Maggi Mee Contest

Speaking of Maggi, there’s this pretty interesting contest running on their website right now.

Contestants are shooting videos of themselves showing why they are Maggi Mee’s biggest fans. The videos with the most votes go to the judges, and the first prize winner gets RM5,000 cold-hard cash. Last I checked, there’s only four other videos submitted so far. How difficult could it be to win the money, right?
Go and send your own videos in while you can. It’s like YouTube, with money. While you’re there, check out the others as well. Some of them are kinda cute.

This is my Maggi Mee moment. What is yours?

I was at this place in Bangsar called NIRWANA, sampling their excellent Banana Leaf Rice. When I returned home to Kuching, a reader left me a message, saying that she spotted me having lunch at NIRVANA with a V.
I hope she didn’t spot me at this Nirvana, which services a completely different type of customer.

102 Replies to “Maggi Mee Contest”

  1. LOL! It’s lame but funny Kenny. But so cool to hear your voice! It doesn’t seem to match!! The imaginary voice that had always floated around in my head to accompany your blog posts is fading!!! Noooooooooooo!!!!

  2. hey kenny! u looks like a kid in this clip?! ur face so different from ur normal look in pics u took la… hehe.. looks younger liao.. make sure u can maintain it during the cny.. haha~

  3. kenny go post ur vid, its a sure win for now. based on the 4 vids there i saw, 2 are total crap, others are not too bad only.

  4. bloody hell
    if kenny joined that means no chance of winning lah…
    potong stim…
    but the video is cool lah
    girls will keep iit as their intimate collection and use it… when they feel gatal 😛

  5. don’t mind me asking, are these two entries dedicated to MAGGI…advertorials in disguise? if it is, you should at least put up a sign that says this entry is advertorial. i know, your sponsors might not like it. but at least have xiaxue’s journalism intergrity.
    i have my presumptions because in R.AGE article u said u gotten free stays at 5 stars hotel, and coincidentally you posted up blog entries on the hilton hotels. so yeah, enlighten me.
    happy a great chi new year!

  6. 😀 you will win because of the fame u generated for them man. 😀
    anyway, this hairstyle makes u look soooooo much cuter…
    and ya, i think you and your voice will drive girls crazy on bed in the dark…

  7. Too bad I couldn’t join the maggie mee contest, coz no maggie mee in here!!!
    I made some kinda of valentine’s joke with your pic inside.. heheh 🙂 check it out…

  8. lol no posing anymore? kenny sia can act too! lame but original.R.E.S.P.E.C.T
    maggi should hire you to act in their next commercial!

  9. hey,
    eat maggi like that neh like how we ate lunch last wednesday laa. video it. sure win one *makes kiSsY noises*

  10. kenny…y u don’t eat using ur chopsticks?
    u thought u r still baby wan mommy cut mee into pieces and feed u like baby har?haha
    jus kidding..go ahead earn the cash for your next travel. 😉

  11. evan, (just being a busybody and giving my opinion), why would Kenny label it as advertorial if he’s not even paid to do it? He is a blogger and will recommend what he thinks is good and hence mention it in his blog. But that doesn’t mean he’s being paid for it. If he’s not, then I don’t think there’s a need to state it’s an ad. It’s just a review and a personal recommendation from him which he’d like to share with others.
    Of course, if the company pays him to do it, then I’m sure Kenny would state it as an advertorial like Xiaxue would.
    Kenny might have something else to say though. I’m just giving my opinion. 🙂

  12. Kenny ah, put subtitles la, cannot understand the beginning parts mumbling too much!!!
    But then again maybe i’m just the one going deaf.
    And wei dun eat so fast la, if you choke, who’s blog am i gonna read?!
    hehe, just joking. Luv ur video.

  13. heya kenny… ur voice is not the same as i always imagined! it’s even more… macho la… haha~ btw, hapy CNY to you

  14. My family and I eat at Nirwana all the time! I missed seeing you there! WAHHH. Sorry. I am too obsessive @_@ I feel hungry.

  15. Just for clarification, Kenny, is it Nirvana at Siniawan? Don’t go there… yet… choy! Have you book your site yet? Dun worry, NIRVANA costs you less that RM100, 000. Cheap, huh?

  16. kenny wah those workout of yrs really worked out…so thin oredi..want to pinch oso less MEAT… y so thin la? everyday eat maggi?
    anyway u really made eating video like porn..what’s with that sound of pleasure/too-hot
    heheh i watch it few times…

  17. setoberi – I know!!! It’s going… how sad.. No Kenny’s macho voice is the one narrating “Ban? Got Ban Meh?” Hahahhaaha.

  18. hey kenny! you are getting so much cuter! yOu definitely look your age or much more younger right now.
    but your video, is so not worth my bandwidth la…
    nvm, forgive you for your cuteness.

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