ADV: Lagi Best

Perodua has come a long way since the release of their first Kancil.

Gone are the days where their cars are named after small animals.

From being the manufacturer of the first car we drove when we got our driving licenses, to becoming Malaysia’s best-selling car brand, Perodua has definitely grown its fanbase since their inception 20 years ago.

Since then they have moved on from compact cars and now to producing bigger MPVs like the new Alza, Viva and MyVi, which is today the the top selling car in Malaysia.

So when the country’s most popular car manufacturer wanna hold The Perodua Auditions to look for their biggest fan, you can expect them to throw out a big carrot.

Like, RM10,000 in cold-hard cash for the ultimate Perodua fan.

And heck, they aren’t even giving out cheap plastic pen holders as consolation prizes. 5 consolation prize winners from the Perodua Auditions will get the brand new iPad 2.

This is how you WIN it.

‘Like’ them on their Facebook page, upload a video showing why you are Perodua’s biggest fan, then share it with your friends. Simple as that.

Doesn’t matter how you do the video. It doesn’t even matter if a Perodua car ain’t shown. As long as the words "Perodua, Lagi Best!" can be heard or seen clearly – that’s all that matters. 🙂

On the other hand, if you are my biggest fan and you wanna do a special video for me, can also lah.

But better send privately to my email hor.

25 Replies to “ADV: Lagi Best”

  1. Also, watching it closely.
    when you’re trying to park the civic in, the bin was directly at the right beam of arch of the restaurant. So definitely civic cannot fit into the bay.
    But, when the Kancil comes into the picture, the particular green bin was moved towards the middle of the restaurant’s wooden arch. So the little kancil has plenty of space to move into the bay. LOL!!!

  2. Perodua is a cheap, soulless, fugly, yet still overpriced local car maker.
    I would rather go through some parking trouble than be forced to drive one of their pieces of junk.
    Lagi tak best.

  3. I want to see a video where the person who is taking the video rams a perodua using a non-malaysian car, and shows extensive damage on the perodua while hardly a dent on his car.
    Now that’s why perodua is best.. the more peroduas around, the safer you feel while driving, say a honda.

  4. come on lar bradderrs. rewind d vids from beginning & look at the parking line lar, see properly whr the bin is located. & then look properly when he try to park the kancil.. didnt u guys realise tht the angle was changed? tht’s y it looks like the bin was moved.

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