Edison Chen In Zouk

Jin told me the first thing he said when he saw Edison was, “Thank you! You made our dreams come true!”


Sorry hor, my picture quality not as good as the ones from Edison’s bedroom camera.

The taxi driver quoted me RM25 to go from Midvalley to KL Sentral. Original price was RM5.

Everytime I take the cab after midnight, I felt as if I had to pull my pants down, open my backside and invite them to rape me in the ass.

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  1. Omg…He’s in KL??Bwahahaha…damn high on drugs i gez bro…Btw,the sleepover party at Picadilly.I saw u but din wanna bother u since ur bz with ya lady…hehehehe

  2. hye…the 1st day i saw him i thought i must be dream…until the last day he stay at my work place he he talk to me then i realize…ya im nt dreaming…he so nice n friendly….bt at my work place we r nt allowed to take any pictures of any artise…if nt i can get a better pict for u guys…

  3. cute guys deserve da best…btw, get over it la…its over what…other people did it and so does he. not big deal….

  4. Saw his interview at CNN just some 2 weeks ago. I didn’t know what scandal they were talking about until I googled it up which led to some juicy but censured photos.(where are the uncensured photos?) Anyway, at the interview he started out a bit like an ass with his guard kept high but as the interview progressed, he seemed sorry and remorseful. I do wonder if the starlets mind the fact he has had so many sexual partners.

  5. Hi there, is there any chance of bumping into you in KL anytime this month? Looking forward to see you in person. 🙂

  6. I think he is done with DRUGS …. thinking what to take next shoots on his bed photos !!!! FUK OFF, EDC .. don come to Malaysia, and don sell ur cheap clothes to us in a expensive price… go home pls!!!
    CLOT is a CHEAP BRAND with low qualities….. PEEPS, don buy his shirt!! BURUK BETUL

  7. hey CLOTisAgayshop, stop ur hater habit here… we love clot !!! n juice bring alot of new experience to us !!! STOP ur spamming haters.. WE LOVE EDC>>> if u don please don leave a damn msg here… i will kill u if u keep on insult him!!

  8. just a picture for an Event Coverage? haha.. is it a teaser entry?
    actually i dont really get the relation of the 1st sentence, the picture and the last sentence.. all 3 seem to have a meaning of its own.. lol..

  9. His eyes looks so tired and depressed. 🙁
    Poor guy’s acting career got blown wide open by a computer technician that stole private images off his laptop.
    Eventhough the computer technician responsible, “Sze Ho Chun”, has been caught and faces a maximum jail time of 5 years, it seems that he is still haunted by the psychological impact of that so called “scandal”.

  10. Did he come to Malaysia to look for more fish in the water? Judging by how tired he looks, he must have already picked the fishes of his choice up.

  11. lucky you getting to meet this famous superstar… you know what, i’m not sure why everyone is making a big hoo haa over the picture and videos of him having sex with different partners…
    i’m not saying that i’m open minded but its just that its his business who he wants to sleep with and we are of no place to judge his actions, we are not his parents or something..

  12. omg..wish I could have gotten to see him in person. I totally disagree about the fact that his so called pictures have affected him and is a cause for us to judge him. It was stolen and I’m sure the female partners consented to taking the pictures anyways. I still think he’s a hottie!!

  13. hey,he is GAY … f*cking gay …. SAY NO to JUICE KL, anti-EDC !!! WE HATE U!! WE HATE U!!! Please don spoilt Kenny’s Pages with ur damn photos!!!
    We support KENNY SIA, so we don wanna look at ur face~~ KENNY post ur pics, because he felt pity to u !!!!!!!!!!

  14. wow.. edison is in KL? what a coincidence, last week my bf saw ‘gillian-twins’ in one of the restaurant in One Utama…

  15. excuse me.. u hate him? coz he got more chicks than you do? he sell cheap clothes? coz you’r selling the same thing? or jealous of his attraction? pls be mature and think before you speak.. you’ve embarrassed us~ ppl will thought tat Malaysian’s mind is only as BIG as a bird.. SHAME!!!

  16. Im just wondering why he wanted to film and take foto of the famous woman in the first place? FOr money or for remembering. Usually its the first.

  17. Somebody please start a HATE-EDISON GROUP in Facebook…
    will see out of 200 million users.. how many will response..
    Hatred is a natural human feelings… u cant stop it…

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