“Employability” Programme

One of the biggest concerns facing students these days is whether or not they could get employed by the time they graduate.

Because of that, a lot of colleges have initiated programmes to help students better find jobs when they leave college.
Like this poster I spotted at one of the college notice boards.

Doesn’t look very employable leh.

Kenny: What do you call a leg that brings you a lot of bad luck?
Friend: Huh?
Kenny: Chua Soi Leg.

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  1. Hahahaha poor guy 😀
    Happy new year to you! I’ve always enjoyed reading your entries of the places you’ve been. I’ve just blogged about my recent trip to Cambodia and i loved it there. I highly recommend you to consider going there for your travels in 2008 . I’m sure you will like the place. Anyhow may 2008 be a good year for you and your blog 🙂 Bye!

  2. What the posters is trying to say is : “you need balls to get a job that you want . No matter what it takes.” Clever design. (pun not intended) XD

  3. What fresh graduates really need to secure jobs are (i) REAL, usable brain power & (ii) LUCK. An absence in either one of those spells UNEMPLOYMENT. Good luck people…

  4. If you knew what those colored dots represent, perhaps you will change your mind if this person is employable now.

  5. Some blame the poor education system.. degree grads in IT (even first class) completed their studies, most of them not knowing how to program..n some admitted that they nv written a line of code during their 3 to 4 yrs studies.. n were not confident to seek for programmer’s job.. n some even said in interview that they nv liked programming anyway.. I’m speaking from the point of view of a former teaching assistant, IT grad n an interviewer.

  6. LoL! It’s good to be reminded of my juvenile college / secondary school days.
    Those were the days we’d tie our friend’s underwear to the fan and let it go spin around.

  7. Kenny, someone urged me to read your blog regarding our Uncle Chua and I laughed like hell- it’s my biggest and heartiest laugh after so many years..
    Next time when I’m back hometown, I’ll look for you, we should hang out and find something for you to blog about. U know, Kuching have a lot of hidden and interesting things to write about especially it’s “extraodinaire” night life

  8. at one glance, i thought that he was really wearing shades but somebody actually stuck pins in his eyeballs, tits and groin.

  9. Talk about being suitable. LOL. kenny, I think you can take his place or something and everyone will wanna work…haha…
    he looks like a blind man la, he should like get rid of his bag and get a walking cane or something…SERIOUSLY.
    ha, good luck with whoever’s gonna take him as a role model man.

  10. Informatics also got that program, now gone from Kuching, wonder what happen to those guarantee jobs as most lecturers I know has gone to FTMS.

  11. Must be voodoo or some sort of witchcraft thingy… A distinguishing feature for Malaysian grads: bomoh and pawang skills. Shell, Telekom and Petronas could do with an in-house witch doctor…

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