Is 5 Years Old

Iā€™m dead exhausted after spending 5 days in Singapore and KL.


I almost forgot that today my blog turns 5 years old. has made some significant milestones over this past 5 years.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, here is a picture of an onion.

Looks like your dad.

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  1. Oops., looks like you. I tot it was your dad.
    Congrats on your 5 years of service. Time has changed. Before this, I used to scrow down very long before I can make a comment. Now it’s short. Seem like your fans are getting older too.

  2. Selamat Hari Jadi Ke-5 @ Ulang Tahun Ke-5 Blog Kenny
    Tahniah dan syabas.
    Teruskan usaha murni anda ini.

  3. Dude, your website looked all wrong with Firefox (ver 3.5.7). It’s fine in IE7.
    Did something to the code?

  4. HAHA kenny did you know i worked for bawang promoting their product for a weekend? up to this day everytime someone sees bawang they go “eh kim your product” -__-
    go see my fb wall photos.

  5. Kenny Sia, the home page don’t look good on firefox..the layout is messed up..please do something about it

  6. Congrats Kenny! I think all the efforts through these years are worth it. Just look at the number of friends u have made šŸ™‚
    pssst, btw u still not willing to do a blog plug for me? lol.

  7. Bro. Kenny Sia,
    Engkau masih tidurkah atau sibuk dengan aktiviti blogging yang lebih menarik…
    sila upload sesuatu yang menarik dan mencabar,tq

  8. Bye Kenny … nice knowing you thru your blog but I’ve to move on to other blogs that are active! All the best to you …

  9. Sorry bro. Kenny Sia, Engkau mahu tidur sampai bila? Bila mahu terus blogging? Cepat-cepat upload, something,please.

  10. Congratulation bro! U managed to run dis blog successfully.
    I wish my blog to be like yours…look at your rank! Fuh…congrat!
    Wa respect lu!

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