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This is not a paid advertorial.

I got a package sent to me by courier earlier today. If it’s sent to me by courier, I’m guessing it’s gotta be something important.
Check out who it’s from.

adidas Malaysia!
Can you believe it? Apparently my “Teamgeist ball looking like sanitary pads” entry found it’s way via inboxes all the way to adidas’ regional office and it landed on the desk of Anna-Rina from their communications department.

In return for me making fun at their product, they’ve decided to send me a pack of gifts as reward. I don’t quite understand the logic behind it either but hey, I got freebies! That’s all that matters.
How come Osim never gimme anything when I poked fun at their uZap? Stingy bastards. ๐Ÿ˜›

Here’s what’s inside the package.
First up, a football jersey.

But too bad it’s a little too small for me to wear. Gotta shed a helluva of weight before I could fit into this one.

I like the pen and holder they gave. There’s a tiny hole in the centre of gravity of the pen and you’re supposed to use that balance the pen horizontally on the pyramid shaped holder. It’s pretty cool. I’m planning to put it on my office desk to make all my workmates jealous.

There’s this T-shirt with the adidas tagline emblazoned on the back.
“Impossible Is Nothing”
Yea yea, impossible is nothing alright, except when the bloody referee awarded the penalty kick against Australia with only 40 seconds left on the clock. WTF!
Blah! Don’t talk to me about that match. I’m still damn tulan about it.

Then there’s this elegantly compiled mini-folder detailing adidas’ involvement in the FIFA World Cup for the past 30 odd years, in full colour glossy photos. It even come with a CD containing high-resolution snapshots of their products. I presume this was what’s given out to the press worldwide for their coverage into the World Cup.
I got the left overs.

Kaka! Kaka lai!

Finally there’s the adidas Football Lookbook contains pretty much the same thing, except it’s hard-covered and comes with this cute keychain of a pair of football shoes.

Too small for me.
Doubt I could find any use for it, but at least I can now play World Cup with my fingers.

It’s never too early to train for World Finger Cup 2010

Overall, great football memorabilia from a company with a good sense of humour. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I certainly appreciate that. Thanks!

Blog Plug of the Day: David Wang runs a Mac-enthusiast site called MyMacBuzz, and he had an interview with me about my iPod right here.

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  1. My first time commenting..
    First for this post ? lolx..
    Anyways, now I see why bloggers blog ๐Ÿ˜›
    For all the freebies !!
    I want I want I want..
    Imma go blog more meyself now..

  2. addidas send you stuff (without any request for endorsement?)so you can blog about it. your blogging is a way of advertising for them…they sure a smart ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. The only thing that i was thinking about when the penalty was given was “WTF will Kenny Sia be thinking?? Similan Island???”
    Sorry Kenny, Australia really deserved to win that match. I go kill that referee for u. I also very tu lan

  4. Damn ! How can someone get rewarded for throwing insults ?
    Tak aci betul la !
    I shall try this on some property company someday . Who knows if I’ll get a brand new semi-d in return ( Or a defamation charge ) .

  5. For some reason some part of my comment is gone…
    I was so going to trash those italians on lygon street and I swear I’ll boycott Italian food for a month! (it’s a lot to ask from me ok? I live next to lygon st)
    But seriously tho, that WASN’T A PENALTY~!
    Socceroos played exceptionally well this world cup, we should be proud of them! Hopefully see them at asian cup!

  6. how did they get your addy?
    osim didnt give u freebies, they even stole your idea and did the uzap super star thingie.
    you should have been the winner man.

  7. Gosh, you almost caused me a heart attack when I thought they gave you that RM500+ yellow boot. Phew! You’re just one lucky bastard! :p

  8. After reading your entry, everytime I tune in to watch the world cup playing, I will remember your super-imaginative view of the football. Darn funny though…hehehe

  9. Adidas did find u talented with unpaid advertorial. They expect u to blog about them again. mayb that’s y they sent u all those freebies. ermm…i like that keychain the pair of football shoes. It would be great, if they really send u that kind of real footbal shoes huh.

  10. why dun u try to poke fun on LV, Gucci or Burberry? See whether u get a free gift or a legal writ. HAHA.. =>

  11. World finger cup 2010… this one i shall follow.. representing MalaySia….KennySia!
    (pun intended)

  12. LOL! when i saw the last pic, i was like, eh, where’s the head….. and then I was like, “OH it is Kenny’s hand!!!” hahhaa. looks damn real wei.

  13. Kanasai.. so lucky one. You mocked them and instead of warning, you got freebies!
    So nice of them to “Yi De Pao Yuan” (รคยปยฅรฅยพยทรฆล ยฅรฆโ‚ฌยจ)
    Bah, you know liao la, next time whatever you want but no money to buy, just blog it. ^(oo)^

  14. I wonder if adidas will give me something if I copy and paste your sanitary-pad-ball post on my blog.

  15. hmmmm. so good. xian mu….
    i cant believe adidas gave you those cute stuff cos you poked fun at their ex ex ex ball.
    so unfair. why dont i get freebies when i blog?
    haha. ok, my calibre is not yet up to yours… okok, i get it…
    but still, thats real nice of adidas. =(

  16. Not all bloggers will get stuff from major corporations by talking about their products/services. Only the more popular ones like Kenny will =)

  17. WHAT?!?! you make fun of them and they gave you freebies?! if i make fun of Microsoft, will they give me the Vista and the latest office pack? you are such a lucky bastard…

  18. Kenny, i actually recieved your ‘teamgeist’ post in my inbox yesterday.
    Proves that Adidas has a sense of humour ๐Ÿ˜‰ at least they didn’t send a lawsuit. I heard Osim are gonna send you the IGallop. That would be funny hehe.

  19. heheheh…good for ya kenny…the freebies must had brighten up ur day! dun forget to blog abt ur kotex freebies if any!
    btw, how did the adidas ppl knw of ur mailing address eh??

  20. i guess from a marketing pov, its a worthy investment for quite a number of items they sent u for nationwide publicity.
    they r anticipating jumps on their mini-t’s and key chain sales soon =)
    adidas ppl r brilliant..

  21. that’s what u call world-class PR, i tell u! it’s not like they’re losing anything by sending u those stuff. those ppl at adidas r really smart.

  22. Hey Kenny,
    Do you listen to Hitz FM??? I heard from the radio that they are searching for dunno what angel to become Osim’s UZap ambassador… Why don’t you go try out??? Hahaha I’m sure you’ll at least be in the final…

  23. Hey man… if ya wanna auction off the kaka book lemme know…i collect all kaka items i can get hold of! hehehe…
    wear your impossible is nothing shirt to First Floor sometime!

  24. lucky *tooott* you! i want the bootssss!
    hehe. was there an accompanying letter?
    or perhaps email or phone call?
    what did they say?
    hmm. you think if i slam nokia they’ll send me a phone?

  25. to be honest with u,
    i think you have a fan at adidas lah ! !
    it’s a great wonder that you were able to think up that crap regaring making the ball !
    so ingineous !
    WO PEI FU NI !

  26. way to go kenny! you ROCK!!!
    its heartening to know that the big names out there are watching and nodding in approval or laughing hilariously!

  27. I was all choked-up with laughter when I saw that final pic!!!
    Match: Kenny Sia’s Finger Ball (complete with miniature jersey and boots) vs. Normal Kaki Ball
    Results: NO CONTEST – Kenny Sia wins fingers…..uhhhhh……hands down!!!

  28. Wow! The marketing people down there at the Adidas HQ are good. Considering that you have an average of more than 11,000 visitors per day, it well worth it. Yeah I took a look at your stats.

  29. Wah knn… I shall now go hurl insults and poke fun at Nike so that I shall get free merchandise instead of purchasing stuff from them all the time.

  30. luckily’s it not Adibas. let’s make fun of large companies (with free goods). try o2 first, then Mac, then BMW, argh!

  31. Your post on the Adidas football came into my company email too! And my company is in Penang.
    Btw, I like the last pic! ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. KENNY THE MOTHERFUCKER likes to pose like he’s a muscular bodybuilder when in actual fact he is a lump of wobbly lard.

  33. It’s so nice of them to send those gifts to you! World Finger Cup 2010. Who knows, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING anyway. LOL!
    I know the penalty kick by totti wasn’t fair but hey, I’m Italia’s greatest fan ;D (don’t need a genius to know huh?)so who cares (at least on my part :p) Btw, it was good enough that australia, being an underdog country in the WC got so far as the knockout round. Football’s never been popular in australia anyway but I dare not deny that they’ll probably go far in due time. Btw, “socceroos”? I don’t mean to insult but I think that’s plain daft.
    For the finals my head says Brazil’s gonna play against Germany but my heart says it’s Brazil vs Argentina. What about you kenny?

  34. me likey likey the keychaaaain! the last picture rocks my socks !! =D when u showed the jersey- i was staring at your black shirt thinking whats so ill fitted bout it until i realised its actually the yellow one. Man im blinded by you XD

  35. Dear Kenny,
    Is great that you got some adidads freebies by just making fun of them. I guess you should really take a look at this. I got it from my friend 30minutes ago and I am starting to feel this is tad bit off what we Malaysians actually should be.
    [KS: link removed to protect identities of those involved, who are obviously minors]
    I dont read chinese(although I am one) but my friend that reads it told me it is a school from Miri.
    Tzu Siang,Selangor.

  36. thats a kool gimmick man…
    u made the ADIDAS company give u freebies for ur critics….
    wonder why they didnt give u a ADIDAS teamgeist ball..

  37. hate those shoes, why can’t they give something more .. lets say usefull ? hehe. yea im green now jealouse la. God just blessed an offending joker. Maybe their mind are twisted or smtg.. why didn’t they sue you? OH MY KENNY, I THINK THE KEY CHAIN WILL EXPLODE SOMEDAY and the two small shoes will aim and fly into your eyes and blind you ! And i really think that the pen holder is an eqquipment used to charge electrical flow into the pen so that you’ll get a schock when you use it next time! Oh Dear kenny! I care for you, give me all that you received from them!

  38. Goodness, Kenny, your blogs even caught the ADIDAS’s attention. I wonder did the CEO read that blog. Gotta give you the thumbs up. You’re the man. You’re a man and you blog well too. Great work. Write more!!!

  39. hey.. maybe u shud start blogging bout how to create a porsche wif condoms…
    Next thing u know, the car’s wrapped in a courrier on ur front yard

  40. Hey Dude “[KS: link removed to protect identities of those involved, who are obviously minors]”. That’s a very mature thing to do…while me, a 40 year old uncle was spreading the same link around to show ” Miri Boleh”.

  41. wingz, I also dunno! INJUSTICE! CORRUPTION!
    angelin, stupid kotex. ๐Ÿ˜›
    rachz, *fingers hug rachz*
    mia + eantautjk, they got my add ‘cos they emailed me before sending the stuff over. No conspiracies right there.
    kenJJ, they wouldn’t know my size.
    Eve, I know I know. ๐Ÿ˜›
    Jayelle, no wearing pants either.
    Yong, I wore it to the Brazil Ghana match!
    Avril, they said they love the entry and it was being passed around in their regional office. I think if you slam Nokia, Sony Ericsson will send you a phone.
    Laksa, I used to support Nike only until yesterday.
    KingMeng, YEP! That sounds like a plan.
    e, apart from that, it was a good video clip though. Definitely the most violent out of the few recent ones involving school kids. heh.

  42. I think Osim didn’t know you’re so cheap. If they could have predicted that free stuff could sway your opinion, they might have sent you a bunch of free stuff for free advertising too.

  43. [KS: link removed to protect identities of those involved, who are obviously minors]
    kenny check out the miri girls fight
    and it says tht miri local papers dont dare to post bout this news because the dad is a gangster

  44. Hey, I got the same type of balancing pen & holder from my company (without the Adidas logo of course)… Maybe you can check the bottom of the pyramid and see if it says “Made in China”… Haha…

  45. Ahhh, the joys of being a journalist. I was a broadcast journalism student turned PR coordinator, hoping to turn back soon. The freebies were probably a thank you for ‘promoting’ their ball (any publicity is good publicity and all)…OR….to shut you up and make sure you be nice from now on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. Hey, good for you! That was a really smart post. Really hillarious.
    Btw, were you aware that mentioned this post this morning at 8.45 a.m.? You might want to call them up to get a recorded version of it. I think they release radio announcements etc. within one week. So get it fast!
    The announcement was made when they were talking about the top sporting goods’ outlet in KL and that Studio-R was rated as the top-selling sports shop because of their variety of brands. Then they moved on to talk about Nike and eventually Adidas and one fella mentioned about Kenny Sia, the famous blogger… about your ad etc. Nothing was mentioned about the “sanitary pad” part but about you highlighting the price of the football and making one on your own and having Adidas send you goodies for the publicity…that it was smart of Adidas for rewarding you etc.
    Who knows, you might be the official brand ambassador for Adidas since no blogger has endorsed any particular sports brand yet. Well, not that I know of. Good luck!

  47. lucky u! adidas.. hmm… if i poke fun on them, will i get the freebies too? hmmm….. better try it!

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