Kenny Vs Malaysian Customs Dept / Ministry of Health

I am so bitterly utterly incensed angry furious POOH-SENG RIGHT NOW!!!!!
GAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *bites a chunk off the keyboard*
HUH! I bet you’re so stupid you can’t even spell the word ‘stupid’!
*mocks* “How to spell stupid har? S-T-E-W-P-I-G… is that correct or not har? heheheheee”


I was actually in a good mood today. I wanted to write about happy happy things like the birds lah, butterflies lah, my balls lah. Mana tau one stupid phone call changed my mood for the rest of the day!
GAHHH!!!! @^@$%$RT$T$#^$%%$$R#@$!@$!!!!!


I am very angry. Ok lah, trying to be angry.

ok ok ok ok… calm down, Kenny calm down…
My baby nephew just walked into my room. It is very difficult for me to keep a straight face and smile when I have smoke coming out of my nose and ears.
*deep breaths*

I’m a nice guy. 🙂
No really I am.
Damn those idiots. Now I have to get myself a new keyboard.

Right. Let’s start from the beginning.
(Long rant ahead, so fix yourself a cup of Milo first)
See, I’ve always been a very health-conscious guy. When I was in Perth I worked out at the gym regularly, cooked my own dinner and watched what I eat. At my peak I weighed 72kg. But ever since I returned to Kuching I’ve stopped exercising, started eating cheap MSG-laden kopitiam food and before I knew it I became this.

Oh my. The bathroom scales was eclipsed by my guts.

So I decided to get back in shape but two things were stopping me:
1. I sold all my vitamins and health supplements before I moved back to Kuching.
2. The closest thing to Fitness First I could find in Kuching was this piece of crap.

This is the best crappy gym in Kuching.

Eventually I settled on the Gym Masyarakat and ordered my batch of supplements online from the United States. I’ve always shopped online at and I never had a problem with them because after all, the supplements I bought were all legal, harmless, health-promoting and can easily be bought over the counter at GNC. Its just that GNC never had the brands I wanted and their prices are almost always double that of
So two weeks ago I got a letter from the Post Office asking me to pick up a parcel.

In Kuching, you have to go over to the post office personally to pick up your parcel.

I headed over to the post office, picked up my parcel, opened it, and immediately realised something was wrong. I got my protein powders, but my 3 bottles of ZMA vitamins and a bottle of Nitric Oxide were missing. In place of them was this letter from the Malaysian Ministry of Health.
Warning letter

Bloody. What’s all these enlightening gibberish language?

For the benefit of those who doesn’t read Bahasa Melayu, allow me exercise my powderful translation of the above letter for you.

Dear Kenny,
We have seized the above items because they contravened the Testicle Size Regulation Act 1984. You have committed an offence which could see you fined up to RM25,000 and/or have both your balls cut off and shrunk to the size of raisins courtesy of our resident headhunters.
2. It is our duty to prevent people like you from getting too healthy. You see, our KLCC twin towers lost the title of Tallest Building in the World to that cibai Taiwan. Which is why it is our goal to beat the USA and become The Fattest Nation in the World. MALAYSIA BOLEH!
3. Meanwhile how much do you think I can sell your things on eBay har? I mean you won’t be needing it anymore right?
Forking Ediot
cc. Malaysian Customs Dept,
Malaysian Post Office

(If you believe the above translation was correct, do yourself a favour and jump off a tree)


Those bastards double-teamed on me

I was obviously unhappy my parcel was opened and things taken out of it. All the supplements I bought were factory sealed with its ingredients clearly labelled on the side. If they ever doubt its veracity they could always pass it through an X-ray machine. At least that’s what I know the Australian customs would do.
Malaysian law requires all pills and tablets to be registered with the Ministry of Health before they can be brought in (powders are ok). I admit I ordered these because of my ignorance of the law, which is why I decided to “let them win”. Obviously I wanted these to be shipped back to so I can get a refund.
So I wrote back to them (this one is serious and unaltered).

Pejabat Pengarah,
Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sarawak
Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg
93590 Kuching, Sarawak.
To Whom It May Concern
Re: JKNSWK-F-UPF/5JLD xx(xxx)
I received a notice from you regarding the seizure of following items that was posted to me by BodyBuilding.Com Inc from the United States of America.
1) Now ZMA (3 bottles)
2) BSN Nitrix (1 bottle)
I was advised that these items were seized because they were not registered with Pihak Berkuasa Kawalan Dadah. Allow me to inform you that the above items are harmless. Attached are the ingredients of the above two items.
However, I accept your decision to remove it from my possession.
Instead, I ask that you allow the above items to be shipped back to Inc in the United States. I will write a letter to advise them to give me my refund, and they will acknowledge this. I will bear all costs involved in shipping the above items back, and I will also pay you any service charge required to make this happen.
Unfortunately, if you choose to destroy the above items, then there will be no benefits for the both of us.
I hope that you diligently exercise your intelligence and authority in making a decision that is mutually beneficial.
Warm Regards,


1. Ingredient lists of the above items
2.’s Return Policy
3. Sample letter to asking for a refund.

I faxed the letters last week after returning from Sibu.
This morning, I received their phone call.

*ring ring*
Kenny: “Hello, Kenny speaking.”
Government Minion: “Hello this is (insert minion’s real name) from the Ministry of Health. With regards to the fax that you sent, I’m calling to inform you that we cannot send your items back to the USA.”
“Alright. Is there any reason given as to why I can’t ship the items back to the US?”
“Because we’re afraid that if you sent the items back to the seller, they are going to send it back to you.”
“No, no. I’ve attached the company’s policy regarding this matter. I’ve highlighted the relevant section for you. The company will give me a refund if I mail the items back to them. Have you got that document?”
“I got that. But it says ‘Once the package is received back by us, we will contact you by e-mail and refund you for the products, minus the shipping fees. You can also use this credit towards different products or have the package shipped again.’ They might send it back to you see.”
“I know, that’s why I’ve also faxed you a sample letter I’ll be sending to the seller asking them to give me a refund instead of having the items shipped again. I’ll be asking them to not send the items to me again.”
“I’m sorry we can’t let you send the items back. You’ve committed an offence importing an unregistered [pharmaceutical] product and you are liable for fines of up to RM25,000 or jailed up to 3 years.”
*What the foot? Wanna use the law to scare me is it?! My tempers were flaring. My voice grew louder.*
Kenny: “No, I wrote the letter to you saying that I don’t want the items anymore. I’m asking you to have it shipped back. All I want is my money back!”
Minion: “They will send it back to you!”
“I’ve already said that they won’t. What documents do you need from ME or from the SELLER, in order to convince you that they won’t send the items back to me? You tell me, I’ll prepare them!”
“But we can’t let you ship it back.”
“Why not? You still haven’t given me A VALID REASON why you can’t let me ship the items back to the United States. The seller said they will give me a refund. I wrote a letter telling the seller to give me a refund. So who’s telling you that they won’t give me a refund?!”
Kenny: “Alright. So you don’t allow me to have the product, and you don’t allow me to ship the product back. So what are you trying to achieve right now?”
Minion: (in a defeated tone) “We’re calling to inform you that your appeal is unsuccessful and if you want you can bring this case up to court.”
*I was getting really irritated that she’s not listening to me and insisted on using her minimal knowledge of the law to attack me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I simply lost it.*
Kenny: “Bring to court? For what?! To charge you with STEALING my products?!”
Minion: “We’re not stealing your products!”
“You intercepted the items from my package halfway and you wouldn’t give them to me NOR send them back to my seller! ISN’T THAT STEALING!?”
“I’m just doing my job here as a government servant.”
*Kenny realised he was being harsh and cooled down considerably.*
Kenny: “Look, I’m a lawful tax-paying Malaysian citizen. I’m not committing any crime here. I’m trying to work with the government. I’m trying to work with YOU. All I’m asking for, is that you help me have the items shipped back. I want to get my refund. So I can be happy, they can be happy, and YOU can be happy.”
“You’re importing an illegal…”
“It DOESN’T MATTER if its LEGAL or ILLEGAL anymore. I want to have the items shipped back. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.”
*Long silence*
Minion: (very quickly) “Ok, you go to the post office tomorrow after 2:30pm.”
Kenny: “Post office at…”
*Before I can finish my sentence, the minion hangs up hastily*

And that was the 8-minute phone call that kept me fuming till right now.
I don’t know what’s gonna happen. But I’m going to the Post Office tomorrow at 2:30pm and see what she has in store for me. I’ll write about it tomorrow evening.
Or… if I was sent to jail, then I’ll write about it 3 years later. 🙂

59 Replies to “Kenny Vs Malaysian Customs Dept / Ministry of Health”

  1. gosh i laugh non stop when i see the WWF picture XD *ROFL* i will write you letters when u stay behind bars…maybe once in a while bring magazine or chewing gum for you lol jk oni nia…cant wait for tml to see what happend!!! *kanjiong*

  2. Erm… I believe you are acting a little too much in this case. I know you merely want your refund. But I haven’t heard of anything that allows a confiscated item to be returned back to the owner, in your case, seller.
    Kenny, I think you should just forget about it. You’ll never win if it drags too far. It’s just not worth the tens of USD over all this fuss. And I think the woman who called you was right, they were following orders and they did what they should. So far, I haven’t heard of any confiscated items returned. Or is there? I’m not too sure.

  3. Hey Kenny – hope you don’t go to jail, because that would really suck … good luck, and hope you get your money back, so you can buy more muscle proteins and have them shipped back to you, you miscreant.
    p.s. wah you take muskle supplement ah? you so body builder!!! wahh!!!!

  4. kenny, your story is classic!! was launghing so much as i read it.
    now, tomorrow when u go to the post office, make sure u dun leave your thumbprints on the parcel. hold your temper tomorrow and dun scold the poor innocent pegawai at the post office 🙂

  5. Hell yeah! FIGHT THE POWER!!!!
    hahahah good luck man, I’m tuning in tomorrow to see what happens!
    And if i never see another update ill know they smacked you over the head at the post office and dragged you away to prison. 🙂
    good luck!

  6. Good job! Our parents’ generation would have simply thrown up their hands when faced with the same situation, for the reasons that they are “the government” and conceded to: “aren’t going to win and besides, it is only a couple of hundreds ringgit”. Yes, we need to ask question, a lot of questions in fact for the system to change. I bet you your parliament members probably never mention, much less discuss this legislation with the people before he/she voted for it. I heard so many horror cases where parcels simply disappear “mysteriously” at either of the two stops: “customer” or “post office”. No wonder people are skeptical whether to believe they are truly doing their job or some un-halal activities going on here. What about a halal government for a change for those truly believe halal is good for the soul?

  7. Well, for your information. In USA, items can be refund or return to merchants in certain condition with receipt, proof of purchase. It’s a consumer law here. For Kenny’s case, those supplement is not cheap, of course he wants his money back. Kenny, go get them! Pope, exactly! Fight for your rights, challenge the authorities, ask questions, demand attentions,… ~Blackwidow~

  8. no, don’t go to jail now, i just started reading your blog, no, not now.
    all i can do is hope that you’ll have your internet access to blog bout your life in jail for coming 3 years ..*praying*
    jk, more information here about how you can get your stuff back or ship it back to the seller.
    and since they have 40 BMW kereta ronda, ( , i can predict some mucho customs officer in kuching 😉
    good luck pal, go find michael chong.

  9. hey kenny, im a victim over here too! actually not a direct victim though. my cousin sent a BOX of vits and health supplements to her mum and my dad was asked to picked up those stuff, guess what? same thing happen here. we had to ‘cham-siang’ wif the stupid officer and ended up sneaking a couple of bottles back and the rest consfisticated (both parties ke-ke dono wad happen) but then, my dad needs to pay a tax for the shipping. guess how much is the tax? DOUBLE THE PRICE OF THE HEALTH FOOD AND THE SHIPPING COST! there! the gvt is trying their best to let msian die here wif all those lousy stuff. plus eating our $$$ frm inside.
    oh ya, my (same) cousin again, mailed my sis a parcel for her bday but we were asked to pay those stupid tax again!!!!!!!!! this time the tax include: shipping cost+the original price of the present, which is a T-shirt+ M’sia retail price for that T-shirt!!!! + shipping tax! bloody gvt!
    if u would like to sue the gvt, count me in! i’ll sure give u super-extra morale support!

  10. You see, this is no free contry hosay. You gotta do it like the Cubans. Send someone there, take out the supplements and put them in a Vitamin C bottle. This will surely pass the customs. Or else do it old school. Condoms and stuff it up the transporters ass. Even the dogs can sniff them shat.
    Body builder officionada,
    Arnold Susahnakeja.

  11. gosh my blood pressure often rise up too when people are being so dumb without any valid reason. grr.. usually i just argue my way through to sort things out.
    with the argument of the seller sending the items back to u, how can they? wont they be using the post system too and by then the stupid post office will find out and not let u have them again? weird.
    anyway cheer up. gotta get in tune with malaysian lifestyle again. heh heh i know its hard!

  12. Hi Kenny,
    I agree with uzyn. Actually, what you could have asked the ministry is whether you could apply for a licence for the medicine to be legally imported. The only reason it is confiscated is because the drug was not registered under the Schedule to the Dangerous Drugs Act. The drug itself is not a dangerous drug, so you can apply for a licence. If it is approved, you get your medicine, they close their files. End of story.This is what we usually advise patients to do when they intend to purchase medicine from China/ overseas.
    Anyway, good luck with the post office this afternoon. By standard procedure, confiscated items are usually not returned to the owner. If you want your medicine back, the only way is to apply for a licence. If you get all worked up with them, they do have your contact details and address, and the law gives the ministry the right to charge you in court. Doesn’t work out for you either, right?
    Good luck.

  13. I have been through the same shit as you have:( Recently I purchased some sunblocks and body lotions from the states, and after waiting for few weeks, I received the letter from the department of health saying that those items are not registered under the phamarcist regulations of malaysia. So I wrote the Health Department a letter with humble wording and explain as much as possible, hoping that they will return the goods to me, but they refused to do that. Actually most of the items selling in some places are very common,and I don’t see any reasons they should block it. In fact they did not have any prove that the items are harmful. These people are just like blood-sucking leeches!!!!

  14. Your pictures are too funny man. You crack me up. Take it easy at the satation dude. How ironic would that be that PHB (sixth seal) gets away with everything he does and you get locked up for this. Stranger things have happened my friend. Cheers…

  15. You see countries like Australia and Singapore doesn’t restrict a healthcare product order online from US. .but for Malaysia, Minister of Health scary you commit suicide.

  16. err….seeing as you’re still rather upset with Gym Masyarakat, why don’t you try the Fit For Life gym, at Jln Rock? Rather pricey but quite well-equipped.

  17. err tell the authority that the drugs you order is for your dog or pet or something else than human maybe they are eligible for the drug so you can get your drugs back heyk heyk.

  18. You should send back the parcel infront of the Health officer,asking him to go to the post office with you.( Proof that you did send it back)or ask the health officer to send on your behalf and pay him the postage cost.) Put up a notice on the parcel requesting the seller not to send the Supplements back yo you./for refund only. At least the officer will believe you. Maybe this will work.

  19. Go Kenny, Go. Fight the system! Hehhe. Actually, I feel quite sorry for that minion/sheep/no backbone/whatever-you-want-to-call-her. Only the M’sian government will be so so stringent on something as unimportant as veetahmeens.

  20. shit.. i’m sending some adult materials along with my old stuff from the US. i hope they don’t open it up and take it away from me! most importantly i hope i don’t go to jail or get fined for those shit.

  21. kenny, u look constipated in ur angry pic lah
    生气是拿别人的过错来惩罚自己…cool down dude, being angry aint gonna get u anywhere, esp here in m’sia! btw, what civil servant makes good sense. good luck in ur quest!

  22. kenny dear, I think you should cool down. Not only that, warning for sedition act..something they can use ie. when kena defamed?? I think. forgot the laws’ purposes here again.
    on a second note, eh get more publicity la..write to major newspapers..and highlight woes..and demand to know what happen to these goods after they get confiscated. Ha, lelong ah?? then money go to whose pockets??? ahh…..
    interesting post.. btw =)

  23. sunny, *hugs*
    Scnorng, I very the bodybuilder lah. Heh heh heh.
    free soul, ooh good advice. No post office workers were slaughtered I swear.
    Pope & Blackwidow, gotta agree with you on that one. You wrote the words exactly out of my mouth… my hands.
    JiaYuan, the luck paid off. 🙂
    Tess, I dunno what they’re trying to achieve with that sort of law. I honestly did try studying what I can or cannot bring to Malaysia, but they haven’t made the information accessible enough for the public.
    Chrissie, there’s no word called ‘reason’ in the govt’s dictionary. 🙂
    James, no. 😀
    h liew, I’ve imitated Xia Xue in a slightly different way. But I think you knew that. HEH!
    Kenny Lee, we have the same name.
    Kenny Chai, we have the same name. Eh that thing… kinda not reliable lah. I lost the top spot again. Hmm… too volatile.
    G + Avi, as far as I know the law about confiscating everything that look like pharmaceuticals is the STUPIDEST piece of law I’ve ever heard. That’s why there’s rampant smuggling. Its easier to get marijuana than it is to get health vitamins from overseas.
    Nixon, I wonder if they’re the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Stealth.
    anon, yea I did check that gym out. Its pricey indeed and its out of my area. I want something more central, and Gym Masyarakat gave me the best bang for my buck.
    ks, in jail how to update?
    ashie, HAHAAHAAHA!!! They must thing my dogs must be so muscular!
    Mr Quah, that’s exactly what I did actually.
    Hsin the Yuek, eh you started to sound like SailorMoon. “Go Kenny, Go. Fight the system with moonlight!”
    cccp, if its magazines they will. If its CDs and DVDs then you’re safe. They dun even know how to turn on the computer!
    yiing, HAHAHAA constipated?! Yea I over-reacted. My fault. 🙂
    Reta, eh what law? Got law ha? 😉 If I do get to court, I’d make a big noise about it for sure.
    Jon, you dirty old man! Heh! DVDs are safe lah. As long as you wrap Doraemon’s cover around it.

  24. Kenny,
    I noticed you had posted this at 11.59pm; I also composed something for fellow Bloggers and Conversationists this morning, no last night…11.59pm just before the clock reminded Cinderalla to make haste… oops, I digress! Just to breakup your conversation withe Customs guy to let both take some dep breaths-lah, lol, whatever, Kuching- or cattish-style!
    Anyway, what I’m trying to convey in strictly business tone is you’re mentioned in my 1month anniversary celeb piece at desiderata2000 called “Blogging to R&R Beat”, no diversion meant. G’Nite, Mate!

  25. Same shit happened to me last september. I sent a parcel home (Sibu from here, US) with American Ginseng, clothes and Lego to my parent and my naphew. And they never receive it, it was quarantined for no reason. I think they(people who work in post office) are trying to look for stupid reason to quarantine the product forever. Then they can bring home on Hari Raya…I guess.
    I was getting mad ….and I know this gonna happen that’s why I bought USD$200 isurance,the parcel actual cost is about USD$80. So I filed a parcel lost from local (US) post office and tried to get USD$200 recovered. Guess what happen in next three months…
    My parent received the parcel after six months i had sent it.
    –US post office had filed the claim from Malaysia postage service.
    Malaysia will one day become Indonesia if Gov’n made no changes in this kind of system.

  26. S**t things happen, buddy. Hope you worked yours out.
    My mom sent me stuff via Fedex. The local office is somewhere in Tabuan. There’s this fella who didn’t even spell my name right. Let alone my home address and the shipping address (which is the name of a city in Florida but it doesn’t exist). Only when it reaches the US Customs they (US customs) fixed my name and shipping address.

  27. i had the same problem before!!
    i got my fren to order some chinese medicines from HK and aired to my mum. then they got confisticated, cost me AU$150 #(*&#A*$&^%)$A(%.
    I called them and try to explain to them they’re not medicine, they’re only herbs etc etc etc, the Ma Lai Zhu kept repeating almost the same thing u said, and telling me that once they issued the letter they can never pull the letter back, and i cannot get the herbs back from custom anymore. nor can they send them back to HK cos once the letter issued, it will be confisticated immediately
    kanasai….!!!! i wonder if they take the supplments home to feed their dogs?
    it happened few months ago and i’m still pissed till now!

  28. Health can be defined negatively, as the absence of illness, functionally, as the ability to cope with everyday activities, or positively, as fitness and well-being.In any organism, health is a form of homeostasis. This is a state of balance, with inputs and outputs of energy and matter in equilibrium (allowing for growth). Health also implies good prospects for continued survival. In sentient creatures such as humans, health is a broader concept.

  29. i guess the ‘dont care dont know attitude’ is really worsening among malaysians due in part to these kind of so-called formal procedures which really deters us from demanding what’s supposedly our rights…..*sigh* but hey, a loud applause for the officer in charge who bothered to give a call, at least….wow!!!they do respond to our letters and complaints??? *suspicious* *sarcastic*

  30. that where the saying
    1st world technology with 3rd world mentalilty comes into mind !

  31. Do get me posted on the outcome of your “fight”.I was actually looking for a solution to get supplies from US.The most straight forward method I can think of was through POS malaysia service.But from what you’ve wrote it seemed hopeless to trust them.

  32. Hai… this is so deja vu, the very same thing happened to me sometime in May, insane letter about $20,000 3 years jail, blah blah.
    Needless to say the supplements I ordered which is the best in class and best value for money were STOLEN by these kastum goons forever. The fact is Malaysia don’t have any shit standards to make anything good when it comes to supplements and the only face saving shit they can do is to brand all imported LEGIT supplements illegal. That’s like banning all cars from the road to protect the retards who cause accidents from getting killed.. or something along those lines.
    Reading this made me feel the anger again. I’m still contemplating aplying for the “permission” to import them but when I imagine all the red tape and endless cash I would probably need to satiate these parasites, it will probly not be worth the effort at all.

  33. Ayuhai, juz pay the BTC(back table counter)money to convince the access of the items. Dun take so serious, they only wanna money , right……hahaha.if u wanna them to help u sending it back, wait 100 years for the document process.somemore bribery in this country is growth gradually..yoyoyo….No money,no service is provide to u..foooot u deep deep……

  34. You cant even differentiate between customs dept and health ministry. Who is stupid now.Come on study the facts properly and called a govt dept stupid.

  35. Wow. your still getting feedback in 2008. The way you tell your story is very funny. But then it got me thinking (without prejudice), what if a drug trafficker used the mail to send drugs and the customs found it. If the trafficker said “if you do not allow these to enter malaysia, i can return it to the origin country and you do not have to take any legal action”, should the customs let him send the drugs back and not take action?

  36. Malaysia has a very strict rules on un-registered drugs to be brought in to Malaysia especially from the States in particular. You CAN’T blame the goverment for this. It’s to protect drug abuse.
    However, you CAN blame the goverment for their lazinees in approving and updating latest drugs/supplements in your case since … 2006? Yes, the MoH only updates the drug list every once in 2 or 3 years. Yes, they are extremely slow coz these so called “goverment servants” sits on documents.
    They convene meetings every once a month to approve 1 drug or sometimes even none was approve because why? Always the same lame excuses, not enough “political” documents to approve this drug, so cannot approve. So the poor company have to re-submit again this time with “political” documents, then sit on it again.
    The meeting usually comes with teh-tarik and kuih-muih and trust me, 90% crap talk/ talk cock and only 10% on topic in the 3 hours meeting. And when they come out from the meeting, they’ll claim “it’s a good meeting, very progressive!” Progressive my ARSE! Nothing concluded and they call for another special meeting to discuss special case to case which canot include in the main meeting which will be held once monthly!
    How the snake….
    So its common to get this frustrating things in MoH. Imagine, during the bird-flu attack couple of years ago, Vietnam and China instantly approve the use of generic Tamiflu from Roche Pharma, but good old MALAYSIA gov said…
    “We I think this Bird-Flu attack is a separate issue. We therefore must study the bacteria strain and it’s viral activity towards the host. We must study carefully to see which antibiotic best use to counter the bacteria and virus. Meantime, we will conduct more studies on the quarantined chickens and patients whoc contracted with this flu. We will have more cabinet meetings to discuss this further.”
    I mean WTF?! People are dying and no actions taken but conduct studies and meetings? So typical Malaysia.
    I end this comments with a typical Malaysian Joke
    When an American ship is sinking, the captain of the ship will order his crew to throw away all precious cargos i.e. LEVI’S JEANS, CALVIN KLINE then lower down the life-boats and saves their own lives.
    When a Japanese ship is sinking, the captain of the ship will order his crew to throw away all precious cargos i.e SONY, PANASONIC then lower down the life-boats and saves their own lives.
    When a Malaysian ship is sinking, the captain of the ship will order all his crew to meet and says “Mari kita MESYUARAT dulu. Itu kapal boleh tunggu”

  37. sic-ko man i love ur joke, regarding the ship sinking,,hahahaa….it’s great,,u r right,,,this is how Malaysia “”BOLEH””

    i had the same exprience too! they say RAMPASAN KASTAM? this called what? ROMPAKAN KASTAM!
    fuck them!

  39. Hi kenny, your story is pathetic and sad man. i have no word to describe how i feel after reading your story.
    After all, hope you alright.

  40. OMG. MANNN IM WITH YOU…!!! Did u got your stuff back or what?? ill check your entry. Good story bro. Seriously i dont trust malaysian customs as much as they dont trust malaysians lol

  41. Kenny,u shud buy herb from and choose Global Priority by can’t be tracked but will arrived in Malaysia in 10-20 days unlocked and unchecked…u just need to check with Pusat Mel after 14days..

  42. just wonder, if you get your refund back?
    i have the same problem sending supplement to family’s friend in Malaysia. I am in NZ. They received similar letter indicate 25k fine or jail. The old people panicked and didn’t do anything. So guess those supplements telan by all babi by now.

  43. My goods worth thousands of dollars was seized by the U.S customs. i tried every possible ways to get the goods back. the customs refused to mail or called me for claiming. Over 4 months I suffered and totally lost of hope. On very lucky day I found a spiritual Dr online and I explained my problem with custom to him. Dr olanga assured me after his work they will call me right from the office and release my goods, i was doubting I thought it was not going to work because i has done lot to get my container back. 7 days after the spiritual Dr spoke to me, 11am Monday morning I received a massage from the customs and I went over. when I got there they gave me some documents to sign which I did. after that my goods was released to me without spending money probably I was surprised because it was a big miracle I have never see in my life. Really I have my container back without money or much explanation i am so happy. and I shared Dr olanga email for everyone need spiritual help to have your property back from any custody.

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