LG KG810 Chocolate Phone Review

LG makes sexy phones, and one of the latest additions to the Korean’s bevy of beauties is the LG KG810 Chocolate phone.

I was sent a review unit of the new KG810, and this one truly knocks my socks off. The KG810 retains much of its specifications from its predecessor, just that instead of sliding out, this one flips open. The change in design allows the KG810 to be slimmer and lighter compared to the original, making it no thicker than a bar of chocolate.

Presentation obviously matters a lot to LG.
Even the box packaging that the phone comes with is constructed exquisitely with a magnetic lock. It actually looks more like a gift box than the packaging of a phone. This is in stark contrast with the packaging from most other phone manufacturers, which looks like they’re made from egg carton boxes.

As mentioned earlier, the KG810 is a fashion phone. It is made to appeal to fashionistas who are style conscious and want to be seen out and about holding a luxurious phone. It is not made for geeks who want full-featured phone, camera, camcorder, laptop computer, toaster and fax machine all combined into one FAT BULKY package.

Which of these would you rather be seen in the club with?

There are phones out there made for those (they cost about RM3,000 a piece and look like a glorified bar of soap), but the KG810 is not it. You don’t wear a pair of Ferragamos to a construction site and complain when a nail pierced through your soles, because it is not made for that. Which is why I don’t understand why critics are whining about the Chocolate’s 1.3MP camera not having an expandable memory slot.
Frankly speaking 1.3MP camera and 128MB of internal memory is more than enough for a majority of people. I even took some test shots with the phone’s built-in camera.

Unedited photo taken with the LG KG810, and without the model‘s permission

And the results turn out pretty good!
The phone’s got pretty good connectivity too. If I forget to bring my camera when I’m out, I can easily Bluetooth incriminating photos taken with my phone over to my laptop, then GPRS them up the Internet.
If you have the habit of listening to MP3s on your phone, then you’ll love the KG810. The external LCD and red touch-sensitive interface, modelled after the original Chocolate, is built exactly for that purpose. Hook it up with the included earphones and you can even tune into your favourite FM radios.

What I love about the LG KG810:

  • The buttons on the keypad are smooth and velvety to touch. It gets ridiculously addictive just rolling my thumb around keypad for fun.
  • The sleek form factor and the elegant design (really, that’s the whole point of a fashion phone isn’t it?)
  • Its big big LCD screen. That makes watching famous clips like the Police Nude Squat video, Miri Schoolgirl Fight video and Tammy NYP all the more exciting.
  • The external LCD screen and touch-sensitive buttons that remain hidden unless activated.
  • Zoo Zoo Club and Sudoku. The default games comes in especially handy during my extended toilet session, now that I’m on detox.
  • It passes the kennysia.com Drop Test™. Don’t you hate the feeling when you dropped a new phone? Despite how thin it is, the KG810 is solidly built. I accidentally dropped it from a staircase once, but when I rushed to pick it up it is still working fine. There’s not even a scratch on its glossy exterior.

What the LG KG810 can improve upon:

  • The user interface can get quite a bit of getting used to.
  • The predictive text input for SMS-ing is not very good at predicting.
  • Although the built-in camera takes decent pics, its performance is a bit too sluggish for my liking. There’s a delay of about 1 second between pressing the shutter button and actually taking the photo.

If you can overlook these shortcomings like I can, then what you have is a great-looking phone to compliment your fashionable lifestyle. The LG KG810 retails for an affordable RM1,299.

I simply enjoy taking this phone for my night-outs. There’s no denying that a beauty like the KG810 looks a lot more in place in a swanky high end bar than my ugly PDA phone. I particularly love the envious look on my friends’ faces as I slip the phone out from my pocket to answer a call.
Everytime I do that, all the girls would be asking to play with my new phone afterwards.
If only I could say the same about my coconuts.

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75 Replies to “LG KG810 Chocolate Phone Review”

  1. i suppose another of the phone’s weakness is that the cover screen tends to get greasy with oily hands?
    anyway, im a Nokia fan.. lol

  2. LG is coming up with these impressive fashion statement phones. but one thing i’d really like to know is the “user-friendliness” of this phone. some one please shed some light.

  3. Aah, nice review of the phone.
    But whoops, I still prefer Nokia ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh, I got a feeling there’ll be a “which phone is better contest” soon.
    Must make sure I come back to read them all, that’ll get me out of my stress, hopefully ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nice and stylish phone. Too bad I already have two phones with me and relied too much on these two.
    By the way, your coconut ah, if fall from staircase it wont scratch like that LG kah? ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. LG is coming up with these impressive fashion statement phones. but one thing i’d really like to know is the “user-friendliness” of this phone. some one please shed some light.

  6. Damn it, Kenny. Stop updating and start reading em LG white chocolate comments!
    LG WHITE CHOCOLATE!!!!!! *salivates*
    You better let me have it or im gonna die of anorexia!

  7. I want the LG chocolate…How come u always get free ‘review unit’ from LG? u get to keep em? so unfair… i wannt b blogger oso.. i wanna b like kenny, i want to get free stuff :p

  8. Hehe I like playing zoozoo club for toilet session too! Hoping I can break the yesterday’s record.
    But i’m skeptical by not leaving a single scratch after a drop from the stairwell.
    I hope they can include a piece of anti-static cloth or lint-free cloth to wipe the precious phone.

  9. Like it but I damn hate changing mobile phone. It always took me atleast 2 weeks or even more everytime I changed phone just to get use to all the fucking new keys & functions. KNN CCB different brand/model different patterns… (How I wish they will be like girls’ cheexxx… always same location & same function…) Haiya, what to do? Me 60th version old man cannot learn that fast like you young cocks & young pussies…

  10. wow. NO memory card slot, NO speakerphone, 1.3mp camera? weak EDGE? extremely horrible battery life? tri-band? what a pathetic effort on LG’s behalf at mimicking RAZR. for the same price you can now get the motorola KRZR K1. 2mp camera, mi…

  11. Hmm seems like ur blog changed to “advertisement blog” yea? tsk tsk tsk.. Do you get paid to do this adv.? Most probably, huh?

  12. Asking for 2.0MP is not an overkill because every other new phone on the market is boasting better specifications at a smaller size.

  13. Dude, enough about LG, I would rather have a piece of real chocolate, the new phones from Nokia and Ericsson beats the shit out of anything by LG.

  14. it looks sleek!
    but i din like e pics taken by e cam…
    and 1.3MP is kinda back dated…
    i prefer sony ericsson’s hp but their joysticks sucks…
    always spoil after abt 1yr

  15. Kenny, reviewing products may earn you a little bit of money for advertising and all, but really, I don’t think this is what your blog should be about. =/

  16. dude, when will you be reviewing computers, pineapples or hairgel? c’om, we read your blog not for your review, but for your daily rants.
    it pains me when you have to be so politically correct in reviewing an ugly product like crocs.

  17. “I hope they can include a piece of anti-static cloth or lint-free cloth to wipe the precious phone.”
    The strap they included is the thing to wipe it with, one side of it is soft and cottony, use it to wipe the screen, although it easier just to wipe it down my jeans clad thigh.
    Btw Kenny, nice phone and yes, considering how slim and fragile looking it is, it does stand up to the drop test, coz I dropped mine. =P
    (and great review, the reasons why I bought mine is all listed)

  18. Oh god.
    The comment where I talked about the new cellphone bling* in the states got deleted…
    Previous comment that got deleted

    Fashion Phone you say ? A chocolate bar is fashionable ?
    Come on dude.
    Get in the current wave.
    In the states it’s all about the blingbling on cellphones, yo.
    Now that’s fashion.
    Check it out.
    Cellphone bling on CNN

    It was really a test.
    If I were to say something that goes against your review, what would happen ? In this case, I merely talked about the new wave of cellphone bling*.
    Would you respect my point of view ?
    Or would you just delete my comment, along with all the other comments that goes against your post ?
    I thought you had big balls kenny.
    Did the free stuff and pressure from advertising companies shrink those balls ?

  19. NicEvil, the deletion of your comment was purely accidental. If you noticed, all the negative comments about the phone was published here as usual. If I were serious about being a nazi here, I’d have deleted them as well.
    james, nothing. This is indeed my honest review.

  20. haha..looking thru the comments seem that there are few readers dun wan u to be hotmail but gmail…former with commercials and later without…

  21. Hey dude, like to tell tne nice evil, here in the state ,cellphones are a few years behind Asia. analog phones aka house bricks are still around.

  22. i’m so bore here as i was forced to be on duty today in the office ! so don’t mind me, I just going to insert a comment on every blog that i’d read today…
    hmmm… just curious to know. u hv a full time job right ? how on earth you manage to blog so much, replying hundreds of emails, chat on msn, read hundreds of comments, travel around, attend functions and getting all the popularity and still stays insane huh ? do you sleep ?รขโ‚ฌยฆ

  23. Am usin LG chocolate now & It really earned me lots of envious eyes wherever I go. Whether its at work or in da club.
    The functionality of the phone is very much like Nokia, i would say, which is why its very easy to learn up.
    I love LG chocolate, its so nice & chic & sleek.

  24. Kenny, do you review it based on the look, or the functionality of the phone? Or because yougot it for free??
    Personal opinion, it looks like RAZR + KRZR. Chocolate is a piece of crap if you really know what you are talking about!

  25. That phone looks phunky with a p.h.!
    YUM!! ABSOLUT MANDARIN = MY LOVE!!! But I must say, it tastes better mixed than neat… but that’s just me hehe

  26. Wow. Someone actually tried to make me look bad.
    Buddy, that’s my job, okay. You do it in such a poor stupid way.
    What the fuck man.
    “lol.my bad.damn i suck.”
    So poorly made. Whoever this was, you must’ve had the intelligence of a cow to not know the use of spaces in sentences.
    Degrade me, shame me, I don’t mind. But please, please, do it properly. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh kenny, you actually replied and apologized.
    How professional. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just playing dude. Don’t mind me, you have a great blog going here.
    One thing I can’t seem to understand.
    I accidently posted the cellphone bling* comment 3 times. And it was deleted accidently by you. Okay. Shit happens. I know.
    But somehow my comment about myself being a bloody idiot was not accidently deleted ?
    From this, I came to two conclusions.
    First, you wrote an awesome program to delete comments that repeats itself. And it was the program’s fault.
    Second, you wanted to shame and stupidify me.
    It’s okay.
    I didn’t expect anyone to say ‘thank you for your insights’. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. LOL.Again, it is my mistake and I suck so bad.Of course, I envy Kenny Sia for his immense popularity which I am unable to obtain.Damn, I am a loser.You can all tell this is the REAL me because I do it properly,like how I claimed a few posts up ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. hi kenny! i’ve been salivating on this phone for ages! I’ve forgotten about it until i saw your review on this site.
    I immediately got on ebay and got it cheap cheap – $360ishy australian dollars
    finally got it last night and I have to say – it soo rocks my socks!

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