Haven’t Been Updating

Because I’ve been so busy with so many things I could literally collapse anytime. 🙁

Those of you in Kuching, please come to my event at The Spring this weekend k?

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  1. it is obvious that kenny is trying to convert his readers into his customers. quite sad what this blog has become.

  2. Kenny, as a bigest fan of you, I’ll not like the bullshit LOny who only wanted you to blog blog blog. I want to see whatever you do is grow grow grow!!!!

  3. Kenny is a human too
    All the best to your business venturing. I am sure it will turn out well. If only i am also residing in Kuching, i bring my friends along 🙂
    Just a suggestion, as blogging is part of your life. And you basically blog about everything / anything you have encountered along your life.
    There are times you joke, and times you blog simply about your own interest, view, lifestyle and goals. I am sure you have mature readers like me who would be very interested in your business venturing details. In other words, it is just like a life documentary about how you venture into business and how you eventually fail / succeed over certain barriers.
    We are very interested to learn from you along your adventurous path too. Eg, how you brainstorm, what obstacles you faced, how what upset or enlighten you, business advice for starter, etc
    Why not you blog about those in details, i am sure it is very interesting too. Additionally, it gives your business more publicity, at the same time it is a blog about your own lifestyle in actions, and at the same time you have something that is really interesting for mature readers. Depending on how it is written, it could be really interesting to young readers too.
    We wanna read about you, Kenny 🙂
    Ps : Thanks for your help in the past

  4. Cool! Body combat! I would really love to join but too bad i’m not from Kuching…
    All the best in your future endeavors, hope everything goes well!

  5. From Kuching here! But in KL right now. If not, I definitely will go to The Spring to support you. You motivated me to blog. And Lony is so brainless lar!

  6. Hey Kenny, being reading ur blog all these while. U are such an inspiring individual! Like your spirit. Too bad I am in Singapore, would love to join ur event!
    Keep it up!
    Cheers from Singapore!

  7. Kenny,
    Really glad that you have been doing so much for your Fitness Centre.
    Personally I feel very sad that my gym (Fitness First) does not have much presence outside KL (only 1 other branch in Penang).
    I hope you establish very firmly in Kuching, and subsequently get a strong foothold in the rest of Sarawak, then then Sabah, Brunei, and the rest of the states in Malaysia.
    Wish you lots of success, and most importantly, please rest well.
    And visit my blog coz I’m such a self-promoting whore.

  8. Every entry is an advertisement or one short picture entry. Why don’t u just shut down the blog and concentrate on ur business. There’s nothing fun abt this blog anymore.

  9. Hey Kenny. Hope the event’ll go well this weekend.. Can’t wait to hear more about what’s happening in your life.. Good luck! =)

  10. hello. 🙂 just thought it’d be good to inject some positivity in your comments to balance out the negative ones. we (at least some of us do) understand that you’ve been incredibly busy with your business. it’s okay if most of your posts are abt your business now because this is your PERSONAL blog and it’s about your LIFE. your life is about your business now, no? i just hope you remember to take a breath and relax from all these once in a while if not you’ll be burnt out soon.
    as for readers who are requesting for this blog to be closed down because it’s boring, you can do kenny, the other readers AND yourselves a favour simply by not visiting this blog anymore! no one is forcing you to read this you know. you do have the liberty to NOT come here, in case you forgot. there’ll be no more senseless comments on this blog, you won’t be bored cos you’re better off reading some ‘more interesting’ blogs. kenny happy. you happy. we all happy. not good meh? 🙂

  11. Kenny doesn’t owe anyone any entertainment from his blog. It’s his personal avenue.
    Now, if you’re really bored and want more reads, I recommend you read some blogs I follow. These are non-famous blogs.
    And most importantly, http://marcky.wordpress.com/ which is my own. Yeah. I’m a self-promoting whore.
    But nonetheless, still drop by kennysia.com to see how his life evolves. I think it’s still good, just… a bit slow these days. But it’s HIS prerogative and all we can do is give him support, or don’t.

  12. Hi Kenny,
    I think you should open a branch in KL or PJ quick!!!! For sure you will make MUCH more money compared to Kooching but I know Level Up Kooching has a substantial number of members who do not turn up in your gym but pays the monthly fee. Kooching people dam rich lar….

  13. tobiaschowcheebai,
    who is asking you? we r encouraging kenny to grow. unlike u trying to give confucious cock advice with a 1 liner to slow down. Diu… no wonder kuching business so small lar….

  14. Hi kenny, I’ve been following your blog since u started with the sad stories of your long-distance relationship way back years before you became too famous to read. 🙂 But looking at where you have arrived now, I’m proud to be your fan. Those who criticize you just can’t get enough of themselves and try to victimize others.. GB them..

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