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  1. I think you’re able to get into Israel, but at your own risk loh. Cute leh the pics, isn’t that how we eat too at KFC :P?
    – Jacky ~_~ –

  2. Yes, if you want to enter Israel, it must be under a christian organisation or church group. If I’m not mistaken, a special pass will be given for Malaysian passport holders.

  3. Why would you not be allowed to enter Israel? There are tons of muslims going to Israel every day, crossing from Egypt and Jordan, or landing directly at the airports of course. But you need a VISA. Read this blog for further details:
    This is the interesting bit:
    But I looked at the invite for a few moments, thinking, “Malaysia . . . Malaysia . . . Oh, that’s right! They won’t let you into the country if you have an Israeli passport!”
    I spent a few minutes researching to make sure that was the case (which led me to the previous Prime Minister’s anti-semitic comments from 2003). Yup! Malaysia doesn’t recognize Israel’s existence (but does recognize Palestine’s: whew!).
    I was prepared to write off the invite then and there, but it occurred to me that Israel might have the exact same policy. You never know. I’d hate to be more of a hypocrite than I already am.
    I ended up having to call the Israeli consulate to clear up the issue: Malaysians aren’t treated differently than any other nationality coming to visit Israel; they just need a visa like anyone else. I told the young lady on the phone about Malaysia’s policy. She said, “Ooh. That’s not nice.” We agreed that my mother wouldn’t be happy about it, either.
    After that, I struggled to write the e-mail to the PR rep. I didn’t want to take on an adversarial tone, or imply that she was morally compromised by helping represent Malaysia. But I did want to express my point of view about what I wouldn’t meet with them. I went with
    I know this is going to sound terrible, but I can’t in good conscience discuss the attractions of a biotech base in a country that would turn away most of my family at the border because of the passports they carry.
    As near as I can tell, Malaysia has a blanket ban on entry by Israeli nationals (with case-by-case exceptions), and I’m afraid that I can’t publicize/promote a country with that policy.
    If I have my facts wrong, please let me know ASAP.
    Gil Roth

  4. Rgd Israel,
    My gf’s malaysian and we did the overland from Egypt to Paris (passing through Israel) in 1999 so things might have changed.
    Just get an Israeli visa in your passport (everyone here needs one anyway) and malaysians should be good to go. You’d probably have to get it in Singapore since I dont think there’s an Israeli consulate in Malaysia. You need to state your itinerary upfront but of course you can change your mind later in israel.
    Upon arrival be prepared to be in the ‘high-risk’ queue since officially Malaysian passports cannot enter Israel. They will ask you deliberately “You know your passport is invalid for Israel?” but just show them your visa and answer truthfully the millions of questions that follow and you should be fine 🙂 Things will be smoother if you don’t tell them you’re going anywhere in West Bank/Gaza/Golan. Your luggage will be searched more thoroughly too thanks to your passport.
    You should also know that an Israeli stamp/or any adjacent country’s stamp at an israeli border will technically bar you from entering many muslim countries like Lebanon, Syria and even Indonesia! So if you’re traveling to/from Jordan/Egypt get the immigration to stamp on a piece of paper instead of your passport (they were quite obliging). Also if you can, get another passport just for your israeli visa!

  5. Eesshhh… *pinch* your niece is SO CUTE~! and the way u incorporate those thought bubbles really matches with the baby’s facial expression~!! ekksss* so CUTEEe… kawaiii nee…

  6. So The CUTE!
    The only way I’ve heard you can apply to go to Isreal is if you’re a Christian, and you apply through ur church.
    If you’re not a Christian, govt will wonder why you wanna get in.

  7. I think you are allowed to enter Israel for religious purposes. There was this Christian couple (my parents’ friends) that travelled to Israel to visit its religious sites. But that was about 6/7 years ago. Best to check with immigration.

  8. excuse me
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  9. Make sure the Israel immigration don’t stamp anything on your passport, else you’ll be in deep shit when you get back.
    Stamp anything on a separate piece of paper or something.

  10. Kirsten looks simply adorable. She doesn’t seem to mind being on camera, which is good. Future beauty queen , me thinks. Regarding getting to Israel, you’ll need another passport and a visa from the Israeli Embassy. It also helps if you’re a christian or a catholic as the church has annual pilgrimage tours to Jerusalem. But if you’re not, well, might be difficult.I don’t think you can use the same passport to get into a muslim country if you’ve used it to got to Israel before. Might cause trouble with so many wacko terrorist around nowadays.

  11. It’s very difficult for Malaysia passport holder these day to enter Israel.
    First of all, you need to apply to Israel Embassy either in Bangkok or Singapore. You need a letter of sponsor from Israel which could be either a friend, company or if not, travel agency. Then you need to wait for minimum 30 days with no guarantee or entry. They will screen your background and chances of getting through is only 30% even if you are Chinese. Church connection or what knot DOES NOT HELP.
    If approved, they will stick a piece of paper cum visa on your passport. Immigration/visa stamp will be on that piece of paper and once you depart, they will simply remove it so that there is no trace on your Malaysia passport. WARNING; If you are caught have a stamp on your passport, your Kerajaan will revoke your passport; this has happened to some of my Malaysian friends.
    Alternatively, you enter through Jordan which is Islamic territory. This was what most Malaysian christian pilgrims have been doing. They will then go via Bethlehem and into Jerusalem. BAD NEWS: the border is now very strict as of 2-3 years ago and chances are they will ask you to turn back to Jordan.
    Lastly, Israel, particularly Jerusalem is a BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL place. Contrary to CNN, the fightings are only at the ‘hot zone’.

  12. By the way, I have been told that those entering via Jordan is not always the ‘proper’ way and you risk being asked to go back. They’ve now erected a wall which is dubbed as the ‘Berlin Wall’. No choice you see. I travel to Israel very regularly so I know how things go about there.
    Before departing, whether via Bangkok (El Al Airlines), Zurich (Swiss Air) or Frankfurt (Lutfhansa), hehhehe, be prepared for the interogation. It’s really gruelling!!!!!!! If you fail the interogation, they will reject you from boarding the plane to Israel.

  13. this is SUCH a cute post! your niece is simply adorable! 🙂 and i love the captions..haha~
    as for going to israel…im pretty sure you can get in if you’re going for business reasons…? haha~ it says so on our passport doesn it? hm. 🙂

  14. A friend of mine has ventured there but not entirely legaly . . . land on a neighbouring country get a tour guide to get you into Israel. This is either by means of bribing every official on the way ( he’ll give you an average estimate ) or get a visa . . .but risk not being able to come back home hehehe 🙂

  15. Er, I didnt know I used the same sentence for Kirsten with others. Ok, can I change? lol.
    Aiya, nvm lah. It’s really expressing what I feel about her!

  16. yeah.. as andrew ho said, you need to be either a muslim or show baptism certificate if you’re a christian, in order to enter israel using malaysian passport. even then, you have to tell the israeli immigration officers NOT to stamp your passport because once they do, you can’t come back to malaysia or enter any of the arab and middle east countries which are anti-israel. it is that strict. i went in 1999.

  17. Just proof ur a christian then u can enter Israel, however if anything happen to u the Malaysia goverment wld not protect u.

  18. i heard my friend (yemen) say they can get into isreal through the border, but you need to give the ppl some kopi o money, and they’ll let u in without hv to chop your passport..

  19. how long were you been watching her eating the cake…how did u know she’s going to loose her spoon?
    Hmmm, i’m reluctant to think that all these are just a staged performance.. tee hee hee :p

  20. u can enter israel…..the immigration department will issue u a special permit to enter israel……but u have to explain to them why u wanna enter israel la….if ur going there on religious grounds…..shouldn’t be a problem.

  21. kenny,
    join a church… become a christian (protestant or catholic) ..or go through a christian organization to get to israel… many christians have done it… it’s mission possible!!

  22. i think you can just go. but ask them not to chop your passport. I heard it from somewhere cos we’re not supposed to be allowed to go.

  23. yo kenny
    to get into israel maybe as: journalist, humanitarian aid, foreign ministry staff, last but not least – crossing into there as a terrorist haha jkz jkz – cant be too politically incorrect
    yo kenny when r u comen to perth? give this boring place a sik review about cottesloe come summer – i think the word is banyak tetek/neng neng woohoohoo

  24. My pastor just went off to Israel. If you want to go Israel for a holiday is out of the question, except if you want to go there for pilgrimage purposes. By that Christians must have an approval letter from the church body in Israel and a visa (I think). Why you want to go ah? 🙂
    And that little girl is really cute!

  25. by the way, isreal stuff.. I heard that u can go if u fly from S’pore. I’m not too sure how true it that anyway 🙂

  26. omg can she get any cuter?! damn u kennysia, my maternal instincts are threatening to come out already!!! i want to eat her.

  27. why wana go israel???
    but i hope u can go there someday though…then u can take good pics and let us explore the nation through ur blog. hehe.

  28. She’s just such an adorable lil munchkin!! The only way I think you can get to Israel is if you’re doing a news report and going there as the Press i supposed?

  29. How to enter Israel if you are Malaysian?
    first go to Amman, Jordan. take a special tour to Jerusalem. u are given a special pass for the tour. technically you are in Israel, in fact jerusalem…they will give you the tour of Jerusalem via the Jewish, Muslim and Christian quarters…in a tour bus…i think you are allowed to go in some places…. and depends on the current political situation there also….
    good luck

  30. You can go in Israel via a group passport (ask a travel agent to arrange), but not through your individual passports.

  31. replying above post:
    that’s right. a friend of mine, a muslim, went there with her father on a tour via group passport to Jerusalem. i’m not sure about going to other places other than Jerusalem. Tel Aviv should be nice…with all the Rave parties and in a few days time…a gay parade in Jerusalem.

  32. She looks like any other kid-cute,but i guess the narration accentuate her cuteness.Why crack your head?just head over to either Egypt or Palestine and take a stroll across the border into Israel.Just feign ignorance!

  33. Hi Kenny!!
    That is so adorable…hahaha…
    I must say i truly enjoy reading your blog, i always end up laughing out loud!! Keep up the good work and writing! Cheers…

  34. I bet you stole her spoon on purpose, and then gave her the idea to use her face to eat! It can’t be such a coincidence that you were there, at that precise moment, taking photos of her eating cake, and then she suddenly loses her spoon, and eats the cake with her face, you must have played some part in it. you naughty devil! and the photos was in close up as well! You could have stopped her! ……
    what kinda uncle are you? exploiting little children. i should report you to er…erm….

  35. kenny, r u planning to sneak into Isreal with ur malaysian passport?
    well, call me a coward, but i think u better not. coz my uncle actually did that when he was studying in UK. he followed his German friends on a trip to Isreal after graduating. strangely, he passed the customs. but the thing is he LOST his passport in Isreal!!! he couldn’t ask the Malaysian government for help coz then he’d have to explain how he got to Isreal in the 1st place. so he followed his friends back to Germany (i dunno how he did that) n started his life as a nobody there. it took him 25 yrs to be able to come back. but he’s a German citizen now.

  36. woah… suddenly so free ar.. i can b imagining u staring at the gal with the camera aiming… she must b really think,”i sure gonna b a model next tym”

  37. Weird, Li May, is there no Malaysian embassy in Germany, or couldn’t your uncle have pretended he lost his passport in Germany instead of Isreal?

  38. An easy way to enter Israel…..
    Get a United Nations’ (UN) Laisser Passer Passport. It is normally issued to UN staff for official duties overseas OR Stateless persons. In the latter case, it is more difficult to justify your entry to Israel – why a stateless person (refuge) want to enter Israel.
    Become a UN worker, official or volunteer and apply for a UN passport. You can technically go to any country in the world – mostly without visa!

  39. Hello Kenny. I am the notorious twelve year old dwelling in your site. I think my mum told me I used to stick corn in my nose. Yeah, great moments. I have a niece too. Her name’s ana. Kirsten’s cute too!

  40. Malaysia is a pain. I was not allowed to go to Cuba (Not that I wanted to or could afford to) when I was a student in London. But when I flew to London thru Czechoslovakia, the immigration there very kindly stamped a piece of blank paper which they retrieved when I left. Britain had a policy of reporting names of Malaysians who travelled in the Iron Curtain countries. My advice to anyone is to migrate to Australia where there is no discrimination and the Aussie passport is welcome everywhere.
    Australia has 150,000 jobs going and needs people who can speak English and can get along with our 200 nationalities here. We need graduates, professionals, tradesmen (even chefs and hairdressers)etc. The process is a bit of a pain but necessary to keep out trouble makers, fanatics, criinals, etc. Send me a brief email at easymigration@iprimus.com.au if you are from Malaysia and I will respond best as I can. No obligation to you or me.Peter

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