I Have PMS (Pre-Marathon Stress)

I’m in Penang now.

Somehow, Icy who’s also travelling to Penang for the Nuffnang Gathering managed to con me into becoming her bodyguard for the trip.
Our conversation went something like this.
Kenny: “I’m gonna be sleeping in a lot you know? I need all the energy I can get for the race.”
IcyQueenGoddess: “Okay, I’m tagging along with you!”
Kenny: “!?!?!”

It’s less than 6 hours before the gun goes off at the starting line of the Penang International Bridge Marathon, and I am nervous like hell.
I shouldn’t be feeling this way. This is my second marathon race after the one I did last year in KL. I have put in a lot more time and effort training for this one. My weight has gone done, my mileage has gone up. Mentally, I am better prepared for what lies ahead.

I’ve been training longer than this actually. Just didn’t log them down.

But my goal this time round is different. Last year, my aim was to simply cross the finishing line. This year, my target was to finish the 42km in 5 hours time. Realistically speaking, I should be happy with anything below the 5 hr 30 min mark lah.
That is    not a lot for seasoned marathoners who can easily finish 42km in 2hr45mins. But bear in mind that I’m still a pretty heavy guy. Endurance sports like long-distance running isn’t my forte and is gonna push me so out of my comfort zone that I’m sure I’m gonna be feeling it for days, if not weeks, to come.

Things I’m bringing with me to the race:
– adidas ClimaLite tank top and running shorts: To wick away sweat from my body when running.
– iPod nano with armband: Loaded with my favourite chill house music.
– PowerBar Gels: Easy to digest carbohydrates when I need them.

Agel OHM: Reader Kenneth Lim sent these to me complimentary, and they work like magic. The energy boost is incredible.
– Digital camera: Even when I’m running a marathon, blogging is on the back of my mind.

– Analgesic cream, plaster, gastric pills: For on the spot treatment of annoyances.
– Waist pouch: To put all these things in.
– Petroleum jelly: To lube myself up to reduce chaffing. And yes, I shaved. There.

– Running cap: To combat sunlight.
– adidas Supernova Control 2007: aka the best running shoes I have ever worn.

Thanks for the T-shirt, Eddie!

Things I look forward to:
– The exhiliration and energy of the crowd at the starting line.
– Keeping my target pace consistently at 6:50 per km.
– The hypnotic trance I get into midway through the race.
– Watching girls in short shorts.
– The indescribable feeling when I cross the finishing line.

Things I fear:
– 1km of uphill climb in the middle of the bridge.
– Cramps. I had a severe case last year at the 30km mark that basically forced me to walk for the remaining 12km.
– Bad weather. The forecast for Sunday according to Yahoo! Weather is “Scattered Thunderstorms”. So not looking forward to that. Just a few days ago, Penang was the target of a freak storm that blew off boats. Surely you won’t wanna see headlines that scream “Kuching Marathoner Blown Off The Penang Bridge” tomorrow on the newspapers.

This past few months I have put up with much sacrifices, much time away from friends and family, much time I could have spent doing something else.
I could only train so much, but finally this is all coming to an end.
And I’m here to claim my reward!

It was fun meeting up with the Penang bloggers at the Nuffnang Gathering. Blogwawasan has photos from the event up on his Flickr.

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  1. #3 wishes you all the best in claiming your reward!
    p.s: i dun think wind and thunderstorm can blow you up into the sky.. u’re not light! =p

  2. Kenny.. all the best! Always remember the adventure is about the journey, and not solely about the destination!

  3. Dear Kenny,
    I am a big fan of your blog. Will you please please blog an entry about the reality TV show ‘So you think you can dance’? It features the best dancers Malaysia can ever offer, and I think it is a highly exciting and entertaining show.
    I think you should make a post about it as it will give a lot of publicity, especially when the show is about the search for the ‘Malaysia’s Best Dancer’. Your blog is deeply rich with Malaysian flavors, you should really blog about this reality TV show since it is the first ever of its kind in the country about dance talents.
    We hope to see more on this being talked about. Thank you.
    Your loyal fan.


  5. Wow, my colleague is joining this marathon too! He has been really training so I know how you feel haha. I’m planning to go for the Standard Chartered Marathon in Singapore end of the year. 43km babe! On?

  6. good luck kenny!
    And just in case you feel like some soy bean milk to recharge, drop by island glades. it’s one of the shops right opposite the Hamid Khan school. they have the best as far as most penangites are concerned 😉

  7. nice number..it’s a sign of good luck(I’m not sure, it’s just words of comfort, don’t kill me if i’m wrong)..I know I’ve said this once but i’ll say it again..GOOD LUCK KENNY!!

  8. Hey, seems like u r de main attraction in the Nuffnang gathering. Most of the photos have ur face. But well cant deny it, ur blog is so darn good (not all the time of course ~ no body’s perfect :p)
    Keep it up n good luck!

  9. mate! gastric pills? u kidding me? having gastric pain while running??
    anyway, congrats on finishing the race! hopefully it was less than 5 hours 😉

  10. it’s inspiring to see that you’ve set your mind on something and become so determined to achieve it.seriously.kudos-i hope you enojy your race,and continue doing whatever you do.

  11. Hey Kenny! i am one of the participants ^_^ was looking for you this morning! where were you T_T so disapointed for not getting to see you……

  12. hey kenny 🙂 this morning i went to the fun run and after the run my friend and i (both yur blog reader) waited for you :p unfortunately we didn’t meet you :p maybe yu’ve already went past us XD ahaha having the determination to finsh 42km is awsome =D we dont even have to courage to try the half marathon :p maybe nx year XD

  13. lol….we all know that watching girls in shorts from behind is on top of the list…haha
    good luck bro

  14. Kenny dear! U better win something back or u are so dead when you’re visiting me in Oct. LOL.
    And for you info, no xxxxxxxxxl,
    all bikinis are FREE SIZE. hahahaha.

  15. who on earth runs to chill hse music? that shit will just put u to sleep. what you need is one song and one song ONLY: the Rocky theme!

  16. Yo Kenny Good luck yo………..
    Keep up the pace and dont at girls with short shorts errrmm I mean dont look back? hahaha it will distract you…….
    BTW you really shouldnt worry about the wind blowing you away, aits not that you’re that light anyways =P

  17. Hello Kenny,
    I think I saw you just before the race started, when the marathoners were leaving the school to assemble at the starting line, you came in late, trying to squeeze through the crowd.
    This was my first marathon and you were part of the motivation as well.
    I hope you managed to improve your time.

  18. how was it?? manage to finish in 6 hours? I was there too but didn’t see you cuz i join Fun Run only. But i saw those africans running in the first place. And i saw you on newspaper! hehe..

  19. side track,
    read the Malay Mail, 26.6.2007 :
    One of the die-hard ‘fans’ happened to be the uncle of Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, who is charged with murdering Altantuya Shaariibuu in Mukim Bukit Raja last year.
    Azilah’s uncle, Adi Admajah, 65, flew in from Medan, Indonesia, and has yet to miss a hearing since the first day of the trial.
    “Although I have come from far, I don’t mind the small sacrifice I am making for my nephew.
    “I want to show my support and give him strength,” he said.
    can some one explain,
    the uncle from Indonesia ?
    his father must be from Indonesia ?
    the Chief Inspector a Malaysian or Indonesian ?
    ? an Indonesian in the Police Force ?
    half a generation, already a Malaysian ?
    confused and curious ?

  20. hope it went well – nessa daph and their mom swear by brooks shoes over all others for running (and since they’re triathletes, I guess they’ve gone through a few brands), thought maybe you can give it a try when you’ve worn this pair out.

  21. my friend went.
    she took quarter marathon only.
    another friend that went with her was pushed n sprained her ankle in the beginning of the race,almost stepped by stampete,scary…
    was it nice?
    did u get the medal?
    i never go for one.
    maybe i should next year.

  22. So Marathon Man, strictly in the interests of science: Did shaving down “There” benefit your Aerodynamics, Lessen Drag or reduce Weight. I would have thought,if you ran in the upright stance, perhaps a double dose of Viagara might be of benefit causing you to Lean Forward thus reaching the finishing line a Centimeter or even an Inch sooner. WHAAA!

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