Kuching Vs Perth Dilemma

Few weeks ago I received a short, but sweet text message from my ex-boss in Perth.

My jaw fell to the ground. I struggled to pick it up.
It is a very huge sum, something I could only dream earning of at the moment. I was offered a salary that only people who have worked their arses off for ten, fifteen years would be getting. And right now it’s sitting right in front of me within reaching distance. The figure is more than double of what I am earning in Kuching right now. That means I could buy my own house, drive my own car, fill up my savings account and reach my financial goals twice as fast.
If I wanted to.

About two years ago, I left my former job as a software engineer for a radio base station manufacturer in Australia to return home to be with my father. It was a difficult decision at the time, but one that I made without any regrets. We packed our bags, sold off 8 years worth of everything and moved back to Kuching.
A chapter was closed. A new page begun.
Fast forward 18 months later, I have more of less settled down in my new job, kickstarted a few projects and even managed to get the ball rolling. Thanks to the popularity of this blog, my social circle within Malaysia and around the region expanded considerably.

Within a few short months, I went from a nobody to a somebody. No longer do I feel lonely and without friends like I did initially. After all the drama and major changes endured last year, at least now there’s some calmness and serenity in my life.
At first, I didn’t plan to stay in Kuching for too long. I only thought of staying back temporarily just to make sure everything is alright before moving elsewhere.
It’s not that I don’t like it here. I do. But working here and living here, I just feel that there are too much restrictions in place that I had to obey, and I felt that stifle my creativity process. I love Kuching, but I feel it is not exactly the place where I could take full advantage of my youthful energy and hunger for knowledge.

Part of the reason I started kennysia.com is to have it serve as a personal creative outlet for myself. It has been extremely theurepatic for me writing here. I thought to myself “Hey, eventhough I cannot take control of my own life, at least I still have my blog which is the one thing I have 100% complete control over.”
But since I started writing here, I had been called into “the room” many times with “the powers that be” for “a discussion” because of all the “concerns” that my blog has brought about to them. Words were exchanged, tears flowed, but I was as stubborn as a brick wall. They think that I am troubled because I don’t tell them things that I do on this blog.
Well, actually I had, but no one was listening.
They asked me again what I wanted, and I told them exactly what I wanted in life. Their replies were exactly what I anticipated – that there’s nothing much I can do. They even tried to console me by explaining that “sometimes there are paths that you don’t want to walk, but because of certain events, you have to walk down that path.” After a while, I was told to stop dreaming about moving out of Kuching and just concentrate on what I have here.
Time has passed. By and large, I have mostly forgotten about Perth, although I still think about it every now and again.

The arrival of the unexpected SMS sent me into a tailspin for the rest of the day.
Suddenly, my inner desire was re-awakened. I find myself in a dilemma once again, choosing between doing the irresponsible thing of leaving home for a better life, or stay back and (try to) be happy with what I have.
Technically, I could go back to Perth if I wanted to. After all, my Australian permanent residency is still valid. I did think of giving up my PR a while back, but this conversation with Wingz made me think twice.
Wingz: “actually hor .. since u got ozzie PR better chow la. stay here play lampar only.”
Kenny: “heh. i think i have to give up my aussie pr already.”
Wingz: “WTF weiii. u sure anot? kanneh not easy to get ledi u know?”
So I sat down and wrote to myself the pros and cons of going back to work in Perth.

Pros Cons
The pay there is more than double of what I get right now. And 1 AUD = 2.77 MYR. I have to give up travelling because Perth is too isolated and airfares are too expensive.
My job will be more relevant to what I did at University. I can fully realise my potential and not be bound down by conservative rules. I have to give up the management position I have here, which I kinda enjoy.
I can do anything I want here because nobody knows me, and there’s no case of small town mentality and rumour-mongering. In Malaysia, I am a somebody. In Perth, I am a nobody.
There is zero stress, no deadlines in my work. And I don’t even have to work on Saturdays. I don’t have much friends to go out with in Perth.
I can go back to tutoring high school students and earn RM150 an hour per student. I can’t do advertorials on my blog anymore because no way would any company send their products to Australia.
I am considered "fit", not "fat", by Australian standards. This blog is not even gonna be as interesting because it will slowly lose its Malaysian flavour and popularity over time.
If I’m not happy with certain politicians or government policies, I can criticise them all I want without being abused. It’s not going to be the same anyway because I don’t feel the same connection for Australia the way I feel for Kuching.
Aussies are genuinely friendly people and they ask about your day even if you’re a total stranger. Over here, people are friendly to you only if they work in Starbucks. My surname is "Sia", which is pronounced "see-ya" but Aussies always call it "sai-ah". My Chinese name is "Tze Foo Sia" but they like to call me "Tze Sia" because they think "Foo" is my middle name and decided to drop it off.
It’s easier to stay healthy in Australia because the weather there is more conducive to exercise in and healthy food are more readily available. Kolo Mee in Perth costs RM20 a bowl and tastes like dog poo drenched in shit oil.

At the end of it all, I still don’t know what I should do. ๐Ÿ™

Last night, I was one of the judges for a Melbourne Shuffling competition at MC3.
The music’s bass was so loud, my drink could move by itself across the table and fall down to the floor.

547 Replies to “Kuching Vs Perth Dilemma”

  1. with a salary like that you can have the best of both worlds wouldnt you?^_^
    work in perth, have a healthy relationship with your lady, holiday in malaysia, where you actually enjoy spending time dossing about
    this blog is not the only source of your social life, and it doesnt mean your blog or social life would die after you go to perth. what i’m trying to say is an opportunity like that doesn’t always come by.

  2. How about your family? Shouldn’t you put them into your consideration as well?
    Of course, if you accept the offer, you’ll have a high pay and Nicole with you. There’s just too much thing you have to think about.
    Good luck pal. Just don’t regret with whatever decision you made.

  3. Come back to Perth la. I didn’t want to leave Kuching when I came. Now I’m pretty hesitant to go back.
    Social circle can grow again. You can look up old friends, and even your readers at this end of the earth.
    Or just go flip a coin.

  4. its your life, u’re still young. i’ll still read kennysia.com no matter where u r ๐Ÿ™‚ best wishes and i look forward for ur decision hehe

  5. Come back to Perth, Kenny.
    I’m sure it’ll be something when you look back in your life when you are old and not regret the decision.
    You are quite a somebody in Perth too, if that’s one of your main “cons” of moving to Perth.

    During the weekends when u’re bored, gimme a ring lar, we go Club X on Northbridge and tahfeikei….
    Probably just chill at utopia or something (i hate bubble tea).

  7. wat abt ur girlfriend ? if she’s there in perth and u’re gonna marry her eventually, of coz perth’s d place.

  8. hi kenny…my third time commenting in your blog i guess…it’s definitely a hard choice to make…between kuching and perth, more money and less money…freedom of creativity expansion and a rigid job…
    i always believe that at one point of time in our lives, there’ll be a day when we have to make big decision, sacrifice, give up something in order to gain something…and you did just that about 2 years ago…something you’ll never regret…what about this time?
    if i were u, i’ll really really be in a dilemma, like what you’re going through now. if i were you, i’ll choose to stay in kuching…not for kolo mee, but it’s simply because this is where i belong to…i know it’s silly to stay because of this reason. not a very convincing one to make someone stay back when being offered salary more than double the current income. you talked about expanding our creativity in this blog…something you did because your job in kuching, i supposed, is irrelevant with the degree you have…and trust me, your blog is simply wonderful! and i dont think i need to mention it at all because you know better…
    about having a better offer in perth, who would want to miss such great opportunity…but going there means you might be settling down there for the rest of your live…it’s not about staying 10 years, earning and saving enough and come back to enjoy live, travel around the world…i’m sure you’ve thought of that…
    whatever the reason to stay or to leave, my guess is you’re in a dilemma more because you love your previous job…and if an employer will come back to you even after a long period of time, you must mean a lot to his company, and that is what we are searching for…acknowledgement and appreciation…you have everything,all that anyone would have ever wanted and asked for in their career…and now, it’s time to make some sacrifices…

  9. Well, personally, you had let other’s expectations affected what you really want. Yes it is undeniably that there’s no other place like Kch, especially when it is your hometown, where your family and friends are. But hey, you can build your social circle when you’re over at Perth too! Above all, there’s your beloved girlfriend. With the high advanced technology, a call home wldn’t cost that much. Travelling wise, with your new salary, I’m sure you can afford it. You’re still young, take this chance whereby you’re at your prime to earn as much as possible. Even when you’re old and gray, it wouldn’t be too late for you to return to the serenity of Kch, the little town with all the savings you earned in Perth. Though I really hoped to look you up when I return to Kch at the end of this year, it’d be a shame. Then again, what do you REALLY want? Don’t let other’s expectations and views affect your choice anymore. =) Cheers!

  10. i understand your dillemma, my life is thorn between melbourne and malaysia. whatever it is, i am sure you will make the right decision.
    good luck mate.

  11. I have never said anything useful in any of your comments since the beginning of days… but i see ur dilemma. I am too like you , but after i weighted my options and spent weeks thinking about it, it all comes down to family , or self persued happiness. Your choice, but make it the right one. Chances dont come by often, u grab it or u let it go.. or maybe there is another greater chance somewhere beyond this and another time.

  12. Ermm.. I can be your friend when you are in perth!
    Anwyay, just have to ask yourself, will you regret in 5 years time if you give up this opportunity?
    Perth is having its best tiem at the moment, with the resources industry booming. The property value is same as Sydney now. :p

  13. My opinion,
    money mayb is an important agent in ur decision making.
    but, we only live once.
    Its not an ultimate factor to shape our life decisions eh?
    However, there are other considerations as well..
    living expenses in perth is definitely not cheap.
    Besides, better earnings mean stronger purchasing power as well..
    right, hehe jus my own view =)
    Good luck tho. hehe s

  14. I think you should go lah. It doesnt have to be permanent mah, make your money then you can come back to Malaysia bah.
    All the best in making the best decision ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Perth baby.. You came back for your father, but since he left for a better world, it is time for you to go back to the life you want. Unless, staying here is the life you actually want.

  16. i would rather move to perth…
    but if u dun ve much frens n relatives there then it is pretty hard to choose…
    but frm ur entry, it gives me a feeling tat actually u alrd ve a decision…
    u only wish someone will support ur decision…
    if u wanna stay in kuching then dun think too much n make a decision lor…

  17. Its your life so forget about our comments, do what you really want. In fact,even family opinion are’nt helpful at times…

  18. Remember the income tax is very high in Australia and living costs are high vs Kuching. Factor that in.
    When you grow older, you will realise that the priorities in life are
    1. Health
    2. Family
    3. Career
    4. Friends
    Everyone has his own priorities. Some put career first. It’s common to hear CEOs say at their deathbed: I wish I have spent more time with my family.

  19. Kenny,
    I’ve been reading yoru blog (on and off) for sometime now and have yet to leave a comment till now.
    But this is serious. I understand your predictament. You’ve got a good thing going on in Kuching now. I, too, came back to Brunei and left out job offers in the Big Apple. And I am STILL here. But whatever the case may be, I feel you already have an answer for yourself. You want to move back and you know it. You want to move back to Perth. What’s stopping you?

  20. You should follow the footstep of Wong Nai Siong who lead 1000 Foochow to Sibu and so now is the time for you to bring 1000 Kuchinger to Perth and out of a country that marginalised your people. M’sia is an exporter of talent, a country that encourage brain drain. I doubt your government appreciate your present in Kuching, if you are Abdul Kenny bin Rahim you could probably be the VC of Uni Malaya by now but sorry you are Kenny Sia.

  21. no doubt, go back to Aus Kenny, you have my full support, i will still visit here every day. In Aus, you can unleash everything u r not allowed to do here. Not to mention eh… the salary u will be getting. more pros than cons… worth it bro

  22. The choice is easy, pick the option such that in a few years, you won’t find yourself wondering/asking i regret not making move xyz.
    I’m now 24, had a grad job offer with a MNC at 21. Turned it down to start my own business. The business flopped, but you know what, I gave it my best shot and will never be left wondering what ‘could’ have happened.

  23. from a singaporean who moved to aussieland, i like it better in aussieland. the lifestyle’s better and so are the opportunities. as for kolo mee i’m sure perth has in abundance, after all of all the cities perth is the most densely populated with asians..don’t tell me decent kolo me is unavailable! i mean, even here i can find singapore chomp chomp ;D shouldn’t be too bad in perth yeah?

  24. Hmm … No idea
    Go or not to go ??
    Think yourself , you enjoy which place more
    Of course , I as a blog reader , hope that you are not going

  25. Phwoarr… Go back to Oz dood.. if you ever get bored or run out of ideas to blog on there you can sort of start a new gambling addiction and blog on your gambling addiction at burswood and we’ll still support ya!

  26. I gave up what I had in Singapore and start all over again in Malaysia just to be close with my family. The experience was far worse then that I rather forget. I was lucky in the sense that I got a better offer in U.K and decided to take it up. Up till now, I am happy for what I have achieved here together with my wife and a recently newborn. If you feel like you need to speak over, there’s always people like us to talk to. Just give us a shout. I am sure you know your way to track us down.

  27. Well the way I look at it as a loyal reader, you may lose many readers once you go to Perth and give up that Malaysia’s Most Popular Blogger reputation (which got you so many pivelages btw) but at least you get alot of money.
    If I were you, I’d choose to stay because, well, from experience, if you choose the road that seems easier, you’ll get bored pretty fast and miss the stress (and fame) from the previous path.
    That means hor, that two years after you go back to Perth and have earned a shit load of money, you start to miss the fame, you’ll miss the close friends whom you’ve lost (believe me, you’ll lose a few. Maybe not all but maybe a hand full) and you’ll miss the food.
    Sure you get alot of money there, but here you’re complete.

  28. You know what you want la. Your heart is for Perth. Just go back.
    Don’t let this blog hold you back (you can’t base your life on your blog forever right?)

  29. Kenny,
    I’ve been reading yoru blog (on and off) for sometime now and have yet to leave a comment till now.
    But this is serious. I understand your predictament. You’ve got a good thing going on in Kuching now. I, too, came back to Brunei and left out job offers in the Big Apple. And I am STILL here. But whatever the case may be, I feel you already have an answer for yourself. You want to move back and you know it. You want to move back to Perth. What’s stopping you?

  30. How come everyone in the comment box is asking Kenny to go??? Yes I know we have to think for his sake but…CAN YOU PEOPLE BE SELFISH FOR JUST ONE SECOND??
    Maybe I’m siao. But I will be really sad if you left, Kenny. Well, I am not even staying in Kuching but, I WILL MISS YOU LA!

  31. Heyya kenny… ive been reading ur blog everyday but as with the guy above… now oni i post my first comment…ehhehe… anywayz….this sorta decision in really up to you…. if ur willing to not constantly be wit ur family/girlfriend/friends den i wud suggest u go for it.. since the pay is more!.. and im sure if u have that bigger pay buying kolo mee for rm20 is affordable.. but i doubt u even want to buy kolo mee..since it taste like shit…anywayz wadeva u do i wish u all the best… i don;t even noe wad im doing suggesting anythin to u since im only 15!!!!

  32. If you go I will suicide.
    Okay no la.
    But if you do go, bear this in mind: Malaysia has suffered a great loss.

  33. Tell you what Kenny. If you get more than 600 comments for this post, you don’t go, okay? I don’t care if all 600 comments are telling you to go.
    Kenny, don’t leh. You won’t have any girls lusting after you there. This is my third comment already.

  34. ugh.stop whining and just go.
    some of us have such shitty lives that we don’t even have the opportunity to make pros and cons lists.

  35. Personally, I think u shld give it a shot, cause it is a good chance, it may be a turning point for u. Maybe it is good fore ur relationship, perhaps we may even hear wedding bells soon.
    Ur greatest hesitation is how to open ur mouth and talk to ur mum, not wanting to be branded as unfilial, u think of this and that, just remember that u onli live once, will u risk this chance and regret later in ur life?
    We knw u r working for ur dad’s company, i hopt i nv get it wrong.. Consider it and give urself 2 years. 2 years chance..

  36. dont go and u will regret for the rest of ur life. u can still come back if u dont like it there. wanna wait till 40 then go izit? go go go

  37. hi kenny
    the most important thing after listing out the pros and cons is.. just follow your heart.
    for your info, after i finished matriculation, i’ve been offered medicine and microbiology with sponsors from MARA.. but today, here i am in Multimedia university doing multimedia because this is what i really want. other ppl kept telling me to be a doctor but i dont care. at least i can’t blame anybody should anything happened because of the decision i made myself. you can control your destiny (except death etc) =) good luck

  38. i believe that an opportunity like this only comes once in a lifetime. it’s god’s (or whatever other mystical creature’s) way of letting you decide your own fate, make your own luck.
    the ball’s in your court now kenny.
    whatever choice you make, just don’t look back with regret.
    and of course we’ll continue reading your silly blog, you dingbat you.

  39. fuck the pros and cons! just go man..
    the rest of us r stuck here. no choice to begin with.
    we’ll read ur blog no matter where u r. just keep it coming.

  40. Kenny,you know wat is ur decision already lah..
    there is no right or wrong decision coz no one can judge it.ppl said right or wrong base on their prespective not urs..
    so what is the right decision?? NO ONE KNOWS
    coz only u will know when it finally reach the end

  41. Kenny,
    Speaking from some experience here and with relatives in Australia, I have been trying all my life to go to Australia as most of my family is there.
    It is so hard to get PR let alone have the resources to go and study there financially because of accomodations.
    Generally its a decision made by you and you alone but lets say bout 5 years down the road and you’ve settled down, would you want your kids to grow up in Malaysia or Oz? My choice would be Australia in a hearbeat.
    Cheers mate.
    (Trying my best to get into Curtin. Got the grades but not the “moolah”)
    Sincerely Chris

  42. Kenny,
    Speaking from some experience here and with relatives in Australia, I have been trying all my life to go to Australia as most of my family is there.
    It is so hard to get PR let alone have the resources to go and study there financially because of accomodations.
    Generally its a decision made by you and you alone but lets say bout 5 years down the road and you’ve settled down, would you want your kids to grow up in Malaysia or Oz? My choice would be Australia in a hearbeat.
    Cheers mate.
    (Trying my best to get into Curtin. Got the grades but not the “moolah”)
    Sincerely Chris

  43. Perth!
    You can earn more money to travel.
    You can try to earn fame, build up to become a somebody. Then’ll you have the best of both worlds.
    When that happens, you can get Aussie advertisers.
    When you return home, you’ll realise you miss Kuching a lot and this will strengthen your bond to it.
    You get freedom. Loads of it.
    You earn the big bucks then come back home and enjoy sweet life.

  44. What would your dad want you to do? Obviously he wants the best and thats where he put you when you studied.
    Now, where is the best for your kids to grow up?

  45. Kenny,
    Everyone only lives once.
    For watever decision that you make,dont regret.
    Whole heartedly strive to survive on the path that you choose.

  46. heya, i’m just one of your numerous blog reader. Well, basically i enjoy reading your blog, ’cause i think it’s really down to earth. Seriously, when i’m depressed/upset, reading your blog will definitely cheer me up. i was once in Melbourne, and i chose to come back for some really silly reasons.
    i did regret. i must say that, i totally agree with your Pros and Cons. but, i learn to live in the path that i chose. After all, i realised something, life is short. how many ’10 years’ do we really have? so, be happy to be yourself with whatever your decision is..!
    Look! i’m happy to read your blog!

  47. plz leave this place of racial biasness and go spread ur wings over there…..seriously……you don’t know how many chinese dream to migrate out of this place full of affirmative actions by our forever righteous government you see…..
    no seriously….go!

  48. it’s really not an easy decision and it will affect your future not just one year maybe ten years or more… but l believe you’re mature enough to make the best decision for yourself now.
    l was in NY for five years and when l almost believe d myself as an american, l came back to KL. (by family force)
    good luck!

  49. with your dynamic personality, I’m sure you’ll be a ‘somebody’ anywhere across the globe you go.
    I sincerely wish you all the best whatever your final decision may be, and may all the happiness be yours, for now and in the future.
    oh. btw…you’re not fat lah. =)

  50. everytime you write about perth and how you gave up everything just to return home to be by your parent’s side, i’m hit with the cold hard truth… because i know, 5 years down the road i will be faced with the very same decision.
    i’m currently in form 6 and planning to further my studies in melbourne, australia. to be honest i have no plans on returning after i complete my studies. but being the only child of the family, my heart tells me otherwise.
    i hope that when the days come for me to make my decision, i would be able to come by one i would not regret. i don’t really have anything to say regarding your dilemma being the mere 19 yr old i am, but i wish you all the best and do keep up the good writing!

  51. Reading through your pros & cons, I think that no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides.
    Hence, the greatest challenge in your life now is to decide what’s important and to disregard everything else.
    Regarding to your life as a blogger, you got to remember that fame is written in ice and eventually the sun comes out.
    Personally, I’ve learned to make little decisions with my head and big decisions with my heart.
    So, follow your heart, Kenny.
    I wish you the very best in your future undertakings.

  52. Kenny,
    Obviously the money is a significant push factor for you here. Therefore, I urge you NOT to make a big decision based on a simplistic assumption that you earn double what you earn in Kuching. Do your Due Diligence beforehand, and know EXACTLY what your costs and benefits are.
    Hence, pull up Excel, and calculate your pay, minus taxes, rent, living costs, annual plane ticket back to Kuching etc, ultimately arriving at the amount that you can save every year in Perth. Compare that to the actual amount you save in Kuching every year (converted to same currency of course), and make your decision based on that amount.
    Remember, do NOT purely look at gross pay alone. Do your homework.

  53. Definitely – Perth.
    Forget about the fame in Msia now.. cause sooner or later you know this blog will not be so popular anymore, hence ur popularity.
    Friends? Will always be available.. and I believe you do own a circle of friends in Perth. Your blog is so famous, it’s not hard to find new siu mui mui in Curtin la hor… hehe. You are “somebody” wherever you go now, Kenny.
    Money talks. And you know that.
    All the best to you. Regards from Down under.

  54. kenny, i noe you are being mind-fcuk right now by the sms sent by your ex-boss. this is really a tough decision for you to make. do take your time to considerate it. you are at age now where you have to take full responsibility for every decision you make. but please dun let peer-pressure affect ur decision making.
    all i have to say is, no matter at which part of the world or planet you staying at, i will still support kennysia.com.

  55. I agree totally with what Mike said above. Do whatever that makes you happy. It is very obvious that you are happy in Kuching doing what you are doing. Why give up most of it for some short term moolah? If money is a consideration, I am sure you can make money in Malaysia with your talents, and probably even more than Perth in a few years time if you set up your own business.
    Remember, no amount of money can buy you happiness.
    I say stay.

  56. Hi Kenny,
    Spending time with family don’t mean STAY with them
    Similarly, a better financial package does not necessarily equate a more meaningful life.
    How long can you blog? True friends stick together whether your blog is great or not.
    To be known by many is not as good as being truly loved and appreciated by few.
    My apologies if I’m blunt here but I hope to give you some honest comments.

  57. Kenny,
    I know you talk cock nia, if you wanna go you already go liaw. The pro is your No.1 will be take over by others.

  58. I also agree with Wei De’s perceptive entry above. I also think that you have sub-consciously made a decision, and would like people to support you. Hence, I would like you to know that I think you have made the right choice, and you shouldn’t take the opportunity blindly. I think that you are giving up way too much if you go to Perth. Malaysia offers so much more for you, and money will come soon, and it will be more than Perth.
    I say stay.

  59. Hey Dude, Perth. I made a decision to leave back in the high school days and never regret it.
    Given the opportunity to get you old job back, you should take it…send the products here for testing leh..I am testing ASNZ Transmitter Standard this week .
    You have excellent command of Ausie style English, meaning you once blended in and accepted the culture and life..instead some oversead students still tok like tis ah after many many years loh.
    In Australia, you’be able and encouraged to get the six pack, all cut up,14 inch guns on your arm… run a few marathons a year where as back home, you are considered too fat to run and to gay to go to the gym.
    This is a great opportunity for you to work in an arena where you technical creativity is challenged among liked minds, the results appreciated and with more challene ahead. In Malaysia, do you see any room for technical improvement ? Even if you wanted to, your ideas will not be well accepted.
    As far as friends goes, a person can only have a few true friends, the rest you can do without.
    Plus, I’ll be visiting Perth in a few years..need a place to stay!

  60. if i were you (hoobastank song)…
    i’ll go to australia… with that kinda pay i’m sure u can afford to travel around…even u can come visit kuching often… even if u do go, i believe ur reader will stay on..i will tats for sure…
    and when 1 day u are bored enough with aus (and with loads of cash) than u can come back here and open ur own biznez…
    watever u decide may God bless u…
    malaysian aussie or malaysian kuchingite..we’ll support u

  61. hpmh…there are so many comments asking you to leave. so i choose to be otherwise :p
    since iร‚ยดm not financially independent yet myself… i guess i still donร‚ยดt understand the “importance” of that fat pay check that youร‚ยดll get when u r in perth. itร‚ยดs not like you are not earning enough to hv a good life n hv loads of holidays n still travel ard. so forget bout your 1st point.
    i guess the deciding factor here would be your family… iร‚ยดve read that your dad has put in a lot of effort to make the business going as it is today. but rmbr it’s your dadร‚ยดs, not yours. your dad might hv loved his job, but if you do not enjoy it, rmbr that the business is there as a tool for a decent living and not vice-versa. Pls. do not live your life just for the sake of your fatherร‚ยดs tool.
    On the other hand, itร‚ยดs okay if u r not becoming what youร‚ยดve studied to become. itร‚ยดs not a waste, itร‚ยดs just another step closer to realising what you really want out of your life. i donร‚ยดt know which one youร‚ยดll enjoy more doing for the rest of your life. Engineer or Businessman, or maybe u can try to start a business in Perth too (though pretty hard, not an easy path, forget bout it if u r scared of hardship n uncertainties)
    As for your family….esp. your mom… thatร‚ยดs the toughest choice.(from my point of view) maybe your mom can move back to Perth? But then again, pass a certain age and elderlies prefer to be back to where they are most familiar with, and i assume itร‚ยดs Kuching, among a chinese culture, community and convicinity. Iร‚ยดm not your mom though, you need to ask her to be sure. If i were you, this “mom”-issue would also be the ultimate desicion maker. i guess for me, my parents are still the most important thing in the world (dunno y itร‚ยดs coming out from the mouth of an oversea student, whoร‚ยดs not really much homesick at all) It could be out of social norms, out of obligations to “repay” them (which can never be done) , or simply out of love for my mom, i feel the need to tend to her every need, just like how she has done for me.
    In your case, your mom might not have asked for or thought of anything in return, when she left her husband (who she loves) to a foreign land, far from her familiar surroundings,to take care of her children, You, Kenny Sia, who she loves even more. Iร‚ยดm not playing with your guilt here. Just trying to state the obvious.
    But then again, there are no lives with no regrets. If there is, thatร‚ยดs a life without choices, which is not a life at all (life as a slave maybe) so if you have to regret later on, just try to make those regrets, which you think you can live with for the rest of your life.

  62. I am 36. you only get to live once. Do what you think best cuz to live or to die is your choice. Once a decision has been made. never look back !
    It takes a day to fall in LOVE but it takes 4ever to forget a LOve ! :0

  63. big fan of ur blog. if u do come back, i’ll leave u my number so u can ring me up and we can go to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXotica as your welcome back party ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. go lah.
    look at karen cheng, she also damn famous what. no need local presence one, if u r good, u r good anyone. Gosh, at least go, get bored, then come back lor. Dont DONT go and regret.

  65. Mike, I know! Despite what all the stupid politicians say, I feel like I belong here.
    Eddie, thanks! What you said make a lot of sense. If I do move, I’ll make sure you have a room to stay! ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Definitely perth dude. dont regret it. fame will only last you for awhile, there will be better writers. secure this opportunity and go for it.

  67. wow..
    nice sincere sharing you got there kenny.
    but with the fan base you have over here, and the popularity you gained, surely moving to elsewhere would not depreciate it.

  68. I would go if I were you. You already have your PR, and now a job, how much easier can it get?
    But again, it’s all up to you. What are your priorities? Think about that……
    Good luck in your decision ^_^

  69. Hi Kenny,
    I think I’m old enough to be your father. Probably I’m one of the oldest guys here who read your blogs occassionaly. My wife too reads your blogs. We have been encouraging our children to study hard and earn their living overseas. There is no future here unless you’re a “son of the soil” or you join UMNO/MCA. I’m therefore giving you the same advice and encouragement if you catch my drift.
    Remember, Kenny, opportunity knocks only once. I’m sure you already have the answer and there will be no regrets. Good Luck, Kenny

  70. u can work in aus then come back when you are old and then retired in kuching ma…
    after all, young people shouldn’t stay at home all the time

  71. Dream what u want to dream
    Go where u want to go
    Be what u want to be
    Because you only have one life
    and one chance
    To do all the things u wanna do……
    Ive been a silent reader of yr blog but this time I feel the need to say something. Look Kenny, u know the answer. Just go for it, and things will work out just fine. Life is a funny thing. U think that there is only one “good” path to take. But in actual fact, whichever path u take, it’ll end up pretty damn good. Coz its what u make of it rather than whats “right” or “wrong”. Listen to your heart and don’t look back.

  72. I’ve been doing this pros and cons thingy for the last 4 years. I also have Aussie PR and worked in Aust. But I came to Spore to work because ultimately I still feel more at home at Asian countries. Because of my profession, I can always get a job in Australia, but I’ll loss my trainingship and my PR status if I don’t go back the next few years. Its like cognitively i should go back to Australia but emotionally I prefer Spore (at the moment).
    Anyway, think the pros and cons exercise doesn’t really work. Just ask yourself what’s you “feel” like doing, because there’s really no right or wrong decision. I think the good part is, either way, you will still have a good life. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck.

  73. Kang, just because you are old doesn’t make you more credible than the next person. Your reasoning and logic must still be sound. If what you said is true, that means more than a quarter of the population has, and I quote, “no future” whatsover in Malaysia. Does that sound right to you? (I define no future as unable to make a decent living)
    I believe that if you are capable, you will thrive no matter what the circumstances.

  74. kenny, just go man!! PErth is definitely better than kuching, widen yr exposure, you’re still young, make hay while the sun shines! just go mate! heck that kolo mee, save enough open a authentic stall yourself and let the bucks roll in! good luck mate!

  75. Just do whatever you want. I’ll still read kennysia.com wherever you are. Just make a move and don’t regret it. Whichever way you choose, I’m sure your readers are wishing you good luck!

  76. don’t go back. stay here in kuching. life is more about earning large salaries. remember. you are a somebody in kuching. it is where you belong.

  77. If I were you, I’d ask yourself what you really want. Ultimately, what do you want?
    If its almost 50/50, then be decisive and flip a coin.

  78. Since everyone is asking you to go, let me just chime in my experience. I left the US to come back 8 years ago, with no regrets. I have a great job in Malaysia, and although I don’t earn as much, I am content with what I have. I believe that I can change the world and grow as much in Malaysia as I can overseas.
    Whichever way you choose, as long as you believe in yourself, I think that you’ll do ok.

  79. They want you and are willing to pay you, unfortunately money makes a big part of this world, i say move to Perth it may even add more to your blog a new experience. All your cons are just speculation, if your blog continues to get the hits the advertisers most likely will stay on and in Perth you’d more than likely pick up more advertisers ๐Ÿ˜‰

  80. Tough decision.
    Yes, as they say, you really have to sit down and ask yourself, “What do I really want?”
    On one side, you have a life here. On the other side, you will have another life there. Either one, none is worse nor better.

  81. i don’t think the cons are really cons anyway. there are budget airfares around australia, and friends can be made all over again, tho the process is really quite tedious. =) and well being a nobody gives u another chance of becoming a somebody there too. all the best with ur decision. i would go for perth. =)

  82. Hey Kenny, im a reader from Singapore & when u sometimes talk about malaysia i dont really understand but still i can enjoy it or see whats happening there. It still gives us knowledge of other things too u know?
    It doesnt matter where u stay for ppl who read ur blog, cuz we are a READER only, we read WHATS GOIN ON IN UR LIFE, NOT ABOUT WHERE YOU LIVE.
    So i feel that UR BLOG is like ‘UR VIRTUAL HOME’. Get to pour ur life to it n get to known by other ppl too. So it doesnt matter hey?
    Still dont believe me?
    See XIAXUE, She stay in singapore, and thousands of her reader from over the asian countries, or other countries as well, but still she gets popular cuz of her blog (also cuz of her camera-whoring tho), not becuz she stays in Singapore.
    I feel that for a better life, a better health, and a CHANCE WHERE NOT EVERYONE CAN GET. SO WHY U WASTE IT? IT’S A MIRACLE FOR U !!!!

  83. I think theres not much to lose in Perth, u make the money, get the PR & make friends with aussie.
    You will never lose your malaysian friends and you wont lose us as the readers. We have befriend you here and thus the only thing your gonna miss is a kon lo mee.
    But with money from Perth and flexible working schedule. You can still travel. In any case we got your back dude… (not in a gay sense)…

  84. Wah O_o” life changing decisions. Either u get it right or wrong xD
    I’m in no position to talk about anything but…
    Nevertheless, all the best to u yo =)

  85. you speak as if you will be moving to perth permanently for the rest of life. you can always give it a go for a few years, save up that money and move back home if you don’t like it?
    change is inevitable. but in this case don’t you think it will be good for you? don’t worry too much, everything always ends up working out for the better =)
    either way, best wishes kenny =)

  86. Kenny,
    Go for it. You will not regret it. Malaysia is becoming more and more cam. It is continue being ruled by some elite who has been and will continue to suck the country dry. In the end they will encourage people to fight each other to feed their greed. I am also looking for opportunities to go out. It is not easy you know! Aiya…I really love my country, but my country never loved me. Everything i have is due to my parent’s and my own hardwork. So why holding on leh? Go for it man!

  87. Hmm.. about air tickets.. air asia tak boleh guna ka? if there’s flights to perth, and if u dun mind the budget quality.. i think it’s pretty much acceptable to travel back abit frequent if compared to other airlines.. but.. it’s up to your taste ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. Your cons all quite insignificant la. I say, go back to Perth. The main reason you came back here was because of your dad. Now he’s in a better place already…so you can rest easy and continue your life in Perth. Honestly, you LOVE Perth! You brought it up so many times! I honestly believe that you WILL regret if you don’t go…
    Oh well…

  89. Bro,
    Go for it. Cost me Aussie 2M to apply to live there and thats before getting a citizenship.
    Also when you get married and have a child, their education and living conditions will be way better.

  90. I left NZ after staying there for 6 years. I feel that if I stay there longer, I will start to have depression. Somehow Kuching is more like a home to me even though it’s not my hometown too. People speak Hokkien everywhere and wear slippers to kopi tiam…cool. The cheap authentic local food is just never the same elsewhere. Most of the shops only close after 9 p.m. where in Australia, it’s after 5 p.m.. I don’t crave for Australia food but I’m sure I’ll miss the weekend laksa breakfast with my friends. So think twice!

  91. you are not a nobody. the fact remains you got an sms from somebody who REMEMBERED YOU. and even if you are a nobody there, remember how you came here thinking of how alone you were. it’s not that much harder. go for your dreams, because i think that’s what your dad would have wanted – that’s what i had think anyways. ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. I know how you’re feeling Kenny. I was in the total same situation as you too. I studied in Tokyo, and the pay there is at least 6 times higher than Malaysia, and I chose to go back even though I’m the only child.
    The money can do alot of good. Besides, you do only live once. No readers will stop reading kennysia.com just because it loses its Malaysia touch.
    Once a kennysia.com reader, always a kennysia.com reader, ain’t it?
    But, think twice before you make a decision ;D

  93. Go for it! Earn the bucks (if it’s good minus the tax). If you want to come back, home is always here for you…you could probbly enjoy some perks (tax free cars?) as a professional who return to malaysia… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  94. hi kenny, hope you read this.
    I’m a melbourne born Malaysian. stayed in melb till i was 5. then came back to msia. and returned to melb when i was 18.
    anyway, your story sounds like my dad’d story. was in aus, came back to msia for family. he’s done alright in msia. probably better than what he could have done in aus.
    for me, i’m not sure if i’ll choose aus or my. its still an open book. i’ll see where the money brings me.
    i think if u stay in malaysia, u will be alright.
    but if you want to think about opportunities for your children and children’s childern, i think australia would be safer alternative.
    hope you make a decision that bring’s you at peace.

  95. Kennysia.com is kennysia.com because of Kenny Sia, not M’sia (pun not intended).
    Do not know the other factors that might hold you back, but if it’s just the ones on your list…you might as well hop on the plane right now.
    If I had this kind of chance with no commitments to hold me back, I’d go without thinking twice. Malaysia, or what Malaysia is becoming and will become, is not worth staying back for, I totally agree with alp.

  96. personally i think you should go. its not easy tobe offered a chance for such a high pay. PLus, you’re earning double so y worry bout the airfare ^.^? but in the end, it still depends on wat u want more. trust your instinct.

  97. personally i think you should go. its not easy tobe offered a chance for such a high pay. PLus, you’re earning double so y worry bout the airfare ^.^? but in the end, it still depends on wat u want more. trust your instinct.

  98. Hey, just go back perth, at this age finance is the most important. Y do u study till uni? d answer should b so that u can earn lots in the future. Maybe after another 10 years or so u can settle down and come back to kuching and give ur family nice life with all the big bucks u earn.
    Anyway all the best to u watever u choose. I will still read ur blog whereever u r.

  99. i guess finance has never been a problem to u. but most importantly, u got to love what u’re doing. ask urself, u have the answer. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  100. hey kenny, i’m from kuching and i was in perth. staying back in australia was not an option. i had commitments back home. i will trade anything to be away from malaysia and australia certainly isn’t a bad place.

  101. Perth..
    it seems to me that a major reason to stay in kuching is for your blog and ur frens?
    But money is like damn important you see, (and your career prospects etc.) Blog is a hobby, ur job is your career..
    i duno..go perth lah =)

  102. Listen to your heart, bro. Dont men-sia-sui-kan this once in a blue moon chance. And by the time u got rich over there, u can always airmail Kolo mees over. ๐Ÿ˜€

  103. if this blog is meant to be, then its meant to be. it doenst metter where you are, if you’re good, then you’re good.
    no doubt abt it.
    GO PERTH KENNY! Go!!!!

  104. hey kenny, i’m not sure if u’re gonna read this but i’ll write it anyway just in case you do. i’m a lecturer at uwa and i came across ur blog by accident. since then i’ve bookmarked it and been reading it religiously everyday.
    if you’re after a poll, it is overwhelmingly leaning towards ‘go back to perth’. but afterall u’d have to decide urself – taking into accounts ur family, rship, friends, lifestyle etc. i guess the point tht many had made is very vaild – perth is developing and booming, u’d have lots of opportunity here.
    in my case, i’d really love to go back to asia after i submit my phd next month. i like the dynamic lifestyle in asia. in contrast, perth is a bit too comfortable and too settled. i’d wish to contribute my expertise to development projects in places like aceh, jogjakarta, china, india etc. the only downside to asia is that there isn’t a critical mass and democratic space in many asian societies – critical intellectual debates and political critiques are deemed threatening and undesirable.
    i suppose personal freedom and liberty is the biggest pull factor for me to stay in australia. i met the PM (john howard) at a leadership forum in the parliament house last month and a question i asked him in front of 300 delegates had absolutely humiliated and agitated him. should i have been in malaysia or singapore i’d have gotten myself into lots of trouble, but here i walked out the hall like a freeman.
    i dont think u’d lose ur fame in perth. ur readership (fans) base here is evident from the comments above – i’m surprised that so many perthians read your blog. hope to read ur decision soon.

  105. Hey kenny, put up a poll and let us vote on what u should do.
    Personally, I think u should go for it, not everyone gets that kind of chance.

  106. What I felt is that what decision you chose, you mustn’t regret. That is the most important thing. Once you regret, you will eventually start to feel bad for yourself.
    Think hard, Kenny!

  107. I think you should go to perth. Your blog ‘flavor’ is not going to loose anything, and with the faster salary increases, you will be able to fly back and forth in no time. And no, the world really isnt that big, Common..
    Soon, you can make enough money (even the tutoring money can be saved and buy you a ticket or two) and travelling, friends etc (you can see them once or twice in two months- only weekends possible anyways to see most people) and you’ll be alright!

  108. My instant gut feel after reading ur entry — go to Perth:
    1)I’m from Taiwan, but read KennySia.com daily not because of its Malaysian flavor, but bec. it’s tastefully done and hilarious, regardless of culture
    2) Job/salary in Perth seems more relevant for ur future and believe me, success follows people. Am sure u can get a mgt position in time, not just in Kuching. I feel that in Kuching, you may travel, but u can’t really fly.
    3) Friends come and go. You’ll surely make new friends on top of the friends u have right now. Like I said, I have confidence u’ll make a name for urself wherever u go.
    4) Seems to me that you’re just holding on to your past and to a comfortable present. Sometimes, life is about taking risks for the chance of something better. Hope u have the courage to take that leap.

  109. Normally, people would just jump at the offer the minute they get it.
    Your haveing doubts and second thoughts about it… doesn’t it signify something?
    Personally, I think it sounds great, living and working overseas, BUT…
    After reading your pros and cons, it sounds like, “if I go to Perth I’ll have more money and a better career, if I stay in Kuching I’ll have a better lifestyle (can travel, have friends, etc.)
    So stay.
    But that’s just what I think.
    Screw the blog. Your life is what matters more. I mean, don’t put the blog so high on your list of priorities.
    PS: Sorry if I misinterpreted anything. I speed-read.

  110. i may not have went through as much as you but. screw what these people say. its your life, you decide. whatever makes you happy. it may sound selfish but it’ll revolve around your environment.
    as for the concern of losing popularity in blogging. ya i read your blogs in between classes and what not but just bc you moved elsewhere it won’t change my habit of clicking kennysia.com. like you said you started this as a fun thing for yourself..keep it that way. you just got a bigger reader thats all.

  111. I was born in Malaysia and moved to Melbourne with my family.
    My vote goes for the move to Perth.
    Why? Best of both worlds – Western and Asian!And your life is bigger than your blog.
    Plus there are loads of Asians in Perth and most of Australia’s capital cities so
    you can always find decent Asian food.
    Besides, your blog can only get more popular. I’m living in France at the moment and I still read your blog!

  112. You know, there are too many eager people who wanna stay in Perth but they are just not allowed to. Reason? It’s wayyyyy too hard to get PR nowadays.
    And, before you left Perth, your blog didn’t exist and there were not many people knew who Kenny Sia was. But with your blog, we (a bunch of Malaysian students in Perth) know who you are and we can be friends (if you want hehe). You still can write your blog with interesting entries like funny things in Perth. Also, with your bursting talent & creativity, I am sure you can write about anything and make them as attractive as well. This will feed our “hungry” Malaysians who haven’t been to Perth with all exciting people and things in Oz.
    Also, with your salary, I really don’t think travelling would be a burden to you. E.g. flight tix frm KL-Perth is RM 1300++; while frm Perth-KL is AUD$800. I think is considerably much cheaper in dollar-to-dollar form, don’t ya agree? So, quickly pack your bag and come back to enjoy the wonderful life here!!!

  113. more votes for perth
    and less confidence with malaysia’s future.
    I wud say, (once again)
    money’s not the determinant of ones life eh.
    Eventho its important, and ESSENTIAL
    but its not everything..
    u have to balance it w others.
    In a way, we r so called ‘marginalised’ in malaysia
    but are we not when we r overseas?
    urm~ jus some random tot~
    Good Luck Kenny..

  114. After all the discussion on pros and cons and your current life circumstances, I think at the end of the day, life is about the future. You sound like a visionary. Hold on to your vision and chase after it as hard as you can. When you do so, all other peripheral things in life will fall into place- whether fame, family, friends or kolo mee (btw, I’m a Mirian now living in Perth and after all these years the only thing I really miss is kolo mee I must admit). I think there’s an inner part of us that is motivated by a hope of a preferred future- which is why we’re always dissatisfied with the present. So, for the zillionth time, follow your heart- for your heart knows and longs for the future.

  115. Your CONS are only about your fear. Fear= STUNTED GROWTH. if I can read your blog in Chicago, USA, you’ll get readers & ads in Perth. Your success is because of your personality, which is wonderful btw ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Sounds like your heart wants Perth. Go with it.

  116. Kenny, listen to your heart and forget wat others say.. you know the answer yourself!
    wat i hope to say to you is no where is perfect,
    think about wat kind of person u wanna be and wat society can mold u into that person…and go for it,free to adjust when need to.
    and pray
    sincerely from Jerry

  117. i know the feeling of dilemma .. i have it too … i need to decide wher to study next year.. either aus or nz … well, THINK carefully.. ask ur siblings for the opinion..

  118. Dear Kenny,
    Perth may be too isolated and airfares are too expensive BUT the pay there is more than double of what you get right now and 1 AUD = 2.77 MYR. With the extra amount you get to earn, you can easily save for the air tickets.
    You might have to give up the management position you have at the moment BUT you will be paid more than what a person in a management position is getting. The people there are more friendly too.There is also zero stress, no deadlines in your work. And you don’t even have to work on Saturdays.Your job will be more relevant to what you did at University. You can fully realise your potential and not be bound down by conservative rules.
    In Malaysia, you might be somebody. In Perth, you are a nobody.You may not have much friends to go out with in Perth. But remember? When you just came back from Perth you also started out as a nobody. Your social circle wasn’t as big then too. What you had done i believe you can do it again.
    You may not do advertorials on my blog anymore because no way would any company send their products to Australia? Start attracting Austrlian companys ๐Ÿ˜‰
    This blog many not even be as interesting because it will slowly lose its Malaysian flavour and popularity over time. I believe its your style that readers like me have been religiously following up on your latest post. Its your righteousness and not bending to the authourites, your creativity, your guts and not forgetting those big coconuts =X The blog might or might not loose its Malaysian flavour. If it did, i did love to find out a more Australian side of kennysia.com. If it didnt, then why worry?Moreover,if you are unhappy with certain politicians or government policies, you can criticise them all you want without being abused.
    Kolo Mee in Perth costs RM20 a bowl and tastes like dog poo drenched in shit oil but it’s easier to stay healthy in Australia because the weather there is more conducive to exercise in and healthy food are more readily available. You get many other delicacies too.
    Moreover i think auzzies can always call you kenny? And you are going to be considered as FIT there!
    Most of the above will seem very very familiar to you. Because i am just quoting you! Subconciously haven’t you already made a decision? I believe the greatest force holding you back is your family. You wish them to be happy i think. But i know definitely they would want you to feel the same way. They will be happy just seeing you happy.
    It’s a hard decision to make but i hope you will not regret years later. Whatever your decision may be, as your loyal reader i will support you.
    GOOD LUCK! =))

  119. Hi Kenny, always read your blog but not commented on it.. (silent reader…).
    I’ve left KL and everyone else to be in a new city/country and try out something new… also cuz of the opportunities that are open to me here… No regrets…
    Don’t lose your OZ PR, it’s not easy to get it and many people are tyring so hard to get it.
    I feel in OZ, you can achieve your dreams faster.. then at least you can come back to Malaysia for the holidays, especially if there’s more moolah… Go… get your family to support you and go… don’t lose this wonderful opportunity…
    Kuching will wait for you when you’re ready to come back… Good luck!!

  120. Kenny
    I have been comparing my life here in Papua New Guinea with my friends in KL since I came here 3 years ago. U know what? Its all the same..the pros and cons…the usual cliche like u win some, u lose some, sacrifices u made for the betterment of yaself/ourselves or for anybody BUT the most important thing u really need to have wherever u are, its FRIENDS. I have been around following the career path that I wanted all my life (Penang, Langkawi, KL,Kota Bahru, Segamat, Kelang, and now PNG)and I am not too sure if u know anything about PNG but if u think u heard something bad about it, its probably true. So what makes life tolerable here or anywhere? FRIENDS. Friends,I can make anywhere and I am always thankful that I have the opportunity and ‘luck’ to meet and make good lifelong friends wherever I go…
    So, what am i trying to say? If you have the dream and ability, go for it. If not, stop kidding yourself and stay at home be a jaguh kampung. But no regrets. NEVER.

  121. I think a better choice will be accepting an offer in Singapore, where you can easily get double your pay and tax less than Malaysia beside the place is almost free from crime. Cost of living is even cheaper than KL. A place where the government welcome talent such as yours. You can be back to Kuching every weekend and beside that you can continue to blog. Another alternative is to work in UK just like me but I think still Singapore is better for you.

  122. What made you think you are somebody? Stop chest thumping or blow your own trumpet. You merely want some of your naive readers to envy you only.

  123. Just a passive reader but I’m sure you’ll read all the comments so here goes mine:
    – Just go! Like one reader said, fortune favours the bold and not many people have the chance like you have. So many have stated the reason why you should leave and I think I don’t need to repeat it. It is best for you to leave a country where the rules and economic policies are favoured towards the bumiputeras.
    To be honest I’ve been planing to leave for Australia myself with my family. ^_^

  124. Hey Kenny,
    Hope u make the right decision.
    BUT dont give up ur OZ PR. Ur so lucky to get it and many others now are trying so hard to get 1 =)

  125. IMHO, go back(to perth) kenny. Rachel pretty much sums up what i wanted to say. I left sydney and even gave up the chance to apply for australian PR for my parents which I kindah regret now.

  126. Kuching is HOME. Perth is NOT. Well, Perth CAN BE home but Kuching IS home.
    Kenny, I have had this Kuching v Perth dilemma – and I have made my decision. Good luck in making yours.

  127. Speaking as one resident living in sydney,my advise for you is go to perth.True,the food sucks and everything but think about your career as it is the most important.Abt the blog? You will know in the future,you blog will be gone may as you getting older and couldnt really write, so why not give up now? In life,you need to make some sacrifice and this is one of it.Why dont you just leave msia where definitely cant go far due to malay’s mentality? Im a malay and i admit it myself hence why went to sydney. Just leave to perth and come to kuching for holidays.

  128. Hi Kenny,
    I am fond of reading your blog as usual. Pertaining to the better job offer from your ex-boss, I am glad that luck is on your side. You should grab the golden opportunity if you expect more from life as you still young and would like to achieve your life of goals. If you don’t mind, let me say that I suppose you won’t face dilemma if you could ask mum to be along with you going back to Perth and live together for a comfortable quality of life. After all, you and your mum could drop by your brother and sister in Australia and New Zealand occassionally. I won’t be delighted if my chinaman employer want me traveling to Australia to work in their branch. After all, heavy workload, working long hour, lost touch of life, and dull life in a small rural area.
    Keep us posted about your finalised decision by then, kenny! All the best!


  130. A new blog title in the wind perhaps?
    ‘Our Sia man in Perth’…;)
    I echo particularly Jemima’s thoughts on checking cost(tax?)/ benefits, and Cincau Hangus on having done the right thing by your family, but take the opportunites when they present themselves.
    Money aside, the biggest PLUS you’ve listed is Quote “My job will be more relevant to what I did at University. I can fully realise my potential and not be bound down by conservative rules.”
    and with PR available to you in Aus…well ultimately it’s your choice mate, but personally I’d go for it for 5 years.
    Regarding travel, how cheap are airfares from Perth to your sister here in NZ?.
    If the $ turn out to be good, when you return on holiday consider having a hunt around for a nice bit of Kuching real estate you can pay off with Aussie dollars. I’m sure you’d return with some very interesting home building ideas from Aus in a few years time.
    Finally while I would miss you observations of Kuching, blog ‘somebody’ status comes and goes, to let it rule your life mate is not a flash idea at all!
    Regards from New Zealand.

  131. Go where it would make you most happy. In the end, no one wants a responsible son who is unhappy… no one will end up feeling good. You might feel that you are alright living in Malaysia right now, but that could simply be because you had conditioned yourself to be. By the sounds of your previous blogs, it would seem to me that you prefer a more liberal community. You don’t want to go through life saying… “What if?…”.

  132. What about your take-home-pay after tax? Don’t forget the tax in Australia is very high. The more you earn, the higer tax you have to pay. Don’t get too excited by looking at the salary your ex-boss offers you.
    Nevertheless, make a wise decision and all the best to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. if it were me…
    i would have packed and leave. the grass is definitely greener than here. lol… besides, your fren wingz is right! stay here play lampar mer..
    forget about fame..just ask yourself where you are happier?
    you are definitely not insane to leave perth to be with your dad.

  134. I bet you actually had the answer ready, you just need someone to talk over with and agree with your opinion. I don’t think any of us here will be the best person to advise you. Talk to your family, they are the closest people that one could have. Friends? Friends come and go.

  135. Kenny,
    Those cons that you wrote are not really the cons of you go back to Perth, however, they are just the Pros that you stay down in Kuching.
    If you can manage to write down the pros of being stay down as much as you go back to Perth, I’m sure you have a clue in your heart already.
    Of course, Nicole could be another consideration.
    But, if I’m Nicole, I will follow whenever you are.

  136. Kenny,
    I think before making any decision it is a good idea to re-read the book “WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?”
    With your talent I think you will do well anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  137. First time commenting on your blog. my opinion is that you shoudl go…why? simple, your left perth to fulfill your duty as a son. That has been done, you now need to think about your future, not just yours but your generation…yes your kids. If you stay think of the future they’ll have here in bolehland ????..or lack of!. Do the thing that your dad did for you by sending you to australia in the 1st place only difference is you WILL be there with them. Besides your sis is in NZ and as for friends, you’ll make new ones..don’t worry. As for your precious blog….if you continue pouring your creativity in it it’ll sure to attract an even larger audience. Don’t be silly..PERTH!!!!!

  138. Don’t you think you’ve been considering too much about what this blog has offered you? when you shut down this damn arse computer, blog is nothing and you ARE be nobody. leave here, dude.

  139. Don’t you think you’ve been considering too much about what this blog has offered you? when you shut down this computer, blog is nothing and you ARE nobody. leave here, dude.

  140. if im in ur situation, perth i’ll go. and my mum would fully support me. if i don’t go there, i know i’ll regret for not at least give it a try. IF in the end perth is not what i want then at least i know how is it like and what i really wanted.

  141. This is the first time i’m putting up a comment. I enjoy reading ur blog you have a wicked sense of humour. I think from the sounds of it you are leaning more towards Perth.. Plus isn’t Nicole still in Perth? I say.. go to Perth! I’ll still read your blog even if it loses its Malaysian flavour haha

  142. I would stay where you are if I was you. I mean you seem so unhappy already with the fact that you MIGHT be going back. Why actaully go back and be an unhappy person.
    I mean sure money can buy you happiness. If you show me a $100 bill I’ll give you a smile. But are you actaully happy?
    Stay here.

  143. I’d rather go Perth if I were you. The reason I left Malaysia or Kuching is due to “small town mentality and rumour-mongering”. For me, that’s the biggest issue with Kuching. I think you should also bring your mom there. If you go, you should definitely bring her along seeing how the crime rates are sky rocketing in Kuching – it’s just unsafe!
    Oh, think of it this way, if Kuchingites were given this opportunity, I’m pretty sure more than half will jump at it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  144. the fact is in malaysia, there’s such thing as special priviledges even long ater 50 years of liberation. it’s not pretty gud for people like u tat is extremely expressive and having high aims n goals. Comparatively, perth is a better place to live, i guess the only reason for u to stay in kch is for sentimental purposes only…but one thing thou, this blog is not ur life after all,it may be a part, but not all. Like Nike I say, just do it. And btw, i can till see the AUSD…K per year after u blur it. Me am canggih with multimedia editings.

  145. Quarter Life Crisis!!! Oh yes, Kenny, that’s one of the hardest part to deal with. I went through that too.
    It is always this concept in my mind that led to my decision…
    “Try it, you got nothing to lose. Don’t try it, you’ll never know if you will win.”
    Good Luck! Trust in your choice inside your heart.

  146. Just think about it, are you willing to stay in Kuching forever? Is this where your heart belongs to? You are still in your 20’s and you are already satisfied with life?
    I might be too young to tell u this Kenny, but when you are satisfied with life, life will just be another routine…another boring routine.
    See it in your heart. No matter what any1 said, you must have made out your mind. Trust me when I tell you that your parents will definately support you no matter what your decision is.
    Good Luck!

  147. I think Perth would be a good challenge. Moving up slowly to a position you desire or whatever life brings you in a country outside Malaysia.
    Like everyone I know in New Zealand, they do the same old thing. Finish study and go back. Where is the excitement?

  148. same situation here. i’m 20, holding PR in Melbourne facing a dilemma whether to stay here after i graduate.
    Backhome life’s a lot easier, i got servant, car, a loving mum.
    Here i get to live on my own, go uni, socialize, etc.
    Yet my decision?
    Stay in melbourne. simply the fact the probability for a better life is higher.

  149. Another thing, this blog is part of your life! NOT YOUR LIFE! Don’t let this blog control you…its your life, you control it.

  150. Kenny,
    do you have any super stong, unbreakable commitments back in you home town? If you dun have any? whats stopping you?
    Your site is popular because we enjoy what u share. You can be anywhere in the world and i am sure the life of yours and the thoughts they fiddle through your mind will still be this great! Your fans will never disperse unless you stop writting.
    Think about it… Not only the super good pay but the change in life style there… Super casual, relaxed life. Are you looking forward to that? Losing your management position? No worries dude! Just work up the ladder! If you are capable, placing you anywhere wont cap your capabilities.
    Kolo mee? Its easy… since u enjoy your kolo mee so much… and you are so particular with its standards, why dun you learn how to cook your own kolo mee? =) home made… nothing beats it… with you being the cook, you control the taste.
    You can go, but never forget your root… ( i know its too difficult to forget… ) come back someday … you r a proud Malaysian right? haha! and who knows? you might just bring back your life partners and little ones…
    dun listen to me… you are the one involve. You are the man. You decide.

  151. I really think you should go. It’s great opportunity and I think you’ll really have alot more future there. You’ll always have people reading your blog!! Haha.

  152. Hi Kenny
    Judging from all the comments above, I don’t think you need me or anyone else to tell you to go back to Perth. Losing the PR is one thing, getting it back is another. I myself do not qualify for PR since I do not have enough points. The other alternative would be if me and my partner get married and migrate over. I am literally ‘dying’ to leave Malaysia, simply because I don’t like the life here. In fact, there’s no life to even begin with.
    Back in Australia, things are much simpler, weather is beautiful, people are extremely nice and best of all, the working life is so much better there! Best of all, you get paid at a much better rate and you enjoy a good working life over there. Here, to drive to work in KL is already stressful enough, imagine what more we have to deal with at work.
    Take a chance, pack up and go back to Perth. You might be happier! I think you will be ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. People say that often we regret the things we didn’t do more than the things we did. If there is someone to look after your family, I would think Perth is the better choice. Of course I would miss reading kennysia.com as it is now la. But I suppose this is a great opportunity for you. Of course, you’d be giving up the mamak as well… damn, i miss the mamaks.
    p.s. Australians are only friendly on a superficial level. Try walking at night and they’ll throw insults at you. Hehe…but I’m sure you knew that.

  154. dear kenny,
    i thnk u already knw wut u want…n that’s to be in perth…bt ur hesistant to leave everythg u hv accomplished here…circles of friends can grow…u can always establish urself there…think it thru well…n make the best decision…either way…jst dun regret…whn ur 60 u shld be i’m glad i took this path…instead of goin…wut if i took the other path..? is the grass greener thr..? take care…

  155. dear kenny,
    i thnk u already knw wut u want…n that’s to be in perth…bt ur hesistant to leave everythg u hv accomplished here…circles of friends can grow…u can always establish urself there…think it thru well…n make the best decision…either way…jst dun regret…whn ur 60 u shld be i’m glad i took this path…instead of goin…wut if i took the other path..? is the grass greener thr..? take care…

  156. Kenny, i too had the same dilemma. I spent 10 years in Aussieland downing pots and 4 n 20 pies. I was on the brink of getting a high paying promotion which meant that i would be staying in the land of Marmite for a long time, if not, permanently. It was this that made me think about coming back to Kuching..do i want my kids to be Aussie slanged ABCs? I made lots of local friends as well as international friends. It was disheartening to see most of my international friends leaving year after year. Although, in the words of Pauline Hanson, I “assimilated” well into Aussie culture and some of my closest friends are locals, somehow, i felt that if i stayed on, i would always be referred to as “so and so, the Asian guy”. Most of my family are in Kuching, and based on that decision i’m now back and it’s been nearly a year. Do i regret it? Well,i really don’t know, there are so many aspects to consider and every decision has it’s pro and cons. There are things about Kuching that makes me happy and there are others that shits me. This is also the case in the land where thongs are slippers. What you have to do is decide what’s important to you and if the pros outweighs the cons then make a decision. No one decision will ever fulfill all your needs or desires. As for money, there are many things in life that money can’t buy. So far, i’ve been pretty happy in Kuching even though the pay is terrible for entry level grads. As for all the “what ifs”, if i continued to stay in the land where beer is abundant, ten years down the land i could be asking myself “what if i’ve gone back?”. That’s just the nature of life, we can’t live out all our dreams..if we could there wouldn’t be a need for alcohol.hehe..anyways, think hard and decide.
    BTW, i do disagree with your comment on its harder to stay healthy in Kuching. Food portions are smaller here and i tend to have more frequent home cook meals here as i live with my family..but that’s just me…eh..

  157. Kang, just because you are old doesn’t make you more credible than the next person. Your reasoning and logic must still be sound. If what you said is true, that means more than a quarter of the population has, and I quote, “no future” whatsover in Malaysia. Does that sound right to you? (I define no future as unable to make a decent living)
    I believe that if you are capable, you will thrive no matter what the circumstances.
    Posted by: Jonathan at 13 October 2006 11:21 PM
    Jonathan, my words of advice and encouragement to Kenny Sia are the same as what I have given to my children. BTW, my eldest is the about the same age as Kenny. My credibility is good as the ASLI’s reports or your assumption that “a quarter of the population is unable to make a decent living”. It is a known fact that young professionals who have the opportunities working in other countries will be better off than here at the moment. Haven’t you heard of the thousands of unemployed graduates here now? And do you know why the successful Malaysians working overseas are not returning and the goverment is having a hard time luring them back?
    Yes, I agree with you that if one is capable he will survive no matter what the circumstances. Haven’t we or our fore-fathers have been in this position for decades here?
    For young people like Kenny, I’ll be very happy for him if he can make big bucks and be successful. Anyway, the final decision is still in Kenny’s hands and I’m sure he matured and smart enough to think for himself.

  158. man…I’m having the same dilemma as you, but the only difference is that i don’t have such an attractive offer for a job as you do…if I were you, i would have gone right away as a) you are doing what you really wanted b)the job is what you wanted c) you love aussie c)you can always make new friends
    as for this blog thing..well, it can be morphed into “Aussie from the perspective of a malaysian from kuching”…so you see! who knows…you can even help malaysian products to be brought/expanded into aussie where many asians there are craving for the latest tec gadgets ;o)
    so there you go…just go lah!!

  159. Remember the trip to HK when the fortune teller told u…it’s good for you to work outside the place u r from…i think the fortune is coming now….y don’t go for it? Good Luck Kenny…

  160. man…I’m having the same dilemma as you, but the only difference is that i don’t have such an attractive offer for a job as you do…if I were you, i would have gone right away as a) you are doing what you really wanted b)the job is what you wanted c) you love aussie c)you can always make new friends
    as for this blog thing..well, it can be morphed into “Aussie from the perspective of a malaysian from kuching”…so you see! who knows…you can even help malaysian products to be brought/expanded into aussie where many asians there are craving for the latest tec gadgets ;o)
    so there you go…just go lah!!

  161. Get out of here, man! I mean in a good way…..Spend your working life over there and you can always retire in Kuching. But one thing…please continue blogging! Good luck!

  162. Hi Kenny,
    Obviously a lot of the readers are saying go to perth, but they do not know the whole story of your background, so its easy to come to that conclusion.
    I have a friend who I feel may share some similarities with u, here was my advice I gave to him, and hope you can relate to it:

    Dear Friend,
    Get a grip on yourself ok! its better for you to stay in Kuching. Why do you compare the salary here and with australia? Can you take the whole picture in and see it in terms of the value of your share in the company increasing? What you can earn in Australia is peanuts compared to what you’re worth. Please help your brothers out here. Even if they dont mind, its not fair if you still get a share of their toils since you’ve gone off to enjoy life in australia.
    Your father wanted you back for a reason, to help out with the family business. He would not want to see all the hard work he put in to go to waste. You know the saying, money does not last generations. Now is the time to make money, who knows how bad it will be with increased competition from the future hypermarkets etc.
    Move to australia if you want, but after you’ve done the time here, and you’ve made the money. PR is not a concern, as money can buy you the PR. Think about it like this too… when you’ve made the money, AU$1m can earn you AU$100k interest a year, certainly more than any salary you’ll earn there. And that $1m is being conservative too, I’m sure it’ll be many times that. Is the perspective begining to get clearer? Don’t think about trying to do stuff on your own, your family has already given you an amazing start in life. in australia chances are you will be a salaried employee for your whole life, max 70-90k salary.
    Finally, you’re not the only one like this out there… there are other similar families. eg. Ting Pek Khing and the family behind The Spring. All their kids are back and helping out. Lots of families are having their kids run off tho, but perhaps this message will help you clear your mind and see the “mistake” they are making.

  163. Hey man,
    If u happen to go Perth, just drop by to Northbridge Chinatown.There’s a restaurant call “Hawker Cuisine” provide Malaysian food and known for sarawak dish.If you grab yourself a kole mee,I guarantee you won’t say kolo mee in perth taste like dog poo anymore.I’m from Miri and i ate once,it really taste great.
    If you happen to make up ur mind to go Perth and u miss the taste of any Sarawak cuisine by any chance,this restaurant might be worthy for u to try on.
    Cheers and Take K

  164. I’ve got the same decision to make by 2008. After being back in KL for the last 4 years, comparing the quality of life and weighing in the family issue – I have to say, Perth would be a sensible but selfish choice. 5 minute drives to the nearest beach, 15 minute trips to the city, union and welfare based employment. A society that values skilled and professionalism, rather than an economy that primarily rewards cronyism and kick-back wheeler-dealers.
    We’d be marginalized in Perth as we are in Malaysia. Sure there’s no hokkien chau or BKT, but I don’t want this 5 kg spare tyre either. I’ve had my fair-share of “but you’ll have better opportunity to become a tycoon here!” To that I say, hogwash and bullcrap. I’m not the type to kiss asses.
    I’ve more or less decided to head back there by end of 2007 before my PR expires. KL is my hometown, but Perth’s always felt more like home.

  165. Hey young man, go as far as u can while u still can. The country u stay is getting messy & losing direction. U r still young and be always having any alternative choice later. Trust me…I am someone who gave up a good job in Aus and ended up miserably in msia

  166. I’ve been cheking in on your blog once in every two days for the past year or so. And this is my first time dropping you a comment. Firstly, posts are super entertaining. Keep it up.
    As for Perth, well, I don’t really know how to advise you as I myself have not been through such a situation. But let me ask you this. If I were to ask you where would you REALLY want to be, with the snap of a finger. Answer me. No thinking. Just shout out the place where you want to be. Perth? Kuching?
    That’s what I usually do when I’m in a dilemma. Ask myself that and answer it with a snap of a finger. Because, well, in my opinion, that’s the thing that has been lingering around your mind most and it’s what you really want. It’s the first thing that comes to your head you see. So, yeah. To me, that’s the place where you really want to be if it’s the first thing that pops into your mind.
    As for the blog, you need not worry. From the comments posted, you can tell that we’ll all still visit it. No doubt about that. C’mon! It’s Kenny Sia we’re talking about here! How not to read his blog eh? (Please, you can stop blushing already. Haha) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oh yes, you’re not a ‘nobody’ in Perth for heaven’s sake! Haha. Like what one of your friends said, the social circle will soon grow. It’s like how you’ve grown your social circle back here in M’sia. And for an extra bronie point, the missus is there as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As a conclusion, (Cheh, like writing essay only. Haha) never EVER shut down this blog. You don’t know how many people you’ll disappoint. Till then, take care mate! Best wishes.

  167. If Perth is where you can dream, then go. Don’t give up on your dreams. Surely it is harder for a person of your background then any others when talking about leaving your family and the biz to do your own thing far away from them, but I do not believe one should give up their life and esp their dreams even if it means to be the responsible child that fulfils the wishes of the family. I’m sure money is not so much the issue here, just consider the long term. Stay in Kuching, be regarded as obedient son and brother, gain fame and fortune in the long run, but can you truly look back without regrets? Go to Perth, fulfil your dream and destiny, get scolded by family, but live without the regrets? do what you know is best.

  168. kolo mee, roti telur, teh tarik, criticize Go-ber-ment, freaking traffic jam, haze….
    i think that’s good enough reason that you should stay..

  169. did u read malcolm gladwell’s blink? some things cannot be analysed too thoroughly. trust your intuition dude, and good luck. =)

  170. That depends. Are you the only child? If you have other siblings that can help taking care of your mom, than my advice is to go and explore your opportunity while you are still young…
    If you are the only child, then it will be a dilemma…

  171. in my own opinion, follow your heart. you will have no regrets. do what you love. do it for passion, not for money. at the end of the day, its your passion that drives you to success.
    theres a saying, ‘do what you love and you are not working anymore’.

  172. You win some, and you lose some. Of course, one can never forget Malaysia, it being the country of our birth and the place we grew up in. Australia on the other hand, is foreign to all the tastes that we’ve grown used to. I feel just about the same way as you, me being here in Melb. But that means I just have to get used to the culture here and make an effort to make friends and yada yada, right?
    You’d probably get this a lot from the old folk, but they certainly are right when they’d say that when there’s opportunity, reach out and grab it. By the balls. Life may be considered expensive from a Malaysian point of view, especially when you do all the conversion, but when you compare it dollar for dollar, you’re actually more likely to get a house (well, maybe not so soon, of course), car and the works in a matter of years than as compared with how you’d fare when you’re over in Msia.
    The people here are friendlier and if you get to know them, just as fun. They play hard and they work hard. Systems are better and more efficient, and they’ve got better beer too. And if you want to bring up the issue of marginalization/racism, well you get that everywhere you go. Just that in Australia it’s considered an offense whereas in Msia, its actually legal.
    What I’m saying is, you’ll always have a home in Msia, even when you’re overseas. Go for it, Kenny. No regrets.

  173. Kenny, you have talents which r unbelievable. No matter whether you are in Perth or Kuching, you will do equally well. Just ask yourself if you’ll be happy pursuing a dream which may have been at the back of your mind all these years. If answer is yes, then go and fulfill it. Sometimes one has to take a journey to discover a destination. In your case, I believe you know your destination, you are just allowing your Malaysian-ness have the last say. Cant blame you becoz you grew up in Kuching and memories may still stick. But always remember, your priorities will change over time as you grow and there will not be a one set mind to dictate that. Take care and may your destiny reveal itself.

  174. I can c that the most important reason is the salary. So ask urself,is that money is so important than ur friend and family? Life is about enjoy, if u think that the salary u earn now is not enough for u to enjoy, spand and traval, then u should go Perth. There is no point that u have a lot of money but u r alone. Happiness is about to share to ur friend and family.

  175. you don’t move to perth because of money. instead, think of wat u want in your future. If perth is the place u wanna live in for your entire life, then go for it.
    you dun have to bind yourself to your kuching responsibilities. It may be over, it may not. But more importantly, it’s your life, your choice. If its families and frens ur worries bout, they dun disappear because u moved to perth. they never will. After all, we will have to leave one another one day. If ppl say ur selfish for leaving kuching, they’re just being selfish themselves because they never think of your stand.
    actually, your choice is clear in your mind the time u received the sms and blogged this entry. you’re only afraid to make that choice you want.
    -just my 2 cents-

  176. Yes, going to Perth is a once in a lifetime opportunity…but time spent with family is invaluable and once lost, can never be regained!!! money can always be made and you can always look for a new partner anywhere..Kuching girls are getting better these days..i sound like a misogynist..

  177. if i were you so rich no need to work at kch sell off all the propeties in kuching go to AUS with your mum dont come back enjoy your life there,better than here no HASE

  178. Hey pal. i came across your blog by mere accident. I live in the UK and i couldn’t believe what you are doing? People in Malaysia really have their sweet time. you particularly have extra time to write all these blogs. you are a disgrace to the country. get a real life. Don’t waste people time with all your unreproductive work and YOUR problems. Just a piece of advice. signing off!

  179. Just choose what you want man! why you are so undecisive! Drama Queen Baby… Life is short, don’t shorten it even more!

  180. Think again, u can’t cook belacan openly in aussie, u will miss the fresh taste of durian, fresh tropical fruits, fresh handmade noodles (foods are mostly affordable in frozen format there), multicutural festive season & holidays, u will feel like you don’t belong there (minority). Believe me, most older ppl that i know who went overseas still wanted to come back in the end.

  181. Kenny, this is an opportunity you have to take up. Its a once in a lifetime chance! Donno about u, but I think you really MUST take the job.

  182. Kenny, if you know you have time flexibility in Perth also then consider taking the job, if just for a few years to boost your financial standing and your resume of course. If you have still have time to go around and see the world (or perth again), do it because it could give you a better future. I don’t think less people will visit this blog just because you’re not in Kuching. Your devoted fans will want to see how’s life for you in Perth too. I would say, get the money, let that money make money, then come back to Kuching and no need work so hard anymore. Home will always be home, it’s not going to disappear. Dare to chase a dream, and you will never have to wonder “what if” if you didn’t.
    Whatever you choose, all the best, your fans and friends and family will respect your decision.

  183. perth of course!!!!! u have nothing to lose…. no money no honey no honey no horny no horny no family!!!! kekeke…

  184. Kenny..
    Haiya.. You know already what you want right?
    Dunno what holding u back man..
    Whatever your choice is, its gonna give a big impact on your future. But, no regrets kay?
    Hey.. You win some, you lose some.
    And last but not least.. just to give piece of what the old folks used to say:
    ” Hujan Emas di Negeri Orang, Hujan Batu di Negeri Sendiri ”
    Now, go figure you want Emas or Batu and oso which one is your Negeri Orang and which one is Negeri Sendiri. Hehehe..
    Gud luck!

  185. would kenny even read all this comments? no seriously… does he???? kenny if you read this message PLEASE mention it in ur next article or sumthing. PLEASE.
    Why so little posts on New Zealand. you had so many things to talk about Hong Kong man.

  186. Ai Ya… can’t Perth or Malaysia then go for the middle, go Singapore lah.
    That it, settled. Now can go and sleep already.

  187. Kenny Sia,
    go for it while you are young and can adapt more easily before you get too comfortable and miss out on the opportunity. u can’t stay in the same place forever. even if your blog is to lose is malaysian flavor, i am sure u will find other ways to compensate it, the creative being that you are. the way they pronounce your name is also not a big issue.. ppl will get accustomed to calling u correctly.
    No matter what, your faithful readers will still remain and they will support your decision whatever it will be. We are all praying and hoping that whatever decision it will be, it will be for the best.

  188. Go for it Kenny, go to Perth. I think it’s the best way to expand your talents and actually get appreciated for it. Your next generation would be better off too.

  189. Come work for papa, my Kenny. I know the amount that I offered u, will make your sliva choke going down your throat. Be my Slave, I’m the Master, i making 10 times out of you, from what i offered u. U will make me the man of the year in Fortune Magazine. AHAHAHAHAH!

  190. In the end, it all boils down to what you ultimately want in your life.
    Going back to Perth would surely fatten your wallet, but do you really prefer a fat wallet than your friends and family over here? Material things will lose its novelty over time, but friends and family will always be as precious as ever. And it’s not like you’re not earning enough over here (I assume).
    I’m not implying that money isn’t important.Many people would jump at a chance like this. If you feel that it is what you want and would want the most, go for it.
    My advice: Give it a thorough thought and make your decision based on what you really want out of your own life.

  191. Go, f Malaysia!I always want to get out of this f-king stupid place. But I am not able to. I should be happy that we receive this offer. Go to Perth and begin a new life!Blog is nothing, ur future and ur children need a much better environment!GOOOOOOO!
    U don’t want ur children live in a discriminated life in Malaysia.

  192. Kenny, u are smarter than what ppl think u are. Your dad has built empires around u, if you leave, what’s gonna happen to it?

  193. ya.. you must be a crying baby now. just decide on your own. you stupid idiot! anyone who is reading your blogs is as dump as you! so i am dump as well! we are all in a kenny’s dump community! dont leave us! STUPID for the last time.

  194. go to perth! u r kenny sia in kuching, and will still be kenny sia in perth…just happier, with a better quality of life. who knows, u may become an ozzie legend!

  195. I am in Perth now but i intend to go back to malaysia in the future.. and i hope malaysia wont lose someone like you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    of course, it’s absolutely up to you in the end but i am sure your father would be proud either way. =)

  196. Just go la, no use wasting ur youth in Kch. You can’t have it all – if you don’t like what u chose, u still can go back to the other path. Plus, u have siblings to take care of ur mum. Anyway, GOOD LUCK!

  197. I am a SG in aust & has been occasionally reading yr blog. I was in the same predicament with u 2 yrs ago and thought aust was good. But now looking back – I’d prefer the lifestyle in our Asia countries where there is law and order and no “racial” or indirect second class citizen mentality from ppl around u. Look up the crime rates and the degradation of social order in Aus. Over in Aus – there is no death penalty and rape only carry max 3.5 years (or shorter) jail or worse acquittal if the victim is mildly retarded. Not everything in the west is forward looking, and if I have a family, I wouldn’t want to be caught in a land with criminals loose on the streets and an incredible increasing of migrants. Just a fact – every 2 mins there is a crime committed there !!

  198. just stay in kch lo..money is not everything in life le..family comes 1st..w/o family ur nothing man..think about it

  199. As an Aussie living in Malaysia, a choice between Australia & Malaysia is no choice. Go DOWN UNDER mate. More opportunities than Kuching. Lots of people would love to have your PR status.

  200. “I was offered a salary that only people who have worked their arses off for ten, fifteen years would be getting.”
    i think you exaggerated it ALOT.

  201. When you feel too comfortable in a place, it means it is time for new challenges. You are only young once and you live your life for yourself.

  202. hey! kenny! eventhough perth is isolated, i think perhaps you’ll somehow still get to do travelling. btw, i have a feeling you’ll become somebody in perth too cause now you reallly know how to socialise and i’m sure there are lots of perth readers like me! and i really hope u come down to perth so maybe i might accidentally bump into u one day(not in a stalker way, haha)! it’d be so fun talking to u in real life. i really do feel you should go back to perth as lots of oppurtunities will open for you but then again, in the end it’s your choice. though remember, you can probably go back to malaysia and probably easily start all over again if you come to perth and prefer to be home.

  203. Hey..I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now but like a few of them above i’ve not leave any comments before.
    I think u should go for it..is a good opportunity which I think u should not let it go just like that.
    For me, I think I will still read your blog even if u r not in malaysia anymore, just as long as u post interesting stuff everyday like u r doing now.

  204. STAY KUCHING! you need more recognition to fulfill ur ego with the size of ur coconut balls. As you rightly pointed out, in perth you are nobody.

  205. Nothing worth more than the comfort at home, but if there is better opportunity, why not leave the nest for a while and come back when you are tired? Go for the experience, you may find a different meaning of life. If you are not ready to let go, then stay.

  206. Wow…great opportunity….
    first time reading ur blog…
    heard of u long time ago …juz din hv d time 2 look at ur blog…
    Anywayz…its true dat ppl dere think d middle name should be dropped n we end up hving crappy names…My surname is “sia” too..
    Anyway…keep going with ur blog…=D

  207. I say go for PERTH for awhile and if you like things there then stay for awhile, make ur money and then if you feel you need to go back then go back. That’s what I wud do. The fact that ur hesitant shows that you want to go to Perth lol.

  208. i say stay if you must. because life is about enjoying… dont tie yourself down because of money.
    but if you’re really cash-strapped, then go australia! =D work for awhile.. few years or so, earn and save enough money. then come back here and splurge again. ^-^

  209. An opportunity like this does not come twice. Besides, you will have the best of both worlds. Put it this way, if you do go to Perth, it will be easier if you ever want to go back to Kuching, however it will be more difficult vice versa.Leaving M’sia does not mean being a nobody in Perth, with the determination, wit and all the great qualities you have, you’ll always be somebody. You are defined by your choice, readers of your blog will definitely support you either way, as long you are happy with your own decision.

  210. go Perth lah!
    For the sake of your future kids. A better and safer growing enviroment they would have in Perth.
    Just think, you may need to pegang parang pegang kayu while accompany your kids waiting for their school bus, Koh lian leh..(it actually happen in Johor Bahru here..)
    Go lah! Go lah!

  211. KENNY !!! you need to think !!! 45% TAX !!!!! OIII .. like that also did not include into your consideration !?!?!?!

  212. eh! How come my message became posted by Perth Advise?
    Kenny, I support you go to Perth. 45% Tax..nvm lah, it returns to us in other way, like those free colourful cats (buses)..etc

  213. Hello Kenny,
    Looks like it’s another time where you need to make a big decision eh? My view on this matter however is that it’s all up to you and what you really want and not what people tell you what’s better for you. You should make a decision you know you will never regret forever. I remember a poem I studied in high school called The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. Heh. How true it is in life that there are always paths that we reach and then are diverged into two separate paths. Take one and you will never be able to come back and you will also never know what it would have been like if you chose the other. Not giving much advice but this is just my two cents. What about spending time with your family in Kuching? You still have a mother who you need to take care of right? But then again I wouldn’t understand since I’m not your age yet, but for now i think whatever happens, after my studies I’ll go back to Kuching and then spend time with family. My father once told me that in our life we have two parents and two only. I’d want to spend as much time with them as possible before they eventually leave this world ( as harsh as this may sound ๐Ÿ™ )
    Nevertheless I respect you for making the big decision of coming back to Kuching for your father. So now it comes a time again where you need to make a big decision, and whatever it is, all the best.

  214. money shouldn’t tie u down.. but earn enough of it to buy your dream.. and u’ve found your short cut.. why not?

  215. “choosing between doing the irresponsible thing of leaving home for a better life, or stay back and (try to) be happy with what I have”
    I think i understand the feeling of being at the crossroad of life.
    All the best!

  216. Go.
    That you have nearing-on 300 responses to your post is testament to your networking ability. I’m not trivialising relationships, but I don’t see why you can’t have an equally widespread social circle on “the other side”.
    Keep your options open; you’ve currently got a carpet rolled out. it’s probably not quite bright red, but it’s there.

  217. Kenny. I feel like you’ve already made your decision when you wrote this post. You really do wanna go back to Perth, at times it’s really obvious when I chatted with you.
    So what’s stopping you? You only get to live once. And with that salary, you can come home anytime you want.

  218. Honestly go mate….
    i too gave up my aus life to be back in KL only to find out that aus really rocks. Go and do what you really want to do..God bless

  219. …think about it. Make it “somebody” in Perth and Kuching too” Good luck, Kenny. No matter what is your decision, I still support you virtually

  220. JUST GO FOR IT! You have nothing to lose. True friends will always be there to stay. Open up your horizon, you’re still young.. so many ppl wants to be in your shoe with an opportunity like that.. and if one day you decide to return home again, you can always do that. God bless!

  221. ppl here make it seem like kuching is a bad place. come on, every place has its pros and cons, it all boils down to what you want.
    since you seem so nostalgic for perth, why not go for it?

  222. There’s no way you should give up ur australian PR
    Your blog will still be as interesting no matter where you are =)
    Good Luck with your decision! remmeber: you only live once, make the right choice!

  223. If I were you, I will fly far far away…
    I’d rather be like Kenny than myself.
    Yes I would.
    If I could,
    I surely would.
    I’d rather be a hammer than a nail.
    Yes I would.
    If I only could,
    I surely would.
    Away, I’d rather sail away
    Like a swan that’s here and gone
    A man gets tied up to the ground
    He gives the world
    Its saddest sound,
    Its saddest sound.
    I’d rather be a forest than a street.
    Yes I would.
    If I could,
    I surely would.
    I’d rather feel the earth beneath my feet,
    Yes I would.
    If I only could,
    I surely would.

  224. You might just find happiness in Perth. Don’t feel hesitant to go, we’ll still come by your blog. Kenny man, I’m sure you’ll make friends just as easy as you find humour in everything. You’ll always be somebody, never nobody.
    Don’t worry about us, this is your life, take the opportunity when you can. Just remember to pack on instant noodles when you go! Australia has weird instant noodles like Maggi Cheese and no Assam Laksa. Hah!

  225. hey i’m in melb here… n i dun thk i ll work in msia in few years time… this is really a much better place to study and work, pls pls dun waste this opportunity man! with yr blog in aussieland, i m sure it will b more interesting as the msian would b able to learn more bout the policies here to ‘change’ msia (or encourage more msian to come over =p)

  226. money shouldn’t be the main motivator…
    your family, friends, love for travelling, that should be what you are staying for…

  227. I say Perth!
    Not trying to sound discriminating here but I myself come from Sarawak. I’ve lived my entire life there until 4 yrs ago. I am so clear on what Malaysia can offer me and that’s definately nothing compared to what Australia can offer me.
    Malaysia is a lovely country, and will always be my home but Perth is where all the opportunities seek you. You’re still young now anyways, if you’re offered, then why not go for it! You can always fly home for a visit anyways. And giving up aussie PR, are you nuts??

  228. I say Perth!
    Not trying to sound discriminating here but I myself come from Sarawak. I’ve lived my entire life there until 4 yrs ago. I am so clear on what Malaysia can offer me and that’s definately nothing compared to what Australia can offer me.
    Malaysia is a lovely country, and will always be my home but Perth is where all the opportunities seek you. You’re still young now anyways, if you’re offered, then why not go for it! You can always fly home for a visit anyways. And giving up aussie PR, are you nuts??

  229. perth’s offer sounds good.. but i will miss u!! i read so much of kennysia that i think i like u alot and i wanna marry u!!

  230. Hi Kenny,
    As majority say, follow your heart.. DO what you really want to do. I understand how you feel right now. You feel miserable to leave your family behind if you choose to follow your dream. Well, the world is getting smaller. You can chat with your family through internet (like my friends do)or maybe travelling back often as you can. I was graduating from NZ and came back due to pressure from my family. Well, I have to admit thet I make a very big mistake and regret for the past few years. In order to migrate to NZ, I have to quit my professional job and study a course which is highly needed over there. This is a very difficult route for me as I am taking a high risk. I do not know whether I am able to be hired over there but I am trying my best in order to achieve my dream. I am grateful that my husband is supporting me all the time. I am migrating for better opportunity in work for my husband and myself as well as the quality of education for my children too.

  231. hmmm or go to perth for 2 yrs or smth then go back to kuching? or fly there and back periodically if ur job permits?

  232. Dear kennysia,
    I think you should just go.
    It’s not like you won’t be back in, say, 6 years time when you have had enough of Perth. Maybe Angola or Germany or Uruguay comes calling after that.
    And one more thing – we live in a globalised world.
    If we can read your blog often from the UK (in fact, if we students can stay jingoistically Malaysian in the UK) – what’s the difference really?
    And somehow a lot of people seem to believe you will lose a big proportion of your audience should you choose to go to Perth. I don’t think that’s under the more serious part of your consideration, right? (Even though you listed it under Cons.) Kennysia won’t ruin his life for a blog would he? (I dunno the answer lah … only you know …)
    Also, I disagree with the notion that staying on is somehow an ‘easier path’. Status quo is comforting – that’s when you know you need a change.
    Not gonna say any cheesy greeting.

  233. Hi, you’re a very talented person, be it street smart or book smart. Unleash your talent to the fullest and you can only do it in Perth. With stupid Malaysia government policy, I don’t think you can find your talent in Malaysia. About family, you can always take a visit at least one a year.
    Good luck to you mate.

  234. i’ll say “go!”. ur cons sounded more “serious” and “realistic” than ur pros, which makes me feel like u wana go..
    Ur stil Kenny Sia, we’ll stil b readin ur blogs.. jus tink ur bk Kch for a reason (become popular thru bloggin) and mission accomplished.. time to return and live a life u wan to.. (If dats wat u reali wan la..)
    If u decide to stay, then we’ll be happy for u as well.
    Good luck!

  235. Hey..
    Give it one more shot…
    Is a big opportunity there for you and not many people or friends around you have that great opportunity..
    And your blog.. be yourself and your blog will stay on. Don’t worry about culture…there are tons of malaysian in australia now…
    all the best!

  236. hey hey…just thought i’ll drop smth here. been reading your posts since forever but never really commented (=
    anyways, i think you should follow your heart, kenny. deep inside your heart i’m sure it’s not so dillema-ish. Good luck with whichever path you choose and most importantly, don’t ever regret and have fun!

  237. Kenny,
    i’m a silent reader as well. I was in the same dilemma as yours back then and i have only one advice to you if you choose Perth.
    Bring your mother with you to Perth. Then, you will have the best of both worlds.
    As for nicole, i dont think that’s a plus point for perth. If she loves you, she will be with you even when you’re in Kuching. To me, that’s not the reason for you to go Perth.
    Whatever your decision… Have faith.

  238. I’m in the Aussie camp 8-p
    So! If you earn that much.. you can still travel for sure!
    In Perth you can still be a somebody!
    You think only Malaysians know what friends are eh? >_

  239. There’s a saying “Home is where the heart is”.
    I think no matter where or how far you go, in the end, Malaysia will always be your home and no one can rob you of that even if you’re gone 10 years or 50 years. Go see the horizon, Malaysia will always be here welcoming you, regardless. Home is where the heart is..

    Kenny, you are young! Be adventurous! Better yet, bring mummy with you so she can enjoy a stress-free and relaxed life in Perth! Bring the whole Sia family over!
    Don’t turn down such a fantastic offer.. such opportunities are hard to come by. And I’m assuming you’re single now, so all the more you should head to Aussie since you don’t have a gf back at home to worry about/pine after. Imagine if you get attached in the next few months with a girl from your homeland.. it’d be very difficult to leave her. Now you’re beholden to nothing (except your family which you can consider bringing along with you to Perth) and it’s such a great opportunity! You don’t have to go for 10 years.. Maybe just 3 to 5 years to build your own empire and expand the KennySia brandname ๐Ÿ™‚
    Come on! I always felt that you will make it big! This is your big break! Hope you make the right decision and not one that you will regret.
    All the best, mate!

  241. to me the biggest asset to human being are freedom and happiness, so you think where you can get most out of the two country? hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜‰

  242. For fuck’s sakes, 343 comments thus far and 97.3% backing the decision to go to Perth. Decide already and stop all these people from going rabid.

  243. Be adventurous!
    whether it’s m’sia or Aus, adjust and enjoy life!
    And don’t regret to what you’ll choose.
    Deep inside there’s a place u want to go.

  244. Yo kenny,
    Perth is orrite dude, Ive been here since i was tiny – the malaysian flayva here isnt entirely dead, theres a crap load of new asians comen in that are super hardworking (who i have to compete wid later in the work force), the foods orrite if u dont mind paying, and the weather is great.
    Social life here is pretty good too, just gotta kno where to find it – usually metro city on a sat nite, sad huh ๐Ÿ˜›
    So holla dude, come back and give me a reason to boast about Perth when i go back to visit .my
    Im a committee member of MSU at UWA so write about us sometime (we’re a pretty ABC club, but hey – malaysian flayva can’t hurt anyone if it involves Amber Chia and the likes)

  245. kenny and everyone, anywhere you go as long as you are in the church, the kingdom of God you are at HOME.
    seek Him worship Him He will show you wisdom and path and be your real provider,
    money and fame do not last, they are shakable, if your happiness depends on them, it is like building a house on the sand.
    -there is no foreign land for christians, christians today are the real Israelites, the real Prince of God to conquer the earth with Him!
    post on sunday

  246. From my experience from being oversea for quite some time, being in Malaysia makes you feel more like home, even though we are minority in both places. I understand the freedom you get when staying in the foreign land but the friendship, life, sense of belonging and everything is not the same. I think we just need to learn not to care as much about how other see us when we are in Malaysia. That will free up your soul, slightly. =)
    Just put aside all the fame and money, think about what makes you happy. That’s all that matter at the end.
    All the best!
    P/S: I know you know that my IP is from US and this comment sounded really unconvincing cause I am not in Malaysia. But I will be. Soon.

  247. It’s a tough decisions but for the sake of your future and hapiness you should choose a place that 10 years from that you look back you have no regrets =)

  248. This is my first time posting a comment. In time like this, I would suggest you to go to a quiet place, forget all the pros and cons and LISTEN TO YOUR HEART.

  249. Your quality of life sounds much better in kuching compared to perth. As for money , that’s really up to how you manage it. Sure it might be slower to fulfill your goals financially if you choose kuching but money is money, it can be made. The only reason i think you could consider if you choose to go back to perth is because of Nicole.

  250. Kenny Sia is more popular than even that white croc in Kuching, contributed more than that guy who is going to bring Malaysia’s teh tarik to space. I guess you help make Kuching know to the world more than the Sarawak tourist promotion board and I think the state govt should make you Datuk Kenny Sia. Remember there was once a Mala* who bought a boat for RM1.5m and sail round the world and upon returning Dr.M was there to receive him and straight he was make a Datuk? With RM1.5m even I can put my dog to sail round the world too. Kenny you should stay and you are everyone unofficial “Prince” of Sarawak.

  251. make ur ownd decision lol, at the end of the day, as long as u r happy , eh, doesn’t matter abt all the comments here, these ppl just drop by and tag somehow, i think smart guy like u shud have already in mind what u are goin to do..

  252. For the sake of your future, I think you should think properly, think what exactly you want in the future. Try to get ur family’s opinion as well. I think they would support you to go over there, too. Make the right choice and don’t regret for the choice that u’ve made. So, consider it carefully. For me, I advise u to go for it, since u r being offered with a high pay and you even got the PR, do give it a try, see whether you like the life like that or not…if not, then u can always come back to M’sia. We don’t usually have such a good opportunities so appreciate it! All d best n God bless u~

  253. For me, since you’re given such a good opportunities : high pay, job relevant to wat u studied in uni, able to earn extra $ by tutoring…so why not??? I advise you to go there and give it a try…If you like it then continue, if not, u can always come back to Malaysia. I’m sure your family will support you to go Perth, for ur future sake. Good opportunities does not always come so cherish it! Anyway, it’s just my opinion. Just that, consider really carefully and make the right decision & most importantly, don’t regret for the decison tat u’ve made. All the best and God bless u!

  254. Tax rates in Oz is about 3x here for comparative salaries. Cost of living is much higher. You really think you would be ahead there? However, I concur with you on the retrictions on the personal and political level here…

  255. Just had to comment again.
    Give it a shot. If it doesn’t work out, you can always return to Kuching. It’s better than never trying and killing yourself wondering what could have been.

  256. Hi kenny. It has been a while I’ve been reading your blog and thank you for bringing all the joy and cheers of the day into my life.
    I’m a “kuching-ite” too and left kuching few years ago to earn sg $$. My advise to you is to think and plan carefully of your future. See whether you treat this as shorterm or longterm opportunity. No doubt family, health, money and friendship are all equally important, i would advise you to think a bit “selfish” for yourself of where would be the place you would wanna be for the next 5 years. Don have to think too far ahead as you will never know what lies 5 years later.
    You are still young and you still afford to spend 5 years in wherever u want and do whatever you like. But once you’re in your 30++, your thought and responsibilities will be different. You will start to think about starting forming a family, get a stable job and staying healthy..
    wish i got more time to share with you… got to go mate.

  257. Go to Perth. You’re a man. The man of the future family. You need to be financially stable before you can settle down. You have all the opportunities waiting for you in Perth. You can always come back during winter and summer break to visit your family in Kuching. Once you’ve established you career, spending few thousands on a flight back to visit your family is a penny to you. Go live up to your dreams and make your family be proud of you! All the best!

  258. By the way, I forgot to tell you that I’m in Melbourne so people in Australia also read your blog too! You’re not only famous in Malaysia, but so many of my friends here know about you, and I even recommend this blog to my brother who’s in Singapore. You’ve acheived fame, young man! Go disembark on your journey that you have always dreamt of!

  259. Go KENNY GO!!! u will still have yr fame in Malaysia & Spore! no one will forget u AND U can go back Kuching when yr tired of Perth
    Go Kenny Go!!

  260. going back to perth doesnt mean you gotta stay there for your whole life. you can always come back when you want.
    what is permanent?
    permanent is nothing.
    nothing is permanent.
    life is full of surprises.
    you have many.
    just go for another try.
    you might end up doing something “bigger” than kennysia.com.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ all the best dude.

  261. wtf! still young what. go la to perth make the money and later can still come back what. and yes, you can enjoy both worlds when u have money

  262. Well, kenny.. everywhere in the world is the same. You get something u want and at the same time u lose something u own. Life is like that. Your pros and cons show that u are leaning to go back to Perth but is that what you really want ? Money is one thing in life, family, friends and living environment is another. If u think Perth can give you more than Kuching can, by all means go.
    I’m study in Perth for 4 years and now working in Kuching. Yes, the salary is peanut compare to Perth and our political restriction here is sometimes irritating but at least i’m with family and friends here and I am happy with my life. That’s what that counts. We live life only once, it’s up to u to choose your path. But choose it following your heart not following what other’s says u ought to do. It’s your life.

  263. High income = high taxes, Western Culture = Cultural differences, Earning 2.7*MYR = expenditures in Perth is 2.7 * expenditures in Malaysia, fuel price in perth = 111.69 cents (i think thats the lowest u can get, which means its 3 ringgit a litre). If you die in Australia it takes at least 4.5 hrs for your family to get to see your rigor-mortis body.
    But, I think working there a couple of years while trying to apply for high pay positions in oil & gas companies back in Sarawak would be ideal…. ^^

  264. Kenny.. I think Perth is a good option. You are still young,there’s much to see overseas. Widen ur horizons and expand. Life is short so enjoy everything u have and oppurtunity that comes in ur way. It’s a good offer I think though I din see the amount. But hey! Life is good for now. It’s up to what u want.Really. Good luck in making ur decision. LIfe…..

  265. you should definitely seize the opportunity and go for it. i don’t think this blog will “suffer” should you decide to go. it’s your writing, your ideas, your photos etc that make this blog what it is. geographical location will make things different, but not necessarily for the worse.
    you love kuching, you know kuching is where it is home, and i think at some point you will return. but now is the time to do things, and experience as much as you can, to earn money, to discover new things, to learn new stuff, to see different sights.
    go for it. if you hate it, you can always go home. home will always be there.
    but that opportunity in perth will not be waiting for you forever.

  266. Heys.
    Since you’re so comfortable in Kuching already, and also after reading your comparisons,
    my suggestion is that
    YOU WILL BE HAPPY if you stay in your hometown.
    What good is there when you have money but you have no interest in the place and no friends that which you normally party out with?
    Still its your decision =)
    but i’d say you stay in Kuching better…hahas.
    Take Loads Kaire. . .

  267. From your list of pros and cons, it’s pretty obvious that you have made a silent decision. Your next step’s just to face the things you’d have to sacrifice and then move on.

  268. get the job at perth. with that pay and a place so lovely, you can come back to malaysia anytime for holidays. you can even afford it good!
    you lose some but you gain a lot ok!
    think of the future. not the past
    ; )

  269. You’ve conquered the Malaysian blogging world, might as well go out on top …. set your sights on conquering the Malaysian expats in Australia blogging world…

  270. I guess it’s all matter of compromise. I have no authority to suggest anything as it’s all up to you.
    putting myself in your shoes for a moment..i guess it’ll be worthwhile to return to perth, occasionally returning to malaysia during the hols. After a while, choosing where to settle down will depend on your family once you decide to start one. and…you could always return to perth after you retire, and get a house by the sea ๐Ÿ™‚
    Regardless of anything, i sincerely wish you all the best in your decision.

  271. kenny,i hope you won’t feel pressured in any way by the comments made.pressured or influenced.its your life,not your readers.you know what you want most,not any other person.we’re just hear to be kepo about your life,even though some might claim they ‘care’.anyhow,have a nicety day.

  272. just do it Kenny! Kuching will still be here waiting if you get sick of Perth ๐Ÿ˜› Anyways, give it a shot and dun worry bout ya blog, we’d still read it even if you lose the Malaysian flavor and gone Aussie for good. Do it mate!

  273. Kenny, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go to Perth.

  274. Kenny, you have just consulted those 2 feng shui masters, so now you are getting rich-liao-loh. Go lah to Perth, what are you waiting for?

  275. Dude I feel for you! My name is also Kenny and we have the same predicament! I came back from Melbourne about 2 years ago cause I couldn’t really find a job related to my skills. But with my current skills, I have no doubt that I could find something related to what I do now with good $$$. I’m in a hell of a dilemna now too. Everyday people ask me..”so have you made your decision”? It’s driving me nuts. I love my current job and love to be with my family and friends. I’m thinking everyday should I leave everything behind and just go back. Heck even my family wants me to leave…..I have to return around March next year though technically I could still return after that.
    Still thinking…..damn should I? Should I not….

  276. Seems that those who want Kenny to stay in Kuching are females. Come on girls, Kenny already got a gf in Nicole. Get real girls, don’t be a sore loser.

  277. This is my 2nd post for the same article. Well, I thought you have something new to tell us. I am also in the mid of deciding to stay in Sydney or go back to S’pore, so I read through some of the comments left by other bloggers to you.
    Very surprised to see that majority of them said you should go to Perth. Is M’sia really that bad? Have those bloggers who suggested you to go to Perth ever stayed in Australia for more than 6 months? If they have not, what makes them think that Oz is a good place to stay?
    I lived in Perth for 1.5 years and I am now in Sydey, coming to 2 years. Well, the crime rate here is higher than S’pore, walking on the street after 9pm is not safe. Drug problem is quite serious here, this would mean that you need to worry about your kids after you have a family. Cost of living is higher than S’pore, which means it will be much higher than M’sia too. There are always pros and cons of a place, just think carefully and don’t regret.

  278. Just go for the gold mate! Only stay back home if your blog readers decide to pay you for writing substance-filled blog entries for their entertainment heeh. Lots of Malaysians populating Perth (in fact the whole of Australia) too. I live in Australia and I still read your blog. I think I’ll like the sound of an Aussie-flavoured-catered-for-malaysian-Kennysia.com!

  279. Heart, don’t fail me now!
    Courage, don’t desert me!
    Don’t turn back now that we’re here
    People always say
    Life is full of choices
    No one ever mentions fear!
    Or how a road can seem so long
    How the world can seem so vast
    Courage see me through
    Heart I’m trusting you
    On this journey…to the past
    (Journey to the past – aaliyah)
    I will be facing the same dilemma soon. Listen to your heart, you’ll find the answer there.
    Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  280. You must have your objectives in life.
    If you have confident to stay firm on acheiving these objectives, then perth or malaysia would not matter.

  281. if you still need mummy hug and pal support, then stay at home.
    u know too for sure, living out of home need long
    endurance, highly independant and often your good friend is loniless those who havent live in oversea long enough dont know what kind of price to pay, outwardly seemed so glory.
    and constant challenged with ‘asian’ this word
    which is already bad stereotyped no matter how
    good you are individually. if you loss your identity, even worse i suppose. the world is not really a melting pot yet, alot of categorise and label going on..
    kuching gentle lady will boost your ego ,oz chick wil do u opposite you have overflowing supporter now, got ball already?

  282. hi kenny. As a loyal Malaysian blog reader, of coz i would want you to stay in Malaysia so that i can relate to most of your entries. But as a realist, the paycheck is really damn tempting. moreover, you can always attract a new blog reading society while people like me, learn new things about other country. whatever it is, i wish you best of luck. ๐Ÿ™‚

  283. my opinion u shud go la…not many ppl have the oppurtunity hav tat kinda salary and tat kinda life…u shud choose ur future over other stuft…if u dont go maybe 10 years later u be here cursin…well anyways all the best

  284. First of all, what kind of bullshit is ” … that there’s nothing much I can do”? I hope it did not come from your own family. If so, it is sad. You have an university degree and got an invitation from your ex-boss to return. A company does not ask their ex-emplayee to work for them again unless he/she is damn good!! Also, ” … called into “the room” many times with “the powers that be” for “a discussion” because of all the “concerns” that my blog has brought about to them”?? What kind of company are you working for? I hope you are not part of a triad. I thought Malaysia is a democaratic country, and people have rights?

  285. Reading between the lines of your blog, it is clear that you already have an answer in your heart and mind. That is “GO”. The pros and cons are just a cover up, a cover up to deny your inner instinct. What does how much a kolo mee cost has to do with your career decision? If such a comparison is important to you it is sad that you are nothing but another ordinary person who is not worthy the success in life.

  286. think tripple but not twice your dad has work so hard to built his own bussines kingdom,now he was not around anymore and you just keep on craneking about you want to leave kuching and go some where else what about the bussines your father left for you,you might said that somebody is looking afer it.But itis beeter you get yours hands on it because it will belong to you one day.you can keep on blogging,enjoy life here bring chik here, why want to leave just think your dad work so hard to get this archivment.

  287. Hi Kenny,
    I have been following ur blog for a while but have not posted any comments before. However, when i read this blog, I feel that you should go back to Perth as it is a VERY good oppourtunity.
    I lived in Melbourne for 3 years and intended to stay there for a long time, until my parents persuaded me to come back to KL.
    The prospects there is definately better and to top it up life is so much better there. The people of friendly and nice.
    Put money aside, you would definetely lead a better life there.
    At the end of the day, the decision is yours and I wish you all the best in life.
    You can still be popular with us here as we do enjoy knowing bout Perth as well right?
    People refer to Perth as ‘mini Malaysia’ sometimes, as they say loadsa Malaysians are flooded there!!
    As for your passion in travelling, I did quite a lot of travelling there too…with virginblue…travelling in Aus can be wuite affordable and fun…
    Good Luck!!

  288. Hi Kenny,
    I wont say i know how you feel because i am not in your shoes and nobody is in your shoes but you ( unless they borrow your shoes literally …ewww ). Just follow your heart and make the decisions that would suit your needs and desire, equally balanced out. I dont think that the blog is tying you down to Kuching … it must be something else. Feel free to lead your own life, free of discretion, free of reservations and free of restrictions.
    To Kenny, one of the liviest person i ever ‘read-blog’ about.

  289. There’s quite a number of Malaysians living in Perth, so don’t worry about getting homesick. I’ve been living in Perth for 3 years after studies and I’ve no regrets at all. I lived happily here in Perth compared to politically turmoiled Malaysia. My family in KL is happy for me.

  290. Hey kenny. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have no advice to offer (I’m just sixteen and have no experience with the kind of situation you’re in).
    I’d just like to say that whatever happens, I’ll continue to be a loyal reader of your blog and I wish you all the best. Have faith.

  291. Hi Kenny,
    As a Perthite who has seen a lot of change in Perth in the last few years, factor in the cost of living here. Cost of living has increased considerably in the last few years as a result of the resource boom. Median property prices are 2nd most expensive after Sydeny (even more expensive than Melbourne).
    Once you make your decisision, stay true and look forward. Don’t regret…..

  292. I’m sorry to comment as an anonymous.
    I read you post for the tittle ‘Egyptian Magician'(28 march 2006)where the function you attended in KL had a Egyptian theme to it.
    The fortune teller read from the “Grande O’ Ball-Reading Psychic” and said that,
    1. The following 6 year period. You can expect much more money from sudden change.
    2. From 2006 to 2010 – 4 years will be your fortunate period. You will get much more money and within this period you will enjoy your good life.
    Maybe you should go back to perth and enjoy another few years before you come back to kuching. ๐Ÿ™‚

  293. รงโ€ยฑรฅยคยฉรฆยยฅรฅยฎลกรคยฝย รงลกโ€žรฅโ€ฐยรฉโ‚ฌโ€?
    รจโ€šยฏรฅยฎลก YEAH!

  294. If I were you, I’d rather have low constraint on such case! If I feel like I wanted to go, I go. Don’t want and feel very convenient with what I have now, I’ll stick to it? Why should I listen to other people’s opinion. If currency is your major problem, maybe you need side earnings like this blog to bloom your wage. Given pride taking bribe accepting Glide!

  295. If I were you, I will fly far far away…
    I’d rather be like Kenny than myself.
    Yes I would.
    If I could,
    I surely would.
    I’d rather be a hammer than a nail.
    Yes I would.
    If I only could,
    I surely would.
    Away, I’d rather sail away
    Like a swan that’s here and gone
    A man gets tied up to the ground
    He gives the world
    Its saddest sound,
    Its saddest sound.
    I’d rather be a forest than a street.
    Yes I would.
    If I could,
    I surely would.
    I’d rather feel the earth beneath my feet,
    Yes I would.
    If I only could,
    I surely would.

  296. Just go for it Kenny.
    Speaking as someone who wished he never returned to Malaysia from Australia, it would be stupid not to take this next logical “step” in the progression of your life.
    As you’ve mentioned in your post, when you came back to Malaysia, you didnt have anything and had to start all over. Why cant you do the same once you get back to Perth? A place where you did indeed spend, at one point, almost half your life there?
    Just do it man. Chances like this dont come often, I would even dare say that its almost godsent that they bothered to remember you.
    Good luck Kenny but as with anything in life, as hard it maybe, no regrets, all the way.

  297. Sounds like you want to go, but feel comfortable living here. As most people would have it, it’s hard to make a change from where we’re comfortable. But didn’t you make that change when you came back to Malaysia? It shouldn’t be too hard now is it? Besides, it’s not like you can’t move back here again. Either way, you’ll always have a reader here. Best of luck!

  298. kenny,
    please go back to perth. you can unleash your true potential there. malaysia is just not the breeding ground for creativity and it’s a spot on when you said there are too many restrictions. It’s time to find out what you can really be. Go back or else you will regret it, dude. Seriously. And i thought you have some kinda brain damage when you said that you want to give up your aussie PR

  299. Remember that an Aussie PR = once in a lifetime oppurtunity. Once you give it up, you’ll never get it back again! As said, it’s only a 3 hour flight from Kuching to Perth. Your living will be better, you’ll earn more money, less stress in your job, and later the financial freedom to do traveling if you want. I don’t see why travelling will be a problem, once you’re earning, you oculd even fly back to M’sia and take tours from there and sometimes it works out cheaper. The exchange rate is a bonus. With an Aussie PR, it’s easier to get visas into other European countries. And if after all that you want to retire back in Kuching, you’ll have the cash to live comfortably for the rest of your life.
    To the fella up there who said aussie tax is hefty, it actually goes back to the citizens in the healthcare and education support for your future family + tons of other fringe benefits. Your children will have a ridiculous A$4000 pa university fee in Melbourne Uni, which is on eof the more expensive unis. Your superannuation is high. WHen you work in Australia, getting a house and a car is no problem within a couple of years. In M’sia, you work since graduating till you’re thirty and are lucky if you can get a house for you and your new family without aid from your parents. The ratio of pay to living expenses is way lower than in M’sia.

  300. stay in kuching la.so much has happened since you came back kuching.you’re even invited as a judge to the mc3 shuffle contest.if you go back to perth,your social-circle for one will definitely be gone.ppl who say they will still read your blog mostly just hot-air talkers.trust me.you go back and see how things turn out 6months from now.when you in kuching,you have freedom what.get to travel here and there.when you go back perth,i think you’ll definitely be more restricted.pay is high,but living expenses there you think like kuching meh?
    furthermore all these ppl don’t have the choice presented in front of them,someone else’s live so senang-senang they ask you go lah.you still young how you know you gonna wrinkle up in kuching nia?

  301. *sob sob*
    when kennysia.com is not in that msian style anymore, i’ll find no familiarity in this blog…
    but as ur faithful reader, i would say “follow the sound from the bottom of ur heart”…though we all fear of losing u, we’ll still be there to support u to the end…
    kennysia.com forever!!
    love u heaps!!!

  302. My first time leaving a comment here. Usually I just read. So it must be quite important for me to type something. Anyhoot, I think you should go. High pay, non-hectic lifestyle (which translate to more quality time spent with loved one and also things you want to do). It will all basically lead to a brighter future. IMHO. Heck, if you ever do get bored over there…after 5-6 years of working there..you’ll be a super duper rich man coming back here!

  303. Not many of your readers’ comments mentioned about “challenges” in life. This is probably the next step in defining who you are going to be known as. You have already achieved your status as the most popular blogger in Malaysia, or maybe even Asia. Now… what else can you contribute to society? That is the challenge.
    Managerial positions… they are not really that hard to come by. If you want it, you work for it. I, myself, have started at the bottom (in Melbourne) and managed to get promoted twice within a year and secured a managerial position.
    I’ve seen friends who are eager to take up challenges and moved on up the corporate ladder (legitimately).
    I’ve been living apart from my family in Melbourne for the past 10 years. Loneliness may creep into your life if you let it be an issue. In my past dwellings in event management (prior my current job), I have amassed a huge network of friends/acquaintances, but there are only a few true friends that I can count on. But sometimes, being by yourself allows you to keep yourself on track to achieve your goals.
    If you are worried about the possible waning of popularity for your blog… It’s a waste of time and energy. Take that time and energy to plot/plan what other opportunities you can generate from this catalyst of an SMS (I believe you already have). You’ve already captured the interest of your fan base and have a loyal following, they will still support your change. There are so many successful people out there that have changed with the times and conditions that were presented to them, and still remain successful and famous through out their lives. You can be one of them.
    Carpe Diem.

  304. Perth is way to go. If you want to keep in touch with you family, there’s always a Skype for you.
    May the light brings you to Perth.

  305. I’m at Perth studying at Midland tafe at the moment. U can actually look for me at the city. True that the food here looks like DOg poo. Damn. I hate food here. But the life here is alright. IS not as bustling as the Asian countries. Hahaha. If i were you i might actually go to Perth and work. Since you have an Australian PR or citizenship it will help a lot. And also the government actually takes care of the people here. I mean invidually. They give money to people who are financially in trouble. Since you are not, you can actually enjoy the night life here. Great!!

  306. Hm. I cannot tell you which one you shall choose but i can tell you what i think. Well, i will choose Perth if i am in your shoes cause i like kangaroo. Joking. Well, i think that Perth will you give a better oppurtunity to develop in the industry and they are paying you well too right? Sometimes in our life we need to move on to a better path and give up something that we really appreciate. Well, maybe that your blog will kinda “slow down” and you cannot earn the advertising fee. But in long term which will benefit you more? I think that the job in Perth will benefit you more. Recently, a friend of mine being offered a Government job in Aus(a job which is impossible for a non Aussie to get and yet she is an Asian), the pay is like her one year pay in Malaysia and she chose to give up everything here and stay there like forever. I also dont know. I choose PERTH. Ha ha.

  307. since there’s no best of both worlds..do something that would make you feel happy. my aunt said something to me lately… she said, one cannot be happy just thinking of others first. think for yourself and love yourself; then, you’ll know how to love others. OK..i know it’s not relevant to your situation. But hey, if your heart says go, then just go! Heck! Not everyone in the world gets the opportunity like that you know ๐Ÿ™‚ While you are young, you should just strive for every possibility.
    However, having said so, since it is a career you are opting for, think of what you truly like to do. because you are most likely gonna spend at least an average of 10 hours a day on your job..and if it’s fked up..you aint gonna like the feeling of being screwed at work and completely screwed in your life being lonely there ๐Ÿ™
    Anyways, there’s no right or wrong. Regrets are always everywhere in everything we do if we want to think of it that way. Once you’ve made up your mind..just go for it.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good Luck Kenny!

  308. Dude, to show you how easy this decision would be for me to make, I’m taking time off work to comment on your cons of leaving Kuching.
    1. You don’t need to give up travelling completely ‘coz you’ll be earning much more, hence much more money to spend. The increased airfares can’t be that expensive, can it? Even if it is that expensive, you can reduce your number of journeys, hence not as much travelling as before, but still travelling nonetheless. Plus, you’ll be in Perth, that would be like you’re travelling 24/7!
    2. As far as I can see from the way you blog, you’re an intelligent chap. Wouldn’t take you much time to climb up to a management post even in Perth.
    3. Everybody’s somebody anywhere. ‘Nuff said.
    4. You can always make new friends ๐Ÿ™‚ You said it yourself that Aussies are a friendly bunch.
    5. Considering the amount of visitors you get, you could probably get some good deals with Aussie companies for advertorials. Besides, there might be local companies who would mail their products to you, again considering the amount of visitors you’re getting.
    6. You have the papers, you have TV, you have the Internet, you could still keep in touch with the Malaysian scene and further more, you could have posts which compare the two countries, without offending anyone, that is. People are just so sensitive nowadays. Yet again, you’re an intelligent chap, you’ll come up with something if you think hard enough.
    7. True, but think of the time in Perth as some time away from home. What I mean by this is like how people travel far away to earn good money and ultimately return home. With the proper amount of savings in Perth, you could come back to Kuching and use that savings to start up something which could be significant to the town.
    8. I don’t see much problem with that issue ๐Ÿ˜› If you’re that bothered by it, you could gradually educate them on how to pronounce your name correctly. I don’t think Aussies are that ignorant as to not remember the correct pronounciation over a certain period of time.
    9. First off, how the heck would you know how dog poo drenched in shit oil tastes like? For all you know, it might taste good. I haven’t tried it personally, if you have, I rest my case ๐Ÿ˜› Secondly, you could always dump Kolo Mee and stick to Australian delicacies. If you’re that in love with Kolo Mee, learn to cook it yourself and knock yourself out in Perth.
    Ultimately though, I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Whatever I’ve written is based on the whatever I know about you THROUGH YOUR BLOG. In a nutshell, I’m just a stranger offering some free advice. Good luck in whatever you do, dude. You’re always a joy to read. Adios.

  309. Mate,
    Go back to Perth. I’d go back at a drop of a hat. I miss home like crazy and you don’t know what you’re missing until you’re REALLY missing it.
    Let’s put it this way, do you see many Australian’s moving to Malaysia because it’s good great lifestyle perks?
    I think not.
    I rest my case. :)A

  310. Hi Kenny,
    This is the first time I put my comment on your website though I have been reading it for quite sometime.
    No worries. I’ll still read your blog even if you are at Perth. I am sure you’ll come back to Malaysia every now and then to visit your parents. Then, you can blog about Kuching more in detail!! haha..
    It’s kind of sad if you were to move fro a place to another just because of moneterial benefit. But if you are emotionally happy for it-Just go ahead. Do not “Pretend” to be happy if you are not.
    Good luck!

  311. go la. home will always be home. in the meantime, go gain work experience elsewhere. you’ll be more marketable later.

  312. 1)Having a job double of what you are getting, no saturdays and no stress. What are you complaining about?
    2)Retire early with that amount of money you can go anywhere in the world. So what if the airfares are too expensiveรขโ‚ฌยฆyou can afford it by then.
    3)Your potential is not wasted.
    4)Friends you can always make. Probably more friends you can make in Perth than you can imagine.
    5)You can do advertorials for companies there and blog about Australia too. I am sure you will as popular as in Malaysia. You have alot of fans in Australia too.
    6)You can always come back to Malaysia once in a while to visit and have your kolo mee.
    Think about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  313. The present only offers only a great future if you aren’t living in the past. All your con’s that’s listed is fixable. And it is nice that all your pro’s were very positive statements.
    And about starting all over again – It is just the amount of effort and time you want to put into making it happen. I think you already know what you want. It is just putting that foot of yours fwd and making that one giant leap.

  314. The present only offers a great future if you aren’t living in the past. All your con’s listed are fixable. And it is nice that all your pro’s were really positive statements.
    About starting all over again – It is just the amount of time and effort you want to put into making it happen. I think you already know what you want. It is just putting that foot of yours fwd and making that one giant leap.
    And also another thing รขโ‚ฌยฆ people donรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt read you blog because you are Kenny Sia from Malaysiaรขโ‚ฌยฆbut because you are Kenny Sia the boy with the interesting stories & adventures to tell.

  315. Perth!.. it’d be the better choice. Earn some OZ$ for a few years then come back so you dont have to so ‘san fu’ buy house, car, etc. in malaysia. ie:when you come back you can pay all in CASH $$!
    furthermore, your gf’s there. as i’m also having a long distance r’ship, i know how hard it is without having bf around through thick and thin.it’s not easy at all..
    watever your decision is. i’ll stil be your loyal reader!

  316. Guess you have to know what defines you best….but never forgetting opportunities dun knock often. Say you take it up, will that compromise your identity a great deal? Can you come back to ‘that’ years later?
    *talking rooobish*

  317. You can list a million pros and cons but at the end of the day they don’t mean shit. Your decision is not about logic, it’s all about feelings. You have to follow your gut feeling, what feels right for you. Only you can tell.
    I had to do the same thing a year ago when I moved to Singapore, but it was a very easy decision to make, I really wanted to go.
    Personally I understand your dilemma, you have become a bit famous in both Malaysia and Singapore and it is true what you say, your blog will lose its edge and eventually audience if you move, you will become an ordinary guy down under and malaysians will not bother reading because your entries will be about Perth.
    Personally I believe you may be focusing too much on the money. With the momentum you got now and a little more willingness to look beyond your family business you will be able to use your “fame” to increase your salary also in Malaysia. Hell, you might even consider moving to Singapore.
    I believe fame and good friends in Malaysia and Singapore is much more valuable in the long run than a couple of extra aussie dollars. Think about the opportunities you have if you stay; fame and friends will get you money in Malaysia/Singapore but money will not get you friends in Perth.

  318. Kenny,
    A very lucrative opportunities are now in front of you. I would think many successful people take risks in their life to achieve their goals. However, family places top priority in everyone’s heart. There should a BALANCE between your life and your career. A balanced life makes human happier and contented with their life. Of coz, grab the opportunity and set up family in perth.
    Sometimes I would dream of migrating to another country. Our Malaysia’s transportation is very un convinient and inefficient. Traffic jams, corruptions, delayed projects, and so on are the cons staying Malaysia. Though the prices of food or consumer products increases year by year but our SALARY remains the same.
    So, kenny, think about it carefully. Staying in Perth or Kuching makes you happier life?

  319. Kenny!!!!!
    Cons don’t weigh up la…..
    I’m from KL but lived in auckland for past 9 months. Yah, I know ur Kuching and perth la…..
    but still don’t weigh up! (and I also noe my comment of me kl-ite in auckland is irrelevant…)
    But it is not important to be known!
    and you get so much more money in perth! you get to achieve your financial goal twice as quick! so after achieveing you financial goal you can go back home ma….. and what “the powers that be” say about giving up your dream of going back there…sorry to say this butits small town mentality lor…I noe im being judgemental….and truthfully it IS quite baseless. but its just what i think.
    After achieveing you financial goal, you can try to achieve other goals.
    I think as long as going back to perth doesnt negatively impact your life goal(or any other goal for that matter), then you really should go. Besides, as you say, the weather is more condusive for exercise. Good for your health. One less excuse.

  320. I think you have to make your careful decision and follow your dream of what you want to be and where to live in the future. Just be happy!!

  321. It depends on what you see yourself in the future. what are your dreams in life? Is blogging and gaining that ‘somebody’ status what u really wanted?
    I believe that your talent is what people appreciate and not about where you stay. I am sure i will continue to be one of the many blogging fanatics that will faithfully read your blog wherever u go.

  322. There’s really no right or wrong decision… You are a sensible person, we believe that you can decide what is the best for you. Hope you get your family’s support in either decision you make.

  323. When i first stumbled upon your blog last year, it was an entry about your intention to move outside (somewhat like aussie-style of living w/out the parents).. that time i read along disapprovingly as i believe that it all goes down to the roots, i can’t do what the aussies are doing, i’d like to be with my family as we’re deeply-bonded.. and they’re the ones who’ll stay behind you all the times should all else fail.. nonetheless, i blieve everyone is entitled to have their own opinions.. hence i bear no grudges..
    i continue reading.. and it was an entry on your dad’s.. with that, my previous opinions on you totally changed.. i trust you’d made the absolutely right choice then moving back..
    right now, i think deep inside you’ve had a preferred choice already.. Should you move back to perth, pls do not neglect your family.. especially your mum (i assume she’s old dy, now that ur dad is not ard, blieve she wud feel lonely).. hence go bk to kch often, write letters, phone calls to her.. ๐Ÿ™‚ do not let there be any regrets ๐Ÿ™‚

  324. Rent and many services more expensive in Perth and you’ll end up spending more than you save to be honest.
    I’ll stay in good ole Malaysia where services are well priced and things are cheap. If ur family’s around and friends around, chances are if things don’t go well, you’ll have someone to depend on.
    In perth? If things go wrong and you have limited funds, its bye bye. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Some more, to fly to other parts of the world for travel so ex – waste a lot of money. Perth to hongkong – 1.6 AUD. Kuching to Hongkong = A LOT LESS! think about it. Unless you don’t travel a lot and you love Australia – be my guest.

  325. Kenny, come to Perth. You can hang out with me and my friends. We’re a whole load of fun people. You’ll fit in without a problem in no time =)

  326. you’re nuts,
    you’re young so why you care so much about all these, cest la vie dude.
    come on…Anything in malaysia will remain in malaysia for a few more years to come and working in australia gives you double/triple/quad edge sword to slice big mommo companies IF you’re ever back in malaysia.
    Now think about future, if you get married in australiasia, your kids will have a good future and good educations for lesser money cuz you’re most prob a PR/Resident.
    Getting editorial in malaysia is ? DEAD EASY. now tackle Australia. Spread your kenny’s coconut there. Make every a SIA there ๐Ÿ™‚

  327. perth.
    ur blogfanatics will follow u wherever u go, no matter it is perth or antarctica or china. WE will follow you.
    you will definitly be happier there.
    perhaps u wanna bring ur whole fam there as well?

  328. Since most people respond by suggesting to make a step forward and move your ass to Aus, here i suggest to you by stick your ass in Kuching “City” and continue your “mundane” management position and bitch people around and enjoy the comfort of your “social circle” and be part of the hot gossip community. The good bits is due to your race background (sorry ya no offence here) enjoy the “marginalise” benefits scheme from our beloved government and these benefits will be pass on to you son and grandson. Ahhh been treated as second class citizen i freakin love it and i bet you do enjoy it too…
    ok sorry for the BS dude… come on dude Aus is your place to expand and fullfill your dream not in kuching or malaysia (sorry again)
    work and have a live there and come back to KCH during holiday season la or belanja me minum do the right thing dude

  329. Despite the majority of people asking you to go for it bro, I think no one can decide for you except yourself. I think too many people saying too many things will just disorientate and confuse you. So think about your own situation and decide for YOURSELF, what’s best for you.
    But if want to confuse yourself with more opinions, here’s mine: The grass is not necessarily always greener on the other side. Going to Oz means you go from being a majority race to a minority one..would you be treated differently? In any case, I think you should use your fame in Msia to set up something of your own (a business or something) which you can pass down to your kids in the future. After you have done that, made good money, then go RETIRE in PERTH.

  330. Hey Kenny,
    If anything less than AUD 90 k not worth it ok? We are on a boom here so houses are not exactly affordable – that’s if you can find enough bricks to build one. Also, we have HIGH taxes.
    I can see that you are romanticising about life in Perth to a degree. Still have to work hard lah and office politics same everywhere.
    That aside, I am still living here quite comfortably and loving it. Yes, I miss Malaysia but we really can’t have everything in life.
    I wish you the best in your decision making. What ever decision you make will be the right one! If you decide to come back to Perth, hopefully I’ll get to shake your hands ๐Ÿ˜‰

  331. Advice from another malaysian working in brisbane as software engineer: Go back to your girl friend or you will regret like i do. I choose to stay in Australia while gf(ex) went back to malaysia… It was the biggest mistake i ever made in my life ๐Ÿ™

  332. Hey, if you decide to man, at least go with a heart and mind with no regret of leaving Malaysia.. It’s not worth it really, leaving here for a better place and yet still REALLY missing everything here Kenny. As they say, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ ..

  333. Kenny…
    What makes you think that the blog will lose its Malaysian flavor over time? To me it’s not about Malaysian flavor or Australian flavor… Your blog is interesting because of the way you portray things. At least this is what I feel lah…
    Just weigh all the factors carefully… I have no say about where is best for you, but whatever your decision is, I’ll be with you!

  334. Kenny, have you discussed with those that are going to be affected by your decision already? Let us know, mate, whatever it is.

  335. hi.
    over 400 commenters.. it’s amazing. I don’t know why I want to be keh poh, but I wanted to say this out. Go on and find out what will be in store for you. If you don’t like it there, you will always be welcomed back home, no matter what. But if you never step out and see what’s in store for yourself, you’ll forever be wondering, maybe even regretting. Turned out good or bad, at least you know. That’s how life should be lived.

  336. omg… wow… wad an opportunity… i wish i could have it too… but making a decision is tough. If you really wanna go back to AU and earn those big bucks, then i guess you should go.
    You could try it out for a while, like sum ppl said, but neways… you can always come back if it really isnt working out. You just gotta overcome one of these obstacles in life.
    How everyone wishes life to be perfect and easy… same goes for everything we apply to, love, work, studies, frens, social life… etc ๐Ÿ˜
    but seriously, if you really need the money… then you should go. you’re still young,
    your journey has yet to flourish! if you’re really hungry for it. climb the corporate ladder to success!
    you’ve got no worries, you’re a creative writer with an eye for phtography and you’ve got your fateful fans or readers coming in to read. even those ppl who envy u… jealous of u will come in to read… i’m serious… if not y would ppl post bad stuff or comments in the chatroom or comments box… they read your stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ gotta have balance in everything ๐Ÿ˜›
    and why not, if like nike, adidas or any brands.. wanna showcase thier items on ur blog… they will send it to AU for u. no biggy rite, not that expensive… if u really love sum1.. i guess you’ll send the parcel to them no matter what eh… get me? ๐Ÿ™‚
    no worries mate!
    would be interesting for your readers to read up about Perth or Aussie too.. and u still can bog about msian culture in your blog, i guess u got your sources rite… and your social circle.
    so no worries! ๐Ÿ™‚
    you’ve got ppl in Aussie too! (like me! but am in Melb) u can take roadtripss!!! yeahh!! travelling can be budgeted too ๐Ÿ˜›

  337. the decision is in your hands. whatever you choose… itz the right decision…
    coz you’ve made it, n you’re still in control

  338. I am a proud Chinese Hakka Kuching Man !!
    … if Mr.kenny use adsense , chitika, adbrite etc HE WOULD BE BILLIONAIREE no need successful blogger to teachhhh !!!
    so many response Wah loa… Congratulation !! ..
    Kenny is our malaysian KUCHING symbol of success pro blogger !!!!

  339. Dear Kenny,
    I have been reading your blog for sometime and with this I totally understand how you feel. I left NZ to come back to Malaysia and basically to be with my parents and especially my dad coz we’re very close and thank god he is still alive.
    Look at things this way, perth is just a place where by it’ll always be very dear to you, and a place that you’ll go back if you have time and wanted re-visit your own histroy. Like you said it, a new chapter was born, so take this opportunity to appreciate your mom… you’ve lost your dad and from your blog I can sense that you missed him alot, but would you forgive yourself if you were to go and leave your mom alone here without your dad being here with her anymore… you dad most probably left knowing that your mom is in good hand and have a son to take care of her and knowing his son will take care of his business…
    Are you willing to trade your mom with the amount of money that you’ll earn? unless if your mom going perth with you… then you can leave your chapter in malaysia behind and start your new chapter in OZ…

  340. Since everyone is providing reasons for you to go to Perth, I’ll provide one consideration for why leaving Perth is a big deal.
    If you leave again to go to Perth, it is likely that you will not return again to Malaysia. That means you will likely rarely see your family over time. I think that’s perhaps the most significant of all the considerations for staying.
    I say this as a 2nd generation Chinese immigrant to America. Because of the great costs of travel, I rarely see my grandparents or anyone in my extended family, i.e. cousins, aunts, uncles. Now, in terms of education/salary, as a U.S. trained lawyer, I will earn much more than any of them could hope to earn. However, I have lost some of the familial relationships I wish I could have had.
    So I think the real difference between Malaysia and Australia breaks down to this: Career versus Family. All the other factors aren’t that significant. Which is more important right now? Your opportunities in Australia will be far greater than anything in Kuching. Finally, where would you rather raise a family? Perth or Malaysia. My parents made the choice long ago that they would rather raise a family in America than HK, and their choice was based upon that fact, and to be honest, I feel that they made the right choice in the end.
    Good luck. You have great instincts and I know you will make the right choice.

  341. Aiya Kenny.. Juss go laa… Pack up your bags and mum and family and friends and just go to Aussie. And if you’re missing kuching too much, just go to new zeland for that bungee jump and sure your ‘missing you’s” will dissapear one.
    But if still now also kenot decide, you can recommend ‘me’ instead… How?

  342. Someone forwarded me an email, and one particular line stuck with me “The elderly usually don’t have regrets for what we did, but rather for things we did not do.”

  343. jus get ur big fat @$$ back to perth man.. with tht kinda lifestlye in Perth u can jus come back whenever you wan with the doublesalary u getting….
    come on… think of it dude… we will miss u but i think you hav a lot to blog too when u go back to perth..

  344. I know no one is really in a position to tell you what you should do but look at it this way, 10 years down the road, who’s going to remember http://www.kennysia.com ? I kinda doubt you would too. Your blog is mighty intresting but really, is it more important than having a well structured future ? Pfft if I was in your shoes I wouldn’t have to think twice ๐Ÿ™‚
    P/s : How come they don’t call you Kenny ?

  345. first time to comment. Prolly coz this entry hits close to home. Similar situation but more complicated with an ldr involve. Just recently I chose to stay in Brisbane after my studies, due to the $$. At the moment, career prospering but.. the rest are on the rocks. You take one, you sacrifice one. It all comes down to which one you prioritise the most. Decide and dont look back.

  346. Big bucks man!! What’s with the quarter life crisis? Go to Perth. Don’t be reluctant. After all, you already have 8 years or so working in Perth. Or course you will get use to it there. What’s the big deal? Your girl Nicole is there too. I say go.

  347. Go. Is your blog that important? something u started here, you can easily recreate in perth. new blog, new flavor, new friends, new start.

  348. why do all these people talk like they know kennysia?Puh-leeeese people,just because you read someone’s blog does not make you his good buddy buddy.I am kuchingite,I dunno kennysia,I can hardly guess what the real man is thinking,but I would believe he will stay in kuching lor.

  349. Kenny, just go to Perth & bring your family ( your mum? ) with you.
    If it’s cos of family biz ( is it? ), then ask yourself, are you gonna bring it to the next level and make it the best in Kuching, some say in Malaysia, or the world?
    If not, then give it up and move to be with your love and passion.
    Think it through. Wherever you go, I will always read your blog.
    Sponsors will still send you products from their overseas offices la, where got problem?

  350. I am an Aus grad and came back because I couldn’t find a job there. In the end, I decided to work in Spore. U have a good opportunity there.. what are u waiting for?

  351. Go for it. It’s time to explore and be limitless. Beware of being in the comfort zone.
    Anyway just a short quote for everyone.
    “Life is the beautiful unfoldment of our infinite intelligence that is and always has been. Live it with ease and grace and with lots of love and courage! It is so joyous, come what may, to experience anything, whether good or bad, it is simply beyond imagination how lovely it is to be alive”

  352. I’m a silent reader usually but I felt I had to say something too. I actually left Sydney to return to Singapore for a year or two. I totally hated it. I returned because of family expectations and the climate, lifestyle and people did not suit me at all. Now I’m back in Sydney working half the hours for double the pay, with a better lifestyle. Yes, people, that’s after tax. I don’t see why people think that it’s just because of the money. I’m more at peace with myself than I’ve ever been in my life. I would never change a thing, because it made me realize just how much I loved being in Australia. I’m actually more Asian than most people who claim to be Asian are. It doesn’t mean that an Asian person can’t succeed in a foreign society, or that you have to give up your cultural roots simply because you live someplace where the mainstream culture is not your own. Culture evolves constantly. Life is what you make it. All in all I’d say that I’d have missed out on a crucial part of my life if I hadn’t slowed down and moved back to Sydney. If I were in Singapore I’d be working constantly for minimum wage and having no time for my life or family at all.
    What you blog about is limited to the humdrum of life, granted you add a humorous twist with local colloqualism and fast wit. I’m sure your readership will only grow even if you return to Perth. I’m just not sure why that would even be in your list of pros and cons – see where I’m going? I’m sure if you were still in Perth in the first place you wouldn’t even have needed to start a blog to feel less alone. You have to express your love for your girlfriend on a blog when you can actually be with her. Is it your past or your future that you are living for?
    I think you already have your answer. You don’t need any support or justification from any of us, whatever your decision is. Just do it.

  353. Hi Kenny…
    Have you counted how many pple here are for the idea of you going to Perth? I should think almost all, rite?
    I hope you will make the decision to go. Coz you are still young. You can always come back to Kuching and your family will still be here. But not so for Perth. The opportunity, if you let it slip this time, may not come back anymore.
    Just give yourself a few years (mentally set a timeframe) and go. Then after the timeframe, if you don’t like it there or miss Kuching lots, you can always come back. And you will not think back and regret that you didn’t take the offer up.
    Come on…you still have us as your faithful readers…you can blog abt life in Perth and we will still read… ๐Ÿ™‚

  354. well kenny, put it this way. Perth definitely is a boring place, I for one know it cause I am in Perth right now.
    But I went around asking people (bloggers and non-bloggers in Perth) if they knew who you were and if they knew about your website, and not surprisingly almost 70% of them knew you. So you can become famous in Perth too ๐Ÿ˜€

  355. First and foremost – money shouldn’t be a driving factor. The novelty of earning lots of $$ usually wares off after a day.
    Find a place that will make you happy.
    Thats not to say that Perth is bad, in fact Perth is awesome! its a nice peaceful city thats nice to come home after you’ve had a whirlwind trip somewhere else.

  356. Nothing ever stays the same. Being an ex-Kuchingian I’ve lived in Adelaide for over 20 years now. Every time I go back to Kuching it seems more and more foreign to me, and now I can honestly say I don’t think I can live in Kuching. I love the weather and the freedom in Australia, but I love the food in Kuching ๐Ÿ˜›
    All I know is, wherever you are make the best of it. You can keep chasing after the bigger salary all your life and never be content. What is your goal/purpose in life? Aim for that be it in Kuching or Perth.

  357. Head to Perth and follow your dreams (career wise). I am sure that your late father would have wanted you to go the distance in your career. Home is where the heart is and it will always be a home to us, as long as we return to it. Wherever you may be and whatever you blog on, it will always be a kennysia’s take on things. Good luck in making your decision!

  358. just go back to perth…id the same dillema one month back…in the end i decided to head back to RUSSIA with tonnes of probs along the way… i love kch… but kch is just KCH… We have this boundary that limits us from developing one-self… haiya… just look at the city… ten years back it is like that…and now…the same! the pay or salary is still the same… nothing much can be done in kch…LOL… but then again… i love kch because its where i was born…and grew up… many friends…regardless if im in the north of the city or south…cheerios!!!

  359. dude…my vote is for you to go back to perth. Alternatively, you can try to ask your Kuching Bosses to match the offer from Perth. No need to match all the way…but give you a substantial raise that wld convince you to stay. If not, you are young, take the risk, go back to perth. Have fun, maybe settle down for real. Kuching will always be home in your heart.

  360. You should return to Perth to work. But at the end of the day, it is your decision, and I doubt words by strangers might suay you.
    You returned home for a reason, and the reason is no longer there, even though you created new reasons to stay, you would do well there, and I believe a change of environment will help anyone. The popularity of your blog does not necessarily depend on where you stay.
    I believe people read your blog because you have a good sense of humour and can easily grasp the essence of humour in your everyday encounters. It need not be in M’sia, but anywhere. You have shown that.
    Of course, I have no idea if there are other factors, e.g. really close friends in M’sia which you can’t let go off, but look at it this way, with the higher pay, you could travel around more often too.

  361. Wow, i thnk 99% of the ppl who contributed to the comments asked kenny to return to perth. I thnk the decision will lie on Kenny. Kenny, u have to follow your heart. Ask yourself wat you want in life. you could always return to kch if u thnk you would be happier in kch….i certainly understand wat you are going through right now as I stayed in perth for 7 years before i decided to return to kch. I didnt regret the decision as i know that i would be happier in kch despite pay is lower. I thnk it all depends on ur priorities in life. One will never be happy with the amount of money you get. You always want more.
    you are the only one who knows the best abt urself. Even if 99% of the ppl asked u to go to perth, u still have to ask yourself if this is wat you want.
    i read your blog because it reminds me so much abt kch.
    In my opinion, if u thnk tis is a good career opportunity, where u thnk you could be somebody in the company, i don see why you want to stay in kch. Family is important, but if you look at it from all angles, u cant be with ur family all the time for the rest of ur life. parents cant accompany you forever, ur siblings will get married and set up their own family one day. The question still comes bek to wat kenny wants.
    Good luck with you decision. Hope we will get an asnwer from you soon.

  362. actually you should feel grateful wiht what you have now.
    you should not be complaining anymore. Lots of ppl are starving out there, nor would they know what is ‘dream’, as they js could not afford to dream.
    The words you said reminded me of ppl who hardly face obstacle and downturn in life.

  363. Well, there many ways to earn money. The thing that you have to think of is CHOOSE YOUR LIFE.
    The world is so big! You can choose to go somewhere else than just the delimma of Perth and Kuching.
    I came from a small town, yes I miss my hometown the simple life, but I think I prefer the City life in KL.

  364. hey man,,,,
    Somehow I know in ur heart u preety much prefer Kuching coz itz something ur enjoying rite now.
    But man,, like ppl says…u dont get the same chances twice. To me,…I cant wait to go back dere and make myself sombody dere….like u did over here and who knows…maybe u’ll become even much famous than now…maybe the whole world wud know u..haha…datz too much perhaps. kays..drop dat. Well…u can always come back to Kuching when u aged enough (or money aged enough) haha…
    just remember…although im a total stranger to u.. but,,,wotever ur choice is..u have my support! take care man.

  365. You said it yourself, you can criticise all you want in Perth and you don’t get condemned for it. You think, in Kuching, you can do that meh?! People like you and me, with our wagging tongues, don’t belong here. I dreamed of moving to perth but don’t have the resources to do so. I love the people there, the environment and everything in particular. And the orderly way Perth citizens drive is another plus point. Malaysian drivers sucks!!!! If you want authentic kolo mee, I can bring them over if i should ever visit perth again or at the very least, i could courier them over. Won’t make it past immigration though. Even if it did, it would already be infested with maggots. Aiyah, think so much for what. Not happy, can always crawl all the way back to kuching loh.

  366. Let me give you a few more pros to consider about living in Perth. The staffs at the check out counters in the supermarkets are friendly and polite. The ones working in most supermarkets in Kuching are not. They are rude and more often than not, rather obnoxious. Perth drivers are more law abiding while malaysian drivers sucks. You can find law officers patrolling the streets while in Kuching, you can only find loiters, vagrants and snatch thiefs. In Perth, workers’ unions are aplenty. Kuching? Hmmm….!

  367. Well, you should mostly think about your family first before getting on a career. I say it’s best to stay by the side of your father until he passes away happily knowing his son loves him. After that, you can cau to perth and say good riddance to your blog fans.

  368. Kuching Vs Perth? No way i’m going to be in Kuching when I can earn a big $$$$ in a non-stress environment. I wud jump at the offer and Perth is not really that far away. There’s so many asian esp. m’sian in Perth right now, so u wud feel at home also. me wud choose perth. i like perth and planning to have a 2nd home if i strike lottery.

  369. Kenny, as much as I enjoy reading your blog, I hope you don’t take this blog of yours as one of the reasons for you not to go to Perth. That’s just silly.
    How long more do you wanna continue partially depending your social life on the popularity of this blog? Is that all you want in life?
    Plus, have you ever considered the possibility that your blog will mature with a different flavour too?
    I’d vote for going to Perth, not only because of money, work and better lifestyle generally, but also because, HELLO, your GIRL is there!!!! Aren’t you tired of long-distance relationship yet? It’s not healthy in the long run….
    I know I am tired of long-distance relationship, and my bf is in Perth right now. I wish I can be in your shoes instead (having the opportunity to join my other half) ๐Ÿ™
    Have you decided yet btw?

  370. Kenny, I don’t read your blog much anymore (nor do I actually blog either, given time restrictions). However, I think I can empathize with you given the situations we are both in. Of course you’re not obligated to even read this, let alone consider it as good advice – but heck, I am going to say it anyway because I have struggled through this issue myself.
    Look, you came back to Malaysia primarily because of your dad, and now it seems you are stuck here because your family ‘needs’ you in the family business.
    1. It does not sound like your family biz is in dire straits and you do not seem to be pivotal in keeping it afloat
    2. It does not seem like you are (or will ever be) the ‘top dog’ in your family biz, nor that you are being groomed for such a spot. How your capabilities will be utilized will never be up to you, but subject to the capabilities of whoever is running the biz you are in. (ie. whether the business expands, or flops or whatever)
    3. Honestly, there is a very limited future (monetarily, and probably lifestyle) for chinese people in Malaysia, even in KL, let alone Kuching
    If I were you, I would definitely look at moving on. Not necessarily to Perth – because you know, that is the easy choice and you have walked that road before. You are young enough to inject a little risk into your life for now (all this talk about buying a house seems a little premature – take advantage of your current unattached status).
    What about going to China for a while? Plenty of things to blog about there.

  371. Haha. Perth really nice as most of the people in Perth got many many free time to surf on the net…means…they got nothing much to do over there! Giving comments that Perth is good, can build social circle…etc. For those who speak like that, take out your finger and count how many you so call social circle in Perth that can read and pronounce your name correctly? 3 become 2 always. I think you will have a spare fingers for sure. Double salary = good salary??? Go to HK or Japan and found that a cleaning lady also can make RM3000.00 easily. Is that a good offer or what? Take in the consideration of COST of living!!! A chay kueh tiaw in Perth = AUD12.50 where kueh tiaw tao gueh special+egg = AUD1.30! Imagine that!
    But the decision is on yourself. If you make the decision, LIVE WITH IT!

  372. I have totally similiar sitiuation as you are now. Ready to give up the comfort and pleasant life in M’sia, returning to Perth 1 year before visa expires with zero savings, without any job offer and with a blank mind of not knowing how to get started at a place I once familiar with. Anyway, M’sia resignation has resulted a double increase in RM pay….Shhhhiiitttt! what am I suppose to do now…
    It is always difficult when you have to choose between the best and you gotta make many big decisions ever after for the rest of your life.
    My profession tells me the following equation:- Quality living x lots of fun + own effort = Heaven is a place on earth. We move on to better taking along the best from the past. Nobody can offer the best decision to this but ourself.
    I have made up my decision this time. Wish you all the best. Do keep us inform of your whereabout later ya ๐Ÿ˜›

  373. My mum stayed in Perth . I wanted to work and stay there legally but as u know it is very difficult …have to follow the procedure. What’s the best way to get there and live. Can I work with your company.

  374. i think u shud stay in kch.. cos im from kch too n from chms1 oso.. n now im stuck in perth.. i nvr tot i would miss kch tat much, but once i finish highsch, im nvr coming back.. its not like i hate it here o wad.. its juz boring here.. n everything so expensive u hav to think 3 times b4 u buy food, n the govt tax almost half ur income anyway..

  375. dude,now i f’in know why ur torn lah dude…..this is my 2nd day in school….actually i was in like this place overseas for like 5 months readi then balik malaysia for summer hols….and right at this stinking moment,i’m fine with everything…when just like a few days before i was down like shyt at the idea of having to go back to school……………………..but i still am malaysian…………..but now i understand how it can be hard for ppl tat have to decide where they wanna live in the end of the day….

  376. Difficult decision!
    I am originally from Kuching and have lived in Perth for over 30 years. If you ask me, it is 50-50. Sorry, I guess that is not very helpful!

  377. Having been to both a number of times in my life I would take Kuching over Perth every time. I am not a religious person, per se, but I feel that the religious bigotry in Perth is stiffling, yet the religious tolerance in Kuching gives a great feeling of freedom.
    Also, when people in Perth say that Perth is the best place in the world I always feel that they have not travelled much.
    I have the unique advantage of being able to drop into good social scenes in either location due to my lovely cousins living in Perth and finding it SO easy to make new friends in Kuching.
    Finally, as a Londoner, I feel that Perth is FAR TOO isolated.
    Good luck with your decision. Make sure you feel right when you make it.

  378. Hi was browsing of malaysian living in perth.
    am due for a short one month post grad study and would like to know if you know anybody who has a place near curtin campus for rent. contact, emails, tel as i need it quite urgently in june. thanks
    mrs ow (syloh@hotmail1998.com)

  379. It doesn’t matter either you are in Kuching or Perth or any where else in the world. I think many have seen with kennysia.com, you have been connected to the whole Malaysia or maybe the world. From your blog you show us your creativity and full of energy. Just keep on going. Good luck bro..

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