Kuching Food Awards 2008 Winners

Ten categories, seven days and two inches added to my waistline later, it’s time to announce the winners for the 2008 Kuching Food Awards.

Here, stands up and takes his hat off to the best of the best local fare. These awards applaud not just to the obvious, but also to those quietly making a difference. And of course, I encourage everyone to try the good food listed here.
For visitors to Kuching, not to worry. The location of all the winners are noted on my handy Google Maps application.

10. Best Fine Dining

Winner: The Steakhouse, Hilton Hotel Kuching.
If you want to dine at The Steakhouse, be sure to bring along your wallet, an arm, a leg and your first-born child.
Because that’s about how much you’ll be expecting to pay for a meal over there.

Dare I say though, it was absolutely worth it. Fine-dining is never meant to be a cheap affair.

I dined at The Steakhouse once only on Chinese New Year’s Eve. It’s a special occassion so we all thought about splurging a little bit.
It was such a fantastic meal, my mouth waters just thinking about it. We had Yee Sang (raw salmon and jelly fish) served in cocktail glasses, chicken consomme in a Chinese teapot, garoupa grilled to perfection and beautifully presented.
In terms of visual presentation, it’s 10/10. In terms of taste, it’s another 10/10.

Unfortunately, mathematics tells us 10×10 = 100, and I got the shock of my life when the bill comes up to RM100 per person.
Having dined at most of the other finer restaurants around Kuching, I have no doubt in saying that The Steakhouse beats all competition with its boot firmly impaled up their arses.

9. Best Casual Dining

Winner: Chef At Home, Lorong Taman Hui Sing 5/6.
For first-timers, it is not easy to find the place because there aren’t any visible signboards outside the house.
Chef At Home is located inside a residential house where the car porch and garden are conveniently converted into an alfresco dining area. It’s nice and romantic.
Very cozy, and it doesn’t cost a bomb.

What I like about this place is its range of delectable grills. Their steaks are juicy and their chicken chop are so tender it literally melts in your mouth. You can never go wrong with the meat here.
They have quite a sense of humour when it comes to naming their mocktails.

This one is called Malaysian Sunrise. Orange juice with grenadine syrup topped up with 7-Up.

And this mixture of chocolate milk with sprite is called Michael Jackson.
Why? Because it’s black and white.

8. Best Food Court

Winner: Hui Sing Hawker Centre, Lorong Taman Hui Sing 3.
Just across the road from the winner of Best Casual Dining is the winner for Best Food Court in Kuching.

Click on map for details on location

Hui Sing Hawker Centre is in my books, one of the best local eats in Kuching.
Sure, it is not as big as the triple-combo Jalan Song food courts, nor as flash as the brand new Food Avenue in 4th Mile that offers retractable rooftop, projector TV and free WiFi. But what Hui Sing Hawker Centre lacks for in size, it more than make up for in quality.

It is here that the delicious White Lady was created, alongside other famous icy delights such as ABC and Matterhorn. These creations are not easily found outside of Kuching, and they are absolutely delightful especially with the hot and humid weather over here.

Other dish worth trying in this excellent food court are the pork satays, the fried taugeh noodles with clams, the tomato kueh teow, the sotong kangkung and the curry chicken rice.

7. Best Nightspot

Click for map

Winner: Mojo, Jalan Abell.
While we’re still waiting for Zouk and Ministry of Sound to set up a proper nightclub in Kuching (won’t happen at least for the next 10 years), Kuching people are still partying their weekends away in pubs.

Mojo deserves a big thumbs up for introducing something a bit different to the locals.
While Soho gets heavily crowded and overrun by wannabes on weekends, Mojo manages to do their part to keep their customers happy. It is not Velvet Underground of KL, but it’s close enough.
Funky DJs, plush couches, a proper dance floor and a memorable theme party last Halloween made Mojo officially the coolest place to hang out in Kuching.

I’m sure after winning this award, more people will be coming in to further crowd the place.
What the Teng brothers need to do next is install more freakin’ airconds!

6. Best Place To Have Breakfast

Winner: Choon Hui Cafe, Jalan Ban Hock.
This legendary establishment has been feeding hungry Kuchingnites for many years.

Click on map for details on location

Located close to town, right next to Grand Continental Hotel, Choon Hui is as authentic as it can get to a old-fashioned Kuching Chinese-style coffee shop. It is open during breakfast hours only, starting business very early in the morning and finishes around 11am.

This is what my typical breakfast at Choon Hui looks like. A bowl of laksa, a roll of popiah, kaya butter toast and a glass of iced coffee served in a Guinness Extra Stout beer mug. You may also order kolo mee, chicken porridge or soft-boiled eggs here.

The laksa here is very popular among the locals. In terms of visual presentation I give it a 10/10, though taste-wise it is not the best in Kuching.
The popiah served here, on the other hand, is nothing short of perfect. I love how they wrap the vege and crushed peanut so perfectly, it never falls out of place when you take a bite.

Make sure you dip it in the sweet sauce. It is mouthwateringly awesome.
Even with the mushrooming of newer and trendier kopitiams all around Kuching, Choon Hui has shown no signs of losing its loyal base of customers. Not only is the quality of food here consistent, the people running the shop are all genuinely warm and friendly.
Not matter how busy they are, they will smile, joke and make small talks with you even if you’re just a total stranger. This is authentic Kuching hospitality at its best.

And the best part is? You don’t have to pay 10% service charge for it.

5. Best Beverage

Winner: Honey Sea Coconut, Ching Chang Drink Stall at Song Kheng Hai Food Court.
I love this drink. It’s a cool and refreshing concoction of honey and sea coconut, and Ching Chang Drink Stall serves the best version of this drink.
The uncle manning this popular stall is also very lame.

Order a drink at this stall. If your order comes up to RM1.50, he will come up to you and say, “RM1,500 please!”
And he does that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

4. Best Chicken Rice

Winner: Hainan Street Restaurant, RH Plaza.
Hainan Street Restaurant used to operate an outlet along the same stretch of shophouses at Chicking Eating House at Jalan Petanak.

Click on map for details on location

My office is located around the area so I often eat at both places.
It’s the same everytime. Chicking will be filled up like crazy and Hainan Street will be dead quiet even during the busiest lunch hour. I have no idea why.
My tastebuds tell me the chicken at Hainan Street is more oily, more juicy, more tender and more chock full of flavour of the two.

Hainan Street is no longer operating their outlet in Jalan Petanak, but their nice air-conditioned outlet at RH Plaza in BDC is still doing comfortably well.

3. Best Tomato Kueh Teow

Winner: Ah Kau Fried Kueh Tiaw/Noodles, Expert Food Court Jalan Song.
This is one of my all-time favourite Kuching dish.

Click on map for details on location

From the picture, it may not look like much. But trust me on this, it tastes better than it looks. A lot better,
Many establishments in Kuching serve tomato kueh teow, but none do it as good as this one does. Very rarely will you find one where the tomato-based gravy is cooked and fried to the right amount of flavour. You can literally taste the bite of the tomato on your tongue.

Not a lot of people come here for the tomato kueh teow. Actually, if I didn’t stumble across this place myself, I wouldn’t even know it is capable of serving such a fabulous dish.
Ah Kau Fried Kueh Tiaw/Noodles is located in the busy Jalan Song food courts and opens for lunch and dinner only.

2. Best Sarawak Laksa

Winner: Golden Arch Garden Laksa, Golden Arch Shopping Mall.
The Golden Arch “Shopping Mall” (to use the words loosely) is a dump.

Click on map for details on location

It is never a “shopping mall” because there’s absolutely nothing for you to “shop” over here.

There are only two places worth going to in this “shopping mall”. First, is Planet Karaoke Pub.
The other is Golden Arch Garden Laksa for breakfast, serving possibly the juiciest prawn-iest laksa in the whole of Kuching.

The laksa served here skimped on a few basic ingredients (eg eggs, coriander). But every laksa lover knows that the secret of the flavour lies in the gravy.
At Golden Arch Garden Laksa, the spiciness of the laksa has the right amount of “oomph”. Not too mild until you couldn’t taste anything.

But not too overwhelming until a pair of hands reaches out from the bowl, grabs you by the collar and gives you a tight punch in the face.

1. Best Kolo Mee

Winner: Min Joo Cafe, corner of Carpenter St and Bishopgate.
Let me teach you how to order the best tasting kolo mee you could possibly find in Kuching at Min Joo Cafe.

Click on map for details on location

When you rock up at the coffee shop on the corner of Carpenter Street and Bishopgate, 99% of the time this old and rundown establishment will be packed with customers filled to brim. So if you wanna taste good food, you have no choice but to stand on the side waiting for your turn.

So you stand there and wait. And wait.
And wait some more.

30 minutes later, a customer leaves and you sit down at his place, sharing the table with two other strangers. A loud and feisty uncle yells at you, “It’s like that over here. Everyone sits with everyone!”
And then you continue waiting. And wait.
You wait, because there’s nobody coming to take your order!

So another 30 minutes later, the loud feisty uncle comes by and take your order.
You already know what you want. There is only one dish here that kept all the customers come back for more. It’s their signature kolo mee with mixed pork soup.
So you made your order with the uncle. And guess what?
You continue to wait! Very very patiently wait.

15 minutes later, your order finally arrives. It’s a bowl of kolo mee with nothing but fried shallots on top.
A moment afterwards, a bowl of soup with all the spare parts of the pork arrives.
One spoonful later, you immediately understand why us locals keep going back to that unhygenic Grade C hole to wait another one hour plus in that stupid queue.

Hungry yet?

Man-gasm Alert: Tony Fernandes commented on my blog!
“6 years I have asked for Kuching-Singapore , KK-Singapore, Penang-Singapore and more flights for KL-Singapore. Why should we not get them? Why can Firefly fly from Subang and we can’t. It’s great MAS competes with us but notice the fares where Airasia doesn’t fly on.”

166 Replies to “ Kuching Food Awards 2008 Winners”

  1. hey man,
    you forgot to write down the “RULE OF THUMBS” while going over to makan at Min Joo Cafe. Refer to mine:
    oh yea, about Laksa, do check out the kopitiam at Chong Lin Park, opposite the snooker center. it cost RM6 per bowl, but in my opinion, it’s definitely better than the one at Golden Arch. you really should try it out. I’ve got a picture of the RM6 Laksa here:
    by the way, Hilton rocks! can’t agree more on it being the best fine dining place in Kuching!

  2. I agree most emphatically with Hui Sing as best food court and Bishopgate for best kolo mee.
    Both are the absolute best in my opinion!

  3. I used to live opposite this shop at carpenter street. We ordered the kolomee then the uncle/ botak lady with pony tail will send the kolomee to our shop. After eating, we left the bowls at the kaki lima and they will come and collect..:P

  4. sarawak’s laksa is curry mee in west msia. There is no asam laksa in swk. that why swkian hate the laksa here

  5. Good day all
    I’m going to Kuching by end of August.
    1. Where can I get the best map for Kuching.
    2. I probably need to rent a car to bring my family around. Which car rental is the best and where is it located?
    3. Any particular food that I shall not miss apart from kolo mee?
    If you don’t mind, can email me at for the details.

  6. I can’t believe hainan street win, can’t believe richmond did not get a place instead a hui sing house did. Cant’t believe the chicken rice shop did not get a place either.Can’t believe petanak hawker centre can offer good food.Can’t believe….

  7. At least it show you the price mah, not like some restaurant rip customer without showing the price and give you no value for money food.

  8. Oh!!! I went to Choon Hui right after the night I met you, we even drove past your friend’s place which you went for the xmas party (recognised the collapsed fence, haha)
    Loved the Laksa and Popiah there and we also had the kaya toast!! Was excellent! =)

  9. try the hainan chicken @ world cafe, central park! it’s awesome!
    hui sing and bishopgate’s “ceng”, i fully agree! especially hui singggggg…
    rapidshare: don’t be stupid la. sarawak laksa is curry mee? EXCUSE ME????????????? it’s like comparing night with day la.
    oh ya richmond has AMAZING PORK RIBS… only during the weekends… you have to ask for it. seriously.. they do amazing babyback ribs… and i’ve tasted good ones in the US.. but theirs…is… perfect.

  10. Omg..I am super super hungry now! I’ve never been to Kuching but if I do I’d be sure to try all of them!
    Tomato kuey teow isn’t found around KL is it? this is the first time I heard of it loh. πŸ˜‰

  11. you say is kuching FOOD awards,why is it a best nightspot is in there???
    any delicious thing there?

  12. I agree with most of your selection, but I cannot agree with you on the laksa, chicken rice and tomato kueh tiaw! Tomato kueh tiaw has to be the number 9 stall at Kenyalang old market. Damn! The portion is big, the taste… OMG, makes me miss Kuching already! Chicken rice still has to be the stall behind Hock Lee.. Love the char siew there as well. Laksa! Honestly, the laksa you mentioned is not up to my standard. I found one that is opposite the Spring. It is in one of the kopitiam there! It is pretty good, at least better than this one.

  13. Geez…You made me so hungry. I’m craving for the Laksa the most though. Btw, Kolo Mee opposite GRSS(Green Road Secondary School) is real champion too~ πŸ™‚

  14. The Linguine Carbonara at Chef at Home is the best ever! So creamy and cheesy it makes you sick in a good way. Heh the irony. I have yet to find anything close to it even here in KL.

  15. the noodles and pork soup in min joo is really fantastic. i stood in queue for an hour for it. unfortunately some a**holes who come later ‘book’ their tables by sitting with patrons who aren’t done eating yet…

  16. Hey dude, readers outside Kuching need to know Sarawak Laksa is not Curry Laksa or Curry mee and does not taste like curry laksa. The gravy in paste form is made up of no less than 10 difference spices and takes more than four hours of work to make the gravy base with a unique, memorable flavor of home …………far away….


  18. i alw thought it’s the uncle at huising garden drinks stall no17 who says X THOUSAND?
    my papaboo loves the carpenter st kolo mee but he hardly got patience to wait.

  19. ckl u convert currencies, stupid lah. What if u spend 100 AUS dollar for dinner and i say, eh 30 pounds only leh, where got expensive 100 AUS only.

  20. To answer your last question, YES, definitely! Oh man!!! Thanks for the list, it makes it much more convenient to find GOOD food in Sarawak! πŸ™‚

  21. Hear hear! Good choices of top 10s. I couldn’t agree with you more. However I prefer the laksa at Chong Chun cafe in Abell Road. Wah.. now I really miss the foods there!

  22. Kenny,
    Cool sellection of the winners. It makes my mouth watery and drooling since I have been away from Kch from quite some time and settling down in US. But as u know, your blog is universal which theres a variety of ppl who reading it day in day out, and u r one of my fav blogger. Being a muslim, i found out that most of the food u gave away as a winner r not halal for me and its kinda frustating coz i couldnt makan it anyway anyhow. Maybe I cant blame u since you are chinese and u set your classification as a chinese eating guy.
    Maybe you could add up with a several categories more that more familiar with us, as a muslim ppl in Kch that we can try it out.
    Keep it up Kenny.
    -NYC Malay-

  23. Honestly, I didn’t really got affected by this post. But the update of ‘beautiful oyster omelette’ on pacmee that made my mouth watery. lol.
    If there’s a chance, I’d love to travel to Kuching. Since I already have ten best place to cari makan. But before that, I shall travel to Penang for its char kuey teow first. Been there but have never tried it. zzz

  24. Kuching Food!!!!!!!!
    I have to agree with the kolo mee, u gotta have SO LONG for the kolo mee to be served πŸ™

  25. kenny,
    Its been ages since i have been home and it looks like my fav laksa place is still there.
    You didnt mention best pau and sio bee. (hope you’ll give credit to the stall by the Polis station/ india street)

  26. huh?? min joo cafe moving? serious or not? from what I know, the shop belongs to them one wor…
    can anyone really really confirm this news?? or I think I’ll have to go makan there and then ask the taukeh about it…

  27. Haha.. I feel like printing out this post and then try them out once I get back to Kuching in a few more months! I LOVE KUCHING!!!!! YUMMY YUMMY PLACE!

  28. omg, that old lady that works in min joo cafe IS STILL THERE!!!
    The last time i saw her was like 10 years ago!
    We used to call her (and the shop) “Lut Tau Moh” (which means loosing hair), because there’s probably so much MSG in their stuff that it’ll make your hair fall off. Plus she doesn’t have much hair either.

  29. Thanks for the great post Kenny. I really miss all the good food in kuching, especially in Hui Sing hawker centre and i miss white lady the most.

  30. Best Laksa i reckon is opposite crown towers. Opposite MPOB the kopitiam. damn forgot the name. Best. he he

  31. Hate to spoil your man-gasm, but I’m sure Mr.Tony speaks and writes better English than that. I’m very such it’s a prankster.
    p/s: Tony’s email is very much publicized and widely known.

  32. Hi Kenny, first time I am visiting ur blog and you’re quite a funny guy! The food you recommended reli looks tantalising but too bad I’m all the way in S’pore. Wld reli like to try the Mee Joo kolo mee one day to find out why it is sooo popular and sooo worth the wait. Love your blog!

  33. lucky me! i manage to find a stall that sell tomato kew tiao in PJ! tried it and love it.
    hope i can get the chance to try the ori tomato kew tiao in sarawak.

  34. I only went to that kolomee shop once although I from Kch, and that time really disappointed me. I brought 2 colleages from KL there, and the taste of the kolomee doesn’t seem to suit my taste, weird!
    anyway, Good Job to Kenny for bringing our local food to international level.

  35. its very dissappointing all the food u recommended r not halal..except 4 da steak house πŸ™

  36. Hi Kenny,
    Your blog alway makes me so hungry & saliva dripping even though when i had just eaten my meals. Really hope to try at those places you recommend in Kuching one day!!!
    Keep it up!!! Have fun.

  37. WAH… KENNY…
    U make me hungry eh…. the Laksa is so inviting…
    Bring me around Kuching lah ……
    P.S. I promise to bring u round KL and Ipoh for good food.. hahahahaha

  38. Holy crap…how did Choon Hui win…
    Chong Choon!!!!Chong Choon!!
    It used to be good, but now Chong Hui’s laksa tastes like vomit!
    There’s no denying that..
    Their toast is pretty good though.

  39. sel, spore too has sarawak kolo mee, tried the one in vivo city, and heard thr’s another one in toa payoh hub too, taste exactly the same, but noodle not as “Q” though.

  40. At the very end of the day, nothing, absolutely nothing, not even that $200 per pax fine dining restaurant, can ever beat… The dirty old stall.

  41. you should try the mee at one of the kopitiams behind the EPF building there, opposite the swinburne carpark.

  42. yoh….the pictures doesn’t look tasty at all ler…d@mn..I bet kenny have not ever tasted the delicious and what we so-called “human’s foods”. ei..the pictures u published seems to be dog foods ler..hehe…

  43. i love the pork noodles in carpenter street! i don’t think i’ve waited less than an hour there before. and the uncle looks like he’s scolding you but that actually how he talks!

  44. Don’t mean to sound offending.. But is RM100 very expensive for fine dining? If it’s in SGD.. Then yeah it’s really expensive. But RM100 is pretty ok for a normal-restaurant-meal.

  45. Hey! Kenny..
    I had tasted the Kolo Mee before.. my wife `da pau’ for me .. from Kuching! Hot & good.. straight from the airport .. & into my stomach!! hehe πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  46. This is a subjective matter but I do believe these selections are good by looking Kenny’s waistline:P
    Kenny, you need to eat moderately and exercise or sex-ercise more!

  47. Kenny,
    in due respect, you need to go around in kuching more often than go on your globe trotting thingy as nowadays there are more good food places offering and better tantalising cuisine than the one you show us. Let me bring you to these spots and believe it, your list will change! By the way, Steakhouse has been appearing in best restaurant in Malaysia in Tatler’s list for the past many years. Their food is doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, its value for money.

  48. Hi Kenny
    Because of your recommendations and a food lover, i am going to fly over to Kuching from Singapore next month on 8th August and will return on the 12 and at the same time tour Kuching.
    Can i have the honour to meet up with you?
    My email address is Hear from you soon.

  49. I Love Hainan Street Chicken Rice because they serve the real hainanese chicken rice… others are all yuck!!

  50. Well to my knowledge The Steakhouse and Chef at Home are both Halal places.
    Is Hainan Street Halal since they only serve chicken?

  51. Err..How come Mojo in the list of “Kuching Food Awards 2008”? What foods do they serve there?I’m curious. I thought MOJO only serve beer/wine/alcohol… same like other pubs too? Just that the price r different.. never go to Mojo no more..The smoke are chocking me!Lack or air vents. I thought u don’t like the smoking environment??
    Err.. i saw a Dracula at the Sunday Post yesterday.. πŸ˜›

  52. Hi Kenny,
    Nice post! Been recommending places to eat in Kch to my S’jung friends.
    The adventurous ones try some & like it.
    Normally conservative ones “dislike” the food thr.
    Glad you’re enlightening every1 abt food.
    NOTE: How about Halal food since some friends who read your blog are Muslims too! They can’t eat Kolo mee ler… “an chua ler”?
    NOTE2: I miss Kch reasons:
    1) My family
    2) Kuching Food…sigh…

  53. agree no more that minjoo’s kolo mee is the best in town!! probably they add in some vinegar that makes the mee tastes absolutely good! they are not moving, coz they are the shop owner..they’ve been there since 1960’s…n my dad used to call d old tauke nio as “tua pui za bo”,who was the 1st chef this old and kind lady still helps out in the shop and i think she is very cute :p

  54. I’ve been to Min Joo too.. really have to wait that long lor.. Hehehehe.. But worth it lor πŸ˜€
    And I do agree with your best chicken rice too πŸ˜€ Cos Papa, Mama & Sis said very nice.. and they tapao-ed for us. πŸ˜€
    Best place to have breakfast: Yup.. I like the popiah and also their roti kahwin πŸ˜€
    Best food court: Agree !! Agree !! I love their white lady πŸ˜€

  55. for me, I just think the food in kuching is getting worse every passing year, i grew up in the main bazaar area, there used to have a lot of good food around, although the kolo mee in the post just still run by the same family but the taste is just unbelievable … I’ll give 3/10 if compared to 20 years ago. it’s sad to see that


  57. albagmane: min joo heard is negotiating lagi with the shop owner. But moving worse to worse next door only? heard the next door shop own by them . But then corner lot NOT.
    But if any news will update u all k? πŸ˜€ since my collegue kenal that ah kok the uncle who scold? haha

  58. Kenny, you really make me very very hungry till can eat a horse!!
    I never try the laksa at the Golden Arch but I still like to eat the one at ‘Fat Cat’ near Stutong Commercial Centre (at the bank of AmBank).
    As for the kolo mee, I think the best still is the one at ‘Sin Po Po’ coffee Shop and now it got a branch at the Jalan Song Commercial Centre and the coffee shop name is ‘Top 10’.

  59. that hainan street is no way near delicious nor appetizing as the chicken rice shop located behind hock lee center because the operators are hainanese and they are family oriented.
    hainan street always almost look dead… (music rolls)..notice the thumble weed passing by through..
    and if you wanted air conditioning and halal, singapore chicken rice at satok taste better than hainan street anytime too.
    hainan street is a rip-off especially for those who don’t know what real chicken rice…

  60. Steak House was the cheapest fine dining i can find on earth so far,with the standard of food and service they had……St.Pierre Lunch cost me amost RM300 for 2.
    I am happy to see that most of the food spot that you had selected is correct,after all,hui sing garden hawker centre,choon huan,carpenter street is still my favourite…….

  61. hahaha good thing I’m in Kch now and able to try any of the above anytime I want, nyek nyek nyek…and not drooling sadly from across the globe. πŸ˜›

  62. have read few blog from you. Now i know why you so popular. Haha. Your blog description in very details and you’ve got lot of pictures for your readers. It is nice and funny to read your blog. Keep up the good work!! *-^

  63. gosh i just read this post and the food!! but im in the UK now….. missing the food like hell…. fortunately im back in KL in four weeks! whooopiiee!

  64. kenny… gee, thx for biggin’ up Golden Arch laksa (he says sarcasticly). now how am i ever going to get a table there anymore?

  65. Kenny,
    Have you try the meat ball soup and kolo mee at Batu kawah old town there. Located after the batu kawah bridge on your right, then you can see the stall at the small roundabout.

  66. The best fine dining is The Steakhouse. I agree. The best casual dining is NOT Chef’s at Home (it isn’t even as good as Junk’s), but Hijau at BDC Housing Estate for BBQ fish, Seafood, Malay and Chinese stalls and relaxing, clean, open-air atmosphere.
    The best tomato mee / kueh-teow is at Kim Joo, towards the end of Carpenter Street. The best Kolo mee is also found there. Min Joo’s mee is disgusting.
    The best “food-court” is Carpenter Street’s Old Temple Hawker Sralls for all it’s authentic, chinese goodies i.e. Pork porridge (in the mornings), Fish Ball Tang-Hoon, Chai-Tau Kueh, Pork Satay, etc (in the afternoons) and The Best Kueh-Chap and Fish Porridge (in the evenings).
    The best Melanau style home-cooking is at Barung Tiruk, Jalan Matang Baru.
    The best Mee Suah and Roti Kahwin (butter and kaya toast) can be found at Min Joo Kee Cafe, Jalan Ang Cheng Ho.
    Dear Kenny. You really ought to update your eating places. :o)

  67. For those who are from West Malaysia, probably you guys might thought kenny is bullshiting, but i can tell you that, as my past 3 year studied at Uni there, alomost all of the recommended food i tried before… and you know what, its worth going to kuching…
    p/s: BTW, kenny, when you going to introduce some nice food out of Kuching?

  68. makes me so hungry now ..:)) Damn u kenny ! now im dripping saliva all over my keyboard. im studying in perth too food here jus suckssss, even the kfc’s menu in msia are better than kfc’s here.. ^^

  69. Finally made it to Chefs at Home. Can’t believe its listed as winner in the casual dining category. That was my first and last time there. Cheers !

  70. I believe most of you have not try Bintangor Rojak!!!. only availabe at nite from 6pm to 3 am. SHALOM air con shop behind HOCK PENG BUILDING at jalan airport. or near to THE COLD STORAGE . BINTANGOR ROJAK.

  71. I just went to Chef At Home with fren after reading Kenny’s blog… Nice food and nice atmosphere as well… Actually I think no need to argue, different people have different taste and preference. So, what for to argue? But seriously, I prefer Semenanjung food… Sarawak food too much MSG and so salty and oily… Not healthy at all… Different places have their unique delicacies… Penang, Ipoh etc etc… So does Kuching….

  72. talking about laksa, i would like to recommend the Madam Tang’s laksa, it is also another famous laksa in Kuching:)

  73. Kuching Community Market 1st floor is a good place which is clean and reasonable price for most of the cook food stall. Any person who like CHA KUEH may try the delicious Mixed (sweet and salty) Cha Kueh. Located at 1st floor FA36 know as Mami Cha Kueh (Γ₯Β¦Λ†Γ₯’ΒͺΓ§β€šβ€™Γ¦ΕΎΕ“Γ―ΒΌβ€°and was move from Tabuan Jaya Market formerly know as Tabuan Jaya Market Cha Kueh. Another famous ABC located at FA33 and the same food court. Go and try you will love most of the deligious foods.

  74. come on…kenny..wheres da HALAL cuisine aroun kch eyy???its nt fair 4 da malays hu read ure site.
    hopin dat 09 wil be better .gud luck!

  75. Hainan Street Chix Rice used to be good in the past years, and it really taste bad for now. The best Chix Rice should be Yum Yum Chicken Rice, located at Tabuan Laru, (nex to YY pet shop and near BLUE BOX, behind Roamnet Cyber). Everything taste good there. The prices are cheap)
    Kenyalang Old Market’s Cha Kueh is the best so far.

  76. Kuching…here i come. Another 2 weeks and i can try the best of the best in Kuching. If not got, you better watch out πŸ™‚

  77. Just got back from The Steakhouse and I would rate it a 3/10. The salmon app was not fresh and was cold. It was recommended by the waitress. The premium ribeye steak (they serve frozen steak also) was the only edible thing. It was cold also but at least my sauce was warm. The mango dessert was pretty bad. The organic sorbet was icy. The place was empty on Monday night. No surprise. I spent 140 ringgit. Service was nice though, but my meal took almost 2 hrs. Not sure why so long when no one else was there. Maybe too much room service? If from a major city in the US, don’t expect much. I was sad to hear that this was considered the best in Kuching. Stick to local food. FYI I’m from NYC and SF.

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