Japanese Wanted Poster



Have you seen this man?!

The Japanese police is looking for this man, name Mos Burger Selamat, age 29 years old, height 180cm, who is suspected of murdering a British female translator in Akihabara.


We learnt from the recent case of Mas Selamat that releasing images of terrorist suspects to public helps to greatly increase the likelihood of their capture. Therefore, the Japanese police with their superior futuristic Photoshop skills, hereby release two images of how the suspect might look like right now.

This is Exhibit #1, ie the Tokyo Beng look.




This is… EXHIBIT #2!


If you have seen this person, please call 999 immediately.


Do not attempt to approach the suspect with a bouquet of flowers, chocolates or to go on romantic dates!

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56 Replies to “Japanese Wanted Poster”

  1. Am i the 1st who comment. I stare for a long time, wonder should i leave any comment bcox no idea wat to write oh.. Anywhere.. Jia you

  2. If you had lived with Japs before, you will have raised eye brows daily like me. They’re so innovative and ahead in everything IT, business, Sex, porns or cartoons! Their brains can be programmed too! LOL

  3. LOL…is it likely that Mr Burger runs around as a woman? mwahahha…
    BTW isnt this guy the one tat escape the singaporean prison fella ka?

  4. Is this news for real???
    What a weird name. Would a Japanese use a name like ‘Mos Burger Selamat’? I thought their names are suppose to be like Honda or Toyota or something like that.

  5. Yes, I always saw this kind of poster all around the Train Station…. They will just let public well known about the dangerous people…
    This is something good to prevent others to be next victim…

  6. LOL, but he looks just like any other Japanese boy, or Taiwanese boy, or Korean boy, or HK boy, or Chinese boy, or Melburian Chinese boy…./ or girl…

  7. hmm… is this some kinda joke? the poster looks like stated he’s a criminal… but the name is very weird… Kenny, did u just made a fool of him? lolz…

  8. is this a joke or real?dn play wit this kinda stuff la, scary u noe, who noes he might come2 malaysia??

  9. Lol, good take on the poster, Kenny. i see it everyday but never really gave much thought to it.
    Anyway, for you guys who are wondering if he is Really called Mos Burger Selamat *snort*, his name is Ichihashi Tatsuya and he killed an English woman- Lindsay Hawker- who was teaching English near Tokyo in 2007.
    They still haven’t caught him, surprisingly.

  10. hey… i love mos burger k.. they are like, the best burgers ever! can’t believe u name it on this dude.. X.X

  11. This is a really lame joke =.=”””
    I’m sure u know it’s not a PS job and they are just stating the disguises he used………
    You get ppl stymied up for nothing.

  12. Not sure what you’re getting at here. The man in the poster is wanted for the murder of a British teacher. I doubt if her family would find your post humourous.

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