves a chance to prove themselves.
    Too bad I can’t vote this coming general elections though. =/

  5. Just tell them to stop all the childish crap.
    Such an old way to woo young voters, not to mention
    lame and uncreative.

  6. Salute for the citizen’s journalism effort! Be the unbiased media that we have been denied all this while. Ask them both the questions that we want to know…
    ..such as what bath products they might happen to use (liquid or cake)!

  7. I have a question! Why can’t both parties run a clean campaign? They’re dissing and bitching about the other, and if these are what the future leaders look like, well then, I’m keeping my vote to myself! Instead of launching smear campaigns against each other, why not engage in good old squeaky clean campaign.
    Malaysia’s election candidates are a laughing stock!

  8. Question:
    To either DAP or SUPP,
    Should I vote for (you) or should I vote for (them) to decrease the fuel prices? Which one do you think has a better chance?

  9. Addition: All parties should stop picking on each others faults and looking for something to criticize. Instead, focus on their main issue. Why bother with the other? I sometimes find it difficult to swallow the argument put up by these candidates. They’re just ridiculous.

  10. dezmond, dream on. Oil prices won’t fall unless the world price falls too. Even Brunei is having trouble. Man, enough already with the oil price.

  11. If I vote for DAP, what’s to ensure that they won’t become like BN? If a new government is formed, what’s to ensure that the Malaysian economy won’t decline? Afterall, an unstable government drives the investors away as is the case of Africa? There are so many variables involved.

  12. In the end, I think the contesting parties are nothing but airs and ugliness. Using politics to their agenda (you know who). Daylight crooks. Them all are.

  13. OMG… I would think that they had committed publicity suicide the moment they revealed their “mascot”.
    come on la, they’re supposed to target young adults, not children! sigh..

  14. Walao…jia lat ah…why they design it like tat?make themselves siasoi nia…hope tat pic din come out in newspaper.

  15. And to you, Vivienne, it is the same anywhere else in the world. Smear campaigns that is.
    If we can laugh and make fun of every single thing Britney Spears do, why not do that to our politicians?
    And DAP’s mascot is pretty cool. I like it.
    Bite me.

  16. i hvn’t had a vote before… yes you are rite, young ppl don’t know whom to vote for. and yes we hv lots of question. don’t know whom to trust now.
    LOL rocket kids!

  17. Both parties are trying so hard luring young voters cos we the youths hav yet to know & understand their usability in this country.But to me, they’re just a bunch of “Rocket Vs. Dickies” with a vibe on…Yeah..Make more Love Youngsters!

  18. i want to know what they are thinking / going to do with:
    1) the economy. as china is rising as one of the most prominent economy power, maybe for the next few decades.
    2) education. what would be the changes we should be expecting, as our public education exam papers or questions pattern can be spot by teachers. will it be change with the world?
    3) foreign policy. will we be stricken the foreign policy, such as control the number of foreigners to come in, what are the criteria to work/live in here.
    4) support of separating religion and the government. (this one a bit touchy)
    thats all first. thx

  19. Vote DAP in…
    Woman: Do you want to see another bocor case?
    Man: Why cant everyone live like Zakaria? Corrupted!
    Everyone, please give DAP greater voice in parliament and state assembley.
    I have enough of our country’s joke from Lingam to RM200 screwdriver! DAP boleh!

  20. I’m 21 now, but I don’t know who I’ll vote for yet, or if I will even vote at all, since all the political parties are a bunch of equally lame ass monkeys to me, but my vote is definitely not going to BN, too arrogant.

  21. sad kenny barisan atau barang naik talk too much
    who want to void for barisan all shit work from them
    a new way or new move all boo shit want
    you void for bn see loh barang naik sudah see loh
    kenny ask bn go to hell wash my time go void for then
    go to hell with bn kenny i hate them so much
    bn barang naik raykat susah sudah bn buat raykat susah now and then

  22. Kenny, the younger generation are more mature now, a vote for barisan rakyat (DAP.PKR,PAS) saves Malaysia from corruption and down falling.
    Lets vote out BN!

  23. By what you write and if that’s what you and the rest of the reader and commentators see nothing beyond DILDO – LIKE doll…then DAP fail or success is really irrelevant because at the end of the day they just end up “PLAYING PIANO TO COWS”

  24. Ask them:
    1) What’s their stand on the NEP.
    2) What’s their stand on corruption.
    3) What’s their stand on racism.
    4) What’s their stand on making empty promises only during election time

  25. Hmm…. Kenny, can u do me a favour and ask those politicians whether they have a statement of declaration for their promises, or any other thing that can be evidence held against them for future references in any circumstances the promises that they made were undelivered? Because then, I will definitely vote for the one with the evidence and sue him later if he doesn’t deliver results.
    U know what they say about politicians.
    They shake your hand before the elections, they then shake your confidence after elections!

  26. Way to go Kenny… Suddenly I want to buy a rocket kid…. Hehehe…..Farnee…..
    Young voters,
    What u read/see in the newspapers/tv is 100% controlled by BN.
    Go check out malaysiakini website for hard facts. Don’t pengsan.
    Everybody knows BN is going to win dirty, but M’sia needs a louder opposition voice.
    Absolute power corrupts. Find out what happened over the last 4 years.

  27. after listening to that counter DAP rap MV, ironically, it felt like promoting DAP….whoever made that video, i doubt his intellectual ability to fit in any political post..

  28. well whatever it is, it is known for sure that barisan is definitely gonna win.
    its now up to the young voters to ensure that BN DO NOT win too beautifully.

  29. seriously, voting one or the other is juz a matter of choosing the lesser evil. but then, our opposition party is so weak. of coz BN wont be afraid la.
    and some more got ppl with this mentality if u vote other than the ruling party, u will be condemned or sent to jail for being “disloyal”. serious. im not kidding

  30. Haha ….
    True true. Barisan is corrupted, PAS lives in the jungle, DAP makes too much noise and Keadilan is literally hopeless.
    If i have to choose one, i would rather vote for DAP.
    Hope they will win more seats this year, but i doubt so, Malaysians are too naive.

  31. i can say, im not at age yet to vote. but if i am given the chance, i will be rather confuse to do so. its all about who wins. and when they do, all de promises just end up being, empty promises. gosh when will there ever be PEACE in this world?

  32. Please ask the BN guy, how is NEP beneficial for the society? Shouldn’t subsidies/quotas be need-based instead of race-based?

  33. Aiyoh! You’re so naive lah. The blue ring is what we called “bulu-kambing”. Now there is a newer version with battery-operated vibrater.
    Need me to show you the real one?

  34. Just one simple question to the BN candidate – if he’s disagreed on certain issues raise by some UMNO MPs in the parliament, would he stand up & speak up to his conscience?

  35. Woah that was really….trying really hard. I know we are the baby boomer’s boomers, but must they do that?
    By the way, you should have checked DAP’s new song. If their theme makes you want to exercise, their song makes you feel like a World Cup Winner and to go to the stadium to receive the prize.
    English Version:
    Malay Version:
    Mandarin Version:
    By the way, this song works. Some people just can’t stop singing it LOL!

  36. It’s true that BN is controlling the mainstream media. They have so many advertistment bout how good Malaysia is doing and we should vote for them as always. What’s unfair is that due to their media control, other parties have less chances, and young people and children are influenced much easily. When children grow up and have to vote one day, the memories of watching those advertistment and how they should vote BN still stays there.
    Whether we choose DAP or BN, overall, BN wins just like it always has. People are just too afraid to take a risk for change. I want a change cuz I’m bored with BN. It’s the same faces, and voting for them is just going to ensure the same ppl doing the same lousy job as they always did.
    And one thing is…. one thing I really like to change is Kuching’s public transport system… I’ve never used it because it’s so unconvenient… It feels like it haven’t improved much. If i had to take a bus, I gotta walk 15 minutes or more to reach the bus stop and wait maybe more than 30 minutes or less for the damm bus. I don’t have a car and i hate depending on other people to send me around and getting a taxi is just expensive if you always gotta use it.

  37. (1) For either party that wins, what will be the first “change” to be implemented?
    More importantly, what “punishment” can we (the rakyat) serve the party if the promised change did not materialize? Besides the obvious loss of trust and the usual “shit, kena con again”. I’m talking about real pain.
    Enough with empty, and now irrational, claims of change.
    (2) If BN wins, what are they going to do about the percentage of disgruntled masses? Do they think that it’s ok, they “won”, “the majority are happy, that’s good enough.” ?
    Does BN feel that they may have failed somewhat as a ruling party, to have so many of the masses feeling so dissatisfied and disappointed in the government?

  38. (3) Does BN agree that they control the local media?
    If yes, do they think that’s fair?
    If no, do they think honesty is an important value voters should consider when choosing who to vote for?

  39. i know who sing the song actually…..its the same guy who sing the negarakuku, kawanku, muar chinese…..the guy is from muar 1…….
    BTW, Vote or not, its not gonna change anything….BN sure win 1…… its Fixed!! wake up malaysian….

  40. There’s really nothing one can do. The ruling party (that has, unbelievably, won every eLection in the past 50 years) has got the elections firmly in hand.
    I was approached by two acquaintances, one a soldier and one a civil servant. The soldier related that since they mail their votes by post, they all have to vote for the ruling party as their votes are easily intercepted. A regiment that has too many Opposition votes is punished.
    As for the civil servant, he charged me to remember that none of them had any choice in the matter as their superiors were also (figuratively) looking over their shoulders when they voted.
    After hearing these two accounts, I lost all hope for this country.

  41. Hi Kenny,
    I applaud to Lawrence & Maverick’s comments. Please go ahead and make us proud. IF you can make a change, then Do it.
    Thank you.

  42. ^ for ur information lenny Ng, that guy has the similiar voice but why would he sing the song for SUPP(BN) ? Check out the Celcom’s Who says then u’ll obviously know it’s another person and dun judge juz becoz of the voice ok? That is so lack of proof. And you should know The guy who sing negarakuku is always criticising BN parties (SUPP related). Please study more on your histories. Thank you.
    DAP in my opinion has their rights to win, and also since there’s the advertisement on BN’s rm30 juta and so houses were owned by ministers. You might know it’s people’s money donated for those biggie houses. Other than that, it’s time for Malaysian people to wake up. Work it up for a better Malaysia.

  43. omg,you really only see what you want to see, don’t have to joke all the time, it ain’t funny at all, in fact i think thats a brilliant idea, my nephew lov this cute toy, as a kid, their 1st impressions are most lasting, that means their 1st contact with ‘sense of politic’ is this little mascot…

  44. Ok Kenny, I must comment on this one! WTH is wrong with the politics back in Malaysia??!! The whole world is talking about change and yet no one is trying to explain what is the so called “change”. You are right, I don’t know who are the candidates and I don’t even know how many parties they have.. Shame on me, but I do know about American government. So.. Malaysia should start considering about adding Government as a subject in the classroom..?
    Well, we’ll see what happen next. =)

  45. LOL..i wonder what were they thinking when they make THe video???its cool in a way t attract people to vote but it just feel weiRd..the song i bad i cant vote yet.sigh..

  46. To Alan Sim(BN)- BN has been in power for so long but throughout all the years more and more issues that are needed to be addressed immediately are simply pushed aside – corruption has been growing rampantly(just how many of us had been asked for kopi-o money by the traffic police before?), monopolization of the cement or the construction industry as a whole in Sarawak by a certain politician linked company, racist remarks by BN politicians in the parliament,poor public transport infrastructures in Sarawak, universities quota system, unfair awards of scholarships, ISA, OSA, UUCA and so on and so forth.
    As a component party of the ruling coalition, what roles does SUPP play to address these problems after so many years of BN political dominance in Malaysia?
    To Chong Chieng Jen(DAP) – To be realistic, we all know that rising fuel prices is a global issue that every country in the world is facing. To reduce the fuel price is not going to solve the current energy crisis. What realistic approach would you recommend in addressing the problem if you are to be elected as Member of Parliament?
    To both Chong and Alan Sim-
    And more importantly, what will you do if elected as a Member of Parliament to address the “petty” issues that we, Malaysians, are facing everyday(rising living costs ,etc)?

  47. Hey kenny… About what to ask them? Mention this…
    2. WHY THE HELL CAN’T MELAYU’S DECIDE NOT TO BE MUSLIMS? Can always change to diff denomination of Islam le, but why cannot?
    3. SARAWAK WANTS HER PETROLEUM TO DEVELOP HERSELF, NOT SEMENANJUNG! Frankly, sharing with Sabah ain’t that bad. Sharing with semenanjung? HEh.
    4. Equality among races? Indians and chinese left out you know.

  48. And mention something about freedom. Of speech, to print unbiased news, hold rallys…
    Seriously, tho some things aren’t moral, they really ought to be legal to show our country ain’t baby sitting immature 10 year olds.
    Eg, “sensitive” issues aren’t nice to bring up, but we’re entitled to voice out our opinion.
    You know, the whole legally right morally wrong, legally wrong morally right issue. Think bout that.

  49. Luckily we have you to point out the funny thing about this election hahaha. Take the stress out anyway. Share with us more about ur opinion about this election Kenny, ur opinion will swing large vote i can be sure of that hahahha!
    All Hail Kenny!!

  50. Hmmm… question to ask both of them.
    Alan Sim BN-SUPP
    – Can explain why a lot of cases which involve west malaysian politician always puts to silence after a while ? eg. Zakaria million dollar mansion, VK Lingam mockery
    – What different He will bring to our basic need such as understanding and equality among races and religion ?
    If cannot answer better vote for Kenny

  51. I like the rocket kid. Wanna buy don’t care it represent a red condom, red penis or what so ever. I was told it is a limited edition. Btw, I do suspect the DAPs get the idea from South Park’s Mr Hanky the Christmas Poo…. Their face look so similar.

  52. Hey dude, I went to DAP’s office at BDC 3 time, and they were closed all 3 times, like that how to win ?….just wanted a rocket t-shirt to wear when I chow down at Malaysian restaurant in town.

  53. “my 6yr old son once asked me,”dad,i heard the word Bumiputra fr my friend in school today,what is Bumiputra?” i hesitated and then answered “it means Son of the Soil”, “i am a malaysian, i was born here,am i a Bumiputra? i could’t answer him this time.

  54. Yes we dont know how the opposition will be IF they do come into power. But how good has BN been? They have easily plundered billions upon billions in the past and you think that is ok?
    Go read this and you will know what the PM’s family is doing to screw us all.
    Gv the oppositions a chance. If they cant perform, we can always vote back BN in the next election. The time is now. If we dont make it now, our future will be doomed!
    We are so close to victory. Just needed your 1 vote each to make it happen.
    Those who are thinking that you are not going to vote becos both sides are equally bad then all I can say is YOU are dead selfish!

  55. It’s funny y our PM wanted d election early instead of waiting a few more months? D outcome of d Lingam case might reveal so, so much lo.. U tink he’s probably afraid dat too much mite be revealed? 😉 No doubt corruption is a major issue here..

  56. Anwar would’ve been eligible to stand for election on 15 April 2008, so i heard. Dollah oso afraid of him eh.. baru wana hv d election early ^_^

  57. LOL! that is ridiculous. way to USE MONEY towards development.. on stupid rap songs and stupid toys.
    encouraging pollution is what they know i bet.
    election…election..erection~ hahahahahahaha
    good one kenny!

  58. Dear Nicole,
    What you see in your sms is the truth. In fact a lot of non-bumis did not realise it. I’m not a racist, however there’s an unfairness in Malaysia such as following:
    1. Hindraf was busted because of illegal demostration, how about Khairy’s demostration in the American embassy?
    2. Pigs was shoot in Paya Mengkuang without seond thought and Ali Rustam boasted in the Parliment he have shown Malaysian that Malaysia is a truly Islamic country with no other races.
    For more info, maybe you can check out
    I’m not here to influence who should you vote, but before you vote, please think again…

  59. this whole rap thing reminds me of the malaysian guy studyin taiwan who rapped the twisted version of negaraku who later made such a huge debut in the national papers..remember that?

  60. Kenny, please ask BN:
    1. If they are in power again, will C4 be freely used against women again?
    2. If they gain power, will body snatching cases happen again?
    3. I am really uncomfortable with this statement:
    “Revoke the citizenship of those who opposed the Malay rulers”, “May 13 has begun” (referring to the May 13 racial riots in 1969), and “soak it (the keris) with Malaysian Chinese blood” (1987).
    When will it stop?
    It is scary you know~

  61. hi Kenny, it’s very nice of u to blog abt politic n stand neutral abt it, rite on!
    i voted for DAP in last general election n state election, hoping that thr will b significant changes, or at least to make an impact on local government, but i was disappointed, they did NOTHING! BIG FAT ZERO, DAMN DAP LIARS!
    This time i’ll consider my vote carefully, i might vote BN or independent. mayb i shud vote a broken vote just to show that i disapprove all parties. if u dont vote, u dont care, if u make a broken vote, it means u dont approve any parties, and that’s different!

  62. I only wish more everyone here shared my passion for the polls. Kenny, if you think this is funny, then the elected BN representative are even funnier. I think you should encourage people to vote for a better Malaysia rather than laughing at them

  63. 1 more thing Kenny, IF u happen to meet “Chong Chieng Jen of DAP and Alan Sim Yaw Yen of BN-SUPP”, plz ask them in my favor as a diehard reader and as a malaysian rakyat:
    Q:what have each of them contributed to the ppl/rakyat of malaysia as a whole and particularly KUCHING, whr u and i live for the past years. i dont want vague visions to “better future”, i want the facts, and realistic visions, and some1 capable of delivering realistic development!
    and for the whiners of oil price hike, SUCK IT UP! oil price ain’t gonna fall, u dimwitz! go study economy! can’t u improve urself to earn more money to cover for the hike of oil price and other daily neccessities? if thr’s realistic economic development, u will earn more money, instead of just whining, incapable fools!

  64. Eh DAPRipOff,
    Thanks to ppl like you parties like BN and UMNO warlords thrive and shove more didlos into ur ass each year with their high ahnded tactics in governing the country. DAP is still a small voice and they cant do much in parlaiment. If we cant gv them this chance (which to me) is the best ever to change the way our country is being run, then we shall forever hold our (your) PISS whenever we see injustice done.
    Dont be selfish and look at the short term. Have some faith that thigns will be better under opposition or even a greater voice in Parlaiment. Go search yourself and do what is rite b4 this cahcen slips u by.

  65. Kenny u r really a good observer la…a cute rocket kid also u can view it as red penis somemore screwing a blue thing…kekkeke *salute*..
    I agree with some of the commenters, to guide the young voters who to choose, i think ur influence will be much more effective. But since ur blog is politically neutral, think u would not mention anything of ur thought on who will u vote(if u do, hope that u can give ur comment)
    To vote for either party had it’s own good and bad…To either continue to used as dummy but stable, or just change it and face the new risk for forming the new ruling party…maybe a risk management ISO 14971 should be conducted to evaluate the risk (acceptable or not)(Wahahahhahah)BUt therei s one thing for sure the opposition will never able to do it… pls dont keep using the propaganda on reducing the fuel mission impossible…~~~to maintain the price as it is, is good enough…~~
    Oh yah… i need some one to answer this very much…i have forget about the sejarah and pengajian am which i had learn. If a party only won 3/5 and not 2/3 in parlimeant, can the ruling party of the country be form?? Is there a need have another election??

  66. My question is:
    1. How much does it cost to print an A3 size poster of yourself to be stuck or hung outdoors? Do you need to wrap it in plastic in case it rains? How much does it cost then?
    2. Don’t you think it’s cheaper and wiser to just print details about yourself and drop it off in everyone’s mailbox? Saves cost and environment too.

  67. they should ask a professional to help them edit the video, it really lousy la~ and the video also very rude for the hakka part~

  68. GOod post and comedy at the heart as usual.
    You should be commended to be an unbias platform for the 2 sides to duke it out.
    QUestion for both of them,
    1. What can they do against the majority to defend the minority?
    the past years MCA and Gerakan had shown us that they keep their mouths shut and issue sensitive always comes up. The more we tutup case sensitive the more sensitive it become yet the leaders we pick had always taken the easy way out of doing nothing and accepting for less to keep the so called peace (discrimination).
    2. Also what are they going to do to reduce the ‘BUMI’ dependancy and actually improve the support for the REAL bumi the asli , dusun, kadazan ….

  69. Hi kenny…u got a very good startup for the day..Congrats on the good works….
    and some of the comments i found out are to radical. Just in order to put off their anger on goverment on the petrol price hike which affected the price of goods, certain people would choose to vote DAP…this is the fact….by doing so they think they can make changes? for their own sake,they will realize that their action will lead them to no where….why when DAP did not do anything on the price hike, the people never question them?just because they are opposition and just because they only have few seat in the August House? why every single thing must shoot SUPP….Like Ah jin said in papers, why kch got a lot of rubbish? What supp got to do on this? For god sake,he is damn stupid lawyer…whats the relation betwee rubbish and supp? Shouldnt it be rubbish and MBKS?against, because MBKS controlled by goverment?then i applause to alan reply on this. Since ah jin hold d bandar kuching seat in federal, all the rubbish issue in federal level should be settle by AH JIN…y need to ask those local council to clean?
    Your vote will determine your future generation..dont be regret like sungai maong folks…..for own mistake and EGo….
    Vote for Alan… i know even i vote for DAP i just waste my vote cos i know DAP will never ever be able to get the 2/3 quota..maybe in their dream…

  70. Vote for Alan… i know even i vote for DAP i just waste my vote cos i know DAP will never ever be able to get the 2/3 quota..maybe in their dream…
    If u know so much, can tell me this week’s 4d ah?
    Typical soh hai talking thru his arsehole.

  71. Sohaijin, if i know i also will not tell plp like u who r very idiotic….go to hell with yr DAP…once seeing yr reply already know la..u r part of the erection campaign..shame on u…if this goverment is not good, one word for u..MOVE OUT FROM HERE…ungratefull citizen….

  72. Actually the Celcom plagiarised song is right… we do not know if DAP can fulfill all those promises and live up to their manifesto, but I know they will try.
    But if I vote for BN, I know they cannot fulfill jacks for shits. This song is a good example, its just as fake as our national anthem.
    Thank you for reminding me of your incompetency.

  73. Time to vote for Jeff Ooi and the Opposition. Exercise your right now!!
    TAK NAK TO ………….
    We need the check and balance for good governance.
    Please do your part. Please call upon all friends and relatives to vote for the Opposition.
    We need to send the right candidates to parliment to voice up for us.
    Penang and Jelutong voters, we need more supports to reject BN parasites going into the Parliment.

  74. I think we need opposition to keep the government in check. Unlike the SUPP, DAP actually has a mind of its own and not afraid to voice it. Unlike the SUPP, DAP does not have credit lines that are unlimited. Maybe it’s time for a change, if you can look beyond the mascot etc.

  75. I would like to ask:
    1. To SUPP: if a motion in parliament is clearly against the conscience (by BN of course), will he vote against it? Explain.
    2. To SUPP: if a motion by opposition is clearly for the benefit of people, will he buy it? Why?
    3. We want AirAsia to fly direct between Changi & KIA. Will you help to fight for this? How?

  76. I am one of the Malaysia’s young adult (21-30 yrs old) who doesn’t vote.
    The reason why me and the majority of my friends don’t vote is bcoz we do not want to be pull into the dirty world these politicians are creating.
    The battles of the politicians are getting crazier by the day, what’s with badmouthing each other and creating rumors, lies and sabotage to the upmost that you think they are potraying anything nice to us?
    I don’t think so. If they don’t start making the election as something positive and fair, then I can say most of us will always steer clear of the voting booth.
    Yes the country needs our voice to determine the future and all but for the sake of the country, the negativities we hear is adding fuel to the fire which in the end will turn Malaysia into a Sahara dessert.
    Is that the kind of people we want to govern the country? Both BN and oppositions are playing dirty. None I see are showing any admirable attributes that would make me want to vote them so ask them this…
    “is setting a good example on voting will be Malaysia’s next target? if not, say hello to my little fren name NO THANK YOU”

  77. I think you have just given them the idea of coming out with the Vibrator Edition on the next coming (erection)…
    Go Red Poppets!!! Screw Blue Orifice…

  78. the SUPP song so lame la. namewee’s rap song is far more better. But Kenny, the way you link the rocket kid to a penis really make me -_- . your imagination so great la. I wonder who will you vote for. Is it BN or DAP? or maybe you will draw a 猪 on the paper. hehe

  79. To I Hate Ah Jin,
    To live in a country is anyone right, just because he don’t like the ruling government doesn’t make anyone the right to ask him out of the country lah…. thats why we have election to choose who we wanted.
    Let our comment not on personal attack or answer in plain stupidity.
    All Hail Kenny!

  80. Sohaijin, if i know i also will not tell plp like u who r very idiotic….go to hell with yr DAP…once seeing yr reply already know la..u r part of the erection campaign..shame on u…if this goverment is not good, one word for u..MOVE OUT FROM HERE…ungratefull citizen….
    Sorry la I hate ahjin”. I m like Kennysia who is not affiliated to any parties. When AAB came into power in 2004 i wasnt even a registered voter though i m of voting age. I even gv him my 2 thumbs up and told all those aunties i see near my housing estate that this man will change the landscape of Msian governing history. Today 2008, how wrong was I. It has gotten worse under his ruling and all BN and UMNO shitheads are treating us all like dickheads.
    So u think the rocketkid isnt a good reminder for us all that we hv been like dickheads all these while? We needed that slap in our face to wake us up rite? But it is nvr too late for u and me to gv Msia another chance to move forward for a better country. Not for our sake, but for our children’s children’s sake.
    Unless of cos ur father is pocketing handsomely form govt projects and a patron of govt’s corrupted agenda, then i see no reason why u cant stand with the rest of us Rakyat to oust this govt.
    After 50 years it has been proven that even a donkey is a better bet than any BN candidates that has no balls to stand up for our rights in Parlaiment. A donkey will still make some noise. A BN will just nod their brainless head in unison.

  81. kenny: please ask BN what has MCA done to help chinese education? as far as i know, chinese skols survive on donation, with minimal input from the government. in spite of this fact, mca still go around claiming credits to the expansion of only a handful of chinese skols.
    then pls ask DAP, please convince us with numbers and policies that will justify your grand plan to eradicate corruption and reduce inflation.
    thank you kenny.

  82. My 6 friends n I registered as voters at the same time at the same place several months ago, but only 1 of us appeared in the system.. . Why is this so? I’m afraid my calls n emails go unanswered during such PEAK period. I wan to vote oso cannot o_O
    Posted by: Yoo at 28 February 2008 4:01 PM | Link to comment
    PLs call up MCA rgd this and ask them why the CE didnt put ur names in. Dont ask DAP for help. ANy request for help from DAP, EC will keep quiet. If it coems from MCA, EC will move faster. THey think they hv voters (hahahaha). After they hv helped you, u must remember to vote for DAP ya.

  83. Hallo! Can u ask:-
    1.SUPP about fuel increase….how much is the increase? Can SUPP prevent such increase? ( I am sure that fellow will say this is federal matter but as a member I do expect SUPP to protest at lest )! renew….How cum 99years land after renew becum 60years? Why cannot auto renew?
    3.S’wak as oil producing state should have cheaper oil! What is SUPP view on this?
    4.Living cost have increased! Why SUPP no comment on this? Apart from Lily Yong.
    5.SUPP made all sort of promise. Any guarantee that this ‘promise’ will be fulfilled??? Some sort of declaration???
    6.DAP what is your ‘promise’???
    7.If they should form the government with other opposition parties can we be assured that the fuel price will be DECREASE by 30cts as claimed by PKR???
    Sorry if the question is a lots but I really do appreciated that u can get to ask such question!
    Have a very nice day!

  84. kenny, can you help me to ask alan sim, can he change the fact that the economy in sarawak only belong to taib abang adik?
    if he can change, i vote him….

  85. I must make myself clear that I am politically neutral.
    Every politicians will say “I am doing this for the people”. Each time, some group of people would believe and trust that they would make the change. I was once one of these people. And then, the first few month after the election, they would appear to fulfil their duties and soon, in a way, social responsibilities are not that important until a few months before the next election. {This is merely a trend I observe}
    What is worse is not the did not fulfil their pledge but they set upon firing campaigns at each other rather than concentrating on the current issues. I mean, if you are trully, and want to contribute to the society, whether you represent the constituency or not, you still can do your part. Firing at each other only makes you a laughing stock of the whole country.
    And if you observe, you would see that they would spread messages like “we should unite as one”. Right. Why on earth cant both parties work together like grown ups as one. I mean you have the same goal, right. Helping the society.
    No matter who wins the election, I wouldn’t expect much difference. Plans can be made and promised before election. Changes can still be made when there are other more important projects come underway and the chosen one wont be able to do anything but wail their protests. To the people, that’s a liar point but they can’t help it. They are only the middleman.
    So, if you really believe that united we stand, please don’t break us apart again with your childish firings and tantrums. Work together so we can be strong!
    ** I’m sorry if I offend anyone. **

  86. the comments posted here really intrigues me…
    yet the DAP supporters have not see the big picture here… so the government gives all the development projects to their own supporters and relatives, and opposition calls that “corruption”
    what IF the DAP were to b the govt here?
    -will they not give all the development project only to their own supporters? r u an idiot to support the people who oppose u?
    -do u give billion dollar project to small n incapable companies? which is not in the govt? govt have lots of money and can support their own supporters. why the hell do govt give money to ppl who oppose them? the risk of the project being stalled is a lot greater. and they dont want ppl who oppose them to be rich, to use money to bring them down.
    use ur god damn logic here, ppl!
    “DAP to contest in 47 parliamentary seats and 102 state seats”

  87. “DAP to contest in 47 parliamentary seats and 102 state seats” taken from dapmalysiaorg website, how the hell is that gonna make a difference in the parliament? dont DAP ppl study maths? the total parliament seat available is 222, even IF they win 100%, have they any voice in the parliament? u need at least 1/3 to deny the BN’s 2/3, 47 out of 222 is not even a quarter. join forces with the alternative coalition u say? well look around if u dont know, a lot of seats have BN, DAP, keadilan, and PAS contesting/fighting against each other, not a chance will the 3 main opposition join forces, go n ask the president of DAP, he will shove ur face in shit! damn singaporean DAP RIP OFF! nuf said

  88. OMG, I have GOT to get me one of those red rocket mascots. It’s a real collector’s item, all the way up there with that Jesus bobblehead I nearly bought!

  89. Ask them how they are going to prevent talented Sarawakians from leaving and migrating overseas.
    Ask them if and when UMNO is going to enter Sarawak.

  90. Questions:
    1. How much is S’wak’s oil and natural gas reserve? Do they have any plan should these run out?
    2. How will they make Kuching attractive for investor? Local economy can’t sustain growth.
    3. Can they promise to prevent more road names to be changed to Dato-Siapa-Itu-Saya-tak-tahu-tak-bother? I hate those names. I still like Jalan Keratapi.
    4. Will they blog in the future so we know what are they actually doing from time to time? This is to prove that bloggers are no liars. Hehe.
    5. Can they plant more trees? Many places are getting hotter now.

  91. smiling red-coloured penis?omg u can think until that , oh dirtykenny…hahah i think Dap should have rocket pencil instead of softtoys

  92. anyway, if i’m in kch, i’m gonna vote for change. bye bye SUPP.
    if there’s change in SUPP, come out from the dark force – BN.

  93. he comments posted here really intrigues me…
    yet the DAP supporters have not see the big picture here… so the government gives all the development projects to their own supporters and relatives, and opposition calls that “corruption”
    what IF the DAP were to b the govt here?
    -will they not give all the development project only to their own supporters? r u an idiot to support the people who oppose u?
    -do u give billion dollar project to small n incapable companies? which is not in the govt? govt have lots of money and can support their own supporters. why the hell do govt give money to ppl who oppose them? the risk of the project being stalled is a lot greater. and they dont want ppl who oppose them to be rich, to use money to bring them down.
    use ur god damn logic here, ppl!
    “DAP to contest in 47 parliamentary seats and 102 state seats”
    I think this DAP Rip Off guy is a UMNO guy. Becos no where can u find such person with low IQ.
    Have u heard of open tender? May the best wins the contract/. Right now our present govt isnt doing that. Anythign that ah kow can do for rm1, they gv it to crony at rm10. WHo is paying the extra RM9? Yea ppl like u and me (if u do pay taxes)
    DAP is contesting 47 seats, so what? THe other component parties within Barisan Rakyat are taking up the rest. This is call the sharing concept. They are trying to save Msia from the devil aka UMNO aka BN. By God’s grace and the people’s power, we can take back Msia and not let those goons run it down the drain.
    How many par. seats is MCA taking? 222? So dont be a sohhai. If ur dad is earning thru illegal means getting contracts from the govt, say so. We wont laugh at u. I hv frens who are MCA members and he told me that he has no chocie but to support them bcos end of the day his biz is relying on handouts. All I can say to him is he is selling the country for his own gain and he is no different from the other politicians.
    Similarly, if u know a robber, wud u still support him in his work or do u report him? By not doing the right thing means u r doing the wrong thing.
    Dont be a soh hai.

  94. 1st… BN = Barang Naik
    2nd… BN = Empty promises
    3rd… BN = Sim Yaw Yen will only either lay his head low or sleeping in the parliment or either absent… dont believe? we shall see…
    Yong Khoon seng? he only knows what is money.. and he will just stay low and keep his mouth shut…..
    why BN? Why? i could not find a reason… after so long of independence… we cant be like singapore… racist? remember the “you tak suka, you keluar dari malaysia”… remember that? omg.. that is over man… remember those Bersih campaign? Rakyat Freedom? i dont think so.. zam would rap once again… erection… same old stuff…
    why BN? if your not a malay in malaysia… and your family cant support you to enter private institution after ur Form 5.. and disqualified for STPM… your gone i tell you….. if ur not able to support ur child’s education in malaysia.. U R GONE… your child’s future is gone…. PTPTN? Yayasan? you need to pay 1st before u enter and only wait for ur result later.. if u fail… bear the cost urself.. no one is going to help you…. YOUR FUTURE IS GONE AS A NON BUMI…..
    why is all this happening? you think what SUPP did to kenyalang community is enough? last minute and only for the rakyat to see only…. you think he is sincere? he rather kept his mouth shut and get his money….
    Living in malaysia is not fair… nothing is fair in malaysia.. if ur chinese.. u get no discount on purchasing property.. you get one big fat zero 0….
    chinese school in kuching? hmm… who work the most? DAP for sure…. you think Yong and Sim will help those chinese school? i dont think so…
    Just a glance i look at Sim’s picture on the board… my reaction is… –>> this guy is selfsih.. i dont like his face… his face is more like the guy at petaling street selling those fake items with high price.. or those guy at bukit bintang during night time… eh… leng chai… you wan shiu che mou? dont you think so? hmm…
    You judge by urself.. i dont know… for me.. its time to change.. dont use all those same old ways and methods.. never learn and never grow..
    Racial discrimination rate is very high in malaysia… and its not healthy indeed…
    for me… its time to give a chance to DAP to show how hard working they are…. did u ever see Chong Chien Jen sleeping in parliament? i dont think so.. he is very committed… and i’ve seen him doing a great job for bandaraya Kuching…. which i am indeed satisfied…
    for stampin.. Voon is indeed a person who will sacrifice for citizens.. dont trust me? when u get into trouble.. just visit his office and ask for help.. not money of coz… help / advice.. i am sure he is more than happy to help….
    decisions is in your hand… either to change or not up to you…. we grow each day and accept new things that come to us…. and willingness to try is the most important of all.. if ur not willing.. no one can help you…. up to you to decide.. this is my personal point of view… and im saying it for myself and for whoever read this to understand and figure out what is in my mind… You can change whatever u like BN… but u can never change my mind… to me.. Malaysian gov is no way to compete with other country.. far behind.. too many issues makes me loose trust on this country.. disappointed so much.. shame for all malaysian citizens.. shame.. if u think malaysian is good enough.. dont send ur children to overseas? australia? UK? forget it.. try to send them over to local uni…. i dare u…. ask urself once again….

  95. help me to ask..
    from wat i know from taiwan election..both parties will come out plans, be it in education or social or economy when it comes to election campaign..however here there is no development plans from the parties..the election campaign is only to change (change to what?) or to maintain stability (izzit stable here???)..or “we never say no” (yea..rite..).. y can’t they really come out a plan (from the whole party & not from the single candidate) to really help the country to improve, from ppl to economy, let us decide & vote..and eventually implement? but now instead of like this, the party always give us “sweets” only before the election…
    and what’s the aim for DAP in the future? to just maintain a balance & check body for the govt?

  96. may be you would like to blog on this or even ask their opinion about this..
    the url leads to a chinese forum. What they are trying to say is, a dead person I/C is used to register as a qualified voter.
    original person : a penang chinese boy who passed away August 2007
    registered voter: an indian lady in puchong, selangor.
    the ic number is: 841027075229
    usually those I/C number with odd number are guys where as this is an indian lady… weird huh???
    at 1st, i thought it is a photoshop tricks but when i checked online through the official web page.. i got really shocked…
    for those who r interested, u may want to check and rub ur own eyes…
    check before they take it down.. and print screen as a record so that they can’t deny on that…
    what i can think of the answer they may given would be.. technical mistake or those officer unintentionally key in the wrong ic.. 🙂
    Go and believe in your own eyes… this is our Government…

  97. it’s about choosing the lesser evil as some previous statement says.
    guess u guy’s know whose better than more evil =) by now. understand and let it be like singapore for example.

  98. Kenny,
    But one thing is original and creative enough to be worth mentioned.
    “Every 5 years ERECTION without failed….” – ZAM

  99. WHAT IS THE POINTS IF SARAWAK BN(barang naik) WIN AGAIN 100% OR 90% OR 80% majority,even the PEOPLES OF SARAWAK still lack of BASIC THINGS,especialy proper road to the nearest town,clean water,electricity &’s already 44 years BN control sarawak,what is the peoples’s a shame to the BN GOVT.BIG LIAR..LIAR..& CORRUPTED.even sarawak state produce huges of timbers & oil & gas.billion billion money per year.WHERE IS ALL THE $$$!

  100. WHAT IS THE POINTS IF SARAWAK BN(barang naik) WIN AGAIN 100% OR 90% OR 80% majority,even the PEOPLES OF SARAWAK still lack of BASIC THINGS,especially proper road to the nearest town,clean water, electricity &’s already 44 years BN control sarawak,WHAT IS THE PEOPLES’s a shame to the BN GOVT.BIG LIAR..LIAR..& CORRUPTED.even sarawak state produce huges of TIMBERS & OIL & GAS.Billion Billion money per year.WHERE IS THE $$$!

  101. Stupid government spend millions of our tax payer money into election. They have full control of the mainstream media has lied so much to citizens. Only those “very silly, very naive” will trust their empty promises n lies.
    internet is the onli channel that we could communicate freely. Let’s support DAP, the opposition party need our support.
    Come out and cast your votes. I know it’s impossible for opposition to have majority wins, but at least we could set an “alarm” to government. Let’s do smth now for our people and do not wait for others to decide our fate. We could make a difference.

  102. why the hell is all the war posters & all the ceramah bad mouthing one another. No need all the publicity if they can perform well. We rakyat know how to judge who is doing their job well. who ever do good job, they get my 1 vote for sure. They are just like clowns in the circus. BOOO…. Even a 89 years old grandma come out to contest. Is this for real????

  103. Sohhai,
    GO LEARN MATHS! 47 out of 222 is not even near a quarter of 222, how is the DAP suppose to deny the 2/3 of BN, u not even have low IQ, u r brainless! the keadilan will never join forces with DAP if that’s what u r thinking. dont talk like a dumbass!

  104. kenny can u ask why the chinese parties in BN (not just supp but MCA too) dont stand up for their race but would rather kiss badawi’s ass and say shit like we’re a happyrace, bn is stable, lets keep NEP and all that crap.
    oh yea feel free to rephrase the questions tho.
    and if no1 supports the chinese BN parties then BN cannot use the excuse of being a multi racial party. and dats a good thn.
    to all those complainin bout the fuel hike. live wit it. oil dun last forever- if you cant afford it, seel ur car. a lil irony here cos the public transport in malaysia is crap. all taxpayers money goin into vellu’s hair transplants.
    and while in all honesty i see no substance in DAP’s arguments, i would still vote for them anyway (hope u will too), cos our government is gettin complacent and is rife wit corruption.
    any opposition is good opposition i reckon. once thy have a lil more than their meagres seats mayb they will have more power to change thns so cut them a lil slack guys.
    my greatest frustration wit BN is how the corrupted “pek mo” is still our @#!kin CM. now dat his son is contestin samarahan, it will b a pity if sarawak stolen CM’s post bcomes passed down thru his dirty family.

  105. well, yesterday evening i past the 4 1/2 mile traffic light, and guys, did u know what i see? i only glanced through one as i was driving but really shocked! there were at least three white low cost poster(the DAP type, white cloth and red words) saying that voting for DAP and Keadilan will help us formed HUIJIAGUO! and it stated in DAP name and logo! OMG! can u all believe that DAP will say such a stupid slogan for themselves???????? Are those who put those slogan “USING”DAP name think we are so easily cheated??????So angry, cos this is such a lame way in erection…….
    and this few days i only read sin chew daily, not other newspapers. Internatonal(guo ji) sided to SUPP 100% and pijak DAP everyday. Don’t trust me? jz compare the headline of this two newpapers everyday.u know what i mean…..borneo post, see hua, lian he……ai……….no news to read….all the good news from BN. SUPP…….

  106. Kenny can you ask ah jin, if he like to scratch his ball in public?
    Did he enjoyed working with violet who wear push up bra all the time? and did this make him erect?
    Thanks…..Sucks DAP alll the way….

  107. Sohhai,
    GO LEARN MATHS! 47 out of 222 is not even near a quarter of 222, how is the DAP suppose to deny the 2/3 of BN, u not even have low IQ, u r brainless! the keadilan will never join forces with DAP if that’s what u r thinking. dont talk like a dumbass!
    Posted by: I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 29 February 2008 7:54 AM | Link to
    Eh SHbwakbwak
    47 is no where near 222? Oh as if i dont know la. U expect dap to field 222 candidates fro that? Then PKR will also field 222 cand. and PAS will do the same. End of the day it will be a 4 corner fight and who will win? BN lo.
    Think with ur brains not ur arse.

  108. -you want police state ? Vote BN
    -you want to remain poor ? Vote BN
    -you want injustice for lifetime ? Vote BN
    -you want all groceries’ price hike ? Vote BN
    -you want pay petrol for RM3.62/liter ? Vote BN
    -you want majority worship places demolished? Vote BN
    -you want our community live in fear seeing a policeman? Vote BN
    -you want uncertainty in our children’s future education/employment?
    Vote BN
    -you want a gangster to become permanent party president? Vote BN
    -you want a hindu dead body hijacked? Vote BN
    -you want to live in a high crime rate society? Vote BN
    -you want to see the 8% community become 4% by 2020? Vote BN
    -you want your child grew in fear seeing keris ?Vote BN
    -you want to be 4th class citizen ? Vote BN

  109. Firstly I hav to say that when i first saw the mascot the words ‘penis dildo vibrator screw you’ came to mind…and those are the exact words you used to describe those vibrators, i mean mascots. So maybe those are really wot they wana imply?
    I registered and all hyped up about voting this year cos young people should realize the importance of voting, dont just sit back and comment… and also dont have the attitude that ‘there will neva be change..things will just be as they are…we are only the minority….my opinions dont matter…’ thats the worst kind of attitude to have. How can u let people decide what is good for u? How do u know there are no like minded ppl like you to join forces if u are not convicted enuff to your oppinions?
    ……But can I go vote ah Kenny? We’ll be in that Dreamhouse…

  110. if u vote for kenny better it be at some stupid reality tv show. If kenny gets into parlaiment, we r phark! This guy is a pervert, He even screw teddy bears. 🙂

  111. if DAP come out with malay candidate, and attack malay seat, i’ll vote for DAP. but will DAP do it? NO~! lame la… pls la, chinese fight chinese what use? chinese only 20% nia.. what malaysia need: a new political party which can fight BN and win the hole country over. a clean party, not one race only but with Malaysian!!! look at opposition now, DAP only chinese, keadilan screw ass hole, election for revenge, PAS want Islam country no need consider other race same like DAP! what use?? do what’s really good for MALAYSIA!! Don’t vote!!! why? coz non party deserve it!!! at list at this moment!!!

  112. here’s my question.

  113. Was very sad to read so many youth here who is ignorant about Peoples Declaration where DAP, PKR, PAS..signed a joint manifesto (prepared by MalaysiaToday Raja Petra Kamaruddin and other NGOs) denoting Peoples Power. What Elin said is absolutely correct and I hope all of you vote BN so that you can suffer for the rest of your life. Will be extremely happy if they Islamised all of you.BN is WORST than PAS as far as Islamisation is concerned.
    Sohhai – DAP is searching high and low for Malays to join the party. All the Malays are not interested. However, Haris Ibrahim (a lawyer, not affliated to any political party) supported Tony Pua in SS2 for the Ceremah. Listento the video at
    All opposition parties lack financial support. They even have to beg for donations from the public. In, one mysterious kind hearted guy donated Rm10,000 initially, another RM10,000 if donations exceed RM70,000 and another RM10,000 if exceed RM100,000. In, donations is needed for PKR to challenge KJ in order to prevent KJ & Badawi to form a “Dynasty”. If they succeed, you and me sure “DIE” already. All the things that Elin mentioned will come true.
    If you want this, please vote BN. I am 55 yrs old already and wont be around to see what Elin and other DAP/opposition supporters mentioned. GOD BLESSED YOU ALL.

  114. Screw SUPP! ask them,wheather they dare fight for chinese needs in front of Badawi! UMNO wiggle the keris (racism),we wiggle our dicks to em.Why are B.N so afraid of Bloggers? Are we forced to read the mainstream media cause they want us to think like them?(screw Bernama new 24 hours bullshit) Why university students are not allow to participate in politics? (are they puppets or just majority malays).Now they stealing Indian cropse,is chinese next? (they do this to collect pak lah, i mean pahala)

  115. yala yala.. you all DAP supporter all very clever… only BN supporter are stupid. DAP can create heaven for all, every one live happily, no poor ppl,no corruption, all DAP leader are god!!! very class, don’t speak dirty, even their shit also can eat, no hunger. my point?: all humans are guilty in some way, including YOU!!!!

  116. you’re hillarious as usual, like that al-rajhi post. i’ll never look at it the same way again and everytime i pass the palang-palang monorail advertisements featuring their logo….HAHAHAHA!
    i have one question:
    1. will you join politics some day and what qualities do you think you have that would make you a great politician?
    make it a blog entry, trust it will be entertaining… 🙂
    tcare… looking fwd do the 1st ep of MDG.

  117. go read up abit fren b4 u cast ur stone onto the oppositions.
    I m chinese and i hv no qualms in gvng PAS my vote. Likewise many malays hv no qualms is gvng dap their votes.
    Get out from ur shell and dont just hide behind KSia’s blog for ur info.

  118. So u think BN with their many MCA and MIC run dogs are good for the country? Hv they done anything good thus far for their own respective community?
    I said many chinese do support PAS and PKR and liekwise many Malays do support DAP. All has one aim that is to topple the crooked BArisan Numbskulls.
    When u hv no brains u aint got no feelings.


  120. I know BN sure win again in sarawak state.especially rural area because BN control the maintream medias,like radio station is the most powerfull tool in sarawak rural area.just forget about internet.most of the peoples there without internet line & 24hrs electricity,mostly used there own power generator.WHAT I HOPE JUST WANT TO GET MORE OPPOSITION IN SARAWAK..WAKE UP SARAWAKIAN!..BANGUN ORANG SARAWAK!

  121. You shld vote for the opposition. If 2 opposition are battling out in a 3 corner fight ala BN vs DAP vs PKR, then choose DAP.

  122. @viviene.biasa bah! that is the BN sarawak & sabah dirty tactics way to win the ulu2 ppls vote.later,BN peoples will gives power generator,water pump,atap zinc to the ulu2 people for buying their vote.i already tired to see this dirty trick ‘NO TO BN(barang naik)’

  123. Since when KSia attacked DAP? Go tune ur brains again and read properly. Infact KS is a staunch DAP supporter.
    BN aka UMNO is the one issuing Mykads to all those illegal immigrants so that they in return can gv them votes come every GE. Sooner or later these pendatang asing will be the bumiputera and those ori bumiputera will hv to lick arse. For umno no care 2 hoots who are the ori bumiputeras. Just as long as they can stay in power, get easy money they r happy already.
    So if u guys living in east msia still think highly of BN aka UMNO then may God help u in ur last days.
    AFter Sabah it will be S’wak’s turn to face the wrath of the pendatang asings.
    Vote la with ur arse. GO gv BN ur X this coming Saturday!

  124. if you don’t trust DAP can bring a brighter future. At least trust suPP /barisan national will bring disaster in the future. Corruption like lingam case has proved it all. What other evidences do you need? stubborn people.

    Go read for yourself how BN and SPR/EC is gonna rig the election. There is basically nothing we can do since the police, judiciary, SPR, etc everything is under the devil’s control.
    The only thing is to vote for the opposition and hope to oust those phantom voters. If we just gv up now, imagine the rot it will bring to this country while those selected few gain more riches from our land.
    Are u gonna sit there and get phark by our Phark Lah?

  126. My personal view, vote for the younger candidates and vote out the older ones! But, urm, not KJ… Never vote for the PM’s rising son-in-law…
    When it comes to parties, it’s like voting either the Devil or Eternal Damnation. (Referring to Federal-led BN. No comment on Sarawak State BN).
    People should start to vote by either parties or ideologies, not race and religion. Meh~
    Opposition in Sarawak – I prefer a Sarawak based party, not KeADILan, PAS or DAP (sorry They’ll just repeat the cycle of BN/UMNO.
    Mind asking the DAP candidate and the independent – if any – the following:-
    1. In light of the decision in Johnson Tan Han Seng v. Public Prosecutor [1977] 2 MLJ 66, what have the Opposition and Independents in Parliament done to revoke the Proclamations of Emergency currently being enforced in Malaysia?
    2. As an avid reader of Aliran, I am familiar with the calls for the abolishment of the ISA, OSA, etc. by certain quarters in Malaysia. What are your views on Articles 149 and 150 of the Federal Constitution? Will you fight for it’s repeal?
    3. With respect to the DAP manifesto, how does DAP intend to implement the policies while the battle cry remains “Deny Them 2/3 Majority”?
    4. Can you comment on the absence of the Shadow Cabinet in DAP’s Frontbench Line up? As we follow the Westminster system, the Shadow Cabinet plays a fundamental and vital role in check and balance as well as policy formulation.
    5. The attendance of Members of Parliament during sessions are abysmal. During the debate of the E-Commerce Bill, only 20 MPs were present. Only 4-5 were contributing directly. What will you do in this light? How does DAP intend to enforce party line and discipline?
    6. Malaysian Parliament has a notorious reputation of being indifferent from a Zoo. Unparliamentarian behaviours exist on both sides of the chambers. Comment.
    7. Can we expect the DAP to harp on issues of dynastic politics?
    Urm… those are my questions for now. I’ll post them here as I get more inspiration. 😉

  127. Bumis And Malays Privilege?? I do not think there is such word.. Should just change to “BN cronies and families Privillege”.Not all bumis and malays have their opportunies of the privillege unless ur surname ends with Datuk/Tun/Pehin bla bla or Taib Mahmud.
    I won’t vote for any parties that condemned other races also. Blaming other races for their political issues is a big no no. Fight with brain not emotion. By all means, We are all Malaysian!! Fight for MALAYSIA NOT FOR OUR RACES!!

  128. @Aldric.i strongly agreed with you sarawak & sabah should have their own state based party,but for right now we got no choice either vote for DAP OR PKR OR UNDI ROSAK

  129. Malaysia’s main unfair problems:
    BUMI and Non-Bumi issue.
    Why we need to be separated as BUMI and NON-BUMI?
    it’s namely to help the poor NON-BUMI, so hey malays out there, you think you need this help? I personally think it’s a humiliation on the NON-BUMI.. it’s like you are incapable, so you need special care from government.
    I have lots of Malay friends.. know what, they do not like this concept also.. so until when the government still want to keep this?
    Even indon, thailand and brunei don’t have this..
    BUMI BUMI BUMI.. u think the priviledge really helps our real poor BUMI here? poverty is still there. the BUMI really needs the priviledge don’t really enjoy it… but the rich ones keep on using these priviledges to be richer.. ironic ..

  130. (Correction)
    Malaysia’s main unfair problems:
    BUMI and Non-Bumi issue.
    Why we need to be separated as BUMI and NON-BUMI?
    it’s namely to help the poor BUMI, so hey malays out there, you think you need this help? I personally think it’s a humiliation on the BUMI.. it’s like you are incapable, so you need special care from government.
    I have lots of Malay friends.. know what, they do not like this concept also.. so until when the government still want to keep this?
    Even indon, thailand and brunei don’t have this..
    BUMI BUMI BUMI.. u think the priviledge really helps our real poor BUMI here? poverty is still there. the BUMI really needs the priviledge don’t really enjoy it… but the rich ones keep on using these priviledges to be richer.. ironic ..

  131. WHO SAYS vote rocket will bring development?
    WHO SAYS vote rocket will bring in the funds?
    WHO SAYS vote rocket will bring down fuel prices?
    WHO SAYS vote rocket will change people’s lives?
    WHO SAYS SUPP can’t change everything?
    dis words are mainly use for keadilan and pas too..
    which are not suitable and not very responsible to vote them..
    its insane to vote them with principal that they can reduce the prob..
    its depends on natural talent not by public speak..

  132. To BN candidate Alan Sim,
    How would you answer to the following questions:
    1) the future development of Bandaraya Kuching
    – As the central city of Sarawak state, how is Kuching city going to cope with migration problems as more rural people moving towards city and leaving their villagers searching for more opportunities and job opportunities. Would the city would be able to supply enough demands for job opportunities for the migrants?
    – with the launching of the SCORE corridor, how would this benefit to the Kuching people when Miri town and other towns nearby to this project would benefit more?
    – which sector of industry that you can contribute the most in Kuching city during your term as parliamentary representative if elected?
    2) The brain drain of professional young Sarawakians
    – How are you going to convince the overseas younger generation in their early thirties to contribute their experience and their knowledge to the building of Sarawak state? Corruption and old politician who are in power for more than ten years are few of the reasons why most talented and knowledgeable Sarawakians are staying overseas and working for multinational companies?
    – As the future Member of Parliament for Kuching city, what are your future plans to maintain and develop further the well-being status of Kuching City and its people not only in the State level but also the Federal level? As many capable and smart young Sarawakians in their earliest thirties comes from Kuching City and proud of their heritage and education system.
    As for DAP candidate, Chong Chieng Jen
    1) What would you said is your best contribution towards the development of Kuching city ever since you have been elected as MP for Bandaraya Kuching? Namely, what projects that you have undertook to improve the livelihood of the poor folks of Kuching people regardless of race and what projects that you have undertook to attract more young professional and educated people in their thirties who will play very important role in sustaining the growth of the city in the next five years?
    2) DAP might be voicing out the poor folk`s worries and the high cost living in Kuching but again, it is not all the fault of the government as world economy prices pushed prices for everything to raise from places in India to Tokyo. However, it is the `only` agenda that is being played by the Opposition to gain sentiment and support but this is not the solution for long term to sustain the growth of Kuching City. As a Member of Parliament, what would be your future concrete and effective way of informing the people who had voted you about the real scenario of the economy of fuel prices instead of just bashing out towards the government`s spending. As a young and educated voter, I would like to know your concrete and master plan for reducing the impact of fuel prices such as promoting No-Waste campaign- for the urban folks more proactively instead of fueling `useless` sentiments about the government`s fault at increase of fuel prices that creates ZERO impact in finding solution.
    As for the bickering over the who should be elected as Mayor of Kuching City, can for once we elect people who are capable and knowledgeable in hows to manage urban city`s problems and provide `work-able` solutions towards the problem.
    Thanks alot Kenny if you are able to convey these questions to the future MP of Bandaraya Kuching. Especially for Sarawakian who are overseas.
    Looking forward for your future posting about the answers from the two candidates. (if you manage to get interviews time from them.) Good luck.

  133. When you think about it, teenagers are curious about sex, right? Then it’s obvious that they’d vote for the throbbing red penis instead. Who wants a blue one?
    Plus, the Nike reference is probably the only thing these guys have in common with the little kids. Would you rather make a new slogan or something for kiddies who don’t even know what a political party is good for?
    The rap song was probably conjured with the same purpose, but rushed.

  134. hahahaha…
    Maybe the design supplier and manufacturer is a supported of BN?
    Purposely sabotage the mascot, then manufacture it that way.. haah

  135. “Alamak. If it vibrates, It will shake the whole BN party down!!! Hahahaha…”
    U mean “It will shake the whole BN panties down”?

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