Before And After

This is the BERSIH Rally, last year on the 10th November.

40,000 Malaysians of all races took it to the streets of KL to campaign for free and fair elections.
It was a largely peaceful protest according to many people who were there. However, the police saw fit to fire tear-gas and water cannons towards the crowd.
Many see the police’s heavy-handed tactics as unnecessary.

Four policemen arrest one PKR’s Tian Chua

The actions of BERSIH were damned to hell by the newspapers. Despite all that, the Election Commission eventually caved in and used transparent ballot boxes and indelible ink for this election.
Nevermind the fact that RM2 million worth of indelible ink was not used at the last minute.

During the protest, Malaysia made international headlines when our delusional Information Minister stutter and stammer his way onto Al Jazeera news.

In what can only be described as a “The Zam Rap”, Zainuddin Maidin, fondly known as Zam, blasted out against the interviewer, uttering such famous phrases as, “You think that we Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar!”
And, “You-you-you-you are here with the idea, you are trying to project, what is your mind!”

Fast forward to the 2008 Elections. Zam suffered a heavy defeat and lost his parliamentary seat to PKR. Even Tun Mahathir laughed at him, saying that “the way he was campaigning was really funny, telling people to look at his face and how it doesn’t change.”
Because he is no longer an elected MP, Zam must therefore step down as Information Minister.

His face finally changed

I say good riddance. He was never good at that job anyway. Among his many achievements in his 2 years, Zam has called bloggers stupid, suggested classifying bloggers as ‘professional’ and ‘non-professional’, and managed to say with a perfectly straight-face that Malaysian news media is not biased.
Of course now that he lost, he’s probably gonna say that the election is not fair.
Maybe next time before the next elections, we might see Zam in the news again like this.

“You think that we Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar!”

This coming Sunday (16th March), I’ll be delivering a blog seminar in Johor Bahru for the Landmark IT Mall Computer Fair.
I heard that they hung a bloody huge banner outside the mall with my bloody huge face on it.
I don’t know why they do that, but maybe they wanna scare away evil spirits.

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  1. Kenny,
    Thank you very much for such informative coverage on the the Bandar Kuching MP candidate GE.
    Yes, thanks for delivering a well deserved blow the ZAM – that piece of dead wood in the Cabinet!
    Appreciate the information greatly! Keep it up.

  2. congrats to all u voters who vote for opposition. hope BN has a wake up call. but i still can’t believe sarawakians are still stupid. mayb next election… at least kuching is safe. kenny congrats chong chieng jun for me if u meet him again =D

  3. This Zam piece of crap is now forced to eat his own shit in front of the whole nation…BN conducting post-mortem? this joker here is one of the main reasons why anger was instigated amongst the rakyat when he threatened and blackmailed us voters!!!

  4. After reading this, I am pulling out all my investment in Malaysia and putting it somewhere else.. Bye bye Malaysia…

  5. Besides.. I hope all other Malaysians do the same.. This country has no place for us.. We should be putting our money somewhere else (except Malaysia) to give our children a better future..

  6. Congratulations to Kuching residents. You are apparently the only Sarawakians with brains! Thanks Kenny for raising political awareness in your readers!

  7. It is still sad that injustice in the election still happens throughout in Sarawak.
    Maybe the sarcasm has its value, that BN can only win rural areas while the opposition wins the educated areas.

  8. Congratulations to Chong Chieng Jen!!! But sad to see that BN won 30 seats out of 31. Hope Sarawakian will learn from Penang…

  9. There could be miracle, when you believe 🙂 It’s show time for opposition. We want a fair and justice country.
    Congratulations for the victory. Hurray !!

  10. My god, it was a really good election no? Too bad BN still controls Sarawak. If it weren’t for Sabah and Sarawak, BN wouldn’t have the simple majority. All’s good though. An eye opener.

  11. BN may have the majority, did anyone actually counted the numbers of votes won by the opposition? The opposition has won all major big cities. By popular votes the opposition has won more than BN !!

  12. Haih. penang now ruled by Karpal’s Family and Kit Siang’s family.
    Kenny, lol, ouch man. ouch man.
    Actually, eventhough RTM still sucks, it has improved under him. All those rebranding stuff actually made me watch RTM once in a while. Not bad la, gotta give him lil bit of credit.

  13. Yeah, I’m just glad a few trashes are out, can’t wait to get the rest away! Zam totally embarrased us all…

  14. Sarawakians and Sabahans have always played a different political game compared to the West Malaysians. I can’t say I’m not disappointed with the results here as we could have at least denied them the majority. Nonetheless, I understand that the people were being cautious about bringing unnecessary changes to the existing parliamentary representatives. The opposition line-up in East Malaysia is generally too divided and too weak to convince the people that they can really make a difference in the government. We wouldn’t want to change just for the sake of changing, especially if the change might be for the worse. On the contrary, the opposition parties and their representatives in the West are much more ready to take on the corrupted government. As ‘individualistic’ as each opposition party might be, they do share the same foundation of beliefs which the people could count on. A lesson learnt for the oppositions here – build up your credibility and the people will vote you in, otherwise you’ll just appear incapable in front of BN’s professional liars.
    I’m truly surprised at the overnight change of power that rocked the country over the weekend. Are we truly ready Malaysians? I guess we’ve been sedated for far too long under BN’s charge. A change might be good afterall. The oppositions can no longer accuse the people of not giving them a chance. We’ve given you the opportunity – don’t dissapoint us! What we need in this country is political professionalism. Stop the childish bickering, baseless accusations and uncivilised fights. These have become the oppositions’ favourite pastime. Don’t make a fool of yourself for God sake. Get real and deliver some solid results for all to see.
    As for the losing goverment (UMNO, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, etc.), you deserve this. Don’t give yourselves excuses – you lost BIG time – period. All your “analyses” and “postmortem” will tell you one thing – you’ve become irrelevant and the people are tired of you. After ruling the country for 50 years, you really need to take a good look at the existing government policies. Don’t belittle the people of Malaysia. You were voted in to serve the people and this should always be your priority. You need to listen to the people thinking and respond accordingly. Stop playing racial politics!
    There’s one particular message that really irked me throughout this election period. Pak Lah sent out this message to the people – “Do you want a bigger participation in the government or a bigger voice in the parliament?”. Anyone who’s capable of thinking independently can’t help but sense the underlying threatening tone of Mr. A. Badawi. Let this be a lesson to him and every Malaysian PM henceforth; the government is elected by the people, for the people, to serve the people. Keep that in mind. We want a capable leader, not a badass bully.
    Moving forward, I hope there’ll really be a renewed sense of hope in this country. We’ve restored the balance of power and I hope everyone will take this opportunity to change for the better. For the time being, I still have my doubts in the opposition’s ability to usher in a new era of Malaysian politics. They’re still held back by their immaturity and selfishness. Playing politics is more than just drumming up agendas and promising people the stars (how on earth are you going to slash the oil price – in a free market economy, this is just not possible unless you want to bankrupt the country). My only wish is that you be more transparent in handling the people’s money and address the wealth distribution issue that has been plaguing us for decades.
    Only time will tell if we’ve truly created a turning point in Malaysian history on March 8, 2008. Good luck Malaysia!

  15. this is a true showing of the people’s power, and the main coalition should learn and accept the truth that the people in the country are discontented.
    Although they retained Pahang, Johor and a few other states, their majority in those states are alot less than the previous elections.
    The people are sending a message to the government, Buck up or Get lost. The People are the ones who give resources to the country, and we will not be threatened by those bullying statements made by unresponsible leaders. There’s so many irksome messages, stating that the opposition is greedy to vie for 2 salaries eg state/parliment seats, Isn’t this already happening in alot of the main coalition politicians.(Double Standards)
    Too much opposition suddenly is not really a good thing either, but it still to be seen if the opposition will live up to the people’s needs and requirements.
    Again the same saying goes, show us what you got, and show us that you can do the things we voted you in to do for us. If not the opposition can get lost as well. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. If you do well, you can strenghten your hold on many states, If you don’t, then your dirty linen will be there hanging out for everyone to see. Just like the current gov.
    Make Glorious history ^^ Cheers to the People of Malaysia

  16. “Besides.. I hope all other Malaysians do the same.. This country has no place for us.. We should be putting our money somewhere else (except Malaysia) to give our children a better future.. ”
    Ah Kau, now you’re just being plain idiotic

  17. Lots of Sarawakians in rural areas are still blind and slow in recognizing that Pek Mo is manipulating them for his own gain. I feel sorry for those people who re-elected the BN MPs to continue to be “YES” persons under Pak Lah’s regime. What have BN MPs done to support Sarawak in terms of development besides getting the same budget each year? Do you see how pathetic our public transportation in Sarawak? We don’t even have proper bus system in Kuching. Look at the moderon highways and the train system in West Malaysia. What do we have in Sarawak?
    I just hope more Sarawakians would be wiser in the coming State election by voting non BN representatives for a change.

  18. “Ah Kau, now you’re just being plain idiotic”
    Well Eh.. It’s not my country that is in trouble.. Yours :)) Too Bad..

  19. News of the election can make people cry (BN), or rejoice (anti-BN)
    But only your reporting can make people laugh!!

  20. Hi Kenny, the election result is good for malaysia, but not for sarawak. U can do something to change it 🙂

  21. “Ah Kau, now you’re just being plain idiotic”
    Well Eh.. It’s not my country that is in trouble.. Yours :)) Too Bad..
    Ah Kau,
    We will survive. Thanks for the concern. Importantly we are happy with what changes we r looking for.

  22. Zainuddin Maidin is such as asshole!!! He looks so retarded…and who is he to said that bloggers are stupid? I guess he is way more stupid than any other bloggers around the world. It’s fortunate that he can no longer be the Information Minister. And yes, of course Britney Spears is “10 million times” better looking than this piece of shitty crappy face old man. He should just keep quiet before the election. See now what happen to him after Malaysians has voted…he definitely DESERVES to be ousted!!! He is also so rude during the interview with Al-Jazeera news, where is his politeness & etiquette? This only pulls him down…such a shame!!! At least, he is really gone for now…so long you SUCKER!!!

  23. well written bro! that guy really has no idea what he is, what his job is and what he’s talking about at any given time. its time to look foward to a (hopefully) better info minister.
    anyhow, changes r good, for better or worst. that’s the risks that we all had choosen

  24. Dear Ah Kau,
    Yah lor, why not just pack your bags and your family and get out, you tak suka you keluar!!! We have no need for coward people like you here 🙂

  25. Who is stupid now, Zam? Thank you to the wonderful people who voted him out. You guys have good taste, I must say, and certainly deserve a better representative than the stuttering, arrogant, hugely embarrassing ZAM.

  26. Don’t forget that it was also Zam who said we should be removing Pan Asian models on TV advertisements! Yay! Thank god he’s gone!

  27. I hope Perak state will model the Sarawak style of election in ministers. Especially C.M of Perak post based on how many seats then who should take over.Then have a deputy M.B to deal with islamic affairs. And let DAP prove that a chinese can hold C.M place in majority Malay areas and take care all regardless of ethnicity.
    I know many wants Perak state M.B to be a Malay-Muslim. Matters to be solved based on performance and not ethnic background.
    Victory for opposition coalition at such a scale has come sudden , and i hope they will have sorted themselves out and wont be in-fighting in the years to come.

  28. bad kitteh bad bad bad kittehh!!!
    zam is just another guy who makan gaji buta in the govt. having an information minister who’s not informed or able to speak properly is juz too hard for me to swallow.

  29. As a malaysian, BN lose is benefit me
    But, as a son of government contractor, BN lose = my economy shock.
    Bloody hell… I’m selling my car because the payment from the government don’t know when only reach while creditors all kao pek kao bu behind. REALLY SUX!!! HOW!!!

  30. As a Singaporean, after watch your elections and the courage of the Malaysian people, I only wish that the people of Singapore have as much courage as you do to speak out and make a stand on issues that affect them instead behaving like sheep. Superfically, Singapore looks fantastic with its modern facade and technology. Underneath, there is a big rot and disfunctional behaviour. Malaysia Boleh!

  31. When i know that BN loses it 2/3 majority im glad =)… but when there are few state government handling over to opposition which the opposition leaders them self are not expecting the landslide win (qoute from internet sources and newspaper)… i’m worry… aren’t they suppose to be prepare?? aren’t they claiming to be the government?? Somehow i forget where i got this info, but DAP in Penang once say that they would want to win the parliament seat and not the state government…i really hope that my concern is too much as Barisan Rakyat will succed in leading the states for the next few years…..
    Im based in selangor which is also why im so concern to know who is this Khalid Ibrahim (PKR) is… I quickly search for any online photo of him…ah… and i got.. he look like the malay version of ling liong sik.. His first impression to me..does not seems too good. I prefer the Khalid (PAS- Shah alam) more..:P
    However i hope he will perform and lead selangor to a better state… anyone want to convince me on how good he will be the leader??
    As for Perak…. i think is clearly stated that MB must be Malay-muslim… so dont think we can create another non-muslim MB or CM there… anyway… congrats to all the winners and hope that u guys will work for a better MALAYSIA>>> peace..

  32. Kenny,
    “Why, why, why, why, why, why, keep on picking on me even after the GE where I lost. That, that, that, that, that, that’s enough lah.” – ZAM.

  33. i work for a newspaper company. i wont say which but the stuff we put out/on r sooo biased i couldnt wait till election was over. i was suffering from BN overdose. i think that’s wut a lot of msians r suffering from.. thats why we saw a change this time around in the election. ppl have called in to the newsdesk for days slamming the paper for being so one-sided. im excited n glad. finally malaysia is slowly but SURELY changing.
    swak is still under BN rule, but at least kch has a win for the opposition.

  34. Zam never fails to make me laugh with his stupidity. I hope everything remain the same so that in 4 years time, all my fellow Malaysian, we can demand a change again. WOOHOO!!

  35. Zam is a bitch and he deserved to be thrown in the gutter.
    I’m pleased for this result. Let this be a warning to all the BN survivors especially our home MPs.
    Now let me get something off my chest.
    I’m sick & tired of listening to leftists noobs and wannabes calling Sarawakian and Sabahan voters stupid lah, blind lah, naive lah… Stop it la. This kind of crap only reinforces my feeling that orang Malaya don’t have any idea what our political scenario is like…
    Firstly, if people want us to vote for opposition insulting us isn’t going to help. Funny isn’t it, many opposition supporters feel insulted when government called them names and yet here they are doing exactly the same thing and calling BN voters names…
    The average Sarawakian voter for the most part have no reason to vote their SPDP/PRS/PBB/SUPP MP out. To them, their MPs have done well enough at the Federal level.
    The issues that riled up so many voters in Semenanjung don’t have the same kind of effect here. To your average Joe Sarawakian, Hindraf, Bersih, racial tensions, all those things are Semenanjung problem. All alien. It sounds wrong but that’s the truth. You go to places like Serian and Lundu and Sri Aman etc and you go ask what people feel.
    Not that they don’t care but for most part our own MPs aren’t directly involved in these screw ups. The effects aren’t felt here at all to be honest.
    Another reason is the near total lack of a coherent opposition except for DAP in urban areas. PKR here is mostly seen as an outsider trying to force itself on Sarawakians. What they need is strong local leadership who bring up issues that affect Sarawakians and not some generic thing about change like what they did here in Petra Jaya. That’s not good enough to swing voters.What we need is strong, home grown opposition.
    Sarawakian political scenario is different. The average Sarawakian voter is different. The opposition needs to tackle us in a different way.
    Our issues are different, mostly land issues and things like nepotism and lack of transparency as well as national issues like prices of goods and fuel. These are mainly state government issues. The time and place to vent isn’t now. Let’s wait for the State elections for that.
    The main culprits at Federal level are MCA/MIC/UMNO. None of these parties contest here so no swinging angry backlash. Therefore BN wins, except in Kuching which is cool. Congrats to Chong, DAP Sarawak and supporters. KUTGW.
    Let me say something else. When the results started coming, I smiled. I smell opportunity for Sarawak in Parliament. Sarawak BN now have 30 MPs coming. BN has 130+ seats. Sarawak BN now make up a quarter of that. Plus MPs from Sabah East Malaysia suddenly has half the hall to ourselves.
    You know what that means? That means that we can be more demanding of the central government. We can ask for more and they will be less UMNO members around telling our MPs to wait and wait and wait… Now Sarawak has more power at Federal level. What will happen? Wait and see…
    I’m going to meet with my PRS friend and make some recommendations. Maybe we can turn the current situation to our advantage and squeeze the Malaya BN.
    So friends, strangers, I know this is quite a euphoric time for many of us. But please, the next time you feel like accusing Sarawakians of being blind and stupid, think first and ask WHY we did what we did…

  36. > Zam may not necessarily be gone. He, as well the other losing Ministers, can still be appointed a Senator and retain his cabinet post. But Pak lah may face an internal backlash from the winning MPs for doing this.
    > Perak state constitution requires an indigenous Muslim Malaysian to be CM. But DAP will have 7 exco seats as opposed to PKR and PAS’s 2 each. Win-win.

  37. Ah Kau – you’ve voted ( I assume) for a change and now you want to turn your back on Malaysia? Be patient la or you can try running your own country la, see easy job or not. Haiya…
    Malaya BN is not like our BN and I think our BN ok la sikit compare to their BN (most prolly because we don have UMNO here)

  38. I agree with everyone here that Zam is ugly. Britney Spears is definitely prettier. Heck, Amy Winehouse is prettier.

  39. As a Singaporean, after watch your elections and the courage of the Malaysian people, I only wish that the people of Singapore have as much courage as you do to speak out and make a stand on issues that affect them instead behaving like sheep. Superfically, Singapore looks fantastic with its modern facade and technology. Underneath, there is a big rot and disfunctional behaviour. Malaysia Boleh!
    Posted by: S.Lim at 10 March 2008 3:24 PM | Link to comment
    could not agree more!
    Migrate to Australia or Canda..get the hell out of msia and sg

  40. GUYS U KNOW,, this country has always been promoting its racial society. i’ve been living in Canada for 10 years and everyone knows that canada has a more multiculture society than m’sia. y there has not been a problem for canada but m’sia? in canada when i filled up the application forms (either bank’s or government’s), they dont ask what your race is. here in m’sia i’m so surprised that they do. i mean, IF I’M M’SIAN,, DOES IT MATTER WHAT RACE I AM? pissing me off.. looks like i’ve made the wrong decision to come back here

  41. Obviously our politicians are making our depressing live more happy, by making themselves a joke.
    They are politician in official duty, comedian/joker in unofficial duty.

  42. Haha great post kenny.
    Finally he gets what he deserves.
    We need good leaders with vision and goals. not jokers.
    Bravo Malaysia. Well done PAS, PKR and DAP. Keep it up.

  43. I really wonder how did ‘Zam’ even got the Information Minister post.. don’t tell me that our BN government is ‘that stupid’ to choose someone like him. He couldn’t even answer the questions properly + very low English standard for a minister.

  44. zam lose also still don’t wanna admit ppl want him to step down. Read this :
    Sungai Petani losing BN candidate Zainuddin Maidin, quoted in Star today
    “It is not that they love PKR or PAS more that they voted against me.
    The Chinese showed their resentment because of the economic backlash they often complained about. So, PAS and PKR should not be overly proud of their win (in Kedah).
    The people may have to pay a price for their decision.”

  45. *Reads Keith 9:11 PM*
    Hahahahah!!!, poor delusional ZAM. No, dear.. you were voted off because you were INCOMPETENT and STUPID ;D
    Oh, and Mahathir is such a cute little old man. Hahaha! Really he should be a comedian (i mean it in a good way) and ZAM should be the clown that Mahathir would throw pies at.

  46. “Be prepared for the Taib party to scrape everything from the state coffers as fast and as much as they can bc they know they won’t be around after the next elections.” – T
    Taib, Georgie are a waste of humanity. Don’t they have any coinscience AT ALL?? Karma’s a bitch, fckers.
    P/s: Rural Sarawak do not have access to free media. Don’t blame them.

  47. I dunno, I think Sabah and Sarawak is irrelevant to Semenanjugn Msia. After all the British did give them the option to be independent if they find Msia not for them.. I recall my Kadazan frens supporting a devolution for Sabah to be its own sovereign. I mean what right do Semenanjung have to reap Sabah and Sarawaks riches if there was never any cultural/historical/economical ties pre-independence?

  48. Kenny, sadly u r one of those people who are scared of Pek Mo. Your blog in Chong was taken off. Sad, very sad….

  49. I’m frm Singapore, and even though the M’sia elections are not my business, I’m really happy for Malaysia =)
    Though I do beg to differ from SLim-; to whom I ask: Is our current situation really that terrible or deprived, till you’re asking for courage (to what? change Singapore into a better…)?

  50. As a Sarawakian living in the Klang Valley I can totally empathize with East Malaysians who sometimes toy with even the idea of seceding from Malaysia. Although we may live in the same country, our issues and way of life are completely different. After five — no, six years — of residing in the Semenanjung, I am still not used to the idea of ‘inter-racial relations’ involving only Malay, Chinese and Indians. And don’t get me started on the general contempt West Malaysians have towards basic East Malaysian knowledge. They can barely tell the difference between a Sabahan and a Sarawakian.
    As an urban dweller I was one of those who rejoiced when Bandar Kuching was won by DAP, but I’m also happy that *because* of the BN’s big win Sarawak and Sabah will have to be noticed by both the Barisan Nasional and the Opposition Alliance. Many may not feel that the hundred-or-so voters of Long Baram count for much, but these voters contribute to the seat count, and in the next general elections, it may mean the regaining of BN or its complete annihilation.
    One thing: the Bumiputra of Sarawak continually support Taib Mahmud not because they love him, but because they hate UMNO. Wanna talk about protest votes? They’ve been doing their protest vote for decades. For many Sarawakians, the presence of UMNO automatically means the death of all that it means to be Sarawakian: to live in a tolerant state where hundreds of ethnicities can live together in peace. Taib Mahmud is the safe middle ground. Traditionally, the idea is that the Federal government will keep him because he is BN, but as corrupt as he is, he is still ‘one of us’.
    But now that there one-half of the government is owned by the Opposition and a whole lotta seats owned by BN belong to East Malaysia, this might change how Sarawakians view themselves and their place in this country. Over the past few years, while Sarawakians watched Mat Rempits and Bersih and Hindraf invade their horizons, many Sarawakians have been (rhetorically) asking: “Why did we join Malaysia anyway?”
    I do not think Sarawak will ever secede, but I strongly believe that as Sarawakians become more exposed to West Malaysian issues, Sarawakians will either accept assimilation entirely, or call for a greater sense of independent identity. I think that the latter is more likely to happen. We will probably be to Malaysia what Quebec is to Canada.

  51. =.= then-info minister was not really well informed, let alone being informative eh?
    XD oh well! fare thee well!XDDDDD
    kudos to all malaysian voters who voted for a better change!=DDD

  52. Forgive him.. he is stressed out because he got erection every five years!!!
    Hahah…. Good thing he lost in the election. Too bad the khairy won!! That cow-boy should be taken down also!!

  53. i dun think it’s Sarawakians and sabahans fault that causes BN win.Cant expect much from rural area as they doesnt have internet to access information.the only thing they use is Tv and radio.Somemore there are few places…the opposition is not even trying hard enough to convince the people there.

  54. Yes, certainly one of my first thoughts when I read that Zam had lost was to gloat in mighty evil laughter, after all, that guy can now rot & die in HELL ……..

  55. Perhaps that so called Minister of Info, can now take a break and take up his much needed English lessons…I wonder if anyone in the international arena has seen a bigger FOOL and IDIOT that him. Shame on him & his family.
    Kenny, if you are able to get him to read this, please do so. Also…he would need someone to translate every word of it, ‘cos the idiot would be clueless

  56. What ever about zam lah… kenny, why you keep scratching yourself below the table in episode 2 of malaysian dreamgirl? was zam under the table?

  57. im hoping that the opp will show what they truly are 4 being elected by the people and serve better than BN…im truly embarrassed by our PM who acted absolutely like the Pakistan President Muzarraf never know what is shameful to be in the same highest position eventhough losin ppl also glad that the media’s behaviour towards opp hv changed afta the election as previously all biased towards opp bt nw WE CAN DEFINITELY TRUST THE MEDIA

  58. another good post kenny… zam is crap, crap is zam…
    p/s: media is still one sided, though they cant hide the fact that the society is supporting oppositions and BN are corrupted shitties..

  59. At least the citizens know what’s wrong with him… he has disgraced Malaysia a lot with those kind of comments especially the erection stuff

  60. Good riddance indeed, we should do away with more people like him, that way foreign nations should be able to forgo the notion that our nation is ruled by gangstas and rappers wannabe.
    On another note, that’s one your more handsome pics on the sign!!!

  61. zam zam stil talk big: Yea, ppl are against you, and the people are repaid with prize :)!
    “Sungai Petani losing BN candidate Zainuddin Maidin, quoted in Star today
    It is not that they love PKR or PAS more that they voted against me.
    The Chinese showed their resentment because of the economic backlash they often complained about. So, PAS and PKR should not be overly proud of their win (in Kedah).
    The people may have to pay a price for their decision.”

  62. Hihi, to those who think sarawak & sabah can demand more in the parliment, that will not be exactly true. BN has lost the 2 important states namely penang n selangor. Lots of fund will be pump direct or indirectly to regain the people’s confident towards BN.
    1stly, sabah n sarawak is sure win state to BN, they do not need to worry much even less fund/development are pump into these 2 states.
    2ndly, if opposition take over, federal government will not care much, and these 2 states will be isolated like kelantan, as we are not considered as golden states, 95% of petroleum revenue will still definitely be own by federal garmen no matter who rule the states. This time, development will be even slower down.
    In fact, to east malaysia, from my point of view, it may not be the right time to reform the government as i thought previously. But we must put as many opposition as possible to fight for our ppl, but not until the fall of BN… at least not for the next 5 or 10 years… Mindset of the ppl has to be changed 1st b4 we could reform, which is still long way to go.

  63. Cat… I absolutely agree with what you said. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Sarawak would be Malaysia’s version of Quebec! Long Live Sarawak!

  64. Cat, I also agree with what you said. What the West Malaysians still dont understand is that our majority people in Sarawak are not Malays but the Dayaks. I have been asked by West Malaysian friends why Sarawakians didnt vote for Opposition like the West Malaysians…it is just that we are not into Hindraf or Bersih issues. We try not to just group ourselves to Indians or chinese or Malays groups all the time. It is soo boring. Even when you are living abroad. Chinese group one table. Malays one table. And they start to piss against one another. Love SARAWAK for the multi-cultural ppl we have there. Corruptions is everywhere but I just love the idea that my friends doesnt have to be the same ethnic as me. Long Live Sarawak!!!

  65. Now Mac knows what he is talking about .Sarawak political scene is very different. Not to mention PBB having majority seats anyways even if his other BN component members all loose to opposition.
    If they realy want , they should bring the fight to PBB. And yes , we actually have a few very good MP’s in Sarawak and Sabah actually championing for the rights and for the people in the constituencies.
    Pls learn more about the political scene here before saying East malaysia voters are stupid.

  66. Like what YB Lim Kit Siang said…..ZAM the Ex-Utusan Editor in Chief is the Minister of MIS-Information………..Go to hell Zainudin.

  67. Correction: Zam can still be Information Minister if Pak Lah appoints him senator…….which is unlikely.

  68. Johor + Pulau Pinang + Kedah + Pahang + Sabah + Selangor + Perak + Terengganu + Perlis + Melaka + Negeri Sembilan + Sarawak + Kelantan + Federal Territory (Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Labuan) =
    MALAYSIA (correct?)
    Why everone argue…kepala pusinglah… Unity equates to Prosperity. Or better yet, nominate me for…..sorry, lost my train of thought…where’s my bubblicious coke….brb 😛

  69. Agree with what Cat said.
    I may not trust PBB 100% but they keep UMNO away from home. Whatever issues I may have with PBB this is the single biggest plus to having a strong Sarawak BN.
    They have been many attempts by UMNO to form a beach head here. Many attempts. All defeated by the fact they they are not “needed” here.
    Perhaps with the lashing BN received in Peninsular it might lead to a better, more people friendly BN here? One can only hope…
    We are definitely to Malaysia what Quebec is to Canada. We’re just…. different.
    Long live Sarawak!
    To all our friends in the West, please take advantage of cheap Air Asia flights and come visit us. If you stay long enough, perhaps you will come to appreciate the Sarawakian way.

  70. I agree with you CAT.we are like Quebec of Canada.But the problem is our sarawak-BN CURRUPTED.We need opposition to reveal they problem & pressure them,if sawawak-BN as clean as Singapore Govt.i don’t mind without opposition,wether s’wak-BN won 100% or 200%,as long as it bring a development to the peoples of Sarawak.especially rural area,they desperately need BASIC proper road,clean water & electricity.

  71. CONGRATS MALAYSIA: Contrary to popular belief before the election, “Your Vote Does Count”. Criticising those who didn’t vote your way is Most Unhelpful. Slim Majority is a Good thing for Democracy to Flourish, effectively means Everybody has MEANINGFUL Representation depending on Ability of their Candidate. To swap one Dominant MAJORITY for another often means “Same SHIT,Different pile”. NEVER to forget that those Elected are duty bound to Represent the Best Interests of ALL. Real Democracy means “Being Liked is not a pre-requisite for FAIRNESS”. Here’s your opportunity to convince others by DEED.
    PENANG should be Especially Congratulated for taking a LEADERSHIP Role in abolishing Apartheid type Racist Laws. Fact is,Poor MALAYS never benefitted,as evidenced by their continued poverty,They Must be Included in your fight for EQUALITY.
    BIG Challenge now is to Modify the Mentality of beaurocracies & Governmental Institutions, all of whom are firmly Imbedded in the Old REPULSIVE Ideaology of RACIAL Preferrence. Slow Process.
    Dear Amanda,
    Stats PROOVE Racism is SYSTEMATICALLY Alive & Well in Canada. Whites on average are paid More than non-Whites for SAME Job, with widening Gap depending on Darkness of Skin. Non-whites are routinely charged for minor infractions whites receive warnings for. Not as bad as MALAYSIA, but it is there Refined into an Art Form. Unless aware,you wouldn’t even notice being VICTIMISED. Regardless of WHAT you might achieve,or how many Generations your family live in CANADA as contributing CITIZENS, you effectively MAXED-out as “VISIBLE MINORITY” at BIRTH (code for Non-PREFERRED-Variety), NEVER referred to as Simply CANADIAN. Much more noticeable with males. No place like HOME.
    Good Luck.

  72. C’mon guys, finally seeing the ZAM Miseter reminds me, almost every group has one Fall-guy. The 1 thing he Definitely does Not exude is Leadership, meaning he had to be Following Orders.
    If you were him and a Governing Position dropped in your lap, what would you do? With the publicity maybe he has a future in Malaysian Show-Biz.

  73. Zainuddin is honestly the biggest possible embarrassment for Malaysia, and he is so unfit to even teach kindergarden students. I’ve never seen so dumb and irresponsible a ‘politician’ as him. Malaysia is such a better place without him, I hope he never ever ever ever smells political power again, because his idiocy has no place in Malaysia. I’d probably trust my goldfish to do a better job at administrating the information ministry, because at least Blinky won’t do harm.

  74. Mac – what’s that you wrote? That Sarawak can squeeze Semenanjung BN? Well, with the new cabinet line up, I guess your hypothesis went down in flames. Learn your lesson – vote BN out.

  75. i thought my english was the worst. congrats Zam 4..4..4..4..4 b-b-beating me!!!
    pendek kata, un-un-un-un-undilah ba-ba-ba-barisan na-na-na-nasional!!!

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