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  1. omg… I salute u… RPM with gymwear is already freaking hot n sweaty… i can’t bear to imagine how stuffy it must b in d suit (pardon d pun)

  2. pls act more responsibly… ppl shd only go to gym in proper attire, u of all ppl shd not be advocating stupid pranks like this

  3. i agree it’s super cute but i can really imagine how uncomfortable it would be for the guest instructor to go through rpm hell in a bear costume x.x
    there must be an easier way to earn $$ nowadays!

  4. Never mind the costume and what not. There is another thing which Level Up has which NO gym in Kuching has; a schizophrenic cracko who turns up during the morning hours and disturbs, heckles and harasses other gym users. This is true. For those who are already existing members of Level Up Fitness, please go there between 1130hrs until noon. This will be the time when an elderly retired gym member who is so downright fucking offensive turn up to harass the other gym users. His favorite station is the kicking bag area. He would kick the bag with a passion and then when more people doing weights turn up, that is when he would combine his more aggressive kicking followed by subsequents lectures and questioning sessions directed towards the other gym users who are meekly trying to train in total peace and quiet. He has already harrassed a few students who have vowed to stop Level Up once their so called “commitment” term is up with the raggedy ass joint. I am one of the unlucky members who have also been tricked to “commit” myself for a time frame to training at Level Up. I will just have to endure and then move on to other gyms when my ‘period of servitude’ is up at Level Up. I work at nights so the late morning sessions is the only available slot for me to train….in peace. Or so I thought. For those who have encountered this old geezer, please share your experiences. For some idiotic reason, I do not understand why the management and owner at Level Up will allow one mentally unstable member to harass other law abiding members who are just there to train. Maybe the crazy guy is related to Kenny. One more thing folks, I have heard rumours that 24 hour fitness is coming to town, either at the new Jalan Song multiplex or at the new multiplex behind the Pending Toyota ditributor center. Then all of us can go there. I am sure their management will not allow crazy and mentally unstable people to roam free at their gyms, unlike at Level Up.

  5. Thank you for your comment regarding this very dicey situation with regards to one of members who have been causing you problems.
    I understand that when you come to exercise, the last thing you want is to be interrupted constantly. If I put myself in your shoes, I would be equally frustrated as well.
    Rest assured that you are neither the first nor the only member who have noticed the odd behaviour from this member. Rest assured also, that Level Up Fitness is definitely not “sweeping the problem under the carpet” and pretending as though nothing is happening.
    The following are the list of actions that we have taken consistently thus far:
    • Our Personal Trainers have always pulled that member aside every time he acts erratically.
    • On numerous occasions, I myself have pulled the member aside and warn him not to interrupt other member’s workout
    • On more than one occasion, I have sit down with that member one-on-one and told him that if he were to continue with that behaviour, he will be expelled. During this conversation, he has given me the indication he is aware that his behaviour is causing discomfort to other members and reflects badly on Level Up Fitness. He has also given me the assurance that he will try to hold back.
    Having said that, I would like you also to consider the other side of the coin.
    The member you mentioned, is indeed suffering from a genuine mental disorder called “schizophrenia”. A schizophrenic patient suffers from split personality disorder, and at times he is not aware of what he is doing or saying.
    This is a genuine mental disability, no different from any other patient suffering from the disability of sight or hearing. He has indeed consulted with his doctor with regards to this and is receiving medication. The doctor also advised him that exercising will help improve his situation.
    The ethical question we should all ask ourselves is this: Should Level Up Fitness exclude a disabled person from visiting, just because he is different from the rest of us?
    He may be annoying, yes, but is what he is doing criminal?
    There are people who live alternative lifestyles at our fitness centre. There are also those who sport an intimidating demeanour and show little etiquette for other members by leaving weights, bags and towel all over the workout area. These individuals also show discomfort to others. As a fitness centre, where do we draw the line between what is acceptable and what is not?
    Imagine if we expel him from the centre. What message does it send to others about us as a business entity? Is Level Up Fitness not concerned about the well-being of ALL our members, including those that are mentally disabled?
    I am absolutely sorry that you feel so passionate about this issue to the point that you feel like reporting to the police and to the newspaper. I am also put in a difficult situation between ensuring the comfort of my members and helping a disabled person get over his illness. Although I do not believe it is ethical to expel a person based on their mental disability, I also believe that he should not randomly talk to strangers and interrupt their workouts.
    Usually, the member in question will stop talking to you if you reply him with a curt “NO.” or “LEAVE ME ALONE.” Perhaps you should try that next time.
    Alternatively, you may also approach any Personal Trainer on duty and request them to remove him from the workout area. Our Personal Trainers have in fact dealt with this on numerous occasions, but of course they cannot be there physically at all times.
    On top of it all, I assure you that I will speak to him again the next time I see him regarding this issue. I will update you on his reply afterwards, but only if you provide me with a contact e-mail or phone to reach back to you.
    If you have any further queries, you may contact me directly on kennysia@levelupfitness.com

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