Detox Diet Results

Earlier this week, I went on a 5-day-fruit-and-veg-only detox diet.

It was horrible.
The 5 days that I spent detoxing was the longest 5 days of my life. The last time I felt time move that slowly was when I accompanied some girls go shopping at 1Utama.
But you know what? It’s worth it. Going through detox was hellacious when I started. The moment it was over, I’ve never felt more relieved. I’m definitely feeling much lighter and cleaner on the inside.

Day One of my detox started with a cup of TruDtox tea. The tea bags come sealed in little sachets, and all I gotta do is dunk it into a glass of hot water like a normal tea bag. Brew it for 20 minutes, and I’m good to go.

I must admit it doesn’t taste too bad. Most detox products I tried before tastes and looks exactly like the stuff you’re meant to pass out. Like shit, in other words.
Luckily this one doesn’t fall into that category. It’s got a strong peppermint flavour to it, and it makes a good substitute for coffee – which is something a caffeine addict like me had to sacrifice during detox.

I couldn’t feel much of effect the first time I drank it. The only thing different was that my first piss of the day was dark yellow eventhough I drank gallons of water throughout the day.
My meal portions were all kept really small. Breakfast for me was just a green apple, lunch two pieces of bananas and dinner was half a papaya. That’s a pathetically small amount of food, but by some miracle I managed to hold it through.

I got through work at the office without much hassle and still even managed hit the gym. But as soon as I got home, I’m already feeling the rumble and the tightness in my stomach intensified. Moments later, I was sitting on the toilet bowl flushing it out.
I’ll save you the details, but suffice to say – it stinked like hell and it wasn’t pretty.

The second day was the worst of all.
I woke up feeling like crap, went to work feeling like crap, went home feeling like crap, went to bed feeling like crap. I began to wonder why the heck I put in so much effort when I could simply be fat and happy and live a short life.

I went for my regular Friday run, but I was so fatigued I could only managed to walk. Crawling doesn’t seem like a bad option at the time too. For lunch I rewarded myself with a dish of mushroom salad from Tom’s, but even then I was too weak and tired to do anything productive at all.
To make things worse, I got home, looked at myself in the mirror and what do I see? More pimples on the face.

I was ready to give up. But things start looking a bit better by day three onwards.
I discovered eating bananas makes me feel full quite easily. After two day of detoxing and near-fasting, my stomach was starting to get used to the little amounts of food I put in. I still felt weak, but not so bad till I couldn’t lift a book. In fact, I managed to lift normal weights at the gym. Felt more alert and energized during work because sleep has improved.

I tell ya, the only thing worse than dieting, is dieting when everyone gives you food FOR FREE. On the evening of day three, I was flown to KL to attend the Jay Chou event sponsored by a snackfood company. Imagine how difficult it was to stick to my diet plan then, I had to grit my teeth and say no to all the free snacks.

By the fourth day of detoxing, I start to see the difference in my “toilet activities.” The colour of the piss have turned clearer, and the mess I left in the toilet bowl also no longer resembled the Afghanistan warzone I created on Day One. That’s a good thing, right?
It’s the sign that the toxins are slowly exiting my system. Or maybe I’ve just secretly uncovered my talent of shitting beautifully.

Yesterday was the fifth and final day. I like how my body is feeling right now. I had a fantastic session at the gym. The bloatedness is gone, the pipes are definitely clean and the engines are running smoothly once again. The only thing I couldn’t get used to is having to go the loo so often. I spent so much time with the toilet bowl it’s becoming my soulmate.

But whatever I was doing, I must be doing it right.
My pimples are going away, my mental alertness has gone up, and best of all? I stepped on the scales just now and this is what I got.

Before I started detoxing, I weighed 88kg. Now I weigh 84kg. I lost 4kg in 5 days. Not bad huh?
I’m back to eating meat and regular portions of meals now, but I’m still drinking the detox tea every morning for maintanence. I reckon this is by far the easiest detox program ever. All I take everyday is a warm cup of TruDtox tea.
What I gotta do now is maintain my fitness and keep that weight OFF.

… after I finish this bowl of kolo mee! HEHE.

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An old acquaintance of mine contacted me yesterday out of the blue. He owed RM48,000 to loan sharks, and wanted to borrow some money from me to help settle these debts. If he did not pay up, then “something bad will happen to him”.
That wasn’t the first time people I barely knew called me asking for help to bail them out of some ridiculously high bad debts. When will people learn to stop borrowing money from Ah Longs?

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  1. 4kg in 5 days, u inspired me to go for a detox too!
    will i go down to 38kg from my current 42kg? hahahaha..i wish!!

  2. Are you sure such a Detox plan is healthy for the body? Does it help you wash out JUST the toxins or does it clean out Everything, including body nutrients?
    Losing 4kg in 5 days of course sounds great, but I personally don’t think it sounds healthy. If it seems too easy, it probably isn’t right. Find out exactly what these products do before you put them inside you!

  3. dear kenny..u should consider taking up whey protien..whey is one of your best partner u could rely on if u really plan to cut down your weight..
    some of the benifits of high intake protien at least 70grams a day will have high effect on your metobolism rate and one of the most important thing is that is makes u feel full same effect as banana..not to forget..if u hit hard at gym, u get muscles.!!
    and i beleive 4kg u lost, 3kg is your water weight..
    real man dont detox..protien intake is a must!! , eat 6 small meals a day..and hit hard at gym..!! good luck..!!

  4. you should have done atkins. it’s alot tastier. i mean at least you get to eat meat.
    i bet everything i have (which is not alot btw) that you’re gonna gain back at least 2kgs in a week.

  5. Dear Kenny,
    You are amazing in your detox plan!!! Well done and keep up the good work!!!
    I guess this will be an inspiration for my bf and I to detox too!!!
    4kg in 5 days is simply amazing!!!!!

  6. That’s very impressive. I wouldn’t be able to do that! Now.. let’s hope you will be able to stay away from all that ‘bakgua’ during CNY. Jiayou!

  7. Kenny, congrats!
    I just tried something similiar yesterday, taking in only oat and plain water… I didn’t even last for 12 hours coz it felt so dizzy and my world feels like spinning non stop. Needless to say, the diet plan didn’t work out… for sure the diet recipe need to be revised.

  8. ewwww.. 4kgs of shit!!
    anyways, taking too much detox tea can be harmful also. check the label for those substances that will kill liver/whatever organs

  9. AHah, good job kenny. but i think u weight need to loss more, bcoz i dont think u will only eat vege n fruit during CNY…. ahahh.

  10. 4kg in 5 days?
    That was unbelievable!! I can’t help it but to leave comment here..
    I only need to lose 5kg more to look slimmer and healthier.. but nothing I tried work..

  11. hei Kenny..that’s really impressive!! =)
    anyway, how many times did u hit the gym during your “detox-diet-days”? was it every single day?

  12. Will the 4kg loss being the 4kg of stuff that had been hanging around in your ileum all this while??? And since you haven’t been taking as much food as during the detoxing, that might just be the case.
    Anyway, continue to hit the gym and proper food intake. I bet the weight will maintain or even go down by a bit.

  13. hello! you only lost 4 Kgs cos you lost 4% of your body mass in water. On the scale, your total percentage of water mass in your body went down too. So you probably did lose some fat content, but most of it was water, unfortunately.

  14. Is this a paid guerilla marketing post masquerading as a blog post again? Please, we’d like to know if it is a sponsored post or not.

  15. congrat! it took me 6mths to shed off 10kg my weight at nearly RM10k slimming program. ever since then, i have disciplined myself to keep slim. no way forking out another lump sum for look!

  16. Nigel, u r quite thr. the most sensible comment here. but i believe its more than just water weight. i think the substantial weight loss besides water weight is a lot of muscle mass with minimal fat loss.
    protein all the way. not just whey. any form of natural protein is fine ‘cept for soy protein. more than 70grams i would say. depending on his weight training activity. judging at the word ‘lift weights’, i would say, equivalent to his bodyweight in lbs.

  17. 4 kgs in 5 days…plus you went on a extremely low cal diet. I believe most of the weight lost is water weight with minimal fat loss. This is just a short term weight loss.
    Some short, simple tips to improve:
    1. When you’re overweight and are trying to improve your physique, always aim for FAT LOSS, not just weight loss. Weight loss can constitute of any ratio of water, LBM (lean body mass) and body fat; while FAT LOSS is only targeting excess FAT.
    2. Extreme low cal diets only work short term, is unhealthy, lowers your metabolism, increases risk of muscle loss and increases the risk of rebound effect (adding back all the pounds you lost and MORE). Since this is just a 5 day detox program, it is fine to just consume fruits and vegetables to rid your body of toxins. It is not something you should maintain as a lifestyle. Adopt a healthy lifestyle diet, consisting of lean protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats.
    3. Eat 5-6 small meals a day, emphasizing on foods I just highlighted. This will speed up your metabolism and provide your body all the nutrients it needs. NEVER STARVE YOURSELF!
    4. To lose fat, make yourself healthier and stronger/fitter, 3 things are absolutely necessary: healthy diet, weight-training and cardio. Adding some suppliments to enhance your results is fine only when you’re ALREADY following these 3 guidelines.
    PS: I was 93 kgs at my highest, went down to 71 kgs and added some muscle to 76 kgs. Just offering some friendly advise coz I love! Good luck =)

  18. great job!
    now that you’ve eat lesser, try to maintain it! and shit as much as you can to wash away the oil and toxic!
    Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!
    Da Ka Fatt Choy!!!
    gotta go now, rushing to the toilet to shit!

  19. congrats!!!
    but this new year dont really limit urself… eat eat eat!!! heheh ^^
    u can have a diet again after 21 feb… :p

  20. Don’t worry! To make sure that you don’t gain all the weight back, you just have to continue the detox plan indefinitely! 🙂

  21. Hey- Great job ,Kenny
    Unfortunately, you should know that this is all just water weight that you lost. It is a good that you did that, but you have to commit to a lifestyle change of fixing your diet- ie. balanced meals, controlled portions and regular times to control blood sugar and cravings- is the only way to go. This and your current exercise regiment should do it. good luck..

  22. hey.. careful though, it might just be water that ur losing.. dieting is a long term thing.. not sth that can be done in a week

  23. wah rao! you very the keng!
    keep up the good work.
    If i own TruDTox, I will give you free supply
    as a testimonial to the people out there! haha

  24. Wow, that weight scale….XD
    B4 this I weighted 80 kgs but now I’m only 68kgs.
    But, I still eat rice, meat and mee and I still can lose weight abt 3 kgs in a day juz like yesterday.
    Guess what, I have a bow of kuey teow with pork as breakfast, cheese ham polo bun & old town white coffee as lunch.
    All becoz of I naturally increased my metabolisme level and a well-balanced diet!
    Seriously, u should try 2 put of another 10-12 kgs

  25. dear kenny,
    if u want to lose weight, u have to maintain 1000 calories per day..
    after u get ur ideal weight, u can do this :-
    ur weight in LBS x active rate = calories to maintain ur weight
    active rate :
    13- sedentary
    14- lightly active
    15- active
    example : 110lbs x 14(if u r lighly active) = 1540 calories
    (this is the calories u have to take if u want to maintain ur weight after u get ur ideal weight)
    how to get ur weight it LBS?
    weight in kg x 2.2 = weight in LBS
    how to maintain 1000 calories per day?
    this is the calories breakdown :
    breakfast : 600 calories
    morning snack : 50 calories
    lunch : 200 calories
    snack : 50 calories
    dinner(better take before 7pm) : 100 calories
    this one is example only lor.. u can adjust here n there, but make sure u take not more than 1000 calories and not less than 600 calories.
    for calories count, check this out :-
    anyway, happy new year…

  26. If you could find a reason to be fat and live a short life, you would definately find a reason to be lean and healthy and led a longer life!
    Work on it…itz worth it!!

  27. Hey kenny!
    dont think of a reason to quit…
    Dig for a reason to continue…
    Life is all abt the goodness to come and you would nid ur health for that!

  28. 5 days!!! 4 kg!!!!!
    I SHUD REALLY TRY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    great for u that u lose weight..
    but remember…
    it’s not about LOSING WEIGHT.
    it’s about losing weight AND MAINTAINING IT…
    if you don’t maintain…u’ll increase ur weight even faster and even more than the previous..
    so al the best!!

  29. Hey, be careful about taking detox. There have been many research showing a long term effect to the liver and kidney. Try taking those that are already registered and approved. Yellowish urine is caused by excessive metabolism. Try taking Vitamin B and you’ll receive the same effect.
    Take care.

  30. Nigel: Are you sure it’s water weight? Cause I believe he drinks lots of water. Congrats Kenny!
    yup its water weight..the reasoning behind drinking lots of water is that, so your body dont rely to much of water, this is because of continuos intake..and your body will automatically flush out water more frequently..the good thing about that, your body dont store excess water..try measuring your body weight before u go to bed and after u take a piss in the morning..
    Nigel, u r quite thr. the most sensible comment here. but i believe its more than just water weight. i think the substantial weight loss besides water weight is a lot of muscle mass with minimal fat loss.
    yup..i agree on that, loosing weight is not actually reducing your current bodyweight, but it is actually to burn your fat away..body fat is indeed not an easy thing get rid..u have to do intensive cardio like HIIT program (high intensive interval traiing..for exp, 10 minutes on a thread mill u divide each interval with a sprint then jog, then sprint, then on..u burn as much calories equlavent to a 30-45 jog..if u plan to lift weights, dun aim for “the heavy the better”…aim for repititions..instead doing 12 25 reps with a lighter weights..last but not least, cut down on carbs and fatty foods..

  31. i heard someone asking you to try atkins? gosh dont ..
    most of the people here know what happened to atkin. he died after falling by himself.
    useful? atkin’s is sucks
    and whey powder? it has got drugs content and gym men love it. They thought that its perfectly safe and only-protein.

  32. Kenny! Oh dear.
    That herbal tea detox thing is a fancy term for laxative tea. Not good for you in the long run. You will end up suffering from loose bowels. Also, it flushes out all the protein and vitamins you need in your body – if you notice, you actually pass oil. That oil is vital. Not toxic. Just be warned.

  33. hmm… it might be true that most of the weight u lost may be from your body fluid, giving u the impression that u lost weight.
    notice the increase in urination, excess sweating? (causing the pimples), your umm… more liquid than normal(?) defecation, and also the excess thirst?
    the decrease in the above symptoms could mean your body is becoming dehydrated. as a science student, i would do a research first on the ingredients first to see what method it uses to ‘detox’.
    anyway, normally detox is the cleaning of your insides (digestive system) by causing your intestines to lose more water than normal, hence the diarrhea. think washing machine. your water-soluble vitamins may also be flushed away in the process. do not detox longer than the recommended period. it does not help you lose weight. cleaning your insides will ‘help’ you absorb your nutrients better. at least thats what i heard anyway.
    finally, you will get a weight gain immediately after you stop… a sign of your body regaining its fluid balance. if you want to lose weight, exercise. i don’t know if it is possible to lose fat by secretion, but even if it is possible (by sweating?), you can lose more easily by burning away by exercise. and a healthy diet.

  34. Wow, you’ve totally inspired me to go back on my detox diet. I tried it for a week. It worked. But then I started missing real food, Thanks man. i start tomorrow…after breakfast haha!

  35. Wow…not bad…congrsts 4 losing all that weight…=) But I think the TruDetox tea works differently for different ppl…lol…when i tried it, I was pooo-ing for ages after 12 hours…it felt bad…lol…

  36. Dude, there are no shortcuts. Don’t damage your body with quick crash diets and detoxing.
    You have most likely lost water. And your body will yo-yo because if you put it through a near fast, it will SLOW down metabolism and later when you go back to your regular food, you will put on MORE weight.
    Do it gradually, and simply, and it will stay OFF.
    Cut the sugars (no alcohol, no soft drinks, not even fruit juices, just drink water), cut the carbos (not all, some), cut the portions by a third first then to half, cut the fried and oily stuff, cut the snacking (NO in-between meals), cut the suppers, and no food after 9pm.
    THEN exercise regularly on top of your changed diet.
    You won’t lose 5kg in 4 days, but you will lose the weight gradually and healthily.

  37. I emailed the company Live Life enquiring about the price for a box to be delivered here in Beijing – the price was US12.50/box!!!!????? That’s more like 3x the price back in Malaysia. Well there goes my detox diet… 🙂

  38. Yes of course, TruDetox paid him for this entry. Very obvioius.
    But Kenny please remember many of your readers are too young to be able to make an informed and educated choice, let alone research the long term heal effect of things like this. Promoting Chocolate (mobile phone) is one thing, advocating an uncertified, commercially motivated “health care” product is quite another.
    Perhaps a disclaimer is warranted to avoid ppl sue your arse in the future. 🙂

  39. I guess the best way is to exercise and eat less oil you know.. It’s a tried and tested way for me.. Less fried stuff and snacks.. Eat more fruits and veges.

  40. wow dangerous! probably would last you only for few days and once u stop ur detox, go back to ur normal diet.. that’s it! back to square 1! 88kg will be the next easiest thing to achieve lol.. btw, don’t ur body feel extremely empty throughout the 5 days? cuz i’ve tried not eating too much but not as bad as ur apples for breakfast,bananas for lunch etc and I felt extremely TERRIBLE (just can’t describe how terrible it was).. I guess all you need is friends to play sports with! lol.. well.. if u have the time to stroll around 1 utama or party or wadever, i’m sure u’ll have time for sports too unless u just hate them.. in a way it’s a healthier lifestyle .. consider sports 😉 and u’ll look freaking awesome in err (it takes time but let me give u some hope) maybe a year(could be less or more) :O.

  41. kenny, when can we carik these scales which shows our body fat percentage as well? hee, always wanna know my body fat %

  42. i know how u feel man… i know how u feel… ive never been inside the toilet this often ever since i started detoxing… but hey the result is, well, promising… 🙂

  43. hey what method did u use to achieve your present weight? i really like to let my husband to try it. he is 93kg at the moment. plz help………

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