Things I Don’t Understand (And Probably Never Will)

Some stupid things that annoy me.
Women and Bathroom Scales

What is it with women and bathroom scales?
I swear to you women are drawn to weighing scales like fat kids to hamburgers. If you ever had a female guest to your house and your scale happen to be somewhere within her vicinity, unless she’s some prim and proper royalty, 9 times out of 10 she’ll be checking her weight on those scales.
Even if you put two weighing scales side-by-side, she’d still weigh herself on BOTH machines.
I once confronted a friend of mine who used my bathroom scales everytime she comes to my place because I’m pretty sure she had one herself.
Kenny: “Hey I thought you have a your own weighing scale at home?”
Her: “Yea, but I wanted to check if my scale at home are correct mah.”
Kenny: “!”


Why do people hit the “C” button multiple times when they use a calculator?
I’ve never seen anyone pressing “C” JUST ONCE and then use the calculator. They always have to tap the “C” button repeatedly like they got a friggin’ vengeance with the goddamn “C” button and clear all the memory from the calcultor since the Jurassic Ages.
For God’s sakes, it’s a CALCULATOR, not Nintendo dammit. What do they think they’re doing? Playing Street Fighter? Do they think by tapping the “C” button fast enough they’re gonna make Chun Li’s leg turn into lightning?

Training Bras

Why is it called “training bras”?
Seriously, what sort of elusive special skills does a pair of boobs need to have in order to wear a proper bra?
And speaking of which, how exactly do you train your boobs to wear a bra? Hire a coach? Send them for tuition? Give them a pep talk like in the movie Braveheart?
“They can take away our bras, but they can never take away… OUR BOOBIES!!!”

What’s up with all the femme fatale/female superhero movies flooding the cinemas these days? First it’s Aeon Flux, then Underworld: Revolution and now Ultraviolet. The next Hollywood actress donning a skin-tight leather suit fighting monsters/cyborgs/mutants in some glorified “special effects” movie is really gonna get it from me.

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  1. Calculators:
    1. To make sure it’s turned on.
    2. To warm it up before the coming intense calculations.
    3. It’s usual for people to do things in 3 sequentials… hehehehe

  2. kenny dear, why don’t you start wearing bras? then you might realise how uncomfy it is. it’s not so much for training the boobies, but rather to get used to wearing another piece of clothing.

  3. i reckon the thing with calculators, when doing large amounts of additions, people would normally have a certain rhythm to tap at the buttons… thats why between different calculations when reseting the calculator, they would tap on it several times while looking for the next operation to do..
    and sometimes you get those CB calculators with sh*tty keys that requires a sledgehammer to push the buttons properly…

  4. -_-”
    training bras are bras to wear when you do exercise, jogging or whatever. but not to train ur boobies, kenny.

  5. if you’ve noticed, when women do sports with running involved them boobs tend to get all bouncy and all over the place, that’s what training bras are for. to stop the boobs from getting in the way or rather stops them boobies from moving too much. as for the bathroom scales, well, neither i or my friends do such things and i don’t understand women who do that either.

  6. Kenny,
    u’re such a brave man to snap a bra picture. Lol!!!
    It is 6.58 in the morning (Malaysia).. And I’d just checked your blog about 1 hours ago.. dont sleep kah?

  7. there’s something about weighing scales that leads us to it n my frens will get excited whenever we see one hahaha. i guess we like to weigh ourselves?

  8. bra is a touchy-feely subject especially when you don’t wear one and start making fun of it.
    ANYWAY, training bra (sports bra) is a neccessity when exercising, boobs will sag otherwise and YOU guys will complain.

  9. i totally agreed with the weighing scale part.because i do that too. XD
    but not the calculator part.i dont presss C.i pressed ON only.whenever i want it to be 0, i will automatically press C.

  10. Well..tap the C many times to make sure that the memory has already been cleared ma..maybe the previous time they didn’t press C coz their fingers too big for the button lei.. -_-” bra is a bra used in Training sessions such as jogging lahz.. -_-”
    Keeny really has some very cute & wierd mind…but that’s good..I can read more of ur interesting posts.. =P

  11. Well..tap the C many times to make sure that the memory has already been cleared ma..maybe the previous time they didn’t press C coz their fingers too big for the button lei.. -_-” bra is a bra used in Training sessions such as jogging lahz.. -_-”
    Kenny really has some very cute & wierd mind…but that’s good..I can read more of ur interesting posts.. =P

  12. *reminds keju*
    *nudge* *nudge* *nudge* *nudge* *nudge* *nudge*
    *winks* *winks* *winks* *winks* *winks* *winks* *winks* *winks*

  13. For the weighting scale, yes that’s true, and I always put a faulty machine nearby my cube in office to confuse all the ladies…

  14. Wearing training bras ensures that one’s boobs won’t bounce as much as another wearing other types of bra. Well, you may have the liberty to try it out at home.

  15. Sport’s bra or training bra, it serves the same purpose. Training bra caters more to girls who are going towards puberty, say 11-15 years of age. Sport’s bra is definitely for adults. And actually, you don’t really have much to say or defend in this case because you DON’T wear a bra so stop trying to correct other people on whether the get the correct bra or not.

  16. Looks like there is two ans to what is a training bra… to get used to wearing one… or for doing training (sports) in…. So dearest ladies… which is correct!… looks like you girls are confused yourselves!…. Hohoho…

  17. weighing machines : as you know the earth is not a prefect sphere, maybe they think gravity would be “slightly” different depending on where they weigh themselves? or maybe they want a second opinion and be double sure they are “fat”
    calculators : perhaps they think the clear (C) button is the clock button so the faster you tap, the faster the clock frequency and therefore the faster calculation? or maybe they just itchy finger?
    training bras : well if you got boobs in training, you’ll need bras that can properly train them to stay in place and kenny i would love to see in a bra ya πŸ˜€

  18. weighing scales! i think that’s so true… no matter u r fat/thin/just right, a female just can’t resist the temptation to weigh herself… i know that coz i’m one of them!
    hahahaha I think I do tap the C button a few times too…. it’s a habit… I don’t know why but everyone does it.. don’t u?
    training bra… hmm I think there’s a confusion between that and the sports bra… but the one in ur photos r the ones for girls hitting puberty… those were the time when the boobies starts to hurt really bad when u touch it… so an extra layer makes u conscious of the them growing and also comfort. Plus they r not big enough for a proper bra anyway….

  19. hmm.. training bras are sports bras… just like u call those long elastic pants for gym as trainers? those pic u took are for girls hitting puberty when their breasts are not big enough to wear a real bra lol. As for why training bras? cus it’s more elastic, comfy, and wont make ur boobs bounce up and down while exercising =D
    Hehe.. but ur observations are funny… trainning boobies? lol

  20. the 1st two always happens.
    in fact, i jus weighed myself awhile ago at home,
    and i put on 1 kg:(

  21. eleh…I don’t weigh myself ho…cos I know I’m overweight..dread weighing myself actually..
    as for the calculator, i only press once cos i’m using a scientific calculator..89.90 for one….sayang lah if spoil..
    i don’t use training or sport bras anyway..too poor for, did you check the price when you took that picture?

  22. sometimes when you do calculations of big numbers, you dont want the numbers of the previous permutations to get into the current calculation. So tapping the C several times, its just a ‘to be sure’ thing. You might know if you’ve taken acccounting or algebra or something calculative.

  23. 1. women have an obsession with weighing ourselves frequently as personal reminder (well for most girls i know)
    2. people tap the C key multiple times to keep the momentum
    3. training bras are for girls who have not worn a bra before – hence it is to aid them in getting used to the feeling of their boobs being restrained.

  24. 1. women have an obsession with weighing ourselves frequently as personal reminder (well for most girls i know)
    2. people tap the C key multiple times to keep the momentum
    3. training bras are for girls who have not worn a bra before – hence it is to aid them in getting used to the feeling of their boobs being restrained.

  25. hahaha.
    i bet you get what training bra means, just not ‘WHY CALL IT TRAINING BRA’ right?
    haha, i’ve always wondered that myself. training bra sounds so weird, like you have to train yourself before you can wear a proper bra, wtf? hahah guess training bras are sometimes used to make fun of ppl πŸ˜‰
    and no, i dont think training bras are for sports. hell no, how bout those training bras that’re mere SINGLETS. ohno it isnt.
    lastly, kenny, you are damn weird but that’s a good thing cos it makes your entries funny!
    ps. go try o a training bra and see. and take a photo! πŸ˜€

  26. hahaha! kenny you probably need to change the pic to a training bra AKA sports bra OR change your text to puberty bra. πŸ˜›
    go take another picture of bras!

  27. think that we girls are confused cause kenny snapped a sports bra but says that it’s a training bra. lols! training as in running training can be sports bra anyway. training as in to help them get use to wearing something underneath their shirts also applicable.. either way, why dont kenny try wearing one to see how it feels like? and tell us if we can straight away jump to proper bras without getting use to one first? =D

  28. Kenny, I love reading your blog for 2 reasons:
    1) You write great entries .. strange ideas sometimes, but great and completely entertaining nonetheless πŸ˜‰
    2) The comments you get are hilarious *grin*
    And .. general consensus that you take a pic of urself in it … what’d ya think??? πŸ˜‰

  29. kenny, pls stop criticizing women. Your blogs always talk about how annoying all women are. Seriously, do your really like women? If you’re, then stop saying how annoying women can be. You re not women, you don’t understand…so stop it liao! if u cant stop, then u’re homosexual! pissed me off!

  30. its like..when ur’s young, u wear underwear. when u grew up u starts to wear boxers underneath the jeans cos its comfortable like u’r wearing nth at all..but y wear boxers? y not just dun wear anything at all? haha.i hope u understd wta i meant, unless u dun wear anything underneath ur pants.hahaha

  31. Why train, when you can just go commando?
    Also, that’s some scale, floating. An awesome gag gift for the girls: A scale that screams “I’M LIGHTER THAN YOU HA HA!”

  32. personal pet peeve: ppl who press the Up or Down arrows multiple times while waiting for the lift to arrive. 0s and 1s, my people – off and on! if the light is on, the lift is on the way. its not gonna arrive any sooner even if you pound furiously on dem buttons… if you must do tht, talk to the lift and ask it to come faster, why dont you? same effect as pressing the up/down over and over mah…

  33. training bra is for little girls who need to cover up thier boobies cos the tits will show if they wear shirts.. with out the training bra..
    i tent to weight my self too… especially after i makan a habit liao..
    that calculator thing.. i also press many many times.. becos i not sure which button clears the memory AC/ C… so i click both a lot of times just incase.. then only start my calculations to prevent miscalculations..

  34. Okay first of all, not ALL girls/ women are drawn to weighing scales. I’m not for one. And then, wells, we press the “C” on the calculator just to make sure the screen’s clear of previous calculations. So that you don’t end up getting wrong answers! Lols. Have fun!

  35. 20 sen leh to do weighting in supermarkets, Id rather do at home. The girl borrowed your weighting scale maybe because
    ” kenny you see the difference anot? Lastime 50, now 45 only, you realized, hor? ”

  36. Why do we call it training bra since it’s kinda mistaken by some peepz with sports bra…..
    It should be called ‘The Ultimate Beginner Bra’^^

  37. Basically a training bra may b a good idea when teen girls first start developing breasts and helps them get used to wearing a bra.
    As your breasts develop, your nipples may become more noticeable. Training bra can provide the extra coverage for that lor:)

  38. Some calculator, first ‘C’ is to delete the last entry, 2nd ‘C’ is to clear everything. 3rd ‘C’ is to make sure 100% nothing is in memory!!!!
    Kenny, you no boobies so you no understand bra!!!!

  39. Hmm..i Don’t have a weighing machine at home. I guess pressing the C button multiple times is to decide on what number to press (as in, before running,u must jog in one place first rite, warm up kinda thingy). And the bra, i think its juz to hold the breast more proper than non training ones HAHA

  40. Training bras…they are there to train young gals to rem to wear a bra when they go out..something like pull-up nappies…for young gals to get used to it…

  41. i think ppl r slightly confused bout training bras n sports bra. they r 2 diff kinds of bras. they serve diff purposes. training bras r for young gals at their early stages of puberty whereas sports bras can be worn by ladies of all ages for sports purposes. why r they called training bras? train young gals to wear them? uhh.. does tat make sense? lol i think most gals find it embarassing when they just started wearing bras. esp gals who start undergoin puberty at a very young age. so … training bra.. is kinda.. uhh.. da training stage.
    oh yeah .. bout bathroom scales… i dun really trust their accuracy. which is why i think most women hav da tendency to weigh themselves when they see one. u know.. like u said.. to check da accuracy. i dunno y .. but all da bathroom scales tat i have had dont seem to be very accurate. one of them is a digital one tat costs more than AUS$100. n my weight fluctuates all da time… even my mom agrees. so i am not da ‘weird’ one. anywez..i think i have said too much. Interesting perspectives tho, Kenny!

  42. tat anonymous post was me. one more thing.. wat bout taking a photo of da largest bra cup u can find ova there?!

  43. someone needs to invent a bra for men, or rather, a ‘bro’. cuz i’ve seen more than my share of manboobs at the beach.

  44. First of all, a very funny post. Kudos to you. Love the weighing scales bit. SO TRUE, especially for those aunties and ah ees. Anyway, regarding the training bra. Yes, you don’t train a pair of boobs to wear the bra, but you train yourself to get used to wearing the damn thing. Imagine if one day all guys are required to wear g-strings ? πŸ™‚ You guys would be uncomfortable as hell, right? Hence, comes something which will help aid the transition. In the case of the g-string, I dunno la. But in the case of a bra, girls need to get used to an elastic encircling their chest (sorry for being so graphic but I don’t know how to explain otherwise). So they made something that’s halfway from a singlet and a bra. It’s actually not as complicated as you think. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  45. haha..hey kenny…I totally agreed w the weighin scales like that as well.. =) galz tend to be sensitive in evything concernin of themselves esp LOOKS,WEIGHT,BOOBS,HEIGHT..any galz will wanna look in their best..who dont?
    keep up w the great posts ya!Enjoy them heaps! =)

  46. er…the weighin scales part do sounds very familiar…haha…
    me and my sis even try the weighing machine at the vet before (u know, the one the doctor used to weigh yr pet =\), while keeping an eye on the vet to make sure she doesn’t see us =|…
    just out of curiousity ok…but, hey, the scales is reali very accurate…-.-

  47. Kenny, you are as STUPID as STUPID can be. Or maybe you even redefine STUPID. Obviously you’re not very highly educated. Training bras aka sports bras are worn for sports/training activities. If ppl thought like you, we’d be letting babies wear trainers to ‘train’ them to walk, flatulent ppl shud b wearing windbreakers to ‘break wind’ and who needs exercise whn you only need to wear a sweater to ‘sweat’? Do your research before making a post. You really shud get urself one of those ‘THINKING CAPS’ so you can think properly.

  48. Anonymous, so you’re saying Training Bras = Sports Bras?
    I thought they’re completely different things. My understanding of a “training bra”, according to sites like Wikipedia and others, are bras girls wear when they’re going through puberty. I’m not talking about sports bra here, which I believe are bras women wear when they’re doing sports.
    And you’re telling me sports bras and training bras are the same. If that’s the case then what do you call those bras I put up in the picture?

  49. With reference to your response, it’s sad to know that you get your education from Wikipedia. Secondly in response to the pics? I call it your sick pictorial fetish. Thanks for enlightening me on how stupid you are. Maybe I should now go to Wikipedia and redefine Stupid as KennySia.

  50. anonymous you’re damn mean. and I AM A FEMALE AND THAT’S HOW I DEFINE TRAINING BRAS TOO. training bras = for girls going through puberty = the ones in the pic.
    simple as that, whats the fuss.
    (but thats MY understanding at least, cldnt be wrong could it? :/)

  51. The other day my friend came & was checking my scale too. I said not to use it because i personally installed a camera on the surface to check what type of underwear girls are wearing these days. She was wearing skirt that day… and she didnt make it to my scale that day.

  52. Girls/women are obsessed with their weight to the precision of 0.1~0.5 kg. So when they see a weighing machine, they want to see these ‘differences’ (usually hoping for a less weight). It makes our day… Haha πŸ˜€

  53. OMG Anonymous…you’re trying to entertain is izzit?? It’s kinda working though. I don’t think anyone else has such a skewed perspective of a “training bra”. First time in my life I heard of a training bra being the same as a sport bra LOL. I think you understood the word “training” a tad differently?

  54. hey anonymous, YOU are the stupid one here. training bras are worn by preteen girls, are sports bras are sports bras.
    why are you getting all bitchy about BRAS??! That lifeless is it? Jeez.. lay off kenny la! The man’s right, and you’re wrong, deal with it.

  55. For the record … training bra … or ANY bra for that matter, is NOT recommended for hairy chested men, unless you’re staying completely still, but believe me, DON’T … even if it is for a dare or a joke …
    Oh … the pain, I tell you!!

  56. the training bras ur talkin about aren’t for training the boobies.. it’s for boobs’ support while u train… so it won’t jump over ur shoulder when ur running or something..

  57. i’m sure the bra is for training the nipples…
    it makes the nips become soft and hard depending on the weather .. . .
    once you boobies get used to it …
    you’ll be able to control the hardening process
    anytime anywhere . .

  58. I hate Bras. I haven’t worn them much for 25 years. When I go someplace fancy I might put one on to look a little more shapely but think about it, what man would wear a damn tight elastic band around his diaphragm? I wear my bra for horseback riding and fancy evenings out, that’s it and I feel wonderful. Oh, and by the way, I am big busted. I just laugh when it shocks someone I don’t have a damn tit harness on.

  59. Omg, Tats such an amazin fact. I was practically laughing to myself. My goodness…The Calculator thingy is surreal. What we all thinking amigos??!! haha. N to those who call you STUPID. They should stop posting, i mean if its really stupid, then go figure something really smart. Geez…

  60. Come on obsessed ladies. Kenny Sia is trying to make a topic for us to discuss. He has no intention to hurt the women feeling ok. Gees…. if you explain it. then we understood. Everyone will understood and will have respect to each other.
    Gees….we still have typical traditional asian lady who didn’t understood the word “understanding”. And still in stone age mind.
    Everything about biological is the same in the whole universe. So what’s the point to be shy off talking about this matter. And what’s the point of angry around man who didn’t understand woman and make an effort to understand woman?
    Guys have never been girls before alright. It never will. They never have period in their entire life even pondan.
    Give man a chance to understand you as a woman what’s wrong with that? Open discussion right? Credit to those ladies who explain well about bra thingy. hahaa

  61. um… i press C once only… m i a weirdo?
    training bra la…
    for few years u never wear anything inside ur shirt… suddenly u need to wear bra… its uncomfortable…
    training bra is a bit loosen ma… so train young ladies 1st before intro them to bra
    i remember telling my mum…”mi i don’t want to wear! Very hot >.

  62. Calculators I’ve used have the C/CE buttonÒ€”press once to “clear entry” and twice to “clear” all. I’m used to pressing it twice before beginning a calculation.
    BTW nice pic of training bras, got any more? LOL

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