Rainforest World Mud Festival

I hate to be honest.

Pinkpau was not happy

But the Rainforest World Music Festival was a sore disappointment this year.
I didn’t mind that the ticket price has gone up from RM60 two years ago to RM90 this year. The major problem everyone had was that the venue was awfully muddy due to heavy rainfall on the first day.

It’s difficult to get into the mood when your ankles were immersed in four inches of soggy wet mud. The organisers tried alleviating the problem by covering the surface with wooden saw crumbs, to no avail.
Then there’s the problem of hooligans.

I’m all for partying hard and going crazy at events such as these, but terrorising other revellers by throwing mud at them is definitely NOT cool.
It didn’t help that the mud has a disgusting stench that smells like a yoghurt mixture of vomit, sweat and somebody’s severe case of diarrhoea.

That being said, the music on display was once again quality stuff. I especially enjoyed the skilful percussion acts from India and Japan.
Those ethnic musical instruments are all very unique.
And then there’s this guy from Congo.

“Do you want to play with my instrument?”

I am going to the MTV Asia Awards!
Who’s gonna be there? The Pussycat Dolls, One Republic, Leona Lewis, Jared Leto, Karen Mok, Panic At The Disco. All confirmed.
Sorry, tickets aren’t for sale and I have none to give out. If you want one, perhaps you can get lucky this Satuday night (19/7) at the “Mosh Pit Auditions”, 6pm – 8pm at Zouk. 😉

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  1. oh wow.. i missed those and i hate muds (poor facilities) but those money were being pushed by the federal to the penang world music festival. what on earth?

  2. huhu..again.. cheap Asian bimbos chasing after Ang Mohs season… WTF that bitch in bikini is doing with the mud? masturbating? so un-Cool to be SPG… lame!!

  3. yeah RM90 per day is actually pretty ridiculous… that’s why I didn’t want to go. Haha. And when the rain started pouring… i was glad. but i think sunday should have been good??

  4. Luckily, I din attend the festival this year. I din actually enjoy it much last year. Yup… like you mentioned. Problem with hooligans. It actually happened last year too. Bad experience. I had to leave early to avoid any bad incident.
    Oh yes, your previous post make my life miserable. I basically had to bring my Singaporean friends who are here for the mud festival to each of every place you mentioned for food, food, food till I had diarrhea for the past two days and end up with sick leave today.

  5. poor u.. oh dude the mud looks like thousand people having diarrhea during the gig. hahahahahahhahah

  6. jared leto?!
    tat handsome pek who kana dumped by cameron diaz? make sure u take pics together wif him if given the chance

  7. Wow Choonie..u basically tried all the recommended stalls?Impressed..But i see that u also got diarrhea..Thats quite normal i guess for someone foolish enough to try everything in juz few days..How do you expect your stomach to take it?U eat hot laksa and Oily Kolo mee mix wif western food, hawker food…I guess your not born in Kuching. If you are then u never eat out.Sad to say that..Hope you recover and learn and not cramp your stomach like a rubbish bin.

  8. The last pic – why is the man pointing his instrument skyward? It’s like he’s going to piss any time soon.
    Very creative the last pic. 🙂

  9. oooo… then I must count myself abit lucky cos I almost went on a Saturday night around 930… but ended up at Ipanema having wine… 🙂
    hope that next year would be better lor….

  10. it wasn’t THAT bad.you just had to wear less or something cheap and about the mud…think 5000+++ people in the same situation as you…drink till you’re blind and dance..what’s so hard?

  11. hey kenny
    i saw u last nite, wearing blue shirt! haha…
    wanna say hi to u but i’m trying to avoid the rain from falling on me but in the end still wet! yerp…the mud smells like goat’s shit!

  12. gosh kenny. i hate you already!
    *big Puss-in-Boots in Shrek eyes*
    i want tickets to the MTV Asia Awards too.

  13. saturday night was rainless. lucky to went that night.It wasnt too bad after a few rounds of beer. Takes your mind of the smell. i swear my feet feels softer. haha

  14. OOO, well, the way u describe it was a bit….
    but, if the price ticket has gone up, the event should hv its standard. Pay more for nothing,too bad….

  15. that was Yakhouba from Gambia/Guinea playing the Cora (a sacred musical instrument which carries tunes from their history, most of which is not written)

  16. AwwwWWw.. i miss tat.. but it should be fun with the muddy water that u can get.. can form it into a mud ball o sumthin n start throwin on anyone tat u dun like.. =x

  17. Hey Kenny, I saw you last night! You were next to me and behind me. Wasn’t sure if you were dancing, but you had your arms up though! LOL!

  18. My very first experience at RWMF and it sucked! The whole field smelled like cow dung! and yeah..I hated the mud too!!
    But music was great though =P

  19. I guess Woodstock could never happen in Malaysia. Too many people there not liking mud. Mud is fun. Mud is natural. Mud is sexy.

  20. party fo retards.. i rather throw my money into s’wak river than goin to this shit hole.. bunch of idiots playin in da pig sty. pity.

  21. What do you expect? It’s not called Rainforest Music Festival for nothing. You get music, rainforest and mud! Only once a year to throw mud at each other – not too bad! : )

  22. despite all the mud, the music was excellant during the last nite. and you kenny dear have to learn how to let go. you practically kept to yourself while the crowd was going wild dancing! so tak semangat wan. lol

  23. do they ever play electronic music? like ones in Port Dickson by Tiesto. It would be fun in the open air.

  24. Din attend this year as did not actually enjoy it much last year… Lucky I’m not exposed to
    smelly Mud + Sweaty Armpit + puke + shit combo!!!

  25. Dude, we went on Saturday when that fler from upline something company sponsored the sand. That Saturday night ROCKS!
    Moral of the story:
    Come earlier, you’ll fare better.

  26. I agree about being there early. You’ll get accustomed to the mud gradually, along with everybody else. Everyone started off clean and gradually got covered in mud. If you went in while everyone was already covered in mud, and you were still squeeky clean, it can be hard to join in the fun.
    But I still can’t stand those hooligans who threw mud and pour beer/soda/water onto the mud.

  27. amazing. such a nature feel to it. perhaps they should call it mudstock. paying rm90 to be stuck in mud wouldve been horrendous. i’m glad for you that the music was up to standard as usual!

  28. You may think it’s disgusting, but the nuts who are into wet-and-messy fetishism will certainly get a kick out of it.

  29. c’mon…can’t stand the mud then stay away from it.not like the whole SCV was covered with mud.if u love the music then nothing else matter!

  30. And the shuttle arrangement from Santubong Resort to SCV SUCKS! There was no Q & everyone was rushing for the shuttle buses like it was Armageddon or something! SHEESH!
    Otherwise, great job, STB!

  31. Shuttle bus from Kuching City to SCV sucked too. Waiting time too long, unless you leave the concert before it ends.
    Is there a place where we can submit some online feedback for the whole RWMF 2008? Would be good to help make next year’s event better.

  32. Saw you on Sat and Sun while you were going thru the main entrance, was so tempted to ask to be photographed with you but I was on duty and there was a lady with you ha ha ha ha. Wah like celebrity la you. Everyone was whispering “hey that is kennysia” It was a wet RWMF on the 1st and 3rd nite but there sure was still lots of people.

  33. The dude with the big “instrument” is Tuku Kame..and yes..the freakin mud stinks!!!! was laughing at the hooligans happily mudding dmself wf ppls puke while i sit and work…

  34. Kenny, is down memory lane for me. I had been enjoying playing with mud during my primary school day.I dun even mind being punished by my mom. I just cant resist seeing mud.

  35. Kenny! I saw u on the Finale nite. you with your light blue shirt. I so wanted to get a pic with you but raining leh~
    Now I really menyesal didnt take pic with u, friends dun believe me when i told them I saw u. *sniff!*

  36. This is my 1st time reading ur blog, u’re cool. About the RF, i thinks its cool, for sure i mean “cool” for the music, this year oso my 1st year to be there, luckily i went on sat..
    Firstly the mud is quite disgusting but then after i kaki ayam.. Ok lah, not bad. But some of them play wif it, SHIT!! O beer too. My eyes drinking beers ah, can u believe it?
    Haih.. Hope next year the entrance ticket wont increase and the facility n the program better.. Because after tat day, all of us is planing for next year. Wahhahaa

  37. how come the entry is so short? dont blame the organizers for the mud. its not their fault. if u seriously gotta blame someone, blame god. anyways, i enjoyed myself during RWMF. it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

  38. i just noticed de short talk…
    i wanna cry!!i wanna go to MAA too!!
    i wanna see One Republic & Leona Lewis!!
    SuJu is coming too,but i dun wanna see them!!
    i wanna see Big Bang!!
    why aren’t de tickets for sale??
    i hate de organisers or whoever is in charge!! 🙁

  39. Typical city kids moaning about the mud, and nothing about the great music.
    Though I must agree terrorising people with mud-flings is bad, very bad.

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