My Very First Online Protest

This is my way for showing my support to French organisation Reporters Without Borders.

For the next 24 hours, there will be no updates on because I am participating in a global online protest against the gross injustice of Internet censorship and the restriction of our freedom of expression.
Don’t delay. Act now!
Ok ok fine, I’m just lazy to blog for 24 hours ALRIGHT? 😛

Blog plug of the day:– dickhead name, major ass, funny shit.
With a name like that, he wondered why companies don’t give him stuff to review.

49 Replies to “My Very First Online Protest”

  1. Malaysian media had definitely improved in terms of freedom of expression and coverage, unlike under Mahathir regime. But there’s a lot that need to be improved. However, let us use of new so called new found freedom with responsibility so as not to create any racial and religious tension in Malaysia. We can critised the government, but do it with a sense of moral oligation as even ministers within the government had different views. For example the ongoing Bangsa Malaysia debate.
    Anyway Kenny, let’s start with you. What do you think of term Bangsa Malaysia? Should it be Bangsa Malaysia or Rakyat Malaysia?

  2. Maybe we shud, like, protest against something else rather than ur blog. Maybe somthing like the environment, or greenhouse gases etc. Ur blog is fun, but i think we better do something more meaningful and contructive dun u guys agree?

  3. but freedom comes with responsibility.
    there are consequences, things said that causes social instability.
    censorships are there for a purpose ,dude.

  4. There Are Many Dangers
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    You must keep a lookout
    Remember all the rules they have for everything
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    When they’d taken out my tonsils
    I brought them home
    Kept them in a jar on the shelving in my room
    Between the toaster, stop sign, and my tonsils
    I’ve got lots of things to think about at night
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  5. Aih freedom of speech is the most non existent thing in every part of the world, maybe except for America.
    I mean look at Mr Brown, his weekly column was suspended because he poked fun at the gahmen but for nothing else.
    Aya fuck the gahmen la!
    If bloggers who criticise the gahmen online are to be known as anarchists, maybe us bloggers should start our own party or something.
    Kenny Sia for Prime Minister!

  6. *support support*
    juz read that…and felt so happy for kenny coz he indirectly famous-ize(an own created verb)ppl too….hehe…kenny rocks…

  7. think u shld do something that might really bring some effects to the world…
    suggest what shld also do:
    1. stop farting for the next 48 hours to reduce air pollution.
    2. Eat like 200 Kon Low Mee to keep the world’s economy moving
    3. Dun shit nor pee for the next 48 hours to reduce water pollution??
    hehe… aiyo… enjoy ur day off la…

  8. haiya, terkejut me, I thought i left out some part of the campaign about not blogging and was thinking that was a weird clash with freedom of speech.

  9. there is a way for malaysian passport holder to enter israel.
    1. apply for a short course in the university there.
    2. apply/participate for academic talks being held there
    3. get involved in official/international ceremony/seminar/talks/ etc.

  10. kenny, i know how to get into israel with a malaysian passport, as i’ve been there before. but i’ll need to tell u in private. contact my email for more details

  11. to go to isreal, u gotta be a catholic. gotta get a letter from ur church to prove u are one n submit those paper thingie stuff.
    my grandma went there on a church visit. easier that way.

  12. i hate the goverment.why cant the goverment put the age for goin into clubs 15 and above?xD.wads the problem with drinking?as if u start drinkin at the age of 18 that time no effect meh?why cant the goverment just make the age for possesing alcohol drinks lower?that way by the time they’re 18 they’ll stop cause of boredom.dont u guys agree?i hate the gay the goverment run things.every single thing.this cant do.that cant do.even ar.just because the bloody show offend the malaysian goverment they go and fucking ban it.why cant they just be open?the more they hide,the more people wanna find out.everything censored censored.ask them to fuck pig though they nvr say any badwords before?as though they nvr fuck backside before?and they say respect other races…PLEASE LA.the fucking race that bans all this thing.their fucking race is widely known for being busy in the ass hole . xD BYE

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