Ford Escape XLT Review

Was feeling the itch to check out the new Ford Focus after someone sent me this link that made me giggle all night like Scooby Doo.

Type in ‘fart’ and see what it does. Don’t you just love silly marketing gimmicks. 😉
Ford isn’t exactly the most popular car manufacturer in Malaysia, unlike in Australia where fans of Ford and Holden love their cars so much it’s religion. Down under, the rivalry between the two competing car brands often spill over from the V8 Supercar race tracks into the office water cooler.

In Bolehland, Ford is only popular for its pick-up trucks and SUVs.
Personally I’ve only driven sedans all my life. I wanted to drive a sports car – my ultimate dream car being the Boxster Porsche 911. But it’s impractical on our pothole-filled roads and the cost of insurance is a bitch. Besides our beloved little vandals would love scratch those sports cars because they’ve never seen a Porsche on the road before.

My car the Hyundai Elantra. Covered in bird poo.

I never really thought of driving an truck or an SUV. That is, until I met up with Cheesie when I was in KL and she came to pick me up in her mini SUV.
It hit me hard. (The thought, not the car lah – otherwise I won’t be here blogging.) What have I been missing out? Even a girly girl is driving an SUV while a burly man like me is still cruising around in my sissy Hyundai. Where did I hang my balls, man?

Real men like me should be driving a bigger vehicle like a truck or an SUV. And it’s not just the “tough guy” image it brings. There are legitimate excuses reasons why it’s better to drive a bigger vehicle on the road.
1. Bigger, more spacious, more practical = more ‘fierce’.
2. Don’t have to worry about scratching the bottom of the vehicle when going over a bump. Higher clearance and better suspension means they’re nothing but pimples on the road.
3. Some joker dare to scratch your car, don’t worry – just drive over their sorry asses.
4. If you can’t find parking next time, you can always park on the pedestrian paths.

Like this.

So anyway, it’s the long weekend and I went to visit my local Ford dealer in Jalan Pending to do a bit of car shopping.
You know the world is too small when the salesman at the Ford dealership turned out to be your next-door neighbour. He showed me the Ford Focus which I was initially looking for.
This one is not bad lah. It’s designed in Europe and engineered by Volvo in Germany. And you lucky guys in KL can witness the new Focus ST, Equator and Four-Trac concept cars later this month at the KL International Motorshow in PWTC.
I can’t be there. So remember to take photos of the sexy car girls on my behalf. Thank you.

Then he showed me the Ford Ranger.
Ford’s tagline for this pickup truck is ‘Built Tough’. With its bold chrome bullbar, imposing chassis and sporty finish, this baby certainly looks tough and feels tough. It’s not that expensive now either. The Ranger Hurricane costs around RM90,000 on the road. That’s about the same price as the Hyundai Elantra I’m driving.
But it was the Ford Escape I was interested in and I requested the salesman to get me behind the steering wheel for a test drive.

It’s a great car! I never truly understand the joy of driving an SUV until I drove the Escape that day. The handling of the vehicle was fantastic, and the ride was smooth and comfortable. There’s something cool about driving a higher car that overlooks the lousy peasant sedans at the traffic lights. 😛

There are perks like ABS, leather seats, electric sunroof to top it off. The position of the gear stick was a little awkward at first but I got used to it after a while.
10 minutes on the joy ride and I’m convinced. The Ford Escape is a beauty of an SUV that goes along with the image of young executives like myself. I truly like it.

Ford is running a “Kawan Anda, Wang Anda” (translation: “Your Friend, Your Money”) promotion right now. The idea is to get your friends to purchase any Ford Escape or Ford Ranger Hurricane/XLT variant, and they’ll pay you RM2,000 reward as commission.
Yes, according to Ford, that’s what friends are for.

I plan to get a random friend to “introduce” me as a tokenistic gesture so I can pocket the commission for myself. The vehicle is gonna cost me RM137,000 after the RM2,000 discount which is not bad for a vehicle its class. All I need to do is to take out a car loan and pay it out over 20 years or something.
Anyway, if there are any Ford Escape owners reading this, I’d appreciate your insightful comments before I sell my soul to the money-grubbing devils at the bank. Thanks!

Just got upsetting news today that another extended family of mine has contracted cancer.

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  1. Cool. So you’re definitely buying it yeah? Ride over to Singapore one day and gimme a call 🙂 Lets go out for drinks and lemme check out that monster SUV! I’ll show you some other monster SUV’s on sale here. Looks like they’re selling legalised tanks instead.

  2. I don’t know about harriers from m’sia. But singaporean ones that get driven there seem to be stolen all the time lol. Or maybe its just our media exaggerating.

  3. but it’s so far the best looking suv around. gotten stolen means its good then, rite? 🙂 i really do noe about ford, its just not for kenny i guess.. for older generations i guess… there’s hardly any nice choices of suv ard… crv too boxy… new rav 4…erwww… i still go for harrier.

  4. “Cool. So you’re definitely buying it yeah? Ride over to Singapore one day and gimme a call”
    How do you do that? Ford is a submarine? Plane? Across sea?

  5. Hello,
    Alot of people here drive those bigass Ford Explorers/Escapes/whatnot. After all, Michigan is Ford land 😛 From what I hear…. if you live in a place with lots of open space, it’s a good car to drive. But if you live in the “city” like where I am, or KL… maneuvering will be a pain in the ass. Especially when you’re looking for parking. And it’s a REAL gas guzzler.
    But other than that, you can scare off all the Kancils with it. Hehehe. I’ve never been a big fan of it myself though.

  6. Pretty true bout Aussies on FORD..thou i still dont understand why?Esp there’s heaps of better car brands like Toyota~looks better,more reliable,more fuel saving conpare to others.Have u really decided to get a 4wheeled drive from FORD?I mean there’s heaps better looking ones out there.Lexus RX(black) is dashing thou maybe its more expensive than others. Honda CRV is not too bad as well. =)

  7. Kenny, american cars? better not lah. a friend said his ford has high maintenance costs.
    You can never go wrong with a japanese SUV. I’ve personnally driven one and i’m planning to get one in the next 5 years. So now, I leave you with two words.
    Nissan. X-trail.

  8. Escape is nice 😛 it’s a change from the japanese SUV and most owners seem to stay with the brand.
    try looking at the nissan x trail too. it would be a good challenger to the escape. and if money is not a problem, try the 3.0L V6 escape
    ps: keep on blogging! 🙂

  9. Been test drive on the ford focus before. Well, is really fuel consumption. Full tank can go about 300 plus km only.So better think before you want to buy. But nevertheless, ford car really comfortable. Oh 1 more thg, there’s a built in ipod jack in ur ford focus car, so means u can listen to ur ipod while u r driving. 😀

  10. Bro.. they are fuel guzzlers but i am sure a young executive such as u has no problem right ? he he.. thank god for ppl like u.. petrol dealers earn moolah from ur @ss.

  11. Ecstasy: ngai tii -.- u wan him to drive that to singapore? wait till there’s an ‘imaginary’ bridge from singapore to kuching la hor. I think that’s when i’m dead or already reincarnate jor. sheesh

  12. What about the gas consumption on that thing!? with the pretol prices going up up and up these days? And the pollution? think of the children! the childreeeen!
    On a serious note I love your blog, and it’s a little reminder of home for a student overseas. Doing great!

  13. Well here in Michigan, US, pickup trucks is something most guys would drive. I would say it’s good for the different seasons here and of cos the large space behind to carry all beers and months worth of groceries. But the biggest problem with them is that they consume petrol like water. In the end, your one year petrol and insurance money would cost you more than the price of the truck itself. BTW, all pickup trucks here cost less than USD16k for brand new and probably USD5k or 4k for a good second hand.
    I’d rather drive a VW Beetle than a pickup truck. Hahahaha…. ^_^

  14. In the US, ppl with Chevy trucks, will look down on the Ford truckers, and they came up with funny acronyms for FORD, such as Found On Road Dead, or Fix Or Repair Daily. 😛

  15. Omg, that’s fun!! That’s the first thing I typed in “fart”!! It also rolls, spins….well I’m not gonna ruin it for everybody. This is cool though.
    My sister has got two of these cars, I have a 2002 Ford EsCORT and not plannin’ to buy anything new yet. Had a Ford Mustang once.
    Man, that thing could go. Too bad the body started to flake off as I went down the highway at 90 mph, Chrome flakes here, rust flakes there, oops there goes my gas pump AND the gas tank!! Sold it when it reached close to 200,000 miles.And I still know the ppl I sold it to….It’s STILL GOING!! Flakin’ off , but none the less, STILL GOING!!
    Ahhhh,I miss my Mustang!!
    Oh, well, I’m off to play with the Ford Focus page, again. Sia later.

  16. Harrier? Haha!! Funny, how can u all compare a Ford Escape with a Harrier, look at the price!!! It’s double Escapes compare to a Harrier in Malaysia man..!!!

  17. I hope the member of your extended family gets well. Be positive! Cancer can be cured. My own granny died a couple of weeks ago after a stroke and 2 years of paralysis..

  18. Kenny, no!!! You don’t want to be responsible for melting the glaciers, right? Get a hybrid!

  19. so kenny, what’s your dream car?
    a porsche 911, or a porsche boxter? there’s no such car as a boxster 911 la. just a kind reminder. (=
    btw, the new rav4 is pretty cool.

  20. Sorry about your family member who has contracted cancer. It must be very hard for you… My grandfather past away two years ago on Boxing Day and now every year for Christmas, we are always very sad…

  21. I just noticed that the comments and the names are out of sync for example i did not write the post about FORDs in the US, i wrote the one above it! (Just reporting a bug)

  22. Don’t buy a Ford, it sucks. I know cause I got one. Do yourself a favour and go with a Toyota.

  23. sorry to hear about your relative condition. i believe a lot of readers will pray for her, and wish for a miracle to happen. hope she’s well and happy. 😉
    btw, yup! escape is a good car, but I have a preference for CR-V. why not go try it out as well, though it’s a tad more expensive than Escape..about RM140k i think..

  24. FORD? In US,it stands for ‘Fix Or Repair Daily’ was true back then but not sure if it is now..mebbe Kenny can tell us after he buys I drive a Nissan Frontier..Now, that’s a man’s car…no hassle…manual..2500cc of pure adrenaline-rush..diesel too..Go check it me, u will love the power!

  25. Sorry to hear abt your extended family’s latest cancer-stricken member. Prayers and thots with the member. Stay cool, Ken.

  26. heya if you really love the truck culture thing you should test drive the Ssangyong Musso. 4WD, diesel powered Mercedes engine, full-blown truck glory. Plus, its blardy cheap.

  27. Euuz. Ford looks ugly man. For that price I still want a sedan, Honda Civic. 2.0 litre one. V fierce sia.. Haha. Built in Auto n Manual Gear. Nice enuf to race.
    Honda CRV also not too bad… Ard RM 145K onwards, but only 5 seater I think..
    Harrier by Toyota is more classy, posh to Ford..
    But still I rather buy the Toyota Innova than Ford! Yucks. The SUV dont suit ur image. U need something more stylish or fierce. Dont forget u r KennySia.

  28. Don’t know anything about sports cars don’t make a fool out of yourself..there’s no such thing as boxster 911 la, and you can’t fit in a boxster you fat lump of shit even if you could afford one. Loser.

  29. honestly, why get a ford when toyota is currently world no.1? in sibu, everyone’s trusting toyota hilux. n i c it as a meaner & tougher machine as we test run it alwiz 2 n fro sarikei n go thru all those dirt roads a 4X4 should take.
    of coz if ur priority is not performance but perhaps aesthetics. i have nothing against ford but i nvr heard of ford of making much noise in tis department. stats dun lie. gimme a jap vehicle anytime over an american!

  30. If you are looking for a pickup 4WD, I would recommend that you at least take a look at the Toyota Hilux too. It’s got a lot more styling in the front and yet looks big enough to be “big”. But I’m not too sure about the price, though – pro’bly more expensive. Do note that you’re essentially getting a Japanese Ford, and not an Australian one when you buy here.

  31. dear, ford is usually not reliable and can be a gas guzzler. Honda and Toyota are reliable. Hummers are for insecure people.

  32. Think of petrol and the sacrifice you will have to make on your holidays to pay for decomposed dinasaur bodies!

  33. Escape? Default on the 20-year loan and escape? Can’t afford the heavy petrol bills and escape? Think very hard, Kenny.

  34. So you’re buying a 4WD to make up for your shortcomings in the manhood department? You’re not even buying a 4WD for what it’s meant for. All terrarin does not mean various conditions of tarmac and various deepness of potholes.
    Sorry but this just smells of poseur all over, especially the “Boxster 911”. Woe be the day Porsche ever breeds the classic 911 with the bastard of a creation the Boxster. You don’t even know your dream car?

  35. I had my Ford Escape for 3 months now and I agree with you Kenny, it sure is a great SUV to drive. Can’t really comment much about the petrol as I am doing long distance every single day. Btw, Ford Escape is actually a Japanese Ford, a result of joint-venture between Ford and Mazda.

  36. Firstly there is no such thing as a “Boxster 911”
    It’s ‘Boxster’ period.
    Secondly the Ford Escape is shit. I’ve test driven it myself. The design and engines are outdated and the build quality is on the downside. I’m sure you must have noticed the lack of power from the 2.0L
    The salesman wanted to throw in 2 mountain bikes and a TV for me (that’s how desperate they were). Instead i opted for a 2.5L X-trail Luxury. You get the most modern 4 cylinder engine in it’s class as well as leather and xenon HID lamps.
    Believe me it was worth the extra outlay.

  37. Dont think ford sells the 2.0 anymore, only the 2.3 and 3.0 V6. The Escape is way nicer then the xtrail, comes with sunroof, leather and airbags as well.
    hhmm….911+boxter=Cayman S 🙂

  38. Hey Dude, the Blackwidow’s Jeep Wrangler with 6 Inch suspension raise and 35″ wheels can stomp the Escape.
    Hi-Lux’ is great, you see the terrorists driving HiLuxs, with 15 people on board..going against US Marine’s HumVee.
    Escape is not exactly a 4WD designed for you to go off road, the suspension is sissy system built for comfort, especially the rear. A few trips to Sarikei will tear it all apart.
    But, then again, it’s youer money, howabout something weird and catchy like the 2006 FJCruiser ?

  39. Ford is everywhere here…. but the ad looks cool…. i’ve tried everything they hinted… made me laugh so loud during midnight ppl think i’m siao…
    ppl r sure into big cars in malaysia…. my dad owns a ninja (toyota landcruiser) and mom owns a honda CRV, but I think they’ve traded in ninja for a bigger family car now….
    hmmm is petrol really that cheap back home?

  40. if u really want a 4WD, Evo or STI! man they are sedan, and 4WD, and always over steer makes it looks like drifting.

  41. Kenny, is this Ford Escape running dissel engine?????? Make sure there’s no dissel shortage like what had happened last year!!!!!!!

  42. Better buy Japanese brand. I suggest Toyota Hilux, tough and relatively low maintenance, generally good in road and off road situation. Have higher second hand value, available in Diesel version. Toyota engine is the best and most reliable! Believe me Kenny, but final decision still up to you!

  43. i test drove a ford focus and a mazda3sp23. didn’t even blink when i told the focus dealer to get lost. kekeke 😛
    americans like it big thats why they promote SUV’s a lot. if ur asian – stick with an asian car manufacturer. if u really want a SUV – go rav4, honda crv or if u can wait – Mazda CX-7!!!

  44. will,
    you are comparing a 200+ bhp mazda that cost DOUBLE the price to a focus? Way to go…compare apples to apples pls.
    if you say u drove a SP vs a Focus ST…then your comparison makes sense

  45. HAhaah…you are comparing a 2.3l “hot” mazda with a Focus…please compare apples to apples.
    Way to go…a really unbiased review will.

  46. thinking of a new set of wheels eh? Am sure you have weight the cost/benefit of getting it.
    Just hope that you didn’t get it simply because one chick in KL is driving it. Driving a SUV dosn’t prove that one is more man than the other dude.

  47. I agree with Jason completely…you’re so lame you don’t even know your alleged “dream car”. And just what are you going to do with a 911 given that you can’t fit your pudgy arse into one in the first place? You’re so lame la..just fuck off

  48. I bought my ESCAPE 2.3L about a year ago. No regrets at all. Its so COOL to drive them around. Unlike all the jap brand which is more expensive, and with less features eg. sun roof. Maintenance cost is about RM250 per service per 10,000km. That’s about the same as a toyota sedan. GO FOR IT MAN!!!

  49. don’t do it, kenny. what is the point of a petrol-guzzling, MASSIVE car like that, prone to being stolen, difficult to park, etc.. in a cityscape?!
    Unless you do off-road treks on the weekend in the jungle – what, exactly, is the point? (bar the awful potholes on the roads in Malaysia)

  50. Lincoln Navigator, Range Rover Sport(have one and its a beauttyyyyyy and a really nice drive) or Cadillac Escalade for me…very very very nice cars and really what u call an SUV..but on the other hand..why not an Infiniti Fx(nice!), Lexus RX, Toyota Prado, Nissan Patrol or Murana?
    At least they are wayy better than the Fords…

  51. I have just recently test drive the BMW X5, the feel would really tempt you in getting one. of cos if u talk abt something RM100k+, there still some good choices out there..Sangyong Rexton looks a good value, X-trail not bad too…for Ford, I have some reserve…as I own a Ford saloon many years bad.
    But for SUV lovers, watch out for the new AUDI Q7. Read from some reviews this SUV easily beat those equivalents from Mercs & BM

  52. i know nothing about car and their specifics. so i’m gonna leave you with wise words of what i do know of.
    it all boils down to what kind of women you want to attract.
    nice girls who can whip up a good meal and stay at home?
    Buy the Ford.
    spice girls who can whip you up and stay over at your home?
    Get the 911.
    i wanna go down the roads at 4km/min again!

  53. i my opinion, get urself a toyota. for the same price, toyotas are more “worth it”. Besides, they don’t consume as much petrol

  54. Kenny, be a real man and don’t drive a petrol guzzling, prone to rolling, road wrecking, sight blocking extension to your penis! Save the environment and all that crap 😎 The only people I see driving SUVs in Australia are middle aged mums and fat people.

  55. honest opinion. go get the ford ranger rather than escape. ranger is more recognise by its performance rather than escape. i had a friend used to drive a ford escape (brand new) before, that car has been giving him too much trouble and too costly to get it fixed up so, he sold it off in less than 3yrs

  56. hey kenny, i think they recalled that model ford before due to safety issues so best check it out.
    maybe nissan xtrail is a good choice too?

  57. if i remember correctly it was because of the roof structure or something, but i guess they fixed that now, i hope

  58. FORD? i dunno how they do in asia but here in the state that’s a red neck’s car 🙂
    lotsa recall, lousy car , gas guzzler, go get a japanese car like acura or lexus just don’t get nissan or mitsubishi though (poor performance engine).

  59. Fords do not last. Things start to break down and fall off after a few years. Speaking from personal experience. If you’re going to spend all that money, it’s better to get something else.
    I’m not sure about the prices in Malaysia, but have a look at the Toyota RAV4. Japanese manufacturers make better cars. They are easy to maintain and are just as good in the looks department, if not better. And yes, the gas prices are going up, y’know….

  60. One might wonder, the pros and cons of 4by4’s when they are mostly fuel sluggers? even more so when its turbocharged since it makes you wanna rev until you hear the satisfying woosh
    Although it may run over a Kancil. A lorry will still trash the 4 by 4.
    And notably, one might be a higher target for car jacking on a 4 by 4
    Being through 2 ford cars, I say its crappy. The engine was problematic as well as Uber vibrations all over the place and not so healthy noises from the engine bay.

  61. c’mon KennY~!! get a Nissan X-Trail!
    Harrier is double the price of Ford Escape la, u have to pay it over 40 years loan then!

  62. I have 2 escapes, a 2002, and a new 2006 I just bought, both with the 200 HP siz. great cars.

  63. i have a Ford Escape myself and its really nice. it IS a beautiful car. im a girl and i lurve the size;) careful of the roof though, it tends to peel off after a yr or so.

  64. btw is it 2 litres? or higher? for a guy, depending how you plan to put it to use, it maybe underpowered=)

  65. SsangYong Kyron 200Xdi just launched, I think it’s more value for money, low fuel consumption of 7.1 litres of diesel per 100km:
    Equipped with a Mercedes-Benz derived 2.0-litre common rail turbodiesel engine that delivers out 141bhp at 4,000 rpm and 310Nm of torque at a low 1,800 rpm, the Kyron promises to be a competent performer on the tarmac and off-road. Priced at RM152,500 without insurance.

  66. SsangYong Kyron 200Xdi just launched, I think it’s more value for money, low fuel consumption of 7.1 litres of diesel per 100km:
    Equipped with a Mercedes-Benz derived 2.0-litre common rail turbodiesel engine that delivers out 141bhp at 4,000 rpm and 310Nm of torque at a low 1,800 rpm, the Kyron promises to be a competent performer on the tarmac and off-road. Priced at RM152,500 without insurance.

  67. KYRON = Beast-In-Class
    Check this out:
    KYRON: 5 Key Facts
    There are hundreds of great reasons to own the
    Beast-In-Class Kyron, but let’s start with five:
    1. Best-in-class power and torque give you excellent towing ability (better than Sportage, Freelander or X-trail) and superb on-road performance.
    2. Hill Descent Control (HDC), only available elsewhere on BMW and Land Rover, means going down even the steepest off-road trail holds no fear.
    3. A separate ladder chassis means you’re surrounded by a rock-solid body, with superb torsional rigidity. Combined with an arsenal of electronic aids, it all adds up to excellent real-world off-road ability.
    4. A full-size 5-seater body creates the most spacious car in its class, bigger than Santa Fe or Tucson, and gives you awesome road presence.
    5. Like the X5 and Porsche Cayenne, the Kyron has the ultimate 4×4 suspension-setup (Double Wishbone on the front and Five Link on the rear) meaning a superb ride, on or off road.

  68. Ssyongyong? you must be joking, lousy korean crap..the Escape kenny looked at is only RM138k, compared to RM152k for the Kyron…and the escape has a 2.3l engine compared with the ssyaongon 2.0
    So big car with such a small engine…sure underpowered one

  69. yo, budak, stick to small cars……..i use a escape and the monthly bill plus petrol bill is killing me….

  70. why don’t get a JUARA! hahahaah
    save fuel and u can always bury oneself in it as a coffin.

  71. alen: the ssangyong is powered by a 2.0 turbodiesel. it has more torque than the 2.3 liter petrol escape. it wouldn’t be underpowered.
    u cannot compare petrol to turbodiesel by displacement.

  72. Alen,
    Ford Escape 2.3L DOHC with VICS
    Max Power: 157PS at 6000rpm ;
    Max Torque: 203Nm at 4500rpm.
    SsangYong Kyron 200Xdi
    Max Power: 141bhp at 4000rpm ;
    Max Torque: 310Nm at 1800rpm

  73. my dad has been fixing cars for the last 30years
    and ….. either a Honda or a Toyota, he says.
    i am happy with my 97 honda accord with 154K miles
    and my goal is 300K miles.
    Also, if your car is an asset(although it depreciates) then you are all right. If your
    car/SUV/etc is a liability, then, think again.

  74. KENNY! A ford?!?!?!?! trust me, i’m over here where they make ford’s.. Michigan.. and it’s not looking too good for them…. their car’s SUCK! and the Japanese invasion has begun!!!(or ended .. hahaa).. If americans won’t even buy a car they make, why should anyone else? Hmmm….(rumor has it that they are making more money off developing countries than they are back here or was that GM?)
    Anyway, gas prices are usd70 a gallon, which means its gonna keep going up! don’t you think you would be better off saving money on gas with a fuel efficient and stylo honda???? my two bits.

  75. Kenny, I own a ford (focus SE) ,Focus looks good, but Civic/Corolla is waywayway I tell you , get Honda/Toyota instead…
    .FORD–Fix Or Repair Daily, and I totally agree with it.
    Gas cost an arm and a leg nowadays….damn, was like US$3.35/gallon for regular gas at the gas station down the street…i dont know gas price in MY, but i guess it is expensive anyways.,pls reconsider about it. (y)

  76. Hi Kenny,
    I’ve been driving a Ford Escape for the past 2 years and I love it. I have done many KM on it but it still feels brand new, the engine hums and nothing rattles as yet. The body is solid and the car feels heavy which makes long-distance, high-speed driving, nice and steady and even down-right sexy. My only complaint is the fuel cost. A full-tank could cost u RM110 and only covers about 400KM for city driving. I was also driving an X-trail when I lived in Labuan. It was good for the first few months but too soon things started to rattle. And I did not like that the car felt light almost like a tin can lah. Ya ampun all x-trail owners… heheh..

  77. I’d get the new Toyota Hilux meself but having driven this one before, I like it too. Especially how the cabin and the controls feel like just like a sedan

  78. hey….get a toyota innova(for singapore ppl who dunnoe,its an mpv)it rocks lol….so damn cool…dun get a 4wd car…ppl steal n sell to ppl in indonesia n thailand…

  79. Dude Ford all the way, Jap SUV’S are way lame not to mention WAY overrated! The toyota and lexus hybrids are just ford designs they paid out the butt for anyways. Ford Escape== Yup first hybrid SUV ,,, thats what i thought. Oh i work for toyota and i make a great living because they are getting worse everyday. Stick with the ford man!!

  80. Dear sir.
    i want to know do you shipp the cars to africa? pliz let me know the price cif to mombasa our company information below..
    1=Ford Escape XLT Review===2 units cif to mombasa port
    TELE: +256-753-500068
    FAX: +256-414-235763.

  81. 09 escape, they rock, just drove mine all the way around australia in 13 weeks, never missed a beat, more rear room than a vw tiguan, cheaper to run than a jap suv, insurance lower than a jap, maintenance costs lower than a jap, the engineering may be a little older than some but they just never stop, same motor as small volvo, duratec motor has been around forever!

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