ADV: MAS 3-Day-Only Global Online Sales

Update: It is here!
Flying from KL, other sweet one-way fares are Kunming from RM399 (+RM373), Maldives from RM429 (+RM474), Dubai from RM899 (+RM575), Auckland from RM999 (+RM748), Paris from RM999 (+RM596), and Los Angeles from RM1,179 (+RM1,099).

The Star today reported that Malaysia Airlines will be holding their “Global Online Sales” tomorrow. For 3 days only, airfares to some 26 international desinations will be dramatically slashed.

Although the newspaper didn’t list out all 26 desinations and their discounted fares, through a spy I have in Malaysia Airlines (well, actually it was the Commercial Director himself hehe), I managed to discover the best deals from tomorrow’s sales – way before anyone else have found out.
Remember, you’ve heard these first from 😉

Taipei, Taiwan

RM499 one way (+ RM237 tax) from Kuala Lumpur.
RM429 one way (+ RM237 tax) from Kota Kinabalu.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

RM499 one way (+ RM237 tax) from Kuala Lumpur.
RM429 one way (+ RM237 tax) from Kota Kinabalu.

Osaka, Japan

RM599 one way (+ 541 tax) from Kuala Lumpur.

Tokyo, Japan

RM599 one way (+ RM541 tax) from Kuala Lumpur.
RM599 one way (+ RM541 tax) from Kota Kinabalu.

I’ve already missed out on the MATTA fair so I ain’t gonna miss out on this one. Whatever happens, I’ll be on standby tonight by my laptop hunting down an airticket to Tokyo.

Why Tokyo?
No, it’s not because I want to start a career in sumo wrestling.

(Although my body fit the physical requirement perfectly.)
I wanna go to Tokyo because I worked my arse off extraordinary hard this year, so I reckon I deserve to set my sights further away from the usual South-East Asian routes. Japan would be a great place for a holiday.
I wanna take a break from getting anonymous hate comments on my blog.

Some special pampering from cutesy subservient teenage girls in Tokyo’s infamous maid cafes would be super.
I wanna see why Gwen Stefani is so crazy about those Harajuku Girls.

Scary. In Harajuku, everyday is Halloween Day.
Budget might be a concern. RM600-a-night hotel rooms is definitely out of the question.
To save money, I’d wanna experience sleeping in a “Capsule Hotel”.

You can only do this in Japan. It is the only country in the world that treat hotel guests like corpses in a morgue.
I most definitely wanna checking out those hi tech Japanese toilets too.
Those crazy Japanese have invented some of the most technoligacally-advanced toilet bowls in the world, complete with heated toilet seats and music to camouflage the splashing sounds you make when you’re doing business.

Who knows what those other buttons does?
Maybe they even have Bluetooth and stuff to analyze the contents of your crap.
But of course, what trip to Japan is gonna be complete, without at least taking part in one of those silly Japanese Game Shows?
This one is called “Hole in the wall”. Contestants have to manouvre their body so that it can pass through a human-shaped hole in a moving wall, or get knocked down into the pool. Watch it, it’s funny as hell!

Hmmm… not sure if they have holes available in XXXL.

Blog Plug of the Day: Ninie Ahmad is Malaysia’s best known yoga instructor. She is also a Muslim.
As the National Fatwa Council deliberates whether or not yoga is haram, read her blog as she fights for her right to continue practising and teaching the one sports she loves the most.

83 Replies to “ADV: MAS 3-Day-Only Global Online Sales”

  1. the toilet can even wash your butt with varying types of water jets, and blow your butt dry after that 😛

  2. LOL, Japan is such a nice place… i hope i can travel there too… ahah, tomolo sales huh… but since ur blog so famous n so many ppl see, EVERYONE knows already… aahha

  3. Haha first time I check and immediately a new post 😀 do you remember me? judging my email 😀 take care~ nice blog…unfortunately i had bought my airticket for some places that i need to go 🙁 next time tell me personally ya when you know of some good deals or promotions 😛 take care!

  4. Lol kenny! I’m sure they’ll have sizes for you for that Game Show. Check out 1.41! LOL!
    The worst tat cud happen is that you split the block into two only mar.. hahahha
    Anyways, hope that you get your ticket to Japan.
    I’m heading there too at the end of the year 😀
    Take care

  5. one button to wash ur butt
    one button to wash ur private part
    one button to increase water pressure
    one button to decrease water pressure
    one button for music
    some others i don’t know
    but some public toilet seats are not heated
    if you’re lucky lol

  6. Gosh, I missed those toilet seats. When I was in Japan, I was so addicted to the warm seat because it was winter. Japan is really cool. Osaka is just as beautiful too. I miss japan!!

  7. One comment to Ninie Ahmad….
    If I were you, I won’t bother to try and reason with the lunatics (yes, anyone who thinks Yoga is HARAM is a lunatic), and leave the country and live somewhere else more civilised. What next? Cycling also HARAM right (see the tight shorts?!!)??? Sigh, makes me sad to see so many self-righteous assholes in Malaysia…in the name of religion.

  8. lols….the toilet bowls are quite easy 2 use actually…they are all automatic…duh!
    after u flush they spray your ass**** with jet’s off warm water…to b honest the feeling is quite pleasent and they clean it like u were juz borned!

  9. Aiyah.. just use tissue lah. You don’t want to go out of the toilet looking like you didn’t manage to reach it in time in the first place. 😀
    Let’s yam cha at Shibuya’s Starbucks and watch the crowd crossing the famous junction! I live nearby.

  10. you can stay at youth hostels .. only rm90/night… toyoko inn is well worth the price too depending on the area.
    some capsule hotels don’t accept foreign guests but they don’t tell you in your face… so look up properly…
    harajuku is not always like that…lol… only if sunday’s weather is good…
    be prepared for maid cafes… some require entrance fee, very little food served, a small serving of spaghetti is rm35++ … and some maids charge extra for a photo shoot…
    good luck with the trains… don’t end up crying…
    reason #1 : being molested by men
    reason #2 : getting lost
    reason #3 : stuck alone in a carriage because that is a for-women-only carriage…not all trains and many don’t know about this so the ladies in there will just stare as though you’re gonna rape them…
    i live in jpn… if you need help, don’t hesitate…

  11. lol… i’ll be more than happy to guide you around if i have the time!…dont worry….i can assure you i am not a madman like that cheongsam KBMall stalker…

  12. Kenny,
    I saw your comments to Ninie Ahmad on her blog which reads:
    Hey Ninie,
    I know how much you love Yoga. I also know how much you love your God (Peace Be Upon Him).
    Just to let you know that “Peace Be Upon Him” is use for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and not for God.
    Thank you.

  13. hey kenny,
    you should definitely visit tokyo! 😀 omg i miss it T_T
    haha anyway, we stayed at the sunlite hotel in shinjuku, got pretty good deals there…. maybe you can check it out? and its fairly near the subway too. and just a tip, you should go and try the cheese buns from kimuraya! (if you happen to be in ginza :D) yummy yummy 😉
    have a great time!

  14. bolos mania is nothing compared to those done by HK and japan. BOlos mania is utter stupid. Dunno why msians cant copy anything perfectly. i dont see anyone laughing except the stupid contestants themselves. What fools they are.

  15. may i ask is this plane going to labuan?
    hahahahaa… kenny, u coming to labuan?
    i’m in labuan now
    give me a call. i bring u yamcha… =X

  16. Japan is the best ! u should also try to go visit their midnight racing scene in Tokyo ! something like the tokyo drift but without the basement rave party and the sexy girls. It will open ur mindset to how lousy our mat rempit is compare to them !

  17. Hey I’m using tat type of toilet bowl everyday~~ lol . the main function is just to shoot water into your asshole(opps, for the cleaning purpose). The buttons can help control the water temperature, and something like the shooting angle(updown leftright), and concentrate water as it might be painful.

  18. i thought MAS advertised recently that they preach the ‘true’ rates which is what you see and hear is what you pay unlike their rivals.
    But for this current promotion, they are advertising rates which excludes other charges. What a load of baloney!!

  19. i wonder if you they live it tokiyo? hohoho.. japan ichiban..hope i can go to japan and take picture of the fuji mountain before the ice melts all(global warming)..hohoho.. anyway have fun there kenny sia..

  20. Just want to comment on the video, the 2nd guy is hella big. He is a living giant. you can search for his photos, his name is Choi Hong Man.

  21. Kenny,
    2 things:
    a) I read about this MH global sales before you even posted on your blog. It was on travel forums all over the place. So your statement “Remember, you’ve heard these first from ;)” is not really accurate. At least not for me.
    b) The game show is already here in Malaysia (Bolos in Astro RiA) and it is not copycat version. It’s LICENCED from the original show. Similar like Deal or No Deal MAlaysian version.

  22. even the “mighty” kenny sia can’t cover up MAS’ scam this time!
    with those hidden price which was supposed only to exist on other airline websites are now applied by MAS, sounds like a big fat animal in africa!
    so for the price offered by this so called “sale” you might as well fly with SIA (not related to kenny)
    the previous sale/offer by MAS was good though but not this global scam. sorry looks like MAS is back to the way as old as their aircraft

  23. Great to know that you’ll be dropping by in Japan.
    I’m sure your Malaysian fans in Tokyo will be looking forward to take you around to all the cool spots in Tokyo.(I know I am!)
    Hope to see you here soon!!

  24. thanks bro, was gonna buy me return ticket to london for next summer intake and today i bought this. jackpot! saved me like 500 – 600 bucks. think i’ll ask mummy dearest to give me the extra money i saved her so can get a sound system like yours. pick up the chicas before i leave woot woot! looool.

  25. japan…mmm…i heard the bookstores there…they sell very interesting and tasteful items. i heard. let me know when u go. i wanna place an order.

  26. i was skeptical about the promo too and wanted to go by SIA or other airlines like wat u said soledecipher but at the end of the day my ticket to london still cheaper by about RM200:)MAS could do better and have fuel surcharge and tax in there but at the end of it i paid less still. tats ok….and i’m happy. as a hippo!
    ps. everytime i think of london i think gwen Stefani: (If I was rich girl (na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na nah) – See, I’d have all the money in the world, if I was a wealthy girl…) hahahahahha

  27. Hello, dear sir Kenny, I’m from Vietnam and I found your blog very funny and pleasant, I heard you come from the other side of our sea, Sarawak, thanks to you I now know the beautiful sights of this land. I wonder what is your view on Sarawak Independence? I would be thankful to have you to share your points. It would be quite great.
    Greetings from beautiful Vietnam.

  28. Maid cafe is very expensive.. I went to the one in Akhihabara and everything costs money.. First, you need to pay entrance fee, then MUSt buy a cup of very expensive drink, then Pay to take picture, and PAY to talk and play games with them…
    But well, it is seriously worth going.. If you are going, remember to choose “living room” and not bar table/kitchen if you are given the option.. The treatment are so different.. haha!

  29. kenny,
    i bought the promo tickets to tokyo, japan too!!they are so worth it!!leaving on friday,21st nov. will you be on the same flight?a bit scared to arrive alone in tokyo and have to make my way to tokyo station to meet up with my friends.

  30. Hehe I got my tix to tokyo for RM1140 only as opposed to the price that you’ve advertised, Kenny.
    For those who wants to check out the hightech toiletbowl, there is one at Ninja Jap Restaurant in Midvalley Boulevard. You all can find out how it feels/looks like firsthand for yourself!

  31. I’ve been dreaming of going to Japan
    ever since I watched Doraemon when I was like…3?
    I’m finally going this Sunday
    and coming back on the next Sunday
    got my tix on the last MATTA fair
    and been saving money for a year
    from my practical money to my allowance
    still a student…XD…so yeah
    not going to stay in a capsule hotel
    but i got something better…a single room
    3-tatami mat room
    and cost me only Y3,100 per night
    and the longer I stay…the cheaper it will be
    maybe I can recommend it to you
    but let tell you this…
    Japanese Visa office …super fussy…
    but I think it’s worth it

  32. i have a relative living in Kanagawa Prefecture, which is pretty near to Tokyo. 😀
    i’ve been to Japan twice. i find the toilet noise super noisy, it’s even more annoying than hearing someone peeing.
    anyway, glad that you are choosing Japan. i’ve been to Harajuku too, but I didn’t see anyone who looked like they were dressing up for Halloween. Everyone seemed pretty normal. I saw a lot of shops selling celebrity photos too. 😀 Japanese and Koreans artistes mostly.
    that human through the moving block thingy was actually taken from a korean variety show which i watched because they had my favourite korean artistes. they had to do the da vinci code symbol. all five of them. haha. it was funny.
    ah, that first guy in that video … Eiji Wentz.

  33. its called “human tetris”!
    no shizz, seriously.
    during class, before PMR this year, we watched it, “Human Tetris 1” and “Human Tetris 2”. I love japanese people. they’re too creative 😀

  34. oH, I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on MAS as well as AirAsia! Didn’t realise their prices were dropping! thanks for the tip =)
    P.S. Did you hear about AirAsia going to Sydney?
    P.P.S. Australia has a version of “Hole in the Wall” now… total rip off the Japanese one!

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