Ban? Got Ban Meh?

Isn’t there supposed to be a ban on fireworks in Malaysia?

It sure didn’t seem that way when the clock struck midnight here in Kuching.
Despite the police warning year after year that they’ll be slapping some RM100 on-the-spot fine on anyone found to be in possession of fireworks, us Kuching folks are still proudly firing colourful explosives into the skies, courtesy of our friendly illegal exporters from China.

It’s a blessing in disguise for the predominantly Chinese south city folks. Standing at a house on the hilltop where I had a clear view of all the action, the amount of pyrotechnics let off from the private residential homes across Kuching would have easily put the multimillion ringgit government-sponsored fireworks on the 1st January in Kuala Lumpur to shame.
Why ban fireworks anyway? It’s still easily available at shoddy car boot sales everywhere. Besides, only idiots would misuse fireworks and injure themselves. The government should be happy that they don’t even have to spend a single cent to entertain its residents this festive season.

Happy Chinese New Year of the Pork to all readers!

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  1. “Why ban fireworks anyway? … Besides, only idiots would misuse fireworks and injure themselves”
    Because there are idiots who go full on all night long, giving crap about problems to babies, dogs’ and other who would just like a peaceful night’s sleep.

  2. Strongly agree 2 lift the ban on fireworks
    N yeah… only PURE IDIOTS get themselves injured playing fireworks… those who parents do not supervise them… u kno who im talkin bout 😉

  3. Happy Year of the pig to all of ya, make sure u all eat until u all become as fat as pigs >:)
    Btw, was letting off fireworks here in PJ, and darn proud of the noise made 🙂

  4. i hate that we cant have fireworks ok. i remember yearz ago, we would have superb firecrackers right after reunion dinner, from small ones that u throw at ur feet and they make that pop sound, to those u stick at an angle n they fly up with a whee sound..followed by momentary silence.. then a pop and a bright flash of light…to those big ones the size of my wrist and those, we light from afar, and RUN LIKE F*** and hide behind the car as it shoots up brightly into the sky like a rocket with a phoosh sound and then explodes with a series of loud, deep, bass, bangs.
    ahh the joys.

  5. Happy Chinese New Year~~ ya, i agree with u, y have to ban fireworks? Only idiot will injured them self for being hero while playing.

  6. Somehow I pity the Chinese. Most of those who got firework-related injuries (at least those reported on media) are Malays, and you guys get to have one of your culture banned.

  7. “Why ban fireworks anyway? … Besides, only idiots would misuse fireworks and injure themselves”
    Yes, idiots misuse fireworks and injure not only themselves, but also others.
    I support the ban of fireworks, just like Singapore.

  8. I thought this year, for goodness sake, I can get pass CNY without having to go through those loud explosive noises in my housing area. Man.. I was SO wrong. The ban of fireworks display, in my humble opinion, is redundant since purchase of it is still accessible.

  9. nice pic kenny, can you tell me which mode u used on the T10 to capture that beautiful shot of the fireworks? pls cos i’m learning how to take shots of fireworks..
    thanks a lot.. appreciated in advance 🙂

  10. easy.. The government ban fireworks in CNY because they are RACIST ! they don’t saman for playing that in raya or deepavali…. why??

  11. police passed thro my house this mor and i was outside, one of the 2policeman in a waja OUI at me.. and then went off.. floor outside my house full with red papers..

  12. hahaha yeah.. i agree with the Kuching thing. Man, it was SO noisy here at midnight! My neighbours and I let off crackers / fireworks for about 40mins all in all.. crazy, but so nice! I guess fireworks/crackers are one of the things that make CNY feel like CNY. Heehee.
    Happy CNY, Kenny!

  13. Happy Prosperous New Year, Kenny. All the best for the upcoming year.
    By the way, I agree that fireworks should not be banned during CNY. It is the cultural heritage of the Chinese anyway. Though it does affect my good night sleep – I live in a Chinese majority area in Sri Aman – but I enjoy it nevertheless.
    I also couldn’t agree more that the Chinese aren’t the fools who injured themselves with fireworks. I don’t mean to be racist, but aren’t it always the Malay kids who got hurt especially during raya with their home-made meriam buluh?
    Hmmm… points to ponder.

  14. Happy Oink-Oink New Year to everyone.
    Ban on fireworks but NOT on firecrackers cos there r so many idiots out there who simply ‘shoot’ fireworks & would caused injury to themselves and also, more importantly, others.
    Also, stupid Custom bullshitting abt RM100 fine on folks like us. Better spend their free-lots of tea-break-time catching the smugglers.

  15. Nice picture for the fireworks… i miss the time when i used to play it with my bro n neighbours…
    Hopefully they won’t relli ban it one day 😛

  16. i stil tink they shud restrict not ban!! tis yr cny seriously sound-less than years before. well..fireworks n those bomb-bomb sounds r wat give d mood of chinese new year!! even hari raya bombards betta nowadays!!! there isnt any distinction..
    newaz happie pig year!!

  17. That’s a great photo of fireworks at midnight. I supposed the outcome of using your new digital SLR. I’m also a Nikon user. Seriously, they shouldn’t ban fire-crackers and fire-works. It’s a 5000 year old Chinese custom. How would the other races feel if the Govt. banned some of their traditions??

  18. “year of babi.. properity of chinese, torture of the islams..”
    haiya … why some ppl still don’t know how to differentiate race from religion???? there are prob much much more Chinese Muslims in China then Malay Muslims here in Malaysia …. what lah!

  19. I think it is not fair to those who understand and follow the rule when using firework or fire crackers
    Most of the firework or fire crackers are safe unless misuse. Most of those accident only involve with those who try to make firework by themselves..
    They think they are super great alchemist is it?

  20. haha, it was like war of the worlds here in Sibu as well, infact the fireworks playing went on before the clock struck midnight and ’till about 1 was crazy (definitely never seen before for me)
    Happy CNY to you too, wish you a very prosperous new year

  21. Anybody realize that this year’s CNY is cooler than last year’s .. For people at Klang Valley.
    Last year’s CNY was HOT man. Even in the night.

  22. Kenny arrr Kenny……………..even ban liao also no use wan lar M’sia always bulleh one so they got ways to purchase fireworks wan lar…..anyways what is a celebration without fireworks?? so dull……….sigh……gov ban fireworks to take out our fun…. T_T

  23. As for me, i hope government can turn firework and firecracker to legal stuff. Either injured or not, it depends on how you play with it. From what the news that i been experienced in this few years, those who injured during playing those things mostly were non Chinese. Isn’t it mean that still safe for us?
    Further more, there still a new that those who take over the things ( You know who la) still selling as lower price to public. Why don’t government turns it to legal stuff then they can charge tax on it. DOn’t you think this a great idea.
    By the way, you should call this year as year of boar.. Pig or pork sound like year of eating…

  24. nothing beats sibu when it comes to fireworks, its just crazy here. of all the town/cities in malaysia, CNY is the grandest in Sibu, no doubt about that. ask anyone whos not from sibu but comes to sibu during CNY, theyd surely agree

  25. Happy Chinese New Year to you all too.
    Answer is :- Ban or No Ban, Tradition must go on. 😀
    I was joking to my darling saying, maybe at midnight all radio station will play the firecracker sound, then everyone in the country on their stereo loud loud. Then that maybe will curb the use of real fireworks.
    May you prosper this year. 😀

  26. aiya already nearly the end of CNY. I really miss the four days time that I went back Kch to celebrate CNY. Really miss KCH a lot. There is nothing in peninsular that can make me feel the CNY environment than KCH. Since I will be missing the cap goh mei dinner, can u just show the delicious food u had and the beautiful fire crackers that u see in Kch. Gonna miss it so much!!!!!!!

  27. nice pic kenny. miss kuching so much. din go back for CNY dis year. actually is my 1st time celebrating CNY here-s’pore. quite and boring. 🙁

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